Tatianna's Treasures Part 4: Returning the Favour! & Twins in Trouble

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2010 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/ff; D/s; capture; bond; bdsm; electro; breathplay; stocks; toys; cons/nc; XX

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Later that night Anne and Tatianna were lying in each other’s arms feeling very satisfied with the way the day’s events had gone and, especially, the way they had spent the rest of the evening. Amy was completely exhausted and sound asleep bound to the bed in the spare room.  She was worn out from finding that the Triple D in the hands of one insatiable dominatrix didn’t come even close to what it could do to her in the hands of two.

“Tati, you still have three weeks before your business will be ready to open, would you consider returning the favour and helping me with a little project I need to take care off back home?”

“You mean back at your dungeon?  What about Amy and all the deliveries we’re expecting?”

“You told me that Amy will be setting up a computer program to track your inventory.  It seems to me that the best place to start would be as the product arrives and is checked, priced and labelled.  I’m thinking a maximum of two or three days of your help should do.  We made a good team this evening Tati and I have a problem that two minds can solve better than one.  Will you help?”

“Of course my love.  Amy can also be here to let prospective buyers see the house.  What’s this problem that is giving you so much trouble?”

“A few months ago one of my vanilla friends told me she was having a lot of trouble with her twin daughters.  She’s been a widow for about five years and the girls have just gone from bad to worse with their attitude.  They constantly bicker with each other and then gang up on her.   A couple of weeks ago she came crying on my shoulder and told me that she has just lost all control and doesn’t know what to do.”
Anne leaned over to give Tati a kiss and then continued her story.

“May and June, the girls were born right at midnight on May 31st so that’s how they got their names, are going to be nineteen on their next birthday and my friend is worrying herself sick that they’ll get themselves in really deep trouble.”

Tatianna thought for a moment.

“You said she’s vanilla.  How would she react if you told her about your other persona as Mistress Anne?”

“I think she is so worried about the girls that she would probably accept just about anything that would straighten them out to lead productive lives.  Who knows, she might even learn to have some fun.  Money is not a problem because of the insurance her husband had and Wendy does wear a lot of leather and suede.  I know that because she buys it at my store.”

Anne’s brow furrowed in thought as she continued.

“I don’t think Wendy is kinky but I’m not sure.  What we really need is a way to put the fear of God in her two girls and get them to grow up without giving away what goes on behind, and under, my leather wear retail outlet.”

Tati yawned.  “Let’s sleep on it and see what the morning brings.”

The two dominatrix made like a couple of spoons and were soon fast asleep.

It was Amy who gave them their answer.  They were having breakfast and Tatianna explained that she would need to be away for a few days and what she wanted Amy to look after.   Then she and Anne continued their discussion to try and come up with an idea to help Wendy and straighten out her daughters.


“What is it Amy?”

“When I was at Infocom and had a computer problem I couldn’t solve I went to my manager or someone with more experience.  Why don’t you do that?”

Tati and Anne looked at the girl and then at each other.

“Grand Mistress Vivien!”  Said Tatianna.

“Out of the mouths of babes.”  Said Anne.

Tatianna made a phone call and two hours later Anne had finished outlining the problem facing her to Grand Mistress Vivien. Looking more like a friendly grandmother than the leader of an underground BDSM fetish group the Grand Mistress settled back in her chair and indicated for her butler to refresh everyone’s tea cup.

“The problem is the lack of respect they have for their mother and the answer is to re-establish that respect.”  She thought for a long moment to gather her thoughts. “First the girls have to learn respect themselves and then each other.  Until they do that they will not understand what they have been doing to their mother and change their attitude.”

“How to accomplish this is going to be a problem because you have some limitations on what you can do to them.  While you, me and the other members of our scene do many strange, wild and wonderful things to our submissives we do not countenance incest.  That will take away what would normally be a very effective weapon, if they were two unrelated young girls, from any plans you formulate.”

Anne waited to make sure the Grand Mistress had finished then added her own thoughts.

“There would be no sexual interaction needed between the mother and the daughters anyway because she is the injured party.  We could still use other types of sexual pressure on the girls without making them actually perform sex acts on each other.  I’m sure Tati and I can come up with some interesting toys to help us”

Tatianna thought back to her previous career as an industrial espionage expert when the word ethics was definitely not in her vocabulary.  Now she was going to start an almost respectable business she would have to bend a little to the niceties of this group.

A very stern look had appeared on the face of the Grand Mistress.

“What ever you do to try and help this mother and her daughters do not, I repeat, do not, compromise our rules.  I will give you all the support I can but even though I can be a sadistic bitch when I want to be there are some things I will not be a part of.  Now, Anne, you say the mother is vanilla?”

Anne nodded.

“Then I think I can best help you by being the one to try and educate her as to how two beautiful leather clad Dominatrix can make her daughters see sense.  She might take it better from a grandmotherly type like me.”

There was a huge grin on her face as she made that last remark.

“Anne, can you arrange to bring her here or would you like me to go to see her in your home town?”

“Let me call her Vivien, sorry I meant Grand Mistress, and find out.”

Anne excused herself from the room and made a call on her cell phone.

Tatianna and the Grand Mistress waited in silence, with both of them deep in thought, until she came back.

“Both of Wendy’s girls came home drunk last night and at different times.  She thinks they might have been getting in to something other than alcohol as well and is scared to leave them even for a day or so.”

“In that case we need to move quickly!”  The Grand Mistress summoned her butler and instructed him to book three first class seats on the next day’s first flight to Anne’s home town.  After a little argument with Anne, who wanted them both to be her guests, she also asked him to register her for a suite in the Hilton.

“Anne, I expect that she will be uncomfortable enough without me trying to convince her we can help her daughters by scaring the shit out of them while sitting in your dungeon surrounded by your toys.  I want her to be as relaxed as possible.  Besides, I think you and Tati are going to have your hands full making preparations to collect May and June before they get in any more trouble.”

The mother, Wendy, showed up to the meeting in Vivien’s suite dressed smartly in a snug knee length dark green leather skirt, that Anne recognised as having been brought at her store.  The matching bolero jacket was worn over a tight white long sleeved sweater. Anne, not knowing how her friend was going to handle things, had dressed very conservatively in a nubby brown tweed skirt and a light brown silk blouse.  Her ankle length white leather coat was hanging in the closet.  Vivien, of course, wore one of her loose, flowing, caftans and looked like any one’s concerned grand mother.  Tatianna was not present; she was getting the dungeon under Anne’s store ready to receive a couple of unwilling residents.

The meeting between Wendy and Vivien, with Anne sitting quietly in the background; took most of the afternoon while the Grand Mistress explained that they would like to help and a sanitized version of what they planned for Wendy’s daughters.  Then, over a room service dinner, the mother surprised both of them.

“I will do what ever is necessary to get my girls back on the right track. Since their father died they have made my life a living hell.  It has to stop and if that includes scaring the hell out of them for a couple of days then it’s a good deal.  I am also not surprised with what you have told me about your lifestyle and I want to be part of the solution.”

Anne and Vivien stared at each other then back at Wendy.

“Oh don’t look so surprised Anne!  I’ve known you for a long time and there have been rumours for years that your store sold more than just leather clothing.  As my friend I’ve also felt the strength of your personality; why do you think I came to you with my problem?”

“I will respect the confidence you have put in me to keep your secret and appreciate that you are willing to help.  The fact that you have asked some of your associates in to help with, what did you call it Vivien, the ‘Time To Grow Up’ scene, just makes me want to thank you all the more.  Now, how can I help?”

Vivien looked at Anne and got a very positive nod from her.

“Well Wendy, it looks like we are going to be very busy for the next couple of days but first you must be completely honest with us.  Are your daughters still virgins?”

There was a long pause as the question hung in the air and Wendy’s brow furrowed in thought.

“I suspect not.  I have insisted, since they were in their middle teens, that they use birth control but for all the time they have been defying me I can’t help but think that probably just made them feel that sex would be harmless and without consequences.”

“Next question, do they bring friends home with them when they’ve been out partying?”

“No.  I still have a semblance of control as to what goes on in my home and I don’t allow that.  Maybe that’s why they are staying out so late these days?”

The Grand Mistress remained motionless as she mulled over the information and what needed to be done.

“Mistress Anne, are you prepared to take on the challenge?”

“Yes.  I think that, with Mistress Tatianna’s help and your guidance, we have a fair shot at helping Wendy. If it doesn’t work it won’t be for the lack of effort on our part.”

Wendy interrupted.

“I said I want to be part of the cure.  They are still my daughters and I love them deeply.  Something keeps telling me I am part of the reason they have gone so far astray.  I should have been stronger years ago and I’m not going to make that same mistake this time.”

Grand Mistress Vivien stood up and moved over to take both Wendy’s hands in hers.  “Oh you’ll definitely be a part of the plan Wendy but we are the experts and you must trust us completely or you might spoil everything we try to do.”

A hint of steel came into her voice as she continued.  “I must insist that you remain completely in the background.  Our entire reason for doing this is to get the girls back on track with their lives and with their relationship with you.  If they get even an inkling that you are involved their current attitude, instead of changing for the better, could turn to making them hate you.  So you just help with the information we need and a few other things that they will not know about.”

The Grand Mistress reached into the large leather bag that was beside her and pulled out a small aerosol can.

“When May and June get home tonight you say they will probably be drunk or under the influence of something else.  Wait until they are asleep or, maybe, I should say have passed out; then hold this about ten inches from their faces and press the button for five seconds.”

She continued. 

“The beauty of this anaesthetic is that it works instantly and it does not invade their system.  In other words, it won’t make them throw up by reacting with whatever they have taken in their systems; it will just put them in a dreamless sleep for around six hours.  Can you do that Wendy?”

It took a few moments, which Vivien and Anne both respected, for Wendy to reply.

“My daughters are my life.  I trust you both but you must understand that I might weaken once things start.  If I do then remind me why we are doing what must be done. Give me the God Dammed can and please bring my daughters back to me.”

Vivien was not quite finished.

“There are three other things I need from you Wendy.  I want you to write down a list of the five or six things that your girls have done to you that hurt you the most and, secondly, I want your promise to stay away from what is going on; you say you trust us, that is the way you can prove it.”

There was no hesitation from the heartbroken mother.

“I agree.”

A smile crossed the face of the Grand Mistress.

“I said I needed three things Wendy.  The third is I suggest you practice your ‘relieved mother act’ for when your daughters come home.  We will provide a very authentic looking note warning you not to call the police when you find the girls missing.  You can use it if they ask at a later date.  I think that’s everything for now.”


Several hours later the two comatose girls were delivered in to Anne and Tatianna’s tender care; the Grand Mistress would be there to greet them when they awoke.

And, when they did wake up, it was to find themselves naked and standing, held helplessly by their ankles, necks and wrists, in a pair of upright stocks.  What had finally woken them was the sharp stinging blows across their ass cheeks as Anne and Tatianna simultaneously landed strikes with their favourite crops.

The stocks were positioned so that the sisters could see each other and their eyes widened in shock as they recognised who they were looking at and then even more shocked when they saw the Grand Mistress, in all her massive bosomed and leather covered glory, standing between them.

“Well good morning young ladies and I use the word ladies loosely seeing how you’ve both been behaving for the last few years.  Now let me explain a few things to you.  You can think of me as your Fairy Godmother and I even have a magic wand.”

Vivien held up a thick handled wand with a two foot long gold shaft that sparkled in the light.  At the end of the shaft was a six-point star with small, sharp metal covers on each point.  She gently rested a point of the star between May’s breasts, pressed a button on the handle, and let the star wheel roll down to the girl’s crotch.  May’s screams filled the soundproofed room as the batteries in the handle of the wand did their job when each point of the star met her skin.

The wand swung around and traced a similar path down June’s torso and got a duplicate reaction.

When the screams died down and became tearful sobs she spoke again.

“Or you can think of me as your worse nightmare.  But let me warn you if I am a nightmare then the two Mistresses standing behind you are very, very bad dreams.”

She nodded to Anne who was clad in her favoured white kid leather with a full face mask and then Tatianna whose cat suit and Zorro type half mask were jet black leather. 

Anne’s short handled whip and Tati’s braided leather crop rose and fell in unison to strike several times on the rosy rear cheeks of the two sisters.  Held, as they were, by the wooden arms of the stocks that clamped their ankles about two feet apart in the bottom section and their necks and wrists immobile in the top piece May and June could not escape the blows.

Once again the three Dominatrix waited for the screams to subside.

“Now we have your complete attention let me continue.  In the next little while my associates, Mistress Noir and Mistress Blanc to you, will teach you to understand the pain you have put your mother through since your father died.  A long time friend of your dad has been watching you and now, thoroughly disgusted at what he’s seen, has asked us to intervene and put a stop to your mother’s agony.”

“The difference will be that her pain is deeply embedded in her heart and she lives with it every day while your pain will stop when we decide you two have learnt your lesson.”

She let the wand rest on the top of June’s right breast.

“Do you remember what you said to your mother on your sixteenth birthday? What you said after she had spent weeks organizing a surprise sweet sixteen party for you both and after your friends had left.  Do you?”

What had happened that night was at the top of the list Wendy had given them.

“You said  “What a bunch of crappy presents, I wanted a car!”

She pressed the button on the wand’s handle and deftly let the star wheel roll across to the girl’s left breast, around it and back to circle the right one.   Before the first scream had left June’s throat the wand was repeating the route on May’s chest.

When the room was relatively quiet again the Grand Mistress moved in so close to June that her leather encased bosom almost touched the rigidly held girl’s nipples.

“Then you and your sister constantly bickered between yourselves and have bitched and complained at everything your mother tried to do for you for the last few years.”  She swung around and moved close to May.  “Now you are rutting around like a couple of drunken alley cats.  Well it stops right now.  This is your wake up call and you don’t get a second chance.”

“You are going to learn again to respect to your mother and rely on each other because, if you don’t, I promise you the next time we meet will be even more unpleasant.”

This time the wand traced a line down May’s chest but did not stop until it touched her clitoris.  Her screams were abruptly cut off as Anne reached around and jammed a large, hard rubber penis shaped gag between her teeth.

Before the gag strap was buckled tightly behind May’s head Tatianna was ramming another gag in June’s mouth as Vivien’s wand traced a second path down her torso.

“That was just a taste of the pain we can cause.  I will leave you to the tender mercy of my friends for your next lesson and I would suggest that you get a good grade to pass the exam; the price of failing is not something you will want to pay.”

As agreed the Grand Mistress, having scared the hell out of the two trapped girls, left to return to her hotel and Anne took over; it was her dungeon anyway.  That was why she wore the facemask; the two sisters had met her when they came to the store upstairs with their mother when she was on a shopping spree. Tatianna moved around in front of the sobbing girls and let them see the wicked smile on her face.

“What you have been doing to your mother is to hurt her very badly without leaving any visible marks except the pain in her eyes and you have been doing that for years.  In just the next little while we are going to give you a taste of your own medicine.  This will hurt you as well and it will be very hard to find any visible marks even though we will not be using words like you two did.”

For the next half an hour the two Dommes proved their professional skill with the whip and the crop.  May and June suffered in gagged silence as they were worked over from their toes to their shoulders.  The pain they endured was excruciating but, other than a few bruises, Anne and Tatianna’s attack on their bodies would not be visible by the next day.

Far from finished teaching the two girls a lesson they would never be able to forget they increased the pressure by ganging up on May.  They released her from the stocks and spread-eagled her on her back to the top of a waist high padded platform. Tati moved in front of June who was still held firmly upright and sobbing in her stocks and spoke so both the sisters could hear her clearly.

“We are going to play with May first because she, by a couple of minutes is the eldest.  You, young lady, get to watch and then when we are finished with her it will be your turn.”

Anne bought over a long wooden case from a side table, opened the lid and offered Tatianna her choice of the contents.  The black leather clad Domme selected, from its velvet lined bed, a star wheeled wand exactly like the one the Grand Mistress had carried.  Her colleague, clad head to toe in sleek white leather, lifted the remaining matching wand and set the now empty case aside.

Tatianna gripped May’s right foot to hold it steady even though the leg was strapped to the platform at the knee and ankle.  Gently she rested the end of the wand against the bottom of the girl’s foot near her toes, pressed the button on the handle, and then rolled the metal tipped star firmly down the sole to the heel.

Despite having her mouth stuffed with the rubber penis gag the scream that came from May put Anne’s dungeon soundproofing to the test.  Even so Tatianna was able to hear another sound and she turned to look at June.  The girl’s eyes moved from looking at her sister to meet those of the Domme and they were full of anger.

Tati turned back to May’s bound form but not before she had winked at Anne; it seemed their lesson was having the desired effect.  At least one of the sisters was showing concern for someone beside themselves; it was a good start.

Getting back to business they spent the next ten minutes making the wands dance over every sensitive inch of the twitching girl.  Her armpits, breasts, crotch and the soles of her feet got special attention.

Anne leaned over the girl and put her mouth next to her ear.

“See May, that’s how much you can hurt someone without leaving a mark on them; now it’s your sister’s turn.”

After repeating the process on June they left the two sobbing girls strapped helplessly side by side on the leather padded platforms to think about what had happen to them; and why!

While the two sisters had been unconscious a simple examination had confirmed their mother’s fear that neither was a virgin so Anne and Tatianna had no qualms about the next session they had planned.

After letting the two girls stew for a couple of hours they returned to Anne’s dungeon and ganged up on May.  Working with efficiency, giving the girl no chance at resisting, they buckled a wide leather belt around her waist then released the straps at her ankles.

Forcing her legs to bend at the knees they crossed them until they could use ¼” white sash cord to secure each ankle to just above the opposite knee.  A double turn of the cord then went through a metal ring on the front of the belt, around the legs and, yanked tight, pulled her crossed limbs up towards her stomach.

May’s arms were forced behind her back, bent at the elbow and the hands pulled under the opposite upper arm.  Cord from each wrist then secured them to the bases of the girl’s breasts.  She would find that pulling at her arms would cause the cord around her breasts to tighten enough to make them bulge, and hurt, even more than they did already.

Several turns of the cord then were used to lock her forearms together and hold them in position by running up over her shoulders, back through her armpits and, finally, around each bicep to be tightly cinched in the middle of her back.  It was a variation of the classic Shabari Japanese arm bind that they completed by attaching small clamps to each nipple and clipping them together.  This pulled the top of her breasts back towards the middle of her chest and increased the discomfort of the pressure from the wrists cords that was forcing them out to the side.

All in all it made the girl extremely uncomfortable and any move she made added to the discomfort.

With one of them on each side they easily lifted the bound girl, by her knees and elbows, and moved her off the platform to sit on the floor.  Then June got the same treatment.

What really added to the already tense atmosphere for the terrified girls was the absolute silence of the Dommes as they worked.  The only sounds in the room were the hiss of the cord as it was expertly fed around the victims and the grunts of the girls through the gags that were still packed in their mouths as knots were tightened.

Tatianna had almost been overruled by Anne and Vivien when she wanted to drive home the lesson to the sisters by using explicit sexual punishments.  The other two had felt that the main aim was to make them see the need for them to again respect both their mother and themselves.  They changed their minds when Tati outlined her plan and explained her reasoning. She intended to use a variation of a new toy that had driven Amy wild when she used it on her.

Consequently they now tipped each girl, one at a time, so their backs were on the floor and their crotches exposed allowing Anne to force a lubricated, hollow hard rubber tube into their rosebuds.   The butt plug sheaths flared at the opening to rest against the stretched skin. 

Next came dildos that were also rubber but definitely not hollow.  From one at the tip of the bulging head and then in random spots down their length several metal studs were visible.  Four wires came from the base of each dildo; three of them with small metal clamps on the ends and the fourth with a three prong electrical plug.

With cold, impersonal, efficiency the silent tormentors found each girl’s clitoris and attached the clamp on the shortest wire.  The two remaining wires with clamps found homes on their already pinched nipples.  The fourth wire hung loose for the moment.

Leaving the two sobbing girls on the floor like a couple of flipped over turtles Tatianna and Anne turned their attention to a rubber covered platform after moving the leather padded ones out of the way.  In short order they added several straps to strategically placed brackets and then took two five inch butt plugs and installed them so that they poked up through the rubber covering.

That done they lifted first May and then June up and over to the platform where they settled them on each of the butt plugs.  Straps across their knees and another from the back of the waist belt down to a bracket locked them in place in the Buddha like sitting position.  They were side by side with May’s left knee almost touching June’s right.

Anne picked up two heavily boned leather posture collars and, handing one to Tatianna, fitted the other around May’s neck and began the process of settling it in position.  Tati did the same with June and then the two worked on the laces that pulled the collars tight and held the girl’s heads completely immobile facing forwards. 

An adjustable 3/8th inch diameter steel rod locked in sockets on the opposite side of each collar to further reduce any possible movement of their heads.

With the twins helplessly bound and their heads rigidly held facing forwards, and connected by the rod, they removed the gags.

Screams, yells and curses slowly changed to pleas to be let go; of course the two Dommes ignored everything and just waited for the girls to wind down.

While that was going on they moved some more equipment over to the platform.  The items were easily identified as a small air pump with two clear, corrugated hoses and a large mirror on wheels that had a big clock, with a sweep second hand, mounted in the centre.  There were a couple of other items that the tormentors held out of view.

Anne spoke.

“We’ve shown you how pain can be caused without any visible marks and explained that that is what you have been doing to your mother for years.  Now you get your next challenge.  Ever since your father died you have each taken the path of me, me, me; I am the only one that matters.  You have become completely selfish and stopped relying on each other unless it was for something you wanted or felt you deserved.”

“Now we will see if you still have a spark of love left for each other.”

When Anne finished speaking she brought her hand around from behind her and forced what looked like a clear, hard plastic mouthpiece between May’s lips until her teeth settled in the grooves.  The gag was spring loaded and, for the moment, a clip held it in the open position.

She then placed a clear plastic mask over May’s nose and mouth and held it in place with a strap around her head and another under her chin.  The end of the clip poked out of the mask through a tiny rubber sealed opening.  Since there was a short two inch wide tube protruding from the mask breathing was not a problem – yet!

Tatianna had fitted a similar mouthpiece and mask over June’s face and then they both took one of the clear hoses and worked it over the mouth tubes.   Air was still available to the sisters from the other end of the hoses.

Anne plugged in the last wires from the dildos and the air pump to electrical outlets in the side of the platform but didn’t turn anything on.

“Let me explain what is about to happen.   When we flip this switch several things are going to happen to you both.  The main thing is that your air will be cut off so I will give you enough warning to take a deep breath.”

“May, you are the older sister even if it is just by minutes, so you will start the program.  When you bite down on that mouthpiece your sister will be able to get air and the clock you can both see will start.  You, June, will have fifteen seconds to take several breaths and then, if you choose to help May, you have to bite down.  That will cut off your supply but allow her to breathe.”

“And so it will go with the clock as your coach.  You either rely on each other and put your own welfare aside or your sister suffers. I think you will be surprised at just how long fifteen seconds can be.  The mirror will allow you to watch each other.”

“Then we will find out how much you can hold your concentration because, once we turn on the feed, you will be getting random shocks from the dildo studs, the butt plugs and from the clit and nipple clamps.”

Anne moved around to make sure they could both see her.  “Do you understand?  Just one blink of your eyes will be a yes.”

There was just a brief wait and then two sets of eyelids blinked.

“Take a deep breath.”

They pulled the clips from the spring loaded mouthpieces and May’s stayed open while June’s snapped shut.

Tatianna slid the ends of the hoses over the air pump outlets and then completed the electrical circuit.

Unknown to the sisters the two leather clad, supposedly sadistic Dommes, also held their breath until May’s jaw moved and she clamped down.  The clock took over!

By the end of the first full minute a sheen of perspiration covered the naked bodies of the two sisters.  As the clock reached fifteen seconds May had reacted on time, at thirty seconds the random pulses had started and June did not bite down immediately.  Five seconds late she allowed her sister to breathe.

And so it went as the two leather clad Dommes supervised the punishment while making sure that neither of the twins got into serious trouble.

After ten minutes the sheen of perspiration had changed to beads of sweat coating the two tormented bodies.

But, standing to the side where they were not visible even in the mirror, Anne and Tatianna noted that neither sister cheated and tried to keep their air flowing longer than the clock allowed them.

After twenty minutes they started to read the body signs of exhaustion so after another few minutes they shut down the system and Anne moved in front of the two girls.

“I sincerely hope that you have taken this lesson to heart and will not forget it.  Just one more word of warning.  You have a lot to make up to your mother and to yourselves.  Don’t make us have to come back because, believe me, you will regret it very much.”

As she finished speaking Tatianna used her thumb to punch the button on top of an aerosol can at the opening of the air pump feeds and for the two terrified and exhausted sisters the world went black.



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