Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; bond; rope; blindfold; gag; corset; wedding-gown; heels; spreader; clamps; oral; climax; rom; cons; X

Chapter One

Mary Edmonds was the perfect image of femininity as she stood in the dappled sunlight.  The sun’s rays were tinted a montage of gold, green, blue and red as they streamed through the stained glass windows, and the pearls, beads and sequins on Mary’s dress glistened and sparkled like so many prisms and diamonds.  Today was her wedding day, and her splendid gown accentuated the lush curves of her body.  Full breasts, tapering to a tiny waist, then flaring hips which gave shape to the long skirt encircling her legs.

What was odd, however, was that there was no one else present to appreciate her beauty.  The church was empty.  No minister, no groom, no parents, no guests, just Mary standing at the altar.  Also odd was the fact that it was only 6 o’clock in the morning, and the wedding guests would not arrive until 3 in the afternoon!

Mary sighed, and stirred slightly.  Even her small movement caused the ten petticoats under her gown to swirl around her ankles with a soft rustle.  Underneath the petticoats, Mary’s legs were caressed by the finest white silk stockings, and upon her feet were white brocade and beaded pumps with six inch heels.  Also white, and very difficult to see even if Mary had lifted her voluminous skirts, was the thin white cord binding her ankles together.  There were 6 loops of cord, with a tight cinch between her ankles.  Her knees were similarly bound, the sheer stockings offering little protection from the cords biting into her flesh.  With tightly tied legs and ankles, together with six inch heels, Mary teetered, constantly straining to keep her balance.  Her efforts accounted for the small movements that were the only indication that this was a live woman, and not a mannequin.

The beautiful bride’s arms were encased in long satin gloves, with pearl buttons from her wrists almost to her shoulders.  More of the thin white cord bound her hands tightly together palm to palm, and another series of wraps and cinches drew her elbows together behind her back until they touched.  The digging cords compelled her shoulders back, thrusting her full breasts against her bejeweled bodice.  Her long, flowing train was fastened at each shoulder with a pearl pin, then cascaded down her back, and out across the floor.  It also served to completely conceal her tightly bound arms. 

Mary’s blond hair was piled into a mound of golden swirls upon her head.  Her headpiece was white satin with pink flowers.  Her veil was a chiffon cloud. It was sheer, but with several layers, so that it was almost opaque.  Under the veil Mary’s eyes were covered by a tight blindfold made of foam and white leather buckled behind her head.  Her red lips were stretched around a large leather plug, which filled her mouth, jacking her teeth apart while depressing her tongue.  The gag strap was also of white leather, and buckled behind her head.  The fullness and opacity of the veil made the gag and blindfold invisible.

The final item of restriction was also not visible on the helpless bride.  It was an exquisite, but unbelievably tight corset which helped compel her hourglass shape.  How could anything that looked so beautiful be so severe?  The garment was white satin, with baby blue velvet piping, and white lace trim.  The corset pushed her already ample breasts upward, straining the lacy white bra.  Mary’s waist, which had been 25 inches before corset training had shrunk through  rigorous, continuous tightlacing to 21 inches un-corseted, and, was further compressed by steel to a breathtaking 16 inches!  A year ago, when Mary had planned this day, and ordered her beautiful $5 thousand gown from the best bridal shop in the country, she had intentionally ordered the waist at this wasp-like size, knowing that she could not be married until she had dieted, exercised, and corset trained down to this tiny waistline.  With a 36 inch bust line, a 16 inch corseted waist, and 36 inch hips flowing into a long full skirt flared by frilly petticoats, Mary’s body was a series of lush curves, intriguing hollows and hidden delights.

The captive woman fluttered her fingers and sighed softly.  The barely audible rush of air came through her nose, since the gag strap tightly compressed the foam padding across her lips and cheeks into an airtight seal. 
Mary wondered what time it was.  The blindfold kept her in total darkness, and after many hours the body plays tricks on the mind.  Mary knew that she had dressed, and been bound at eight o’clock on Friday night, just before James was to begin his bachelor party.  She also knew that she would be married at 4:00 the next afternoon. 
She assumed that she would be unbound to be married, but given the nature of some of her outrageous bondage experiences over the past year, that was far from sure.  Even if she was untied for the ceremony, she still faced being bound for almost 16 hours!

The tightly bound girl twisted her neck and shrugged her shoulders, looking for some relief from the harsh, shoulders back, elbows together bondage.  Many women with slim builds and narrow shoulders are able to touch their elbows behind them with little strain, but Mary was average sized and athletic, and her elbows did not touch easily.  Even after months of bondage training, it was still necessary to force her elbows together, pull the rope deeply into her flesh, and cinch it tight.  Even with the gloves covering her arms, Mary could feel the tender grooves being dug into the skin above her elbows by the cord, and the slow, but inexorable loss of feeling in her fingers.  She took a long, deep breath, and exhaled slowly, air whistling through her nose.  Even breathing was difficult, with her diaphragm compressed by the corset, her shoulder blades arched from bound elbows, and her lips stretched around the stifling presence of the mouthfilling gag.  “Golly!,” she thought to herself, “I’d kill for a drink of water.”

On top of everything else, her feet were killing her!  Standing all night on 6 inch heels was one more discomfort that she had to bear.  She tried to shift her weight from one foot to another, but that was difficult since she was blind, didn’t have arms for balance, and was suffering with tightly bound ankles and knees.  She teetered slightly, her feet wobbly under swirling skirts, but was able to catch her balance.  If she fell, she failed her final test, and if she failed, she would not become Mrs. James Edwards, and that was something that she had worked for, and wanted more than anything in her life.
“God,” Mary thought to herself, “this gag feeling like its growing inside my mouth.”  A small sigh escaped around the foam padding compressing her lips, but there was no one to hear it.  No one was present to be moved by her plight.

More time passed.  Was it hours?  Mary could not know.  Even as well trained as Mary was, her mind and body began to rebel at the stringency of her dilemma.  This, she supposed, was what real bondage was all about—beyond masturbatory fantasy, beyond stiff nipples as she offered her arms to tight ropes, and eagerly opened her mouth to accept the largest of gags, and certainly beyond the joyous eroticism of the first minutes, when her senses were acute, testing the tightness of the rope as it stung her wrists, or thrashing her thighs together as she writhed in a strict hog-tie, always looking for loose knots, then finally aware that she was powerless to get free, resting, breathing hard through her gag, accepting that she was totally helpless.  Mary had learned that anyone could tolerate a few hours of even the most difficult bondage, and even enjoy it.  It was later, much later; after the arms lost their feeling, and the gag became a hateful, nagging presence, and she was tired, and bored, and hurting, and all the fun was gone, that the reality of her submission would hit her like a hammer.  She had willingly allowed this to happen, and that decision, the only one she was allowed to make, meant that she would remain as she was until another human being decided to release her.  Imagine that! 

Mary thought back over the months, to the many times that she had been restrained in one contorted position or another, and swore to herself that when she was released that was it!  She vowed to leave, and never again allow herself to be rendered so helpless.  But, the next time would come,......and it really wouldn’t seem so bad.... so she would hold her elbows together so that they might be bound even more tightly, then beg for a larger gag, and spread her lips wide with a twinkle in her eye is it was jammed in her mouth, and buckled cruelly behind her head.  Mary sighed softly, and waited.

An eternity later Mary heard the creak of the church door opening, then the sound of someone moving down the aisle towards her.  She turned her head in the direction of the sound, and an inquisitive “Mmmph?” escaped her lips.  The footsteps were those of another girl.  Like the bride, she was wearing a long dress, pink in color, and had flowers in her hair.  Like the bride, she was beautiful.  Her name was Cissi Miller, and she was Mary’s life long best friend, her Maid of Honor, and for the last year, her bondage trainer!
“Well, did you have a restful night?” asked Cissi teasingly as she came beside the helplessly bound bride.  Mary shook her head and moaned mournfully when she recognized her friend’s voice.  It was Cissi who had bound and gagged her so stringently so many hours ago, and Mary hoped fervently that Cissi was to be her deliverer.  She gave a most heartfelt, pitiful whimper, and turned her head toward Cissi’s voice.  “Oh, quit the poor little me routine,” said Cissi, “or I’ll really give you something to be sorry  about!”  As she was talking, Cissi inspected the bonds that she had applied so carefully the prior evening.  Yes, the wrists were still securely tied, and the elbows were corded tightly together.  Since Mary was wearing gloves, Cissi was not able to feel Mary’s hands to see if they were still warm, signaling good circulation.  Instead she took a pin from her corsage, and lightly pricked Mary’s bound hand in the palm.  “MMMPPP!”, Mary exclaimed, reflexively closing her hand into a fist.  “Good,” said Cissi.  “Still have feeling, so your circulation is OK.  It would be a shame if I had to untie you.”

Mary whined shrilly through her nose, and tossed her head in anger, but Cissi only laughed.  She gently lifted Mary’s veils to inspect the blindfold and gag.  The blindfold was still firmly seated across the bride’s eyes, and the gag was tightly in place.  Cissi could see the welt in Mary’s cheek where the gag strap had dug in her flesh.  A small stream of wetness drooled out the corner of Mary’s mouth around the gag, and down her chin.  “Naughty girl!” said Cissi, dabbing at the saliva with a lace handkerchief.  She reached around behind Mary’s head, and began to unbuckle the gag strap.  Mary moaned in happy relief, then screamed loudly as Cissi pulled the buckle another notche tighter.  “Ummmmppp!”  “Well, that certainly woke you up,” said Cissi with a chuckle, “now stand still.”  With that, Cissi lifted her dress off the floor, and dropped gracefully to her knees in front of Mary.  She carefully lifted Mary’s dress, and parted the many soft petticoats like so many gossamer spider webs until Mary’s legs were uncovered.  With a practiced swipe of a very sharp penknife, Cissi cut the tight cords from her friends knees, and then her ankles.  Mary groaned with pleasure as the cinctures were peeled from within her flesh, and she was at long last able to move her legs.  Cissi quickly reemerged from beneath Mary’s gown, stood, and took the bride-to-be by firmly by the arm.  “Come on,” she said, “we might have some early arrivals who might not understand.  Mary uttered a muffled “Mmmmf” of compliance, and with Cissi’s supporting hand, was able to wobble on unsteady legs back up the center aisle, and into the bride’s waiting room off the sanctuary.

“It’s almost over, Mary,” said Cissi soothingly to her bound, gagged and blind friend.  “In 1 hour you will walk down the aisle, and become the wife and property of James Edwards, but until then, you still belong to me!”  Cissi lead the helpless bride to the center of the room, and bent to pick up a 3 foot long spreader bar that she had brought along to the church.  Once again she dove beneath the lacy folds of Mary’s dress, and locked one ankle, then tugged Mary’s feet apart, and locked the other ankle.  “UNNNGH!” Mary cried out softly, for fear of falling.  Cissi tossed a rope over a pipe that ran near the ceiling, and then tied the rope with a cinch between Mary’s already bound wrists.  The cinch served to make the rope binding her wrists bite even more deeply.  Mary moaned, then a soft, inquisitive “Mmmmp??” escaped her lips as she felt her arms being pulled up behind her.  Cissi pulled until Mary’s arms were almost vertical, forcing her captive to bend over sharply at the waist.  Cissi lifted Mary’s veil, and studied her friend’s face.  With the gag so tightly strapped, and her lips numb from having been gagged for so many hours, Mary could not stop her saliva from dribbling out around her gag, and onto the floor in front of her. 

Cissi looked lovingly at her friend, seeing that while tired and hurting, she had the resolve to see this through.  Cissi bend down and whispered in her friends ear, “Mary, this is for you.  Best of luck!”  With that she again dropped to her knees, and burrowed beneath Mary’s dress, and the multiple undergarments.  It was utterly dark under the many layers of fabric, and warm and moist from Mary’s exertions.  Cissi’s knelt between Mary’s spread legs, and her hands roamed up the captive’s thighs, above her stockings, to the sheer, white panties which barely covered Mary’s plump mound.  Cissi tugged the wispy garment down to Mary’s knees, and her questing lips and probing tongue searched out  the core of Mary’s femininity.  Cissi had no prior experience with lesbian love, but she had been eaten enough by her boyfriends to know exactly what to do.  She homed instinctively on the most sensitive spot.  Her lips nibbled Mary’s pink flesh, and then her tongue lashed the stiff clit. 

Mary sighed happily, emitting little muffled whimpers in response to the intimate contact, and thrashed her body to the limits of her stringent bondage.  The long night of discomfort was forgotten, lost in the joy of the moment.  For many minutes Cissi knelt within the clinging folds of Mary’s bridal gown, enveloped in satin and lace , and the tangy essence of her friends arousal.  Mary’s whimpers and moans became more intense, until finally Cissi took her over the edge, and Mary strained against the ropes, shuddering in the throes of a powerful orgasm.  All the tension of hours in bondage was released in a few powerful moments.  Cissi continued to lick and nibble the fragrant pink orifice until Mary’s trembling subsided.  She pulled up Mary’s panties, unbuckled the spreader bar from her captive’s ankles, and extricated herself from the lush folds of Mary’s gown.  Cissi smiled and took a deep breath and licked her lips, as she watched her captive gather herself after the uncontrollable burst of emotion and energy.  Mary’s full breasts were heaving, her breath whistling in and out of her nostrils, sweat dripping off the end of her nose, and a trickle of drool dripping from her gag. 

Cissi looked at her watch.  “Have to hurry!”  she said, leaving her still bound friend as she went into the powder room.  Quickly she wiped her face, and freshened her makeup, then returned to Mary.  She untied the rope between Mary’s arms and the pipe, and allowed her friend to stand.  She reached behind Mary’s head, and unbuckled the blindfold.  Mary’s eyes we allowed to see light for the first time in many hours, and the beautiful bride blinked, whimpering as the light hurt her eyes, the sweat stinging them. 

 After a moment she could see well enough to make out Cissi’s form, and she rolled her eyes at her friend, moaning softly.  Cissi smiled, and reached again behind the bride’s head, and unbuckled the gag.  It was so large, and Mary’s jaws were numb enough, that she could not expel the plug from her mouth without help.  She groaned in frustration, and shook her head, trying to sling the invader free, but finally had to turn to Cissi with a pleading whimper, “Mmmmp??”  Cissi grasped the leather, and slowly pried the huge plug from between Mary’s teeth, where it had been compressed for many hours.  Like it had a life of its own, the foam plug expanded, and Mary whined her discomfort as it stretched her lips, then popped free with a wet, sucking sound.  Mary moaned as a large stream of saliva which had been trapped behind the gag flowed down her chin, and onto her chest, where it glistened like liquid jewels. 

Slowly the girl was able to close her jaws, lick her lips, swallow, and finally, speak. 
“Oh, Cissi!” she moaned gratefully, “Oh, thank you!”  Cissi looked at the bride’s swollen, dry lips, and cheeks creased by the tight straps. “Pretty bad, eh?” asked Cissi with an understanding smile.  “Oh, you have no idea!” exclaimed Mary. 
“It was so big, and you made it tighter than necessary to keep me silent.” she said reproachfully.  “Don’t get a smart tongue, Missy, or I’ll put it back in, and even tighter!” responded Cissi, tweaking Mary’s nose.  “James and I once discussed the merits of having you go down the aisle bound and gagged, so that all those present would see how things really are....but we decided....”  She smiled mischievously, “I could still do it you know!”  “Oh, no!” pleaded the captive.  “Please untie me.  I’ll be a good girl.”  Cissi smiled, and kissed Mary on the cheek, “Let me freshen up that messy face.”  Cissi quickly took a towelette and wiped away the sweat and old makeup, and then expertly remade Mary’s face. 

She was beautiful, and her appearance belied the ordeal she had just experienced.  “Mistress, I can’t feel my hands.  Will you please untie my arms?” asked Mary in a submissive little girl voice.  “Tsk, tsk.” Cissi laughed, and spun Mary around, quickly peeling the ropes away from Mary’s tightly bound elbows.  “Ohhhhhhh!” Mary groaned with joy, able for the first time in hours to relax her taut shoulder muscles.  “That feels soooooo good!  Cissi allowed Mary a minute to stretch and twist away her aches and strains, then commanded her to stand and face her.  Mary obeyed, standing before her friend with her wrists still bound.  “Other than that little treat I gave you a while ago”, Cissi began with a self conscious giggle, licking her lips to recapture her friend’s wonderful taste,  “I have not given you a wedding gift.”  She reached for a box on the table, “Now I would like to give you something that I picked out, just for you....something so that you will think of me today as you are going down the aisle, and whenever in the future James chooses to use them.” 

Cissi opened the box, and Mary gasped at what she saw.  Two of the largest diamonds she had ever seen, a matched pair, but in settings unlike anything she had ever seen.....not earrings, certainly not cufflinks.....little silver jaws.......  “Oh, my!, said Mary, her eyes wide with alarm.  “Not?.......”  “Yes, my darling, and made just for you!”  Mary’s gown was, cut low in the front to accentuate the lushness of her body, so her proud breasts were an inviting target.  “Stand still!” Cissi commanded.  It was easy for her to reach down the front of Mary’s bodice, slide a bra strap off of her shoulder, and free a plump breast sufficiently to pinch Mary’s pink nipple into throbbing stiffness.  Cissi and Mary looked eye to eye as the silver jaws enveloped Mary’s blood engorged nipple.  When Cissi’s grip was released and the little teeth claimed their prize, Mary closed her eyes and moaned softly.  So small, so beautiful, yet they hurt so much!  Cissi returned the breast to its satin and lace cradle, leaving the jeweled clamp biting into Mary’s tormented pink bud.
She repeated the same process on the other nipple, and Mary whimpered, and bit her lip against the pain. 

Again the two girl’s eyes met, and Mary’s glistened as she fought back tears.  “Don’t you dare cry, and ruin your makeup,” chuckled Cissi, “or you can be married with mascara running down your cheeks.  Mary snuffled through her nose, her lips trembling.  “Aren’t you going to thank me?” Cissi taunted.  “T...Tttthank...you...Mistress,” Mary gasped against the pain, “Thank you for your gift...thank you for hurting me so beautifully.”  She bowed her head submissively as Cissi, brought her veil down in front of her face, and walked behind her to free her wrists.  “Oh, Cissi!” gasped Mary as the ropes were untied.  “It was so tight that my hands are numb!’
Cissi smiled.  This is exactly what she wanted.  Even unbound, Mary was still a helpless captive, since her lifeless hands were more like a dog’s paws...lifeless fingers, no ability to grasp, or open a door, or write her name....barely able to clasp her bridal bouquet.  Cissi was sure that by the time Mary’s hands came to life, the ceremony would be over, and James would see to it that his bride was once more well bound!

Cissi looked at her watch.  The guests had arrived, the organist was playing, and it was time.  She smiled wistfully, and opened the door.  The groom’s men and bride’s maids were already in place.  It was her turn.  She turned to Mary.  “Good luck, Honey, and....good-bye.”  With a small tear in her eye, she walked down the aisle, took her place for the ceremony, and as the bridal march began, she watched her friend walk down the aisle, and out of her life.   She really wasn’t aware of the ceremony. 

She was lost in thought...............


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