Summer Training

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; corset; cuffs; slave; rope; sex; cons; X

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below.

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Chapter 14

“Time to wake, slave,” Jeffery said as he gave Stephanie a light kiss on her cheek, “Time to please your Master.”

Stephanie feigned waking since she had never really gone to sleep. She rolled over to see her stepbrother leaning over her. A huge smile spread over her face.

“Yes, Master,” she said.

Stephanie was still nude with a thin black collar encircling her throat. A long leash that was fastened to the wrought iron headboard kept the blonde from straying too far from her parents’ bed. Her ankles were ensnared by a pair of leather ankle cuffs and her hands were locked before her in similar restraints as well. Jeffery gave her a slight tug on her leash as he unfastened it.

The young, bound woman slung herself out of the bed and shuffled behind Jeffery as he led her out of the bedroom and down the hall to his room. His bedroom hadn’t changed much since he left it for college. Dusty rows of well-read paperbacks and history books lined his bookshelves and a model of the Millennium Falcon hung above his desk. His bed was made; the navy blue comforter pulled tight over it. The bed had wooden railings on both the footboard and headboard and, upon seeing them, Stephanie knew she was destined to be bound to them.

Jeffery locked her leash on his bed, then disappeared out the door. A few moments later, he returned with some of her mother’s lingerie: a tight, black lace corset and a pair of black thigh-high stockings. He unlocked her ankles and wrists.

“Dress, my slave,” Jeffery ordered before disappearing again.

The black lace corset was heavily boned and Stephanie had to lace it up while wearing it backwards. When she couldn’t lace it any tighter, she turned the corset back around. Her stepbrother finished pulling the lacing tight and tied it off. The corset cupped and covered her breasts beautifully and it made her feel even more naked than she had been when fully nude. She carefully pulled up each stocking and fastened it to its garters. When she was done, she looked at herself in the mirror fastened to Jeffery’s closet door.

Stephanie looked as sexy as she felt. The only thing detracting from her reflected image was the scratches and the Band-aids that were applied to her Kim-inflicted wounds.

Jeffery returned with a few more items out of her parent’s armoire, mainly some coils of rope.

“On the bed, slave,” he said.

Stephanie did as she was told. Every time Jeffery called her slave, a tiny storm of feathers swirled inside her, like being kissed by your soul-mate.

Jeffery refastened the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles but did not lock them together. With a coil of rope in hand, he took one of her ankles and pulled it toward a corner of the bed where he tied it tightly. He did the same to her other leg, spreading her legs open for his pleasure, and hopefully hers as well. He tied her wrists the same way, binding her into a spread eagle position.

Stephanie pouted when Jeffery produced the ring gag. It was uncomfortable to wear, but she knew it was what her Master Jeffery wanted, so she opened her mouth wide. Within a few seconds, he had the gag securely fastened behind her head.

“You look beautiful, slave,” he told her.

Stephanie found herself blushing.

“We are now going to play a game,” Jeffery said as he pulled his t-shirt off.

Stephanie looked up at Jeffery, puzzled.

“It’s simple, really, my slave,” Jeffery smiled, “If you can get free before I can cum, you can have my complete attention for this evening.”

Jeffery paused.

“However, if you can’t get loose, then you have to make Kim cum and watch as I fuck her. Do you understand, slave?”

Stephanie felt as if a 20 pound frozen weight had just been dropped in her stomach. No. There was no way.

“Do you understand, my slave?” Jeffery repeated.

Stephanie moaned and gurgled something into her gag as she shook her head violently back and forth. She pulled at her restraints as well, but they did not give.

“It is my wish, slave, you have no choice,” Jeffery said sternly.

Jeffery pulled off his jeans and boxers, revealing his rampant cock. He climbed into bed and positioned himself between Stephanie’s straining legs.

Stephanie felt his fingers gently brushing over her sex; teasing at its fleshy petals. Despite her writhing and the horrors that Jeffery promised her if she didn’t escape, his focused attentions started sending electric jolts of pleasure through her. His fingertips found her swollen clit and began to prod and burnish it, eliciting a cry of ecstasy to erupt from her.

Jeffery lifted her hips and hastily stuffed his pillow underneath them before he started caressing her again. Stephanie still pulled at the leather and rope restraining her, but she knew it was hopeless. The best she could do was to try to fend off her stepbrother. That, too, was impossible. He held open her knees as he eased himself into his captive slave.

The fullness of his cock filled her as she tried to buck. The hardness inside of her felt wanton and delicious as he began to thrust himself into her again and again slowly. The lightning storm inside her continued; and Stephanie found that her libido had taken over as her hips thrust up to meet his.

The speed of his thrusts increased and all thoughts of trying to get free were swept away. The storm raged as she felt herself about to be torn apart by bliss...

The phone rang; Jeffery’s cell phone.

“Shit,” he said as he pulled himself out of her.

Jeffery caught it on the third ring.

“Hey,” Jeffery answered.

“Hey yourself. How is it going with you guys? Everything okay?”

There was a slight pause before Jeffery answered. “Things are okay. Just the usual stuff. How’s island life treating you?”

“Wonderful. Just sitting here in the sun letting your Dad pamper me. Is Stephanie around?”

Jeffery couldn’t put off letting his stepsister talk to her mother any longer. He looked down into Stephanie’s widened blue eyes.

‘Mom wants to speak with you. Be a good slave,’ Jeffery mouthed before taking the ring gag out of her mouth, then talking to Janice, his stepmom.

“Yeah, sure, hold on.”

Jeffery held the cell phone up to Stephanie’s ear.

“Hi, Mom!” a joyous Stephanie exclaimed.

“Why hello stranger! How have you been? I haven’t talked to you in ages. Did you lose your cell phone?”

“No, Mom, it’s here somewhere.”

“What have you been up to, oh daughter of mine?”

The bound girl gave a nervous laugh, “Oh, I’ve been tied up doing this and that, you know. How are you and Dad doing?”

“Enjoying paradise,” Janice replied, “You have been minding Jeffery, haven’t you?”

Another light laugh, “He’s been keeping me on a tight leash, just like you asked him to.”

“I hope not too tight.”

“No, Mom,” Stephanie replied, “He’s been really great. I’ve seen a whole new side of him I never saw before,” Stephanie said as she winked at her Master, “I couldn’t be in better hands.”

Being on the phone with her mother, Stephanie knew she could win their ‘game’ at any moment. She was sure that it was a game just to get her riled-up, and Jeffery had no intention of carrying out his threat.

“I will let you go now, Steph. Be good.”

“I will be. Do I have a choice?” Stephanie smiled.

“No, you don’t,” Janice said in a mock stern voice, “Love you.”

“Love you too, Mom. You and Dad enjoy yourselves.”

“Will do. Bye.”

“Bye, Mom.”

Jeffery quickly cut the connection. “Good Slave.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Jeffery held up the ring gag, “Open wide.”

“But, Master,” Stephanie stammered, “I was good...”

Jeffery pushed the ring gag in and fastened it tightly.

“We still have a game to play.”

Stephanie shook her head, mewling into her gag. However, Jeffery ignored her as he grabbed a tube of KY out of the drawer and dolloped a blob of it in his hand. He smeared some around his erection before taking some more and massaging it between Stephanie’s legs. She fought him again as best she could, but the cuffs and ropes held. Lifting her hips, he positioned himself and plunged himself into her.

Jeffery attacked her hungrily, and Stephanie let him. The storm inside never really went away, and it began brewing again. She bucked and squirmed, panting and moaning through the ring of her gag. A blinding white bolt of molten joy tore through her as she found herself being swallowed in savage bliss.

Jeffery pulled out of her, climbing over her and straddling her, his glistening cock inches from her face as he rapidly stroked himself. A moment or two later, his cream white cum shot into Stephanie’s open mouth and face; continuing for another few moments, drained. He let himself continue to drip into her mouth until there was no more left before crawling off of his bound slave.

“You have lost, my slave.”

Eric didn’t know he was being watched. He was so focused on the house that his Michelle Chen went into that he didn’t notice the nondescript white Impala parked just a few houses down from where he was. Nor did Eric notice the driver behind the wheel of said Impala. The driver had just finished leaving a message on Mrs. Crimson’s phone when he noticed Eric climbing out of his Ford truck and creeping over towards some bushes in front of the neighbor’s house.

Mr. Rose, the driver, continued to watch, though he had now unfastened his safety belt. The guy stalked towards the house he was watching over. Mr. Rose came to a quick conclusion that this young man meant trouble and that the young man needed to be persuaded not to continue his plans.

Mr. Rose unfolded himself from behind the steering wheel as he got out of his car. The guy sure as hell didn’t know what he was doing. It was early evening and commuters were making their way homeward to the suburbs just like the Crimson’s lived.

Of course, Mr. Rose knew the real names of the Crimson’s, however, he preferred to think of them by their ‘Magenta aliases’. Each member of Magenta’s worldwide organization was given an alias, usually after variations on the color red or purple. Mr. Rose didn’t know why that was the case, it just was.

After unbuttoning his suit coat, he strolled quietly towards Eric, now nestled behind a bush near one of the front windows where he was trying to peek in.

“I seriously hope you are not stalking that pretty lady in there,” Mr. Rose said casually.

Eric whipped around to see a stocky but tall man in a dark gray suit standing a few feet from him. The man had his arms crossed and was giving Eric a very stony stare.

“Who the fuck are you?” Eric said, standing up from his crouch.

“Someone you don’t want to ‘fuck’ with, son. Now scoot along back to your hole and leave these people alone.”

“Are you a cop?” Eric said insolently.

“What do you think, son?” Mr. Rose replied, opening his jacket just enough for Eric to spot his holstered Glock and I.D. badge.

Eric stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do. Seeing the handgun took the bully-some bravado out of him.

“Now, I will tell you one last time, leave, and don’t come back.”

Still fuming, Eric stomped back towards his pick-up. Mr. Rose watched him as he left. He was headed back towards his car when his cell phone vibrated. Glancing at the number, he recognized Mrs. Crimson’s number.

“Mr. Rose,” he answered.

“You left a message,” Janice replied.

“It seems like your boy has got himself a pretty little China doll girlfriend,” Mr. Rose said, “but she seems to be having a little boy trouble. She’s got herself a stalker.”

There was a slight pause on the other end.

“How bad?” Janice asked.

“Not too bad, I don’t think. The boy got scared off pretty easily, so I don’t think he’ll be back. Do you want me to do any digging?”

“No, no,” she said, “I trust your instincts. They haven’t been wrong before. Just keep us posted. How’s the girl? I know you must have checked up on her.”

“Checks out well. Accounting student; good grades; works for her uncle at a Chinese place. The blue car I mentioned earlier; it’s hers. I don’t think you have to worry about her.”

Mr. Rose could hear the relief over the phone.

“Thank you for keeping an eye out on our place.”

Mr. Rose smiled, “Sure thing. That’s what you guys pay me for.”

He quickly disconnected as he climbed back into his car. Despite what he had just told Mrs. Crimson, he was going to do a little research into Mr. Stalker and see if he really was as harmless as he hoped.

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