The Victim

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; kidnap; trunk; oral; reluct; X

So, yeah, it’s kind of a weird thing to do!  I know that and I guess its part of the attraction! 

I also fully understand that there are risks involved. 

I take steps to minimize them.  I am very careful about which assignments I take and I am very thorough in my investigations of my clients.  I have the time, money and access to be thorough. 

I only work for women.  That alone doesn’t keep me safe.  There are some scary females out there, but the odds are better if testosterone-fueled violence is eliminated from the picture. 

Still, there is always the chance that I missed something when I checked them out or they are hiding their true nature. I haven’t hooked up with the wrong client yet, but…it could happen.  Once I accept the assignment, there are any number of things that could go wrong.   I try to prepare for them.  I never, at least in the early part of my career, ever went anywhere unescorted.  The presence of a chaperon, even in another part of the building was a deterrent to over-the top behavior on my client’s part.  I made sure that they knew that inappropriate behavior would be punished outside of the legal system.  I think most of them liked having that over there heads.  A lot of them were walking the line as switches and probably would have welcomed retribution, but the threat was enough to keep people in line.  After I get to know a client, I attend to them without any escort actually with me, but someone always knows where I am and when the assignment is supposed to be over.  These days, I rarely accept new clients.  I have a sizeable group of “satisfied” clients and they keep me busy.  I really don’t have a compelling need to add to the list.

For a select few clients, I go bareback, so to speak.  I let them have me on their word of good behavior, no escort, no back up.  They pay very well for that privilege and it is not accorded to many people and never without particularly intense scrutiny of them and everything about them.  It is as much like real life as I can get and working without a net is purely delicious and totally engulfing and exciting.  Those clients are allowed to have me for extended periods of time and it is those rare occasions that I particularly enjoy and make sure the clients enjoy them as well.

I suppose that I am a whore, although I don’t think of myself as that.  I allow people to use my body as they see fit and sex for money is always involved.  I do what I do because I get tremendous satisfaction from it.  I know that I am one of a very small group of people who provide this service.  I am much sought after and most of my assignments come word-of-mouth from the insular world of which I am a part.  If I reject the whore classification, what am I then?

I hate labels and pigeonholing people by class or career or income, but I think it is necessary to this narrative to identify myself. I am a victim!  For the right amount of money, I will let you take me and use me in certain ways that would get you arrested in real life.  You can kidnap me and bind and gag me and rape me and do any number of things in that vein to me and I will act the part of the willing or unwilling victim of your attentions.

I am also a chameleon!  I can be whatever you want me to be to suit your particular fancy or fantasy!  It is this part that I really enjoy!  I transform myself into your ideal and submit to you.  I can be anyone and everyone.  Over the years, I have perfected my ability to submerge my personality into the persona of your perfect victim.  I really get into it and can follow the outline you provide or create my own persona based on your needs.  I become that person and live as that person for the duration of the assignment.  People love it and pay enormous sums for it!  I have a huge closet of clothes and wigs and things and can replicate almost any look.  As I said, it is the most fun part of this and I really get off on being someone else.  I am the ultimate method actor and get into the part you want.  I’m sure a shrink would love to get under my hood and try and figure me out.  Ain’t gonna happen, though.  I am comfortable with who I am, so why tinker with it? 

I’ve been a wayward nun and a prim schoolteacher, a horny librarian, a cop, but my favorite is playing the part of the innocent schoolgirl sucked into situations that well… let me describe one such scene!

One of my favorite clients, an obscenely rich woman living a lavish lifestyle in several posh places, asked me to come up with a scene for her and one of her “close” friends.  I knew both women well and actually they were together because they met through me!

I knew that… we’ll call her Caroline, was a freak that loved a little bit of sadism and a lot of bondage.  She was a perfectionist who loved to push her and my limits.  She was in her 40’s, attractive in that brittle and slightly self-conscious way that newly wealthy women adopt.  She was living well having parlayed at least two divorce settlements into a large amount of wealth.  She was an excellent and savvy investor and had built her empire on her own. 

Her “friend” Monica was probably 35, a switch and, while not wealthy, had come from money.  She was a big-boned, strong California girl right down to the blonde hair and freckles!  She still retained the style and attitude that came from growing up privileged and she carried herself quite differently from Caroline.  She and Caroline made an interesting couple, complimenting each other in many ways.  I enjoyed being with them.  They pursued their games with seriousness and intensity, but also leavened it with a playful attitude that was enjoyable to experience.

A word about me!  I am 31 years old.  I am 5 foot 8 inches tall and weigh 120 pounds.  I am slightly built with small breasts and what I believe to be a big butt and wide hips that I struggle to keep under control with rigorous exercise, yoga and running.  My body fat percentage is 12 percent so my fat butt is probably not fat, but just bone structure.  Yeah, I wish!

I prefer women as sexual partners, although my past includes a marriage (no children) and a number of male lovers.  In fact, my present includes male friends with privileges!

So with this body, I can become many different characters.  Most of my clients prefer younger women and given my body I can pass for young.  Since I stay in shape it is fairly easy to create an appearance that meets the clients expectations!  I keep my hair cut short in kind of a pageboy style, but messier and it is a natural dirty blonde color.  I have had all of my other body hair, except on my head, removed through electrology.  My clients seem to prefer the hairless look particularly in the pubic area and if they don’t… oh well!  I certainly don’t miss the shaving!

I am very flexible and work to maintain that looseness of limb with yoga and stretching.  Being flexible is a valuable asset for someone who ends up tied in some pretty strange positions. I am not beautiful, by any stretch.  I have a girl next-door look that I can kick up a notch with artfully applied makeup, if necessary.  I have green eyes, dimples, good teeth and a nose that is a little too small for the rest of my face.  And, of course, there are wigs and body pads and body shapers.  As I said earlier, I can manage almost any look you want! 

Anyway, Caroline contacted me via e-mail and asked to meet to discuss a scenario she wanted to act out.  She was in Boston on business, so we met for coffee at a Starbucks near her hotel.  Monica was not with her on this trip. We hugged and sat down at an out-of-the-way table, our lattes cooling in front of us.  She got right down to it.  She wanted to kidnap me!  It would be a several day affair with Monica involved.  She wanted to do it next month at her North Carolina retreat. 

I listened carefully, my excitement growing.  Caroline was an expert rigger and an inventive sexual adventurer.  She had provided me with several wonderful experiences over the years and a lot of money!   What’s not to like about that!  I asked a few questions about what she was expecting of me.  She described a college student look and, as she talked, I inventoried my outfits and thought I could put that together rather easily.  She said she would firm up the schedule and let me know more details when she returned home the next day.

She walked away, just another businesswoman on a mission, albeit a kinked-up businesswoman.  I sat back down to finish my drink and already my juices had begun to flow!

Caroline always went first class and her treatment of me was hard, but always safe and extremely pleasurable.  I smiled to myself at the thought of being under her control for a few days!

The next day as promised the e-mail arrived with more details.  She had made a reservation for me at a hotel in Charlotte for the following Wednesday and Thursday nights.  She described how she wanted me to dress while I was there right down to the style of underwear.  I was to act the tourist for a day or so while she and Monica planned my abduction.  First class plane tickets down and back had been arranged.  She said a car would be waiting at the airport in my name. 

She also had wired the first part of my payment to my account.  Typically, that was how I worked.  I got 50% up front and the remainder after the scene was over.  That way we could adjust the amount owed depending on what had happened.

I was excited and began to get into a college student mindset.  Boston is a huge college town so it wasn’t difficult to observe what was up in terms of dress, etc.  Of course Boston was cooler at this time of year than NC, so I checked the weather for Charlotte.  They were expecting seasonal weather and I planned my wardrobe accordingly.  It would be heavy on jeans and cropped tops, mini skirts and boots.  Caroline was very detailed in how she wanted me to dress each day I was in Charlotte.  I figured I could gel my hair to make it spiky and I had some small-lensed, dark rimmed glasses with plain lenses that seemed to be popular.

Knowing that I would be abducted, but not when, kept me on the alert.  I couldn’t maintain constant vigilance though, so I inevitably drifted off into the here and now and began to act the tourist, forgetting the real purpose of why I was where I was.  This affair in Charlotte would be no exception.  I could only hope that the abduction took place when I was off my guard, which I know sounds like a contradiction, but, the flash of fear and adrenaline, although fleeting, was a real trip for me!

On the appointed day, I packed and dressed as I thought a college woman would for a trip and picked up my tickets.  I had opted to do little with my appearance except dress younger.  I had noticed that most of the coeds were into a natural un-made up look that suited me just fine.  My semi-messy haircut also fit in.  Caroline may be disappointed that I still looked like me, but I would make it up to her in effort!

The flight was uneventful and we arrived in Charlotte on time.  As promised the car was waiting and true to her typical style, it was a high end SUV, brand new and fully equipped.  It wasn’t quite what a typical college student would drive, but I wasn’t going to complain about it!  A message was waiting at the hotel from Caroline telling me that everything was still on and to enjoy myself!  I went into hyper-vigilant mode, excited and nervous, after reading her note.  Even though I had done this dozens of times each time got to me.  I carefully checked the room and any obvious hiding places.  I wondered if I could keep up this level of attention and alertness.  Just because I had agreed to be taken, didn’t mean I would go easily.  Caroline understood that and we had enjoyed some spirited contests during our relationship.  Of course, I always lost, but I did manage to inflict some damage along the way.  It was part of the thrill to fight for freedom. I don’t know what I would do if I did escape; probably turn myself in to my client, but it was thrilling to try.

I had dinner, on Caroline, and had a drink in a nearby club all the while looking carefully at everyone to see if I could find Monica or Caroline.  We had agreed that they wouldn’t use surrogates to do the deed.  Only they would be in on the grab and aftermath.  It was something I always insisted on to eliminate the possibility of placing myself in the hands of a nut.

I went back to the room and checked the little tell I had left on the door.  It was undisturbed, but I still checked the room before turning in.  I put a chair in front of the door in case they had a key.  There was no fun in letting them get at me easily!

Early on the second day my cell rang.  I recognized Caroline’s number.  She wanted to meet briefly to explain that she had to call it off.  I was thinking “sure, it’s off, this is just a way to get at me”.  I agreed to meet her in the lobby of the hotel.  She would be there in 30 minutes.  I dressed in a short black pleated skirt, an un-tucked white, long sleeve blouse with a little black string tie, black high-top chucks and black and white argyle knee socks.  I wore a long black cardigan sweater over the blouse and carried my essentials in a small backpack.  I always pack stuff I might need; feminine stuff, meds, toothbrush, etc. when I am on “assignment”.  My hair was gelled and appropriately messy.  I thought I looked like a slightly goth-ish coed!

I slipped down there early and was waiting when she arrived.  She came in a limo and stopped briefly to tell the driver to park and wait.  We went into the little coffee shop and she explained that a business issue had come up and she had to leave town to deal with it.  She was on her way to the airport right now.  And Monica had a family emergency and had gone home to California.  She was all apologies and contriteness and gave me a check for the balance of the job plus a large bonus.  She wanted to make sure I was okay with it because she wanted to use me again and told me to stay in Charlotte and do what I wanted on her. 

Right up until she gave me the check, I was sure she was setting me up.  But Caroline was very rigid and serious about money; she had never given me payment before completion. I assured her that I was not offended and that we would certainly do business again, but I was actually a little disappointed.  I liked Caroline and the way she got into our little scenes.  I had been looking forward to another and although the money went a long way towards reducing my disappointment, I felt a little down.

We stood up and she uncharacteristically hugged me.  She commented that she wished the situation were different.  She complimented me on my outfit and said it was exactly what she had hoped for and that she regretted not being able to get her hands on me.  I could see that she actually looked disappointed herself.  She swept out of the shop and I gathered my bag and headed for my room. 

I really didn’t want to hang around Charlotte.  I had found it to be an interesting city, but there was no reason to stay now.

I entered my room, the disappointment still with me.  I would pack and call the airline and see if I could get a flight.

I sensed a presence in the room just before a hand clamped over my mouth and a body propelled me forward and onto the bed.

Was this real or had I been lulled by Caroline into letting down my guard?

It wasn’t the time to ponder that!  I fought the weight on my back.  He/she grappled for my arms, knee on my neck forcing my head into the covers.  Whoever it was strong and experienced and before I could marshal any real resistance my wrists were zipped tied together behind my back.  The pressure forcing my head into the spread was beginning to restrict my ability to breathe.  I fought for breath and freedom as a second zip tie caught and drew my elbows together.

The weight on me shifted and my head was pulled up and back.  I sucked in air and fought the wad of cloth pressed hard against my lips.  I also tried to get a glimpse of who was doing this, but they were behind me and out of my field of vision.  Fingers clamped my nostrils together and I had to decide whether to breathe or open my mouth and accept the cloth.  I relented and opened my mouth.  My nostrils were freed and the hands busied themselves packing the cloth into my mouth.  A hood of some breathable material was pulled quickly over my head and then a second cloth was used to pull the wadding deeper into my mouth.  Now silenced and gagged, my arms useless, I was reduced to an inert unmoving bundle as zip ties were applied to my thighs and ankles and I was drawn into a tight ball when my ankles were fastened to my thighs and my upper body was pulled toward knees.  I could tell that the zip ties on my wrists and elbows and elsewhere got zip tie cinches.  Whoever was doing this was serious about keeping me secure.

I felt my assailant get off the bed and heard something being dragged along the carpet.  I was lifted bodily off the bed and deposited onto something soft and spongy in what must have been a large trunk.  More soft and spongy stuff was shoved into the spaces all around me to keep me from moving.  The cover was closed and I heard the latch click shut.

Now, in my bound cocoon, I could try and reason out what had happened.  It had to be Caroline!  What are the odds that a professional bondage victim would be randomly bound and kidnapped?  I was comforted by that logic, but not entirely because Caroline had been so convincing!  I fought back the panic and tried to convince myself that Caroline was grabbing me.  Or Monica!  Monica was a big strong woman who could pull this off!  Or maybe Caroline had traded the rights to me to someone else.  It wasn’t something that I would allow and I hated to think that she had done that.  It would mean the end of our relationship.

I was afraid that the air would be scarce inside this box, but after several minutes I was convinced that there must be holes in the case.  I could clearly hear someone moving around another indication that there were openings.  I am not claustrophobic, but this was something that had never happened before and I tried very hard to remain calm.  I would know who had me soon enough; I just had to relax (huh, that’s a laugh) and wait it out.

The trunk was tipped up and I heard and felt something scrape against the case, then I was lifted and moving!   They must have brought along a two-wheeled cart to move me.  I felt us roll along the corridor and knew when we were in the elevator.  It was an odd feeling to be in the trunk and feel the elevator shimmying on its cable as it descended.  We bumped out over the elevator threshold.  I wondered if they were wheeling me right out the front door.  In spite of the concern for my safety that was flooding through me, I was tickled by their brazenness.

The cart and I stopped after several minutes walk, apparently outside the motel.  The air was cooler and there were traffic and outside sounds.  I could hear muffled voices, but couldn’t identify who it might be although one was a male voice.  That was also problematic.  If it was Monica and/or Caroline who had me, males were strictly forbidden!  If it was someone else…!

The trunk shifted and wobbled and then settled.  I guessed I had been moved, lifted probably, into a vehicle.  I heard a female voice thanking someone and a “No problem!” from whoever it was being addressed.  I felt a little better!  I surmised that someone had offered and assisted in moving the trunk and that whomever it was wasn't part of the deal.  Still, I was growing uncomfortable again and not because I was tied up inside a small trunk!  This was all out of control and I didn’t like that!  Although I am always the one ostensibly the captive, I am in control, regardless.  In this situation, I wasn’t sure at all what was happening.

The deck lid was closed and one car door slammed shut.  The vehicle started and the CD player came on loudly.  I recognized the song and realized I had played it the last time I was in the rental.  I knew then I was being transported in my own rental!

The SUV eased out of the lot and I sensed the change in sound and momentum as we negotiated the side streets and then seemed to speed up as if we were on a highway.  I tried to picture the layout of the area as I remembered it.  There was an interstate ramp near the hotel.  About 15 minutes into the trip, we stopped and parked.  I could hear the rush of traffic.  My trunk was opened.  It was tipped over onto its side after several rocking attempts and I was removed from it.  I was snipped out of the ball tie and pulled into a fully stretched out position on the floor in the back of the SUV, still hooded and, of course, gagged.  What a pleasure to be able to stretch!  I almost cried in relief!  I heard the trunk being dragged out of the vehicle and landing on the ground.  Apparently they were going to leave it! 

My ankle bonds were quickly zip tied to the tie down rings in the floor.  I had noticed the rings when I picked up the vehicle, never thinking they would be used like this!  My upper body was similarly attached to the floor.  I heard the curtain-like shield, which provided a cover over the back area of the SUV, pulled into place.  I was relieved to be out of the trunk and the ball tie, but the basic dilemma remained! 

Who had me and where was I going? 

Doors slammed and we started up again.  I figured we were on an interstate or highway because the pace was steady without stops or starts.  We drove for what seemed like a long time and then exited the highway.  We traveled for several minutes at a slower speed.  I could sense a change in the air.  I guessed that the driver had opened the window.  It was warmer and I could smell the sea!  We stopped for a minute and I heard, indistinctly again, a conversation about a gate.  We started up again, and this time traveled very slowly over a bumpy road.  We rode for about five minutes and then stopped.  The air was heavy with ocean smell and I could clearly hear surf rolling onto a beach!

I was cut free and, still arm bound, hooded and gagged, was helped to my feet.  I leaned against the vehicle for several seconds to get my balance and feeling into my legs then a hand grasped my upper arm and I was led across a crunchy surface and up some steps. 

Wherever I was going, I must be there!  We entered a room that was suddenly quiet the surf sound and smell gone, replaced by a silence that almost hurt my eyes! 

In a classic reach-around, a hand slipped between my legs and cupped my sex.  I kicked back and caught a shin, enjoying the yelp of pain.  My efforts got me swept off my feet as a second person lifted my legs and the two of them began to carry me like a hammock.  I twisted and bucked.  They held on and after a short walk, I was bounced onto a mattress. 

Strong hands pulled my legs apart.  Cuffs were snapped onto my ankles spreading them to the corners of the bed.  I felt two different people on the bed with me, working on changing my bonds.  The zip ties were cut and my arms were free, but only momentarily.  My sweater was pulled from me and while one of them held my arms, my blouse was unbuttoned and removed, leaving me naked from the waist up.  My hands were cuffed in front and my arms were then pulled over my head and attached to the headboard.  A joint effort with one person lifting my hips and the other unzipping my skirt and slicing off my cotton panties.  My shoes were unlaced and removed, leaving me just wearing my knee socks.

One of them supported my head off the bed as the cleave gag was removed.  The hood was slid up until it just covered the top of my head and was bunched over my eyes.  The wadding was extracted from my mouth.

I gasped out a question as I tried to make my mouth work!  “Who are you, damn it?  Is that you, Caroline?  Monica?  Let me go before…!”  I wasn’t allowed to finish the statement! 

A soft mouth covered mine and an insistent tongue played across my lips.  At the same time the touch of a tongue on my inner thigh inflamed the latent desire that had been stifled by fear and uncertainty.  Despite my misgivings about the situation, my body responded and dragged my mind along with it.  I lifted my hips to meet the persistent touch of a tongue on my sex.  I opened my mouth and accepted the passionate kisses.  Fingers and mouths caressed my breasts.  I felt myself spiraling down to that place of complete focus on sexual response as the two worked on me.  I bounced and moaned and thrust my hips as they built my sexual desire.  The restraints held and freed me to respond with abandon.  The bed shifted and warm thighs enclosed my head.  I stretched upward and sank my own tongue into the wet center of someone, licking and probing.  I no longer cared who had me!  I was soaring on a sexual high that was as intense as any I had ever experienced.  The room was filled with the scent and the sounds of lovemaking. 

I am a quiet person usually during sex.  No loud cries, etc., just very business-like.  Today, something had broken, a verbal constriction had been removed and I filled the space with profanity-laced moans and sighs and pleas for release.  It was as if I had been possessed by a hedonistic sexual being, a very verbal being!  The two switched positions on me and a new wet sex settled onto my face.  I attacked that with renewed abandon as my own sex was invaded by a new tongue.

Suddenly they left me alone, straining and pleading.  I could hear them together as they satisfied each other; the sounds of their lovemaking frustrated and excited me.  They returned to me and together drove me to a deliriously ferocious orgasm and then another and another. Finally, exhausted and spent, I accepted the spongy ball gag they pushed into my mouth.  My mind was empty of any coherent thought; the aftermath of the sex was all I felt. 

The two rose from the bed, leaving me stretched and bound.  I felt a hand slip under the hood and the pull as it was removed. Blinking in the bright light of a sun filled room, I searched for my tormenters.

My eyes fell first on a smiling Caroline, naked and elegant.  Beside her, an arm encircling her waist was Monica, also smiling… well; actually smirking would be more accurate!

Caroline:  “I guess we had you fooled!”

Monica, gazing fondly at Caroline:  “Fooled?  She didn’t have a clue, hon!”

I pulled on my bonds in mock anger, finally relieved of the tension of the unknown and as happy and excited as I could remember being, and swore at them both in colorful, copious, but totally incomprehensible language.

They both adopted a wide-eyed “we are hurt by your behavior” look!  Caroline turned to Monica.

“Well!  I guess she doesn’t appreciate all the trouble we went through to get her here!”

“I guess not… and all we wanted to do was enhance her experience!”

I continued to mock rant at them.

Caroline looked at me and then spoke again to Monica.  “There is only one thing we can do, Monica.”  Monica nodded in agreement as if the “one thing” had passed telepathically between them.

“We’ll just have to keep her here until she realizes how lucky she is and apologizes for this… this awful behavior.”  Monica nodded again.  “ Why don’t we take her down to the beach and hogtie her on the backside of the dunes?  You know where all those beach roses grow?  That would be a good, out-of-the-way place!  She can begin to reflect on her behavior!”  Monica nodded yet again, this time with a gleam in her eyes.

I looked from one to the other, caught the wink from Caroline and began to realize that this was going to be a very good assignment indeed!

“You stay right here, Sweetie” said Monica.

“Yes, my dear, we are going to clean up and then we’ll continue with you”.  Caroline chimed in.

I wondered if they were serious about the beach and decided that it was all out of my control anyway.  I knew they wouldn’t harm me and whatever they did it would be pleasurable in the long run.  But just to preserve the mood, I cursed them in fluent gag talk.

They both laughed and walked hand in hand out of the room to the accompaniment of my muffled rant.



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