Summer Training

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/f+; F/f; bond; insert; oral; pussyhook; blindfold; breast; cage; chain; clamps; collar; cuffs; leash; mitts; attic; strapon; nc; XX

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below.

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Chapter 15

Jeffery found Michelle standing and bent over, presenting her derriere to a helpless Kim. Kim had a black penis-shaped dildo sticking out of her gagged lips and was thrusting it into the oriental girl. Michelle moaned as she kept her eyes closed, relishing every stroke. Both women were oblivious to Jeffery’s presence.

“Faster!” Michelle barked and Kim struggled to comply. It was obvious the Hispanic girl was exhausted from her efforts but the fear of more punishments forced her to endure the grueling tasks Michelle ordered her to do.

Jeffery wished he had set up the video camera. But, he knew that he couldn’t have any evidence of Kim laying around in case the police came looking for her here.

Michelle screamed as another orgasm ripped through her as she rocked back onto Kim’s facial phallus. Only after her climax had subsided did Michelle notice her Master standing there.

“Are you having fun with your new toy?” he asked.

“Yes,” Michelle replied, still panting, “Master.”

“I think you should take a break, slave. Come with me.”

Kim watched the oriental girl follow Jeffery out of the cage and through the small doorway. Kim’s every muscle seemed to scream out in agony and her sweat trickled down over her exhausted body. All she could do was hang limply in her restraints like an old and worn-out marionette.

What had kept Kim going was gone: her fury. She had bucked and thrashed in her bindings but there was no give to them. If she said anything, she was rewarded with pain. Even her body was fighting against her. Her orgasms, so blinding and violent in their intensity, only highlighted her captivity and humiliation. But what really hurt was the truth of the situation: no one was going to be looking for her.

Kim didn’t know how long she had hung there, impaled on the silent vibrator stand. She had actually nodded asleep; startled awake by the creaking of the cage floor.

“Rest time is over, slave,” Jeffery said as he stood over Kim, “Time to clean you up and get ready for bed.”

Despite her raggedness, Kim still looked like a bondage goddess. Her wrists and elbows were still tied tightly behind her back and her hands were just balls of silver duct tape. Her ankles were bound together as well as being bound to her wrists. Two ropes pulled Kim’s knees apart and a rope harness held her in a vertical hogtie.

“Are you having fun?” Jeffery smiled.

Kim shook her head weakly.

“That’s too bad, slave, it really is. Michelle should have given you at least one more orgasm. But, after what you did to her, well, who’s to blame her for not giving you a little pleasure.”

Kim noticed that Jeff held something that resembled a black leather dog collar. He put it around her throat and buckled it then stood back, admiring how it looked on her.

“I hope you have been paying attention to your lessons, slave, or the trip to the shower is going to be really painful for you.”

Jeffery pulled a simple leather blindfold from his back pocket, the kind that had black faux fur on the inside. With a little difficulty, Jeffery slipped it over her head and adjusted it over her eyes, plunging Kim into darkness.

Kim’s aching thighs were relieved when she felt the ropes holding her knees open loosen when unknotted. Next, she felt the vibrator being slipped from her poor puss. Lastly, she felt herself being lowered onto the cell floor into a kneeling position.

Jeffery undid her rope harness and pulled the ceiling hook back up. He then circled around her, admiring her large breasts and well-rounded ass. Again, his cock ached for her. Maybe he would enjoy her later. Now she needed to get cleaned up. He hooked-up her leash and gave it a quick tug followed by pulling up the leash’s slack.

The Hispanic girl struggled to follow, shuffling on her knees and mewling into her gag. The pace was slow but Jeffery didn’t mind. He enjoyed seeing Kim kneeling beside him. The struggle with his stepsister had left a few bruises on Kim as well as a couple of scratches and in some perverse way, it made her seem that much more attractive; a victim.

As Kim struggled along beside Jeff, more and more fantasy scenes kept whirling about his brain. With Stephanie, it was desire that made him do what he did to her. With Kim, it was about vengeance and comeuppance; getting her just desserts. Thinking about breaking her made Kim all that much more desirable.

They left the garage-attic dungeon through the small door in Jeff’s parent’s closet and continued through the bedroom. Kim could hear some muffled moans, probably Steph and that Chinese bitch. If she could get loose, she would make those two pay as well as that fuckhead Jeff too. She would get them. But first she had to concentrate on not getting hurt herself. Her knees were starting to get rug burn from the carpet in the bedroom and her shoulders were numb from her restraints as she waddled on her knees, following her leash.

The cool tile came as both a shock and relief when Kim entered the master bathroom. She followed Jeff until her knee struck a lip on some sort-of fixture; probably a shower of some sort. Jeff gave another tug on her leash and she tried to raise her knee enough to clear the obstacle. After shifting a bit, she found the edge and tried to get her one leg over. Inch by inch Kim got most of her leg over before she lost balance and fell forward into the shower stall.

Jeff watched Kim struggle to get back on her knees as he fastened her lead to a bolt at the bottom of the shower. His parent’s bedroom and bathroom were always off limits and now Jeff knew why. If you looked and had a halfway pervy mindset, one could see anchors for bondage tastefully mounted as to look ‘normal’. At a glance you might not see them. The anchors in the shower were inset into the tile so you would have to be in the shower to see them. Jeff stepped over the struggling Kim and sat down on the commode to watch her.

Kim writhed and scooted towards the back of the stall before finally managing to get back on her knees, panting around the black dildo sticking out of her mouth.

“That was quite fun to watch, slave,” Jeffery said as he stood, “I can imagine that you need to cool off some.”

The icy water hit Kim like a frozen sledgehammer, causing her to scream through her gag and struggle to get away. The chain on her collar pulled her up short and she slipped on the tile, falling down. The cold spray soaked her as she wailed.

Kim didn’t know how long she endured the assault, but the cold gave way to warm that soon became a soothing spray of heat. She felt Jeffery’s hands pick her up, helping her back to her knees.

The smell of lilac scented soap filled the shower and Jeffery removed Kim’s blindfold. The first thing she saw was his erection pointed straight at her face as he began to massage in the shampoo. Foamy trails ran down over her face and collar as he carefully cleaned her hair before standing away and letting the shower rinse it off.

She closed her eyes as the steamy spray pelted her face. She could feel Jeffery kneeling down beside her as he lathered up a loofah. He gently started to scrub Kim’s shoulders and arms, massaging in more of the lilac soap as he cleaned her back and down over her legs. Kim had never experienced anyone washing her before and she found, despite everything, she was enjoying the attention.

Jeffery reached around and began rubbing the sponge over her ribs and just under her breasts. He slowly trailed downward over the slight swell of her tummy and into the moist curls of her sex. He dropped the loofah between her legs and she felt his fingers delve into the sore slit of her sex, finding the button of her sex and gently burnishing it in tiny circles. A molten jolt of pleasure shot through Kim as she unconsciously leaned back into Jeffery.

Kim began rocking her hips, pushing herself upward towards his fingers, letting the ecstasy wash over her. She could hear her own moans mingling with the hiss of the shower as his pace quickened. Her pleasure began to swell inside her, threatening to drown her at any moment.

Then Jeffery stopped.

He wrestled her to the tile floor and straddled her. With the discarded loofah, he began to lather her breasts, the roughness of the sponge over her nipples sending more ripples of passion inside her. Throwing the loofah away, Jeffery mounded her breasts around his stiff cock and began thrusting himself between them.

The Hispanic girl struggled beneath him on the slippery tile. The heat of the moment had passed for Kim and the reality of what he was doing to her eclipsed any need that he had fostered. She tried to buck and thrash him off, but she was pinned to the shower floor.

Kim felt Jeffery stiffen, thrusting his cock forward and holding it there. She could see the tip of its purplish head pointed at her face just before he sprayed her face with his cum, its smell filling her nostrils.

Jeffery held her there, looking down at her spattered face, her dark eyes filled with hatred.

Without a word, he slipped off her and turned the cold water back on. Kim writhed on the tile, trying to shield herself from the icy deluge. Jeffery’s laugh cut her like a scalpel.

“Let me know when you are done, slave,” Jeffery smirked.

Kim wailed through her gag.

“Have you had enough?”

The Hispanic girl nodded enthusiastically, screaming.

“I didn’t hear you, slave, are you done in the shower?”

Kim screamed louder.

Jeffery turned the cold water off.

“Now, slave, I feel magnanimous right now so I am going to offer you a choice. You can spend the night in the shower just as you are now or I can dry you off and you can spend the night in bed. Do you understand, slave?”

Shivering, Kim nodded.

“So, slave, do you want to spend the night here in the shower?”

Kim shook her head no, moaning into her gag.

“You want to spend the night in bed, slave?” Jeffery asked.

Kim nodded.

“Alrighty then,” Jeffery said as he undid her leash from the shower wall and gave it a tug.

The captive girl struggled and slid her way across the floor of the shower and over the shower’s lip and onto the soft bathroom rug where, with Jeffery’s help, she knelt. He wrapped her in a large towel and began to dry her off roughly at first and then more tenderly.

“There, now let’s get those soggy ropes off of you.”

As Jeff began to unknot the ropes around her elbows, Kim noticed an array of leather cuffs and locks neatly arranged on the floor next to her. After he had uncoiled the rope from her elbows, he buckled cuffs to her upper arms and locked them together with a small length of chain. He then undid the ropes around her wrists and brought her taped hands to the front of her where he cuffed both of them and locked them together with another short chain.

Jeffery eased Kim back and undid the ropes around her ankles, replacing them with cuffs as well. Lastly, he undid her collar, drying it and her neck before re-locking it around her throat. Jeffery fastened a leash to her collar and gave it a quick tug.

“Come, slave,” he ordered.

With difficulty, Kim shuffled out of the bathroom on her knees. As Jeffery led her to the bed, she stopped, her eyes widening when she saw both Steph and Michelle bound on the bed. Both girls were nude and had their wrists bound and lashed to the wrought-iron headboard of the bed. Thankfully, both were blindfolded. Red ball-gags had been stuffed between both Stephanie’s and Michelle’s lips.

“Up!” Jeffery commanded.

Kim struggled to try to stand. Finally Jeffery helped her up where she could see the other two girls more fully. Each had a bar attached to their ankle cuffs, forcing them to spread their legs open. Kim could see the end of a vibrator protruding out of each of their pussies and could hear the devices’ soft buzzing.

“Into bed,” Jeffery told Kim and she did as she was told.

“Kneel, slave, facing them.”

Kim was so thankful that the other two couldn’t see her. Her anger had dissipated, leaving only soreness and trepidation. Jeffery led her towards the center of the foot railing. He unfastened her ankle cuffs from one another before guiding each ankle between the wrought iron bars. Jeffery fastened the cuffs back together again, trapping the Hispanic girl against the cool railing.

After making sure that Kim was fully restrained, Jeff disappeared. Kim couldn’t hear him rummaging around in the armoire behind her, nor could she really see what he was up to. Finally, the rustling stopped and Jeff stepped around her holding what looked like a giant fishhook.

“This, slave, is for you.”

The chrome hook was about an inch in diameter and a little over a foot long. Jeff greased it with a generous dose of KY before nudging the business end of the hook between her sore lips. It slipped into her pussy easily and Jeff continued to ease the cool metal in until the hook was fully inside her.

“Hold it in there, slave, or you will be very sorry.”

Kim hung her head and barely gave a nod. Through the dark veil of her hanging bangs, she watched him tie a thin cord onto the hook and draw it up over the top of her head to the bed’s lattice of iron and rungs that made up its canopy. As he brought the line down in back of her, Kim realized to her horror just what kind of prisoner she had become. Steph’s whole family was insane. Who has a fucking prison cell in their home?

Kim was fucked and now she just realized how much.

Jeff lifted her bound ankles up and held them there as he tied off the end of the cord. After he let her ankles go, Kim tried to relax them, only to find the hook pulled deeper into her sore puss.

“You wanted to spend the night in bed, slave,” Jeff began tying a rope around the center of Michelle’s spreader bar.

After tying it off, he threaded the rope through the canopy above Michelle’s head and pulled the rope down, lifting the girl’s legs upward so that her passion-slick sex was clearly visible. Jeffery repeated the process with Stephanie, causing her to moan. Kim noticed that both vibrators had a thin string trailing out from the root to which a little chrome clamp was tied.

“I see you spotted the clamps,” Jeffery smiled as he picked one up and approached Kim.

Kim tried to move away as Jeffery gently pinched her left nipple, causing it to stiffen more. He pinched it a bit harder and pulled it out enough for the clamp to bite down on it fully.

Jeffery looked down at the taut string between Michelle’s vibe and the clamp, “It looks like I guessed correctly.”

Jeffery took the other clamp and repeated the procedure with Stephanie’s vibe before removing both girl’s blindfolds.

Michelle and Stephanie both stared at Kim. Kim could still see the embers of hatred still smoldering in both girls’ eyes.

“Now, slaves, it is time for you to get to know each other a little better, don’t you think? Especially if you are going to share the same bed. What better way of doing just that than a little game of tug o’ war. Don’t you agree?”

Both Michelle and Kim moaned their displeasure while Stephanie just bowed her head and nodded.

“It really doesn’t matter what you think, actually. Now all you have to do, Stephanie and Michelle, is to keep your buzzing little friends tight within your pussies. Kim, you, on the other hand, are going to try to pull them out. I am going to let you girls be to fix dinner and when I return, we will see if there are any winners or losers. I am sure you can imagine what the losers will get.”

Jeffery picked up the remotes to the vibrators and clicked them on high.

“Enjoy yourselves,” Jeffery laughed as he began to leave them. Just then, Jeffery’s cell phone rang.


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