Thanksgiving in Thrall

by [email protected]

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Part 1: Reunited in Submission

Jennifer Tyler sat at the Dunkin Donut's window, wondering what she was going to do for Thanksgiving. For the holiday weekend, she had no good options. How could she have made such a mess out of her sex life in the last few years?

Idly, she took another glance at the copy of the Times on the counter. Then another sip of coffee, the donut she had for breakfast long since consumed. Finally, she stared out the window, watching the early fall of snow.

The radio was commenting on the snow's impact on the Parade later that day – it was going to be a real mess outside. Jennifer reflected on the similarity of the weather and her sex life; both were a mess!

She watched as a female patron with her boyfriend jumped a curbside puddle, and she was wearing open sandals – not even those ugly boots women seemed only to be wearing these days!

Hearing that it was going to snow, Jennifer had raided her closet and gotten out a pair of high-heeled shiny black patent leather boots to wear, which she had tucked her jeans into, and chose a white short-sleeved blouse to wear for a top!

The last time that she had worn these boots was for a D/s scene with her former Master and lover Scott Harris.

He had cooked a wonderful dinner, and they had watched a movie together. Then they had ventured down to his playroom, and she had stripped off all of her clothes – except for the boots – and donned his collar and bracelets on her wrists and ankles!

Then he had placed her naked on the horse with a ball-gag in her mouth for nearly an hour – the effect of which had been to make her beg him for the whip – anything was better than sitting on the horse where her entire weight bore down on her naked sex felt like it was being split in two!

“Thank you, Master!” said Jennifer when her gag was removed.

“You're welcome, slave!”

Scott always preferred to wear a black shirt; black jeans; and highly shined shoes while in the playroom – while he insisted that Jennifer either wear nothing; or leather and latex!

“Now then, what shall we do now?” he asked seriously, “Do you have anything in mind?”

“Please punish me, Master?” Jennifer begged.

Scott reached out with his left hand, and began to pinch at pull at her left nipple!

“Is this what you have in mind?” Scott asked.

“Owwwwwww!” Jennifer cried, “Yes, Master!”

“Perhaps a nice set of nipple clamps – or maybe something a bit stronger – like the whip?” Scott asked.

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer readily agreed.

Jennifer then switched back to the present, the flashback over!

Had there actually been a time when she had actually asked to be whipped? Jennifer watched as the large snowflakes fell, creating a mushy slush on the sidewalk and road.

How had it all gone so wrong? Jennifer asked herself. She had been in a perfect sexual relationship with her Master – who had fulfilled all of her submissive desires – and then Brad Simon came back in her life.

Brad – her college boyfriend, who she had shared a dorm and a bed – for the last two years of her college education. But then came graduation, and they both got jobs on either coast – she in New York – he in Oregon. And neither one would change!

They had separated – and they had both in different directions!

Jennifer had been invited to a D/s party by her friend Jacklyn; watched a demonstration – and had been immediately turned on! She had sought out being used by Masters – and sometimes a Mistress – until she had met Master Scott – who had pushed all of her sexual preconceptions to the limit!

Jennifer discovered that she enjoyed being spanked; whipped; and cropped! That the gag enhanced her sexual pleasure; and that she enjoyed wearing latex; leather; and PVC. And that she loved wearing high heels that made her feel ever so feminine!

For three years, she had enjoyed being his submissive – taking his orders and his punishments – never knowing what he was going to do next with her!

Then there was that fateful party given by a college friend – and there he was – Brad – her old flame!

They had begun dating, and Jennifer had to conceal an awful secret from him. How could she explain the whip marks on her flesh?

Then she had begun making excuses to Master Scott – leaving him puzzled as well. What was going on with his favorite submissive?

She began sleeping with Brad – and his behavior should have been a direct tip-off about the disaster to come. For after screwing her a couple of times in the missionary position, he would fall asleep. Or sit and watch ESPN for hours.

Meanwhile, Jennifer begged for attention – something that she never had to do with Master Scott – who always kept her guessing what his next sexual moves would be!

Jennifer had then asked permission to leave Master Scott, confessing her infidelity. He was hurt more than angry – had used her one final time – and then they had broken up!

Then she had moved in with Brad, and all of his bad habits – from drinking himself into a stupor at least once a week to playing video games till all hours, not to mention watched ESPN all day when he should have been working – came to the fore!

Why, he even wanted Jennifer to support him! That stood in stark contrast to Master Scott; who applauded her work ethic and said that he would never stand in the way of her success!

How could it all end so badly – so she had broken up with Brad, told him to grow up – and then she was all alone – too ashamed to even call Master Scott and admit that she had made a terrible mistake – and then to discover that he had a new submissive – Audrey!

Jennifer had run the entire sequence of events in her mind so many times they now seemed like a bad movie! This was one romantic movie that did not have a happy ending – and she hated all of those women's movies on Cable during Holiday time that always had the guy and girl living happily ever after! More than once, she had wanted to hurl the remote at the TV.

Instead, she had started to watch her small collection of bondage DVDs! She actually envied the women being bound and whipped, wishing that she were in their place! Then she had gagged herself, placed clamps on her nipples, and used the vibrator between her legs to drive her the climaxes that she had so wanted with Brad!

So now here she sat, alone on Thanksgiving, watching as happy families came in to get sweets for the Holiday – while she sat alone!

At least the supermarkets were open, she thought – I'll get something for the next few days and watch every sex video she owned!

It was then that she got the shock of her life, because she watched as Master Scott pulled up in his maroon Subaru Legacy! He exited his car, and walked in, brushing the wet snow from his coat.

Jennifer was terrified – should she pursue him?

“Hi, Scott!” she said.

“Hello, Jennifer,” he answered, “Let me go get some breakfast, then we can talk! Would you like another cup of coffee?”

“Yes, please?” she answered.

Jennifer's heart skipped a beat – could she really reconcile with him?

There was a long line, and finally he ordered, got his food and coffee, and sat down with her.

“Milk, no sugar, right?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you,” she answered as he passed her the coffee.

Jennifer looked him over – there was little change, since he always kept himself in shape. Thin, handsome, attractive! Those were the qualities that we wanted in a man. And she loved his black hair and muscled features – he worked out, but not too much!

She let him get settled, and start eating before she started a conversation.

“How have you been?” she asked.

“Fine,” he said, “you?”

“I broke up with Brad,” she admitted, “You were right, it was a total disaster. All of the bad habits he had during college were worse.”

“Sometimes we look at past relationships with rose colored glasses, meanwhile we've moved on,” he said as he ate.

“What about that woman you were seeing – Audrey?” Jennifer asked.

“Submission wasn't for her, and we parted amicably. She got a good job in Texas, and I even helped her move and drove her to the airport.”

“You never impeded my work,” said Jennifer.

“It's nice to read in novels about kidnapped females in Dungeons, but in the real world you have to make a living,” he chuckled.

“Brad wanted to stop working and have me support him!” said Jennifer.

“What about sex?” Scott asked.

“He'd drink a six pack of beer, screw me twice, then fall asleep!”

“Hardly romantic!”

“After our sexual experiences, I was left disappointed. So I guess that both of us are alone for the Thanksgiving Holiday – unless you've been invited somewhere?” she hopefully asked.

“Nope,” he said, “I was planning on just cooking for myself and doing some reading. How about you?”

“I was going to pick up something at the supermarket and watch sex videos – and remember the time when I wore your collar! Master,” she begged, “I've made a terrible mistake I'll never make again. Please take me back?”

This was the moment of truth! Scott had finished his meal, and took a long swallow of coffee.

“I just said that old relationships don't work, remember?”

“But I was truly happy being your submissive,” said Jennifer, “I just didn't realize it at the time. When I ran into Brad, I thought of a normal vanilla relationship eventually leading to two kids and a minivan. I didn't know that he would turn into a lazy drunk!” she concluded.

“The grass is never greener on the other side,” he said.

“No,” Jennifer agreed.

“If I do take you back, you'll have to be punished for your mistake,” he chided her.

“I'll accept any punishment,” she answered, “I just want to wear your collar again! Please!”

“I still have feelings for you. Yes, something can be arranged,” he smiled as he answered.

Jennifer's heart skipped another beat! She was going to be reunited with her Master!


Jennifer looked at herself in the cell mirror, happy that she was back in chains!

Her long blonde hair was held in place by a scrunchy, which served to keep it out of the way of her mouth, which was filled by a red rubber ball-gag! Master Scott preferred that she wear the more confining ball-gag trainer, which had a two part strap that went over her head and framed her nose and also buckled at the back of her head. Plus a chin strap – so there was no way that she could ever free herself of the ball in her mouth!

She was naked, and was again confined in a collar, and bondage bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Her wrists were bound behind her back, and her feet were locked into four inch high heels! Jennifer stared at herself in the mirror, proud of the fact that she had shaved her pussy clean, just the way that Master Scott liked it!

Jennifer opened her legs and saw the reflection of her naked sex in the mirror, her flat stomach (all those sessions on the treadmill!); her 32B sized breasts! She cataloged all of her female attributes! She was 5' 6” in high heels – the taller the better!

While not a true Dungeon, Master Scott had done a pretty good job with what he had. Unlike the other homes in his neighborhood, he wasn't right next to his neighbors. He had space; and a large basement!

He had sectioned off half of the basement for the furnace; washer & dryer; and workroom. Behind a locked door, however, was a playroom that contained a jail cell complete with a cot hanging from the wall where a submissive might sit; a horse; a small cage; a wall rack for Bondage equipment; and various chains hanging from ceiling to hang submissives from! Plus a couple of wooden thrones – and Master Scott was a trained wood worker; and had made most of the contents of the playroom itself – except for the steel bars of the cell!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Jennifer savored the sensations flowing through her naked bound body. Try as she might, she could not free herself from the bondage that Master Scott had placed her in!

She tried to pull her wrists apart, but the leather and steel were unyielding to the efforts of naked girlflesh! She was again a helpless captive – and loving every second of it!

Master Scott entered the Playroom, dressed in a white shirt; black jeans; and well shined men's shoes. There was no real danger in leaving Jennifer alone in the cell, for she knew that he had cameras all over the place – and had been watching her from his office!

“Enjoying yourself, my dear?” Master Scott asked.

“Mmmmmmph!” was all that Jennifer could manage with the ball in her mouth.

“No second thoughts?”

Jennifer shook her head from side to side! No, this was what she wanted when she was with Brad – the excitement of being in bondage; all the sex toys; and being punished! Which she now knew was about to come – now that she had been “softened up” while being placed back in bondage!

“Time for your discipline, darling. You were a naughty girl for leaving me for your college boyfriend – how could you possibly want a drunken deadbeat over a Master that has everything together in life?”


“I see you've rediscovered the pleasures of the ball-gag trainer. It's perfect for keeping foolish submissives quiet, don't you agree?”


Master Scott walked over the wall rack, looked it over, and removed a leather paddle that Jennifer knew all too well!

“Just the thing to punish a naughty submissive, don't you agree, Jennifer?”


Master Scott walked over the jail cell and opened the door, the steel hinges squeaky by design – he didn't want to ruin the effect by oiling them! He then walked inside, and sat down on the cot, placing the paddle within easy reach!

“Come here,” he ordered Jennifer.

Jennifer quickly complied, and stood directly in front of him, averting her eyes from his gaze. Master Scott placed the fingers of his right hand under her chin, and raised her face so she could look at him directly!

“Of all the women I've ever had in the Playroom, you were always the most eager for punishment – the one who enjoyed being helpless in bondage – so I could never understand why you left. Now that you're back, I fully intend to punish you so that you'll never want to leave again!”


His right hand then moved from her chin down her shaved pussy!

“Did you shave your pussy today because I asked you to come over, or have you been doing it all along?” Master Scott asked, “Because it really doesn't matter either way. I never wanted to put ownership rings in your labia before, but now that you're back, that may change!”


Jennifer had always fantasized that Master Scott would place some form of ownership on her body – and now he was talking about doing so! The question was, just how much discipline would it take before she was worthy of the honor?

“I suppose you are thinking right now that I'm going to use the flogger or the whip on you as we get reacquainted. But I have something else in mind, a lot more personal than that – we'll begin with a good spanking, since you've been a bad girl indeed!”



Jennifer got to her knees a bit unsteadily, since it had been a long time since she had been wearing high heels in bondage!

“That's good!” Master Scott complimented her, with a devilish smile on his face – one that Jennifer knew all too well!

Master Scott loosened the leather straps holding the ball-gag trainer in place, and finally Jennifer was free of the ball in her mouth!

“Thank you, Master!”

“You're welcome, my dear. There will be many other opportunities to punish you gagged, since I know you enjoy the experience – but for now, you'll have the power of speech!”

“Yes, Master!”

Jennifer enjoyed being gagged and punished since it removed her ability to protest her impending punishment. It removed any choices that she might have in her fate!

“On my knees!” Master Scott commanded.

Jennifer, again her balance affected by having her wrists locked together behind her back, got unsteadily to her feet, and bent down and draped herself on Master Scott's lap! The fir time she had tried this, she had just flopped down uncontrollably - meaning that she needed training in wearing big girl's shoes!

Which was why after that, Master Scott would lock her feet into four inch high heels, in a pair of shoes with small padlocks! Then he had given her a pair, which she wore around the house, and sometimes even outside! Women would sometimes come up to her and ask where she had got them, and they would express wonder when she said that her boyfriend had bought them for her!

“I see that you haven't totally lost all of the lessons in control that I taught you, so your return to being my submissive should be quite pleasurable indeed!”

“Yes, Master!” Jennifer agreed.

“Now thank me for your spanking!”

“Thank you, Master!” replied Jennifer.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Thank you, Master!” said Jennifer as Master Scott's right hand began to spank her bottom!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Owwwwwww!” cried Jennifer.

“Silence, slut!”

“Yes, Master!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Jennifer was unprepared for the physical act of once again being a submissive. It had been over two years since she had last endured physical discipline, and while memories may make the heart grow fonder, it certainly made her skin a lot more tender! She remembered that she could take the whip and flogger without effort – and now she was hurting from a simple spanking?

Smack! Smack! Smack!

She guessed that Master Scott was holding back his full strength so that he wouldn't frighten her off – and to reacquaint her with discipline once again!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Jennifer was startled when he suddenly ceased spanking her rear – and almost missed her queue!

“Thank you, Master for spanking me!” Jennifer sputtered out the words, unfamiliar after all this time!

“You're welcome, my dear. Your bottom is a lovely shade of red!”

“Thank you, Master!”

“And now the paddle!”

Master Scott offered her the black leather paddle, which she kissed eagerly. She had kissed the device many times before, and she knew what to expect from it's powers on naked girlflesh!

“Open your legs!”

“Yes, Master!”

Scott's fingers probed between her opened legs into her wet pussy, and he thrust them inside and them removed them, and then inside again!

“Wet already!” Scott observed.

“Yes, Master!”

“Clean my fingers of your female secretions!” Scott placed his fingers into her mouth, and she tasted herself and sucked away her juices. All of the old responses were quickly coming back!

How she had wished that Brad had spanked her, or forced his cock in her mouth, or just taken her doggy style from behind! Instead he seemed to find the very act of sex almost distasteful!

“Ready yourself!” he cautioned.


The first stroke of the paddle on Jennifer's already sore bottom seemed to echo through the playroom, there being no other sounds!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Jennifer cried.

Jennifer realized that her submission came at a price of a sore bottom!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

It was a good thing that Jennifer was off from work for the Thanksgiving Day weekend, since her bottom was going to remind of this night for a long time to come!

Crack! Crack! Crack!


“Silence, slut!”

“Yes, Master,” Jennifer tearfully replied.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Even through the material of his jeans, Jennifer could feel as Scott's cock became rock hard! She knew that he was becoming sexually aroused with his punishment, and would soon seek release for his awakened passions!

Then her punishment stopped!

“Thank you, Master, for punishing my bottom!” Jennifer cried.

“You're welcome, slave, now you must satisfy your Master!”

Jennifer abruptly felt her wrists freed as the snap lock holding her wrist bracelets was suddenly freed! She then slid off his lap, and onto her knees on the floor, as he opened his black jeans to reveal his erect cock!

Jennifer opened her mouth, and took his cock into her mouth greedily. She had wanted to give Brad a blow-job; and he seemed repelled by the very idea! It was a submissive's job to take the seed of her Master into her mouth, and she enjoyed the role!

“Mmmmmmm!” Jennifer moaned with pleasure.

She sucked and slurped, enjoying the salty tang of pre-come in her mouth! Scott pumped his rod into her mouth, withdrew it, then thrust forward again! Jennifer enjoyed taking his tool in her mouth!


Suddenly, she felt his rigid cock pulsate in her mouth, and jets of hot come erupted into her throat, and she struggled to swallow his load as he came inside her!

“Glug!” Jennifer moaned as she struggled to keep up with the fountain of come inside her.

In spite of her best efforts, come dribbled out of her mouth, and down her chin! Jennifer enjoyed the salty tang of his manly emissions, which she had not experienced since they had split up!

Finally, his cock became soft in her mouth, and she was able to swallow all of his come, catching up with the fountain that she had been unable to contain!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Scott moaned with pleasure.


Coming out of his orgiastic stupor, Scott looked down at Jennifer, who was still between his legs. She looked up at him, wondering what his reactions would be!

“Excellent!” Scott complimented her, “Excellent!”

Jennifer was pleased that she had both taken his discipline and his cock as well!

Upstairs later in the bedroom, Jennifer and Scott were kissing and engaged in foreplay under the covers. She had enjoyed being placed in bondage and spanked, both with his hand and the leather paddle, even though she would be reminded of this every time she sat down for the next week! Still, it had been worth it, since excitement is what she had been missing with her ill-fated relationship with Brad!

Once, when Master Scott had taken her to a weekend gathering of other D/s couples, another submissive had warned her that she was now “ruined” and would only desire bondage sex – that D/s folks were “wired” differently than “vanilla” people. At the time she had dismissed what the girl had tried to tell her, but now she realized that it was indeed true!

Jennifer could not conceal her excitement when she had been placed in bondage again, and the promise of punishment had inflamed her sexually!

If only she had realized this earlier, it would have saved a lot of personal grief!

After her performance downstairs, they had both cleaned up and had adjourned to a more romantic place to have sex – the bedroom that she knew so well!

Scott's house was a clean example of bachelor living – since he installed computer equipment for a living, he knew how to keep an orderly place!

He kissed her passionately, while his left hand was between her legs, exploring her shaven pussy! He kneaded her sex, inflaming her to ever greater levels of passion!

“Mmmmmmm!” Jennifer moaned with pleasure.

“You're welcome!”

Jennifer could feel his erect cock at the entrance to her sex! What she wanted him to do was to ram his tool into her, making her scream with pleasure!

“Up on your knees, slut. Doggy style!

Scott quickly threw off the covers, and Jennifer got up on the bed on her hands and knees! From behind, Scott grabbed onto her hips, and she opened her legs ever so slightly – and then Scott penetrated her from behind!

“Mmmmmmm!” Jennifer moaned with pleasure once again.

“That's good, slave!” said Scott as he drilled into her wet slit!

Scott would thrust inside her, withdraw, then thrust inside her again, setting a rhythm that made her squeal with pleasure! She had not felt this good having sex in years as all of the old familiar sensations came back to her!


“Silence, slave, or you'll wear a ball-gag to bed – but you'd probably enjoy that, wouldn't you?”

“Yes, Master!”

Every time that he thrust inside of her, her free breasts bounced in response! She easily remembered the last time he had taken her from behind, for her had placed clamps on her nipples so the experience was one both of pain and pleasure!

“Bondage slut!”

Jennifer was afraid that Master Scott might suddenly have a change of heart and decide to withdraw his cock from her pussy and instead use her rear hole – something that he had done in the past! She desperately wanted to be used as a woman, to feel the joy of sexual climaxes rippling through her naked body – not just her bottom!

But Master Scott showed no such inclination as he continued to fuck her from behind, if anything his cock had grown stronger and the thrusts deeper!

“AaaaaaaaaH!” Master Scott cried out as he finally came inside her sex, and Jennifer came as well!

Jennifer's heart pounded in her chest, and sweat ran down her armpits and breasts as she climaxed time and again, and they both seemed to moan in unison! Now this was what sex was supposed to be, she thought!

Her girlfriends would have been horrified to see the marks on her bottom and her collar and wrist bracelets, but they wouldn't understand what her sexuality was all about!

They collapsed together on the bed, with Scott laying on top of her, their deep breaths the only sounds in the bedroom!

“That was very good!” complimented Master Scott.

“Thank you, Master!”

“You really enjoyed that, didn't you?” he asked.

“Yes, Master. I haven't had any punishment or that good sex – for years – ever since we split up! I'm truly sorry, Master!”

“That's all right, Jennifer. As luck would have it, we were both free – allowing us to pick up where we left off!” Master Scott answered.

He rolled off her, and lay with his back on the bed. She immediately then got between his legs, and began to suck as his cock again, tasting his come and her juices once again!

“MmmmmmmpH!” Jennifer moaned with pleasure.

“Thank you, slave!” said Master Scott.

Jennifer continued attending to his flaccid organ, trying to bring it back to hardness! She wanted to have it inside her pussy again, but if he took her bottom, she wouldn't have minded that either! She had eagerly stepped back into her role as slave – and wanted him to use her any way he saw fit!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Jennifer moaned once again, content!

After much attention, Scott's cock once again stirred to life! Jennifer had made it hard again, something that she had done in the past – and could do again!

It was hard in her mouth, and she wondered what hole of hers Master Scott would decide to use! This erection would not last long, and it would leave him exhausted, but it was a testament to her cock sucking skills that she had made him hard again!

“Lay down on the bed and open your legs!” Scott ordered.

Jennifer did as she was ordered, and just as lay her head down on the pillow, his cock again entered her pussy! She enfolded him with her arms and legs, drawing him ever deeper inside her, scratching his naked back with her nails!

“Aaaaaaaah!” he moaned as he impaled her with his cock!

Jennifer moaned in unison, and they rocked together as he fucked her once again!

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