The Shoot

by Findar

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Continues from

Part 2

Jessica drove home in a whirl of emotions. Her orgasm had been a surprise and an embarrassment to her. When Jeff tied her, she worked hard to stay ‘in the mood’. She found herself more annoyed than aroused. But today was something different.

When Don had her helpless and offered the lightest touch she was over the edge. Was it the man himself? That thought brought on feelings of guilt. Had she just cheated on her husband? And despite the orgasm, Jessica felt like the job was only half finished. She wanted more.

Pulling into the garage, Jessica’s first stop was the laundry room. Thankfully there was a nearly full laundry basket ready to go. She stripped off her clothes and tossed them in the washer. Scampering naked across the house, Jessica retreated to the shower.

Under the steaming water Jessica pondered the day. She was still aroused every time she thought about it. Her hands lingered overlong between her legs. But that didn’t satisfy her craving. She needed Jeff. And she didn’t want to wait all evening for him to climb into bed with her.

When the idea struck her Jessica turned off the water. Wrapping a towel around herself she headed for the kitchen. The oven chirped dutifully as she set the temp. A frozen lasagna was popped inside before the preheating cycle had finished. “Get to it Mrs. Stoffer,” Jessica muttered as she headed back to the bathroom.

Hair and makeup first, Jessica decided. This would be a good “dry run” for the photoshoot. Although Jessica hoped it would be anything but “dry”.

She knew the look she wanted. It was that fifties glam look that the woman in Jeff’s porn stash carried off so well. Fortunately Jessica’s hair was the right length for that. She parted it to the side before using her curling iron to give it that little inward curl.

Satisfied with her hair, Jessica moved on to her makeup. She darkened and filled out her eyebrows, applied just the right amount of shadow and eyeliner. The final touch was blood red lip gloss. Eyeing the results she smacked her lips. “Take that, bitch,” she muttered.

Jessica’s next task was to get dressed. She moved to her lingerie drawer. There on the bottom of the slips and panty hose was a revealing black lace teddy. Jeff had bought it for her. She had worn it once to please him and then buried it. At the time she felt cheapened and objectified. But now as she smoothed the wrinkles out she looked at it as a weapon.

She slipped into the satin and lace. After snapping the crotch closed Jessica looked in the dresser mirror. Her tummy bulged against the fabric. She sighed. “Fewer frappuccinos, more gym,” she growled at her reflection. She thought about the card Randy had given her. What would a corset do for that little bulge, she wondered?

That thought was enough to slay her self-doubt. She fished out a strand of pearls from her jewelry box and slipped them around her neck. She spied some silver wrist bangles and on a whim slipped a couple on each wrist. ‘Let Jeff wonder about those,’ came the wicked thought.

The final touch for Jessica’s outfit was a pair of black patent leather pumps with a three inch heel. Not as extreme as the woman in the pictures perhaps. But she was definitely sending a message. And she wouldn’t fall on her face when she walked either. Always a plus when trying to be seductive.

After giving herself a final inspection in the mirror Jessica headed for the kitchen. Passing through the living room she realized that she hadn’t closed the front blinds. ‘Oh well,’ she thought ‘maybe it’ll give the old couple across the street some inspiration.’ She laughed at her own newfound brazenness.

In the kitchen Jessica poured herself a generous glass of wine. As bold as she was feeling after her session with Don, a little alcohol would help her carry off the act she had planned for Jeff. As she sipped from the glass Jessica contemplated her actions. Was she doing this because she was horny as hell from being tied up by a relative stranger? Or was she doing it to atone for the fact that she’d cum for another man, a man who had pushed her over the edge just by touching her feet? “He did more than touch your feet, honey,” she muttered to herself.

The wine was more than half gone when Jeff’s car rumbled into the driveway. Jessica took a final gulp before she sighed, “Showtime.” She gave herself a final glance in the blurred stainless steel of the refrigerator and waited for the front door to open.

When Jessica heard the door close behind her husband she put on her best smile and stepped out of the kitchen. The house was such that there was a long hall from there to the front door. Catlike, she strutted down the hall, one foot in front of the other. The sway of her hips felt good to her. Jessica turned up the wattage on her smile at the sight of her husband standing there, open mouthed.

Jessica reached him and pushed up on his jaw. “Better close that. You’re letting flies in,” she purred. Thank god I’m half drunk, she thought to herself, I could never pull this off sober. She pressed her body up against his.

“Wh-what’s the occasion,” Jeff asked hoarsely.

“I just thought that after a hard day you might want a little something before dinner,” Jessica crooned. She slipped her arms around his back, pressing her lace clad breasts into his chest. A quiet smile crossed her face as Jeff’s suit-jacket fell to the floor from suddenly nerveless fingers.

Catching hold of Jeff’s necktie Jessica turned on her heel. Not looking back, she strode forward hoping that her “sexy walk” wasn’t too over the top. If he laughed at her she thought the whole façade would crumble.

But there was no laughter. With his mind a-whirl he allowed himself to be led to the bedroom like a puppy on a leash. He couldn’t fathom how “Miss jeans and tee shirts” had morphed into this creature he had come home to.

Then they were in the bedroom and there was no more time for questions. Jessica played the sultry aggressor, stripping off her husband’s shirt and tie. When he tried to caress her she spun them about, pushing him back onto the bed. She felt a rush of adrenaline at how easily she had taken control.

With his boxers stripped off Jessica could see the full impact of her actions. Climbing up on the bed she straddled her husband, grinding against his erect member. A little groan escaped him and she flashed a wicked smile.

The teddy was closed in the front by three delicate little bows. Making a show of it Jessica pulled at each one in turn, opening the lacy bodice. Using both hands she pushed the top open, exposing her breasts. She let her hands play over them, all the while grinding her hips against her stunned lover.

‘Now to finish him off,’ Jessica thought as she rolled to the side. She raised her arms above her head, making sure the metal bangles on her wrists clattered together. Spreading her legs Jessica gave her best doe eyes. “You have me at a disadvantage, sir,” she said coquettishly. The voice in the back of her head exclaimed, ‘Seriously?’

Jeff was nonplussed at the sudden change in roles. But he rose to the occasion, spinning about like a cat in freefall. He grabbed Jessica’s ankles, letting his fingers linger on the shoes she still wore. “A little wider, I think,” he said as he pushed her legs apart.

Jessica felt the pressure in her hips. She resisted the urge to lower her hands, focusing instead on the ropes she had been in earlier in the day. A little moan escaped her lips as Jeff’s hands traveled up her legs.

Jeff struggled for a moment with the snaps at the bottom of the teddy. It was one of those awkward moments in a romantic situation that often devolves into laughter. But neither one wanted the scene playing out to be derailed. Jessica resisted the urge to help, pressing her wrists together to remind herself that she was “helpless.”

The snaps yielded and Jeff exposed his prize. He was entranced by the view of Jessica’s wetly gleaming hair. Kneeling between her legs he played his fingers along her labia, enjoying the little whimpers of excitement it elicited.

Jeff’s other hand reached up to stroke a nipple that played peek-a-boo behind a thin layer of lace. He toyed with it, rolling it between his fingers. Jessica squirmed beneath his touch but didn’t drop her arms. He was impressed by her self control.

Jessica enjoyed the attention. Mostly she kept her eyes closed, focused on staying “helpless” on the bed. But she would steal glances up at her husband. The enraptured look on his face told her everything she needed to know. To give him a little push in the right direction she lifted her hips off the bed, twisting against his touch.

Jeff felt he could play with Jessica’s body for hours. He loved seeing her respond to his touch. But his needs were making their demands known. He lowered himself down on her. Slipping inside he began slowly. One hand reached up to grab a handful of jet black hair. The other caught the woman’s wrists and held them above her head.

Their lovemaking was a rollercoaster on the downhill side. All pretense of slow and sexy devolved into a wild bucking ride that left them both spent. Jeff cradled Jessica in his arms, enjoying the afterglow of good sex.

The harsh “beep, beep, beep,” of reality burst the bubble. “Dinner’s on,” Jessica said languidly as she started to rise.

“Let it burn,” Jeff said, pulling her back down.

Jessica gently disentangled herself. “I’m not dressed to entertain firemen this evening,” she said with a smile. “Feel free to join me in the kitchen when you’re up to it.” Not bothering to adjust her disheveled lingerie she grabbed a short satin robe from the closet. She slipped into the robe, tying it loosely about her waist.

Glancing over her shoulder as she left the bedroom Jessica could see Jeff’s eyes following her. She smiled to herself, adjusting the robe so it would flash a bit of half naked breasts when she moved. She thought of firefighters while removing the dinner from the steaming oven. And she thought of Don and Jeff working together on her truly helpless body. It gave her chills. But were they from fear or excitement?

The next day Jessica was back in her car. She had programmed the location of Randy’s corset maker into the GPS. It led her to an unassuming little strip mall. There was a sign with an image of needle and spool of thread next to the words, “A Stitch in Time.”

Bells jangled as Jessica stepped into the business. There was a small waiting area and counter with a doorway behind it. The doorway was closed by a curtain. It was from there that a woman emerged and asked what she could do for her. The woman was thin, probably on the right side of fifty and had short blond hair that was almost a buzz cut. She had a no nonsense air about her.

Jessica stumbled over the words, but managed to explain that Randy had sent her there to purchase a corset. The woman, who introduced herself as “Sherrie”, eyed Jessica critically. “I’ve got some off the rack,” she said. “But most people Randy sends want the custom jobs.”

“Ah, yes custom is what I think I want,” Jessica replied hesitantly.

Sherrie looked sideways at her. “Have you ever worn a corset, sweetie?” she asked archly.

“Um, no,” Jessica replied with a rising blush. “But I know I want one,” she added defensively.

“Okay honey, I’m going to do you a favor that’ll save you time and money,” Sherrie said in a businesslike tone. “Come in the back and I’ll let you try an off the rack. They’re not as comfortable as a custom. But it will tell you if corsetry is for you or not.” She stared Jessica down, as if daring her to refuse. “No sense paying for something you’re not going to wear.”

“Uh, okay,” Jessica said meekly to Sherrie’s back. The woman was already retreating through the curtain. Jessica had little choice but to follow.

Behind the curtain was a no nonsense seamstresses workshop. There were tables, sewing machines and racks of clothing in various states of completion. Jessica was directed to a corner of the room where three floor length mirrors stood. “Get your clothes off while I grab a tape measure,” Sherrie said brusquely.

“Excuse me?” Jessica said in surprise.

Sherrie rounded on her. “Were you planning on wearing a corset over your clothes? You’re not one of those cosplayers, are you?” her tone implied her disdain for such people. “Look, leave on your bra and panties,” she said in a gentler tone. “I just need to get accurate measurements.”

“Oh, okay,” Jessica replied meekly. Suppressing her embarrassment she stripped off her jeans and tee shirt. ‘At least I wore matching undies,’ she thought to herself. She hung her clothes on a nearby hook and waited.

Sherrie returned with her tape measure. She immediately went to work, noting her measurements on a writing pad. While she worked she fired questions at Jessica. “Satin or leather? Leather takes longer. I don’t do PVC. How soon do you need it? Underbust or overbust?”

Jessica felt buried under the barrage. Struggling to answer one question before the next one was fired in her direction, she finally gave up. “Look, would it help if I showed you a picture?” she asked.

It seemed that Sherrie smiled for the first time since they’d met. “Why yes, that would be most helpful dearie.”

Reaching for her purse, Jessica retrieved her phone. In researching her husband’s obsession she’d accumulated quite a few images of Jeff’s “crush.” The key was to find one that didn’t have ropes in it. She scrolled through her “D” file until she found one. She held out the phone like it was a cross warding off Dracula.

Sherrie’s smile broadened. “Oh, the von Teese look,” she mused. “Satin and a hint of lace, underbust and room for tightlacing. Give me a minute and I’ll get one for you to try on.” She bustled off in search of something that would meet Jessica’s needs.

Jessica sighed with relief. “A picture is worth a thousand words, I guess,” she muttered to herself. While she waited Jessica eyed herself in the mirrors. Her assessment hadn’t changed from the previous evening, nice boobs, a little flat on the butt and a tummy bulge that threatened middle age. She sighed. It wasn’t likely that she could fix any of that in the two weeks before Jeff’s birthday.

Before Jessica could beat herself up further Sherrie returned. In her hands she carried a black satin corset. She held it out as if it was some rare treasure. “This isn’t custom, but it’ll give you a pretty good idea of what you’re looking at,” she explained. “Now raise your arms for me.”

Jessica did as she was told, musing at the fact that a lot of people were telling her what to do with her body these days. She watched as the other woman snaked the corset around her waist. Silver clasps in the front hooked together, closing the garment.

“These are the busks,” Sherrie explained. “It wouldn’t be practical to do all the laces up just to get into it, so it’s a good shortcut.” She looked up at Jessica, “But it’s going to get tighter than this,” she said with a wicked grin.

Jessica watched as Sherrie moved behind her. “Now watch how I do this,” she was told as Sherrie gestured towards the mirrors. “It’s nice if someone can lace you up, but you need to be able to do it by yourself. You don’t just pull on the ends,” Sherrie said as she plucked at the laces. “It’s a bit like lacing up a pair of boots.”

Little by little Jessica felt the corset tightening about her. “Top to middle, then bottom to middle,” she heard Sherrie intone as she worked. “A good corset has top and bottom laces. Not the cheap junk from the lingerie store.”

“Woah,” Jessica exclaimed after a particularly strong pull. “This can really squeeze.”

“Almost done,” grunted Sherri as she gave another pull. She tied off the laces, tucking them into the back flap of the corset. “You can wrap the excess laces around your waist if you like. I think tucking them into the back is a cleaner look, myself.” She finished by whipping her tape measure around Jessica’s waist. “Hmmm, two inches off your middle,” she mused. “Not bad for a first timer.”

Jessica stepped towards the mirrors. She turned slowly, eyeing the change in her figure. Her tummy bulge was definitely gone, she realized. Turning about, it seemed that the tightly laced corset made her backside more prominent as well. If it wasn’t for the shortness of breath she was experiencing she’d have bought it on the spot.

“It’s a little hard to breathe,” she complained.

“Belly breathing is out when corseted,” Sherrie informed her. “Try to use your chest muscles instead. It also has a nice effect on making your breasts “heave seductively,” she chuckled. “Try moving around a bit to get the feel for it. I’ll get my book and show you some designs.”

Jessica tried following Sherrie’s advice. Within a few breaths she felt her anxiety diminish. She tried walking back and forth in front of the mirrors. Checking to be sure the other woman couldn’t see her, she slipped her hands behind her back into the pose Don had tied her. It was a little harder to breathe, but nothing she couldn’t manage.

Sherrie returned with a photo album. She plunked it down on a nearby table before pulling up a couple of chairs. “Let’s find a look for you, shall we,” she said as she beckoned Jessica to sit.

Sitting was a bit of a surprise for Jessica. She tried to drop into her usual relaxed posture. But her new friend had other plans. The corset pressed back against her, pushing in on her ribs. Her “Oh,” of surprise did not go unnoticed by the seamstress.

“Ladies in corsets do not slouch, my dear,” Sherrie said in a mocking tone. “The stays of a corset used to be whalebone. Nowadays they are spring steel,” she informed her customer. “You’ll find it’s more difficult to bend, and slouching is a definite no, no.”

Jessica sat up straighter. She immediately felt the stress ease. ‘Bend at the hips,’ she told herself as she leaned in to look at Sherrie’s catalog of photos. There were all colors and styles, many worn by attractive women. She pointed to a red and black brocade underbust one. “I like that one,” she said excitedly.

They looked together at the photo. “Nice retro styling on this one,” Sherrie mused. “Going for the fifties pin up look are we?”

Jessica blushed, “It's just-well,” she trailed off weakly. How could she explain that she’d seen pictures of a woman in the same style corset, woman who was bound with ropes? Instead she asked, “Do you know where I could find some long gloves.

Sherrie’s response was a knowing smile. “There’s a shop on Fifth Street called “Red Zone. You go there and they can fix you up with some fifties glam if that’s the look you’re going for,” she replied. “Don’t be intimidated by the place. They cater to all types there and they’re super sweet. Just remember that anything you put on over the corset is going to fit differently. So if you order a skirt for your normal waistline it’s going to be loose when you lace up.”

“Hmm,” Jessica mused. “I guess I’ll have to wait until you finish mine before I go shopping.”

A sudden gleam appeared in Sherrie’s eye. “Wellll,” she drawled. I have a specialty corset that I just got in. I’ve been dying for someone to try it. You wear it for the afternoon while you do the rest of your shopping then come back here before closing. Give me an honest review of the corset and we’ll call it even.”

Jessica saw the offer as a win-win. She’d get a little more time to get used to wearing the unfamiliar garment and be able to pick out some sexy clothes to go over it. “Sounds great!” she said. “What time do you close?”

“Oh, be back by five,” Sherrie told her. “Now stand up and we’ll get you out of this one,” she instructed. Jessica did as she was told. Soon she was back to standing about in her bra and panties while Sherrie scurried off to get the other corset.

Right away Jessica could see that the new corset was much more involved that the one she had been wearing. It had flaps and a belt, as well as a triangular piece hanging off the back. There were several metal posts built into the fabric, two down low and one at the top. Jessica obediently raised her arms while Sherrie hooked the front busks. She was surprised at the zippered panel that closed off the busks, but said nothing.

“Now let’s get you laced up like a proper lady,” Sherrie said in a mock Cockney accent as she moved behind Jessica.

Once again Jessica felt the steady squeeze of the corset tightening around her. The first time anxiety was gone. Now she carefully shifted her breathing to chest muscles as her lower ribs were compressed. Looking in the mirror she saw that Sherrie tucked in the laces and covered them with a rear flap. ‘Well that’s very neat,’ she thought to herself as the laces disappeared beneath a second layer of fabric.

Each fabric panel had the end of a belt attached. Sherrie stepped around in front of Jessica. She slipped the eyelet of one belt end onto a small steel post at the end of the other. Jessica was puzzled by the arrangement until a small silver padlock was slipped through the post.

“Hey, what’s that for?” Jessica asked in confusion.

Sherrie answered while slipping the end of the front zipper over a second steel post. “I told you this was a specialty corset,” she said as she slipped a second lock into place. “It can only be removed by the keyholder.” She stepped back to admire her work. “For an off the rack fit it looks good on you, Dearie.”

Jessica tugged at the locks in a growing panic. She looked in the mirror, reaching around to see if she could access the laces. But they were buried under two layers of stiffly boned fabric. “I don’t think I like this one,” she said nervously. “Do you have a different one I could try?”

“I’ll take it off if you want,” said Sherrie, sounding like a mother who’s disappointed in her child. “But this is the only one I need tested. It’s this or nothing. If you like you can try it with stockings and garters,” she offered hopefully.

Jessica looked again in the mirror. Her initial panic had passed. It was after all, only fabric. Push come to shove, she could simply cut her way out of it. And it did make her figure look good. As she turned something hit the back of her leg. It was a triangle of fabric hanging from the back of the garment.

With a sigh of resignation Jessica said, “Okay, I’ll try it. But what’s this hanging off the back?”

“That’s a modesty panel,” Sherrie replied easily. “Slip off your panties and I’ll help you with it.”

“My panties?” Jessica said doubtfully.

“Oh come on,” the other woman huffed. “We’re all girls here. It isn’t like I don’t see the same thing in the mirror each morning.”

Jessica blushed furiously. She didn’t want to come off like a prude. But she felt very strange exposing herself to this woman. The decision was taken from her a moment later when Sherrie hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Jessica’s underwear and jerked them downward.

A startled gasp escaped Jessica. Reflexively, her hands flew to cover herself. They were quickly batted away by Sherrie, who now knelt before her.

“I don’t have all day while you act the princess,” she said brusquely.

Jessica stood dumbfounded, her panties around her knees as hands reached between her legs. The “modesty panel” was pulled through and up, pressing against her exposed sex. Grommets at the wide end of the panel slipped over steel posts at the bottom of the corset. Jessica gasped in shock as the panel was secured with a pair of padlocks.

“Wh-what is this?” she said breathlessly.

“It’s actually rubber,” Sherrie answered conversationally. “It makes it easily washable without having to launder the entire thing.” She moved around behind the flustered Jessica. “Let me just finish securing the back before you tell me how it feels.”

“Oh my!” Jessica exclaimed as the last grommet in the rear was slipped over its post. That little shift pulled it in tight between her legs. She reached down to tug ineffectually at the smooth rubber surface. “It’s a little tight,” she complained. The inner surface felt rough and bumpy. And the narrow part was working hard to spread her butt cheeks. “And why is it so rough?”

“Well,” Sherrie answered, “the inner surface is covered with little rubber nubs. According to the manufacturer it makes walking about an interesting experience. I look forward to hearing what you think of it. Now let me find you some stockings.”

Jessica stared open mouthed as the seamstress bustled away. She stepped to the mirror once again. Just that little movement had the nubs pushing up against her sensitive parts. ‘This is really too much,’ Jessica thought to herself. ‘When she comes back I’ll tell her I want out.’ But what if she refused? Perhaps it was better to just play along. She could go out for an hour, come back and tell Sherrie what she thought and be done with it.

Sherrie returned with a package of stockings and a fist full of garter straps. “I think that you’d look stunning in black hose,” she told Jessica. “But for running around casual I’d go with nude.” She laid out the garters on the table. “Three per side should do nicely.” She handed one to Jessica, who took it mutely. “Open the clip like this,” she instructed. “You do the front and I’ll get the back and sides.”

Jessica was almost getting used to having this strange woman invade her personal space. She felt Sherrie’s hands clipping the garter straps into place, a light touch on her butt and thighs. She was finished with two straps before Jessica had even managed one.

When the garters were in place Sherrie opened the package of stockings. She ran the sheer fabric through her fingers. “Mmmm, I just love the feel of stockings,” she crooned. “Do you want me to help you get them on?” she asked innocently.

Jessica gave her an uneasy smile as she took the stockings from Sherrie’s hands. “Umm, I think I can manage, thanks.” She stepped over to one of the chairs, wincing at the strange sensation between her legs.

Easing herself down into the chair, Jessica gathered up one of the stockings around her fingers. She leaned forward to slip the balled hose over her toes and stopped short. The corset held her rigidly upright. Bending at the waist was almost impossible. She tried a second time, letting out a little groan of frustration.

All this Sherrie had been watching with amusement. “This corset is very heavily boned,” she explained to Jessica. “You’ll probably find that it really forces you into good posture.” She plucked the balled up stocking from Jessica’s hands and knelt down before her. “Here now, stick out your foot,” she commanded.

When Jessica hesitated she found her foot picked up and placed in Sherrie’s lap. She was just about to tell her to skip the stockings-she’d go without. But the sudden action left her speechless.

Sherrie worked with care, moving the fine material up Jessica’s bare legs, taking care to smooth out any wrinkles. “Seamed stockings are just so sexy,” she said as she chased a wrinkle up Jessica’s thigh. “But you’ve got to get the seams just right.

Jessica could think of nothing to say. She’d never had another woman touching her as Sherrie was. Never having had any interest in other women, she found it strange and a little bit frightening. Any response other than that she was attributing to the corset’s locked panel with its intrusive projections.

With a sigh of satisfaction (or was it regret?) Sherrie pronounced the job finished. She commanded Jessica to stand while she connected the garter clips to the stockings. With hands fluttering like birds, Sherrie showed her expertise with the garments she made. She stepped back and announced, “Perfect!”

Jessica looked down at her strange attire. She stepped back to the mirrors, turning about to see every aspect of the corset. She toyed idly with the locks, musing that “confining” was an apt description for her outfit. “Do you think my clothes will fit over this?” She paused before continuing, “I mean, is it going to show?”

“Only one way to find out,” Sherrie replied as she grabbed Jessica’s clothes from the hook. She tossed them to the corseted woman. “Let’s see what we’ve got,” she said eagerly.

After slipping on her tee shirt Jessica turned to the mirror. If you knew what you were looking for you could see the imprint of a padlock through the fabric. But you’d have to be looking pretty close, she told herself. Slipping on her jeans was only slightly less challenging than the stockings. Fortunately for her they were her “mom jeans”. Her tighter jeans would have surely shown the garter clips.

“The sandals are going to be a problem,” Jessica said as she slipped on her shoes. The reinforced toes of the stockings peeked out from beneath the sandal straps. Even the most casual observer would notice that.

Sherrie was optimistic. “Stand up straight and let them see your figure coming first,” she replied confidently. “With that figure no one will be looking at your feet.” She caught Jessica by the elbow, steering her to the front door. “Now I’ve got a ton of work to do this afternoon. With a little luck I can get a good start on your order before you come back. Enjoy your shopping!”

Before she could protest Jessica found herself on the sidewalk. As if to reinforce her insistence that she be given time to work Jessica heard the door lock behind her. Shaking her head in bewilderment she headed to her car.

‘What a week I’m having,’ she thought to herself. ‘Tied up by a strange man one day, locked into a bondage corset the next. And I don’t even like this stuff.’ The voice in the back of her head snarked, ‘Oh really?’

When she reached her car Jessica realized that being corseted brought a number of challenges. To start was the constant teasing from the locked crotch panel. Jessica doubted it was enough to give her an orgasm. But it was as if invisible fingers were constantly playing with her.

The other challenge was getting in her car without being able to bend. After trying for several fruitless minutes to get the super stiff corset to bend Jessica admitted defeat. Still, there must be some way to manage the simple activities that were now denied her?

In the end the answer was simple. Jessica backed against the car until she felt the seat against her legs. She then folded her body at the hips. When her backside was on the seat she was able to swing her legs inside and close the door. “Score one for the home team,” she muttered as she closed the car door.

Jessica programmed the name “Red Zone” into her GPS. The route lit up on the screen and she was on her way. As she drove Jessica pondered the strange path her life was taking. Someone who didn’t like being sexualized as an object was suddenly doing things that seemed incomprehensible.

In the last forty-eight hours Jessica had been tied up by strange men (and had an orgasm while doing it), acted the vixen with her husband and allowed herself to be laced into a locking corset by someone else she barely knew. And now she was off to buy sexy clothes so that her husband and said strange men could tie her up and take photos of her. “I am out of my fucking mind,” she muttered to herself.

The name “Red Zone,” made Jessica think of a sports bar. But when she pulled up out front she saw that it was anything but. The mannequins in the windows sported collections of leather and lace. And if there were mannequin anti nudity laws Jessica was sure that these girls would be breaking them.

Jessica took a moment to silence the inner voice shrieking, ‘We’re not really shopping here?’ Then she tackled the challenge of getting out of the car. It proved to be a bit easier the second time around, although all the movement was certainly moving the little nubs in her crotch in distracting ways.

“Hi, welcome to Red Zone,” chirped the young woman behind the counter. Jessica returned a wan smile and a muttered, “thank you.” To Jessica’s surprise the place was neat and well lit. She had imagined a dark room smelling of disinfectant inhabited by men in shabby raincoats.

Instead there were well organized racks of clothing and a staggering assortment of sex toys. Jessica had no idea that there were that many styles of vibrators. There was a screened off area that was guarded by a leather clad male mannequin. From what Jessica could see, it was where the serious bondage toys were. ‘More serious than a locking corset?’ came her smug inner voice.

Jessica suppressed her inner doubter and moved to the clothing racks. Her life was weird enough without extra toys for the bedroom. She wandered aimlessly through the racks, passing everything from clubwear to negligees that would probably leave you with frostbite on a cold night.

“Looking for something special?” came a voice at her elbow. Jessica jumped. It was the clerk from the counter.

“I’m Alice,” the perky youngster said. “Have you been in before?”

Jessica turned to look at the young woman. She was petite, with shoulder length blonde hair highlighted with crimson streaks. A silver nose ring adorned one nostril. She wore heavy black boots, torn fishnet stockings, the tiniest pvc shorts and a very tight tee shirt with a character that looked like Alice from the wonderland story, but sporting a red ball gag. ‘Probably not an officially licensed product,’ Jessica thought with amusement.

Recovering from her urge to stare, Jessica replied, “No, first time.” She thought about the pictures in Jeff’s files before continuing. “I’m looking for a white satin blouse and a skirt to go with it.”

Alice’s face lit up like helping out was the coolest thing in the world. “Oh yeah! Come on over here. We’ve got some really awesome blouses over here, super hot!”

Dragged along by the youngster’s enthusiasm Jessica followed her to a rack . She watched as Alice thumbed through the rack, pulling out a low cut satin blouse. “Here ya go! Elegant but super sexy.” She thrust it into Jessica’s hands. “Now let’s get a skirt to match,” Alice said as she bounced away.

Jessica was again pulled into the girl’s wake. They ended up at a rack of women’ skirts. Alice proceeded to pull out super short skirts of leather, PVC and spandex. Jessica shot down each one the increasingly flustered girl presented.

“I need something with a bit more elegance,” Jessica informed her.

Alice’s face lit up with sudden comprehension. “More ‘wine me and dine me,’ than ‘throw me on the table’ eh?” She quickly pivoted, “Wrong rack.” She darted across the room. “Let’s try these,” she said at a second clothing display.

Jessica was given hope by the length of the skirts that hung there. No micro miniskirts, these were all in more conventional lengths, although in the same range of exotic fabrics. Alice was extolling the virtues of a crimson latex skirt when Jessica spotted a shimmering black skirt. She reached out and pulled it from the rack.

“Oooh, that’s a good one,” Alice enthused. “Form fitting spandex in a ‘pencil skirt’ design.” She plucked it from Jessica’s hands and held it up against the woman’s waist. “It’ll come just below your knees and look super classy. Just don’t try to run in it,” she giggled. “Anything else you need?”

“Well, I was hoping for a nice bra and panty set,” Jessica started. Then her hand was grabbed by the hyperactive clerk and she was dragged across the room.

“You’re going for classy, right?” the girl chattered as the careened through the racks. “With that outfit you don’t want the cutouts or crotch-less or any of that stuff,” she continued without a break. “You need retro pin up style stuff.”

If Jessica had wanted to disagree she wouldn’t have been able to stop Alice’s stream of consciousness monologue. Knowing what to look for from Jeff’s pictures made the choice relatively easy. She found a black lace push up bra with matching panties that would offset her new corset nicely. And they were sexy enough without being immodest. She had to remember she would not be alone with Jeff during the shoot. Nor did she want “money shot” pictures taken. These would be a good compromise.

“Uh, there’s one last thing,” Jessica said as she arranged the new acquisitions in her arms. ‘Do you have any long gloves?”

“Leather or cloth?” Alice shot back.

Jessica’s mind tried to remember the details of the photos she’d seen. If she were alone she would have simply pulled out her phone. But that might give the ebullient Alice license to look into things she wasn’t about to share. “Uh, leather-I think.”

Alice lit up like a child that was told she was going to visit Santa Claus. “We’ve got a great selection,” she chirped. Her face clouded, “You’re not offended by kinky stuff, right?”

Jessica almost laughed out loud. ‘No I’m a total prude who just happens to be locked in a corset for the afternoon while rubber nubs massage my VJ,’ she wanted to say. Instead she smiled and said, “I think I can manage.”

“Oh good! ‘Cause the leather gloves are in the kink section. I keep telling Steve- that’s my boss Steve, that we need to have them out where everyone can see them but he never listens to my ideas.” They arrived at a makeshift entrance created by moving merchandise racks to create a wall. A sign on one side announced it as ‘the black zone’.

Jessica glanced at Alice as she passed the sign. “I know, terrible, right?” Alice complained. ‘Makes us sound like a bunch of racists,’ I say. But Steve’s got his own ideas so what can I do?”

Amused by the girl’s pique she asked, “What would you call it?”

“The kink zone,” she declared. “Call it what it is, I say. People don’t need cute names for stuff. The ones coming for this stuff know what they want,” she said passionately.

“Maybe I’ll call the store and complain about the name, threaten to call the newspapers,” Jessica said with mock seriousness.

That drove Alice into a fit of giggles. “Oh, that would be too funny! Steve would die at the thought. He lives in fear of bad publicity.”

They walked through the entrance and Jessica just stared. Wire racks and pegboards hung heavily with every type of bondage gear. There were the ball gags she recognized and other types that she’d never seen and doubted she would ever want to experience. Coils of rope in a rainbow of colors hung in neat rows. A series of foam heads sported a terrifying array of hoods. There were whips, floggers, riding crops and more. Restraints in leather and rubber in configurations that Jessica couldn’t begin to fathom gleamed wickedly in the light. It was Hell’s toy shop.

Oblivious to Jessica’s reaction Alice skipped down the isles. At a pegboard she stopped and called, “Hey, I’m over here with the gloves!”

Jessica walked slowly over to her, trying to take it all in. The scent of leather filled her nostrils. The gleaming steel reminded her why she was doing all of this. The rubbing between her legs didn’t help. She could feel the heat rising to her face.

Alice was happily pointing out the different options. “Wearing them with the blouse?” she inquired. Without stopping for a response she continued, “These are a little shorter, just below the elbow, and these just go to the wrist.” Reaching for another pair she said in a voice of reverence, “And these go all the way up your arms. Butter soft leather, really cool stuff.”

Seeing the long gloves Jessica knew that’s what she wanted. Hanging next to the rack of gloves was another item that caught her eye. It looked like a leather bag. But it had corset like grommets and lacings on it. “What’s that?” she asked, perplexed.

Alice rolled her eyes, “That’s my boss’s OCD showing. It’s an armbinder. But the catalog he ordered it from called it a ‘single glove’ so he insisted it go next to the gloves.” She reached up to pull it off the rack. “See there’s straps that go across your chest and your arms go in the back. Then you lace up the back as tight as you want it.” She made a show of pulling her arms back behind her. “It’s super restrictive. And it makes your boobs stand out like a supermodel.” Seeing Jessica’s interest she continued in a slightly petulant tone. “I’d model it for you but it’s against the rules. We had a girl model some stuff for a guy. He decided to take advantage.”

“My God, what happened?” Jessica asked.

“She gave the guy a five toe vasectomy and ran for the panic button. Hands cuffed behind her but she could still press the button. Cops came, big mess. Steve had to pay off the cops to keep it all quiet. After that it was no more modeling,” she finished with a sigh. “This is why we can’t have nice things,” she lamented.

Jessica could well imagine some creep pulling a stunt like that. “Don’t you get worried working in a place like this?” she asked.

“Nah, there’s security cameras all over the place. And normally there’re two of us here. But Jenny had to go see her OB about a missed period so I’m covering the store till she gets back.” Hanging the armbinder back on its hook she held out the gloves. “Going for these? Want to try the armbinder?” she said hopefully.

After having it explained to her Jessica realized she’d seen some of the Von Teese pictures where she wore one. It just looked a lot different hanging on the rack. If she wore something like that Jeff’s heart would probably stop. But there was no way she could go that extreme. “Just the gloves, I think.”

When Jessica took them Alice exclaimed, “Great! Let me show you to the dressing room. You gotta try all this stuff on. Store’s got a really strict no returns policy. But you have to promise me you’ll let me see when you get dressed.” She paused, “Oh, don’t worry, there’s no cameras in the dressing room area.”

Jessica was shepherded to the back of the store, suddenly self conscious at changing into her new outfit. Security cameras? She hadn’t even thought about them. But she looked around and sure enough there they were. She felt very exposed beneath the glare of the soulless black eyes.

It was almost a relief when she pulled the curtain closed in the little cubicle. “Now comes the fun part,’ she thought to herself as she pulled off her shirt. The blouse and bra were easy. But her lack of mobility meant getting relentlessly squeezed by her corset as she tried to bend. Getting her jeans off wasn’t bad, just kick her feet and stomp them down. But getting the tight skirt back on was tricky. She finally sat on the chair in the booth and lifted it with her toes.

She tried to put on the gloves, and realized that they would have to go on before the blouse. So the shirt came off. The leather was amazingly soft and supple. They hugged her arms with an embrace that was snug without being tight. Just pulling them on felt sexy.

“You done? You done?” came Alice’s excited voice. “Lemme see!”

With a resigned sigh Jessica pulled open the flimsy curtain. She stepped out into the narrow hallway. The first step caught her off guard as the skirt pulled back against her stride. She turned self consciously toward the little store clerk.

“Woah, KILLER,” Alice exclaimed as she eyed Jessica. “You look like one of those fifties movie stars,” she enthused. Then she glanced down at Jessica’s feet. “Shoes,” she said.”What size are you?”

“Uh, seven and a half, but,” was all Jessica got out before Alice was off and running. “This kid needs a raise-and an Adderall,” Jessica muttered to herself. She took the opportunity to examine her image in the full length mirror. The skirt hugged her corseted form nicely, tapering down to the point where she almost couldn’t walk. She would have to watch that. Nothing sexy about falling on your face.

Alice returned with a box, presenting it as if it were frankincense at the nativity. “Put these on and you’ll be a freakin’ goddess,” she breathed. She carried a store bag over her shoulder, which she hung on a nearby wall hook.

Jessica opened the box. Black patent leather pumps gleamed in their bed of tissue paper. She lifted one out, casting a critical eye on the four inch heel. She saw the narrow ankle strap at the back. How would she get that done with Sherri’s corset on?

“Well, whaddya think,” Alice asked excitedly. “Awesome, right? You gotta try 'em on.”

“Unfortunately I’ve got a bad back,” Jessica fibbed. “I couldn’t bend down to do the straps.”

“No problem,” exclaimed Alice. She pulled the shoes out of the box and dropped to her knees. “Step in and I’ll do them up for you,” she commanded.

With a sigh Jessica stepped into the shoes. The fit was good, although the pointed toes would limit how long she could wear them. She looked down on Alice’s streaked hair as she buckled the straps. It was a strange feeling. And it made her once again acutely aware of the rubber panel that locked away her sex.

“There!” Alice said as she bounced to her feet. “Look in the mirror now.”

Jessica turned. The woman looking back at her had a refined but exotic look about her. Between her forced figure transformation and the clothes, she realized that she exuded a sexiness that tee shirt and jeans Jessica could never compete with. And she knew she’d be burning up her credit card at the register very soon.

“One last thing,” Alice said quickly. She snatched the bag off the hook and stepped into the dressing room. Jessica watched curiously as the girl opened the bag. Her eyes widened as the leather armbinder came into view. “Wanna try it on?” Alice asked with the twinkle of mischief in her eye.

Jessica’s mouth hung open in surprise. She could never wear something like that, she thought. But the images of the “other woman” wearing one filled her mind. If she could wear one of those would it be that different than being tied with rope? But no, it was just crazy.

As if sensing Jessica’s hesitation Alice gently shook the garment, letting the buckles tinkle musically. Her smile was that of an imp as she stroked the leather. “You know you want to,” she said seductively.

“Modeling stuff is against the rules,” Jessica answered defensively. “You said so.”

“It’s against the rules for the staff,” Alice reminded her. “I’m just helping a customer make good choices. Or maybe bad ones,” she giggled.

“But the cameras,” Jessica flailed.

“Can’t see into the dressing room,” came the retort. She held the armbinder open. “You know you want to,” she repeated.

“This is crazy,” Jessica muttered as she stepped into the dressing room.

Once she had crossed the threshold Alice took control. “Right,” she said. Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

Jessica did as she was told. She felt Alice’s hands on her own. “No, this way, palm to palm,” she said as she pressed Jessica’s hands together. A rush of heat emanated from between her legs. ‘It’s the bondage, not the girl,’ she told herself. But the thought was far from comforting.

Alice pulled the armbinder up until Jessica’s arms were encased in leather. She tossed the ends of the straps over Jessica’s shoulders before turning the woman to face her. A look of confusion crossed Alice’s face as her hands touched Jessica’s torso. She stopped, letting her hands slide down to Jessica’s waist, gently probing. “Are you-are you wearing a corset?” she asked incredulously.

Jessica blushed crimson. “I’m just testing it out,” she answered defensively. “It’s not mine.” The answer sounded lame, even to her.

“That is freakin’ awesome,” Alice bubbled with excitement. “You gotta show me when we’re done!” She pulled the armbinder straps across Jessica’s chest. Working straps through the buckles she cinched them tight.

Stepping around behind Jessica without waiting for an answer Alice grabbed the laces. Jessica could feel the compression with each pull of the laces. Alice tightened them once to get the slack out, then went to work in earnest. When she had finished tightening the laces for the third time Jessica blurted out, “Yellow- I mean that’s tight enough.”

Alice did a double take, but it was followed with a smile. She stepped back, pulling the dressing room curtain open to reveal the hallway mirror. “You look amazing,” she said quietly.

Jessica looked in the mirror. Her shoulders were pulled back, her breasts thrust out as if in defiance. Coupled with her narrow waist and wide (by comparison) hips she had to admit that she was quite the sight. ‘Oh what would Jeff say,’ she wondered.

Jessica turned to look over her shoulder. Her arms were now a single unit wrapped in the dull gleam of leather. They did not come close to touching. But the look was still erotic as hell. ‘What do you think of that, you hussy,’ she said to herself as she thought of her internet rival.

An electronic chime startled the women. “Shit, customer,” blurted Alice. She grabbed the curtain and pulled it shut. “Be right back,” she whispered.

“No wait,” Jessica called. But it was too late. Alice had bolted to the front of the store leaving Jessica helpless in the dressing room.

“What a revoltin’ development this is,” Jessica muttered, quoting Daffy Duck. She pulled against the armbinder even though she was pretty sure it was hopeless. It was quite well laced. She had a feeling little Alice had more than a passing interest in bondage gear.

The thought gave Jessica pause. Had she just surrendered her freedom to some kinky kid? Would she return to the dressing room, ball gag in hand to finish making Jessica helpless? The runaway thoughts drove her to struggle harder against the leather that cocooned her arms.

The twisting and struggling, combined with the corset and Sherrie’s “modesty panel” were having a decidedly unwelcome effect on Jessica. She pressed her head against the cool wall, willing the feelings of arousal to stop. Her body answered back ‘Oh but we’re so wet and so close. Just let us have it and be done.’

Jessica’s hips continued their grind. Instead of her forehead against the wall, she found herself grinding her pelvis there. The orgasm was rising up in her, a monster she was helpless to stop. ‘Quiet, quiet, quiet’ she told herself. ‘Do this one quiet. Don’t make a sound.’

It was that last thought and the mental image of Alice with her ball gag telling her, “Don’t make a sound,” that pushed her to climax. She locked her knees, pressing her body hard against the wall. Teeth clamped down, lips sealed shut, locking the moan deep in her throat.

The orgasm passed leaving Jessica shaking. “I need to sit down,” she said in a raspy voice. She dropped into the dressing room chair, only to find that sitting in a chair while wearing an armbinder was somewhat challenging.

Her hands, pressed together as they were, got in the way. Jessica found herself sitting on them. She tried leaning forward in the chair, but that caused the tightly laced corset to compress her ribs. Frustrated, she stood up before trying again. She held her bound arms away from her body, letting them slip over the back of the chair. That was even worse. She couldn’t get her arms far enough out from her body to let her sit. Jessica found herself stuck in a half squat over the chair with her arms being pulled painfully away from her body.

With a growl of effort Jessica stood back up. In the process she knocked the chair, which toppled over on its back. “Oh, fuck it!” she muttered to herself. She gave the chair a kick. She’d have kicked it harder, except the narrow skirt stopped her follow through. Sighing with frustration she paced the little room, waiting for Alice to return.

Jessica was startled by the sudden opening of the dressing room curtain. She half expected to see Alice, armed with ball gag and leather whip coming to take advantage of her. What she got instead was a wide eyed little girl.

“I am sooo sorry,” cried Alice. “I didn’t mean to leave you like this for so long. But there was this guy-and he wanted to see a vibrator. And he asked a million questions about every single one in the store.” She prattled on apologetically as she worked to free Jessica’s arms. “And then he didn’t even buy one,” she finished in a defeated tone.

Free of the restrictive device Jessica rolled her shoulders. “It’s okay, I was just getting a little cramped in the shoulders,” she told the girl. ‘I’ll have to do some stretching before the next time,’ she thought to herself. ‘Next time? What next time?’ came the practical voice in her head. ‘You do not need that thing.’

‘Oh yes she does,’ came irresponsible Jessica.

‘No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t even like this kink stuff.’

‘Really? When was the last time we had the big O standing up and grinding against the wall?”

Jessica sighed, putting an end to the internal dialogue. “I’ll take the outfit and the shoes,” she told Alice. She paused a moment, “And the armbinder.”

“Wow, terrific!” chirped Alice. She snatched up the armbinder. “I’ll wrap this up and have it at the register. You can bring the other stuff up after you change.” She paused, looking uncertain.

Jessica saw the sudden change. “What?” she asked.

“Um,” Alice said hesitantly. “Could I–like, you know, see it?”

It took a moment for Jessica to register the request. “You mean the corset?”

Alice smiled nervously, “Uh, yeah. It’s just that we sell them in the store but they’re just for show. They don’t really do anything for you. And you’re into the real thing,” she finished in a tone of reverence.

Jessica wasn’t sure what made her agree. Maybe it was the puppy eyes or the tone of awe in Alice’s voice. And it wasn’t like she was going to be naked in front of her. With a little smile she reached for the buttons of her blouse.

Biting her lower lip, Alice watched Jessica slip off her blouse. Her eyes went wide when Jessica slipped the skirt down around her knees. “You’re locked in,” she breathed. She walked around the woman, taking in the details. “You can even see the laces, they’re locked away too. And what’s that between your legs?” she asked with growing excitement.

“The woman who put it on me called it a ‘modesty panel’. In reality it’s one half chastity device and one half arousal torture.”

Seeing the puzzled look on Alice’s face Jessica elaborated. “It’s got all these little nubs on the inside. It rubs back and forth when you walk, touching places that shouldn’t be touched while out in public.”

“Oh my freakin’ word,” Alice said. “That’s amazing. Where did you get it?”

“Help me get my skirt up and I’ll give you the woman’s card. The boning in this makes it next to impossible to bend down. I’ve got no idea what she charges for something like this,” Jessica said warningly. “I’m only stuck in it as a guinea pig.”

Jessica watched as Alice hauled up her skirt. The kid looked like she wanted to caress the leather but was too shy to ask. ‘Just as well’, she thought. ‘Not sure how I’d feel about Alice getting too excited about this thing while I’m stuck in it.’

Alone in the dressing room Jessica looked at her discarded tee shirt and jeans. She smiled a smile that had practical Jessica saying, ‘No, no, bad idea, no,’ and digging in her metaphorical heels. Jessica finished buttoning her blouse before scooping up her clothes and heading for the front register.

Alice looked up in surprise as Jessica walked up to the register. “Did you need help getting changed?” she asked.

“I’ve decided to wear this back to the corset shop,” Jessica indicated the new skirt and blouse. “If you could help me with the tags and put my old things in a bag I’d appreciate it.”

“God, you’re awesome,” Alice giggled as she grabbed the scissors.

‘God, you’re insane,’ said the voice in her head.

Bags in hand, Jessica headed to her car. Feeling self conscious she walked quickly across the parking lot. That hurry nearly cost her dearly. She fought the tight skirt around her calves. Kicking out against it threw her off her stride and she stumbled. Her arms pinwheeled, the bag with the heavy leather throwing her further off balance. It was only losing her grip on the bags that saved her.

The bags went skittering across the pavement. Without them some of Jessica’s equilibrium was restored. She got her feet firmly beneath her. Ignoring her racing pulse Jessica managed an ungainly squat to retrieve the lost bags. And although the bags themselves were scuffed, the fine leather inside was safe in the layers of tissue paper Alice had wrapped around it.

Jessica had come within a hair’s breadth of ruining her new outfit. Chiding herself for her haste Jessica started again. Instead of fighting the narrow skirt she let it act as a guide. The brush of the fabric told her when to plant her foot. It resulted in a slower pace. There could be no rushing in this outfit. A measured pace, one foot in front of the other was the solution.

A side effect of this more careful stride was the swing it added to Jessica’s hips. Her walk had a more languid, sensuous feel. The walk across the lot felt more like a seduction than a sprint. She imagined walking into the photo studio and having them stare at her.

Getting into the car in her new clothes was only slightly more difficult than before. After all, she was still rigidly gripped by the super stiff corset. It just meant swinging both legs into the car at the same time. Even in heels, driving wasn’t a problem. Jessica worked gas and brakes with her toes. But she was thankful Alice hadn’t brought anything with a taller heel.

The afternoon was getting on. Traffic increased as people reached the end of their day. Jessica pulled into the lot hoping for a spot in front of the corset shop. She wasn’t that lucky and had to settle for a spot facing the street.

Mentally preparing herself for the walk across the parking lot, Jessica questioned her motivations. Why hadn’t she just changed back into her regular clothes back at “Red Zone”? She could tell herself that it wasn’t easy getting changed while in the bondage corset. But part of her brain accused her of wanting Sherrie’s approval.

The little strip mall was relatively quiet. Two doors down was a mom and pop coffee shop. Jessica caught the double take from a gentleman that was just heading in. She smiled to herself, tossed her hair with a flick of her fingers and added a little more sway to her hips. ‘You’re such a slut,’ moaned practical Jessica.

Oozing confidence, Jessica navigated the sidewalk. She grabbed for the door handle of “Stitch in Time” and pulled. The counterforce of the locked door nearly threw her off balance. Planting her feet she pulled again. It was locked! Only then did she spy the post-it note on the door. “Making a supply run, back soon.”

“Oh no, no no,” groaned Jessica. “I don’t fucking believe this.”

Well, “back soon” could just be a few minutes. She would simply stand there and wait. Except she happened to glance across the street. There was a small garage repair shop there. And a couple of guys in dirty coveralls who had stopped working to stare in her direction.

She could just wait in the car. It was a warm afternoon. She would have to run the A/C to keep from soaking her outfit with sweat. And she really had intended to stop for gas on the way there earlier but was so anxious about ordering the corset that she’d forgotten. Now the needle hung near empty.

Jessica contemplated driving to the nearest gas station. (Unfortunately the repair shop across the street didn’t have a pump.) But what if she didn’t get back before five o’clock? Would Sherrie keep the shop open late waiting for her? Or would she lock up and go home, leaving Jessica trapped in her corset as punishment for being late?

‘Told you this was a bad idea,’ sneered practical Jessica.

Scanning the little strip mall Jessica’s eyes fixed on the coffee shop. She could go in there, get a cup of coffee and something to eat while watching for Sherrie’s return. Even with her waist compressed her stomach had noted that she had missed lunch. It wasn’t an ideal solution. But it was the best Jessica could come up with.

Jessica squared her shoulders, lifted her chin and started down the walk. ‘Just be confident,’ she told herself. Unfortunately that fun spoiling voice in the back of her head did its best to undermine her. ‘You’re dressed like a slut and everyone sees it.’

Silently telling her inner voice to “Fuck off,” Jessica pushed open the door to the little shop. Bells tinkled above her head as the door swung open. The place looked about half full with mostly older people. Pasting a slight smile on her face, Jessica crossed the room to the counter. Her heels clacked loudly in the sudden silence.

The older men gave her unabashed stares as he passed. Jessica almost laughed when the woman with one gentleman slapped his arm and gave him a dirty look. He turned back to his companion, but continued to give Jessica furtive glances.

The man behind the counter was probably closer to forty, but he still seemed caught by Jessica’s appearance. After hearing his stuttered, “H-how can I help you” Jessica decided to play it for all she was worth. She leaned forward on the counter as if to impart some secret. It gave the clerk a pretty good look at her cleavage. “Coffee and a bagel with lox please,” Jessica said in a quiet tone.

He took her money in a nervous hand, spilling coins across the floor. His fumbling drew the attention of the other staff member in the shop, a woman about the same age as him. She came towards the register with a face like a thundercloud.

“I’ve got this,” she said shortly. “Go and get her bagel.”

“I can do this, Marge,” he replied defensively.

“GO and get the bagel,” she said with steel in her tone. She turned to Jessica. In the same icy tone she said, “Did you want that to go?”

Jessica found the meaning pretty obvious. She put two fingers to her chin as if considering the suggestion. “Mmmm, no I think I’ll have it here.” Jessica gave her a smile that was more of a smirk, “Have him bring it over to my table, would you dear?”

The older woman gave Jessica a scowl which she blithely ignored. Repeating her entrance walk she strutted over to a small table by the window. The afternoon sun was hot beaming through the window. But Jessica wanted to be able to see Sherrie when she returned. Getting out of the corset would soon become a necessity as she felt the urge to pee.

The counter lady (Jessica thought of her as the “lunch lady” of her school years) approached and unceremoniously dropped the coffee and bagel in front of her. With mock sweetness Jessica looked up and said, “Thank you, you’re such a dear.” The woman’s scowl deepened as she turned on her heel and stomped back to the counter.

Jessica idled away the next forty-five minutes nursing her coffee and toying with her bagel. She was just coming up with a plan on how she could possibly hide a locked corset from Jeff for the night when she saw a car pull up. It was the missing seamstress. Jessica sighed with relief.

Sherrie was barely in the door when Jessica came bursting in. “God, where were you,” she exclaims.

“Ohh, look at you,” Sherrie crooned. “Bettie Paige and Dita Von Teese all in one package.” She walked up to her customer. Ignoring any hint of personal space she grabbed Jessica by the shoulders and spun her around. “Looks like they did you right at Red Zone.”

“Never mind all that,” Jessica snapped. “I need to get out of this thing and get home.”

“Okay Honey,” Sherrie soothed. “Come on in the back.” She led her back behind the curtain once again. “Your hubby is going to go wild when he sees you. But for now Cinderella has to strip so I can get to the locks.”

Jessica eagerly removed her skirt and blouse, laying them carefully aside. She stood passively as Sherrie unlocked the panel between her legs. “Whew, what have you been up to girl,” Sherrie snickered at the wet mess there.

“I’m going to add pee to it if you don’t hurry up,” Jessica whines.

As soon as the corset was off Jessica rushed to the bathroom. She didn’t even wait to take her shoes off. By the time she had relieved herself and returned the stockings, bereft of their support were sliding down her legs.

The two women chatted while Jessica finished changing into her regular clothes. As much as she had cleaned up in the bathroom she felt like she needed another shower. And the skirt might have to go to the cleaners. The whole time they talked Sherrie peppered her with questions about her experience in the punishment corset.

“And the uh, “modesty panel”, that proved to be too much of a distraction I’m guessing from what I saw,” Sherri asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Well…” Jessica said as color rose to her cheeks. Sherrie sensed there was something worth telling in her non answer. She badgered her with questions until Jessica was forced to tell the whole humiliating story of the armbinder, including grinding herself against the fitting room wall.

“And you bought it?” Sherrie asked incredulously. “Do you have it with you?”

After she explained that it was in her car Sherrie insisted that Jessica retrieve it and show it to her. When the restraint was laid out on Sherrie’s work table she caressed it lovingly. “Such fine work,” she said quietly. “I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making one.” She looked at Jessica with a dreamy expression. “I’ll bet you looked awesome in this.”

Jessica blushed crimson. There was a bit too much hidden meaning in Sherrie’s compliment. She scooped up the armbinder and stuffed it back into its bag. “Well, I’m later than I wanted to be,” she said while avoiding eye contact. “Let me know when I can pick up my corset,” she said as she scurried toward the front door.

Jessica’s hand was on the door when Sherrie’s voice called out, “I can give you a fifty percent discount.” It stopped her in the act of pushing through the door. “Excuse me?” she said questioningly.

Sherrie came through the curtain with a hungry, anxious look. “I’ll give you a fifty percent discount on your corset if…” she trailed off uncertainly.

“If what?”

“I’ll need to do a final fitting on your corset to be sure it’s right. Wear the armbinder while I do the final adjustments and I’ll give it to you for half price,” Sherrie said breathlessly.

“Wear the?” Jessica was suddenly at a loss for words. Was this woman coming on to her? Did she really want to put the thing on for another woman? Wasn’t the encounter with Alice strange enough?

“Final fitting takes about an hour,” Sherrie rushed the words. “Wear the lingerie you intend to wear with it so I get the edging right. Oh, and the shoes too, gives a better look than flat-footed. I might have some other designs for you to try as well. Does Friday at one o’clock work for you?”

Jessica was still back at “wear the armbinder.” Did she really hear that right? “I don’t know,” she said doubtfully. She wasn’t sure she wanted to make herself helpless to another stranger, especially one that looked so eager to have her that way.

“Well, think about it,” Sherrie said in a conciliatory tone as she ushered Jessica out the door. “Hopefully the time works, or you can text me a different time. You can either settle up for full price or get half off as you prefer.” She smiled a Cheshire cat smile. “I’ll see you Friday!” she said before locking the door.

Jessica retreated to the island of sanity that was her car. “What the actual fuck?” she mused as she drove to the drycleaners. All she had wanted to do was fulfill her husband’s kinky wish for his birthday. But since then she’d been tied up by a man she’d never met before, locked in a punishment corset and left in leather bondage by a teeny bopper kinkster.

The dry cleaner looked askance at the items dropped off. ‘Great,’ Jessica thought ‘another man to ogle my outfit. He’ll probably offer me half price cleaning if I model it for him,’ she silently fumed.

The armbinder was buried in the back of the car trunk. There was no way Jessica was going to risk bringing it into the house. The leather smell alone would give it away. And how would she explain that to Jeff?

“Why did I even buy that thing,” she complained as she drove. “Between that and the corset my credit card is about ready to melt.”

Irresponsible Jessica chose that moment to chime in, ‘It could be a lot cheaper if you weren’t such a prude.’

‘She’s just being sensible,’ came the retort from her opposite. ‘You saw the way Sherrie looked at us.’

‘And she could look all day if it saves a bundle of cash,’ came the irresponsible reply. ‘It’s not like she’s a white slaver or anything. Sherrie just has a fun side-one that we should embrace. Well, not literally.’

Jessica ended the discussion by turning up the car stereo until it drowned out the internal monologue.

The debate raged in Jessica’s head for the next few days. One day she wasn’t going anywhere near the armbinder when Sherrie was there. The next day she would sneak a look at the smooth leather hidden in her trunk. She would run her hands over its warm surface and think of the way it made her look. The day after that she was right back at a hard “NO”.

Friday morning arrived with no resolution in sight. Jessica was just finishing her morning coffee when a text message arrived from Randy, confirming the 7:30 Tuesday evening photo shoot. That was her reality check. In three days she would be dressed in fetish wear, tied up and photographed.

Friday afternoon Jessica was on her way back to the corset shop. Beneath her mundane jeans and tee shirt were black lace panties and push up bra. In a bag on the passenger seat were her new clothes- skirt, blouse, heels, gloves and stockings. Still in the trunk, hidden but beating on her consciousness like Poe’s tell-tale heart was the armbinder.

Jessica pulled up in front of the shop. She grabbed the bag off the seat, locked the car and headed for the entrance. Her foot just hit the sidewalk when she turned. The armbinder’s siren song called to her. If Jeff was going to put her in it she really should see how it would work with her new corset. And she couldn’t get it on by herself. It only made sense to have Sherrie help her with it. All of this Jessica told herself as she fished it out of the trunk.

The bells over the door had a jangling, dissonant quality to Jessica. Her nerves told her the place was quieter, more shadowed than it was the first time. She was about to turn around and put the armbinder back when Sherrie came bustling through the curtain.

“There she is,” Sherrie beamed enthusiastically at her customer. “All ready to try on your new corset?”

It only took a nod of her head for Jessica to be propelled towards the back by the eager seamstress. “Get out of those civvies, down to bra and panties,” Sherrie commanded. “You did bring the ones you’ll be wearing with it right?”

Jessica was swept along in the rush of words. She heard Sherrie behind her locking the front door. When she turned to look Jessica saw Sherrie flipping the ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’. “Uh,” she said, uncertainly.

“I don’t want to be halfway through lacing you up and having someone come in for something,” Sherrie soothed. “This takes my undivided attention. And that’s what you deserve.”

Mollified, Jessica stepped into the back. There on the table was a beautiful corset in red and black brocade. She was drawn to it, running her fingers over the fabric. Her inspection was interrupted by Sherrie.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” She breathed. “Strip down and we’ll get you into it.”

Jessica put her bags down on the table and began to strip. She saw Sherrie’s eyes drawn to the garment bag that held her armbinder. Pushing aside her misgivings, she neatly folded her clothes before putting them aside.

“Ooh, that bra and panty set is going to go perfectly with your new corset,” Sherrie cooed. She picked up the corset and held it out to Jessica. “Ready to get little in the middle?” she asked archly.

Jessica suppressed a nervous shudder. She reached out to take the corset from Sherrie. “Let me see if I can do it myself,” she replied. Was that a look of disappointment on Sherrie’s face, she wondered?

Getting the busks closed was relatively easy. The corset hadn’t been tightly laced. Jessica turned to the full length mirror and attacked the laces. She struggled a bit. It’s always a bit odd doing things in the mirror. But she got the corset laced into the ‘good enough’ territory.

Except it wasn’t good enough for Sherrie. “That’s a good start,” she said as she spun Jessica around. “But I suggest you practice a bit more at home before you wear it for show.” She grabbed the laces and began pulling the slack out. “Now let’s get you laced up proper,” she said authoritatively.

Now facing the mirror, Jessica watched as her waist began to shrink. With every tug of the laces her breath became shorter. She had to remind herself to use her upper chest muscles. “Ahh, I think that’s it,” Jessica gasped after an especially strong pull from Sherrie.

“The fabric is going to stretch a bit, dear,” Sherrie replied, knowledgeably. “We’ve got to overshoot a bit.” She punctuated her statement with another strong pull of the laces.

Jessica didn’t have the air to voice a protest. She felt like her body was in a vise. She raised her hands in a “stop” motion and was relieved to hear Sherrie say, “That’s good for now.”

Looking in the mirror Jessica was impressed at the transformation of her body. Her narrowed waist accentuated her hips, making them appear full and round. She turned to see the effect on her backside. Her relatively flat butt was similarly augmented.

“Walk around for a bit,” Sherrie instructed her. “Don’t try to bend right away. Give the boning time to mold to your form.”

Jessica did as she was told. Her breathing was still shallower than she liked. Doing anything too physical in the corset would be a challenge. But since the only activity she had planned was to be tied up and photographed she didn’t think it would be too bad.

Returning to the work area Jessica saw that Sherrie had taken the armbinder out of its bag. She held it up admiringly. “Did you bring this for me to look at or are you ready to try it on?” Sherrie asked.

It was a moment of truth. Jessica had been completely helpless in the armbinder the last time she had worn it. And there was something about the other woman’s interest in it that unsettled her. But wearing it would get her a hefty discount. With a sigh of resignation Jessica said, “Yeah, okay.”

“Excellent,” Sherrie replied. “Turn around, hands palm to palm, Dearie. I can’t wait to see what this does with my corset design!”

Jessica knew the drill. She tried to keep from trembling as the leather slid up her arms. It felt different this time. There were no gloves or blouse, nothing between her skin and the soft leather. As Sherrie draped the straps across her chest, Jessica could see a look of intense excitement on the woman’s face. It reminded her of the look Alice had while getting her into the armbinder. ‘Is everyone else crazy,’ she thought. ‘Or is it just me?’

Sherrie cinched the buckles tight, looking pointedly at Jessica’s breasts. “My, that makes the little beauties stand out,” she said admiringly. “Let’s see what happens when we get you laced up.”

Jessica could immediately feel the effects of Sherrie’s corset lacing experience. Where Alice had been tentative, feeling her way along with a nervous customer, Sherrie went at the laces with brutal efficiency.

As her elbows moved closer to one another Jessica realized that she had forgotten to stretch once again. Her shoulders protested as her arms were drawn together. “I think that’s enough,” she gasped as Sherrie pulled.

“Right,” Sherrie said cheerfully. “Let me just get the slack out of this bit.” She gave another pull. It brought a groan from Jessica. “There!” she announced proudly. “Turn around and let me get a look at you.”

Jessica turned as she was told. Her back was held ramrod straight by the angle of her arms. Her breasts pressed forward, straining against the push up bra and the leather straps. “This is pretty tight,” she said in between shallow breaths.

“One must suffer for the sake of art,” Sherrie replied in hushed tones. “You look stunning!” She paused a moment before slapping her forehead. “The stockings!” she exclaimed. “We forgot the stockings.”

“It’s okay,” began Jessica. But she was cut off as Sherrie pushed her down into the nearby chair. Jessica winced as she pressed back against her trapped wrists. “Really, I don’t think we need them,” she said weakly.

Sherrie was already fishing through Jessica’s bag. She pulled out the high heels and a package containing a new pair of sheer black stockings. “Ooh,” she purred as she opened the package. “They are going to look super sexy on you!”

Scooping up a handful of garter straps, Sherrie knelt before the helpless woman. She balled up the stocking before demanding, “Left foot, Dearie.” When Jessica reluctantly lifted her foot Sherrie slipped the stocking over her toes.

Jessica swallowed the lump in her throat as Sherrie worked the finely woven hose up her leg. It was a slow, sensuous movement that stimulated her in ways Jessica didn’t want to contemplate. By the time Sherrie had pulled the second stocking into place Jessica was breaking out in a fine sweat.

“And now for the shoes,” Sherrie announced gleefully. She lifted Jessica’s foot, gently caressing her instep as her toes were captured in the pointed end. She took her time, and if she noticed the shudder that went through Jessica’s frame she refrained from comment.

Jessica shifted uneasily in the chair. She pressed her thighs together, willing the growing warmth there to subside. The last thing she wanted to show the woman dressing her was a wet spot on her panties.

When Sherrie had buckled the shoes and commanded Jessica to stand she was only too happy to comply. She hoped to walk away from Sherrie’s gentle yet invasive attention. But Sherrie still had garter straps she wanted to use. The woman moved around Jessica at waist level, straightening seams, hooking straps to corset and stockings.

“We did six straps last time,” Sherrie informed her. “But four per leg gives it a nice BDSM flair, don’t you think? Go look at yourself in the mirror, you look stunning!”

Jessica moved carefully over to the full length mirror. She was curious to see what she looked like. She also wanted to put a little distance between her and the other woman. The person looking back at her from the glass was someone she didn’t know. The tight waist, wide hips and out thrust chest seemed to be a completely different body from the one she woke up with. She wondered what Jeff would say if he saw her like this.

From behind her Jessica saw Sherrie approach. “Let me just check your laces,” she told Jessica. “It’s been a bit and they may have stretched.” Without waiting for a reply she felt Sherrie’s hands slip past the armbinder. She felt the laces being manipulated, followed by a sharp tug.

“Yes, they definitely stretched,” Sherrie said confidently. She pulled firmly on the corset laces, squeezing Jessica even tighter than before. Ignoring Jessica’s gasp of dismay she said, “There, that should do it. But we better check these other laces too.”

‘Other laces too,’ hadn’t time to register in Jessica’s brain before she felt the armbinder pulling her arms even closer together. Were the laces loose, she wondered, or was Sherrie just enjoying lacing her ever tighter? Much more and her elbows really would touch. ‘Or your shoulders will dislocate,’ sneered practical Jessica.

“So, take it for a test drive,” a smiling Sherrie told her. “Move about a bit and see if there are any pinch points.”

“My whole upper body is a pinch point,” Jessica protested. “I can tell you that without moving.”

“Don’t be obstinate, child,” Sherrie commanded. She punctuated her demand with an open handed swat on Jessica’s backside. “Get moving.”

Jessica was too stunned by the slap to speak. She looked over her shoulder, wide eyed at the woman who had just struck her-and who held the key to her freedom. That panicky out of control feeling she had at the Red Zone was back again. Except this time she was in the back of a small business that had a locked front door and a “Closed” sign out front. The corset discount was looking to be a very expensive afternoon.

Jessica walked towards the back of the shop. She tried to keep a steady pace while simultaneously struggling against the armbinder. She knew it was hopeless, but that didn’t stop her from trying.

At the back of the store Jessica spotted a heavy metal door. The printing on it said “Fire Exit”. She considered it. Bolt out the back into the alley and run for it? And go where, back to the coffee shop? The old bag there would have a field day with that visual. And Sherrie could easily deny everything. It wasn’t like you could get bound like this against your will. With a sigh Jessica turned about. “Guess I’ll just have to ride this one out,” she said ruefully.

“Ah, there you are,” Sherrie said as Jessica walked back into the work area. There was a garment sheathed in clear plastic hanging from the rack. “I’ve been working on some new designs this week. Your success with the leather corset has been a bit of an inspiration to me,” she confided. “I was hoping you could model them for me.”

“I’m kind of not ready for any more modeling,” Jessica said with mild protest. “Maybe after the armbinder is off?” she added hopefully.

“Oh nonsense,” replied Sherrie. “I’ve got a skirt I worked up that’s a perfect match for you.” She pulled back the plastic to reveal a long leather skirt. She gave it a little shake to straighten it out before Kneeling at Jessica’s feet. “Okay, carefully now step in, left foot first.”

Jessica considered her options. She could say no and demand to be freed. That would mean paying the full price for her corset. But did that really matter? She glanced up for a clock to see the time. There wasn’t one. It felt like she’d been here forever.

And if she did refuse, what would happen? Would Sherrie simply let her out of her restraints and send her on her way? The woman had shown that she wasn’t afraid to take command of the situation, even to the point of inflicting pain. Wasn’t it better to keep up the fiction of compliance than to turn it into a battle of wills that Jessica was poorly positioned to win?

With a sigh Jessica stepped into the skirt. “Okay, but after this I really have to get going,” she said in what she hoped was a reasonable tone. The lack of response from Sherrie was chilling.

Jessica watched with a mix of curiosity and dread as Sherrie worked the leather up her legs. She noted the fact that there was a double line of silver grommets down one side with laces between them. ‘What the hell?’ she asked herself.

Sherrie chatted as she settled the skirt high on Jessica’s waist. “The skirt has a nice wide belt, as you can see,” she said as she cinched it snugly. “I ordered a special buckle so it can be locked on. Can you imagine this with the punishment corset both locked into place,” she said gleefully. Jessica’s reply was a weak smile.

“But the real draw is the laces in the back,” Sherrie continued as she moved behind her.

Jessica felt a pull. The upper part of the leather skirt began to close in against her hips. She came to realize that Sherrie had designed the skirt to act as a corset for her lower body. And with the leather reaching all the way to her ankles it could become very restrictive indeed.

“Let’s not go too tight with it,” Jessica protested as she felt the skirt press in. There was something hard in the front of the skirt. Was it stays? Whatever it was it pressed squarely against her crotch. She shifted uneasily on her feet but couldn’t move it.

“There’s the top,” Sherrie said as she tied off the laces. “It’s got three sets of laces; one for the hips, one from thighs to knees and one below the knees. For now we’ll just do the top two and see how it fits.”

Inch by inch Jessica found her legs pressed together until there was zero space between them. From knees to thighs they had been welded together by the unyielding leather. Worse still, whatever was stuck on the front of the skit pressed annoyingly against her.

“It feels like there’s something stuck in the front here,” Jessica complained. “Can you loosen it up and see what it is?”

“Oh don’t worry about that,” Sherrie reassured her. “Just see how it is to walk with the top parts laced.” Not waiting for an answer she took hold of Jessica’s bound arms and propelled her forward.

“Ah! Easy, easy,” protested Jessica. She found the tightly laced skirt limited her to a step of only six inches. Without Sherrie’s support she would have fallen flat on her face with the first step. Jessica looked down at her feet, trying to gauge the distance allowed in each step.

“Chin up Dearie,” chided Sherrie. “You want to look sexy, not mopey.”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” Jessica snapped. “If I wasn’t worried about falling on my face I’d probably do a better job.”

“Well, aren’t we getting cheeky,” Sherrie quietly. “But never fear, I’ve got something that I think will help you out nicely.” She steered the helpless woman back towards the work table.

Jessica found herself leaning against the table for support while Sherrie reached for a bag. She watched as another corset was produced. But it was tiny, almost small enough to fit a child. “What’s that,” Jessica asked uneasily.

“This is known as a neck ‘neck corset.’ Pretty, isn’t it?” Sherrie replied. “I just finished it last night.” While she spoke she moved to Jessica. She leaned in, pinning Jessica’s body against the table. “And now you get to try it on for me,” She finished in a voice edged with steel.

“I think I’ve had enough,” Jessica replied with an edge of panic in her voice. ‘I’ve decided that I don’t need a discount. As a matter of fact I don’t think I need a corset at all. Just let me go and I’ll be out of your way.”

“A deal’s a deal, Sweetie,” Sherrie replied. She kept Jessica pressed against the table while she raised the neck corset over her head. It was already loosely laced, so she pulled it down until it rested on Jessica’s shoulders.

Jessica struggled, tossing her head about in a vain attempt to escape the inevitable. She winced as the stiffened leather slipped over her face. “No please don’t,” she cried as the front edge pressed up against her chin.

Sherrie held the corset up to Jessica’s jaw with one hand while the other grabbed for the laces. With a quick pull she closed the gap, seating the front of the corset against Jessica’s chin. With that done she was able to release her grip and focus both hands and lacing the bondage device securely against her captive’s throat.

Jessica was horrified at the sudden turn of events. With every pull of the laces she felt her head locked tighter into position. The leather in front covered her chin and mouth, stopping just below her nose. If there was any upside to the whole mad experience it was a round opening just over her mouth. She didn’t want to think about what it could be used for. For the moment it allowed her to gasp for air and to screech her protests.

Sherrie spun Jessica around until she was facing the table. Standing behind Jessica she was able to finish up the lacing. “The beauty of this,” she said in a conversational tone. “Is the flap that covers the laces. She pressed the flap over the laces, hiding them from sight. The flap was edged with three buckles, which she cinched into place. “Now we just slip the locks through the buckles and viola!” She turned Jessica around to face her once again, beaming like a child who had just received a new toy.

“Let me out of this right now or I’m going to scream until the police come,” snarled Jessica.

Sherrie pouted, “I thought you’d be a bit more appreciative of my efforts.” She reached into her bag and pulled out something that looked like it had come off a blood pressure cuff. On the other end was a deflated black balloon. She pinched the balloon between her fingers until it was a small wad of rubber.

“What’s that?” Jessica asked anxiously.

“It’s peace and quiet,” Sherrie replied in a hard tone. Before Jessica could react Sherrie had grabbed a fistful of her hair. She pulled Jessica’s head back, forcing a cry from her. Sherrie quickly stuffed the deflated balloon through the opening in the neck corset and into Jessica’s mouth.

Jessica’s eyes went wide as the rubber pushed past her teeth. Bound as she was there was little she could do to stop the gag from being forced into place. The neck corset wouldn’t even allow her to turn her head away. She tried using her tongue to force the thing back out, but Sherrie had the squeeze bulb in her hand and was pumping it vigorously.

A whimper of distress escaped Jessica as the rubber bladder expanded inside her mouth. It pinned her tongue to the floor of her mouth and pressed her cheeks out until they were firmly against the sides of the neck corset. It was only when it expanded into the back of her mouth and she began to gag that Sherrie relented. The silver knob on the squeeze bulb was spun, releasing some of the pressure.

Sherrie looked at her captive. She saw tears in Jessica’s eyes. “Are you frightened my dear?” she asked as she caressed Jessica's hair. The little sound that came back to her seemed to affirm that she was. “No need to fear,” Sherrie said soothingly. “You won’t be like this for long. And if you really please me I might even give you your corset for free.” She paused and eyed Jessica’s leather clad body. “But first I need to tie up some loose ends.”

Jessica watched as the deranged seamstress knelt at her feet. There was the familiar feel of laces being pulled. Jessica felt her ankles being slowly drawn together as the bottom of the skirt was laced tight. Soon all her attention was directed at trying to maintain her balance.

Sherrie could see the wobble in Jessica’s stance. “I think you’re going to need a little support,” she mused. She eyed a support column in the back of the room. Taking Jessica by the back of the armbinder she said, “Come with me.”

With her ankles bound Jessica could barely move. Still she felt the pressure of Sherrie’s hand propelling her forward. She frantically shuffled her feet, trying to keep her balance. But her progress was painfully slow.

“You really are a slowpoke,” Sherrie chided. “You need to hop if you’re going to get anywhere, Dearie.” She pulled up on the armbinder straps. “Now hop,” she commanded.

Jessica flexed her knees until the leather skirt stopped her, she then launched herself upward and (hopefully) forward. The first hop was weak, but she soon got better. It was hard work to get where Sherrie directed her. By the time she reached the post her breath was wheezing in and out through her nose. Adding to that was the object made into the skirt that pressed against her sex. Her exertions had caused it to rub against her with every hop, bringing sensations that Jessica felt were inappropriate to her current perilous circumstances.

Sherrie turned her until Jessica’s back was to the metal column. “Now just lean against that while I get something,” she told her. “Promise me you won’t fall down?” She smiled at Jessica’s little whimper of protest. “Good girl,” she enthused before scurrying away.

Jessica leaned into the pole. Slowly her labored breathing began to subside. She could feel the saliva building in the back of her throat. It was an act of will to swallow it with her mouth so completely filled. This was truly a nightmare scenario. She was completely helpless. ‘I warned you about this weird stuff,’ practical Jessica intoned.

Sherrie returned a minute later. She had a full length mirror on a rolling stand that she pushed before her. Over her shoulders she had draped a scarlet sash. Pushing the mirror to one side she held out the sash. “Let’s get you a little more stable, shall we?”

Jessica watched as Sherrie looped the sash around her body. It was pulled up until it rested just below Jessica’s breasts. It tightened as Sherrie tied it around the pole adding additional pressure to the push up bra Jessica wore.

“That will keep you from falling over, sweetie,” Sherrie said confidently. She rolled the mirror over, poisoning it so Jessica could see the full length image of herself. “The neck corset spoils your chance to see how lovely you are, so this will help.”

Jessica watched as Sherrie fished in her pocket. She brought out a little pink device with several buttons on it. “Now I don’t want you to get bored while you finish your time in bondage so I’ve built some entertainment into the skirt.”

Suddenly the thing that Jessica had felt pressing against her sex came to life. She let out a squeak of surprise as it began a rhythmic throbbing. The evil woman had built a vibrator into the skirt! And she held the remote.

Having bounced the thing against her sex with every hop, Jessica’s nerve endings were primed for more stimulation. She felt a flush of heat across her body as Sherrie toyed with the settings. The vibrator jumped from a low throbbing to a staccato burst of pulses that set her juices flowing.

Jessica closed her eyes, willing the feelings of arousal away. She focused on the fact that this was against her wishes. It was NOT a source of pleasure. ‘Are you sure about that?’ questioned her irresponsible inner voice. ‘Of course she is,’ snapped practical Jessica. ‘We’ve been kidnapped, just like I said would happen.’

Maybe it was the word “kidnapped”. It brought back all those movie images of women grabbed by the villain and then rescued by the hero. Jessica imagined Jeff finding her like this, the way his eyes would light up at the sight of her. And then Don entered the fantasy realm. He was surely the villain, tightening the straps, making her squeal in fear and delight. Or were the two men competing to see who could tie her the tightest?

Jessica’s eyes snapped open. She realized that the squealing was real. It was coming from her as she came down from the orgasm that Sherrie had forced upon her. Her breathing was labored, fighting the restriction of both the corset and the gag that filled her mouth. She felt her knees wobble and was thankful for the sash that bound her to the post. It was the only thing keeping her upright at that point.

“Okay, I think that’s enough play for you,” Sherrie said as she appeared at Jessica’s side. She deflated the gag before pulling it, wet and dripping from Jessica’s mouth. “There now, catch your breath while I get you free.”

‘Free?’ Jessica thought. ‘She’s letting me go?’ It didn’t make sense. A few minutes ago she was convinced that Sherrie was going to keep her as her personal plaything. Now she was unlacing the armbinder and sitting her on a stool. She gratefully accepted a bottle of water and a blanket. Coming out of the heavy fetish-wear had left her chilled. “Thank you,” she said quietly.

“It’s me who should be thanking you, my dear,” Sherrie responded. “I took you further than you wanted to go. But apparently it was worth the trip, no?” she asked archly.

Jessica didn’t dare answer. She had been terrified. But she had also lapsed into a very erotic and disturbing fantasy that had given her an incredible orgasm. Did she feel violated or vindicated? Images of Jeff and Don played in the back of her mind. All Jessica could do was blush.

“Anyway, you proved my designs,” continued Sherrie. “I’ve been wanting to delve into the more erotic designs but wasn’t sure I could.” She chatted amiably as she stripped off Jessica’s corset. “Whew,” she said, sniffing the garment. “You probably should wash this before you wear it again.”

Jessica sat beneath the blanket, down to only her bra and panties. She knew she should get dressed and get out of there. But fatigue kept her rooted in place. Her initial thirst quenched, she sipped from her water bottle.

“Would you like something else to drink?” asked Sherrie. “A cup of tea perhaps, or something stronger? I’ve got some hard lemonade in the fridge.”

Jessica was just going to say no and get out the door. But it felt good to just sit beneath the blanket. And she had so much to think about. “You know, that lemonade sounds good right about now,” she croaked.

Sherrie quickly produced two bottles. Pulling over a chair, she peppered Jessica with questions about how the new leather gear felt. Jessica did her best to answer without revealing too much of her inner thoughts. She related that she was not a fan of the gag. When Sherrie pressed her further she stated that it was just too overwhelming. That perhaps a ball gag or something like that would be better. Sherrie grabbed a pad and began sketching out changes she could make in the design.

“The challenge is getting someone to try things out for me,” Sherrie acknowledged. “I can only go so far trying on my own stuff. When it’s really restrictive I need a model. After all, a mannequin can’t tell you how something feels.”

‘Was that an invitation?’ Jessica wondered. The whole affair had been a bit terrifying. But the results had been nothing short of earth shattering. “So you should probably explain to your model what you’re doing next time. They’ll be more likely to come back a second time.”

“Sooo,” Sherrie drawled, “if I were to call you and tell you I had something new to try?”

“W-well,” Jessica sputtered. Did she really want to do this?

“I could hook you up with some nice freebies to make up for your time. And you might have some fun,” Sherrie laughed.

“Uh, I guess so,” Jessica replied hesitantly. In her head, Jessica was ranting, ‘No, no, no, bad idea, very bad!’ while her irresponsible twin was shouting, ‘Free stuff, free stuff, whoo hoo!’

“Okay,” a beaming Sherrie replied. “First perk: take the corset for free. Just let me know if he leaves it on when he ravishes you,” she said with a wink.

Twenty minutes later Jessica was in her car heading for home. The armbinder was once again safely buried in the trunk. She had considered bringing it to the shoot but wanted Jeff to get the experience of Don’s expert rigging skills. Or maybe she wanted the benefit of his skills, came the uninvited thought. Either way, she’d save the armbinder for another time.

What was uppermost in her mind was the recent encounter with Sherrie. She didn’t know what to make of it. During the ordeal she had been terrified, imagining all sorts of terrible outcomes. But once it was over she felt a sort of elation. It was almost like riding a really intense roller coaster. You’re scared to death getting on. But when you get off it’s like you’re high. And she sure as hell “got off”.

So here she was, having incredible orgasms doing things with people who were almost complete strangers. And it was all better than her husband’s attempts to be the dominant. The faces of Don, little Alice and Sherrie flashed through her mind. What were they doing differently than Jeff? Was it the cool assurance that each of them had? Could Jeff do the same thing? His birthday was in four days. In four days Jessica would have her answer.


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