Tatianna's Treasures Part 5: Problems, problems & Unofficial Opening

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2010 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; susp; corset; hobble; bullwhip; display; dungeon; climax; cons; XX

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A day later Tatianna and Amy were deeply immersed in the paperwork and computer programs surrounding the inventory and preparations for the opening of Taitanna’s Treasures.  In less than a week the renovations melding the two side by side properties into a single unit would be complete.  The following week after that she planned for first the private invitation only opening and then, a few days later, the one for the general public.

Hazel had received an offer for Tatianna’s house and she immediately phoned the real estate agent to accept the deal.   Robert had returned the dungeon to its previous existence as a wine cellar.  Most of the reusable items from it had been installed in the basement dungeon at the new location.

Tatianna had arrived home just a couple of hours ago after taking an early morning flight from Anne’s home town.  They had returned the two sisters to their home and left them sleeping the sleep of the both emotionally and physically exhausted.

Later they learned from Wendy that she, as agreed, had played the concerned and outraged mother when the two woke and came down to the kitchen.

“Where have you been?  Don’t you realise how I worry when I don’t know what you are doing.”

Apparently she even managed a few real tears but those were because of her concern that she didn’t know if the lesson had been understood or, if it wasn’t, they would be back to square one.

May and June had wasted no time in gathering their mother in a group hug that then broke down into a spate of we’re so sorry and we didn’t realise what we were doing and please forgive us.

Needless to say Wendy was only too happy to comply.  Later she destroyed the forged note the plotters had supplied.  Since the girls had been away for only twenty-four hours, and they had done that before, the note wasn’t needed.

Just after lunch time Tatianna’s cell phone rang and she was surprised to hear Grand Mistress Vivien asking her to attend a special emergency meeting of the area BDSM Council that afternoon.  No reason was given but Tatianna got the impression that something serious was in the works and agreed to attend.

Tati dressed for the meeting with considerable care.  Vivien had not indicated that it was a working session so full Domme mode was not called for.  The dark green tailored leather slacks with a matching four button belted jacket accentuated her figure.  A lighter green roll neck sweater complimented the outfit that she completed with a pair of stiletto heeled black ankle boots.

The Council members were the same as those present when she passed her test to be invited to join the insider group and there was a decided tension in the air as the Grand Mistress welcomed her.

Once they were all seated the Grand Mistress still seemed hesitant to get things started so Tatianna spoke up.

“OK what’s going on?  You all look like you’ve been sucking on lemons.  Is this something to do with me?   Let’s forget about titles for the moment; I don’t know you others too well yet but I do know you Robert and you Vivien and you’re out of character.  So someone tell me what the hell is going on and let’s get down to the reason for this meeting.”

Vivien glanced around and then took a deep breath and looked at Tati.

“We are faced with a situation that has never happened before in this group and we don’t really know how to handle it.  Last night a girl named Pamela, one of the submissives in our membership, came here and asked me for help.  She was in bad shape and I called in one of the doctors who is in the scene.” 

“Pamela had been badly abused by her mistress.  From what we could understand Michelle, the mistress, had not only gone way beyond the agreed limits of play but had also refused to honour Pamela’s safe word.  We understand that alcohol was a factor in the scene that went way out of control.”

Tatianna’s expression hardened as she listened to Vivien and she interrupted.

“I’m starting to get an idea what direction this is going but first, where is the girl and where is the mistress?”

Robert answered her.

“Pamela is upstairs in a spare bedroom under some mild sedation the doctor left.  Michelle, as far as we know, is still sleeping it off at home.”

Tati stood up.  “I want to see Pamela. Then we can continue our meeting.”

It was very obviously an order but nobody argued and Vivien gestured for the others to stay put while she and Tatianna left the room.

Tatianna pulled back the sheet covering the sleeping girl.  Maybe in her mid twenties she was quite beautiful if you could ignore the bruises at the sides of her mouth and the still visible rope marks on her wrists and ankles.

Tatianna was a very experienced Domme and had seen many things in her previous career.  She leaned down and studied the weals that covered the girl’s body, front and back, from shoulder to thigh.

She looked back at the Grand Mistress.  “How did she get here?”

“From what she managed to tell me Michelle cut her down just before she passed out and Pamela used the knife to get free.   She got a hold of some car keys and drove here.   When she showed up at my door she had just a loose coat on and was barefoot.”

Tatianna’s life changed at that moment.  She had already started to leave behind some of the things she had done in the past and now she dearly wanted to be part of this town and build a legitimate business with the people she had met.  To do that she needed to prove herself to the Council.

“The bitch used a bull whip on her.  In the hands of someone who knows what they are doing it can be made to just sting without damage to the submissive.  An expert can ratchet that up to increase the effect and bring a true masochist to orgasm.  I know because I am an expert with the bull whip.”

“This is the work of someone out of control and with no regard for what happens to the person they are abusing.  I don’t think the strikes she took will leave permanent scars but there are couple of spots where the metal tip of the whip dug in that might show.  That mistress cannot be allowed to do anything like this again or someone is liable to get very seriously hurt, or even worse.”

Tatianna allowed the sheet to drop back and cover the sleeping girl then turned to face Vivien.

“What do you want from me?

The Grand Mistress just gestured for Tati to follow her and they went back to join the other downstairs.  When they were all seated again she told them what Tatianna had just said about the abuse of Pamela. Then turned to their newest member.

“Mistress Tatianna.  I agree with your conclusions as to what happened to Pamela but Michelle has been a member of our group for many years.  She needs, no, she has to be punished for what she has done but we, as her long time friends are still reluctant to be the ones who administer whatever is decided.”

There was no holding back on the emotions as Tatianna literally blew her stack. 

“I have just started to try and build a business here and spent one hell of a lot of money doing it and now you want me to pass judgement and pronounce sentence on a local member of the scene because you don’t have the balls to do it yourselves?  That sounds like a great way to kill my dreams.”

Grand Master Frederick finally decided to take a hand.

“We are not in anyway asking you to take responsibility for our lack of backbone in this particular situation.  What we want from you is an idea as to how Michelle should be punished, and Pamela compensated, for last night’s foul up. We, as the Council, will make it known to the membership that anything you decide to do has our full co-operation and consent.”

Tatianna paced the room like a caged tiger for several minutes then made up her mind.

“All right there are several things that have to be done immediately and I expect complete co-operation from all of you.  I want someone to go up and get dated photographs of the damage to Pamela’s body.  That includes the marks around her mouth from the badly installed and overly tight gag.  Also one of you, maybe Cara, needs to sit up in the room with her because when she wakes up, after what she’s been through, she shouldn’t be alone.”

“Next, Frederick, you in your role as Grand Master, and Robert need to take Elaine with you and go to Michelle’s place.  Find out what shape she is in and then bring, if you can, her back here.”

“Finally, for now, Vivien I need your butler to get me a long cold drink and then leave me alone for half an hour while I think out the next steps in clearing up this mess.  You all agree?”

There was no doubt who was in command now and they all headed off to do as they were told; except Vivien.  She came over and gave Tati a hug then held her at arms length.

“Thank you, I’ll make very sure that you and your business don’t suffer for what you’re doing.”

Then she turned on her heel to go and find the butler.

When the butler showed up a few moments later with Tatianna’s drink on a small silver tray he watched her pace back and forth.  There was such a frown of concentration on her lovely face that it made it almost ugly.  He cleared his throat to get her attention and then offered the tall glass.

Tati thanked him, took a small sip, and then put the drink down and started pacing again.

The tuxedo clad servant cleared his throat again and when she turned with a puzzled look on her face he spoke.

“Pardon the liberty madam but may I make a suggestion?’

“Of course, what is it?”

“For obvious reasons there is very little that goes on in this house of which I am unaware so I do understand the problem you face.  If I may make so bold I would suggest that difficult decisions should, if possible, not be rushed.   It is not yet dinner time; the young lady upstairs is now safe from any further harm and so surely there is no need for you to hurry with your decisions.  With all due respect a meal and a good night’s sleep would be my recommendation.”

Tatianna’s face broke into a huge smile.

“You are so right; please tell me your name is not Jeeves?”

“No madam, it’s Norman, and may I remind you that in a week or so you have a very special event happening in your own life.   Perhaps there is a way for you to arrange for the solution to one problem to benefit the other?”

He turned to leave.

“Thank you Norman and one other thing.”

He looked back at her.

“Don’t call me madam again or I’ll have to take a paddle to your cute ass!”

A smile threatened to destroy the professional, expressionless, look on his face.

“Now that sounds like it might be fun…….Mistress Tatianna.”

“Yeah …it would be a first for me to!”

An hour or so later Tatianna was seated at the dining room table with the Grand Mistress,  Grand Master Frederick and Master Robert.  Cara had remained upstairs with Pamela and Elaine was over at Michelle’s home.  They had found the woman to be in a real mess and just cleaned her up then put her to bed.  She had been in no shape to come in front of the Council.

Tatianna pushed her almost empty plate away and addressed a question to Vivien.

“What does Pamela do for a living and does she have any family here?”

“She started working for Michelle less than a year ago as a secretary and moved in with her two months ago.  As for family I think she has a sister somewhere on the west coast.”

“Can she stay here with you for a few days.”

Vivien didn’t hesitate for a second.  “Of course.”

Tatianna left the table and started pacing around the room.

“There are a number of things that have to happen.  If you won’t tell Michelle then I will when she’s able to understand.  First – Pamela is not safe living with her and she will stay here while she recovers and then you can make her an offer.  I still need another staff member for my retail business.  If she’s interested she can stay with Amy and me in the living quarters above the store and see if things work out.”

“Second – Michelle agrees to get treatment for her drinking problem and that she will not work another submissive for two years; and then only under supervision.”

“Third – I will decide her punishment, and how it will be carried out, in the next few days.  She accepts my decision, backed by the Council or, as they say in the spaghetti westerns, she’s not welcome in this town.  Now, I hope Norman has something very sweet planned for dessert because, frankly, I need cheering up before I go home.”

Two days later Michelle stood in front of the Council, which included Tatianna.  It was obvious to everyone that the woman had serious problems and Tati wondered why nobody had spotted the signs of them before.  Michelle was in her late thirties but looked ten years older. She was apologetic for what had happened to Pamela but, at the same time, tried to make excuses for what, she called, loosing her temper.

Tatianna was in full Domme mode and finally had enough of the crap the woman was spouting to try and justify her actions. She held up a hand to shut her up, grabbed a remote control from the table and then walked over to stand face to face with the redhead.

“Oh for Christ Sake!  There is no bloody way you can avoid taking the blame for what you did.  You got a trusting submissive hung up and ready for a consensual scene then you got pissed and abused her to the point of serious bodily harm.  Who poured the booze down your throat?”

Michelle literally started to cower under the verbal attack.

Tatianna pointed the remote at the large screen television on the wall and pushed a button.  Up on the screen came a picture of Pamela’s mouth.

“Who jammed a gag in Pamela’s mouth so hard that it cut the edges?”

“Who picked up a bull whip that they didn’t know how to use and flailed away at the hanging girl?”




Shots of the damage to the abused girl’s body followed one after the other.

“You don’t have a leg to stand on and I refuse to call you a Mistress because that implies you abide by the rules that go with the title and had concern for your submissive.  How long have you had the drinking problem?

The reply was barely above a whisper.  “Three years!”

Tatianna’s voice dropped as she studied Michelle.

“You knew that you were out of control and you still convinced a submissive to trust you?”

She turned to Vivien.

“Grand Mistress.  You know what I have recommended for this creature and I expect you to explain it to her.   True, she needs help but she also has to agree to accept her punishment.   She used a bullwhip on Pamela.  I am an expert with that tool.  At the opening of my dungeon next week she presents herself to me to receive a lesson in the proper use of the bullwhip that will be in my hands.”

“I suggest you accept all the requirements the Council has agreed to Michelle because your only other choice is finding another place to live.”


“Oh come on Amy, work with me here.  I cannot put you on display for the private grand opening until you’re down to at least nineteen inches!”

Amy, of course, had no choice in the matter but Tatianna liked to talk to her self as she worked the laces of the heavily boned white, kid leather bondage corset.  Since it was taking her quite some time to get the beautiful twenty four year old girl properly fitted she was carrying on a regular one-sided conversation.

Amy, on the other hand, was hanging by her wrist cuffs from a ceiling pulley and just trying to get enough air in her lungs through her nostrils to stop from passing out.  She only had the use of her nose because her mouth was just about completely blocked with a large white rubber ball gag.  Tatianna liked to talk but was not the least bit interested in getting any answers from her gasping plaything.

The Domme took a break from working on the corset laces with the thick handled lace hook to study her progress.  The simple tool gave her a much more effective way to work up and down on the laces than using her fingers and, more importantly, didn’t put her gleaming crimson fingernails at risk.

Guessing that she was close to her goal she used a tape measure on the suspended girl and found there was over another half inch to go until she could tie off the laces.  It took another ten minutes to do that and then she lowered Amy just enough for her toes to touch the floor and take some of her weight.

Tati left her submissive to recover while she got her coat, locked up and headed for the airport to collect Anne.  Her lover, colleague and fellow leather Domme was coming to stay for a few days to help Tati open her new retail store that offered top of the line leather fashions to the general public.  Additionally it had a ‘by invitation only’ back area catering to the fetish BDSM scene and a very discrete dungeon downstairs that was currently occupied by Amy.  They had picked the name for the place weeks ago – Tatianna’s Treasures!

Once they had dropped off Anne’s luggage in the top floor living quarters they took the small elevator down to the basement and collected the tightly corseted Amy.  Back upstairs they worked on getting the sub’ into the outfit Tatianna had picked for her to wear during the opening.

Pamela had moved in with them after recovering from her ordeal and was now downstairs supervising the arrangements to greet their guests.  Of the twenty or so members of the local BDSM scene, who had been specifically invited to the private first showing of Tatianna’s Treasures, most had accepted.  Several of those would be attending with their playing partners.

Tati and her staff, including Amy, Pamela and the two other girls she had hired with Vivien’s recommendations, had worked long hours to reach this point and now time was running out.  No one in the insider group could be called on to do the catering so they had arranged with a vanilla company to provide several trays of canapés and a couple of large microwave ovens.

One of the staff would handle those while the other looked after the cocktails.

Robert had arranged for a couple of his very large, and in the know, construction guys to act as security and they checked the invitations as the guests started to arrive.

Tatianna, in a full black kid leather cat suit, greeted each guest as Grand Mistress Vivien introduced them to her just inside the entrance.  Then Anne, in her signature white leather, led them through to the back fetish wear display area where a coat rack was available.

For the most part those with coats or, in many cases, cloaks, were the submissive partners who were revealed to be restricted by some type of bondage.  In many instances the sub’s Master or Mistress added a gag to the outfit until the room started to look like a scene from a Bishop drawing.

The next thing to catch their attention was Amy in the most amazing gold coloured leather hobble dress.  The hem of the tight skirt was just far enough off the floor to reveal that she was teetering on the toes and heels of a pair of white kid leather ballet boots.  Tiny steps of three or four inches were all she could manage against the constriction of the skirt.

Ones eyes were drawn up the glistening hourglass figure to the wide dark gold metal belt that circled Amy’s waist.  Instead of a buckle the belt was closed with a short lever type arm with a slot that fitted over a small loop; through the loop was a heart shaped gold padlock.

The taut leather continued over her breasts to a high collar that ended just under her chin.  Her head was encased in a tightly laced white leather discipline helmet that left just her eyes visible and they were heavily made up with golden eye shadow and glitter. On the top of her head was a gold tiara with a big double T logo resting just above her eyes.

The obviously very tight gag strap was the same gold colour as the dress.  Around Amy’s neck covering the collars of the helmet and the dress was another wide metal band closed with a padlock matching the one at her waist.

Only by looking at the girl from the side or back could it be seen that her arms were locked up between her shoulder blades in a classic reverse prayer then encased inside a sheath like pocket designed in the dress.

Draped across one shoulder and down over to her opposite hip was a white silk sash with gold lettering that read – Welcome to Tatianna’s Treasures.

Needless to say the figure in golden bondage became the centre of attention and, once all the guests had arrived, Tatianna stood next to Amy as she described the lay out and features of the building.   From the vanilla retail area specializing in high fashion leather clothing in front to the room they were in now that, as they could see, stocked every possible item those in the BDSM community might need.

Finally, she explained that downstairs was a professionally designed dungeon.  It was available for rent or for sessions arranged with her.  The Domme made it clear that any and all activity in the dungeon would be discretely supervised and video taped.  Once a session was over, and had proceeded as per the rental agreement, the video would be erased in front of the parties involved.

This part of the announcement was met with questioning looks and some shaking of heads.  Seeing this Grand Mistress Vivien moved over next to Tatianna and motioned for quiet.

“All of you here are members of this town’s inner circle and I don’t need to remind you of the confidential nature of the things that occur with that circle.  What most of you don’t know is the reason why Tatianna has set that rule for any activity in her dungeon and that your Council agrees with it and supports her decision.”

“Earlier this month one of our member Mistresses, while under the influence of alcohol, not only abused the trust of her submissive but also ignored her safe word and left her severely injured.”

By now she had the undivided attention of every one in the room.

“Your Council asked, no we imposed on, Mistress Tatianna to help us sort out the mess and she has done so.  The sentence we have agreed to is that the perpetrator loses her designation as a Mistress within our Group and will not be allowed to work a submissive for a minimum of two years.  More importantly she has undertaken to enter an alcohol treatment program.”

“You may think that is not really sufficient for her to atone after breaking the most basic rules of our lifestyle; and we concur.  Shortly, you will be invited down to the dungeon to witness Mistress Tatianna administer a more physical form of punishment.”

As the Grand Mistress was speaking Master Robert had entered the room holding the arm of Michelle.  She was unrestrained and dressed in a simple white shift.

Tatianna pointed to the pair in the doorway.

“Just to make the record clear Michelle do you agree to abide by the Council’s decision?”

All heads had turned and there were a few gasps as they recognised who stood there.

“Yes.”  It was almost a whisper but everyone heard.  “And I deeply regret the shame I have bought on myself and the pain I caused Pamela.”

“Master Robert, please take her down and get her prepared as we discussed.”

Half an hour later Tatianna entered the dungeon and examined the naked redhead.  She was in a suspended upright spread eagle from ceiling pulleys and ankle straps to floor rings.

There was room for many of the guests in the dungeon and the rest would view the scene on monitors upstairs.

Tatianna spoke so every one could hear.

“I do not intend to gag you Michelle and I assign you the safe word ‘guilty’; use it and everything stops.  Do you understand?”

There was just a nod of the woman’s head.

“You used a bull whip on Pamela that you were not experienced enough, or sober enough, to handle.  I am perfectly sober and I am an expert with the bull whip.  I intend to show you how it should be used.”

As she spoke Tati pulled on a pair of tight black leather gloves that matched the cat suit she was wearing then moved over to lift her whip from a hook on the wall.   Just over nine feet long when uncoiled the braided leather gleamed with a coat of light oil.  Several of those watching noticed that the usual hard ferule had been replaced with a thick but flexible leaf shaped leather tip.

Setting herself off to the left side of the suspended body Tatianna took a calming breath.

There was no wide swinging arm movement visible to the watchers, just a snap of the wrist and the braided snake curled across Michelle’s back, around under her right arm and the leaf like tip landed with a smacking sound on her left nipple.  Again the wrist movement and this time the target was the right nipple.   The third perfectly aimed strike caught her clitoris with the very tip of the leather leaf.

The three strikes had happened with blurring speed and it wasn’t until the last one landed that a grunt got passed Michelle’s lips.  The only signs on her body were three faint pink lines across her back.

The audience had gasped at the skill of the black leather clad Domme and someone started to applaud but the Grand Mistress gestured for them to remain silent.

Tatianna’s second group of three strikes landed in exactly the same spots and the suspended woman threw her head back and started to pant.

In a sudden flurry of action the whip struck nine times.   The first set of three hit the nipples and clitoris again.   The next three were harder with the first raising a weal across the top of Michelle’s buttocks, the second doing the same across the top of her breasts and the last cutting across the crease between her upper thighs and ass cheeks.

With the final three she returned to her original targets and Michelle screamed.

“Ohhhhh Goooooooood.”

She slumped in her bonds and the audience saw fluid glistening as it dripped from her vagina.  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the woman had just experienced a massive orgasm.

There was no stopping the audience now and the roar of appreciation at Tatianna’s skill was completely sincere.

The leather clad Domme curled her whip as she stood in front of Michelle then she ran a gloved finger between the glistening lower lips and held it up in front of the limp woman.

“I had an idea about you Michelle and I was right.  You are no more Mistress material than someone else I know who pretended they were.  You’re a submissive and once you accept that your life will get a lot easier because you won't be living a lie.”

She turned away and looked for Master Robert.

“Please take her down.  Only three of my strikes will need some treatment, they were meant to hurt just as the others were meant to arouse.  Her real punishment was the anticipation of what I was going to do her and the last few days would have been a nightmare in her imagination.”

She spoke to the rest of the guests.

“There is food and refreshments upstairs and my staff will be happy to show you around.”

“I hope we will see you again at Tatianna’s Treasures and, whether it be upstairs or down here, that your visits will be – shall we say – satisfying!”



Several weeks later Tatianna was dining with the Grand Mistress at her mansion.  Anne had returned to her own town and business but the two of them got together every couple of weekends. 

Tatianna’s Treasures was slowly being accepted and starting to show a profit on both the vanilla and the fetish sides.  She had supervised several scenes in the dungeon and, on two occasions, had been contracted to again display her skill with the whip.  Amy and Pamela were working well together at the business with one handling the inventory and ordering while the other supervised the sales.

Michelle had started her treatment program and also been taken under the wing of Master Robert.  He was introducing her gradually to accept her new designation as his submissive.

While the butler served the main course Vivien bought up another topic.

“Things seem to be settling down Tatianna but the Council still feels that they have not thanked you properly for the help you gave us.  We wish there was something more we could do to express our appreciation.”

As Tatianna started to reply she was interrupted by the butler addressing the Grand Mistress.

“Might I make a suggestion Madam?”

Tati looked at him.

“The last time you made a suggestion to me it was a good one.”

“What do you have in mind Norman?” said Vivien.

“Well Madam each year you and the Grand Master host all the members at a private dinner and that will be in two months time.  I believe the attendance is usually between forty and fifty couples.  If the Council can find a non-vanilla venue, and sends out invitations which call for a bondage ball theme for the event this year; with a prize for the best costume it would certainly provoke a competition among the members.”

“Interesting Norman but what would be the point?”

“Madam, I know of only one place in this town that they could go to find, and buy, their appropriate costumes.”

“Excellent idea Norman.  What do you think Tatianna?”

“I think that Amy, Pamela and I should take Norman out to dinner.  He can even choose the restaurant as long as he promises not to call me Madam!  Agreed?”

A smile crossed the tuxedo clad man’s face.



The End…. Maybe!