Summer Training 13

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2017 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; F/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; gag; collar; captive; cage; bdsm; crop; shock; toys; insert; force; oral; climax; cons/nc; XX

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Chapter 13

Stephanie pretended to sleep as she lay curled up and chained in her parent’s bed. Her wrists were cuffed in front of her with black leather cuffs and her ankles were locked into a set of leather hobbles. She wore a thin leather collar to which Jeffery had fastened a very long leash. The other end was locked to the bed. The leash enabled her to go her parent’s bathroom without assistance. It would also allow her to get into the room where Kim was kept prisoner.

The young blonde had listened very carefully to what Jeffery was telling Kim. The word that hurt her the most was “slave”. Whose “slave” was Jeffery teaching Kim to be? Stephanie really didn’t want to know the answer. She knew Jeffery loved her and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

After Jeffery left the secret room a second time and after he watched over Stephanie while she pretended to sleep, he left and went down the hall, closing the door after himself. Stephanie listened him going down the hall. She uncurled herself, shuffled over to the little door in the closet, and opened it. Jeffery had left a dim light on. She carefully shambled into the room and saw how Kim was tied. Her ex-friend dangled in the middle of the cage in a vertical hogtie, her knees spread wide by two ropes knotted to either side of the cell. Kim’s eyes were closed and drool dripped down from the black panel penis gag over her large breasts, making them glisten in the low light.

Stephanie also noticed the phallus that impaled the hispanic girl on it. There was no humming but she could see just how much pussy juice coated the silent vibe. Kim was still trying to hump it.

The blonde sat down on the floor and watched, mindful that Jeffery could return at any time.

“I hate you,” Stephanie said.

Kim’s eyes flew open.

“All I wanted was to be left alone, but you came here and now look what you did!”

Kim tried to say something but her gag turned it into muffled yells.

“I hate you and I hope my Jeffery hurts you and hurts you and hurts you.”

With that, Stephanie got up and made her way back into the bedroom and the comforts of her parent’s bed and chains.


It was only an hour into her shift and Michelle was already daydreaming about leather cuffs and buzzing vibrators. The late morning shift always stayed slow until lunchtime; then it got busy with deliveries to businesses around the restaurant. The food was good and the price was right. But that didn’t help now. The Chinese girl’s thoughts kept going back to being bound and pleasured.

God, all she wanted to do was feign being sick so she could go back home to her leather collar and restraints and at least bind herself. She had done more “research” online about self-bondage and had actually corresponded with a couple of “kinksters” about safe ways of binding herself.

“Order,” her uncle called out. Michelle saw how his weathered face showed the stress of his escape from his homeland.

She picked up the paper sack, checked the contents and address, and was off and running to an auto repair shop she loathed. They tipped well, but she had to endure the sexual stalking and crowing they did every time she dropped off their early lunch. She had complained to her uncle before, but he didn’t seem to understand what was wrong. Oh well, she was the only delivery person here so it was her cross to bear.

As she drove, a kinky thought crossed her mind. What if the men there decided they wanted dessert with their meal and the dessert was Michelle herself. They could grab her and strip her of her clothes; they could tie her up and rape her over and over again. . .

What a thought! Michelle found herself playing the scene in her mind and getting wet again. She was in heat and she knew it. She would have to help herself if she couldn’t get Jeffery to do it; at least until she found a Master of her own.

A couple of the guys were gathered in the “office” of the old filling station-cum-repair shop and their faces lit up as soon as they saw who their delivery person was.

“Well, if it ain’t our favorite fortune cookie,” sneered one of the men, a skinny black man with scraggly dreadlocks and eyes that seemed permanently bloodshot.

“One I would like to open up and read MY fortune,” his buddy, a heavy set white guy with bad teeth, laughed.

They were the same lines, with minor variations, every time she showed up. Michelle could feel their eyes ripping off her uniform. She gave them a faint smile as she set the bag on the lubricant-smeared counter.

“Four lunch specials comes to $26.85,” Michelle told them.

The heavy set guy pulled out his chain-leashed wallet and handed her a pristine ten and twenty dollar bill.

“I wish I could give you another tip, but the other guys would be jealous,” he grinned.

Michelle knew that he wouldn’t be expecting change.

“Thank you,” she said and hurried out to her car.

“Better than the usual harassment,” Michelle said to herself after settling into her car, “I’m still horny as hell.”

Perhaps she had time to drop by her apartment and pick up her vibrator?


Jeffery plopped down in his dad’s leather desk chair, tilted it back, and closed his eyes. What the fuck to do with Kim? They could only keep the Hispanic girl for so long before their parents came home. He would have to deal with Kim before then and he was pretty sure he couldn’t break her in the short amount of time she would be their guest.

Jeffery’s mind raced, turning many possibilities over in his head. He was tired and he knew it. This unwanted turn of events was going to wear him down and Jeffery knew it. A couple weeks ago, he would have enjoyed dominating her and fucking her but that was before Stephanie’s “change”. Now, there was no way he could betray his step sister’s feelings for him.

What to fucking do. Stephanie had accepted Michelle into their play but that was because. . .


Jeffery got out his cell phone and dialed her number.


Michelle’s cellphone chirped the first few bars of Bach’s Toccata, the song she had reserved for her “Master”. She quickly answered it.

“Hello Master,” Michelle said in a sultry voice.

“Greetings slave. What are you doing?”

“Slaving away but not in a good way,” she replied. She was just pulling into her apartment’s parking lot so she could rush in and get one of her vibes. “Why, Master?”

“I have a surprise waiting for you here.”

Michelle felt butterflies swarm in her stomach, “What surprise, Master?”

She could practically hear him smiling over the phone, “You will have to come here to find out. The sooner the better.”

“Damn” Michelle thought to herself. Her desires were pushing her logic over the cliff. She swallowed deeply, “I’ll be right there. I need to pick something up at the apartment.”

“Good. I will look forward to seeing you, slave.”

Michelle loved the way he said slave. It made her wet in all the right places. She would call her uncle from the apartment before heading over to Jeffery’s house. She also would get her stuff. She knew that Jeffery had more than enough toys to play with but you never knew just what he might need.

Eric was behind the security desk as she walked in. He looked up and grinned his goofy-assed grin.

“Home already?” he asked.

“Not feeling good,” she said. Michelle was finding it easier and easier to lie. Perhaps that’s what being horny did to one.

“Sorry to hear that. Can I help at all?”

Michelle pushed the button to the elevator again, harder.

“No, I’m good,” the oriental girl replied.

“Just let me know if you need something, Miss Chen.”

“I will, thank you.”

Michelle winced inside. She should have left out the “thank you” part but politeness had been drilled into her at an early age. The elevator door opened, thankfully, before Eric could say another word.

Once inside the welcome confines of her apartment, Michelle quickly stripped out of her clothes on the way into her bedroom, the last stitch being her damp, woman-smelling panties. As she searched her closet for what to wear, she called her uncle and let him know she had gotten ill with “women problems” and couldn’t finish the shift. Any mention of “women problems” would make her uncle run away covering his ears. The ruse worked and he told her not to worry, one of the nephews would cover for her.

Her next call was to Jeffery.

“Hello Master. What do you want me to wear?”

Michelle was a little shocked by the answer, but she would do her best to please him.


Eric was just getting off his shift when he spied Michelle’s little blue Hundai leaving the parking lot. Eric felt a flush of anger burn through him. She wasn’t sick at all. She was going to see her fucking boyfriend.

“Well, I’ll just fucking follow her and find out where this fucker lives.”

He turned his white pick-up around and began to track her to her fuck place.


When the doorbell rang, Jeffery was already there to open it. God, did Michelle look gorgeous. She was wearing a pair of fuck-me calve high, spike-heeled leather boots, a pair of tight black leather pants, a blood red silk blouse and her black leather slave’s collar. She had heavy black and red eye shadow on and her blush made her cheekbones look sharper. Her long, raven-colored hair was tied back severely into a single ponytail.

“Here I am, Master,” she said with a pouting smile, “What do you wish of me?”

Jeffery had to pry his eyes off of her, “I am very pleased, slave. The gift I have for you is upstairs. Follow me.”

Michelle followed her Master, wondering what her gift was. Was Stephanie tied up and waiting for Michelle to take control of her. The thought did have its appeal. The Chinese girl would soon find out.

She followed Jeffery into the master bedroom where she saw Stephanie sleeping, chained to the bedpost by her leash. She had neither gag nor blindfold and her hands were cuffed in front of her. But Jeffery didn’t stop. He continued into a walking-in closet with a little door hidden in the it’s back. He unlocked the door and motioned for Michelle to follow.

Behind the door was a prison. That is the only way Michelle could describe it. In the center of the room was the type of cell you saw in movies like Silence Of The Lambs and this cell had in it a naked prisoner: Kim.

“Oh my God,” Michelle whispered under her breath.

“Here is your personal slave to train,” Jeffery said, “She has had the same lessons you have had, but she needs practical training. I am going to put her in your hands but, remember, always keep her restrained.”

Michelle looked at Jeffery in disbelief.

“You wanted payback. Here she is. Feel free to use anything here. Anything.”

“Master. . .?”

Jeffery looked at her sternly. “Do as you are told, slave.”

Michelle looked down at her boots, “Yes Master.”

Jeffery then disappeared out the door. Michelle heard Kim’s moans and yelps as the Hispanic woman struggled in her bonds. Kim’s dark eyes widened as she looked into Michelle’s. Slowly Michelle approached the cell, unlocking the cell door and stepping inside, her boots tapping out a measured pace until Michelle stood above her gift.

Looking down at Kim, all the feeling of hurt boiled up again.

“The shoe is on the other foot now, isn’t it?”

Kim shouted a muffled reply, her nude body shiny with her efforts.

Michelle reached down and caressed one of Kim’s erect nipples, slowly tracing circles around it before doing the same to the other one. Michelle didn’t say a word as Kim mewled and struggled; the oriental girl just stared at Kim’s writhing form. Michelle then just turned and slowly walked over to the chair where Jeffery had left the prod.

Kim shook her head, chanting no, no, no into her gag. Michelle just smiled. Watching Kim struggle was hot. Her large breasts jiggled and swayed and the muscles of her inner thighs kept tensing but the silent vibe penetrating her cunt stayed in place.

The Chinese girl raised the prod, pointed it at Kim pussy, and put its cold silver fangs against her clit.

Tears streamed down Kim’s face as she shook her head even more, wailing into her gag.

“Do you deserve this, Kim?” Michelle asked.

Kim shook her head and tried to say No.

“Wrong answer, slave,” Michelle said, poking the rod at Kim’s puss, “I’ll give you one more chance. Do you deserve this, slave?”

Crying, Kim slowly nodded her head Yes.

“That is a good slave. The first lesson for today is that I am always right. Do I make myself clear, slave?”

Again, Kim nodded. The pain she imagined in her mind was probably eclipsed by what the pain would be if that chink bitch pushed the button. Her shoulders throbbed from her struggles and there was a dull ache in her open thighs.

“Do you remember what you did to me last night?”

Kim nodded slowly again. God, what was this woman going to do with her.

“Well, I need for you to do me again. This time, with your tongue.”

Kim moaned again, shaking her head slowly.

“You make me cum, bitch, or you will feel the pain of this,” Michelle held up the prod.

The Hispanic girl hung her head and sobbed.

Deep down inside, Michelle loved this new feeling. She enjoyed her helplessness, true, but this was proving equally potent. She went over to the chair in the cell and began to unbutton her blouse and peeling it off, exposing her breasts, her nipples already sharp with desire.

Michelle slowly unzipped her boots next, taking her time and watching as Kim glanced over occasionally while she continued to sob. Michelle then peeled down her pants. She had forgone any panties and her narrow strip of curls crowned her already swollen lips.

“Do you like what you see?” Michelle asked her captive.

Slowly, Kim nodded her head, even though she felt the opposite.

“I hope so. You will be getting a mouthful, my slave,” Michelle smiled as she put her boots back on and walked slowly over to Kim, “Now, I want you to smell my pussy.”

The captive woman froze, looking up at her captor and pleading with her eyes.

“Do I have to remind you of what will happen if you don’t, slave?”

Kim sobbed again, a muffled “No” coming from behind her penis gag. Michelle stepped closer until her sex was inches from Kim’s face. The Hispanic girl leaned forward to sniff.

Michelle grabbed the back of Kim’s head and pulled it into her muff. The incense of Michelle was strong and filled Kim’s nose.

“Do you want it now, slave cunt?” Michelle asked.

Kim nodded. There was really very little else she could do.

“Do you want to lick my clit, my cunt slave?”

Kim let out a whimper as she nodded her head.

“She deserves this,” Michelle thought as she smiled down at her bound captive and petted her long, disheveled dark hair. After patting Kim on the head, she turned and left to go find the couple of things she needed.

The anger had drained from Kim and had been replaced with the fear and horror of what was happening to her. She wasn’t a fucking cunt slave and she wasn’t a fucking lez, but there was nothing she could do about it. She feared the prod more than anything else.

The oriental bitch returned holding a riding crop in one hand and a large ‘O’ ring with straps in the other. The smile on that girl’s face told Kim everything she was dreading was about to come true.

“Now, my cunt slave, I am going to take your gag off and replace it with this one. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you; not one word or the sting of the cattle prod will be the least of your worries.”

Kim felt Michelle unbuckle the gag and pull it from her mouth; the black penis dripped strings of her saliva. . .

“You fucking whore bitch, let me go!” Kim hissed, unable to control herself.


Michelle slapped the insolent girl with the back of her hand. Kim was in such shock from the slap that Michelle quickly forced the ring behind Kim’s teeth and then pulled the straps tight before buckling them. The leather bit into the corners of Kim’s lips.

“I will deal with your disobedience later, slave. I am horny and you are going to satisfy me.”

Michelle knelt down and turned on the vibrator that was still impaling Kim before standing before her. Michelle spread open her legs and thrust out her hips to Kim.


“Uh-uh,” Kim said through her gag as she shook her head.

The Chinese girl reached down and pinched one of Kim’s large nipples and Kim screamed.

“Do as I say or the prod will be next.”

Closing her eyes, Kim slowly stuck out her tongue and tasted the tang of Michelle’s tender folds. Michelle used her fingers to spread open her lips as an invitation for Kim’s tongue to delve further. Kim began to lick up and down Michelle’s slit causing Michelle to moan.

“Lick my clit,” Michelle said.

Kim found Michelle’s swollen button and began to swirl her tongue around it, sending a storm of pleasure through Michelle. She began to hump Kim’s tongue, holding onto the sides of the Hispanic girl’s head and forcing her closer.

“Make me cum, bitch.”

Michelle could feel her churning desire building inside of her like a rushing tsunami. It was bliss on top of whirling bliss until she finally gave in and let the torrent carry her up to heaven. Kim continued to lick until Michelle drew away from her.

A warm satisfaction swooned through Michelle as she looked at her helpless captive, her hair hanging down and obscuring her face.

“Well, cunt slave,” Michelle said breathlessly, “that was the first one. Now, let’s see how many more times you can make me cum.”

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Story to be continued...


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