The Shoot

by Findar

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Storycodes: M+/f; bond; rope; corset; lingerie; roleplay; photoshoot; crop; climax; spreader; gag; strip; blindfold; toys; susp; cons; reluct; XX

Continues from

Part Three

Jessica waited out the four days till Jeff’s birthday in a state of anxiety. She had found time to wash out her new corset when her husband wasn’t around. A little horse trading at work had gotten her a half day shift for Tuesday. She had considered shaving herself clean but couldn’t quite work up the nerve. The plan was “panties on” for the photo shoot. But there was always the possibility that things could get out of hand (not that that ever happened, practical Jessica smirked.)

The first stop after work was the hairdresser. Jessica wanted the perfect fifties bob. The stylist was a bit perplexed by the request. She’d never done a cut like that. But once Jessica showed her a picture of Jeff’s “other woman” (without the ropes) the woman rose to the challenge. The result was retro but elegant.

After returning home Jessica texted her husband, “Something special for your birthday this evening. Grab yourself some fast food on your way home.”

“Ok,” came the response, “more special than last week’s dinner?”

Jessica smiled. If only he knew. “Just don’t be late,” she answered. She’d let his imagination run all afternoon. It surely wouldn’t come up with the true answer.

After a long soak in the tub Jessica started her preparations. Makeup was the first order of business. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Ms Von Teese should be very flattered indeed. Jessica studied the internet photos to get the look just right. By the time she was done the likeness was quite good.

High waisted panties and push up bra went on next. The black lace and satin gleamed in the afternoon light. Knowing that bending could be a challenge in her corset Jessica opted for black seamed stockings and high heels first.

Donning the corset proved to be more of a challenge than Jessica expected. Seeing how easily Sherrie had laced her up left Jessica thinking there was no need to practice. But she’d had to loosen the laces to get the busks to close. After that it was a struggle to get the laces tight. In the end she accepted the fact that she wasn’t going to be able to lace herself up as tightly as the other woman had. After a critical look in the mirror she decided the corset was definitely “good enough”.

The leather gloves that Jessica slid up her arms felt delightfully soft. She spent a moment smoothing them, caressing her own arms beneath the soft kidskin. Smiling wickedly, she stepped in front of the mirror. There she spent several minutes trying out various poses. ‘I can just imagine Jeff’s reaction when Don ties me in this,’ she thought. She mentally corrected herself that Jeff would be tying her. She was, after all, doing this for him.

Pulling herself away from the mirror Jessica finished her preparations. The white satin blouse hid most of her gloves. She doubted they would stay hidden for long. And the skirt was nice, but in the back of her mind was the thought of the tight leather skirt Sherrie had laced her into.

A final turn before the mirror convinced Jessica she was ready for her debut as a bondage model. She laughed at the idea. Although she hadn’t let Jeff play any of his “games” in some time Jessica found she was actually looking forward to the evening photo session. Granted, she had butterflies in her stomach, but it was more like the feeling you get just before you board a roller coaster.

The waiting proved to be the hardest part. Jessica busied herself to pass the time. She laid out clothes for Jeff to wear. Somehow his usual khakis and pastel dress shirt just didn’t seem right. This night was definitely a one off, so Jessica wanted them both to look the part. She chose a pair of black chinos and a black dress shirt to match. She considered a tie but decided Jeff would look more Mafia than Dom.

Jessica couldn’t help but jump when the front door opened. When she heard Jeff’s “Honey, I’m home” she took a deep breath and muttered, “Showtime.”

Jeff rounded the corner to see his wife leaning casually against the bedroom door frame. He dropped his briefcase and stared. Her smile held more than a trace of amusement at his reaction. “Happy birthday, darling,” she purred.

Jessica watched Jeff rush forward and take her in his arms. He planted a kiss on her lips that made Jessica pull back. “Onions, really?” she said as she pushed him back. “Where did you stop for dinner?”

“Uh, Jimmy Johns,” Jeff replied uneasily. He seemed a bit deflated by the sudden deflection of his advance. He was hoping this was another pre dinner romp like before.

“Well go brush your teeth and then get changed,” Jessica said coyly. “We don’t want to be late.”

“Wait, what?” Jeff said in confusion. “But I thought…” he trailed off.

Jessica leaned in against him. Running a finger down the front of his chest she said, “It’s a surprise. Now be a good boy and get ready.” She kissed Jeff lightly on the cheek before sauntering away from him. A glance over her shoulder revealed the confusion on his face.

Jeff hurried through changing and brushing his teeth. His mind was spinning. He came home to his wife looking like-he froze. Toothpaste dribbled from a mouth that hung open. She looked like Dita! Had he remembered to clear his search history?

Several minutes later Jeff emerged from the bedroom. He saw his wife standing by the front door and did his best to calm his nerves. She was a sight to behold. He couldn’t help wondering what she wore beneath the sexy blouse and skirt. In his mind’s eye he could picture her tied up, just like his idol. The mere thought caused him to slip a hand into his pocket and readjust himself.

Jessica caught the motion and gave him a sly smile. “You look very sharp in that outfit darling,” she told him. “But we really do need to get going.”

“Where are we going?” he asked curiously.

“As I said, it’s a surprise.” She held up a set of car keys. “I’ll drive.”

They wove through late afternoon traffic. Jeff pondered their destination. He’d already eaten so they weren’t going to a restaurant. And it was too early to go to a nightclub. So where was Jessica taking them?

Jeff’s confusion only increased when Jessica parked before a photo studio. This was his birthday surprise? She wanted them to get family photos done?

The disappointment must have shown on his face. Jessica mock scolded him, “Oh come on,” she teased. “You’re not going to be camera shy are you?” She took Jeff by the hand and pulled him through the front door.

Randy was seated behind his desk. “Ah, there you are,” he said as he eyed Jessica. “Perfect outfit for the shoot,” he enthused. Turning to Jeff he held out his hand. “I’m Randy, the photographer. You must be Jeff,” he finished.

Jeff shook his hand, still uncertain of why he was there. “Don’s already downstairs,” he heard Randy telling Jessica. “Why don’t you take your husband down to meet him?” Randy asked Jessica. “I’ll be down as soon as I lock up.”

Jessica led her husband through the back of the studio. Jeff wondered vaguely how she knew her way around the place. He’d never been there before, when had she? But those questions faded as he entered the basement photo studio. He froze at the bottom of the stairs, transfixed by the pegboard covered in bondage gear. “Wha?” was all he could manage.

Jessica turned and kissed him. “Happy birthday darling,” she purred. “You got your wish.”

Don, watching the man’s confusion, decided to step in. He walked forward with an outstretched hand. “Hi, you must be Jeff,” he said in a casual tone. “I’m Don, I’ll be helping you with the rigging tonight.”

“Rigging?” Jeff asked in confusion as he took the man’s hand.

“That’s the bondage stuff.” He gestured to a table with coils of rope, “Come on over here and I’ll go over some basic knots with you.” He turned to Jessica, “Randy will want a couple test shots before we start. You can do some stretches over there if you need.”

As the rigger showed him to the table Jeff asked, “So you’re going to tie up my wife?”

“Well that’s usually my job. But tonight I’m going to assist you while you tie up your wife,” Don replied. “Randy is the photographer so we’ll work together to set up the shots. But Jessica wanted you to learn some techniques this evening which is why I’m here.”

“So you get paid to tie up women?” Jeff asked.

“It beats selling insurance,” Don replied with a wink.

Jessica watched the two men as they uncoiled lines and practiced knots. She was suddenly having second thoughts about the whole project. Remembering her last session with Don didn’t help to ease her mind. What if she had the same reaction to his touch in front of Jeff?

Her thoughts were interrupted by Randy’s arrival. He pulled up a straight backed chair and directed her to sit. For the next several minutes he directed Jessica into different poses while he lined up his cameras and lights. The poses started out rather mundane, Jessica sitting primly on the chair. But the poses became progressively more risqué.

As Jessica hiked her skirt up to show the tops of her stockings her worries receded. It was perhaps Randy’s approach, getting her to do more with each pose that settled her nerves. If they had gone straight into the bondage shoot she didn’t know how she could do it.

“Take a break, Jessica,” Randy told her after a shot that left her bent over with her backside towards the camera. He called across the room, “Don, are you guys ready to start?”

“We are,” Don replied. The two men carried skeins of hemp rope over to the shoot area. “How do you want to play it Randy?”

“Sweet and sensual, sliding down into harsh I think.” He looked at Jeff and Jessica. “So you’re going to start out as a romantic couple,” he explained. “But Jeff’s dominant side will slowly emerge. The bondage will get stricter as we go. Jessica, remember your safe words of yellow and red, okay?” When everyone had agreed, Randy said in a theatrical voice, “Let’s make some magic!”

Jessica could feel the tension in Jeff as he pressed his body against hers. Randy’s “sweet and sensual” began with Jeff holding her from behind. He caressed her hair and nuzzled her neck in a playful way. To Jessica it still felt wooden and stiff. She wished he could relax and enjoy himself.

Things went up a notch at Randy’s direction. Jeff slid one arm around Jessica’s upper arms, pinning them behind her back. He grabbed her breasts with his free hand, giving each a hard squeeze. Jessica let out a gasp at the rough treatment. It had the unfortunate effect of causing Jeff to stop.

“Now grab her by the hair and kiss her hard,” Randy called as the cameras flashed.

Jessica felt Jeff’s hand bury itself in her hair. He hesitated when she warned him, “Don’t muss my hair up.”

“Mess it up all you want,” Randy interjected. “We can fix it later. Now kiss her hard!”

Jeff’s movements were awkward. He was torn between the conflicting instructions. But the little cameraman won out and he got his hard kiss on film. “That’s more like it,” he crowed. Don stood silently on the sidelines, watching the couple’s interaction thoughtfully.

“Okay Don, you’re up,” said Randy. “Let’s get Jessica’s hands tied behind her back.”

Jessica felt a little thrill of anxiety at the thought of Don binding her again. She was turned sideways to the camera. Don instructed Jeff to raise her arms, forcing her to bend at the waist. He stepped out of frame long enough for a quick picture of the couple before coming back to slip the cords around Jessica’s wrists.

“Watch how I do this,” Don instructed. “This is a two column tie. Don’t go overly tight. Be sure you can slip a finger beneath the wrappings.” Jessica trembled at the man’s touch on her leather clad wrists. “Once her wrists are tied everything else gets simpler,” he intoned.

Jeff began to ease his grip on Jessica’s elbows. “Don’t let go just yet,” Don cautioned him. We’re tying those next.” He paused to ask Jessica, “Did you stretch before we started?” She replied that she had and was rewarded with ropes slithering across the white satin blouse.

Don was a good teacher. He let Jeff do more of the binding this time. Jessica could feel the stress increase as her arms were drawn together. When she reached the line between discomfort and pain she gasped, “Yellow.”

“Okay Jeff, back off slightly,” Don instructed. “Now we take the free end under the armpit and across the shoulders,” he said as he threaded the ropes between Jessica’s arms. “Back down the other side and tie it off with some nice looking wraps.”

Randy chimed in, “Don't step out of frame and let me get a shot of Jeff finishing the tie.” Randy had several fixed cameras that fired by remote, but he also had a free standing unit hanging around his neck. He moved in close to capture the neat rope-work.

“Jessica, look over your shoulder with a kind of anxious expression, like you’re not too sure about this whole thing.” He snapped several close up photos of Jessica’s distressed look that was only half feigned.

“Okay Jeff, you’ve got her helpless,” Randy said. “Now step back behind her and play with her breasts. They’re sticking out so nicely right now.”

“Uh, Jess you okay with this?” Jeff asked uneasily.

“Yes honey, just not too rough.”

Don cocked an eyebrow in Randy’s direction. Randy’s answering frown showed his frustration. “Jeff, she’s tied up and helpless! You don’t need her permission! Grab her tits, man!”

Don chimed in, “She’s got her safe-words that we discussed. She’ll use them if she needs to.”

In response to the men’s encouragement Jeff gripped Jessica’s breasts. He kneaded them between his fingers, eliciting little cries of distress from his wife. “That’s it,” exclaimed Randy. “That’ll make her nipples stand out! Now get her blouse open so we can see what’s underneath.”

‘Here we go,’ thought Jessica as Jeff worked the buttons. Her breasts were throbbing from their rough handling. And Randy was right, her nipples had come to attention. Leaning back against her husband she could tell that she wasn’t the only one affected by their roleplay.

‘At least I hope it’s role-play’ Jessica thought as Jeff pulled the blouse back to her shoulders. She smiled to herself when Jeff looked down at her waist. “I-is that?” he stammered at seeing her corseted waist.

Her corset attracted the interest of the other men in the room as well. Randy piped up with, “Okay, time to lose the skirt. Jeff, take it down nice and slow. Jessica, give me a look of ‘I’m not sure about this’.”

Jessica didn’t have to be coached. She was being stripped by her husband in front of other men. Men who were obviously interested in what they saw. Yes, she’d been in her underwear for Sherrie, but that was one person in private. This was a group of men; a group of men with cameras to record every bit of her humiliation.

As the skirt pooled around her ankles Jessica looked down at her kneeling husband. His look of awe filled her with glee. ‘Take that, Dita!’ she silently crowed. Her glance fell on Don as she twisted slightly in her bonds. His look was more speculative, as if he were planning his next move.

His next move came as Jessica stepped out of her skirt. “Don’t snag my skirt,” she told Jeff in a warning tone.

“Mind if I change the script a bit, Randy?” Don asked.

“You’re the rigger,” Randy answered. “I’ll follow your lead.”

Don turned his attention back to the couple. “Jeff, step Jessica to the right about two feet.” He watched the other man guide Jessica under a ceiling beam. “Yeah, that’s good there,” Don said as he uncoiled more rope.

Handing the line to Jeff he instructed him, “Double the line, then make two wraps around her waist.” He watched as Jeff followed his instructions. “That’s in, but pull it lower so it’s just above the hip bones, then tie it off.”

Randy had worked with Don long enough to see where he was going. He stepped up with the handheld camera for some close ups. He caught Jessica’s shocked expression as Don pulled the rope down between her legs.

“Uhh, oh my…” Jessica stammered as the rope pressed in against her crotch. Don kept the tension on the line as he handed it to Jeff. “Hold this,” he said as he stepped away. Randy danced around the two, snapping pictures as he went.

Don was back a moment later with a stepstool. He mounted it before taking the line back from Jeff. The free end was quickly passed through an eyebolt sunk deeply into the ceiling beam. From there he led the cord down to Jessica’s bound wrists.

He once again handed the rope to Jeff. “Now you’re going to slowly pull on the rope to raise your captive’s arms,” he instructed. Go slowly.” He directed his next comment to Jessica. “And you’re going to want to bend over as he raises your arms. I suggest you spread your legs for stability.”

Jessica felt the tension increase on her arms as Jeff took up the slack. But the rope didn’t just tighten at her wrists. It pulled itself deeper between her legs as well. The doubled line wanted to pull itself up inside her, being held back only by the thin fabric of her panties.

“Oh my God,” Jessica gasped as she was forced to bend by the tension on her shoulders. That stopped Jeff in his tracks. “Too much?” he asked in a worried tone.

“She’ll safe word if it’s too much,” Don replied firmly. “Keep going.”

Jessica soon found herself facing the floor. She spread her legs to keep from wobbling, silently cursing the stiletto heels. She could feel the smooth fabric of her panties actually slip between her labia as the tension increased. A warning twinge in her shoulders caused her to gasp, “Yellow!”

Don quickly interceded, “Okay Jeff, back off two inches on the line and we’ll tie it off.”

A sigh of relief escaped Jessica as the tension eased slightly. The rope between her legs, having found a warm, snug spot, showed no sign of retreating. The flash of Randy’s cameras was incessant as Jessica was held on display.

“Don?” Randy asked questioningly as he moved around the helpless woman.

“I’m going to grab a couple props,” came the response. “Won’t be a minute.”

Randy turned to Jeff, “Why don’t you take the time to enjoy your prize. You may never get a chance like this again.”

Jeff licked his lips. He reached out to stroke his wife’s upturned ass. He did his best to ignore the camera, focusing instead on his wife’s sexy attire and helpless position. He pressed his groin hard against her backside as he reached forward to fondle her breasts. The little moan that escaped Jessica’s lips nearly pushed him over the edge.

Don returned with his “props”. He showed the first one to Jeff. “This is a crop,” he explained as Jeff’s eyes went wide. “Let me show you how it can be used.”

Jessica felt a rising terror. Was he going to whip her? “I’m not sure,” she started to say. Only to find the floppy tip of the crop pressed to her lips.

“All you get to say at this point is yellow or red,” Don said in a quietly menacing tone. He slipped the crop beneath Jessica’s chin, lifting her head to face him. “If you understand that, say, Yes Sir.”

Jessica’s body trembled. This was suddenly no bedroom game. She was bound and helpless with a man who could hurt her if he chose to do so. Her safe words were on the tip of her tongue. But as she stared at Don’s calm visage she replied, “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl,” came the response. Then the tip of the crop traveled a leisurely course down her neck. The leather was soft and cool as it stroked the lace of her bra. At that moment Jessica wished the fabric would vanish, that she could feel the delicate touch on her bare nipples.

Don moved around behind the captive woman. He tapped the crop gently on her inner thighs. “Spread your legs,” he commanded. Jessica gingerly shifted on her heels, opening herself to Don’s touch. “Wider,” he demanded.

Jessica winced as she opened her legs. Every inch she lowered her body in turn increased the pressure on her bisected pussy and strained shoulders. The reward for doing so was to feel the soft stroking of the crop on her inner thighs. It traveled up past the tops of her stockings. The leather tip tapped lightly against the rigid crotch rope, forcing a moan from her.

Don quickly shifted position. With a deft flick of the wrist he brought the crop from between Jessica’s legs and struck her left butt cheek with a sharp crack. The woman jerked in her bonds, letting out a startled yelp.

Jeff lurched forward at the strike, ready to tear the crop from Don’s hand. Don stopped him with a word. “Look,” he said as he tugged down on Jessica’s panties. Her exposed skin showed only a hint of pink where it had impacted her. “It sounds worse than it is.”

Don walked around to squat down by Jessica’s head. “But now we’re going to play a little game,” he said. Holding the crop before her face he said, “Open your mouth.”

Jessica’s mind was in overdrive. She’d just let a man grope her in front of her husband. And hit her in the bargain. And Jeff had done nothing! Now Don wanted her to hold the thing in her mouth. She thought to refuse, but if she was holding it then he couldn’t hit her with it. Besides that, there was something in his demeanor that told her not to disobey. She closed her lips around the shaft.

“Good girl,” Don repeated as he stood up. “Now here’s the challenge; Jeff you’ve got five minutes to make her drop the riding crop. If she drops it, she gets ten strokes on the ass. You can do anything but touch the riding crop, understand?”

Jessica let out a garbled, “What?” She turned her head to see her husband standing there. She thought he would refuse Don’s offer. But the gleam in his eyes and the bulge in his pants told a different story.

Jeff stared at his wife’s delightfully turned up ass. He swallowed the lump in his throat and discreetly adjusted himself. He had never imagined taking their sex life into impact play. But seeing that pink mark on her bare skin brought those forbidden internet fantasies rising to the surface.

The only thing that gave Jeff pause was the warning look from Jessica. Her blood red lips pulled back to show pearly white teeth clenched hard on the shaft of the crop. It seemed almost a challenge. But the warning look in her eyes was just the opposite. It told of dire consequences if he carried out Don’s game.

He was spurred into action when Don said, “You’re wasting time. Four minutes and thirty seconds to go.” Jeff responded by reaching out with both hands to grab Jessica’s ass.

Jessica bit down hard on the toy as fingers dug into her flesh. She worked to retain her balance as Jeff’s fingers roughly kneaded her cheeks. She held back a cry of protest. Part of her wanted to spit out the riding crop and yell, “Red!” But another part of her was defiant, telling her that she wouldn’t be beaten by these men.

Jeff didn’t stay focused on her backside for long. Instead he moved in behind her, grinding his erection against her as his hands reached forward to grip her breasts. He treated them just as roughly as he had her butt, squeezing and releasing them in succession.

As Jeff manhandled her breasts Jessica felt her nipples harden. Worse still, his grinding was pulling the rope between her legs ever deeper. She could feel the silky fabric of her panties being drawn inside her and her body was responding to the intrusion enthusiastically.

Perhaps Jeff had caught the scent of her arousal. He suddenly changed his tactics, slipping a hand down between her legs. The little moan that escaped Jessica’s lips told him he was on the right track. “Well, somebody’s getting very wet,” he said mockingly.

Jessica knew that if Jeff forced her to climax she would probably drop the crop. She set her mind to fight the arousal building within her. She tried to close her legs, but Jeff wedged his own between hers, forcing them open. She thought of dirty laundry, paying bills and any other unsexy chores that made up her life. I could win this game, she thought determinedly.

“Time’s almost up,” Don intoned.

Jeff continued to stroke Jessica with one hand. The other worked on pulling down her panties. The snarl of defiance at having her backside exposed to the other men did nothing to deter him.

The panties were bunched up against the rope that bisected her cheeks. Jeff moved his dripping wet fingers back into the crack. Pulling the rope to one side he placed a finger up against Jessica’s anus and pushed in.

“What the fuck!” Jessica shrieked. “That’s a definite no! Red! Red!”

The pressure immediately stopped. Jessica had always resisted any idea of anal sex and she wasn’t about to start with a bunch of guys watching her. She looked with horror at the riding crop that lay on the floor. She recognized Don’s sandaled feet as he walked over to pick it up.

Jessica stared at the floor as she listened to Don’s voice. “You made it with fifteen seconds to spare,” he told Jeff. “Now you can collect your prize.” He paused, “Unless of course Jessica is using her safe word to get out of the whole shoot?”

She could get out of the whole thing, Jessica realized. She had only to say “Red” again and they would untie her. She could put on her clothes and drive home with Jeff. Would they have sex when they got home? Or would there be nothing but the disappointed silence that followed their failed scenarios at home?

Hoping that she wouldn’t regret her decision Jessica replied, “No I’m good. Green.”

Jessica looked over her shoulder to see Don giving Jeff last minute instructions. She almost giggled at the awkward grip Jeff had on the riding crop. But any thought of mirth died when she saw the hungry look in his eyes. Was this a dream come true for him, she wondered?

“Wait for me to get in position,” chimed in Randy as he grabbed his hand held camera. Jessica had almost forgotten about him. The flash of the staged cameras had been so frequent it had almost become background noise to her. But now he was lining up to photograph her bare backside as her husband beat her. She felt a blush of embarrassment and turned her face to the floor.

The first hit was on her left cheek. It sent an electric jolt through Jessica’s frame. She let out a yelp, more surprised than hurt. But then came the burning feeling where the tip of the toy had stung her flesh.

A second strike on the other cheek caused her to cry out once again. She jerked forward, pulling her legs together. Behind her she heard Jeff’s voice. “I-I can’t,” he said shakily. He let the crop drop to the floor.

Jessica watched as Don picked up the crop. “No problem,” he said easily. “It takes a bit to get the feel of it.” She felt his hand caress her tingling skin. “You can see it’s nothing more than a pink spot on her. Would you like me to finish for you?”

A chill ran down Jessica’s spine. Did he just offer to beat her so her husband wouldn’t have to? Surely Jeff would say no, she thought. How weird could this night get?

“Uh, well it’s just…if I could just watch to see how it’s done,” Jeff said weakly.

Jessica didn’t know whether to be angry or frightened. Her husband wasn’t man enough to do the job himself so he was letting another man do it? And Jessica had no doubt that Don would do the job in a thoroughly professional manner. Perhaps what she was truly afraid of was how she would react to him.

There was a gentle tap on the back of her thighs. Don’s voice, quiet yet commanding, said, “Spread your legs, Jessica.” She could feel the compulsion in that voice. With a click of heels on the hard floor she opened herself to him.

A second tap, firmer this time on her inner thigh. “You can do better than that, girl. I want you spread.” Jessica pushed her feet further apart. It dropped her body closer to the floor. The tension on her shoulders and in her crotch intensified.

The riding crop, deftly wielded by Don, slid up between Jessica’s legs. She let out a little gasp as it gently stroked her through her panties. “There,” crooned Don, “you can behave like a good girl with the right motivation.”

Jessica felt a gentle tap where the rope bisected her sex. It was a light tap, but she was aroused enough that it felt more like an electric shock to her. “Ah!” came the sound unbidden from her mouth. Another and another tap followed, increasing in intensity with each one. And each one made Jessica jump in her bonds. A desperate whimper escaped her lips as she walked the razor’s edge of an orgasm she couldn’t quite reach.

Don stopped his teasing. He walked to the front of the bound woman. Jessica saw his feet as she stared at the floor. The tip of the crop slipped beneath her chin. With steady pressure Don guided her head up to look at him.

“You need to keep your head up, Jessica,” Don said quietly. “Randy is an artiste, and he wants the perfect shot.” He stroked her cheeks with the tip of the crop. “Your face is so much prettier than the top of your head. So be a good girl and look towards the cameras while I deliver the last eight strokes for Jeff.”

Jessica felt like a trapped animal as Don walked back behind her. She wondered if they would stop even for her safe-word? Or were they so into the moment that nothing would stop them? Her tormentor’s voice came over her shoulder, “Jessica, you’re to count each stroke as soon as I deliver it. Uncounted strokes-well, they don’t count do they?”

“Just get on with it, you bastard,” Jessica growled. A second later she yelped as the tip of the crop flicked her bare skin. But she remembered to count. “One,” she called out anxiously.

“Oh are we starting back at one?” Don teased. “I thought we were up to three. But have it your way.”

“Three! Three!” yelled Jessica. “Yeouch!’ came a moment later as the crop struck again. “Four,” she panted.

One after another the strikes were counted. And with each one Jessica jerked against the ropes. The burning of her skin and the rubbing of the rope between her legs created a bizarre stew of pleasure and pain that confused her. On the ninth stroke she had climaxed, driving herself against the crotch rope.

Don watched Jessica sag in the ropes, her knees giving way beneath her. He stepped in quickly to support her with one hand while the other whipped out a pair of EMT shears and cut the rope. He directed Jeff to get a chair. They eased her down into it gently.

Jessica winced as she sat down. She sagged into the chair, spent by her ordeal. There was the comforting warmth of a blanket thrown over her shoulders, the cool taste of a water bottle placed to her lips and the anxious voice of Jeff in her ears.

“I’m so sorry, Jess,” Jeff moaned. “I had no idea…”

He trailed off as Jessica interrupted him. “Just give me a minute, okay,” she said tiredly.

Thankfully her husband took the cue to shut up. Jessica needed to process what she was feeling. And his protestations of remorse weren’t helping. She’d had two- no three orgasms while bound before this. With each one she assumed that they were triggered by her own anxiety in the situation. But this time there had been pain involved. The crotch rope had done its job, but that alone wouldn’t have pushed her over the edge. Was it fear-or helplessness? Was it the pain? Jessica was afraid to know the answer.

Jessica had imagined that her backside would be a mass of shredded flesh. She gingerly slipped a hand down, fully expecting it to come back bloodied. Yes, her skin was tender and hot, but it was intact. Her exploration was interrupted by Don.

He handed a bottle of lotion to Jeff. “Here, rub some of this on her cheeks,” he said. “It’ll cool the burn.” He turned to address Jessica. “You did a fine job, Jessica. Randy is reviewing the shots and he’s in heaven. Says you could be a pro.” He paused to let the compliment sink in. “Take five minutes, finish rehydrating and then go touch up your makeup. Randy wants to shoot a couple more scenes before we’re done.”

Jessica did as she was told, all the while thinking, ‘A couple more scenes? Can I really stand two more episodes like that?’ But the cream slathered on her tender skin felt wonderful, even sensuous as Jeff worked it into her skin. And at the end of her break Jessica felt like she was ready for her next challenge.

With her makeup tweaked and her panties back where they belonged (they were damp, but serviceable), Jessica returned to the spotlights. Don was waiting for her, an easy smile on his face. “Okay Jeff, you’re going to tie Jessica’s hands in front to start,” he said in a businesslike tone. “That’s the two column tie we practiced earlier. Think you’ve got it down?”

“Uh, yeah I think so,” Jeff replied.

“Okay, Jessica, hands in front, palms together,” Don instructed as he stepped back. “You ready Randy?” he called to the cameraman.

Randy checked his laptop, hit a button. Raising his hand held camera he replied, “I’m set. Let’s do it.”

Jessica held out her gloved hands for Jeff to tie. She watched as the ropes coiled around her wrists. “Not so tight,” she complained as Jeff pulled the knot closed. Jeff immediately began to untie his work.

“Hold it,” snapped Don. “Let me check.” He stepped up to Jessica, taking her hands in his. Slipping a finger between the ropes and her wrists he gave her a disapproving look. “Looks fine to me. Maybe someone needs to stop being a princess.”

Chastened, Jessica said nothing as Don directed them beneath one of the basement support beams. A steel pulley hung there, a snap hook on one end. “Hook her up Jeff,” he instructed. “Use the loop on your tie to anchor the hook.”

Jessica watched uneasily as her hands were tethered to the pulley. She had the uneasy vision of dangling by her wrists with her feet off the floor. An uneasy, “Uhhh,” escaped her lips as Jeff took the free end of the pulley system in his hands.

Don watched intently as Jeff took the slack out of the lines. He watched as Jessica went up on the toes of her high heels. When she cried out, “Yellow” he ordered Jeff to take her down two inches.

When Jessica felt her feet firmly on the concrete floor she gave a sigh of relief. Her arms were still high above her head. But at least she could spread her feet a few inches to stabilize her stance. Throughout the process of stringing her up Randy ghosted about the room, snapping photos with abandon.

“We need some interaction,” Randy stated. “Okay to let him play before you go on Don?”

“Yeah, she’ll need a minute to adjust there,” Don replied. “She’s yours to play with,” he said to Jeff.

“Come in from the back so I can get some front shots,” Randy directed. “Other than that, just have fun.”

Jessica felt her husband’s arms slip around her body. As his body pressed up against hers she could feel the hard bulge in his pants. Deciding to give as good as she got, Jessica ground her backside against him. The little gasp of surprise from Jeff brought a quiet smile to her lips.

Jeff’s hands cupped her breasts, massaging them through the delicate fabric of her bra. She closed her eyes and leaned into him, trying to ignore the almost constant camera flash. Randy moved quickly about the couple, saying very little.

But when he told Jeff, “You need to lose the bra,” it broke through Jessica’s sensual fog. Jeff’s immediate response of, “Yeah, okay,” was followed almost immediately with his fingers manipulating the back clasp.

Jessica had only gotten out, “Hey, wait!” before her breasts popped into view. “I don’t think...” she protested before Randy cut her off. “You’re beautiful baby! You’ll thank me when you see these shots.”

She stomped one foot in exasperation as Jeff slipped the bra up over her leather gloves. At Randy’s direction he slipped the straps up between Jessica’s bound wrists. It hung there, caught between her hands.

Jessica was about to repeat her protest when Jeff’s hands found her breasts once more. She felt her nipples harden at his touch. Warmth suffused her body as stimulation overtook indignation. ‘I can always delete these shots later,’ she mused.

Jeff was enjoying himself. His hands had slid down below Jessica’s waist. He stroked the damp panties, pleased with the response from his bound wife. Nothing they’d tried at home had ever come close to this. He’d have continued happily playing had Don not interjected.

“What do you think of her corset Jeff?” Don asked casually. It broke the mood. “It’s amazing,” Jeff replied enthusiastically.

Don sauntered over to the couple. “Did you help her put it on?”

“No, it’s all new to me.”

Don boldly slipped a finger between Jessica’s side and the garment. “Seems rather loose to me,” he said skeptically. “How about I show you how to properly lace her up?”

The words sent a chill down Jessica’s spine. She had been laced tightly by Sherrie. But she hadn’t been bound then. And there was something in Don’s voice that suggested he would not be satisfied with anything less than a very tight lacing.

Don stepped behind her with Jeff in tow. Jessica stared straight ahead as the methods of corset lacing were explained to her husband. She could feel his fingers as they worked the laces, starting from the top and gradually taking any slack out of them.

Jessica remembered Sherrie’s instruction. Breathe with your upper body, let your stomach muscles rest and take shallow breaths. But now with her hands suspended above her head those chest muscles were restricted. She felt her breaths coming in little gasps.

Fortunately for her, Jeff was proceeding with caution. Don had stepped away, allowing Randy a clear field to capture the scene of the corset lacing. It was only when Jeff asked, “How’s that?” Don stepped back in.

The rigger ran his hands over the brocade fabric. “Hmmm, not bad for the first time,” he mused. “If you don’t mind I’ll finish it up for you. That way you can see what you can do at home.”

Jeff nodded eagerly. The thought that this might not be a “one off” captivated his imagination. He stepped back, allowing the other man access to his wife.

If Jeff was slow and careful, Don was the antithesis. Each tug of the laces pulled her back against her restraints. Like a diver going down too deep, Jessica felt her body being slowly squeezed. She was reduced to taking little sips of air as her ribcage folded inward. She wanted to call “yellow”, but she also wanted to please the man who was slowly crushing the breath out of her.

Don worked methodically, first top down, then bottom up. It was only after a long hard pull on all the laces that he ceased. Perhaps it was the little whimper from Jessica that stopped him. He tied off all the laces, double knotting them. He spoke to Jeff as he played his hands over Jessica’s narrowed waist. “Over time you can get things very tight,” he told the other man. “It really is just a question of training.”

Jessica shivered as the hands slid over her body. She wondered how she could be aroused so easily by the rigger. But analysis went out the window when his hands “accidentally” brushed her naked breasts. It made her clamp her thighs together, hoping that her body would not betray her.

“I’ll give you two a minute while I grab some stuff,” Don told the couple. He headed off to the prop area. Jeff took that time to move in. He slipped his arms around Jessica’s waist, marveling at the change in her figure. “You look amazing,” he murmured as he nuzzled her neck.

“Spoken like a true dom,” Jessica snarked. Seeing the wounded look her comment inspired she relented, thrusting her naked breasts forward. “Hopefully you like what you see,” she said in mock submission.

Jeff was saved from Jessica’s jibes by the return of Don. He carried a long black rod in one hand. “Jeff, lower her hands a few inches if you would,” he instructed. Jeff leapt to obey, letting the pulley system down several inches.

Jessica was relieved at the respite. It became a bit easier to breathe with her arms lower. But as Don spoke she realized he wasn’t about to let her off easy.

“This is a spreader bar,” he explained. He tapped Jessica’s ankles with one end. “Be a good girl and spread your legs,” came the quiet command. Jessica opened her legs a few inches, conscious of the dampness in her panties. Don gave a slight frown but said nothing.

Handing Jeff a length he instructed him on wrapping Jessica’s right ankle in several coils of rope. Randy moved in, getting close ups as the free ends were tied to the eye of the spreader bar. Seeing Jessica’s narrow stance Don said, “Looks like we’ve got a problem here. What do you think we ought to do about it Princess?”

Jessica looked down at her feet. They were no more than twelve inches apart. The spreader bar attached to her ankle was easily two and a half feet long. Chagrined, she worked her stance wider. Jeff was instructed to tie off the other ankle.

Jeff struggled to get the rope through the eye bolt. “You need to open your legs more, Jess,” he pleaded. Her quick retort of, “I don’t think so,” was followed with a sudden slap on her backside. Jessica let out a yelp.

Don stood behind her. “He told you to spread your legs, Princess!” he growled. “I suggest you do as you’re told.”

Jessica blushed crimson. She felt like a child who had been scolded by the teacher. But she pushed her legs out, allowing Jeff to complete the tie. With her legs wide open the strain was back on her shoulders. She had lost the height that took the strain off.

Jeff stood up, staring admiringly at his wife. The tight corset, naked breasts and leather gloved arms made his heart race. Don walked casually over to him. “Looks good, but needs one more thing.” Jeff looked questioningly at him. His eyes widened as Don pulled a red ball gag from his pocket. “Would you care to do the honors?” Don asked archly.

Trying to still the shaking of his hand, Jeff took the ball gag. He stepped up to the bound woman. “I’m going to gag you, okay?” he asked. Jessica’s eyes widened at the sight of the gag. “I don’t think I do,” she said before Randy’s voice came from behind the lights.

“You don’t ask her, you tell her!” he called. “Grab the back of her hair and push the ball into her mouth.”

It was the push Jeff needed. Suddenly it felt like a schoolyard dare. He almost giggled as the phrase, “ I triple dog dare ya,” came to mind. Then his hand was in Jessica’s hair. He gripped it, pulling her head back slightly as he pushed the ball up against her lips.

“Jeff, no, argh,” Jessica protested as the ball was forced into her mouth. She was about to spit the thing out when she saw Don staring at her. There was a message in that look. It said that if her husband couldn’t do the job then he would. Tempted and frightened at the same time, Jessica ceased her struggles. She bowed her head submissively as Jeff buckled the gag into place.

At the start of the action Randy had leapt into action. He was there with his hand held, catching close ups of the red ball slipping past Jessica’s perfect teeth. When the gag was securely in place he waved Jeff out of the frame. “Let me get some shots of just her now,” he instructed before turning back to Jessica.

“Don, get him something to play with for the next bit,” Randy said. “I want to get some emotion shots here.” He turned to Jessica.”Your husband just gagged you against your will,” he said to her. “Show me with your eyes how pissed off you are.”

Jessica had no problem showing that emotion. Her eyes narrowed as she imagined the aftermath of her humiliation. She would certainly make Jeff pay. Randy coaxed her along, asking for fear and pleading expressions. “I want doe eyes, baby,” he exclaimed as he snapped the photos.

Don and Jeff stepped back into the circle of light. Jessica could see them from the corner of her eye as they talked quietly. Don held a large white cylinder in his hands. Was it a vibrator, she wondered? If so, it was a lot bigger than the little guilty pleasure she kept hidden in her night table. And who was going to use it on her, Jeff or Don? ‘Who did she want using on her?’ the voice in her head retorted.

Jeff stepped up before his helpless wife. He had a nervous smile on his face. Jessica gave a mumbled, “Ut har oo up ooh?” “This,” Jeff replied as he took hold of her panties. She gave a squeal of indignation as he slipped his hands through the openings of her panties, bunching them together in the middle. She gave a garbled cry of protest as he pulled upwards, dragging the delicate fabric between her labia.

Jeff pulled up with one hand, stretching the panties for all they were worth. He raised his other hand, letting Jessica see the EMT shears there. Countering her garbled, “Nooo!” with an emphatic, “Yes!” he sliced into the fabric. It cut easily, snapping away as the tension released. Two quick cuts, and the pretty panties were not but a useless rag. Jeff dragged them up, pulling the shredded cloth between her legs before tossing it aside.

Jessica stood there, stunned. She had never intended to show so much as her breasts to these men. But now she was completely exposed, her legs held wide open for their amusement. She felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment as the photographer snapped photo after photo of her.

Don, seeing her distress, stepped in. “I think this might be good for the rest of the scene,” he said as he pulled a blindfold from his pocket. It was made of soft padded leather with silver buckles in the back. “Go ahead and put it on her, Jeff.”

Jessica twisted her head as Jeff slipped the blindfold on. It was bad enough to be on display. At least she wanted to be able to see what they would do to her next. But when she heard Don say, “A good swat on the ass will take some of the fight out of her,” she settled down. The world went black as the leather covered her face. In the back of her mind she asked herself why she hadn’t used her safe word?

From the darkness Jessica heard Randy say, “Give him the toy, Don. Let’s see what she can do.” That, and the feel of her husband (maybe her husband? she thought) slipping in behind her was all the warning she got. Then there was a muted buzzing and the touch between her legs.

Jessica sucked in what little air the corset allowed as the vibrator’s head oscillated against her sex. Jeff’s recent teasing had her body primed and ready. Nerve endings lit like a Christmas tree. Encased in darkness Jessica was not distracted by the camera’s repeated flash and whirr.

Don and Randy watched Jessica’s response to the magic wand with interest. Randy, ever the professional, danced about, slipping in for close ups that would have horrified the captive woman. He smiled at the thought of her opening the files on her home computer. Don was more circumspect, merely tossing in small bits of advice such as, “Don’t forget about her breasts.”

Jeff heeded the advice, sliding his arm up from Jessica’s waist to her naked breasts. He worked them roughly, thinking of times at home when Jessica would chide him with, “Gently!” when he tried to be aggressive.

Now Jessica’s only response was a gagged moan as her body writhed in his grip. The sharp tweak of her hardened nipple was rolled into the waves of pleasure brought on by the vibrator that throbbed against her clit. The feeling rose up like a massive wave, crushing her beneath it as she climaxed.

Blind, mute and unable to escape, Jessica lost all sense of time. She had no idea how long she was tossed in the hormone induced storm. All she knew was that when it passed she was totally spent. Her knees buckled, dropping all her weight onto her tortured shoulders. Out of the darkness came urgent voices. “Hold her up!” “I’ve got the line.” “Okay down easy now.”

Jessica found herself sitting in a chair as the gag was pulled wetly from her mouth. With the blindfold removed she squinted into the camera lights. The corset still held her in its tight embrace, but her arms were blissfully free of the ropes. A water bottle was pressed to her lips and she drank greedily.

After a drink and some time to sit Jessica made her way back to the makeup area. She stared in the mirror. Her carefully coiffed hair was a mess. “Thank you gag and blindfold,” she muttered darkly. Sweat had caused her makeup to run as well. This kind of damage control was going to take awhile, she thought. Just as well, because she was definitely feeling “well used” down below.

Randy appeared over her shoulder, his face filling the mirror. “Don’s got one more tie he’d like to do with you,” he said earnestly. “Do you think you’ve got one more in you? Or do you need to call it a day?”

Jessica resisted the urge to cover herself. She’d already shown them everything she had, so what was the point? But she reminded herself that she wanted her bra back before she left. That thing wasn’t cheap. The panties were a total loss. Let the little creeper keep them as a souvenir, she thought.

If it wasn’t Don tying her she might have said no. But knowing that he’d be doing a lot of the ropework decided her. She tried not to think too hard about why. “Give me another ten minutes,” she said with a sigh. “You guys are rough on a girl’s hair, you know that?”

“Don’t blame me, I’m just the photographer,” Randy replied with a shark-like smile. “But I’ll let the boys know that you’re game for one more session.”

Jessica pondered his words as Randy scurried away. It sounded more like a gang bang than a photo shoot, she thought. “Jeff had better appreciate this,” she grumbled. “Cause it’s not going to be a regular Friday night activity.” But that snide inner voice said, ‘Are you sure?’

Having put herself back together as best she could Jessica walked back into the circle of lights. She resisted the urge to cover herself as the men all looked up at her arrival. She was “dressed” after a fashion, still clad in stockings, a corset and gloves. But that’s about as dressed as a stripper in the last two minutes of her act, she thought ruefully.

Don, looking like he would happily stuff dollar bills in strategic parts of her attire, was laying out several lengths of hemp. When he instructed her to roll her shoulders and put her arms behind her back Jessica resisted the urge to say, “Ooh, I know this one!”

Jeff was brought in close as Don explained the box tie he was executing. Jessica guessed that she’d end up in a hogtie. Jeff would like that, she mused. But that voice in the back of her head reminded her of the last time Don had hogtied her-and of her reaction.

Within minutes ropes had encircled Jessica’s upper arms. Wrists were bound to forearms and ropes ran above and below her breasts, tightly framing them. The tie was almost comfortable, she thought, reminding her of some yoga poses. She fully expected to be lowered to the floor for the next part of the hogtie. Instead Don ushered her beneath a ceiling beam where a large silver ring was suspended.

“I’ll do this part if you don’t mind,” Don told Jeff. “It’s not something for beginners but you’ll love the results.” Jeff eyed his wife hungrily and nodded. A rope was passed through the rear of the box tie. Once it was cinched off Don led it up through the silver ring before securing it.

Jessica found herself tethered to the ceiling. ‘So not a hogtie,’ she thought in confusion. She looked down as Don whipped a rope about her hips. He made multiple passes until there was a wide band of rope. Jessica wondered if he could smell her arousal as he knelt there.

The hip rope was tied off with a cord running up to the silver ring as well. Then Don instructed Jeff to add a single column tie to Jessica’s left ankle while he secured the right. She watched with growing confusion. They were nowhere near the basement support columns, so what did Don intend to tie her ankles to? And if they just did pictures of a standing tie, why do another?

Her questions were quickly answered. Don released the hip line from the silver ring. He held it tightly with one hand. His other arm slipped in front of Jessica’s hips. With a quick, “Ready? Up you go!” he pulled on the rope, simultaneously lifting up on her hips.

Jessica let out a cry of shock as her body was lifted from the floor. The ropes encircling her chests tightened as they took the weight of her upper body. She was raised until her hips were about waist height. The toes of her shoes barely scraped the concrete floor.

Don checked his knots for safety. He moved to Jessica’s legs, raising first one and then the other. The cords holding them were passed through eye bolts in the ceiling beam. One after the other was raised above the level of her hips before being secured. In the end Jessica was left suspended in space.

Jessica struggled in her bizarre new bondage. She found herself swaying slightly as she stared down at the floor beneath her. She found she could pull her legs together with some effort, but the angle of the ropes wanted them wide apart.

“Jessica, look up at me,” called Randy. Jessica looked up to find the lens of the camera close by her face. But holding her head up was work. She let it drop, content to stare at the floor. “Jeff, grab her hair and help her lift up,” Randy instructed.

Jeff was eager to comply. He entwined his fingers in Jessica’s hair, pulling her head up to face the camera. “Son of a bitch,” the woman snarled at him.

“Randy, you can’t expect the man to hold her head all evening,” Don said casually. “Let me fix it for you.” He ushered Jeff out of the way. Jessica looked anxiously up at the rigger and the rope between his hands. He pressed the rope to her lips, “Open,” he demanded.

Jessica’s mind flashed back to the hogtie that Don had placed her in that first day. She knew what was coming and she knew that her safe word was the only thing that would stop him. She opened her mouth, but didn’t speak the words. She tasted the slightly sweet hemp as it passed between her lips.

The line was doubled and Don wrapped it twice about her head. His hand was on Jessica’s forehead as he forced her head up. The free end of the rope was led back to be tied off somewhere in the box tie. Jessica bit down on the ropes as they took the weight of her head. She strained to look forward, to keep the lines from digging into her cheeks.

Don adjusted the lines a final time, lowering Jessica’s upper body slightly below her hips. He gave her body a little twist, which had her rocking back and forth in her suspension. “As you can see,” he said, “The wider bands distribute the strain evenly. He spoke to Jeff as if lecturing a class of students. “But this isn’t something to try at home,” he warned. “It is, however, a perfect position for sex.” With only a gentle pull he spread Jessica’s legs wide, exposing her.

Randy spoke up. “I’ve set the fixed cameras on an auto sequence with the laptop. Don and I will step out for a bit to give you two a bit of private time. There’s an intercom on the far wall. Just hit it when you’re done and we’ll come back.”

Jessica wanted to turn and look at the men so casually discussing her. The ropes wedged between her teeth forced her to look straight ahead. She listened in disbelief as Don explained to Jeff how to release the rope gag if he wanted to use her mouth. He also pointed out the floggers in case she was a “brat” as he put it. All she could do was wriggle helplessly and whine in indignation.

As the men retreated they closed the heavy door behind them. “Ah, alone at last,” Jeff said melodramatically. Jessica could only roll her eyes. She wondered if Don could teach her husband to avoid talking like a cartoon character during intimate moments?

Jessica stared into the camera floodlights as Jeff caressed her suspended body. There was the silky sensation of fingers running down her stockings, the light drag of a hand on her still tender backside. She listened to the automatic clicking of the cameras, driven by the laptop’s software.

Jeff moved along Jessica’s body, enjoying the feel of the corset binding her waist. Her breasts, framed by coils of hemp and accentuated by the weight of her own body invited his touch. He stood beside her, lightly stroking her nipples until they became hard little buds. Jessica gave out a quiet moan as her body responded to his touch.

Finally Jeff stood at her head. Jessica could look up and see the predatory look on his face. Her eyes were drawn downward as he worked the zipper of his pants. He worked his engorged member free as if to display it for her. ‘Uh,’ came the annoyed thought ‘he couldn’t even take the time to remove his clothes?’

Jessica watched as he approached her face. He held his erection before her as if it was a weapon. ‘At least,’ she thought ‘he’ll have to ungag me if he wants a blow job.’ But Jeff made no move to do so. He instead contented himself with rubbing the head of his penis across her open mouth, letting Jessica taste the dewy secretion that glistened there.

Narrowing her eyes, Jessica gave her husband a lethal glare. “Hmm,” Jeff mused as he stepped back. “I wonder if that constitutes being a brat? I guess I’d better see where he left that flogger.” Jessica gave a panicked shriek as he disappeared behind her.

Jessica felt her legs pushed wide apart. She feared that the gentle taps Don had placed on her labia were about to be superseded by something much worse. “Ho, ho, ed, ed!” she garbled in fear. Suddenly she felt Jeff pressing against her. She had been wet since Don started binding her. Her husband entered her easily.

So relieved that the threatened flogging had been a bluff Jessica climaxed almost immediately. She felt herself swinging in the ropes as her husband pumped himself in and out of her. She felt him release but he kept on, riding her until she had cum a second time and his arousal faded. She sagged in the ropes, not caring how the gag in her mouth bit into her cheeks.

Jessica was only peripherally aware of Jeff thumbing the intercom. She was content to just let the ropes cradle her tired body. She listened as the other men returned to the basement, catching snatches of their conversation.

“Never have this chance again,” she heard Jeff saying. It seemed a bit of heat in the discussion, with Randy saying, “I just don’t want any trouble.” And Jeff’s response, “Well here’s for your trouble. That fix it?”

Jessica glanced up, to see Don at her side. He supported her head as the ropes were eased from between her teeth. He called to the others, “Well, if we’re going to do it then let’s do it. Jeff, you bring the car around. Randy, see if you can find her panties.”

Don supported her body as he lowered Jessica to the floor. She was tired. What were they talking about? It was nice they wanted to give her back her clothes, but the panties were ruined. She didn’t need them anymore. And why did Jeff need to get the car? They weren’t parked that far away.

Jessica sighed as Don eased her into a chair. She leaned back on her bound arms while Don removed the ropes from her hips. “You sure know how to show a girl a good time,” she said tiredly.

“I’m glad you enjoyed,” Don replied quietly. “Still green?”

“Uh, yeah, still green I guess,” she replied. Jessica saw Randy appear behind Don. Her ruined panties dangled from one hand. A black cloth of some kind was draped over his arm. “I don’t think that’s mine,” she said in confusion.

“No, but your husband asked for one more scene and he paid for it. So here we are,” he said as he handed the panties and a roll of red duct tape to Don.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Jessica cried. It was too late to say anything else as the damp, shredded panties were pressed into her mouth. She bucked and struggled, but with her arms still bound Don easily pinned her in the chair. He held the panties in Jessica’s mouth with one hand while handing the tape back to Randy.

“She’s a bit of a wildcat,” Don said. “Tear me off a few strips of that, will you?” Randy did as he was asked, handing six inch strips of tape back to the rigger. Don placed the first strip across Jessica’s mouth before adding two more in an X pattern.

Don sat back on his heels and grabbed the struggling woman’s legs. “She’ll probably kick him to death with these pretty little things. Get me some rope to shorten her stride.” He was handed a coil of rope by Randy and went to work. In moments Jessica’s thighs were bound tightly together.

Jessica found herself pulled upright. She staggered a bit before Don steadied her. “Easy there Princess,” he cautioned her. “You’ll need to take baby steps until your husband spreads your legs for you.”

The sound that came from Jessica’s throat sounded enough like “fuck you” for Don. He gave her an open handed swat on her backside, eliciting a yelp from the girl. “I don’t tolerate bratty subs,” he warned her.

Randy stepped in behind Jessica. He shook out the black cloth he carried, opening it up to reveal a hooded cape. Settling it on her shoulders he reached around to button it at her throat. “Always good to have plenty of costumes on hand,” he told her as he pulled the cape around her body. “That’ll hide your charms from the casual observer. But try not to move around too much.”

Jessica was confused. What did he mean by “casual observer”? There was only the two of them and her husband who went to get the car. A sudden chill hit her. Were they going to put her in the car like this?

Her suspicions were confirmed when there was a knock from the back of the basement studio. “I’ll get it,” Randy said. “Start her in that direction.” He scurried off into the darkness, leaving Don to guide her.

A light flashed on ahead of them, revealing a short set of stairs. Randy unlocked the door at the top and Jeff stepped through. Beyond him Jessica could see the silhouette of their car. It galvanized her into resistance. She dug in her heels, shaking her head in a vehement “NO”.

“She’s gone wildcat on me,” Don said as he held the struggling woman. “Better let me bring her up.”

Jeff’s face was clouded with doubt. But he uttered, “Uh, okay I guess.”

Jessica seethed at her husband’s response. ‘He couldn’t even get me himself,’ she thought caustically. And then she was off her feet. Don had clipped her behind her knees and caught her with his arm as she toppled over. He easily scooped her up in his arms, carrying her as if she was a child.

Don moved up the steps with his burden. Randy skipped about, still snapping photos. Jessica had ceased her struggles. Her thoughts were a confused whirl as she looked up at the man who carried her. ‘You don’t want to fight this one,’ the voice in the back of her mind whispered.

Don eased her into the front passenger seat. “You take it from here Jeff,” he said as he stepped away. Jeff leaned in to buckle Jessica’s safety belt. Randy snapped shot after shot with his camera.

“We can crop Don out of the carry photos,” Randy said excitedly. “Here, pull the hood of the cape up over her head so only her face shows,” he instructed Jeff. “Ohh, this is art!” he exclaimed gleefully.

“Randy, we better let them go before Jessica’s arms go to sleep,” Don told him. “Enough pictures for one night and I’ll bet they have better things to do.” He stepped up and closed the car door. Turning to Jeff he said, “Go have your fun. But keep checking her fingers for coldness and don’t keep her tied for longer than necessary.”

The two men stood in the alleyway as the car’s lights disappeared around the building. Randy scrolled through his most recent shots on the camera’s small screen. “What do you think?” he asked his friend.

Don sighed. “She wants to submit but doesn’t know how,” he said with a frown. “I think the poor guy has a tiger by the tail.”


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