Thanksgiving in Thrall

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Continues from

Part 2: Black Friday

Jennifer Tyler began Black Friday a happy girl indeed! The previous day she had re-united with her former Master who had agreed to take her back; after her disastrous short relationship with her former college boyfriend Brad.

Most romantic reunions feature a romantic dinner, expensive gifts, and promises of undying love.

Instead, Jennifer was naked; placed in bondage; a ball-gag locked in her mouth; spanked and paddled; performed oral sex on her former master; then fucked doggy style; and finally again in the missionary position! After all that amazing sexual activity her Master Scott eventually fell asleep, exhausted!

However, Jennifer cherished every moment of the last few hours! Her naked body had cried out for new stimulation and punishment; and Master Scott had supplied her with what she wanted!

Of course slaves didn't want anything – they subsisted on whatever their owners chose to do with them! But Scott was a good Master who knew that Jennifer desired sexual activity and discipline – and he was more than willing to supply her with what she wanted!

Friday morning – Black Friday – Jennifer arose early and brushed her teeth thoroughly to remove any hint of the come that she had so assiduously swallowed the night before. Then she treated herself to a luxurious hot steaming bubble bath, in order to cleanse herself off all sexual secretions – both hers and Master Scott! A submissive was supposed to be clean and available at all times, and not carry the residue of previous encounters on her body! Master Scott had left her the keys to her collar and bracelets, so they wouldn't get wet and absorb water and swell!

Once bathed and smelling of soap, Jennifer trimmed her nails, and did her hair. It was then that she began to get dressed properly for her Master!

First, she put on a pair of black rubber hose that reached from her toes to her thighs. Next, she put on the black rubber Maid's outfit that she adored wearing! Then came the four inch high heels, that locked onto her ankles with small padlocks. Without the key, there would be no removing those heels! Then came her white rubber apron and headpiece, which she expertly tied around her back and placed over her head. Her hands and arms were soon encased in a pair of black rubber gloves that reached almost to her shoulders!

It felt good again to be encased in the rubber that she enjoyed! When she had once dressed herself in the Maid's uniform to clean their apartment, Brad had called her a “pervert”; which she had told him that he was a dead battery in bed! After all, what man wouldn't want his girlfriend around the house dressed in shiny black rubber!

Jennifer stood in front of the mirror, and admired herself, and then flipped up the front of her uniform to reveal her naked and shaved sex! She wouldn't be wearing a latex bra and panties, so that she would be available should Master Scott want her luscious female flesh – something that she was sure that he would desire!

Lastly, she attached a pair of twelve inch chains to her wrists and ankles with the use of small keyed locks! Jennifer was again truly a submissive, wearing her latex Maid's outfit; sexually accessible, and in chains!

All that was missing was her corset – and that would soon come back as well!

While she had been dressing herself in Shiny Black Latex, Master Scott had followed her into the bathroom and bathed himself as well! When he emerged from the bathroom, she was ready to dry him off and help him get dressed for the day!

Once he was dry and dressed in a gray thin sweatshirt, blue jeans and sneakers, he sat down on the bed and admired her once again.

“You look stunning!” he complimented.

“Thank you, Master!”

“Since we broke up, how many times did you dress in leather or latex?” Master Scott asked.

“Not many, Master. Brad didn't like it!”

“How could you have been so attracted to someone you were so sexually different from?” he asked.

“It was a mistake, Master!” Jennifer explained, “One that I'll never make again!”

“I certainly hope not!” Scott answered, a smile on his face.

Jennifer cooked his favorite breakfast, one that she knew he kept the ingredients ready in the refrigerator. She prepared a Western omelet and toast, with orange juice and lots of hot coffee! After the exertions of last night, she knew that her Master had to refuel for today's activities – as well as take a nap in the afternoon!

He ate in the Dining Room (Jennifer would cook her own breakfast later) and the TV showed all of the shoppers hitting the Malls for Black Friday.

“Would you rather be in Black Latex, or shopping for Black Friday?” Master Scott asked Jennifer.

“Black Latex, Master! Much better than shopping!” she answered, standing on the right side of the dining table.

“Lift your uniform!”

Jennifer lifted her uniform, her wrists chained together! She opened her legs to give a better view of her newly shaven sex!

“I see that you have not forgotten how to dress!” he observed.

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer answered.

“Do you enjoy your Latex Maid's uniform?”

“Yes, very much!” she quickly answered.

“Tomorrow, you'll wear the corset. I'm sure that will increase your pleasure!”

“Yes, Master!”

Master Scott ate his breakfast quickly and efficiently, and adjourned to his office. Jennifer cooked and ate her own meal, then cleaned the dishes and kitchen.

Jennifer had gone shopping a couple of times on Black Friday, and hated the experience. It seemed that people went slightly crazy, and bad behavior was the rule! The second time, someone had actually hit her girlfriend's car in the parking lot, then tried to flee!

So now that she was back in Latex and chains, she was prepared for a truly memorable Thanksgiving weekend! Her nipples and pussy tingled with excitement as she contemplated the next few days! 

Master Scott's cell phone rang, and she could hear part of the conversation. As a computer expert, he was often on call twenty-four hours a day. Jennifer had been surprised that last night they were able to do a scene without interruption! But now that it was daytime, they were not so lucky!

In the old days, Scott would have to travel into work. But now, he could log on from home and diagnose and fix the problem without leaving the house – and a submissive halfway through a scene was a disappointed girl indeed!

When the call was over – he was on the phone and computer for about an hour – he rejoined her in the kitchen.

“Any coffee left?” he asked.

“Yes, Master!”

“Pour me a cup, please!”

“Yes, Master!”

Chained, Jennifer emptied the last cup from the pitcher, shut off the warmer, and placed it before Master Scott.

“Your coffee, Master!”

“Thank you, Jennifer.”

“You're welcome, Master!”

“That was Nicole, from work! She picked up a virus on the company computer. She could have used her own personal computer, not the one work gives her. She could have used her own personal internet connection – but she just had to use the network from the company! No matter how many seminars and talks I give at work, there's always one person who gets careless and picks up a virus!”

“What was she doing, Master?” Jennifer asked.

“Looking at Bondage Porn, actually. I never suspected that Nicole had a kinky streak in her – married with two kids, never talks about sex at work. After her carelessness, what I think she needs is a good Master to show her some discipline so that she'll never do it again!” he chuckled in mirth.

“Yes, Master,” Jennifer agreed, “I'm sure that you could teach her a lesson!”

“Well, back to work. We can watch a movie later!”

“Yes, Master!” she quickly agreed.

“And if you have any work to do, now's the time!”

“Yes, Master, thank you!” replied Jennifer.

Jennifer worked as an accounts manager for a large multinational corporation with customers literally all over the globe. She was lucky that she didn't have to travel into the city every day for work, but she still had to be in touch by computer. Even though it was a holiday in the US; it wasn't in the rest of the world. So she simply had to spend a few hours online – so she had brought her briefcase and PC!

Master Scott went back to his own office, and Jennifer set up shop on the Dining Room table, the better so she could spread out her papers. The house had a LAN; so she was quickly able to long on and start work!

She had disabled her PC's webcam; and as an added precaution had taped a piece of cardboard over the camera! Her coworkers had all said that she was bashful when not at work! Jennifer wondered just how surprised they would be to find that she was dressed in shiny black latex when not at work!

Jennifer wished that she was a character in those bondage novels she sometimes read. Those females had nothing to do until being called upon to serve their Masters! In her busy life, she was always on call!

She wished that she could place her fingers inside her pussy, and stimulate herself into a raging orgasm! She ground her legs together in frustration, since the orgasms of the previous night had awakened her sexual id – and she wanted more!

Her ankle chain rattled under the table, and she hoped that Master Scott wouldn't guess what was happening! Giving herself an orgasm without permission was strictly forbidden – and she might be forced to wear a chastity belt or a butt plug in punishment!

Jennifer wondered if it was work that was her real slave master! Not her reconnection with her former Master!

In College, she had learned about Wage Slavery. In her real life, she was experiencing another kind of slavery – one that fulfilled her sex life!

She felt her nipples hardening under the latex, and she wished that she could reach under her uniform and knead and pinch them; which would bring herself to orgasm!

In her desk at work, she didn't dare have a vibrator! But she knew that some of her female co-workers did and would turn the radio on, and have a quick orgasm at work during the day! 

Her wrist chains and latex gloves proved no impediment while she worked, and she was careful not to rustle her chains when she took the occasional phone call!

She remembered the good old days when a holiday meant actual time off from work for family or shopping! Now it just seemed like a work release from jail!

The scent of the latex was almost irresistible! Jennifer's nostrils were filled with the heady latex scent, and she dreamed of giving herself an orgasm; even as she resolved one online question after another.

During her breakup with Master Scott she had to buy a full set of new tires for her car. The tire shop was in the process of getting a delivery from a tractor trailer parked outside; so there were tires everywhere, and the place was permeated by the metallic rubber scent! Every time that Jennifer inhaled, she wanted to knead her pussy and bring herself to a raging orgasm!

The other customers looked at her strangely, except for one woman in her thirties. Could the woman have guessed that what she wanted was an orgasm because the new rubber scent had sexually excited her?

It was after lunch that Master Scott decided that it was time for a little fun!

Instead of watching a holiday movie, or the dog show, or even a basketball game on TV, he had Jennifer procure a riding crop from the bedroom!

Jennifer's heart swooned at the prospect that she was again going to be used in some fashion!

Master Scott sat in an easy chair in the living room, with Jennifer standing directly in front of him.

“Raise your uniform!” he ordered.

“Yes, Master!”

Jennifer did as she was instructed, and her bared sex now came under his gaze! He reached forward with his right hand, and kneaded her sex – which was already engorged with blood, since she was already on edge!

“Are you ready all the time for my prick or my lash?” asked Master Scott.

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer quickly answered.

“Wanton slut!”

Using the crop like a metronome, he flicked the leather loop at the crop's tip between her legs, on her most sensitive female flesh!

“Oooooooooh!” Jennifer moaned.

“It's amazing that you get any work done at all, you seem to be excited all the time!”

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer cried.

He then struck her exposed sex with the crop, making her swoon with joy! After several mild strokes, Jennifer was clearly ready for an orgasm!

“If you react this way to mild discipline,” he began, “How will you react tonight when I re-introduce you to the whip?”

“I'll….I'll be fine, Master!” Jennifer stuttered in response.

Jennifer both loved and feared the whip, as any sane submissive should! But she knew that Master Scott was truly talented with the whip, and her skin wouldn't be in any real danger! However, she knew that with the whip, he could play her naked body like a musical instrument!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Tears formed from her eyes as Jennifer tried hard to not have an orgasm without permission! Being denied sexual release was a form of punishment all by itself!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

“Uncomfortable, my dear?” Master Scott asked.

“Yes, Master – please let me come?” Jennifer begged.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

“Please!” begged Jennifer, forgetting the honorific used in addressing her Master!

Jennifer shook in her high heels and chains, making them rustle against the wooden floor of the living room! All of this added to her desire for sexual release!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Just when Jennifer could stand it no more, just when the pressure inside her was too much to bear, finally Master Scott relented!

“You may bring yourself to orgasm, my dear!”

Jennifer quickly plunged her index and forefinger of her left hand into her raging sex, and it didn't take much to stimulate her clitoris to orgasm. Soon she was shaking as one orgasm after another rippled through her latex clad body, making her moan and cry out in turn!

Master Scott sat back in the chair, holding the crop in his two hands, bending the leather clad bamboo for effect as Jennifer debased herself in front of him!

“What a slut you are,” said Master Scott.

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer cried out.

Since her stimulation was on the mild side, her orgasms were neither numerous not long lasting! Soon Jennifer was again in control of herself!

“You may clean your fingers of your female secretions!” Master Scott ordered.

“Yes, Master!”

Jennifer quickly did as she had been told! She tasted herself on her fingers, making her want to have orgasms even more!

“Before I let you have sexual relief, you failed to address me properly. Do you remember?”

“Yes, Master!”

“You'll be punished for that later in the Playroom – under the whip! But for now, I want you to turn around and raise your uniform!”

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer quickly followed his orders!

Her bottom, already sore from last night's use, then received 6 carefully timed and executed strokes with the length of the crop – which left long lines on her flesh!

“AaaaaaaaaH!” Jennifer cried out.

“Would you like to wear a ball-gag all day?” Master Scott asked.

“No, Master!” Jennifer answered.

“Then remain silent!”

Master Scott then delivered 6 more, setting Jennifer afire once again!

“Thank you, Master!” Jennifer said when her punishment was complete!

“You're welcome, my dear! Now you can go clean yourself up – you smell of sex!”

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer replied, glad that she had been dismissed!

The rest of Black Friday was uneventful for Jennifer. After being brought to climax in the living room, Master Scott had not used her for the rest of the day. They had eaten Dinner together (she remained in chains and her Latex Maid's uniform) because Master Scott had cooked another excellent Dinner – and it would have been a shame not to eat the Rib Roast at the same time!

They had watched a classic movie together, then played a game of chess – Master Scott was certainly the most intellectually challenging man she had ever been with!

And then came the evening – which was what Jennifer had been eagerly waiting all day for!


Jennifer tried to twist in her bonds but the leather and steel confining her was no match for naked girl flesh!

First Master Scott had removed her chains; and then entire Latex Maid's uniform! Jennifer smelled a bit from the latex, but she enjoyed the aroma that it had left behind on her skin!

Then he had locked her hands behind her back, and placed a ball-gag in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. All that remained of her clothing was the four inch high heels that remained locked on her feet! But Jennifer knew that this was just a prelude to them going down into his Playroom – where further discipline would await!

After they arrived, Jennifer stood in silence as spreader bars were attached to her wrists and ankles, and then she heard two distinctive clicks – and the bar holding her wrists must have been attached to something – probably a ceiling chain! Next the bar holding her ankles received the same treatment!

“Going up!” Master Scott announced.

Jennifer felt a tug on her arms as a motor began to slowly raise them from waist level! The chain continued to pull the spreader bar above her head, and then it became taut as all of the slack was taken up!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Jennifer cried as her entire weight was now placed on her wrists as her feet left the floor!

Master Scott had now hanged her by her wrists – and she was pulled taut by her own weight! She could still feel the floor beneath her with the soles of her high heels, in fact he let her down a bit so she could rest some weight on her feet! But Jennifer was now totally helpless and exposed to the whip; and bound in steel and leather.

“Be back soon, darling. I have to get dressed in black. Don't go anywhere!” Master Scott told her, and in leaving, pinched her right nipple, which was already erect!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Jennifer cried when her nipple was pinched.

Hung in the shape of an X; Jennifer was now naked and totally exposed to the promised whip! She had thought that Master Scott might first use the riding crop on her tonight, but he used that earlier in the day to tease an orgasm from her when he used it between her legs!

Her reintroduction to submission was coming along quite fast; and Master Scott was wasting no time in reacquainting her with the implements of discipline that she had wanted for so long!

Jennifer twisted her naked body from side to side, but the chains holding her would only allow a limited amount of movement! It had been years since she had been confined in this way; and chained like this – there would be no escape from the whip!

Abruptly, she heard the sounds of footsteps once again on the wooden playroom floor! They were the sounds of heels from a pair of men's shoes – which were different than those made by a woman wearing high heels!

Master Scott had returned, and she strained her ears to listen as he slowly circled around her taut, naked, helpless body!

Then his fingertips began to feel her underarms, her breasts, her waist, and between her legs, kneading her sex! With her heart already pounding in her chest, Jennifer remained silent in her bondage as Master Scott slowly explored her captive female form!

“Lovely, simply lovely, my darling! Brad was a real fool to ignore your charms! Any real man would have known that a woman such as you needs to be sexually fulfilled on a regular basis – but only a Master would know that also includes chains; and the whip!”


“When you were alone and using the treadmill at the Health Club, were you dreaming of the times I placed you under the whip?” asked Master Scott.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Jennifer moaned in response.

“I know that you were hungering for the taste of the leather again on your naked flesh. A girl like you wants a hard cock in all of her holes, and the feel of discipline on your female form. You're not a princess, except maybe a princess of pain. And that's what you're going to get again this night!” said Master Scott to his bound captive.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Jennifer cried as she twisted against her chains.

Jennifer blinked her eyes as the leather blindfold was suddenly removed! Under the Playroom lights, which she noted had been turned up in intensity – she focused on Master Scott who now stood directly in front of her!

He was dressed in black from the shirt and black jeans to the highly polished shoes on his feet. Different from last night was the belt around his waist, from which hung a coiled whip!

Jennifer's eyes opened wide when she saw the whip, because her mouth was still filled by the red rubber ball within – robbing her of the power of speech!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Jennifer cried when her eyes were drawn to the whip!

“This is what a girl like you deserves!” he told her, “but since you haven't been whipped in a long time, we can dispense with the gag! Besides, I want to hear your cries for mercy! Once you're familiar again with the whip, I'll use it on you gagged, the way I used to before!” he told her.

He walked to her back, and she felt as his fingers removed the leather strap holding the ball in her mouth. It took just a few seconds to release the roller buckle, and her mouth was suddenly free! Master Scott then closed the strap again, leaving the ball-gag around her neck!

Jennifer's chest heaved as she took several deep breaths, her taut breasts barely moving!

“Thank you, Master!” said Jennifer, when she again had the power of speech.

“You're welcome, my dear! When were you last in this position?” Master Scott demanded of his helpless captive.

“The last time I was with you, Master. Before we - before I – broke up our relationship! I felt at the time you did not use me as harshly as you could have,” replied Jennifer.

“Quite correct, slave. I wanted you to pine for what you were about to lose. I see that I did a good job!”

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer agreed.

“But now we have returned to the present,” he said as he removed the whip from his waist, “Kiss the whip and thank me for what you are about to receive! And look at yourself in the mirror!”

Jennifer kissed the handle of the whip when it was offered to her lips, not once, but several times! She saw the look of approval on Master Scott's face as she did so!

Since she had been blindfolded when she had been led into the Playroom, she had not been able to see the full length mirror on wheels that had been placed directly in front of naked and bound body!

Jennifer admired her taut nakedness, the fact that she didn't have an extra ounce of fat on her female body indicated that she had kept herself in excellent condition all this time! Now that was true discipline!

Master Scott stood back, and the whip uncoiled on the floor. She could see the lights reflecting off of the oiled coils of the whip, indicating that it was kept in excellent condition! Jennifer herself had been taught by her Master how to care for and take care of the very instruments of torment that were routinely used on her!

She would often pause and remember the pain they inflicted on her, prior to the pleasure they unlocked from her punished body!

Jennifer tensed in her captivity, hearing her heels tap against the wooden floor, there was no sound in the Playroom at all until – there was the almost silent whoosh of the whip through the air, and then the sound of the tip striking her flesh!


Once again, Jennifer was under the lash!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Slowly at first, Master Scott would strike a part of her female anatomy, and then another, not landing a blow in the same place twice!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Confined and helpless Jennifer remembered a party that Master Scott had taken her to. It was a D/s party, made up Masters; Mistresses; and their slaves and submissives. One of the other girls showed her a cartoon of a slave hanging by her wrists, with her Master standing in front of her, talking. Meanwhile, the balloon above the slave's head read “Will you get on with it already and start whipping me?”

Jennifer smiled but dared not chuckle at the memory – for to do so would deeply offend Master Scott. Laughter wasn't the usual response while being whipped!

In the past, Master Scott had played something dramatic – Wagner – on the Playroom stereo while she was being whipped. But this time the stereo remained silent!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Jennifer cried out as the whip struck her femininity time and time again!

Master Scott had increased the frequency and intensity of each whip stroke! That had wiped the smile from her face! Jennifer reflected that she had been whipped much more severely before in the past – so this was a slow reintroduction to the whip that she had desired for so long!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Jennifer could watch her own discipline in the mirror in front of her. Master Scott would strike her from the side, so she could watch as the whip struck her breasts; thighs; and pussy!

“Owwwwwww!” Jennifer cried.

“And I really hurting you that much?” asked Master Scott between strokes.

“No, Master – it's just that I haven't felt the whip for so long!”

“No matter, you'll soon be acclimated to it once again!” Master Scott replied.

Crack! Crack! Crack!


Jennifer saw the ball-gag still tied around her neck, and she knew that Master Scott might not hesitate to lock it again in her mouth, silencing her cries!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Jennifer twisted in her chains to no effect, in a futile attempt to avoid the lash! When she had been a new submissive, she had asked the question if it was alright for nice girls to be whipped!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The answer that she had discovered was that it depended on the girl: and for her, that answer was an emphatic yes!


“Perhaps I should whip you harder?” suggested Master Scott.

“Yes, Master, thank you!” Jennifer replied.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The whip landed without mercy on her breasts; underarms; bottom; shoulder blades; thighs; and pussy! Sometimes it left a mark behind, other times not! Master Scott was skilled in the use of the single tail whip, which could break the skin if improperly used!

But as a responsible Master, he never did anything that would actually hurt or require medical attention. Jennifer would survive this whipping and have many more!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Jennifer cried when a stroke landed with a vicious blow to her right breast!

“That's better, my dear!” said Master Scott.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Sometimes, Master Scott would have her count out the strokes of her discipline, but not tonight! This evening was intended to reintroduce Jennifer to the whip – and Master Scott was not shirking in his mission!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Master Scott used the whip relentlessly on her, and Jennifer was proud of the fact that she was able to take the lash without pause! Seeing herself in the mirror helped to stiffen her resolve to take the whip!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Her only weakness was that she was again becoming sexually aroused! Being punished without mercy was heating her up sexually, and she again desperately wanted to come – but bound as she was, that was impossible!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Jennifer cried when the whip landed squarely across her breasts!

She wondered how her female co-workers would feel about her if they knew that she was turned on by leather and latex and loved being whipped! “Fifty Shades” had made the rounds of the office, and she had tried to interest her friends in the book “Story of O” - but there had been no takers!

Master Scott then abruptly ceased whipping her, leaving Jennifer startled. Had she displeased him in some way?

“Master?” asked Jennifer, as the absence of the whip left her momentarily disoriented, “Have I done something wrong?”

“No, Jennifer. I want to compliment you! For a girl that hasn't been whipped in more than two years, you took the whip as if we had split up just yesterday!”

“Thank you, Master!” Jennifer cried.

He coiled the whip in his left hand, and then with his right, began to knead her right breast and pinch her nipple! She moaned with pleasure as her erect nipple was fondled, and she wished that she had been whipped with a pair of nipple clamps on her breasts! That would have enhanced the sensations of the whip as it coursed through her naked body!

“Are you wet?” he asked, as his right hand now began to explore her sex, “Yes, you're very wet indeed!”

“Yes, Master!”

“Do you want more of the whip or my cock?” Asked Master Scott.

“Both, Master!”

“I can only give you one at a time – and I think I should use my cock between your legs!”

Master Scott then replaced the whip on his belt, and walking to the control box, soon lowered her to the floor from her suspension! Jennifer had a hard time standing up on her own after having been suspended and whipped for such a long time!

“Thank you, Master!”

He produced a set of keys, and unlocked her wrists and ankles from the spreader bars that had confined them for so long! Jennifer was free! She glanced at herself in the mirror and gasped – her naked body was striped with a network of fine lines that the whip had left!

“Here or in the bedroom?” asked Master Scott,

“Here,” she answered, “Master!”

He took her to the jail cell where she had been used the night before. She lay on the cot, glad to be off her feet, though still wearing the high heels! Master Scott quickly stripped off all of his clothes, which were left in a disorderly pile on the floor!

Jennifer opened her legs, and he easily pushed his massive erection inside her! She moaned with pleasure as his rod entered her, pulled out, then pushed in again!

Master Scott then started rocking back and forth, fucking her with a regular motion that soon had Jennifer moaning with pleasure, after the pain of the whip!

“Aaaaaaah!” Jennifer cried out.

She felt the rubber ball still tied around her throat hit her on the chin, a further symbol of her status as a submissive! It only seemed to deepen her pleasure!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Master Scott moaned.

Jennifer enfolded Master Scott in her arms, drawing him ever deeper inside her. She wanted his hard cock inside her – that was why she wanted to be whipped and punished! Pleasure and pain were for her two sides of the same coin! She didn't want one without the other!

“Fuck me, Master!” Jennifer begged.

Master Scott didn't reply verbally, but instead continued to plow her furrow, making her moan with ecstasy! He had turned into a fucking machine, and would not stop until he had a massive climax inside her!

It seemed for Jennifer that the universe had shrunk to the confines of the prison cot! Her entire consciousness was now centered between her legs as his cock rammed itself inside her loins! She squealed with pleasure as his cock impaled her again and again!

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, she felt Master Scott take huge deep breath, and then his cock stiffened and then he climaxed, and his hot semen shot into her sex once more!

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” Master Scott moaned at the very height of orgasm!

Jennifer too climaxed at that moment, and waves of pleasure coursed through her naked sweaty body! Perspiration poured from Master Scott, and their aroused scents mixed together, creating a heady perfume of sex!

“OooooooH!” Jennifer cried out as her naked and abused body shuddered as one climax after another tore through her naked body!

They lay together, panting, their bodies exhausted by the joint ordeal of whipping and sex!

He withdrew from her, their bodies slick and sticky with both sweat, her juices, and his come!

Jennifer had never been so pleased in her life!

Later on, in the bedroom after they had both cleaned up, Master Scott lay with his back on the bed, and Jennifer was between his legs, sucking his flaccid cock back to life!

She was still wearing her collar and bracelets, but Master Scott had removed the ball-gag from around her neck and her locked on shoes! A riding crop lay on the bed, but Jennifer did not need any urging to service her Master!

She sucked eagerly on his cock, and soon it began to stir! After their monumental orgasms in the cell, she briefly wondered if he had any sexual energy left! But now her administrations were taking effect, and his cock was becoming hard once more!

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” cried Master Scott.

With her mouth full of his cock, Jennifer was unable to respond! She sucked and slurped on his massive organ, once again bringing him to full erection!

Jennifer wondered what orifice of hers he would deign to use? Would he again use her as a woman? Or would he withdraw and plunge his cock into her bottom, as he had many times before?

Master Scott picked up the crop with his right hand and began to tap it on her shoulder blades, urging her to ever greater efforts!

Jennifer realized that he wanted to take her mouth again, so she avidly continued her labors on his now hardened cock!

He moaned with pleasure as she sucked on his organ! However, the previous exertions of the night had already begun to tell, and he soon climaxed in her mouth!

Jennifer gulped down his hot semen as it shot into her throat, making her gag as she was unprepared for the massive flow! It had been some time since she had last serviced a man in this way, and so she was out of practice!

His come again dribbled down her chin as she struggled to keep up, trying to swallow instead of gagging on his emissions!

“Glug!” escaped her lips.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” moaned Master Scott as he climaxed for the final time, exhausted by the effort of whipping Jennifer and then fucking her down in the cell and having a blow-job in his own bedroom.

They both soon drifted off into a deep sleep, exhausted, Master and submissive, locked together in each other's arms.

THE END of “Thanksgiving in Thrall” PT2 Black Friday in Latex

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