The Victim 3: Turnabout

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; public; outdoors; kidnap; oral; cons; X

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continued from part two

Part 3: Turnabout

After my extended weekend with Caroline and Monica and after banking the huge payout they gave me, I laid back and did nothing for several weeks. 

I needed it!

They had really worked me over, in a good way!  My bondage and sexual appetites were sated. 

But…that never lasts long, so I began to return to old habits.  I prowled the websites and other places people like me congregate.  I made a few contacts, but nothing turned up.  Apparently libidos were being stifled by the ongoing mortgage and financial crisis.  Even rich pervs have limits!  It wasn’t a desperate search.  I had plenty of cash to live on. I had my trusty vibrator and all the dvds from my visit to Caroline, so I was in pretty good shape.

Finally, though, I had an interesting lead through, of all people, Caroline!  She e-mailed me and said she had passed my name on to a “friend” and that this friend may contact me.  I thrive on word-of-mouth references from my “clients” and I trusted Caroline’s judgment. I thanked her for her thoughtfulness.  Caroline, in her usual brusque way, mentioned that this one might want different things then I was used to. 

I thanked her for her thoughtfulness, but put it in the maybe file.  A lot of people say they want to play, but not that many follow through.  I don’t get too excited about any prospect until I see the money!  But the “different things” did intrigue me!

I had forgotten the whole exchange by the time the woman actually did contact me.  It took a second or so after I opened the message before I remembered Caroline had referred her, a fact she finally mentioned at the end of the message.

She wanted to meet.

That was OK with me.  I needed to get out and maybe this would develop into something.  If nothing else, I would get to check out a new Italian bistro in the North End where we agreed to meet for dinner.

During my downtime, I had ramped up my workout regimen.  Some of the situations Caroline and Monica had put me through had been a strain and I realized I was not as fit as I had thought.  I had taken up weight training and foot boxing, lost weight and developed muscle.  I thought I looked pretty good and decided to dress to show off my enhanced body to this prospective client.

I wore a black sleeve-less sweater dress that hugged my butt and allowed the newly developed muscles in my thighs to show as I walked and showed off the tightness and strength in my upper arms.  I chose dark shear thigh highs that just stretched to the top of my thighs (no pantyhose; I hate them; must have been invented by a man!)  Shear black undies and black, oxford heels completed the ensemble. 

It was a warm early fall night and I walked to the restaurant from my apartment carrying a long gray cardigan sweater and a medium sized shoulder bag.  I’m not a narcissist, but I did appreciate the looks I got as I strolled down Tremont Street and through the Faneuil market.  Well, maybe I am a narcissist because I loved the attention!

I found the restaurant and sat at the bar, drinking a soda water with lime.  She had sent a picture so I was aware of what she looked like, at least, in general.  I wasn’t prepared for the real thing though!

She was gorgeous!  Blonde with darker highlights, high cheekbones and aquiline nose, eyes that were as intensely blue as any I had ever looked into!  She had a flawless, creamy complexion and slim elegant hands with long fingers, warm to the touch when I took her extended hand.  She wore a delicious white silk turtleneck that matched her eyes and a black denim skirt with black ballet flats.  Everything was expensive and fit oh so nicely.  She was toned and tanned and exuded a sexy warmth and down-to-earth regularity.

I stood, feeling suddenly awkward and clumsy.  Our heights matched, but I had on 2-inch heels, which put her at about 5’ 11”.  She held my deer-in-the headlights gaze with a slight smile playing across her lips.

“Anne”?  A simple question, but it took me several seconds to stammer out a reply.

“Um…yeah, Anne.  And you’re…Martha”?

“Marta, but call me Marty!”

Her voice was angelic, soft and breathy at the same time.  I am not easily impressed, but by the time we sat down, I was in love!  Jeez, Anne, get a grip.

She ordered a Campari and soda and the bartender scurried off to make it, her eyes fixed on Marty. 

Marty turned to me.  “Caroline and Monica send their love!”  There was a playful tone to her voice and her face was wreathed in a wide smile.  I began to relax. 

The bartender returned with her drink and lingered, fascinated, until I gave her a slight head jerk and an eyebrow wave to get her to move.  She did so reluctantly.

We drank silently and then both of us started to talk at the same time.  That broke the ice and we both laughed.

She began.  “So…Anne.  I am a friend of Caroline’s… well Monica really.  I stayed with them recently and they mentioned you... in passing.  My mind was spinning!  This gorgeous creature had been with those two bondage nuts?  I had to admit to a pang of jealously!  I wanted to ask what they had done together, but trying for the aloof, professional approach, I held my tongue!  Barely!  She went on.

“They showed me some of your…ah… work.  And I begged them to tell me how to get in touch!”  A vision of her binding me and making me beg gripped me!  I drew a deep breath to calm myself.

“I want to hire you!  Is that the right expression?”  She smiled.  “Or do you prefer retain?  It sounds so like restrain, doesn’t it?”

By now, I was swimming in a haze of desire.  I wanted to be with this woman and have her take me under her control.  It would be heaven and I’d do anything she asked.  As long as she paid, of course!

“Anne?  Anne?”  I realized she was talking to me.

“Oh sorry, I just remembered something I have to take care of tomorrow.  I apologize!  Ah…hire, retain… it doesn’t matter.  Um…did Caroline discuss my terms, fees, conditions, stuff like that?”

“Yes, she gave me an outline.  I have no problems with any of that.  What I need to discuss with you is… well, I don’t want to tie you up.”  My heart fell into my belly! 

“I want you to tie me up.”  She leaned in close and whispered this to me.  I pulled back and looked at her with what must have been a surprised expression. 

“I know!  I know!  That isn’t what you do.  It’s usually the other way around, but… I saw you on those dvds and saw what Caroline and Monica did to you and talked to them and… well it just got to me!  You just got to me!”  She put her hand over mine and squeezed.  I about swooned at her touch!

I stared at her!  Tie her up?  I had never taken the dominant role in any play session.  I mean, I knew the ropes so to speak, but I had never applied any, except to myself of course.  Now this beautiful woman wanted to pay me to tie her!  What was not to like about that?  I thought for a scant moment and then decided.

‘Well…I guess we could talk about that!  What did you have in mind?”

She looked around and quickly stood, still holding my hand, and pulling me toward an isolated table in the corner of the bar.  Heads turned as we made our way across the room.

A waitress took our drink orders.  I switched to wine.  This was way interesting and I wanted a little buzz to go with it.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve had these…fantasies, I guess.  I would daydream about bad guys capturing me.  I was always the captive in neighborhood games; you know stuff like that.  As I got older, I attached sexual feelings to them.  I’d get boy friends to tie me up and mess with me or wrestle with my girlfriends and let them hold me down, but never do it or ask for it to be done overtly, you know what I mean?  For a long time, I thought I was unique in these feelings and kept it pretty much under wraps.  It was only when I went to college and was on my own that they… blossomed, I guess.  I came out at college… that was hard on my parents!” 

She paused and took a sip of her drink, a far away look in her eyes.  It was my turn to squeeze her hand.  Ulterior motive?  Perhaps, but she seemed to need a friendly touch and I was only happy to oblige!  She smiled and squeezed back and this time held onto my hand!  Oh joy!  She continued. 

“One of my lovers at school was into bondage and that really got me started.  There was this little subculture club of gals all into bdsm?  We’d dress all gothy, handcuffs, chains and stuff, and play our games!  You can imagine what that was like!  We had some great times and still stay in touch.  As a matter of fact, Monica was a member of our group!  That’s the connection there!”  I tried to picture Monica “all gothy” and failed, but appreciated learning how Marty was connected to Caroline and Monica.

“After college, I was kind of at loose ends.  At least that’s what my parents called it.  I went to grad school for a while, business, but didn’t like it.  Went to Europe and then Australia.  My parents were very supportive.  They always have been.  My dad runs a big software company and Mom… well Mom runs him!  But they’re nice and they are always there for me!  So, anyway, they set me up in a townhouse here and Dad got me a job at one of his subsidiaries.  Everyone knows I’m the boss’s daughter, but I like the work and I think I am good at it.  I’m the HR person!”  She paused for another sip.  My new friend Marty was quite a talker, but the sound of her voice was mesmerizing!

“And bondage?  Well I continued to do some of that through my connections with the goth girls.  Eventually, I hooked up again with Monica and here I am!  I guess I am a switch now.  I like to tie and be tied.  Not into pain or any of that awful stuff.  I just like to be restrained.  Oops, there’s that word again.”  She dazzled with her smile.

I smiled back.  The wine was having the desired effect on me.

“So what exactly is it that you want me to do for…or to you, Marty?”  She laughed again.

“Well…I’ve always had a kidnap fantasy… you know damsel-in-distress type of thing?  And a… hmmm, I guess a thing for public bondage, you know, being seen by someone, or a bunch of some ones, all tied up.”  She leaned in close.  “Now that really turns me on!”  It was having the same effect on me!

“One time?  At school?  The gals staked me out in the center of the soccer field in the early morning in my uniform.  Some joggers on the track found me?  It was a big stink for a while, but the school covered it up and nobody got into trouble.  They thought it was hazing, but I said it was a gang of townie girls who did it.  Lot of fun!  And I loved it!  So I want you to figure out something and do a similar thing.  Course, we’ll have to be careful!  I’m not a college kid and I don’t want it to get in the papers or on the net or, for sure, back to my parents.  Monica said you were very… creative.  That’s why, even though it isn’t your normal thing, I thought you could help me!”  She stopped then, a hopeful look on her pretty face.

I guessed it was my turn to talk.  I took a moment to collect my thoughts.  No way was I going to turn this down.  There was a real good chance that I could sleep with this gal as well as take care of her fantasies. I’d be crazy to pass this up.  Of course, I would have to check her out as I did all my clients, but her connection to Monica would help and… well I wasn’t the one that was going to be out in jeopardy this time, so the situation might call for less scrutiny.

Just as I figured out what I would say and started to speak a noisy gang of people came into the bar. They sat at a big table right next to us and continued their rowdy talk.

I looked at Marty, eyebrows raised against the din.  She nodded and we both got up and headed for the door.  I left some cash on the table and gave a little finger waggle to the envious bartender on the way out.  She stuck out her tongue and smiled.  I made a mental note to come back here, alone, sometime!

Once out on the street we both sighed and smiled at the relative quiet.  The evening had cooled and the sun was long since down.  There was not much foot traffic and with the “big dig” done, traffic noise in the North End had dropped off.  We began to walk, no destination yet in mind, tossing around where we would like to go to continue our “negotiations”.  I noticed a narrow alley one store front away on out side.

I had been rolling around a scenario in my head as Marty was talking and in the millisecond that I noticed the alley, I decided to go with it.  I had some cable ties and a scarf in my shoulder bag.  Now I know what you are thinking!  Who carries cable ties around with them?  It is a stretch to believe, I guess, but I have them in case someone wants to use them on me.  Be prepared; serve your clients; etc!

Anyway, as we passed the alley I shoved Marty into it and pushed her several feet forward.  It was dark and smelled of urine.  She made a woofing sound, but didn’t cry out.  There was barely enough room for a person to spread her arms wide, but it was perfect for me.  I threw my sweater over her head and freed a cable tie from my bag.  I whipped it around Marty’s wrists and zipped it tight.  I grabbed a second one for her elbows and was gratified to see she was flexible enough for me to wrench her elbows together.  I spun her around in the narrow space, yanked the sweater free and packed the scarf into her open mouth.

“Close your mouth and keep that in there, Marty!”  Her eyes gleamed as she worked her mouth around the scarf eventually accommodating it and closing her lips.  She knew exactly what was going on and she was liking it!  A close inspection would have shown that there was something jammed into her mouth, but that was part of the fun.  I draped the sweater over her shoulders, buttoning the neck and shoved the empty sleeves into the pockets.

If she kept her lips compressed and walked normally it would be hard to tell that her arms were tied and she was gagged.  I backed out of the alley.  She followed.  In the street I adjusted the sweater for a little more cover, then we set out walking again.

“We’re going to my apartment to continue this, Marty.  There’s no charge for this little demonstration!”  I pulled her close with an arm around her shoulders.  She glanced sideways at me and bumped me with her hip.  My heart beat rate accelerated! 

This was so out of character for me, but it felt right and I knew that Marty was OK with it.  The evening was looking pretty good!   We walked across town towards my home past dozens of unsuspecting normal people.  

I have never brought a client to my home.  Better to keep my “work” and my other life separate.  Maybe I just wasn’t thinking rationally; anyway we went straight to my townhouse and as soon as I got her in the door I had Marty backed up against the hall door my hand up her skirt.  I nudged her panties aside and found that she was wet!  I pulled the scarf out and tossed it aside, my tongue replacing the cloth.  She responded ardently, moaning and sighing.

She leaned back and arched her hips forward legs spread.  I slipped to my knees and fastened my mouth to her sex.  A plaintive keening came from deep inside her as she welcomed my searching tongue.  I clutched her butt cheeks and pulled her closer, entering a passion zone that was rare for me.  I couldn’t get enough of or do enough for this woman!

In my haste to get at Marty and now being so lost in her, I didn’t realize that I had left my outside door ajar.  And I also didn’t notice that two people had slipped quietly into the hall.  It wasn’t until a hand entwined in my hair pulled me free of Marty’s crotch and a strong shove lay me out on the hall floor that I realized we weren’t alone!

I struggled under the weight of a strong, agile body, trying for an edge or opening to spring free, but failing. Just as a spandex hood passed over my head, I twisted and managed to catch sight of a smirking Monica on top of me. 

Damn!  The whole thing with Marty must be an elaborate setup orchestrated by Caroline!  If I weren’t so pissed off, I would have laughed!  But I had been careless and had fallen under Marty’s spell and now I was caught.  I knew it was going to be another good paying job and sexy as hell. Still, I relaxed my guard and paid for it!

Two pairs of hands quickly pulled my hands up between my shoulder blades and secured them with a cable tie. A hard ball forced the fabric of the hood into my mouth, gagging me.  My ankles were cable tied and I thrashed around a little and then settled down to wait for whatever they had planned for me.

I could see a bit through the hood and could hear and was surprised to find that Marty was receiving the same treatment as I had gotten.  She soon lay next to me on the cool tile floor.  She was whimpering and I wondered if the gals had let her in on their plans!  Hmmm!  That was interesting!

After some milling about by Monica and presumably Caroline, we were lifted upright onto our feet.  Our captors steadied us as the ankle ties were cut.  Someone grabbed my upper arm and pulled me forward.  After a pause at the door, probably to check the street for passersby, I was marched out of the house.  I could feel the night air on my bare arms.

I was assisted into a vehicle.  It smelled of leather.  The seats were soft and warm and creaked luxuriantly.  If I had a guess, I’d say it was the back of a limo.  Seconds later, Marty was plopped down next to me.  My ankles were tightly cabled again.  Marty huddled close to me on the seat.  I could feel her heart pounding and smell her perspiration.  She was making a sighing, whimpering sound.  I tried to lean into her to calm her.  If she was faking it, she was doing a very good job of it. 

Someone climbed in back, but sat opposite us and someone got in up front.  The motor purred to life and we oozed silently away from the curb.  Our companion lightly squeezed my knee, giving me some reassurance that all would be okay!

Where were they taking us?  Was this setup something Marty was in on?  No one had spoken, but I had seen Monica.  Was Caroline with her or was she free-lancing?  I didn’t know those answers.  I just knew that I had been grabbed by a “friend” and wasn’t in any danger.  Whatever happened was “bound” to be very interesting!




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