Thanksgiving in Thrall

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Continues from

Part 3: Cabin Fever

Delighted to be wearing her Black Latex Maid's uniform once again, Jennifer set about the business of cleaning Master Scott's house. Saturday morning had been a repeat of Friday, with Jennifer rising early to bathe and clean herself after the night's sexual activities!

There was nothing like a hot soak in the tub to clean herself of the dried sweat, come, and her own secretions after a night of domination and intense sex! She admired herself in the mirror, since she had not been whipped like that for years!

Between her bottom still smarting from the paddling that she had received on Thanksgiving Day; and the whipping for Black Friday; Jennifer was making up for lost time when she had not been with Master Scott!

Jennifer resolved that at home in her apartment she should would wear her Latex Maid's uniform; plus a latex dress that Master Scott had given her as a birthday gift!

The only thing that she regretted was that she couldn't wear them in public – but she did have a PVC Dress that she did wear in public sometimes. Perhaps she should wear that dress more outside!

In truth, there was little to do. Master Scott kept an orderly and clean house, a reflection of his personality. She dusted the bookshelves, admiring his choice of reading material (history and Science Fiction mostly); cleaned the floors; and made sure that everything was in its proper place!

There was nothing like the whip to make a girl's heart swoon, and Jennifer wondered what Master Scott would use on her next! Down in the playroom was the horse; and she remembered spending agonizing hours bound to it, with her entire weight resting on her sex; a ball-gag in her mouth silencing her cries!

Having been paddled and whipped, Jennifer wondered what else would happen to her this weekend! Today was Saturday; which would be the weekend's climax – after all tomorrow on Sunday she would have to go home and get ready for work.

Jennifer smiled at the thought! At work, all her girlfriends bragged about was how many times their men just fucked them. She doubted that any could claim to have been whipped or paddled!

Today, Master Scott had told her not to chain her hands together, only her ankles! Jennifer knew that today she would be laced into a corset!

“Jennifer!” Master Scott called from his office.

“Yes, Master!” replied Jennifer, startled out of her reverie by his call.

She walked slowly and deliberately to his office, her ankles restrained by the twelve inches of chain locked to her ankle bracelets! With her feet locked into four inch high heels, she also had to exercise caution as well!

“Yes. Master!” said Jennifer as she entered his office.

“Are your chores complete?” he asked her.

“Yes, sir!” she promptly answered.

“Are you ready to wear a latex corset again?” Master Scott inquired.

“Yes, Master!” she enthusiastically answered.

“Remove your apron, and I'll help you get into it,” he told her.

“Yes, Master!”

“Turn your back to me, and I'll lace you into it!”

Jennifer untied the white latex apron around her waist, and placed it carefully on the desk where Master Scott was working on his laptop. She did as she was told, and raised her arms so that her Master would have easy access to her latex clad body!

Master Scott placed the latex corset around her waist, then began the job of lacing it up! Jennifer thought that there was nothing more erotic than lacing a woman into a corset – except possibly being laced into an armbinder! The problem was that she could wear neither in public!

After a few minutes, when she felt her waist mildly compressed by the corset (proper corset procedure was an inch at a time) Master Scott tied off the laces, and Jennifer felt his hands explore her figure!

“You may put your hands down, Jennifer!”

“Yes, Master!”

“Look at yourself in the mirror,” he told her.

On the back side of the office door was a full size mirror, and Jennifer couldn't wait to see how she looked in the latex corset! There was nothing more feminine than a woman with an hourglass figure!

“As you can see, this corset is closed by clasps in the front – so you can put it on by yourself without having to worry about tying the laces – which is what I'll be doing! I want you to now take it off, and put it on again – and then you may replace your white apron.”

“Yes, Master!”

Jennifer had worn this corset before, and she was familiar with it! She undid the clasps, and she removed it from her waist; and then proceeded to buckle it around her waist again, taking a deep breath while doing so!

“I expect that you'll wear it at home when you're not with me,” he told her.

“Yes, Master,” Jennifer agreed.

Master Scott then handed Jennifer her white latex apron that she again tied around her newly corseted waist. She then held out her hands, and Master Scott then locked the twelve inch chain to her wrists, matching the one on her ankles! She was captive once more, and nothing was more erotic!

“I trust that you are all right from yesterday?” he asked.

“Yes, Master. Just a little sore!”

“But you'll be in shape for tonight?”

“Yes, Master. I'll be ready!” Jennifer said, confidence in her voice.

“That's good, because I'm getting a case of cabin fever. How would you like to go out for dinner this evening?”

“I'd love to, Master!” Jennifer replied.

“There's a new Italian restaurant in town, and I made Dinner reservations for tonight. I thought that we should get dressed up and get out of the house. I'll wear a suit, and you'll look stunning in an evening dress. Do you still have that red cocktail dress?”

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer quickly answered, her heart beating quickly.

“Good. Then let's go out on the town tonight – hopefully, it won't be too crowded – since everyone else will still be out shopping. Oh, one other thing.”

“Yes, Master, what would that be?”

“You'll be wearing a chastity belt underneath!”

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Master Scott spent time on his laptop, and Jennifer worked on hers as well. A couple of her girlfriends emailed her, wanting to get together for a drink, but she replied that she had already made plans!

At one point during the afternoon, Scott called her into the living room, and draped her across his lap, and gave her a mild spanking.

This was for no reason at all, except for the fact that he was her Master; and could do whatever he liked with her, and at any time!

So he delivered a few mild smacks to her bottom, nothing serious, except they served to once again put her sexually on the boil!

“Master, may I please you?” Jennifer begged as she was released and kneeling on the floor.

“Thank you, Jennifer, but not now. I want to have all of my sexual energies for this evening. Besides, it's time to get dressed – I have to get into my suit; then we have to drive to your place so you can get into your cocktail dress.”

“Yes, Master!” replied Jennifer, a little disappointed. Surely they had enough time for a quick blow-job?

Master Scott had chosen a blue Brooks Brothers suit, Hathaway shirt and tie, and dress shoes. Jennifer was wearing a red cocktail dress from DKNY, garter belt and stockings, and the same four inch high heels that her feet had been locked in all day! Around her neck was a small decorative collar with a single symbolic ring at the front signifying her submission!

This was unlike the collar she had been wearing since Thursday; which had D-rings so that she could be chained in place!

The restaurant was indeed new, and Master Scott ordered for both of them, along with a bottle of red wine to accompany the beef dishes for their meal.

The place was nearly full, with only a couple of empty tables.

Jennifer sat quietly, looking over the other patrons. She wondered how many of them would be having sex that evening. Were there any other submissives in the room?

True to his word, Jennifer had been locked into a chastity belt before they left her apartment. Master Scott had it made specially for her three years ago, and she had not worn it since! A leather belt encircled her waist, and a molded strap covered her loins! It was held in place by small keyed locks – which she knew that he held the keys to!

Jennifer excused herself to go to the bathroom, and applied more makeup to her cheeks.

“Nice pair of shoes, hon. Where did you get them?” 

Jennifer was startled when another woman in the bathroom asked her a question! The woman was in her thirties, still shapely, brunette, and wearing a white blouse, skirt, and heels.

“My boyfriend bought them for me,” Jennifer answered, “I really don't know from where.”

“Don't you know the label?” the woman asked.

“I think you can get them online without too much searching,” Jennifer replied.

“What's wrong, honey? Don't you have the key?” laughed the other woman.

“Haven't you ever heard of minding your own business?” tartly answered Jennifer.

“Excuse me!” said the woman.

Jennifer could only wish that the woman could be stripped, hung naked in the spreader bars, and given a good whipping for her impudence! She wondered just how this pest might react if she knew that Jennifer was a submissive, and that she was locked into a chastity belt for the night!

The rest of the Dinner was without incident, and the restaurant even had a small group perform some live music! They finished their Dinner and Dessert; and retrieved their coats, and were soon in the car, headed back to Master Scott's house.

“What happened in the ladies room?” asked Master Scott during the drive.

“Another woman wanted to know about my shoes. She thought that it was funny they were locked on my feet, Master.”

“Just a busy-body, then?”

“Yes, sir!” Jennifer answered, “I only wished that she could have gotten some discipline for her not respecting me.”

“Perhaps one day she will,” replied Master Scott, with a smile on his face.


After their return from the Italian Restaurant, Jennifer couldn't wait to get out of her red cocktail dress (which she hoped she would wear again during the holiday season); and back into her bondage collar and bracelets! But her first order of business was to get out of the chastity belt and be able to go to the bathroom! She had voided herself before being strapped into the chastity belt, and it a relief to finally be able to empty herself once again!

“Thank you, Master!” Jennifer said to Master Scott after she had exited the bathroom.

Jennifer had been able to contain herself for hours, but she finally had to relieve herself before having an accident! Once, locked into the chastity belt, she had an accident before she could ask Master Scott to unlock her! Her punishment had been to wear an adult diaper to work for a week!

But now, she was back in harness – or rather – back in bondage!


On Thursday night, when she had been locked in the cell, Jennifer saw all of the instruments of torment that she had once been very familiar with! With the ball-gag in her mouth, her eyes widened at seeing the stocks; the cage; the ceiling chains; the wall rack of whips, crops, and floggers; and finally the horse!

There was no instrument that Jennifer feared more than being mounted on the horse! It was a simple device really of two pieces of wood in the shape of an “A”; on which a girl would sit; with her entire weight resting on her sex! She would be held in place by her ankle bracelets with chains attached to the wood; and her wrists would be locked behind her back and attached to a ceiling chain!

Here it was, late Saturday night, and Jennifer again was riding the horse, locked in place once again, just as she had been before! When she had told Master Scott that she enjoyed being back in submission; she had not yet experienced the horse again!


With her weight resting on her sex, Jennifer felt as if she was being split in two! With the ball-gag in her mouth once again, she was silenced! She couldn't even plead to be let off the horse!

Master Scott was seated on his wooden chair, calmly reading a magazine! Her plight was something that he had engineered; and now he was a spectator!


“Silence! Perhaps I should give you something else to think about!” said Master Scott.

Dressed again in black, he cut a dashing figure. Tonight he wore a black shirt; leather jeans; and boots, and his heels clicked on the wooden floor! 

Master Scott walked over the wall, after closing the magazine he was reading. He removed a shiny object; and Jennifer knew what her next torment was going to be!

Standing to her right side, he displayed a set of bright shiny nipple clamps, with a chain linking them together!

Jennifer's eyes opened wide as her left nipple was clamped; followed by her right! Then Master Scott pulled gently on the chain, putting tension on her tortured nipples!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Jennifer cried, as her femininity was again under assault.

“Next time you ride the horse, my dear, you'll be impaled on a rubber cock!” he told her, as he resumed his seat! A bound, gagged submissive was never to be left alone, lest a problem occur!


For some reason, Jennifer thought about the busy-body Brunette that she had encountered in the Ladies Room at the Restaurant. Where was she now, Jennifer wondered? Was she in bed with her boyfriend, her legs opened to admit his cock? Or giving him a blow-job? Or taking his cock up her backside? Or, better yet, being used with a riding crop?

The image in her mind of the woman under the lash was one that she relished! Women could be so cruel to one another – she remembered when her Master had exchanged her for a couple of days to a Dominatrix for her slave – and how the leather clad woman had cruelly treated her!

Nor had she forgotten being excluded from the various cliques in school!

Jennifer moved in her bondage, and she felt the chain brush against her breasts, reminding her of her present captivity!

She fervently wished that the Brunette would one day find herself in the position of riding the horse! That would take the smirk off her face, to be confined in steel & leather – and in submission to a Master or Mistress that would put her in her proper place!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Jennifer moaned as her sex was being split in two; and her erect nipples were being tormented by the clamps!

Master Scott rose to his feet and again stood directly in front of his captive submissive!

“Had enough of the horse, my darling?” Master Scott asked.

Jennifer shook her head up and down in response! Anything was better than having her sex split in two! She wished that she knew how long she had sat on the horse! Any more, and tears would soon fall from her eyes, onto her naked flesh!

“All right then, Jennifer. We can proceed onto your next ordeal!”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Jennifer moaned in agreement.

Jennifer was next hanging upside down, with her hands locked behind her back. She had watched as Master Scott had unlocked the four inch heels that she had worn all day – even when they dined together at the restaurant.

Her ball-gag had been removed, and was again hanging in it's proper place on the wall. Master Scott held a riding crop in his hand, and flexed it in front of his captive!

“I know you have to go to work Monday, so I won't use your feet as much as I'd like. But this will be a start. Next time you'll be in this position, I'll use the cane!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Jennifer had forgotten just how much it hurt when the crop was applied to the soles of her feet! When not applied there, Master Scott used it on the backs of her naked thighs!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwwww!” Jennifer cried out.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Kiss the crop and thank me!” ordered Master Scott.

“Thank you, Master!” said Jennifer as the crop's tip was offered to her lips, which she avidly kissed as instructed.

“I only wish I could beat the soles of your pretty feet more, Jennifer, but as I said earlier, we live in the real world, not a fantasy one where I can keep you captive and do whatever I want without impacting your career!”

“Thank you, Master!” replied Jennifer.

“But there are other parts of your anatomy that I will now use,” he said with malice in his voice.

“Yes, Master!”

Jennifer was once again suspended from the ceiling, her wrists and ankles locked to spreader bars; her exposed and naked body inches from the floor held in the shape of an “X”. Her firm breasts stuck out from her chest; and Master Scott had removed the nipple clamps that had confined them!

She had nearly screamed when they had been removed – Jennifer did not know what was worse – putting them on or taking them off! Her return to submission was something that she would not be able to forget any time soon!

Jennifer had dreamed for the last two years of again being confined and being under the lash! She had heard in life to be careful what you wished for – and that was true!

“What now, my dear?” asked Master Scott.

“Whatever my Master desires,” replied Jennifer in her exposed captivity.

“Are you wet?” he asked.

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer quickly replied.

Jennifer felt her exposed sex fondled, and then his fingers found their way inside her, to her erect clitoris! She moaned in response as she was stimulated once again!

“AaaaaaaaaaH!” Jennifer moaned once again.

“You're a slut,” said Master Scott, “You desire the whip at all times!”

“Yes….Master!” Jennifer stuttered in response.

“Clean yourself from my fingers again – and then you will be punished!”

Jennifer quickly obeyed when Master Scott inserted his middle and forefinger into her mouth, and she again tasted her secretions! There was no doubt that she was ready for whatever was coming next!

“Mmmmmmmm!” Jennifer moaned as she sucked her own juices.

Master Scott removed his fingers from her mouth and slowly cleaned her saliva from them with a clean white handkerchief from his pocket! Then he walked over the wall rack, and removed a flogger! He again stood in front of his captive, and displayed it to her!

Jennifer knew it all too well, since the ends were tied into small knots, and it had been soaked in water, so that each stroke would leave her marked! It would be a fitting end to the weekend!

“Kiss the flogger and thank me,” ordered Master Scott.

“Thank you, Master!” quickly responded Jennifer.

“I order you to count every stroke to further your pain and humiliation!”

“Yes, Master!”

Master Scott then stood back, and without further ceremony began to use the flogger on her taut, naked body! The first stroke landed on her breasts, which were still tender from the nipple clamps!






Master Scott circled around Jennifer, careful not to let the flogger strike the same place on her naked body twice!


“The only thing I want to hear from you are numbers – else you'll be gagged!”






Jennifer wished that she could again see herself in the mirror, because surely her naked body was again being covered in welts from the flogger!






“Owwwww!” Jennifer cried when the flogger found it's way between her legs to her shaven sex!





“Twenty!” Jennifer screamed out the number, as an important milestone had been reached in her punishment.

“Very good, my darling!” Master Scott complimented her.

“Thank….Thank you, Master!” stuttered Jennifer in response.





“Twenty-five!” Jennifer cried out the number as her flogging continued!


“Just the number, my dear – or I'll gag you – this is your final warning!” Master Scott threatened.





“Owwwwwww!” Jennifer cried out when the flogger again landed on her pretty breasts!

Master Scott abruptly stopped, and held the flogger in his hands.

“You know what your punishment will be!” Master Scott calmly explained.

“Yes….Yes, Master!” Jennifer cried.

Master Scott retrieved the red rubber ball-gag that Jennifer had worn when she was riding the horse. Standing behind her, he presented the ball to her lips, and she obediently opened her mouth to accept it within! He closed the roller buckle, silencing her!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Jennifer cried out, gagged, when Master Scott displayed the flogger again to her wide open eyes!

“This is what you get when you don't stay silent, slave!” he hissed.

Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!

Once again, the flogger struck her naked body again and again, but this time her cries were silenced by the ball in her mouth! Jennifer imagined that it was the Brunette from the restaurant who was being flogged, and not her!

Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that she could manage with the gag in her mouth.

Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!

Freed from the job of counting the strokes, Jennifer lost count of the number of times that the flogger struck her naked body! Her breasts; bottom; thighs; and naked sex all came under the flogger! She felt each time the flogger struck her nakedness; as each moistened knot left it's mark on her!

Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!

Jennifer wondered how the Brunette would respond to being flogged! She was a true submissive who enjoyed being used by her Master!

“Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!


“Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!


Jennifer thought that there was nothing so liberating as being punished with a ball-gag in her mouth. She was freed of the ability to protest her plight, so she could now just endure her flogging – for as long as her Master chose to punish her!

Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!

“Had enough?”

“Mmmmmmmmmph!” Jennifer replied.

Master Scott again plunged his fingers into her sex, found their way to her erect and excited clitoris, and began to rub and stimulate her to orgasm!

“MmmmmmmmpH!” Jennifer screamed from behind her gag! She was trying not to come without permission, but she was so excited by her flogging, it was nearly impossible!

He continued his assault on her clitoris, making her writhe in her bondage against the leather and steel that confined her!

“You may not come until I give you permission!”

“Mmmmmmph!” Jennifer had tears in her eyes, being unable to cope with her punished body that was reacting to being stimulated and she could not control herself!

He again rubbed and pinched her clitoris, making her squeal in her predicament! Jennifer knew that her control was slipping, and she would lose the battle against her own body!

Finally, she could contain herself no more! She moaned from behind the ball-gag and writhed in her chains, as one orgasm after another overcame her! Her female secretions gushed from her pussy, lubricating the fingers of her Master!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Jennifer cried out as her body betrayed her, as she was unable to contain herself as she experienced one orgasm after another!

Eventually, all storms pass, and the stored up sexual energy that had been generated by the flogger dissipated! Jennifer hung exhausted in her chains, her naked body now marked by the flogger and covered in sweat!

“You're going to be punished, my dear!”

Master Scott again let her down from her suspension, and unlocked her wrists and ankles from the spreader bars. He then took her to the cell, and laid her down on the cot. Then he undid his leather jeans, revealing his erect organ! He had removed her ball-gag; for which she had thanked him for! Jennifer took several deep breaths as her mouth was freed of the ball that had kept her silent!

He had placed a tube of lubricant in the cell beforehand, opened it, and squirted it onto his erect cock and into her bottom!

“Open your bottom!” commanded Master Scott.

“Yes, Master!”

Master Scott took her bottom without ceremony! She could feel as the lubricated male shaft entered her, found resistance, then pushed into her again! So far this weekend he had used her mouth and her sex – finally her bottom was to be used! Her reintroduction to bondage would now include all of her bodily orifices!

She reached backwards and pulled her buttocks apart, to allow him easier access to her nether hole! Finally, after another thrust, he finally penetrated into her anus! His lubricated organ found its way into her bottom!

“Ooooooooh!” Jennifer cried as her bottom was entered!

He pulled out and then pushed inside again, making her moan with both pleasure and pain at the same time!

“You're tight! I want you to begin training yourself with a butt plug again!” Master Scott observed.

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer cried out in response.

His rigid cock forced it's way inside her bottom, which had not been used since Jennifer had broken up their relationship! It was like the very first time years earlier that he had taken her rear hole!

“Ooooooooh!” Jennifer moaned as his cock impaled her bottom!

No man can remain hard forever, particularly when he is fucking a tight bottom hole! Straining with effort, Master Scott pushed in one final time past her anal ring making Jennifer squeal with both pain and pleasure – and then came inside her – his hot come squirting into her nether regions!

“Ooooooooooh!” Jennifer cried out, having not been used in this manner for years!

Master Scott moaned with pleasure also, but not as loud as Jennifer. His cock ejaculated one time after another into her anus, his hot come igniting her to forgotten heights of sexual pleasure!

“Oooooooh!” moaned Jennifer once again.

They lay together as he withdrew from her bottom, his cock stained with his come and her bodily wastes! Their naked bodies again covered in sweat! Their chests were still heaving with excitement as they calmed down after the many climaxes that had experienced together!

Later that night, after they had both showered and cleaned themselves thoroughly, they again lay naked in Master's Scott's bed. Clean and smelling of soap, their bodies refreshed and rested, once again Jennifer was ready to serve her Master!

“May I?” she asked.

“Proceed!” he told her.

Jennifer soon straddled him between his legs and began again to suck his clean smelling cock! Her nostrils were full of the scented soap that he used, triggering her good memories of the times that they had together!

His organ soon began to respond again to her efforts, and began to rise to the occasion! He moaned in appreciation of her cock sucking abilities!

Jennifer just continued to suck and slurp his cock, not sure again where he would come! Would it be in her mouth, pussy, or again in her bottom? Master Scott had given no indication where she would be used. So she just continued to minister to his now hardening organ!

“Straddle me!” he ordered.

Jennifer quickly withdrew her mouth from his cock, and straddled his waist, impaling herself on his rampant erection! He moaned with pleasure as his cock easily slid again into her wet molten slit!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” moaned Master Scott.

“Ooooooooh!” moaned Jennifer in concert with him.

She came down on his cock again and again, using the Kegel exercises that she had learned using the sex toy. In that way her pussy was tight and able to grip his cock for a truly memorable fuck!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” moaned Master Scott.

Jennifer continued to straddle him and repeatedly come down on his cock. They both moaned in unison as Jennifer brought him closer and closer to orgasm!

After a few precious minutes, he was finally ready – his cock stiffened, and he shot his load of come into her, making her throw her head back and moan with pleasure!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” they both cried out together!

Jennifer had achieved her objective. She had truly come home!

Epilogue – Tuesday Morning

Jennifer heard her own personal cell phone vibrate and took it out of her purse. She never conducted personal business of any kind on the one work gave her!

There was a message from her Master:

Can You Come This Weekend?

She typed back:

Be There Friday Night At Seven

Master Scott put his cell phone down and grinned. Jennifer was going to get a big surprise when she saw that the pushy Brunette from the Restaurant would be in the Playroom, mounted on the Horse! She was really Slave Violet; owned by his friend Mistress Ingrid; who was away on business! And Master Scott was in charge of keeping her occupied while her Mistress was away!



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