Tatianna's Treasures Part 2: Coming Together & Details, Details

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2010 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; leather; bond; bdsm; toys; climax; cons; X

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Since she would be a first time guest at the private party Tatianna did not expect to play and so, out of courtesy to the hostess, she did not wear her full Domme leather cat suit outfit.  Instead she chose a pale blue leather skirt with a matching jacket over a dark blue silk blouse.  Her knee-high stiletto heeled boots and kid gloves matched the blouse making for a very striking presentation.

With the weather still bitter she wore her full-length leather coat over the suit.

She drove her own car to the pre-arranged meeting with Robert and then followed him to the private residence where the party was being held.  As they approached the door it was opened by an almost grandmotherly figure who Tati judged was in her mid fifties and she instantly knew was definitely a Domme.

It was the way she carried herself more than what she wore.  That was a loose flowing caftan; it had long sleeves, a high neck and then draped down over a massive bust line to just brush her ankles and was made from very delicate light green kid leather.  Her hair was grey and coiled neatly on top of her head.

She had a very welcoming smile as she studied Tatianna.

“Hello Robert may I assume this is the guest Mistress you asked my permission bring along?”

“Good afternoon Grand Mistress Vivien may I present Mistress Tatianna?”

“You certainly may Robert.  Welcome to my home Mistress.”  The smile on her face was obviously genuine.  “Now Robert why don’t you go through and join our friends while I have a chat with our guest?”

Tatianna took the hand that was extended and returned the firm handshake then almost lost it as a real honest to God tuxedo clad English butler suddenly appeared to take their coats.

“Thank you for extending me your hospitality Grand Mistress.  I hadn’t realised that you held that title; I’m honoured.”

Once they were settled by themselves in a comfortable lounge she got another surprise.

“Tatianna please call me Vivien, there’s no need for titles when it is just the two of us.  I know that you’ve owned that house you’re in for just over two years and yet, even though you are an experienced Domme and have a nice private little dungeon, you have never entered the BDSM club scene in this city until now.  Why?”

She laughed at the shocked look on Tati’s face.

“Oh don’t worry, as Grand Mistress I have ways of finding things out.  And, as the elected Councillor for this district, I have access to the tax records.  Now, explain.”

Tatianna was not easily intimidated and recovered quickly from her initial surprise.  She studied the woman facing her for several moments before making up her mind.

“For a number of years I have been handling contracts that might last a week or two or a couple of months; sometimes longer.  The house was an investment and the dungeon came in handy when I did have a chance to play.  Most of the time though the house was just home base; a place to relax on my own until I was off again on another project.”

“During my last job I met someone in the mid-west running a business that is related to the fetish scene and decided I wanted to try and put down some roots and build a similar business here.”

“To do that I needed to enter the BDSM scene in this city and find out, shall we say, how strong the market is for what I want to sell?  I also need to meet contacts I can trust.”

The grandmotherly woman had listened carefully with the occasional nod.

“Just what business did you have in mind Tatianna and what contacts are necessary?”

“I want to open a vanilla retail high end leather wear store, mostly for women but with some men’s wear.”

It was Tati’s turn to smile at the doubtful look on the older woman’s face.

“Behind the vanilla merchandise store would be a complete fetish wear outlet, leather, latex, rubber, boots, toys, whips, top grade equipment and if I don’t happen to have it in stock I’ll get it for a client.”

She held up her hand to stop the woman facing her as a huge smile started to cross her face and she opened her mouth to speak.

“Let me finish.  Under both of them would be a fully equipped dungeon to look after those who had more special requirements.  It would be for my use but also available for rent.  The upper level would be my living quarters.  So you see the contacts I need are a trust worthy real estate agent to find a suitable property for me, and a contractor to transform it to fit my plans.  Funds are not a problem.”

Still with the smile on her face Grand Mistress Vivien leaned forward to take Tatianna’s hands in her own.

“You will also need a friendly Councillor to get the necessary building permits my dear; and knowledgeable, trustworthy staff.   This city had needed something like you describe for years and, yes, the market is definitely there.  Let’s go through and I will introduce you to my guests.  Pay particular attention when I introduce you to Mistress Hazel because she just happens to be a real estate agent who specializes in commercial and mixed-use properties.  Oh and you will be pleased to know that Master Robert owns a contracting firm.”

She was laughing out loud as she led an almost overwhelmed Tatianna through to meet the rest of the group.  Everything was coming together.


Two weeks later Tatianna met Hazel to inspect a possible property and she had invited Robert along to make sure the building lent itself to the required construction changes.  Hazel had found that the two end units of a fairly upscale strip mall were on the market separately but they had the same owner.  She suggested that Tati look to buy them both. Then it would be a matter for Robert to plan how to combine them in to a set up that met all of Tatianna’s requirements – living quarters, vanilla retail leather clothing outlet, fetish outlet and dungeon.

Tati was immediately taken with the possibilities of the property.  The two identical units were just over fifteen hundred square feet on each floor and they had full basements.  The top floors were already residential apartments.  After Robert had spent over an hour inspecting the building and wandering around with his tape measure he gave Tatianna a smile and a nod.  In turn she told Hazel to open negotiations to buy both units.

Robert, over a drink with her to celebrate the find, suggested that by knocking down a wall or two, which was structurally feasible, the combined front section of both units could become the leather clothing store with the back areas set aside for the fetish outlet.  He recommended that they also knock a large doorway between the upstairs residential units and make it one large apartment.  The basements would become a storeroom and the dungeon.  That area could be very easily soundproofed.

He also suggested a small elevator could be installed to serve the three levels.

Hazel made an excellent deal for both units as one sale and, since they were vacant, occupancy was immediate once the contract was signed and the funds transferred.  Robert needed about four weeks to complete the renovations that would include the top of the line security system Tati insisted on to protect her investment.

Tatianna called Anne and asked if she could visit to see the property and begin the process, through her contacts, of helping to order the stock needed to build the inventory required to open both outlets and, of course, the equipment for the dungeon that Tatianna did not already have in her own.

Over the last few weeks she had come up with an idea for dealing with the problem of Amy.  With the new set up she couldn’t very well keep her as a captive all the time and, in her own way, she had grown very fond of the girl so selling Amy was not an option.  It was somewhat against her normally sadistic nature but, several evenings a week, she set up a session with the little blonde and made sure it ended with them both sexually satisfied.  Sometimes with pain, sometimes pleasure, sometimes with a combination of them both she played the girl’s body.

It didn’t need very long before, once again; the submissive was head over heels in love with her.

One evening Amy was surprised to find herself completely unrestrained for the first time in weeks, dressed in a normal, albeit leather, skirt and a comfortable sweater.  She sat across the table from the Mistress she loved and wondered what was going to happen next.

“If I give you most of your freedom back would you agree to continue to live with me as my submissive?”

No hesitation.  “Yes Mistress.”

“I am going into a new business and your computer skills would be very useful; are you willing to work for me.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You will do what ever I ask of you both in the business and in our personal lives?”

“Yes Mistress Tatianna.”

“Good.  Go and get ready for bed then come to my room.  From now on you will share my bed unless you are being punished or I feel like playing somewhere else.”

The smile on Amy’s face almost, but not quite, melted the remaining ice-cold section of the dominatrix’s heart.

One more problem solved!

And another one takes its place.  The next morning Tati was invited to tea with the Grand Mistress.

Leaving Amy unsure of what to do with her new found freedom she dressed carefully and drove over to Vivien’s.

“Mistress Tatianna.  Our Executive committee has met and recommended that you be invited to join our insider group.  We are all senior members of the BDSM scene in this city and, with your new project underway, we feel it would be the right thing to do.  However, first, there is a test for you to pass because none of us has ever seen you use your skills as a dominatrix.”

“I might add my dear that successfully passing our test and becoming part of our club would almost certainly ensure the success of your business.  Do you agree?”

Tatianna was still a Domme and not easily intimidated.  She stared at the woman for a while then deliberately drained her tea cup.

“What’s the test?”

“Basically you have to make my submissive have an orgasm, without exceeding certain limits!”

“What’s the catch?”

“Well, of course there is one.  A big one!  Jane is a very strong natural masochist to the point where some would say she is a pain slut.  I am probably the only one who can get her to the point of orgasm without doing her permanent injury.  If you are as good as you say then your test is to at least get her aroused and flowing.  The second catch is that there will be a time limit of one hour to complete the test.”

“The Executive and myself will be present to judge your performance but I must insist that, since I love Jane dearly, there can be no permanent damage marks or scars left on her or you will answer to me.”

“If I agree and plan the scene can I have an assistant of my choice?”

“Yes as long as you are calling the shots that would be allowed.”

“Then I agree.  Excuse me for a moment.”

Tati moved across the room, took out her cell phone and called Anne.  She told her of the test and then reminded her of some new toys they had talked about and asked her to bring a set with her.  Anne laughed and said she would rather ship them to Tati overnight because she didn’t think the airport security would let them through and that could get embarrassing.  She also agreed to act as Tati’s assistant.

“Grand Mistress, I have a couple of rules of my own for this session.  I can assure you and the Executive that Jane will suffer nothing permanent but, once the session begins, she doesn’t need to know that.  I also insist on no interference during the session unless I ask one of you directly to do something. Since there is a time limit I will want to do Jane’s preliminary restraints before the clock starts; you can of course watch to make sure there are no hidden tricks taking place.  Agreed?”

“Agreed.  Today is Thursday; Saturday evening in my dungeon the test will take place.  More tea my dear?”

On Friday Tatianna set Amy to work packing some of the exotic toys and smaller items around the house, and in the dungeon, ready to move them to the new location when it was ready.  She had arranged for Robert to look after dismantling the rest of the dungeon and returning it to its original state as a climate controlled wine cellar.

Somehow she didn’t think that, with Hazel having the house on the market, a fully equipped BDSM dungeon would make a good selling point.

A courier delivered the package sent by her lover and Anne herself had arrived just after lunch.  They spent some time going over Tatianna’s plan for the test the next evening then the two lesbian Dommes enjoyed getting reacquainted with the Amy bondage sandwich.  Locked helplessly between the two, and impaled front and back by their strap ons, even Amy was forced to orgasm several times and enjoyed herself.



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