Summer Training 12

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; cuffs; rope; gag; collar; captive; cage; shock; toys; insert; climax; cons/nc; XX

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Continued from part 11 Chapter 12

Jeffery awkwardly lifted his sister out of his Jeep and onto the cool cement floor of the garage. The garage door had already hummed its way shut, secreting away himself and his bound step sister from the rest of the world. Gathering her chain lead, he gave it a gentle tug and his blonde captive struggled to stand.

Stephanie felt her blindfold being untied then removed. Though the adventure of being bound outside her home was arousing in many ways, the young woman was glad to be back within the safe environs of her home.

Jeffery looked down at her with concern etched into his face.

“Are you all right?”

Stephanie nodded and moved closer to him; leaning herself against him. To Jeffery, she seemed to act like a frightened bunny, huddling close in hopes of finding some refuge. He loosened her ballgag and let it dangle from her throat.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing, Master,” she said under her breath.

“Something is.” He held her chin and lifted it so he could look at her face to face. Her blue-eyes had the near-tear glisten in them; they looked wounded.

“Kim,” she finally said, her eyes looking downward, away from his stare.

Jeffery chuckled, “You don’t have to worry about her. She isn’t going to harm you again. I promise.”

“It’s not that,” Stephanie whispered.

“Then what?” he asked, “Tell me.”

She finally looked up into Jeffery’s blue eyes. A tear was trickling down her cheek.

“I don’t want you to be with her, Master.”

“Be with her?”

“Fuck her,” Stephanie said a little more forcedly, “I don’t want you to fuck her. It is hard enough with Michelle, but I don’t think I can stand you being with Kim.”

Jeffery kissed his stepsister on her forehead and held her tighter.

“You don’t need to worry about that, slave. We know where that’s been and there is no way I would want to explore her charms.”

“I know she’s attractive. . .” Stephanie trailed.

“Not as attractive as you. Now, let’s get you settled upstairs. I am proud of you, slave, and it has been a rough morning for you.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied as he picked her up in his arms, carried her into the house, and into his parents’ bedroom.


Kim was where he left her in the middle of his parents’ cage. Her brown eyes looked his way as she heard him unlock the cell’s door. She tried to struggle, but Jeffery could tell she was exhausted from her efforts to free herself. Her light mocha-colored skin was dotted with perspiration. She was still tied into a stringent hogtie with her knees and elbows bound as well. The Hispanic girl tried to say something but the penis gag forced into her mouth turned her words into so much mush. Duct tape sealed her hands into useless paddles fluttering behind her back.

Jeffery could still hear the buzzing of her vibrator. He squatted down and looked into her frightened eyes.

“You shouldn’t have come back, Kim,” he said quietly, “And, you shouldn’t have tried to blackmail me. Now, I am going to have to deal with you.”

Kim shook her head, wailing into her gag. Jeffery thought he could see a tear running down her cheek. A stream of drool puddled beneath her jaw.

Jeffery got up and left the cage, only to bring back more coils of rope and a nasty-looking rod of some sort. He set the device down in front of her face and began uncoiling the rope.

“Breaking and entering,” Jeffery said. “I believe that is what the cops call it. That’s what you did, Kim.”

Kim shook her head, still trying to beg through her gag.

Jeffery doubled the rope and draped it over the back of Kim’s neck. She could feel him taking both ends underneath her arms before knotting them in back, forming a harness of sorts.

Jeffery stood up.

“Now, it is payback time, Kim.”

Kim tried to turn to see what the fuckhead was about to do to her. He had stepped out of the cage and she heard him working on something just out of her sight. She froze when she heard something clinking down above her. She scooted herself around enough to see a chain and hook descending from above the cell until she could feel the cold links pile onto her arms and back.

Jeffery came back and knelt beside his writhing captive. Wordlessly, he clipped the hook to her newly tied harness before he disappeared again.

The chain tightened as it began to ascend and Kim began to panic as the harness tightened as well. Slowly, the chain lifted her upward until only her bare knees touched the floor, leaving her dangling on the hook.

Jeffery stood back and took time to admire Kim’s physique. She had more curves than either his stepsister or Michelle. Her breasts jiggled as she struggled. A blue jewel glittered from her pierced navel. Two thorned roses intertwined in a tattoo at the small of her back and a single small dragonfly made its permanent home on her left hip. A rope crupper ran through her thick nest of curls and held the slender vibe within her.

Kim was everything his erotic fantasies had dreamed she’d be.

“It looks like you had a little fun, huh, Kim?” Jeffery smiled, “At least, that’s what your nipples say.”

The girl moaned something into her gag.

Jeffery squatted down before her again and began to untie her knees. Kim was trying to put on a brave show of it, but mascara-laden tears now made their way down her cheeks. After loosening her knees, Jeffery tied a cord around each one and trailed the ends to either side. He took one end and pulled it over to the side of the cell, pulling it over and up until Kim rested only on one knee; then he tied it to the bars of the cell. Picking up the rope to her other knee, he pulled it until the Hispanic captive was dangling from her harness with her knees spread open as far as Jeff could pull them; he tied that cord opposite the first.

“There. Much better,” Jeffery commented, returning with a small metal stool which he set in front of Kim.

“Here’s the thing, Kim. You are now mine. Steps have been taken to make sure that no one finds you here. Your car will be found, abandoned, on the freeway. All the stuff in your purse will be found in a dumpster. Your cell phone has stopped working, permanently. Your work clothes now reside in a Goodwill clothing donation bin.”

He paused to let his words sink in.

“I can’t imagine that anyone would miss you for a week or two. Maybe at your job, but I seem to recall you used to blow it off fairly often to do what you want. By the time the police take an active interest in your whereabouts, nobody will think of looking for you here in our little prison.”

“So, while you are here with us, I want you to learn a few things. First, I want to introduce you to this.”

Jeffery picked up the rod that he had laid down before Kim.

“This is a cattle prod and it can cause a lot of pain.”

Kim’s eyes widened as he stepped around her, tapping the rod into his palm.

“I know you want to believe me, but I need to show you just how painful it is.”

Kim screamed in pain as the prod bit into her ass. She thrashed in her bindings, tears and drool streaming down over her face and chest.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

Kim just hung there, sobbing.

Jeffery stepped up and brandished the prod in front of her.

“ANSWER THE QUESTION!” Jeffery yelled into her face.

Kim nodded, not looking up at him. Her eyes were focused on the end of the prod.

“Good girl. If you answer me, then I won’t use this on you. You understand that, Kim?”

Kim nodded again.

“Now, I have a recording I want you to listen to. Listen carefully, because, if you don’t learn what you have heard, it is going to be very painful for you.”

Jeffery got up and got his MP3 player and ear bud. He eased the buds into Kim’s ears before turning the player on.

Jeffery’s calm voice came over the recording, “You are now a slave and you must learn these commands or you will be whipped ten times for each incorrect movement or answer. You will obey all commands or you will be in pain. . .”

The recording droned on.

Kim couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was a list of commands for a slave to follow while he used a crop, whatever the hell that was. Kim was sure she would find out.

Her ass still stung from the sting of the prod and her shoulders were starting to ache from carrying her weight in the rope harness. The words in her ears meant nothing to her as she watched the asshole untie the rope around her waist and pull it from between her legs. He then pulled out the still humming vibrator and set it on the stool.

“I have something better for you. I found it while poking around in here.”

‘It’ was a chrome stand with a flesh-colored dildo mounted on its end. He placed it beneath Kim and slowly adjusted the pole upward until the phallus was firmly inside her. He then turned on a switch and the phallus hummed to life with a buzz stronger than the vibe she’d had in her previously.

“That should set the mood. I will be back in a little while.”

Jeffery then turned, closing the cell door with a metallic clink, locking her into her own private lesson in sexual torture.


Jeffery settled his lean six-foot frame into his dad’s leather chair that resided in the home’s office. He tented his fingers to the bridge of his nose and sat there, exhausted.

He needed a plan.

Stephanie had been different. He had a plan and it had worked on her. He had no exit strategy for Kim.

What was he going to do with her?

Jeffery couldn’t use her as a sex toy. He had fantasized about doing just that but the reality was that Stephanie now had captured his heart as surely as he captured her body. She needed him and Jeffery sure as hell needed her. He had planned to just use her but now, he really felt that she belonged to him. He couldn’t hurt her by “being with” Kim.

He sat there and thought while his stepsister rested and Kim learned her lessons.


Eric Slough couldn’t keep his mind off of Michelle, one of the apartment buildings residents. The petite Asian girl was drop dead gorgeous, with long black hair and a slender frame. Her eyes seemed to invite sex, just not with him.

Eric rewound the security tape and re-watched her entering her apartment again.

What was she doing now? Was she taking a shower, sponging herself with soapy bubbles that trickled over her skin? Was she lying naked in bed reading?

Eric, a desk guard at the apartment, knew he shouldn’t be thinking those things but the images of his imaginings would never leave him alone. He knew she had a tall, geeky looking boyfriend. At least, that is who Eric thought he was. He left her presents. Eric knew that much at least.

He leaned back in his chair and stared out at the empty lobby area. It wasn’t that he wasn’t good looking enough for her. After all, in high school he was a linebacker and he had muscles for her aplenty. Picking up chicks wasn’t hard for him, it’s just that right now he didn’t want those chicks.

Eric wanted Michelle Chen of Apartment #304.

As if by magic, he saw Michelle on the video monitor leaving her apartment dressed in her delivery uniform. He loved watching the way she moved, like an exotic leopard or something. She moved with purpose.

He watched her in the elevator camera before the door opened and she stepped out into the lobby.

“Have a great night,” Eric said.

Michelle gave him a faint smile, “Going to work, so I really don’t plan on it.”

“Try to have one anyway,” He smiled.

She walked out of the building.

Maybe he would have Chinese later on.


After what seemed an eternity, Kim heard her captor swing open the cell door and she opened her eyes. The ache in her shoulders was dulled by the fatigue of her orgasms as she hung limply in her bonds; the vibrator was still humming along.

Jeffery reached down and turned off the player before removing the ear buds.

“I hope you have been learning your lessons, slave,” Jeffery said, looking at her coldly.

Kim just looked at him weakly, her dark eyes trying to read him as he turned the vibrator off.

“Did you learn your lessons, slave?”

The word ‘slave’ ignited Kim’s anger again but she nodded her head slowly. The asshole would fucking pay for this. She would wait until he made a mistake; then she would pounce and rip his balls off.

“That is good. You may become a slave. I may let you eat tonight after you rest.”

The Hispanic girl stared at him.

“Perhaps we’ll get something delivered,” Jeffery said as he closed the door to her cell, leaving her alone with her murderous thoughts.

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