The Victim 2

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; bdsm; susp; oral; toys; cage; reluct/cons; X

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The “Victim” – Part 2

Monica and Caroline had left me tied to the bed.  They disappeared for 30 minutes or so and returned looking freshly showered and now dressed, sort of!

Caroline was petite, slight and shorter than me at 5’ 4”.  Monica stood a couple of inches over my height and in heels she towered over me.  She outweighed me by probably 30 pounds.  Together they made quite a pair, particularly when they were out in public together.  Caroline tended to dress in prim businesswoman outfits and pant suits, exquisitely made up, while Monica dressed carelessly in whatever suited her mood, her hair a mess and her face devoid of makeup.

Caroline wore a black corset-like affair the pinched her waist and pushed up her breasts.  Monica, in a departure from her usual sloppy style of dress, wore a similar get-up with black thigh highs complete with garter belt and stiletto heels.  Caroline was barefoot and barelegged.  For a woman of her age, Caroline was spectacularly put together and it all looked natural.  That’s what money can do for you!  Monica… well Monica just made me drool no matter what she was wearing or not wearing!

Monica untied me from the bed ends and slid me to the edge of the mattress.  I sat for a second, gathering myself.  She lifted her eyes mutely asking if I could stand.  I nodded and she helped me to my feet.  Standing next to me, she was intimidating, which I am sure was what she wanted.  It made me shiver with excitement in anticipation of what she… they would do to me!   

Monica undid the cable tie holding my wrists and for the first time since they took me from the hotel room I was free from restraints!  I rubbed my wrists and reached up to remove the gag.  Monica grabbed my wrists and shook her head.

Caroline spoke.  “I think, dear, we will keep you gagged until we need that mouth of yours!”  Monica smirked at me and Caroline turned to pick up the cut and discarded cable ties.  Monica watched for a moment and then bent to get the tie that she had just removed from my wrists.

Seeing an opportunity, I dashed across the room, surprised that my legs could move at all.  I flung open the French doors and skidded across the patio zigzagging around furniture, all the while trying to remove the gag.  I managed to unbuckle it and tossed it aside just as I leaped off the patio onto the sand below.  I took a quick look back and saw that Caroline was standing at the door a surprised, open-mouthed look on her face, but Monica had the gleam of the hunter in her eye.  She had kicked off her shoes and was already out the door and moving quickly in my direction, a wad of rope in her hand.

I focused on putting some distance between Monica and me.  Churning through the sand in just my socks was not easy, but I assumed that Monica, bigger and hopefully slower, would have more trouble.  I ran for several seconds headed toward the shoreline and then risked another look back.

I had underestimated Monica!  She had gained several yards on me and was looking very much like a long distance runner, her legs pumping and arms swinging rhythmically.  Her eyes were fixed on me as she ran.

I cleared the dunes and reached the harder sand.  My socks were bunched around my ankles and wet; I would do better without them, but I couldn’t stop to remove them.  I looked up and down the beach and saw no other buildings nearby.  Caroline must be doing very well to own a half-mile of beach!  And it was a good thing that no one was around.  Between the two of us, the only article of clothing was my socks!

I run at least several miles a day and longer routes every other day.  I am in good shape and have good endurance and I figured I could out run Monica.  Why?  I don’t know, maybe just to spice things up or just throw them off their plans!  I mean, I wanted to be caught, but on my terms.

Monica wasn’t going to let that happen.  She must have put on a burst of speed.  She caught up quickly and shoved me, knocking me off my stride.  I stumbled and fell hard to the sand.

She stood over me, not even breathing hard.

“I ran cross-country in college!  Second team All-American one year!  You didn’t know that, huh?”  Even after that short run, I was gasping and sucking in air.  Must be the sea air!

I managed to gasp out.  “You look too fat and bulky to be able to run!”

Did I mention that I was a wise-ass with a big mouth?  I liked to taunt my clients since it usually drove them to work me over a little bit harder.  Monica had seen and heard me in action before and smiled at this try at insulting her.

“Whatever!”  She fastened a vice-like grip on my arm.  Pulling me to my feet, she switched her grip to my hair.  She bent my head back and leaned close to my ear.  She flicked her tongue into my ear and then roughly kissed my mouth.  The fire between my legs that had been forgotten during my run, flared.  The girl could kiss!  I swiveled in her arms; we embraced and held the kiss.

She sighed and pulled away.  “Now, turn around and cross your wrists behind you!”

I did as she asked, falling again under her spell and the promise of bondage.  She bound my wrists and fashioned a leash, which she tied around my neck.  “Can’t have you running off again!  You’re too expensive!”

She led me to the edge of the water.  This early in the season, it was cold, but not as cold as it was back home.  She pulled me ankle deep into the surf and knelt to strip off my socks.  She wrung them out and offered one up to me as mouth stuffing.  I opened my mouth and she packed the soggy, salty sock in and then secured it with the second sock tied like a cleave gag.  The salty water filled my mouth and I worked to push it out and to swallow as little as possible.

Monica led me back toward the house.  I trailed her by several feet and all the way I watched her hips and buttocks sway, thinking how much I wanted her.  By the time we reached the house, I was turned on and tried to show that by rubbing against her.  Something about being bound and gagged in the great outdoors and being under the control of someone else really pushes my buttons!

Caroline was having none of that, however!  She looked stern and spoke in her executive voice, cold and commanding.

“I can’t believe you ran!  We are paying for your time and we don’t want it wasted chasing you up and down the beach!  You must be more responsible!”  She looked me up and down.  “You have been very difficult since Monica picked you up to bring you here!  I’m not sure why you feel the need to be that way.  We always treat you well.  I suspect that maybe we have been too nice to you, treating you like family and all!  I think that we should change that approach.  If something isn’t working, try something else!”  She folded her arms and stared. 

It was probably my turn to show contrition or something.  Being tied and gagged, I couldn’t tug my forelock and promise to be good.  Maybe the appropriate thing to do might be to drop to my knees and bow my head.  Nah!

Instead, I pushed at Monica with my shoulder to get some space and kicked sand up at Caroline!  She was standing on the edge of the patio and I didn’t get much lift or sand with my foot.  I only managed to dust her legs with some sand grains.  Oh, that and to annoy her further!

She brushed herself off and spoke to Monica.  “That is exactly what I mean, Monica!  The woman is much too… too… feisty!”

Monica nodded.  “ I agree, Caroline, but we have the tools to fix that!”

It was Caroline’s turn to nod.  She stood, arms folded, gazing at the surf.   With final emphatic nod she turned to Monica.   “OK!  Forget tying her on the beach.  I think she needs something more advanced and… demanding.  Bring her into the playroom, please!”

Monica grabbed me at the elbow and smiled at me, finishing her smile with a lascivious tongue wag!  God, I wanted her tongue on me, but what Caroline was hinting at also sounded promising.  Advanced and demanding!  Sounded good to me!  I let Monica lead me onto the patio and into the house, both of us following in Caroline’s wake.

After a walk through the halls and corridors of what was a gorgeous home, we entered a room in the rear corner.  It had a wall of windows that looked out at the beach and was high ceilinged and airy.  There was equipment and apparatuses all around.  At first blush, it looked like an exercise room, but a closer inspection revealed that the tables and such all had straps and padding.  One of the closet doors was open and I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be floggers and gags and other bondage toys hanging neatly from the walls.

I turned to Caroline after we had all entered.  She smiled, a little more warmly.  “Monica designed this and all the equipment!”  She was acting like a proud mother whose kid had just brought home good grades.  She wrapped an arm around Monica’s waist and hugged her.

“This will be the first time, we’ll get to use it!”  She blushed, an expression that I had never seen on her before.  “Except, of course, that Monica demonstrated all of it for me… on me!”

I took that in and analyzed it.  Caroline had always been a stone cold domme, hard on me and very skilled.  From what she had just said, she must have switched, finding the sub side of her personality.  I thought I had detected a change in their relationship, a subtle shift that I couldn’t identify.  Now it was clearer.  Caroline was subbing for Monica!  I glanced at Monica and saw that smug smile again and knew I was right.  Very interesting!

Monica spoke up.  “Caroline has agreed to be your partner in bondage for this visit!”  I stared at them.  Caroline was nodding her head in agreement!  What did that mean.  Answering my unspoken question, Monica walked us both over to a wall.  She tied my leash off to a ring in the wall and turned her attention to Caroline.  She quickly bound the women’s wrists and elbows behind her back.  I heard a soft moan escape Caroline. 

Monica made a second leash and slipped it around Caroline’s neck and then mine to yoke us together.  She shortened it, drawing Caroline closer to me.  I looked at her and caught the lust in her eyes.  She pressed against me and I gladly let her.

We huddled together as Monica stalked about the room gathering equipment and toys.  I thought I felt Caroline shiver and heard her sigh.  She crowded closer and managed to kiss my neck.  Still sock gagged, I couldn’t reciprocate, but did nuzzle her.  We turned face to face and pressed and rubbed our bodies, concentrating on arousing each other.  It felt great.  Where Monica was big and athletic and made love in a boisterous, physical way, Caroline was more sensuous and delicate in her approach.  Both of them could turn me on and drive me crazy and I loved being with them.  This assignment was like nothing I had imagined and it tickled me to experience the surprises and directions they were willing to take this in. 

Suddenly, Monica was back and separated us.  She “tsked, tsked” us and undid the leash and moved Caroline away from me securing her to another ring.

She stood for a moment studying us looking from one to the other.  My heart beat rapidly and I sneaked a look at Caroline.  Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard.  It was clear that both of us were just sluts for bondage.  Finally Monica reached a decision.  She grabbed my wrists and tied a rope over the cinch rope and ran it through a ring higher up on the wall.  She pulled my arms up behind me until they were sticking straight up and I was bent over at the waist.  This position, called a strappado, was a hard one for me and I groaned through my sock gag.  She swatted me on the butt and moved over to Caroline.

I tried to see what was going on, but my head was bent so far down, I couldn’t see what she was doing.  I did catch a glimpse as Monica led Caroline across the room.  She had added tight ropes above and below Caroline’s breasts and bound her wrists to the small of her back so that her elbows jutted out behind her.  A short ankle binding hobbled her and she walked in short jerky steps, trying to keep up with Monica.  The change in their relationship was striking.  It was very clear that Monica was now in charge.  It would be fun to see them play! 

But I had my own issues to deal with.  My drawn up arms ached at my shoulders and I couldn’t get comfortable.  I turned and twisted trying to get into a reasonable position.

My pulse quickened when Monica returned to me.  Caught up in my own misery, I hadn’t seen her approach.  As she stood behind me, I could just see her up to her knees.  She kicked my legs apart, which slightly tightened my stretched arms and renewed the discomfort.  Which I promptly forgot as she began to massage my sex!  Monica and I had always had an affinity for each other and her way of touching me just set me ablaze.  She penetrated me with her fingers then I felt the tip of something larger and harder press against my opening.  Monica reached around and held me at the top of my thigh and slid the object deep into me.  I knew from our past associations that she liked to fuck women with a dildo.  And I liked a little bit of that myself, especially from her. 

She was energetic and merciless and this time was no exception.  She buried the thing in me and then began to piston in and out.  It wasn’t like the real thing, but administered by Monica while I was bound made it erotic as hell.  In this situation, it was a statement from her that she could do as she wanted with me.  That was fine with me!  I was hers to do with as she pleased!  She or rather Caroline had paid for me!  I went with her, enjoying the stimulus and the hard, fast, almost violent thrusts.  I forgot about my discomfort and pushed back and wiggled my butt at her as best I could and quickly had an orgasm.  She continued pounding me and I came again.  Without a word, she withdrew.  I felt her loosen the rope to my arm binding and then I was able to raise my torso a bit, my strained and stretched muscles complaining.  Monica was now in front of me.  She undid the sock cleave and pulled the other one out of mouth.  She pulled my head up and pushed the dildo past my lips.  I tasted myself on the shaft.

“Clean this off!  This is for running away!”

She ran the dildo deep into my throat and back and forth several times.  I gagged on it, but it was clean, just wet with my saliva when she finally withdrew.  She quickly drew the strappado rope tight again causing a new round of agony.  I complained.  “Monica!  Give me a break, huh?”

She knelt in front of me the dildo hanging from her crotch.  She pulled my head up and looked me in the eye.

“A break!  Whatever for?  I’m just getting started!”  She kissed me and stood up.

“Monica!  Please!”  I never, ever ask for any quarter when I am on a job and she knew it.  I was trying to push her buttons.  Yeah, I was uncomfortable and aching, but this was what I lived for.  I wanted to get to her so she would go beyond whatever limits she had in mind. 

She was back in front of me.

“OK, Miss Crybaby, I’ll help you out!”  She quickly bound my elbows and then wound a rope around my head and between my lips.  Several turns of the rope forced my mouth open.  She tied the rope off at the back of my neck and then used the tag end of it to pull my head back so that I was looking almost straight up, tying the end off to my elbow rope.  She tightly bound my ankles and thighs and then stood back.

“Is that better, sweetie?”  She swatted me hard several times on the butt with her open hand.  Now that was what I was talkin’ about!  I was almost up on my toes teetering from the mini-spanking, and knew I was in a precarious position; I didn’t want to fall and it was all marvelous! 

Stringently bound and recently fucked!  Who could ask for more!

Well, more was what was to come!  Monica had bound Caroline to one of the padded tables in the room.  It was maybe four feet long, a low affair about two feet wide.  She was on her back with her legs spread and her arms fastened to the table legs.  The table cushion had an arch to it so that her hips were raised.  With her legs spread and her back arched, she was open and vulnerable.

Monica returned to me and loosened my hair and then the strappado rope.  I gingerly straightened up, all my muscles complaining and aching.  A random thought slipped through my mind; note to self: ramp up the workout and flexibility training program!

She told me to hop over to Caroline.  I bounced my way over, Monica beside me to steady me.  I love hopping when bound.  It is exhausting and quite submissive; the ropes accentuate the helplessness of the situation.  I stopped beside Caroline and gazed down at her spread legs.  She caught my eye and winked!  I waggled my eyebrows back at her.

Monica assisted me to the floor and arranged me in a straight line on my belly.  She removed the rope gag and left my mouth free of any encumbrances, a mistake on her part!

“Is that all you got, Monica?  You’re slipping, girl!”

I heard Caroline giggle and Monica sigh!

“I had forgotten what a big mouth you had, sweetie!”  She clamped a hand over my mouth.  “I’m going to put that mouth to a better use, but I don’t want to hear you while I get ready!”  A hard ball replaced her hand and she forced it in, tightening the strap at the back of my neck.

She drew me into a hogtie and shifted me around on the floor.  I heard the low whine of a motor just as I felt the tension increase on my arms and legs.  Without further prep or explanation, I was lifted off the floor and soon swinging slowly in a suspended hogtie.  Monica adjusted some of the ropes to relieve pressure points.  It was actually not that bad a position when done by someone who knows how to do it and Monica knew her stuff!  I was at eyelevel with Caroline and she watched me with hungry eyes.  Monica rolled Caroline’s platform to a different position, positioning it so that my head was between Caroline’s legs. She replaced my ball gag with a double-ended dildo gag, the long end extending forward and the shorter end filling my mouth quite nicely.  Moving me around and simultaneously maneuvering Caroline, she was able to line up the dildo with Caroline’s sex and she eased it home.  Caroline moaned at this intrusion.  Her scent was strong and not unpleasant!

“Now, big mouth, your job is to satisfy Caroline.  You have to bring her to orgasm.  I’m going to help you with this little device!”  She touched the sole of my right foot with something that made a snapping noise as it sent a jolt through me.  I jerked and Caroline huffed out a moan.

“Get your head moving and find a rhythm or I will create one for you!”  She zapped me on my left sole and I again spasmed involuntarily.

Several more touches of the wand helped me find a way to satisfy Caroline.  It did not take much to get her to the edge and over, as excited as she was to begin with.  But just for fun, I guess, Monica administered a few more zaps. 

Caroline came in a noisy way and sagged down onto the table.  Monica wheeled her away and lowered me to the floor, but did not untie me.  Just being on the floor was relief enough!  For now!

I watched as Monica gently freed Caroline from the table, caressing and kissing her and helping her to sit up.  Caroline quickly recovered and was quite energized when she turned to me.

“Well, that was very nice, my dear!  You may have noticed a change in our relationship?”  She nodded at Monica.  “I have discovered my inner submissive!” she declared.  She smiled smugly and gazed fondly at Monica who looked back with an expression that bordered on fawning.  I wanted to puke!

Something must have betrayed my disgust with this display because she then said,  “Oh I see you don’t approve!  Well, it is not your place to approve or disapprove, my dear!  You are here to serve!  Both of us!”

She got up and walked over to where I lay on the floor.  She circled me and prodded me with her toe.

“I think I will turn you over to Monica.  You need some additional training… of the physical variety.  Don’t you agree, Monica?” 

Monica knelt beside me and pinched an inch of flesh at my waist.  “Oh yes!  She has a bit more weight that when we last had her.  I think I can work that off her!”

More weight?  That was bullshit!  I kept myself in very good shape and carefully monitored my weight.  I hadn’t gained more that a pound in the last year or so.  I registered my disagreement with their assessment, which came out in a garbled, but apparently understood way.

“You’ve let yourself go soft!”  She slapped at my butt.  “Look at that lack of tone!  She squeezed my upper arm.  “Hmmm!  Very flabby!”

She unsnapped the crotch of her bustier and sat in front of me, her legs spread.  Sliding forward on her butt, she simultaneously lifted my head and guided the dildo into her sex.  It was a difficult position for me; my neck was bent at an odd angle and it hurt.  Monica lay back on her elbows and just looked at me.  I began to move my head, again not an easy task.  She “helped” by grinding herself against my face.  I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth both figuratively and actually around the penetrating gag in my mouth and concentrated on bringing her off.  I was cramped and sore in this position and I wanted out, no matter what came next!

She went off and remembering my precarious position, she did it in a way that did not break my neck!

She slid away and got languidly to her feet, sighing and smiling.  Monica undid the hogtie and allowed me to stretch out.  I was still tightly bound, but able to move a bit as I lay on my stomach.  Monica removed all but my wrist ropes and told me to sit.  I did as she said and watched as she discussed my fate with Caroline.

“Well, smart ass, we’re going to let you have a bathroom break and then something to eat!”  That was music to my ears.  I needed to go badly and I wanted to shower, if that was possible.  And food?  I was always ready to eat!  Monica helped me to my feet and led me out of the room.  At the door of the bath, she untied my hands and shoved me through the open door.

“You have thirty minutes to clean yourself up!  Don’t make me come in there after you!”

I heard the lock click shut behind me.  I looked around and quickly understood there was no other way out of this room, so I concentrated on taking care of business.  I was just stepping out of the shower and toweling off when Monica rapped on the door.

“Five minutes!”  I quickly dried my hair and had just turned to the door when it opened to reveal Monica with a pair of handcuffs twirling around her fingers.  She hooked me up, hands behind me, sniffing at me and nuzzling my neck.  “You clean up pretty well, smart ass!” I smiled at her and opened my mouth to accept the ball gag she dangled in front of my face.  “My!  You are a compliant little bitch, aren’t you?  Don’t try and charm me out of working you over, though.  It just ain’t going to happen!”” 

I did feel compliant and submissive and ready for whatever these two wanted me to do.  This was turning out to be the best assignment of my “career”!

She led me to a table set on the veranda.  My ankles were cuffed to the chair legs and wrists were re-cuffed in front.  The gag was removed but I was cautioned to keep quiet.  I debated whether I would give them some shit and then decided to shut up.  I was very hungry and needed something in my stomach. I watched as they ate lobster salad and sipped wine.  Me?  I had crackers and yogurt and water.  Not exactly what I wanted, but better than nothing.  I was ignored during dinner as they chatted about mundane things in their life.  It gave me a chance to look around and I was taken with the beauty and isolation of this place. 

We were finishing up as the sun set behind us.  There was a fresh breeze off the water and the ocean and dunes were bathed in the dying light.  Monica and Caroline held hands and stared at the fading light.  I had to admit to feeling as happy and content as I could remember.  Bound and facing a weekend of bondage and sex with people I liked in a place of amazing beauty, what was there not to like?  And getting paid to do it!

Of course I had to spoil the moment and began to mouth off. 

“Jeez, I hope you two enjoyed your dinners.  I found the crackers and yogurt to have just the right mix of dryness and tastelessness.  And the water!  Well!”

Simultaneously Caroline and Monica turned to me, looks of disapproval on their faces, their reverie broken.  Monica fluidly rose from her seat and slapped the gag against my lips and buckled it in extra tight.  She re-cuffed my hands behind my back, ratcheting the bracelets extra tightly I thought.

She was smiling when she said, “You just can’t help yourself, can you?  Well, we are both tired from the day and of you, sweetie, so we are going to bed!  And so are you!”

Caroline released my ankles and I was led into the house.  The sun had set and it was dark.  The patio had been taken over by voracious mosquitoes.  Monica took me into what must have been the master bedroom.  I was given a chance to relieve myself in the bath, no easy task when you are cuffed and then led to a cage in the corner of the room.  It was about as big as necessary to hold a large dog.  There was a blanket and a dish of water and nothing else.  I crawled in and she locked the gate behind me.  It was my first time in a cage and it kind of freaked me out, but in a good way. 

“I am going to leave you cuffed and gagged because you are such a pain in the ass.  If you should by some chance learn to behave, maybe tomorrow I’ll remove the cuffs.  Maybe!”

Both women went into the bathroom.  Caroline emerged naked and smiled at me as she passed by the cage on her way to the enormous bed that looked out onto the ocean.  Monica came out a few minutes later, also naked and stopped to throw a cover over the cage.

In the dark of my cozy little cage, I listened to their lovemaking, aroused myself but unable to do anything about it.  Then it was quiet, a slight snore coming from someone!

I managed to get into a semi-comfortable position and began to relax, secure in the knowledge that these two women would make my life miserable and wonderful tomorrow!



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