The Victim 4: Turnabout 2

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; kidnap; transported; sex; cons; X

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Part 4: Turnabout 2

The van or limo or whatever made one more stop.  I think two people entered and settled in with whispered conversations not quite audible over the sounds of the road.

There were new scents in the air of perfume and shampoo that indicated to me that our new passengers were women.  I hoped Monica had remembered my aversion to male clients.

No one touched me as we traveled on, but Marty had been pulled away from me.

Our new passengers must have been teasing her in some silent way.  Her protests, though muffled, were clear.   After a while, lips brushed my ear and a whispered voice I recognized as Monica’s interrupted my musings.

“Don’t worry, sweetie!  You’ll get it soon!”  Hmmm!  Get it as in sex or as in understanding?  Very interesting!

I let my imagination wander about what the “teasing” of Marty might entail and found that I was getting aroused.  I was always amazed at my reaction in these situations; it was all about sex and I was always eager to see it through.  I never feared for my safety or worried that something bad might happen.  I guess that was naïve of me, but I was careful about my clients.  With Monica here, I was relaxed.  Hopefully this wasn’t the time that mindset would get me into big trouble!

The vehicle interior was quiet for most of the ride.  Periodically, someone, Marty I assumed, whimpered and sighed.  There was no conversation and someone was rudely smoking a cigarette.  I would have strongly protested if I weren’t gagged.  I half jokingly hoped that second hand smoke would be the only risk on this journey!

The vehicle slowed, turned and its tires began to crunch over gravel.  Finally, we came to a stop.   Doors opened and fresh, cool air rushed in.  The cabin rocked as the unbound passengers disembarked.  Again, it was quiet with no one talking or at least not talking above a whisper.  Maybe we had been grabbed by a bunch of mimes!

A hand enclosed my bicep and I was helped out the door.  With my ankle bonds cut, I was led across the gravel, no easy task even in short heels, up a set of stairs onto a wooden platform and then into a building.  It was warm inside and smelled of cut flowers. 

At least we weren’t being taken to some skuzzy warehouse!

The guiding hand led me through the building, over carpeting and hard wood floors.  We paused as my guide opened a door.  The door shut behind me and my escort removed my gag.  What a relief!  My jaw ached and I wiggled it a bit to relax the muscles.  Next, I felt the hood being lifted.  When it cleared my eyes and I could see, I was greeted by Monica’s sardonic little smile.

“What the hell is going on, Monica?” 

Her smile widened and she stepped closer, silencing me with a kiss.  The next few minutes were a blur as she untied me and we shed our clothes.  The arousal I had felt, pent up during the ride, gushed forth.  We tumbled onto the bed.  I was always hot for this woman, but this time was an award-winning encounter that left us both wrung out.  The atmosphere within the room became thick with the scent of perfume, perspiration and the female sex.  We finished and lay in each other’s arms, lost in our own thoughts, until I roused myself enough to ask again. 

“What the hell is going on?”

Monica disengaged herself from me and shifted around on the bed, arranging herself and the covers in such a cute way that our conversation was delayed by another round of passion.  Finally, she returned to the question at hand.

“What’s going on?  We’re helping a friend!”

I must have looked perplexed because she laughed.  “Are you confused, Annie?”

“Don’t call me, Annie, you know I hate that!  What friend?  How are “we” helping?”

She pulled the covers up to her chin, much to my disappointment, and leaned back against the headboard.

“Marty.  We’re helping Marty.”  I must have still had the deer-in-the headlights look.  She rolled her eyes.

“Look!  She came to you looking to hire you, right?  To tie her up, right?  Did she mention the goth girls from school?  OK.  I was one of them and the others in the car on the way over were also.”  She looked at me as if it should all be clear now.

“And?”  I was treated to another eye roll with “tsk” thrown in.

“And she’s been through a rough time lately.  No need to go into it, but she has been pretty down and I… we felt she needed some recreation.  We’ve all stayed pretty close since school and… well we love her and want to help.”

“So you decided to kidnap and molest her?  Sorry, but I’m not getting it.  And why bring me in on this?”

She sat up, the covers dropping away.  My eyes strayed to her breasts.  She just shook her head.

“Try to stay focused, all right?  As long as we’ve known her, Marty has been really into bondage.  In school…after graduation…we all looked after her and kept her on an even keel and she was fine.  Now, because we have other lives and we’re drawn in a lot of different directions, we haven’t had the time or been able to do it for her.  That’s where you come in.”

It was my turn to shake my head.

Exasperated now, she grabbed my ear and twisted it.  “Listen, will you?”  I yelped and rubbed my reddening lobe.  I listened.

“You’re the bondage pro.  I know you don’t tie people up, but you certainly must know how.  You been tied up in so many ways, so many times that some of it has to have rubbed off.  So!  Because we don’t have the time to take care of Marty, we want to hire you to do it.”  She sat back pleased as if she had just explained the mystery of life for everyone to understand.

“But why have her come to me?  I mean all you had to do was call me and ask?”

“Not as much fun.  We knew where she was going to meet you.  A couple of the gals were in the bar trying to stay out of sight of Marty and watching the interaction between you.  They saw that you both hit it off.  So everything was cool and the game was on.  When you tied her outside the bar, the gals watching just about had an orgasm!”

I was actually beginning to get it.  “But if you are all here why don’t you just do it?”

“None of us can hang around.  It was hell to just get us together tonight.  We’re all out of here in a few hours.  Come on, I want you to meet them.”

I got back into my clothes, straightened myself up and followed her out and back down the hall, this time under my own power.  We entered a huge library.  It was lined with shelves and books, but unlike typical libraries it was open and painted in light colors.  Had it been daytime the room would have been flooded with light.

Two women were sitting on a leather couch, drinks in hand.  They turned as we entered.  One, a tall athletic patrician-looking woman, smiled and stood up.

“Well, it’s about time!  It didn’t take that long to get her untied did it, Monica?”

I watched as Monica’s face reddened and she smiled down at the floor.

“No matter.  Welcome to my home.  I’m Janet Ahearn and this is Sandy Deacon.  We’ve heard a lot about you, Anne.”

I shook hands with them and promptly forgot their names.  I’m terrible like that.   

They were both of the same age as me and they looked prosperous and self-assured.  They wore wedding rings, which didn’t mean a lot these days.  She got us both drinks and then asked us to sit.  It was interesting to see Monica take a back seat to this woman, but it was clear she was the alpha dog.  She went through the same story Monica had and I was struck as I looked at them, how much they seemed to care for Marty.  It could have been all an act, but it seemed real.  They had sincere, concerned expressions as “alpha” explained what they wanted.  Except for murmured assents and nodded heads, the other two didn’t contribute. 

I talked a bit about how this wasn’t what I really did but that because Monica was involved, I would do it.  We agreed on a fee.  The logistics were discussed.  The house (it turned out we were on Massachusetts’s North Shore) would be mine to use for the next three days.  When we were done, I was to call the number on the card handed to me and a limo would pick us both up and take us home.  She then stood and said she had a plane to catch.  Monica and the other woman also stood and hugged each other and headed for the door.  The abrupt ending was a little strange, like a business deal, which in fact it was.   But it was supposed to be about their friend! 

Monica lingered at the door for a moment.  She must have understood the look on my face. 

“Don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling, do you?  Look, Janet inherited a huge defense contractor firm and runs it herself.  She was always in charge, even back in college.  Everybody follows her lead… me too!   She is not the warmest person around, but she does care for Marty.  We all do.  And she trusts you now.  I could tell that.  She likes to play a bit herself so maybe you have a new client!  Look!  Just concentrate on making Marty happy and forget everything else.  This will be fun for you!” 

She headed for the door and stopped.  “Oh yeah, Marty is in the room at the end of this hall.  All you’ll need is in a closet in that room.  You can tell her about what is going on or you can play it by ear.  Just give her a good time!  And I will see you soon!”  She blew me a kiss and was out the door.  I watched as she got into the limo.  It pulled out and headed back down the drive and was soon out of sight.

Silence enveloped me.  I looked around the hall and got a better understanding of the size of the house we were in.  It was a mansion really, very well appointed;  something right out of Better Homes and Gardens, but it had a cold unlived-in feel very similar to the vibes its owner gave off.

I took a quick tour of the first floor before dropping in on Marty.  I didn’t want to leave her alone any longer.  The door to the room wasn’t locked.  I knew that Monica wouldn’t leave her in an unsafe, compromised position, and then remembered that Monica had been with me.  I opened the door with a feeling of trepidation, not sure what I would find.

Marty was lying on the bed, clothed, but shoeless, reading a book.  She looked up and smiled.

“Aren’t they wonderful?”

I must have looked puzzled, a standard condition for me this evening.

“Janet and the rest!  They knew I was hurting and arranged this for me.  It’s so generous of them. I love them al!”

“Yeah, yeah, generous!  Right!  So, ah, Marty, did you know about this?  When you contacted me?”

“Oh no, this part was all a surprise.  I got in touch with you, just like I said, on Monica’s recommendation.”  She hugged herself.  “Man, this is so great!  First you tie me; I almost wet my pants in that alley!   Then they kidnap me!  And you!  I can’t wait for what happens next!”

I sat on the bed.

“Well, I don’t know what happens next, Marty.  This is new to me.  I know I agreed to do it, but now...!”  I trailed off not knowing what to say.  I was truly perplexed.  I guess I am not dominant by nature.  I was totally taken with this beautiful gal, but I didn’t know what to do with her.  It shook me that I was unsure of myself; that was just so not my image of myself!

She sensed my unease and reached out, taking my hand in both of hers.  “Don’t worry, Annie.”  I gritted my teeth at being called Annie.  “It will work out.  Look!  All you have to do is tie me up a lot.  That should be easy, shouldn’t it?”

As that sunk in a surge of confidence energized me as I realized that it should be easy!  Here was a willing victim and a more than willing tier up.  We should be able to get this right!

“OK, Marty!  I’m going to be the boss of you and you’ll do what I say when I say it!”  I was trying for stern and probably didn’t make it.  I felt a little foolish saying something like that, but I also felt a little jolt of power, especially when Marty reacted by adopting a cute little submissive pose.

I stood, kicked off my shoes, stripped off my thigh highs and slid out of my panties.  I rolled the panties into a ball.

“Slide over here, Marty.”  She moved to the edge of the bed.  I pressed the balled panties against her lips.  She opened her mouth and I stuffed them in.  I used one stocking to hold them in place and the other to blindfold her.

“Take off your clothes.”  She gingerly stood and stripped.  She had a lovely toned body without a sign of cellulite or sag.  I cupped her sex.  She was a couple of inches taller than me, but that was not going to be an issue. 

“This is mine now.  If I catch you touching yourself… well, just don’t.  Understand?”  Before she could answer, I touched both of her breasts, manipulating her nipples.  “These too.  Mine!  And any other part of you.”  I grabbed her sweet butt cheeks and pulled her against me.  “Get it, Marty?”  She nodded.  “I hope so, for your sake!”

I guided her with my hands on her shoulders to a sitting position on the edge of the bed.  Stripping the belt from her denim skirt, I used it to strap her ankles together.  I pushed her onto her back and helped her to roll onto her stomach.

“Put your hands together behind your back.”  She did as I asked, crossing her wrists in the small of her back.  I looked around for something to tie her wrists with and began to panic, as I couldn’t find anything suitable.  Then I remembered that I had laces in my shoes.  Retrieving one shoe, I stripped the lace out and used it to tie her thumbs together.  A client had done it to me once and it was very effective.  I doubled up the tie with the second lace. 

With her help, I was able to shift her onto her back on the bed, arranged so her thumbs weren’t crushed by her body weight. Marty’s nipples had hardened and she seemed to be into this, but it wasn’t going to be about her this time. I climbed onto the bed and straddled her upper body on my knees.  I lifted her head and removed the makeshift gag.

“You know the drill, Marty!  Make me cum!”  I slid forward and basically sat on her face.  Her tongue sprang to life and she enthusiastically embarked on an exploration of my sex.  I leaned back and rested on my extended arms, let my head hang back and rode the sensations she was producing in me.  I shifted my hips slightly and constantly, helping her find the sweet spots. 

I just love a woman’s tongue on me and she was very good at it.  I climaxed for the third time on this night and it was perhaps the best of the bunch, no disrespect intended to Monica!  I rolled off her and kissed her hungrily. 

When she came up for air she asked, “Was that OK, Anne?” 

“It was all right, Marty, but you’ll need to do better!”  No sense in giving her a compliment so soon in our relationship.

I checked the bedside clock.  It was after midnight.

“We are going or rather you are going to need your rest, sweetie.  I’m going to untie you and we’re going to get some sleep!”  I did; we took a quick showers and went to bed.  I was hungry, but more tired, so the need for sleep won out.

We cuddled together under the covers in the darkened room.  Our bodies fit together comfortably.  I heard her sigh and then her soft snores.

Me?  Despite my weariness, I couldn’t get right to sleep.  My brain whirled with ideas and situations I could inflict on my willing victim.  Finally, I drifted off with just the perfect scenario in mind.

This domme thing was beginning to look and feel pretty good to me! 



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