The Shoot

by Findar

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Storycodes: M+/f; bond; rope; climax; cons; X

Jessica Walters signaled her turn as the GPS intoned, “Your destination is on the right.” She pulled her car into an open spot before shutting down the engine. She listened to the ticking of hot metal as it cooled, thinking about the strange week she’d had.

It had all started innocuously. Her husband Jeff, was about to turn thirty. Being two years away from that dreaded date herself made her sensitive to what such a milestone could mean to him. She wanted to do something special for him-like maybe a cruise where they could reconnect. Or a weekend away in some secluded place.

They were lying in bed after their weekly lovemaking session when she asked him, “If you could have anything for your birthday, what would it be?”

“You mean like a Maserati, or something unattainable like that?”

Jessica smiled in the darkness, “Yeah, or something like that.” Her mind jumped ahead. She could rent a fancy car for his birthday.

But when he answered a few moments later the answer floored her.

“If I could have anything, I’d like to do a bondage photo shoot,” he answered quietly.

Jessica was floored by the response. She’d let Jeff tie her up a few times. To her it was awkward and made love-making difficult. She would lie there, waiting to be touched while he struggled with rope and knots. Was he now saying that he wanted to tie her up and take pictures? Or did he want a “real” bondage model instead of her? She was afraid of the answer. So with a noncommittal, “That’s interesting” she rolled over and pretended to sleep.

The next day while Jeff was out she opened up Jeff’s laptop. She knew that he kept a “stash” of porn on there. As long as it didn’t interfere with their relationship Jessica was willing to let it slide. She didn’t want to be one of those nagging wives.

Jessica knew enough about computers to randomly click open some files. After several frustrating attempts she hit upon the idea of checking Jeff’s search history. The word “Dita” showed up several times.

Closing the browser, Jessica went back to the files. She found one labeled “Dit”. She clicked on it. Image files flooded the screen. Jessica began scrolling through. All the images were of one woman, a tall raven haired beauty with an elegant figure. And she was tied-oh was she tied!

Jessica was expecting sordid shots of women being abused and brutalized. Instead, this woman was tied in what could only be called “artistic” poses. The outfits, mostly lingerie, were a mix of class and sensuality.

Perhaps the most startling thing about these photos was the fact that they were all the same woman. Jessica considered the fact that there were some similarities between her appearance and Jessica. Granted she was shorter, and certainly didn’t have the killer figure of this “Dita”. But they were both dark haired with pale skin. Was this woman a stand in for herself?

Could Jeff be wanting this when he fumbled with his ropes? He’d hinted before about how Jessica would look in some sexy outfit seen in a store window. When they went to the mall with him she diligently avoided going by the lingerie stores with him. Jessica considered herself a “jeans and tee shirt” girl.

Jessica closed down the laptop. But her search didn’t end there. She did more research. She learned that her rival was a famous fetish model. Scrolling through her phone she saw image after image. Some were bondage, others were simply glamour shots. The woman gave off a fifties vibe with her hairstyle and clothing.

Even the bondage pictures were elegant. The rope-work was intricate and neat. It wrapped about her body, highlighting her figure. It occurred to Jessica that someone was taking these pictures. And someone was a lot better at tying knots than her husband.

That revelation had led her to an internet search for erotic photography. After ruling out the “boudoir” photographers she found what she hoped she was looking for. And now she was sitting outside a nondescript building with the sign, ‘Naked Eye Images’ above the door. Taking a calming breath, Jessica stepped out of the car and headed across the parking lot.

Randy Holmes was working on scheduling when he caught sight of the woman coming towards his door. He sized her up with his photographer’s eye. Figure not bad, jet black shoulder length hair, suburban housewife vibe with the clothes. If she’s a cold call model looking for work she’s either inexperienced or very confident, he thought.

After several awkward moments of verbal sparring Jessica finally got up the courage to make her proposal. She wanted her husband to tie her up and she wanted Randy to photograph it. Blushing furiously, she pulled out her phone and showed him the images she’d captured from the net. “I want it to be like this,” she said hopefully.

Randy stared at Jessica. This was something new to him. Bondage photo-shoots were his stock and trade. But he worked with professional models and riggers. This woman wanted to have her husband tie her up and look like a pro. He almost laughed.

“Have you ever been tied up before, Mrs. Walters?” he asked skeptically.

Jessica blushed. “I’ve been tied to the bed some. You know, with my arms and legs out.”

“Ever been in a hogtie?” Randy asked.

“We tried that once. But it hurt my wrists and shoulders so we had to stop.” Jessica had trouble meeting the man’s eyes. This was more embarrassing than she’d imagined. But she pressed on. “I just thought that if someone could coach Jeff, you know help him out with the ropes it might be better,” she finished weakly.

Randy sat back in his chair and steepled his fingers. “Just when you think you’ve heard it all,” he said to himself. Unfortunately he had a thing for strays. With a sigh he said, “These ties are very restrictive,” he told her. “How do you know that you won’t get this all set up and panic at the last minute? Then you’ve wasted my time and your money.”

Jessica squirmed in her seat. She felt like she was in the principal’s office getting scolded. “I don’t know,” she said quietly. “But I know this is what he likes and I want to give it to him if I can.”

Randy sighed. He was probably going to regret taking on this project. “How’s this,” he said kindly, “I’ll call one of my riggers who lives close by. If he’s free I’ll have him try you in a couple of ties. Then you can see if you want to proceed.”

Jessica paled slightly. He was offering to tie her up now? How did she know this wasn’t some kind of trap? They could simply keep her and no one would know.

Randy saw the hesitation and was astute enough to recognize the source of her discomfort. “Why don’t you call a friend and tell them where you are?” he suggested. “I’m assuming that this visit is a closely held secret? While you do that I’ll text Don and see if he’s free.”

That made sense, thought Jessica. She could call her friend Brenda. She’d have to be quiet about why she was there but it would give her a little peace that she wasn’t going to be kidnapped or worse. She agreed and they each picked up their respective phones.

“You’re in luck,” Randy said when his phone chimed. “Don’s free this afternoon. He’ll be here in about fifteen.” He stood up from his chair. “In the meantime why don’t I show you where we work?”

Jessica had told her friend the address where she was and that she would call her back in an hour. Brenda’s response was, “Are you doing a drug buy, or what?” Jessica laughed uneasily and said she’d explain later.

Randy led her through a well lit back room to a door. He opened it and Jessica saw that it led to a basement room. Oh god, she thought as she started down the stairs, I must be crazy.

“We do most of our fetish shoots down here,” Randy said as he turned on the lights. The room was well lit, with photo light stands scattered about the room. One wall had rough, unfinished brickwork. Another had backdrops that could be pulled down to create scenes. There was a pegboard with all sorts of bondage gear on it and a rack of clothes.

“I’ve got quite a few outfits in different sizes,” Randy explained to Jessica as she gawked at the room. “But if you’re looking at corsets I’d suggest you have one made. They fit better and are more comfortable. I can give you the card of the woman I use. She’s fast and good.”

Jessica only half listened. Her attention was captured by the big black four poster bed. It seemed to have gleaming hardware all over it. No crawling under the bed with ropes for these guys, she thought. There were chairs, stools and tables. Pretty much anything you could be tied to was pushed off in one corner or another. There was also a large wooden X against one wall. She could well imagine what that was for.

The sound of feet on the stairs made Jessica turn. A well built older man came down the stairs. He was dressed in shorts, a tee shirt and sandals. Possibly forty years old, he was well muscled and fit. Blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and a goatee gave him the look of a beach bum.

Randy smiled at his arrival. “Mrs. Walters, this is Don. He’s one of the best riggers around.”

Don smiled warmly and held out his hand. Jessica took it automatically. It was warm and slightly callused. The back of her mind muttered, “Not everyone who wears a goatee is a serial killer. But all serial killers have goatees.” She pushed the thought aside as she realized that Don was speaking.

“Randy has sort of explained the situation to me. I don’t usually have time for teaching, although I have done a few youtube videos. As I understand it today is just to see if you really want to be tied tightly or not?”

“Well, I’ve been tied before,” Jessica said defensively.

“We’ll see,” Don said cryptically as he walked away. He grabbed a pair of black painted stools, setting one in a pool of light in the center. “Have a seat,” he told her.

Jessica sat on the stool. She listened carefully as Don instructed her on several stretches to keep her from cramping up during their brief session. She watched as he piled skeins of rope on the adjacent stool.

Don uncoiled the first skein of rope. “How do you prefer to be called?” he asked her.


“Okay Jessica, Randy isn’t going to be taking any photos today, so he’s here more as a chaperone. We’re going to start with a chest harness,” he told her. “When you and your husband play do you use safe words?”

“Not sure what that is,” Jessica answered uneasily.

“We usually use a color system to communicate,” Don explained. “Sometimes people say things like stop, or no more when they are just enjoying the role play. We generally don’t want to stop a shoot or a scene to end just when things are getting good. So if I ask you how you’re doing, green means good. Yellow means you’re not comfortable or you need a minute. Red means you’re in trouble and we need to get you out. If you call red we cut the ropes and end the session. Got it?” he asked.

“Oh, okay,” Jessica said quietly. She felt like she and Jeff were total amateurs for not having known things like that. If nothing else came of this she could at least add some safety tips to their play.

“Now I want you to roll your shoulders forward and bring your hands behind your back,” Don explained as he stepped behind her.

Jessica took a deep breath as she placed her hands behind her back. “Here we go,” she thought to herself.

Don took her hands and raised them from the small of her back. “Up here, closer to the center,” he said. “Just lay your palms against your forearms.”

When the ropes wrapped around her wrists Jessica felt a shiver of fear. Twenty minutes ago she hadn’t even met this guy. Now she was letting him tie her hands behind her. But his voice was calm and soothing. He was apparently trying to go easy with her.

The second thought Jessica had was one of disappointment. The ropes around her wrists didn’t even seem that tight. She could easily slip out of them.

“Isn’t that kind of loose?” she asked.

“At the moment, yes,” Don answered easily. With a catlike quickness he brought the line across her upper arm and above her breasts. It went over the other arm before catching the rope attached to her hands.

Jessica let out a little gasp of surprise. In one quick movement she found her hands pulled upwards. Suddenly the ropes didn’t seem quite so loose. She watched as Don brought the rope back across her chest, using his fingers to smooth the cords into a flat pattern.

It seemed effortless, the way Don moved around her. Jessica felt his hands on her back, felt ropes sliding between her body and her arms. She heard him say, “And now we cinch this,” as the wraps across her chest tightened.

A second set of chest wraps went over her biceps and below her breasts. Janice felt herself flush as Don slid his hands beneath them. Sensing her reaction, he paused long enough to ask, “Still green?”

With a suddenly dry mouth Janice husked, “Green.”

After he had cinched the lower wraps Don ran his fingers beneath each cord, testing their tension. “If I can get two fingers beneath the ropes I know they won’t cut off circulation,” he explained patiently.

Jessica didn’t really care about the explanation. She was more focused on the electric tingle that ran across her body as his fingers inspected the lines. If she felt that through her clothes she wondered what it would be like against her bare skin.

Don finished the tie by bringing the lines over her shoulders and down between her breasts. He caught all the wraps, creating tension between them. To Janice it felt as if two hands were gently squeezing her breasts.

Stepping back to admire his work Don eyed Jessica speculatively. He moved to correct some slight imperfection. “So that’s a chest harness. You can try to wriggle out of it if you like but it’s pretty secure. Are we still green?”

Jessica sat on the stool, her feet braced on the rungs as she twisted her body about. “Uh, yes,” she paused to pull against the ropes. “We’re still green.” Jessica was surprised to find herself so tightly bound and yet comfortable. After several minutes of struggle she admitted, “Okay, I’m stuck.”

Randy piped up, “Would you like to see how you look?”

“Uh, sure,” Jessica answered.

Don helped her off the stool. Randy led Jessica across the underground studio to where the clothing rack stood. Behind the rack was a changing screen. “This is where we do quick wardrobe changes,” he explained. He moved the screen out of the way to reveal a full length mirror.

Jessica eyed herself in the mirror. Seeing her breasts outlined by the ropes made them stand out. She turned to see herself in profile. Yes, they definitely stood out. Turning completely around she was impressed to see the neat rope work that criss-crossed her back and held her arms. ”It looks more like an art project,” Jessica mused aloud.

“Don is one of the best,” Randy answered. “If you decide to go through with this he will work with your husband as the two of them bind you.”

Jessica was imagining what it would be like to be shared between the two men as they made her helpless. The thought stirred her feelings in ways she hadn’t anticipated. Perhaps that’s why when Randy asked her if she wanted to try more rope she answered “Yes,” without hesitation.

“Don, ready for round two?” Randy called as he guided Jessica back to the rigger. He kept one hand on Jessica’s arm to stabilize her. But to Jessica it almost felt possessive, like she was going back whether she wanted to or not.

Don had cleared away the stool and dragged a black vinyl mat into place. “If you’re up for it I can show you how we build on the chest harness,” he told her as she stepped towards the mat.

“Well, I guess so,” Jessica said doubtfully.

Don gave her an easy smile. “If you’re uncomfortable with it we can always stop now,” he reassured her.

“Somehow being down on the mat,” Jessica hesitated, unable to complete the sentence. Being down on the mat with Don just screamed “sex” to her. The very thought brought color to her cheeks. It also changed things “down below” in ways she didn’t want to think about.

Don seemed to grasp her trepidation. “Got it,” he said gently. How about if we work on a table? It’ll be easier on my back anyway.”

“I guess that would work,” came Jessica’s slow reply.

“Well then walk this way,” Don said with a sweeping gesture. As she passed him he caught hold of the rope in the center of her back. He must have felt Jessica stiffen in response because he explained, “Once someone’s hands are tied we don’t let them walk around unguarded. It’s too easy to have a bad trip and fall with no way to catch yourself.”

That eased Jessica’s mind somewhat. They weren’t trying to control her. It was just a safety precaution.

They stopped before a four by four table. It had sturdy oak legs and the top was covered in red leather. Around the edge of the table were eye bolts spaced at six inch intervals. “This isn’t as soft as a mat,” Don warned her. “And I’ll have to lift you to get up there. Is that alright?”

“Yeah, that’s okay,” Jessica answered. In spite of the strangeness of the situation she trusted this stranger who she had only met an hour ago. She had just uttered the words when Don’s hand slid across her back. His other hand reached down behind her knees, sweeping her feet from under her.

Jessica let out a little shriek of surprise at being suddenly airborne. With an, “Up you go,” Don scooped her up in his arms. He gently deposited her on the table as if she weighed nothing. He eyed her sandaled feet. “You might be more comfortable without those,” he said. “Do you mind if I remove them?”

“Uh, yes,” Jessica stammered. “I-I mean no. No, I don't mind.” She blushed furiously, feeling like a teen on her first date. Don’s strength and calm demeanor definitely put him in control of the situation. Jessica wondered at what point she would say no to him.

After slipping off Jessica’s sandals he instructed her, “So, sit up straight and cross your ankles lotus style.” She watched as he guided her feet into place and thanked god for yoga class. Then came the ropes, snaking around her ankles, binding them together. “This is known as a two column tie,” Don said in that soothing instructor’s voice.

The cords were not tight around her ankles, but after seeing how her arms were bound Jessica didn’t think that would last. She watched as Don passed the free end of the rope beneath the cord wraps between her breasts before leading it back down to her ankles. Looking down she could see her now erect nipples pressing through her bra. She hoped he didn’t notice.

Don stopped long enough to ask Randy to toss him a pillow. He placed it behind Jessica. “Now I’m going to have you lean forward,” he told her as he placed a hand on her back. “Call yellow when it gets too stressful.”

Jessica didn’t quite understand what the purpose of the tie was but she did as she was told. With every inch she moved forward Don took up the slack of the rope. The steady touch of his hand on her back exerted a gentle pressure.

Her head was about eight inches from her feet when she called, “Yellow.” Immediately the tension eased and she called, “green.” That was the signal Don needed. He tied off the rope at her ankles, using the excess to wrap the lines together in a decorative package.

Jessica listened as Don explained that this was known as a “lotus tie.” It seemed a little pointless to Jessica. After all, what was sexy about a woman staring at her own feet? Her question was answered a moment later when Don informed her, “I’m going to lean you back now.”

Before Jessica could process what she was being told she felt Don’s hands on her back and her chest. She gasped as he moved her upright and then onto her back. The pillow he had requested cushioned the hard table behind her.

Suddenly the “pointless tie” made perfect sense. Jessica found herself with her legs spread wide and her backside exposed. “Oh God,” she huffed.

“This tie is excellent for sex,” Don informed her conversationally. “If you were naked you would be completely exposed for whatever play you and your partner had planned. I’ll give you a couple minutes to get used to it if you like.”

Jessica wasn’t sure what to say. She was basically “on display” for the two men. The only thing standing between them and her most intimate parts were a thin layer of denim and a pair of increasingly damp panties. She hoped the wetness wouldn’t show through her jeans.

The thought of being in just lingerie while spread like that was both terrifying and exhilarating. She could imagine the predatory gleam in Jeff’s eyes at seeing her. It was only when she heard Don say, “What do you think Randy?” that she noticed how the two men looked at her.

The other man’s response of, “I wish I’d set up cameras,” brought home the fact that she would be very exposed if she carried out her plan.

Jessica struggled a bit, seeing if she could turn over. The pillow behind her back turned out to be a godsend. She found that lying on her back with her arms up behind her made them want to go to sleep. Don’s ropes proved to be inescapable.

“I think that’s enough for now,” Don said as he reached for the rope that kept her body so neatly folded. Jessica felt a mix of relief and disappointment. Perhaps that showed on her face, because his next words were in the form of a question, “Unless you’d like to try one more position?”

Jessica sighed as she stretched out her legs. It might be pushing her luck, but the feeling of having him touching her trumped caution. “Well, uh, maybe one more,” she said hesitantly.

“Alright, I’m going to have you turn over on your stomach,” Don instructed her. He gently guided one leg across the other as he took her shoulder with the other. He eased her over onto her stomach. The pillow now supported her head, keeping her bound breasts from getting squashed beneath her. “Now put your legs together,” he said quietly.

Jessica didn’t have to be told twice. Don’s touch on her thigh made her want to clamp her legs together. She could feel the increasing arousal with every contact. ‘Jesus,’ she thought, ‘this can’t be happening.’

When she heard Don say, “Now I’m going to pass a rope beneath your thighs,” she decided she really needed to focus on something else. She thought of what she needed to pick up at the grocery store. That worked for about thirty seconds.

“And we’ll just cinch these wraps,” came Don’s soothing voice. But the feeling of his strong fingers slipping between Jessica’s bound thighs was anything but soothing. In fact, it was all that she could do to keep from grinding against the table.

“Now we’re going to bind your ankles,” the rigger said as he raised Jessica’s feet in the air. “I understand that your husband tried a hog-tie with you and it didn’t go well,” he said in a tone that suggested he was asking if it was going to rain later in the day.

Jessica felt a shiver of fear at the word “hog-tie.” Was that what he intended to do with her? “Um, yeah, it didn’t go well,” she said uneasily. “I thought my shoulders were going to come out of their sockets.” She hesitated, ‘I-I don’t think I can do that.”

Again that voice, like some late night radio deejay that soothes you to sleep. “Well, the mistake most people make is using the wrists as an anchor point,” Don said as he slipped a long cord between Jessica’s cinched ankles. “Remember your colors,” he reminded her as he fed the rope up past her arms.

“Still green-I think,” she replied unsteadily.

“The proper attachment point for a comfortable hog-tie is the shoulder harness,” he said, as if giving a lecture to a class of would be riggers. He fed the lines through the shoulder wraps before running them back towards Jessica’s ankles. “And you feed it back through the ankles to gain mechanical advantage.”

Jessica could feel the tension increase as Don took the slack out of the line. She let her feet move up towards her backside, noting as she did that the ropes on her thighs seemed to get tighter. Then she felt Don’s hand slip beneath her and across her chest. She gave an involuntary gasp of surprise.

“Of course,” Don said as he began to lift, “unless your partner has really strong back muscles you need to help them get into the proper position. Otherwise you put too much strain on them. Still green?”

Jessica found her body arching backwards as Don lifted her chest from the table. “Oh my,” she exclaimed as her feet moved towards her head. It was intense, but no worse than what her yoga instructor expected of her.

“I’m going to keep going until you say yellow,” Don said calmly. “Then I’ll ease off.”

Inch my inch the tension increased. Jessica felt the strain on her spine. It reached a tipping point and she gasped, “Yellow.” Don immediately eased back, asking her to call out when she was green. With a sigh Jessica said, “Green.” She was still bent like a pretzel, but she wasn’t in pain.

Don was in the process of wrapping the lines into a neat package when music burst from Jessica’s purse. The sound startled her, although there wasn’t much more she could do than twitch. Jessica suddenly remembered her phone call. “Shit,” she exclaimed, “How long since I got here?”

Randy glanced at his watch while reaching for Jessica’s purse. “I don’t know, maybe an hour and change? You want me to get that?” he said as he gestured at her purse.

“No! I mean, yes, bring it to me quick,” Jessica cried in a panic.

Randy was on the wrong side of his BMI but he could move when he had to. He snatched the phone and saw a woman’s face on the screen with the name “Brenda” superimposed over it. “Brenda?” he asked as his finger hovered over the answer button.

Jessica gave a quick nod. She tried to erase the nerves from her voice as the phone connected. “Hey,” she answered in what she hoped was a casual tone.

The voice on the other end wasn’t having it. “Don’t ‘hey’ me,” Brenda said sternly. “You’re twenty minutes late on check in. Are you okay?”

Jessica shifted slightly on the table, trying to ignore the pressure her bondage was applying to her pelvis. “Uh, yeah, I’m fine. I just got busy and lost track of the time.” She felt a growing heat suffuse her body. Jessica hovered between fear and excitement. Here she was, helplessly bound in a basement sex room while talking to her best friend as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Are you alone?” Brenda asked suspiciously.

“No, not really,” Jessica answered in a slightly defensive tone.

“What was the name of your first cat?” was Brenda’s quick retort.

It was a code the two of them had worked out during their college dating years. If she said, “Fuzzy,” it meant call the police. She instead answered, “Mittens,” which meant that she wanted her friend to stand by but do nothing. “Mittens,” Jessica answered quickly. “Listen, I’ll call you back in an hour, okay?”

“Are you having an affair?” Brenda hissed into the phone.

“No!” Jessica replied. “But I’m a little tied up right now so I’ll call you back.” She could hardly keep the laugh out of her voice at the private joke.

“Don’t forget this time or you’re paying for my next dye job.”

“I won’t, bye, love you!” was Jessica’s reply. When Randy broke the connection Jessica laughed. “Lame joke, but I’ve thought about it every time Jeff tied me up.”

Randy faded back into the shadows, taking Jessica’s phone with him. Don stepped closer to her and asked her to raise her head. “Try to keep that pose when you’re hog-tied,” he told her. It shows off your neck and chest nicely,” he instructed.

“Yeah, it’s just a little tiring,” Jessica replied.

“I can add one more rope to make that easier,” Don intoned. “But if it proves to be too much just give me the word, or open and close your hands quickly.”

Jessica wondered at this last comment as Don shook out another length of rope. When he asked her to raise her head she wondered if he was going to slip the rope around her throat. That would be a definite “yellow” or she might even call out “red”.

Perhaps it was because she was so focused on this imagined worst case scenario that when he told Jessica to open her mouth she complied almost without thinking. “Gah,” was all she got out before the rope was wrapping around her head and making a second pass between her teeth.

Don didn’t stop to ask about colors again until he had pulled the rope back towards her feet. He pushed her feet into a ‘toe point’ position before wrapping the rope across Jessica’s instep and over the top of her feet. He finished the tie with a quick knot before stepping back to admire his work. “Are we green?” he queried.

Jessica had to think a moment before she answered. The smoky, woody taste of the ropes filled her mouth. She found that if she brought her head forward the ropes wanted to bite at the corners of her mouth. Not only that, but the action pulled her feet sharply forward, as if she was wearing really tall high heels. Conversely, if she raised her head the strain decreased, but she had to work to keep her head upright. “Een, or ow,” which was as close to “green for now,” she could get as she mouthed around the ropes.

“Don, you’re a fucking artiste,” Randy said from the shadows. “If her husband saw her like this he’d probably blow his load.”

“It’s easy when you have a good partner,” Don replied over his shoulder. He was watching Jessica intently for any signs of distress.

The distress he couldn’t see was the grinding of Jessica’s pelvis as she tested her bondage. She closed her eyes, rocking her body slightly from side to side. A feeling that she welcomed and dreaded built between her legs. “Ot in ere,” she garbled as the heat rose in her body.

Don, ever attentive to her needs, called, “Randy, cool it down in here please.” The photographer rushed to obey. They both knew how models could get overheated during an intense session. And this was probably as intense as Little Miss Suburbia ever had.

Jessica was struggling to maintain control. Her body wanted the climax. Her mind did not. The issue was decided when Don stepped in to check her circulation. He laid one hand on her bound arms and one on her feet to see if they were getting cold. That touch was all it took.

Grinding her teeth against the ropes, Jessica stifled a cry. She strained against the ropes, driving her hips into the table. It felt as if her whole body was on fire. Don’s hands were still on her, steadying her as she quivered helplessly. The feeling seemed to go on forever, but like riding a wave it suddenly collapsed beneath her. With a sigh she sagged into her bonds.

“I think that’s enough for today,” Don said quietly as he untied Jessica’s feet. He eased her head down on a folded pillow before tackling the other ropes. “Randy, get me a water bottle and a blanket, will ya?” he called.

By the time Randy returned Don had Jessica free of her bonds and sitting on the edge of the table. He draped the blanket over her shoulders and held out the water. Reaction was setting in. Jessica was quietly shivering. She pulled the blanket tight around her and sucked at the water greedily.

“My apologies, Jessica,” intoned Don. “I shouldn’t have let that get so intense.”

“N-no, it’s fine,” Jessica stammered. How to explain to a total stranger that he’d just given her a very intense orgasm? Some things were better left unsaid. But the image of Don and Jeff working together on her threatened to start things all over again.

They sat and talked details, well mostly Randy did, about SD cards and waivers and any positions she would like. There was also the question of how much skin Jessica was willing to show for the camera.

Jessica decided on modesty. She would keep a bra and panties on. She could always change her mind later, she thought. When she felt sufficiently recovered Don helped her off the table. She glanced nervously down at her jeans. As wet as she was, at least her jeans hadn’t soaked through and given her away.

Upstairs papers were signed, a date was set. It was going to be a surprise gift, so it might take a few minutes to explain to Jeff when they got there. Don assured Jessica that he would involve Jeff in the rope work as much as possible, then step out of frame so it was just the two of them in the shot.

Jessica speed walked to her car. She had put a deposit down on the shoot. She was committed. As she drove away she remembered to dial up Brenda.

“So you gonna tell me what you’ve been up to or what?” her friend asked archly.

“I’m working on a surprise gift for Jeff’s thirtieth,” Jessica answered.

“So, tell me more,” came the response.

“Maybe after, if it works out,” she replied. “And maybe if you get me drunk enough.” Jessica looked down at her crotch. A wet spot was growing there. “Oh shit,” she muttered.

“What? What’s wrong,” queried Brenda.

“Oh, nothing,” Jessica answered evasively. “I just got a spot on my jeans. Gotta go, talk to you later,” she said as she ended the call. She sighed. Corset shopping would have to wait till after a shower and some laundry.

The two men watched the taillights fade into the distance. Randy said, “Did you see what I saw?” he asked Don.

Don gave a quiet smile, “Yeah, I saw.”

“Whadda ya think?”

“I think her husband is a lucky man.” Don paused, “And for his sake I hope he’s a fast learner.”


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