Tatianna's Treasures Part 3: The Test

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2010 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; bond; bdsm; susp; needles; display; toys; climax; cons; X

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Grand Mistress Vivien introduced the Executive Committee to Tatianna and Anne.

There were two men and two other women.  The men wore typical black silk shirts and leather pants.  One Tati already knew but the other was older with a white goatee and moustache. The women showed a bit more personality in their dress in that one wore a short black leather skirt and over the knee stiletto heeled boots while the other was in a body hugging corset and hobble skirt that didn’t seem to hobble her in the least.

“You know Master Robert and the other gentleman is our Grand Master Frederick.  The ladies are Mistress Cara and Mistress Elaine.”

The Grand Mistress herself was quite a sight in a bright red bustier corset that seemed to be losing the fight to contain her massive bosom.  A leather skirt in the same colour brushed her ankles that were covered in a pair of boots with five inch heels.  Her long grey hair had been braided and intertwined with red leather ribbons then coiled in a bun high on the back of her head.  Red kid leather, opera length, gloves completed her outfit.

Tatianna was in all her full Domme mode glory.  Her glossy black hair tied high in a long ponytail, heavier than usual makeup and the gleaming black kid leather cat suit that clung to every curve of her figure with the legs disappearing inside laced knee high boots.  Surprisingly, the boot heels were fairly wide and not much more than four inches high.  When Tati was working she preferred not to have to worry about keeping her balance on sky-high stilettos; those she kept for dressy occasions.

A wide leather belt cinched around her waist and from it hung her favourite two foot long braided leather crop.  A pair of black kid gloves were tucked in the belt.

Anne’s outfit was almost exactly the same except it was in her favoured white kid leather with a wide belt made of large gold rings.

The two of them faced the committee and Tatianna gestured for them to take a seat in one of the five comfortable chairs that had been bought down to Vivian’s dungeon and set in an arc that gave each one a clear view of the demonstration area.  The Grand Mistress and Grand Master sat together in the middle flanked on either side by the two Mistresses; Robert took the remaining chair on the end.

“Before we start I want to make sure the rules, both Grand Mistress Vivien’s and mine are clear.”  Tatianna waited for a moment and then continued.  “Rule number one is that no permanent scars, marks or damage be inflicted on the submissive Jane during this test.  Let me assure you I will abide by that rule but, and it is a big but, you might begin to think otherwise during the scene.”

“You must understand that since this submissive is very pain tolerant I intend to use psychology as well as pain to achieve my goal and there are things that you might see but Jane will not.  It is critical that you give her no indication of what you have seen or think you have seen. That is the second rule; is that agreed?”

No one answered her but five heads nodded up and down in agreement.

“Right then, the clock will start as soon as Jane is bought into the dungeon.  As agreed we have already put her in the preliminary bondage under the supervision of the Grand Mistress.  That consists of her fingers having been taped into fists and laced in leather bondage mitts.  We worked her breasts through the openings in a heavy rubber bra and tightened narrow straps around the base of each one.  Her arms were then forced up between her shoulder blades in the classic reverse prayer and the wrists strapped together.”

“We laced a short leather double glove over her fists and down to the crooks of her elbows.  A second arm bag was pulled up over her elbows and then laced up to her armpits.  Shoulder straps make it absolutely impossible for any movement at all in her arms.  The strain with her arms pulled back like that also reinforces the bra and her breasts are bulging through but the skin is stretched and very taut.”

“Her feet are laced in to a pair of ballet boots; otherwise she is naked.  Anne and I are ready to begin if you are.”

Again the heads nodded.

Anne and Tatianna left the dungeon for a moment and then returned on either side of the harshly bound submissive, steadying her as she teetered on the toes of the towering ballet boots.

They led her over to a padded table and easily manoeuvred the girl on her back on top of it.  With her arms locked up between her shoulder blades when they tightened a strap across her chest, above the bulging breasts, it caused her back to arch slightly.  This affected her line of sight to the rest of her body.  Another strap across the waist stopped any movement of her upper torso.

Working quickly and efficiently the two leather clad dominatrix each took one of Jane’s legs, bent it at the knee and pulled them to each side of the table.  They ran straps around the knees fed them through metal brackets near Jane’s waist and pulled until her ass cheeks were almost off the table.  To hold her ankles they used cord to a couple more side brackets.

Jane was completely and absolutely exposed, helpless and ready to learn just how well Tatianna knew her business.

Anne moved a smaller table over within reach and opened the top of a fairly large box.

“I think we need a nice big mouth filling gag to stop her screams don’t you Anne.”

Tati grinned down at the girl on the table and thought she saw a sneer cross her face as she looked back up.  The challenge was something the Domme understood and she smiled.

“Oh yes, we are going to really have fun with you; let’s get started.”

The gag was solid rubber with grooves top and bottom for the girl’s teeth and they had no trouble forcing it in place since Tatianna refused to loosen her grip on Jane’s nose until she opened her mouth as wide as needed.  A tight strap across her mouth and buckled behind her head held the gag in place.

Anne buckled another strap across the sub’s forehead so that she could not raise her head.

Now Tatianna reached into the box and bought out a latex glove.  Standing where Jane could see her she snapped it on over her right hand then dug a big glob of lubricant out of the jar Anne was holding ready.  She smiled down at Jane and reached between her bound legs to slap her hand against the girl’s puckered rosebud.

After working the jelly around and inside the asshole with a couple of fingers she stripped off the glove and then took the object that Anne held out and showed it to the girl whose eyes were now showing just a trace of worry.  When she saw what the dominatrix was holding the worry became very real to her.

It was a butt plug, a very unusual butt plug and, to the helpless girl a very horrifying butt plug.  It tapered out from a narrow head until it would stretch her to the maximum and then, it got thinner again closer to the base.  It was the base that caused Jane’s eyes to widen.

The round, hard rubber base was embedded with a circle of glistening surgical needles that were each at least two inches long.  There was a gasp from someone in the Executive and Tatianna immediately swung around and stared at the five of them.  One of the Mistresses lifted her hand in apology.

Tati continued to hold the butt plug, revolving it slowly in her hand, where the girl could not help but study the wicked toy.  She smiled down again, a very nasty smile; then moved around to stand between Jane’s legs.  The girl could not see but she immediately felt the nose of the plug at her rear entrance.  What she didn’t see was Anne substituting another plug for the one in Tatianna’s hand.  The second one was an exact duplicate except the surgical needles were less than half an inch long.

“Let’s just see how much you like this lovely toy Jane.”

The Domme slowly forced the plug in until the girl’s rear opening was stretched wide to allow it through.  Then, as the rest of it became buried, and her rosebud closed around the narrower part, the points of the needles rested and pricked lightly around the circle of her puckered anus.  There was a sound from deep in Jane’s throat as she felt the dozen or so points touching her; it turned to a loud grunt as Tatianna put the heel of her hand against the base of the plug and pushed, hard.

As the tears cleared from her eyes the girl looked up at a dildo in Tati’s hand.  It was a massive black rubber dildo whose base curved gently so it would match the curve of her vagina when it was fully inserted.  The base was lined down both sides with more of the two inch long surgical needles.

Now the fear in her eyes became almost a living thing and Tatianna again moved between her legs to press the knob of the dildo against the opening of the love tunnel.  Again Jane did not see the swift exchange of toys between the two dominatrix.  She just felt a huge shaft entering her tunnel and then, once again, the tiny pricks as the tips of the needles touched the skin on either side of her vagina.

If she could have shaken her head she would but all she could do was whimper through the gag as Tatianna rammed the dildo home.  Sweat started to glimmer on the submissive’s skin as the two efficient, leather clad, women worked a belt around her waist then attached a wide crotch strap and pulled it tight over the two toys embedded inside her.

Tatianna reached into the box again and held up a rubber cone in Jane’s line of sight.  She moved it around so that the light glimmered on a long central needle in the middle of a circle of smaller ones.

“Would you like to guess where this is going little one?’

She used that evil grin again and rested her left arm across Jane’s chest so that her shoulder completely blocked Jane’s view of what happened next.

The middle needle was just over one half of an inch long, even though, to Jane, it had seemed much longer.  The circle of smaller needles were half that length but, as Tatianna pushed the central one down into the left nipple and then the others punctured her skin around the areola, the girl’s imagination made them twice the size.

Two crossed pieces of tape held the nipple needle pad in place and then Tatianna quickly performed the same process on the right breast.

They covered the pads with leather bra cups and laced them down to the bondage bra.

“Time to stand up Jane and face your worst nightmare.”  Tatianna’s voice could have frozen water running from a tap.

Releasing the straps and cord holding the submissive to the table Tatianna and Anne moved her away from it to stand under a couple of ceiling pulleys.  They each snapped a hook through heavy D rings at the points of Jane’s shoulders then pulled on the ropes until she was held upright with the toes of the ballet boots just touching the floor.

They buckled straps around her ankles and, as they pulled her legs apart, the boot toes left the ground and they fastened the straps to rings set in the floor.

Tatianna moved to stand in front of the suspended girl while she slowly worked the kid leather gloves on her hands then unhooked the braided leather crop from her belt.  She reversed it and gripped the crop about eight inches from the butt end.

“Now then Jane, as I understand the problem, you are such a tough one that nobody can get you aroused except the Grand Mistress.”

Tatianna lightly tapped the butt of her crop against the girl’s left breast and saw her wince.

“And you are also almost impervious to pain; so I’m told.”

The crop tapped the cup over the right breast just a little harder this time and a sheen of perspiration appeared on Jane’s forehead.

“It must be getting a little warm in here Jane; you seem to be perspiring.”

The butt end of the crop moved in a short arc and again contacted with the leather covering the left nipple cup.  Then Tati started to swiftly alternate her blows, gradually letting them get harder.  All the time she watched the girl’s eyes and saw the pain in them begin to change to something else.  Jane’s breathing was changing too as she started snorting much more quickly through her nose in shorter and shorter bursts.

Swiftly Tatianna moved to stand on Jane’s right, reversing the crop to grip it properly by the butt in her right hand.  She held her left hand up with three fingers showing where the girl could not see them.  The girl also didn’t know that Anne was standing behind her.

The one dominatrix clad in black leather signalled the other one clad in white kid.  The three fingers became two then one and, as Tatianna closed her left hand into a fist, she swung her right with the braided crop so it landed viciously across both the needle filled nipple cups.

At exactly the same moment Anne swung a two inch wide leather strop up between Jane’s legs.  The heavy strop landed first on the butt plug then curled upwards to slap against the full length of the suspended girl’s vagina almost to her stomach.

Another three times the two swung in unison and then Tati signalled for them to stop.  Jane’s head was thrown back and a massive shudder ran through her entire body then she slumped in her bonds as much as they allowed.

Tatianna looked over at their audience.

“Grand Mistress Vivien, please examine your submissive.  I believe you will find that she has just orgasmed.”

The Grand Mistress left her seat to stand facing her slave.  With her left hand she raised the girl’s chin so she could study her face while she ran two fingers of her right hand between Jane’s legs and along the sides of the crotch strap.  The gloved fingers came up in front of her face glistening with moisture.

“You have indeed made her cum and almost completed our test Mistress Tatianna.  I say almost because I wish to examine Jane after you remove those toys you used on her.  If there is no damage then I will be very happy to welcome you to our inner circle.”

“That’s no problem Grand Mistress, in fact, if you wish we can bring her off again since there are still nearly fifteen minutes left before our time expires.”

Jane’s head started to shake violently and a mewling sound came passed the gag.

“That will not be necessary Mistress Tatianna.  I would prefer you just remove the equipment you used.”

Anne and Tatianna released Jane from the ankle straps and then the ceiling pulleys and moved her back over to the table.  They started with the nipple cups, then the dildo and, finally, the butt plug.  The entire committee, who had gathered around, watched closely and were amazed that there were only two places where tiny spots of blood showed as the needles came out.

“The secret is really quite simple Grand Mistress.  If each toy had just a couple of needles then it would get dangerous but, with the number of closely spaced needles I used, they actually help anchor the toy.   We made sure the crotch strap and bra cups were very tight to stop any movement other than a minimal in and out when the strikes landed. Then there was the psychological aspect in that Jane thought the needles were much longer than the ones that actually penetrated her skin.”

“Basically,” Tatianna continued her explanation.  “Jane’s own imagination increased the pain to the point where the strikes by Anne with the strop and me with my crop became almost secondary.  With her mind so wrapped up in the horror of the toys I let her see she let down her guard and we got through to her fairly quickly.”

“A little antiseptic and those puncture marks will disappear in a day or so.”

Anne and Tatianna actually started to blush as the four members of the committee started applauding and the Grand Mistress gave them each a kiss on the cheek.

“I have the feeling you will make an excellent addition to our group Mistress Tatianna.   With the agreement of the others, I would also like to invite Mistress Anne to become a honourary member so that she can join us when she is in town.”

Nobody disagreed and the Grand Mistress invited them all to join her in the lounge for a glass of champagne.  She arranged for two junior Mistresses to look after Jane, get her cleaned up and in bed to rest and recover.

When they were settled with a drink she proposed a toast.

“To Tatianna’s Treasures may it be successful and provide our members with a service we have needed for a very long time.”



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