Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; solo/f; bond; rope; blindfold; gag; bdsm; handcuffs; cuffs; hood; clamps; nipple; hogtie; susp; collar; gag; torment; discipline; spank; cons/nc; XX

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Chapter Two

It’s funny how life turns out.  Cissi and Mary had been roommates after high school, neither interested in college, both taking boring, dead end jobs, evenings spent in bars, or dating a stream of losers.  Both girls were bored stiff.  Was this all there was to life for two beautiful, intelligent women?  Seeking an outlet for her intellect, curiosity and energy, Cissi, to her surprise,  became something of a feminist.  She attended meetings, and voraciously read all of the trendy, feminist authors, until one day she discovered a trashy, but fascinating book by a very popular feminist,  a lesbian. who was also a sadist!  Cissi was transfixed!  She lost herself in the seething emotions created by stories of sexual dominance and submission. 
Bondage and Discipline became her passion.  She read and re-read her book until it was dog-eared, acquired others, devoured them, then finally mustered the courage to enter that male inner-sanctum, the adult bookstore. 

New worlds were opened to her and months of reading made her even more enthusiastic than ever, but also more confused.  Which role should she play?  One day she would dream of being dominant, with men helplessly bound at her feet.  The next day she envisioned being a chained slavegirl, and the thoughts of being mastered by a man’s roughened hands make her quiver with desire.  She decided to experiment and enlisted Mary’s help in her quest.  While the blond girl initially didn’t seem to share her passion, she became a willing and cooperative partner.  The two girls spent many evenings practicing bondage,  The two women alternated being the dominant partner, and the bound slave, but always it was Cissi deciding what they would do, and Mary going along passively with her friends wishes.

One day, while reading a B&D publication which features personal classifieds, Cissi saw an ad which was too good to be true.  She read it over and over....

Very wealthy English gentleman seeks
beautiful, submissive young woman for 
adventure, excitement....and total restraint
as my bondage slave.  As my wife you will be
pampered, adored, treasured as a precious
jewel, but spend almost every day of the rest 
of your life in the most stringent of bondage.
Sincerely interested only need apply. 
“Auditions” will be required.

Eagerly Cissi responded to the ad, and to her amazement she received a call from the personal secretary of a Mr. James Edwards.  She was interviewed, photographed, screened thoroughly, and finally invited for an audition! 
It was there that Cissi’s bubble burst, and she got the answer she had been seeking!  It came to her slowly, worked out over the course of many hours in which she could do nothing but reflect ruefully on her situation.  She had been tightly bound in what was called a “Gwendolyn Ball”.  She had seen it in a magazine, and had practiced the position on Mary, but she had never experienced it herself, and certainly not to this degree of stringency, or for this long.  Cissi’s wrists were bound together palm to palm, with six wraps of thin cord pulled very tightly, and then 3 cinches between her wrists which caused the cord to dig harshly into her wrists.  A slightly thicker cord was used on her elbows, again six wraps, then around her shoulder, behind her neck, around her other shoulder, back to her elbows, then looped through the rope behind her neck and pulled tight.  This served to tighten the elbow bondage, pull back her shoulders, and remove any possibility that she could wiggle the rope off of her elbows. 

Similar wraps and cinches were made above and below her knees, and her ankles.  As she knelt, a long rope was looped many times around her upper thighs and her shins, forcing her legs to be bent double, and jamming her calves against her thighs.  A wide leather collar was buckled snugly around her neck, and a rope was tied to a ring at the front of her collar, then looped around the cinch between her knees, and pulled tight.  This forced Cissi to bend from the waist, until her breasts were squashed against her upper thighs, and her chin was firmly against her knees.  Not that it was necessary, but another rope was tied to her feet, and looped through the cinch between her wrists and pulled taut.  This rope added stress to her already tightly bound arms and legs.  At this point Cissi was beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into when another long rope was wound around and around her body and folded legs, compressing her tighter and tighter into the aforementioned ball.  “Last chance.” the voice intoned.  Cissi knew that this meant that if she wanted to stop the audition, it had to be now.....she would have no opportunity later! 

Gasping with discomfort, the bound girl shook her head.  “Good.” said the voice.  Cissi felt a blindfold being placed across her eyes, and buckled tightly at the back of her head.  The blindfold was wide, with a hole for the nose to stick through, and curving edges which closely followed the contours of the cheeks.  The blindfold was very effective.  “Open.” said the voice.  Cissi opened her mouth, then squealed as her jaws were stretched to the limit by an immense ball which was compressed as it was forced between her teeth then expanded to completely fill her mouth.  Cissi whimpered as the gag was buckled tightly at the back of her neck.  She felt a harness arrangement of straps passing across her face, and being buckled at the top of, and behind her head.  A final strap was buckled under her chin. 

She and Mary had played at bondage, but this was something else.  This was reality.  For the first time in her life she was totally helpless and under the dominion of a man.  There was no “safe word”.  There was no using her female charm.  There was no way to plead.  She could only remain bound, and helpless and hurting until this man chose to free her, and she had no idea how long that might be.  A true submissive would tremble with excitement at the prospect.  Cissi felt nothing, and as the hours went by, she knew that she was learning a painful, but very valuable lesson.  As she lay bound, she contemplated with admiration the power this person had over her.  A vision of herself crystallized---that of a leather clad lionine Dominant standing triumphantly over a slave bound just the way that  she was now bound.  The image of the slave was unclear, but there were lush curves, full breasts.....blond hair.......a woman definitely..... a submissive, feminine woman---a woman who looked very much like her roommate, Mary!

Hours later, Cissi was freed from her bondage, and her joy at having the gag pried from between numb lips, and the cord peeled from deep, red grooves in her flesh, was exceeded only by the happiness that she felt from knowing that her path was now clear.  Ruefully, she excused herself from the next phase of the audition, and returned home.

As she was driving home, she was already figuring how she might entice Mary into a life of bondage.  Not mere games like they had been playing, but total submission and true bondage slavery.  They couldn’t stay roommates forever, because she knew that Mary wanted a husband. This man might be perfect!  What if Mary’s husband needed a trainer for her?  This was a service that she would be more than happy to provide!
Her plan worked perfectly.  She showed the ad to Mary, and explained that the bondage had been such fun, but that the Master was really looking for a lushly figured blond, whereas she, regrettably was a slim brunette.  “Why don’t you apply?”  she asked Mary. The girls discussed the pros and cons—travel, but total submission;  stringent bondage, but with a life of luxury.  Cissi laid it on thick, telling Mary just how attractive and sexy James Edwards was.  “There was probably little chance that James would choose Mary, but what the heck, why not give it a shot?” she explained.  “At the worst, you will have a wonderful bondage experience.”   Mary was not sure, but Cissi kept after her, and finally, Mary agreed.

And so the beautiful blond answered the ad.  Mary was interviewed, and much to her surprise, she was called back to audition.  The first time she looked into this man’s eyes, and felt him take her small hands in his large ones, and wrap a rope around her wrists, she was his!  “If only,” she thought, “he would tie me, and take me off to his castle, and protect me, and train me, and keep me his captive for ever and ever.”  He, in turn,  was mesmerized by her beauty, her obvious adoration, and her total submission, and he quickly discarded the other possible candidates.  Mary was the one! He proposed marriage.  A most unusual proposal, and an even more unusual acceptance!

Mary knelt naked in the drawing room of his country mansion.  The house was huge, stone, imposing.  James sat at his desk, tending to his affairs, seemingly oblivious to the beautiful, full breasted blond sitting with her head submissively bowed, beside him.  After many quiet minutes, he looked up, and spoke.  “Young woman, I had over 500 responses to my inquiry, and you are the girl I have selected to be my bride, and my slave, for the rest of our lives.”  Mary was so excited that she could hardly breath.  She didn’t know if, or how, she was supposed to acknowledge this comment, so she remained silent, but she stole a quick look at him.  He had a faint, enigmatic smile on his face, but his eyes shined with dominance.  “Well girl, what do you have to say?” he asked.  Mary could not meet his gaze, but she was able to answer in a scared, little girl voice, “Oh yes, I’ll be your wife.....and slave.”  She looked up.  “I don’t mind how tightly I am tied up, as long as it’s you doing the tying!”   James Edwards laughed deeply.  “Well spoken!” he said, standing, and taking her hand to guide her to her feet, but I’d like you to think about it, and think about it hard, because my slavewife will be a slave for life, and if you decide that you don’t like it...well....it will be too late.”  He tipped her chin towards him, and she raised her eyes.  “I know,” she answered, “but I won’t change my mind.”  He lead the naked beauty into the hall, then down a long set of stairs winding into the basement.  There were many doors, but he selected one very stout, black, wooden door with a huge brass padlock, which he opened, and lead her inside.  Mary’s eyes grew wide, and she trembled as she surveyed the sight before her.  It was a huge dungeon, and even to her novice eye, she could see that it was completely, and fearsomely equipped!

James went to a cabinet, and took out three items.  Mary recognized a pair of handcuffs, leather ankle cuffs with a connecting chain, and a ballgag.  James placed the three items on a bench, and turned to Mary.   “I’ll come back in one hour,” he explained.  “If you’re sure that you want to be my wife, under the conditions that I have explained, then I want to find you gagged, and chained in a hog-tie when I return.”  He walked toward the door, then turned.  “If you want to leave, your clothes are in the closet, and there is $1000 in your purse for your trouble.  No regrets, and no questions asked.”  He looked at her and asked,” Do you understand?”  Mary nodded.  James smiled, and closed the door.  She was alone.

Mary knew that she didn’t need an hour to make this decision, she already knew that she was hopelessly in love with this man, and the mere thought of his tightly binding her wrists behind her, and making her his helpless slave, made her shiver with anticipation.  “No need to put myself into bondage too quickly though,” she thought to herself,  “First I want to explore this dungeon a little while.”  Standing in the center of the room, it was easy to identify the large pieces of elaborate bondage equipment, even though she had never seen them in person before, just seen pictures, and read descriptions in Cissi’s bondage books.  She saw crosses festooned with straps to keep her spread wide, and totally helpless.  There were several sizes of well padded horses, a very sturdy bondage table with hooks and eyebolts which allowed her to be bound from every angle.  There were stocks, and several boxes and cages which would restrain a girl helplessly even if she were not bound up inside them.  There were winches, which would haul her off the floor, and spreaders to keep her limbs splayed widely apart, and other items that she could not identify, but whose singular purpose was clear.  She then looked at the shelves and racks which lined the walls,  which contained every imaginable implement of restraint and correction---whips and paddles and canes, gags and blindfolds and collars and hoods, clips and clamps, ropes and straps and chains and locks.  Mary’s knees grew weak, and she was chagrined to feel her nipples grow stiff and erect just from thinking about things that James might do with her.

As she walked around the room studying each item in endless fascination, a thought planted itself in her mind, and the more she thought about it, the more excited she became, and pleased with herself for her cleverness.  She wouldn’t be merely gagged and loosely hog-tied when James returned, she would demonstrate her love and submission by placing herself in the most stringent predicament she could come up with, and when he found her, he would be pleased with his little slavegirl, and know by deed, rather than by word, her commitment.  Now what to do......

James Edwards hurriedly glanced at his watch with a frown.  He had told Mary that he would be back in an hour, but had received a call from London on an important deal, and couldn’t get off of the teleconference that would likely to go on for at least another hour.  “Oh well,” he thought to himself, “either she is gone, in which case it doesn’t make any difference, or she will spend longer than intended pondering her future while resting in a secure, but far from strict, bondage in the dungeon.”  He returned his attention to the London lawyer droning about the tax advantages of leasing vs. buying the factory in Scotland..........

“Oh god.......Oh James.......please......please come......please......,” Mary begged silently, trying to telepathically communicate her distress to James, or anyone.  She was in agony, her plan to please James with a more inventive and severe bondage gone horribly awry.  She didn’t know how long she had been here, not yet being experienced in prolonged bondage, but she was sure it was well beyond an hour.  She now knew that the position she had naively  selected was far too severe for a novice, even for an hour.  She tried to remain motionless, but the stress caused her breath to come in gasps which whistled in an out of the nose hole of the discipline hood.....the first that she had even worn.  Her nipples burned with the fire of fierce little alligator clips, which she had so eagerly clipped to each throbbing red bud so long ago.  She was sweating profusely inside the tightly laced leather bag, and the sweat mingled with the drool from her gag to form a puddle under her chin, which dripped out the edge of the hood, despite the tight collar buckled around her neck.  She was sure that her wrists and ankles were bleeding, and it was a tossup whether her neck, or back, would break first.  Both caused her extreme distress.  She had, at first, struggled in her bonds, but now she simply hung, soft, feeble, sad whimpers emanating from the hood, but no one around to hear.........

Finally James Edwards was able to extricate himself from his business.  He was not concerned, and did not hurry, taking the time to fix them both a cool drink.  “Mary would probably be thirsty after having a ballgag in her mouth for three hours,” he thought with amusement.  He walked down the stairs, and opened the heavy door of the dungeon.  He stopped, eyes wide in alarm and amazement when he saw the display in front of him.  Mary had managed to place herself in a hanging hog-tie, with her wrists and ankles firmly together, and her head drawn painfully back.  “How in hell...?” he thought to himself, rushing to her aid........

...........Just reading about this bondage position in Cissi’s book had given her the chills.  She remembered thinking just how helpless the girl was, and the stress her body would have felt when she was hoisted by her wrists, ankles and hair until her body was totally off the floor, and she swung slowly, and painfully back and forth, until finally she came to rest...  In her desire to please James, Mary had decided to duplicate that position---by herself!

She had really needed very  few items, considering the severity of the bondage—a pair of padded wrist cuffs, padded ankle cuffs, and a length of cord.  She found a small aluminum cart on wheels which was key to her plan, and moved the cart underneath a large hook hanging from a winch cable from the ceiling.  She assumed a hog-tie position on top of the cart, and then adjusted the height of the hook above her until it was properly positioned, then locked the winch in place.  She locked the four padded cuffs on her limbs, then reached for the item that had aroused both fear and attraction when she had seen it in one of the cabinets.  It was a leather discipline hood, and she gasped when she first saw it. She picked it up with trembling fingers.  She had read of such an item, but had never touched  or seen one before.  It was made of the softest leather, thin and pliable, with laces from the crown of the head down the back to the neck.  This hood had no eye holes, so the unlucky occupant would be in total darkness.  There were two small holes at the base of what was obviously where the nose would go, a round hole surrounded by four snaps where a gag would be fastened, and a hole high up in the back of the hood, which Mary guessed was where a girl’s hair could be passed if it were bound into a perky ponytail or braid.  At the base of the hood  a three inch wide leather collar was attached, with a small hasp which allowed the hood to be locked upon its wearer.  With the lock in place, the wearer could not remove the hood, even if her hands were free.  She would be trapped in it’s tight, dark embrace until she was freed!  The very thought made her knees weak, and she knew that she had to wear it. 

She quickly gathered her blond hair into a ponytail high up on the back of her head, then wove a strong braid with a length of cord intertwined in her hair.  She reached behind her where the cord dangled, and gave a couple of tugs, jerking her head back with each pull.  The cord was secure.  She sat on the cart, and fastened a stout lock between her ankle cuffs, and locked a six inch length of chain to one of her wrist cuffs, leaving another lock on the corner of the cart where she knew she could reach it.  Taking a deep breath, she opened the bottom of the discipline helmet, and tugged it over her head, instinctively making sure that the nose openings were directly in line with her nostrils.  She pulled the braid and cord through the hole in the top of the helmet, then began to lace it tightly.  She laced from the top, pulling out slack as she went, but when she reached the bottom she felt that there was still almost an inch of slack between the two laced sides. “That will never do!”  she thought to herself, reaching for the top eyelets, and pulling firmly until the two sides came together, then taking out the remaining slack in the laces.  Methodically she moved down the back of the helmet, and when she reached the bottom the gap was closed from top to bottom, and the leather held her head in a tight embrace.  She tied off the laces, then reached blindly for the small padlock, and locked the collar snugly around her slim neck. 

The helmet’s gag was a leather plug affair mounted on a wide leather strip with four snaps which narrowed to a buckle at the back.  The helmet was so tight that she could barely open her jaws wide enough for the plug to slip between her teeth, but finally she was able to compress it sufficiently, and it popped into her mouth where it resumed it’s normal size.  She snapped the four snaps, pressing the leather pad firmly across her lips, then buckled the strap tightly behind her head.  Experimentally she tried to breath through her mouth, but found that the pad made an airtight seal against the leather hood.  Her breath rushed in and out of the small airholes under her nose.  Now she was nearly ready.  She thought James would enjoy it if she was suffering a small torment for him, and she had read how erotic a girl can look with clips or clamps affixed to her nipples, so she had selected a pair, and now, for the first time, experienced their bite.  As excited as she was, there was no need to tease her nipples into erection, because they had been stiff since the moment she had entered this room!  She took one clamp, and slowly released its jaws on her left breast.  It hurt!  In a reflex, she plucked it off her nipple.  “That was terrible!’ she thought to herself, “but if James has them in the dungeon, its certain that I will be wearing them often, so I had better get used to it.”  Taking a deep breath, she placed the clamp back on her left breast, then quickly clipped the other nipple.  After a few moments she found that the initial shocking pain was replaced by a nagging, burn----tolerable, but not pleasant! 

Feeling her way in the dark, Mary climbed on the cart, laying down on she stomach on the cold aluminum.  Her breasts were pressed flat underneath her, her nipples surging even more erect as the cold metal caused her to shiver with a sudden chill, and the clamps were pressed painfully into her pink flesh.  Mary wiggled until she was on the very edge of the cart, the reached behind her for the cord attached to her braid.  When she found it she bent her knees, bringing her feet toward her bottom, then reached to thread the cord between her locked ankles.  She tugged on the cord, bringing her feet toward her head, and arching her back and neck painfully towards her feet.  When she was bowed into a painful arch she threaded the free end of the cord through her braid, made a loop around it, and tied a knot.  Working quickly now, she picked up the lock, threaded the length of chain attached to one wrist cuff between her ankles, tugged it tight, then locked it to her other wrist.  “There!” she through, pleased with herself, “I am helpless until James comes to release me.” 

There was, however, one final step to her bondage.  She raised her hands and in the process gathered the rope connecting her braid to her feet, and looped both the chain and the rope over the hook hanging above her.  Then, by wiggling, she was able to slip over the edge of the metal cart until it slipped out from under her, rolling several yards away from the momentum of Mary’s fall.  The captive girl emitted a muffled cry of pain through her gag as she fell the few inches until the slack in the hook was taken up by her weight.  There was a sharp pain in her shoulders as her hands were pulled higher behind her, and she gasped as her head arched back another painful inch.  She looked exactly like the girl in the book!  Her hands and feet were nearly touching, and her body was bowed into a taut, painful arch.  Worst of all was her head and neck, pulled back until her blind eyes were nearly facing upward, and the gag was pulled more deeply into her mouth.  The strained position made breathing difficult, and with her mouth sealed, her breath came in ragged, wet gasps through the nose holes in the helmet. 

Mary was very uncomfortable, but also very pleased with herself.  “It probably took me 30 minutes to do this to myself,” she thought, “so James will find his little slavegirl in just a few minutes, and he will be so pleased!”  She wondered how he would react, and wished that she wasn’t blind inside the hood, so she could see the look on his face!  Despite the stain of the position, she giggled inside her hood, “Imagine  expecting to find me lying comfortably  on the floor with simple cuffs and a small ball gag, then finding me like this!’  Mary wiggled in an attempt to get more comfortable, chewed on the omnipresent fullness in her mouth, and waited expectantly for him to come free her.  Her euphoria was short-lived......her pain went on and on.........until finally, hours later, she heard him.

James ran to the winch handle against the wall, and quickly lowered his betrothed to the floor.  Mary groaned with relief when all her weight was removed from her poor wrists and ankles.  James unhooked the chain connecting her hands and feet from the hook, then opened his penknife, and sliced the rope holding Mary’s head pulled back into such a taut bow.  “UUUUMMMMPPPP!” she moaned in relief, as for the first time in hours she was able to lower her head, and twist it from side to side.  “Can you feel your hands and feet?” James asked the still cuffed, blind and gagged girl.  Mary nodded her head, and an affirmative grunt escaped the confines of her hood.  James found the key, and unlocked the chain still holding her in a hog-tie.  “MMMMMMM,”  came the groan of pleasure at being able to straighten her legs.  Experimentally she wiggled her feet and flexed her fingers.  “Here,” he said, taking her arm to help her, “stand up.”  With his aid, Mary was able to wobble to her feet.  She stood, flexing her shoulders and neck, with her head turned in the direction of his voice.  “Are you all right?” he asked.  Mary took a deep breath, and mentally assessed her situation.  She was stiff and sore, and her fingers tingled, and the clamps were still biting her tender flesh as they clung, more secure than ever, to the tips of her breasts.  It also dawned on her that she was still chained hand and foot, and wore the stifling helmet with the mouthstretching gag.  Was she OK?...she pondered......in the loosest sense of the word, Mary figured that she was, indeed, OK!  She nodded her head toward James’ voice, and answered “Unnnnn.....hunnnhhh.” 

Now that he was sure that his bride to be had not done herself any real harm, and in fact, had probably learned a very valuable lesson at not too high a cost, he was amused by the situation.  He noted the silver clamps on her still erect nipples.  “Darling, do you know just how gorgeous you look with these pretty little clamps attached to your titties?”  he asked.  “Yes, I suppose they do look nice.” Mary thought to herself, nodding silently.  “Do you want them off?”  Again she nodded.  Slowly James took the clamp on her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and released the bite on her poor throbbing bud. 
 Mary erupted. “NNNNNNNGGGGGHHH!!!” she screamed.  She had never experienced nipple clamps, and had absolutely no idea that after several hours it hurt much worse to take them off than the pain she was suffering with the silver atrocity biting into her flesh.  “Oh, don’t raise such a fuss,”  James said laughingly, “If you didn’t want it off, why didn’t you say so.”  He reached up quickly and reapplied the clamp back on the nipple that had been released from captivity for only a brief moment. 

“UMMMMMMPPPHHHH!”  Mary answered, her body convulsing in a spasm of pain and frustration.  She shook her head back and forth, “HUHHHHNNNTT......UUGGGGHHHH!”   “Oh, I see, you don’t want them off.”  Mary whined through her helmet, shook her head negatively, and thrust her left breast in James’ direction.  “So, you do want it off?” he asked.  Mary nodded and whimpered.  “Then stand still.” he commanded.  Again he gripped the fierce clamp between his fingers, and slowly took the tension off the spring until the teeth released their pink captive.  Mary gasped in pain, and shivered involuntarily.  “Good.  Would you like the other one off?”  Mary whimpered, and nodded her head vigorously.  “Give me your breast.” James ordered.  Mary arched her back, and stuck her right breast tautly forward, the clamp sitting perkily on its captive prize.  James released the clamp, quickly this time, and the moment the biting teeth came free, he replaced them with his lips and tongue.  Mary groaned at the wonderful feeling as James gave the nipple a moist, sucking kiss, and his tongue laved the hard flesh soothingly.  “Mmmmmmmm,” she crooned softly. 

James walked across the room to the bench where he had hurriedly deposited the cold icy drinks that he had brought to the dungeon.  He took his glass, swirling the liquid to make the ice tinkle, then downing the contents with a contented smack of the lips.  “Mmmhh?” said Mary.  “Oh, I thought you might be thirsty, so I brought you a drink,” answered James, “but since you have locked yourself in that nice helmet, I guess you won’t be wanting it.”  Mary complained through her gag.  She didn’t need to talk to let James know that she was angry, her sounds and body language spoke eloquently.  “Oh, are you mad at me?” he inquired.  She nodded vigorously.  “You would like to be released?”  Another nod.  “You have a point,” he reflected, “After all, you have been bound and hooded for hours because I was late, and all you really wanted to do was impress me with your sincerity.  Isn’t that right?”  She nodded, whimpering.  “So the fair thing for me to do is to let you loose, so you can rest after your ordeal, right?”  She nodded.  James walked over to her, reaching behind her head for the buckle to her gag.  Mary groaned with relief, then yelped as the strap was tightened even tighter.  “But I am not releasing you, am I?” James asked, “because it really doesn’t matter if you are tired, or angry, or thirsty, now does it?” 

He grabbed her still chained wrists, and dragged Mary  back over to the hook hanging from the winch cable above their heads.  He attached the hook to her wrists, then pulled the slack end until Mary’s arms rose behind her back.  Holding the tension, he grabbed the winch handle, and began winding until all the slack was taken up, and slowly her hands began to rise higher, until she was forced to bend over at the waist, her torso parallel to the ground, with her arms perpendicular above her.  “All that matters, my Dear, is that you will stay bound, as tightly as I wish, for as long as I wish, and will be released only when it suits me.”  Mary moaned mournfully.  “This is not turning out at all as I had expected.” she thought to herself.  She had expected him to be pleased, and reward her with her freedom, loving cuddles, or some new, fun game.  She wiggled vigorously, fighting her bonds.  At the same time, she was aware that her nipples were bigger and harder than ever, and that she was feeling warm and moist between her legs.  Being a stringently bound and hooded captive; helpless until James chose to free her made her, well,  excited!  She moaned and wondered, “What is he going to do?” 

What she didn’t know, although she might have visualized had she taken the time to think about it, was how inviting a target this bent over position made her magnificent, tautly stretched ass.  White skin that had never, ever been blemished by the marks of a whip or cane.  “Mary, my girl, you are going to learn a very fundamental lesson today.” James began, and Mary’s heart almost stopped when she heard the unmistakable sound of some article of corporal punishment whooshing through the air.  “If I had wanted you in harsh bondage today, I would have done it to you myself.” he lectured.  “I didn’t want you hurting, I didn’t want you to try pleasing me.  I wanted you to do as I asked...comfortable bondage, and time to think.”  Again the sinister sound.  “Well, If you want it harsh, you can have it harsh.....I think four strokes will do it.”  Mary didn’t even have time to tense her muscles, as the first stroke landed the moment the words died.  Four strokes, quickly.  Splat!  Splat!  Splat!  Splat!  Mary screamed through her gag when the first stroke landed, and continued the long, unbroken wail of pain until the searing impacts were finished, and only the fiery burn, and four parallel raised red weals on her ass, remained.   Inside the hood, tears mixed with the sweat running down her face, and her chest rose and fell erratically as broken sobs slipped softly from her stoppered mouth.  James turned, to walk out of the room.  “Let’s try this again,” he said softly, seriously, “One hour, you can still leave if you want to.”  He opened the door.  “Think about how things are...” and was gone.

Mary sobbed softly, at this moment feeling very sorry for herself.  Her bottom burnt from the caning, her shoulders ached, probably more from her prior strained position than from the current one,  and the backs of her legs were quivering with fatigue from the bent over position.  Other than that she was OK, but she knew instinctively that this position could feel a lot worse after a few hours.  She had been inside the discipline helmet for so long that she had almost forgotten about it.  The black leather now seemed like a second skin, tight, but she had adapted, and become used to its tight, dark, claustrophobic embrace.  The gag was a different matter!  Her jaws were aching, and she so wished that James had given her a drink, because she was very thirsty.  This seemed funny to her, since her mouth was not dry...quite the contrary.  Especially in her bent over position, her saliva had slipped past her stretched lips, and had gathered in a pool between her nose and chin.  Some of the saliva was seeping between the hood and the pad over her mouth, and was dripping down her leather covered chin, and onto the floor.  Mary tried to clear her mind.  “Serious thoughts!”  she said to herself, trying to be stern, but it was a losing cause.  She was helplessly bound, her head had been laced into a tight, damp, dark prison for hours, her nipples still pained her from the fearsome clamps, and her jaw ached from the huge leather plug stretching her full, red lips.....and she was wet between her legs.  This was her new life, and she was more than content.

The hour passed quickly, and Mary was soon aware of the door opening, and footsteps moving toward her.  She raised her head and the sound that came out of her gagged mouth was half inquiry, half greeting, “Mumph?”  Mary was not used to being blindfolded, so her senses were not finely tuned, but she thought she heard two sets of footsteps.  James walked over, and fondly inspected the beautiful body of his intended. “You are even more beautiful, when you are tied,” he said appreciatively, “I may never, ever let you loose.”  Mary nodded her head eagerly and cooed softly, and James laughed.  “So you are sure that you want to be my bondage bride?” he asked.  Again the captive nodded her head.  “Well then, so be it!” James said, “We will be married one year from today, but until then, a lot of training must take place.  Mary’s blind face looked up inquisitively, “Mumf?”  “Oh yes, there are so many things for you to learn, and unfortunately, I will be too busy to train you personally, so I have hired a trainer who will look after you day and night for the next year.”  Mary shook her head negatively.  She didn’t want to be trained by anyone but James!  Muffled whimpers and pleas escaped from the black capsule that was Mary’s head, and she twisted in her bonds in unhappy distress.  “Oh, don’t worry,” laughed James, “I wouldn’t put you in the hands of just anybody. In fact, I believe you know your new trainer.”

“Hello, Mary.” said Cissi, “You’re looking well, I see.”  Both Cissi and James laughed as Mary recognized the voice, and turned her blind eyes in their direction.  “MMMMPPP!” was Mary’s muffled, surprised response.  James walked to the winch handle, and released the tension from Mary’s arms, allowing her to lower them behind her back.  With a happy groan She stood upright.  “Mary, darling,” James said, “you look so good in the helmet, that I hate to take it off, but I’ll be leaving now, and we won’t see one another for some months.”  Leaving the chains on her ankles and the cuffs on her wrists, James took the key and unlocked the wide collar, then unbuckled the gag strap, and dragged the huge leather plug from between Mary’s numb jaws and parched lips.  Mary moaned with relief. At first the helpless blond could not even close her jaws, but in a few moments, she licked her lips, swallowed, and croaked, “Thank you Master.” James began unlacing the helmet, and very shortly was able to pull the leather away from her neck, and up over her head.  The black leather released its prisoner reluctantly.  Mary kept her eyes closed against the sudden bright light, tears of relief mixing with the sweat of the many hours of close, hot confinement.  She was a mess.  Her hair was wet and matted, her face was creased by the tight seams and leather straps, her makeup had long since been sweated away, and her lips were puffy from the pressure of the gag. 

To James, though, she was gorgeous.  “Come here, Darling.” he instructed his bride.  Even with chained ankles Mary rushed into James’ embrace, the stiff points of her breasts poking erotically into his chest, and her lips rising to meet his.  He took her in his arms, and their lips met—his probing and demanding, hers soft and receptive.  The kiss was long and loving, and Mary sighed, softly, happily.  After a few minutes James held her out at arms length, and looked at his bride to be.  Her eyes shone brightly with happiness.  “I’ll see you in a couple of months, my love.” he said. Another kiss, and was gone.  The two girls looked at one another, and Cissi smiled.  “Well, little slavegirl, it’s interesting how life turns out.”  Mary returned her friend’s smile, and shuffled over to her on chained feet, then dropped to her knees in unmistakable submission.  “Yes,” she answered, “It looks like life is turning out wonderfully for both of us.........Mistress.”


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