Tatianna's Treasures Part 1: Preparations!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2010 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; corset; bond; susp; bdsm; electro; toys; climax; cons/reluct; XX




“Oh come on Amy, work with me here.  I cannot put you on display for the private grand opening until you’re down to at least nineteen inches!”

Amy, of course, had no choice in the matter but Tatianna liked to talk to herself as she worked the laces of the heavily boned, white kid leather, bondage corset.  Since it was taking her quite some time to get the beautiful twenty four year old girl properly fitted she was carrying on a regular one-sided conversation.

Amy, on the other hand, was hanging by her wrist cuffs from a ceiling pulley and just trying to get enough air in her lungs through her nostrils to stop from passing out.  She only had the use of her nose because her mouth was just about completely blocked with a large white rubber ball gag.  Tatianna liked to talk but was not the least bit interested in getting any answers from her gasping plaything.

The Domme took a break from working on the corset laces with the thick handled lace hook to study her progress.  The simple tool gave her a much more effective way to work up and down on the laces than using her fingers and, more importantly, didn’t put her gleaming crimson fingernails at risk.

Guessing that she was close to her goal she used a tape measure on the suspended girl and found there was over another half inch to go until she could tie off the laces.  It took another ten minutes to do that and then she lowered Amy just enough for her toes to touch the floor and take some of her weight.

Tati left her submissive to recover while she got her coat, locked up and headed for the airport to collect Anne.  Her lover, colleague and fellow leather Domme was coming to stay for a few days to help Tati open her new retail store that offered top of the line leather fashions to the general public.  Additionally it had a ‘by invitation only’ back area catering to the fetish BDSM scene and a very discrete dungeon downstairs that was currently occupied by Amy.  They had picked the name for the place weeks ago – Tatianna’s Treasures!



When Tatianna, she had a complete set of valid identification in this name so she decided to keep it, had arrived home after the sixteen hour drive from the mid-west the first thing she needed to attend to was getting some fluid and food into the leather bound ball behind the passenger seat. (See Tatianna’s Task for the full story.)

A small tube through Amy’s gag had allowed her to occasionally pump a few sips of water into the helpless girl during the trip but now she needed much more attention.

The maid service company had turned on all the systems for the house and even stocked the kitchen with some basic supplies before they left.  Using the four wheeled cart she moved Amy into the playroom and undid all the straps holding her in the ball shaped travelling position. 

Tatianna swore she heard a faint groan from the packed, leather strapped, mouth as Amy’s body slowly unravelled and her muscles got their first opportunity in many hours to stretch.  As her limbs left the cramped, ball shaped, position they had been held in for too many hours the still stringently bound form straightened out on the carpet.

Working quickly and efficiently for the next hour or so Tati had her unwilling companion stripped, in and out of the bathroom, fed and securely bound to a bed in the soundproof dungeon.  Then she was free to look after herself.

Still wound up after the long drive and the successful, very rewarding, completion of her last project Tatianna sipped a glass of wine with her own meal.  Falling back on her training as an industrial espionage agent she found a pad and pencil to start a checklist of the things that needed to be done before she could achieve her goal of opening a business with a set up similar to Anne’s.

The list was long and was not going to be that easy to complete.  She would first have to investigate the fetish and BDSM scene in this city and make sure it was strong and active enough to support her project.

Then there was finding a suitable building in the right location, building permits - the list went on and on.

Anne had agreed to provide the contacts to stock the retail side of the leather and fetish store so that was not a problem but finding a trustworthy contractor to build the dungeon could be a major hassle!  She would need a real estate agent who was ‘in the know’; then there would be staff to hire for the store.  The adrenaline had worn off; she was tired.

As she headed up to get some sleep Tatianna knew the answers to the main problems had to be found in the local underground scene.

Amy had a very easy time over the next two or three weeks while Tatianna was extremely busy trying to get things off the ground.  True, when the Domme came home, sometimes very late or even early in the morning, she took her frustrations out on the submissive using whatever equipment was handy in the dungeon.

The rest of the time Amy spent with her hands and arms in a single arm binder glove and a manacle around her ankle with a chain just long enough to allow movement between the bed and the bathroom.  Tati usually added a ring gag just for the hell of it!

After spending a lot of time on the Internet Tati got a lead through a local chat group to a munch being held in a couple of days.  Since it was being held at a vanilla location no fetish clothing was allowed.  She got around that by wearing a tight, knee length, dark brown tweed skirt and a long sleeved white turtleneck sweater that left nothing to the imagination.

A wide, lighter brown, leather belt cinched tightly around her waist and matching knee boots with a publicly acceptable three-inch heel completed the look she wanted.  Her long dark hair hung loose over the collar of her belted leather coat.

She wore her make up just a little subdued but the way she looked and carried herself screamed Domme to anyone with the slightest knowledge of the scene.

It didn’t take Tatianna long to realise that most of those attending the meeting were either complete amateurs, arrogant know it alls who really knew nothing or those who were very, very new to the world of BDSM.   They sat around tables or gathered in small groups with a drink in their hand; all conversation stopped when one of the venue staff was within earshot.

Tati would have found the whole thing almost amusing except it wasn’t helping her in any way.  Then she mentally kicked herself when she realised that, if there is fresh meat on the plain, or little fish in the sea, the hyenas and barracuda can usually be found circling.  Immediately she changed the way she studied the crowd and soon had spotted two or three people who, like herself, were paying very close interest in the other attendees.

The way she was dressed, and the fact that she was an extremely attractive female, now came to her assistance as she moved in on one of the two men she judged to be more than they seemed.

“Any of them worth following up with do you think?” She came straight to the point.

The man, who she guessed was in his early forties, was fairly good looking and carried himself well.  Not that, as she was a confirmed lesbian, he interested Tatianna.   He looked her up and down then straight in the eye.  Recognising the strength emanating from the lovely lady who had approached him, as coming from one of their own, he replied honestly.

“One or two might be trained if they only knew it was what they really wanted but fear of going any further is stopping most of them from reaching their dreams.”

“I agree and I’m bored.  I’m new to the scene in this city and could use an introduction to those at the same level I work at myself.  How about we find a place to have a decent drink and a long conversation while you can decide if you trust me enough to sponsor me? I am Mistress Tatianna!”

“Master Robert, and it will be my pleasure; I know just the place.  Shall we get our coats?”

As it turned out Robert was a Master at loose ends for the moment while he was looking for a new submissive.  He and Tatianna were easily on the same wavelength and he agreed, after making a phone call, to escort her to a private party coming up in a couple of days.

Tatianna was so pleased with the way things had turned out she decided to have a long overdue session with Amy to celebrate.  On the way home she thought about all of the equipment and toys in her dungeon and which of them might be fun to introduce to her little blonde slave.  Fun for her that is, how much fun Amy would have was not really a consideration.

As she pulled in to the garage she remembered a new toy she picked up just before her last contract started and had not even unwrapped yet; a huge smile lit her face – oh yeah, that was just what the occasion called for.

Amy was definitely not having any fun.  Since Tatianna had taken over her life, she had proved to Amy that she had not just a submissive personality but was also a latent masochist.  The Domme could work her body and her feelings by applying various levels of pleasure or pain that culminated in massive orgasms and satisfaction.  But, when she was in one of her more sadistic moods, she could also apply the same levels of pain without the pleasure and the only one to benefit was Tati. 

These sessions left Amy’s emotions churning and building to a point of frustration that was worse than any pain; she ended up longing for relief that only her tormentor could provide.  Tatianna could read Amy like a book and, sometimes for days, would let her stew in bondage that prevented the submissive from helping herself.

This evening session was developing in to one of fun and satisfaction for Tati and pain and frustration for Amy.   Down in the dungeon the girl was flat on her back on a table with a padded rubber covering.  Her hands and wrists were laced in leather bondage mitts and strapped down to each side of the table.

There was a wide strap buckled across her chest just above her breasts and another just below them.  Her long blonde hair, that Tati was deliberately letting grow, because it made such an easy thing to grab if necessary, was in one tight braid from the top of her head and tied to the top of a short, upright metal rod behind her head.

This pulled her head up off the table so she had no choice but to watch the proceedings happening further down her body.  A hard rubber ring gag braced her mouth wide open and was held in place with a strap buckled behind her head.  Tatianna had forced Amy’s feet into a pair of ankle high ballet boots that had no heels but thick metal rings embedded in the toe.

Straps around each leg, just above the knee, were fastened to buckles on the ends of short rods that protruded out from each side of the table level with Amy’s waist.  The rings in the toes of the boots clipped into snap hooks a little further down the sides of the table.

Thus she was held with her legs very wide apart and everything available to the usually leather clad dominatrix who was now standing between them, surprisingly and beautifully, buck naked.

Tatianna smiled at the helpless girl and reached down to lower the end flap of the table.  This allowed her to move in even closer to her target.  Resting on Amy’s stomach was an oblong box in the ubiquitous brown paper wrapping.  With slow and completely unnecessary care the wrapping was removed to reveal a brightly coloured box.

Tatianna held the box so that Amy could read the message that identified the contents.  It read ‘Your own Triple D with new special features to increase the pleasure.’  Some of the smaller lettering was hard for the bound girl to read but when she did her eyes started to tear up.

‘The Double Dyke Dildo has now been equipped with a rheostat that allows you to adjust the levels of output to your own requirements and those of your partner.’

After opening the box Tati held the Triple D up where they both could study the new toy, she with delight and Amy with a rapidly increasing sense of fear.

The thick, ribbed, rubber dildo was frightening enough but just in front of its base a second, shorter, rubber shaft curved down and then back up to run parallel to the main one.  There was a large rubber flange at the base and from it yet another dildo protruded at an upward angle in the other direction.

Several straps were attached to the base but the thing that drew Amy’s eyes were the round metal studs randomly glinting along both shafts of what she now realised was a dildo and butt plug combination.  There was a slightly larger stud embedded in the tip of the dildo.

Tatianna made a production of pulling another item from the box before throwing it aside and laying the Triple D in its place on Amy’s stomach where the girl had no choice but to stare at it and wonder!

The other item from the box was a coil of electrical wire with a small jack plug at one end and a wall outlet plug at the other.  Just about three feet from the jack plug was a small round box with a numbered dial on the top.  Three much thinner wires, two fairly long and one short, each with a small alligator clip on the end were also attached to the box.

The beautiful naked woman backed out from between Amy’s legs and plugged one end of the wire in a wall outlet then uncoiled the rest of it as she moved back to the table.  She wrapped it around one of the bound girl’s ankles so that the dial and jack plug were readily available.

“Now then Amy I can either go and get a jar of lubricant or we can see if you are able to save me the trip.  Let’s try that first shall we?”

Reaching over to pinch one of the blonde’s nipples, she rolled it between her thumb and forefinger.  Then she teased the girl’s clit from beneath its hood with the other thumb and used the fingers of that hand to slide up and down between her lower lips. 

Grinning as her ministrations soon caused moisture to start glistening on her fingers she picked up the Triple D and rubbed the single end up and down between the lower lips and then settled the knob at the opening and pushed until it was buried to the central base inside Amy.

 Working it around a few times she pulled the toy out, reversed it and slid it easily up inside her own vagina.  She adjusted the rubber flange so that a small cup on it rested comfortably against her clitoris then locked it in place with the straps.

They went up her stomach at the front and between her ass cheeks at the back to a wider one around her waist.  Others buckled tightly around the top of her thighs anchoring the Triple D securely in place.

Slowly Tatianna moved back between Amy’s legs until the head of the double dildo rested at the entrance to her still glistening love tunnel.  Tati picked up the small jack plug and inserted it in a socket at the side of the base.  Teasing Amy’s nipples into hard nubs with her fingers she captured each one in the alligator clips at the ends of the longer thin wires.  The other clip snapped on Amy’s clitoris.

After checking everything was set, slowly and sinuously, the Domme started to move her hips and, with each forward movement, added a little bit more pressure until the tip and head of the dildo disappeared inside Amy and the knob of the butt plug started to spread her rosebud.

Amy’s body reacted normally and her sphincter tightened to refuse entry to the intruder but Tati just smiled down at her and turned the dial from zero to ten.  Instantly a series of random electrical shocks came from the metal studs on the invaders and the three alligator clips.  As Amy screamed through the ring gag, she forgot all about anything except the pain.

Tatianna immediately rammed home both the dildo and the butt plug then turned the dial back a bit to five.  The shocks still came in a random pattern inside both of Amy’s lower orifices while at the same time Tati was enjoying the sensation of the vibrator buried inside her and the very mild, but effective, buzzing coming from the cup covering her own clitoris.

While she had been so pre-occupied with the challenges facing her it was some time since Tati had played with Amy and she could feel an orgasm building very rapidly as she settled her hips in a steady rhythm.  At the same time she remained aware of Amy’s reactions and kept her hand on the dial.  When her climax was just seconds away she rammed the Triple D completely home and turned the dial to zero.

As the beautiful sensation roared through the dominatrix’s body she leaned forward across Amy’s stomach to recover her breath.  Amy, with everything stopped, screamed again but this time in frustration.  She had been so close yet was denied any relief.

Twice more Tatianna took herself to the edge and then over while making sure that the girl under her did not reach the same heights.  Finally, exhausted, she withdrew the marvellous toy and removed the clips from the girl’s nipples and clit.  Tati took the time to raise the end flap of the table and straighten Amy’s legs then strap them down.  She untied the girl’s hair braid allowing her head to rest on the table then left the helplessly bound girl, a quivering, frustrated mess, and went to bed.



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