Summer Training 11

by T S Fesseln

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Continued from part 10 Chapter 11

The stop at the grocery store took a little longer than Jeff had expected, but they had Stephanie’s prescription ready and most everything he needed for meals for the next couple of days. He enjoyed being away from the house, but he didn’t want to leave his stepsister to her own devices for very long. Their current relationship was fragile and Jeffery didn’t want to jeopardize it since it had taken quite a while to get it to that stage.

Jeffery smiled.

The look on her face this morning told it all. It was in her Pacific blue eyes and it was in her smile around her gag. It was in the way she moved against him while they made love. It was in the way she clamped her legs onto him and tried to hold him inside her as long as she could. She wanted to be his slave and not have to worry about what she was going to do. He would tell her and she would obey, willingly. And, that was precious indeed and he needed to make sure to protect it.

Jeffery turned the corner to their street and his entire soul felt as if it were dunked in ice water. There, parked in front of their home, was Kim’s rusted-out wreck.

Without realizing it, Jeffery sped up and skidded into the driveway. Leaving the groceries, he clambered out of his Jeep and raced to the door. It was still locked and after fumbling a bit, he opened the door and rushed in.

Immediately he heard Stephanie crying. Her tear-drenched eyes looked up at him. She was curled up naked in the recliner, her hands and arms covered in scratches and Band-aids.

“Are you all right?” Jeff asked, rushing over to his sister, “What did she do to you? Where is Kim?”

Stephanie uncurled herself from the chair and grasped her stepbrother to her, hugging him and sobbing.

“It was awful,” she finally said, not looking up at Jeffery.

A million thoughts rushed through Jeffery’s mind as his stepsister clutched him, all of those thoughts not good.

“Where is she?” he asked again.

“Upstairs,” Stephanie wept, “She made me do it.”

“Oh God,” Jeffery said under his breath as he extracted himself from his blonde stepsister. He pictured Kim’s bloody corpse in the hallway. He pushed himself away and ran up the stairs two steps at a time.

Jeffery heard moaning and thrashing coming from his parent’s bedroom. He abruptly stopped in the doorway. There was Kim struggling, gagged with a penis gag and in an hogtie. Her dark eyes widened as she lifted her head up and saw him. Her struggles became more violent.

“She was going to tell everyone,” his sister said as she came up behind him, “I had no choice. She was being soooo evil!”

Relief swept through Jeffery as he looked down at the bound Hispanic girl. She wasn’t dead. However, there was a whole pile of wrongness heaped at his front door that he had to figure out how to get dispose of.

“Kim,” Jeffery said calmly, “You’re not going anywhere, so stop trying to hurt yourself.”

The dark-haired girl continued to buck, foaming curses around her black leather penis gag and narrowing her eyes in hatred. Inside, Jeffery was smiling. His sister had captured Kim and now he had to have her as part of his fantasy.

“What are you going to do?” Stephanie asked as she stood beside him, still very much naked but no longer trying to conceal herself from their captive.

“Let me think.”

Stephanie went over to her parents’ bed and sat down, never really looking at her struggling un-friend. She was keeping her head down, her tangle of blonde hair cascading down, covering her face.

Jeffery’s mind raced. He had thought of many kidnapping scenarios involving getting Kim, but that was just erotic day-dreaming, something to masturbate to. Now, he had to come up with a practical solution and he had to do it fast.

“Stephanie,” Jeffery calmly ordered, “Go over to your mother’s closet and look through her collection of wigs. Find one that looks like Kim’s hair.”

Stephanie looked up at him questioningly.

“Do it now.”

The firmness in Jeffery’s voice galvanized her into action. Her brother would know how to fix this. She trusted him with all her soul. She dashed into their parents’ walk-in closet and to her mother’s side where there was a row of shelves holding blank mannequin heads coiffed with all sorts of blonde, brunette and red-headed wigs. The blonde girl picked out one that closely resembled Kim’s hair and brought it out.

Jeffery had been busy as well, getting out coils of rope and some duct tape. Kim had pretty much stopped struggling and was looking at the rope, a terrified look crossing her face. A new look for her, Jeffery thought. No more Miss Bitchy Confidence. He looked up to see Stephanie holding up the wig she had chosen.

“Good,” he said, “Put it on the bed. I am going to need your help getting her clothes off.”

Kim began to throw herself at her bonds with renewed vigor. Jeffery forced her over onto her front and straddled her shoulders.

“Hold her legs!”

Like a good slave, Stephanie did as she was told, grabbing Kim’s legs and pinning them. She watched as her brother tore some of the tape and began to wind it around one of Kim’s hands. Kim tried to claw at him with her purple-polished nails but Jeff avoided them. Soon, both of Kim’s hands were but balls of silver tape.

Jeff stepped over the struggling Hispanic girl and straddled her again, this time squatting over her cuffed hands. Kim mewled in pain as the metal cuffs dug into her back. As she rocked and screamed, Jeff pulled up the hem of her shirt until it was bunched around her upper chest. Without mercy, Jeff yanked her head back by her long hair, using his other hand to pull the shirt collar over her head. He let go of her hair and pulled the shirt back. Now, it was gathered up over the back of her neck and over her arms. He continued to pull it down over her arms until it was past her elbows.

“Hand me some rope.”

Stephanie handed her stepbrother one of the coils of rope. He unwound it and began tying Kim’s elbows together. He pulled them together until her elbows touched before cinching them tightly and tying the ends off.

Knowing what was coming next, Stephanie grabbed the keys to the handcuffs and gave them to Jeffery. He unlocked one of Kim’s wrists as he hooked the opened handcuff to the cuffs locked around Kim’s ankles, keeping her other hand pinned. With great difficulty, he pulled her free wrist out of her shirtsleeve.

“Hold her wrist!”

The blonde grabbed her ex-friend’s free wrist as Jeffery unlocked the other. Kim was still fighting like a demon, but the two of them were holding her in check. A few moments later, Kim was topless and her wrists were tied tightly behind her back.

Getting Kim out of her pants was much easier. Though the Hispanic girl continued to try to fight, she was getting exhausted. Before Kim knew it, she was bound naked on the carpeted floor.

Ignoring his captive, Jeff gathered Kim’s clothes and gave them to his sister.

“I want you to clean yourself up, slave, get dressed in her clothes and put Mom’s wig on. I need to take care of our little intruder here. I’ll make sure she doesn’t get away while we’re out. Can you do that, slave?”

Stephanie nodded and headed to her room to get a pair of panties before disappearing into their bathroom.

Watching Kim struggle on the floor, her dark skin glistening from her efforts, Jeffery felt himself harden with lust. He had left her elbows and wrists bound while he removed her handcuffs. He had also bound her knees and ankles, and then knotted her wrists and ankles together so that she was in an even more stringent hogtie.

Jeffery squatted down on his haunches and grabbed her. His touch must have felt like an electric shock for Kim tried to recoil away. But, he pushed her onto her side firmly and looked into her dark brown eyes.

“You shouldn’t have come back,” Jeffery darkly whispered.

Kim froze as she saw what Jeffery was holding: a slender pink vibrator. Pinning Kim face down, he forced Kim’s ass upward enough to ease the humming vibrator in before giving her a solid swat on her ass.

Kim felt more struggled as she felt more rope being coiled around her. This time it was around her waist. After Jeffery cinched it tight, he ran the loose end between her legs and pulled it between her ass cheeks. He cruelly yanked the rope tight, making it seem that he was cutting into her sex. After tying it off, he gave Kim another spank before dropping her back on the floor.

His bound captive squealed as he lifted her by her bound arms and carried her like a suitcase into his parents’ walk-in closet. The door to the “dungeon” was still unlocked and Jeffery made his way in and towards the cage.

Kim looked up and saw her destination. The steel and rubber caged loomed as menacingly as an open grave in her mind. She began to writhe and buck with renewed energy, like a badger caught in a trap. It was all he could do to not drop her. Thankfully, it wasn’t far to the cage and he dropped her in the center of it and prepared her for a little time alone.


Stephanie found Jeffery putting away the cuffs. Kim’s clothes hung loosely on Steph even after she tucked everything in. Her blonde hair was tucked carefully under the dark-haired wig. Glancing at her parents’ mirror, she looked like a different woman; too different. It made her uncomfortable.

Jeffery looked carefully at his sister, gave his stepsister a nod of approval. Stephanie smiled, relieved at his appreciation of her efforts.

“You look beautiful, slave,” he smiled and gave her a warm hug.

“Thank you, Master,” she replied.

Grasping her shoulders, Jeffery looked directly into his stepsister’s blue eyes.

“Now, slave, I need you to do exactly what I say. I know you can do it. You proved yourself wonderfully today and I need more of that. Lots more. . .”

Stephanie nodded.

“This is what you have to do. I need you to drive Kim’s car onto the highway and park it near the Grant Street exit. When you get there, lock the car door and walk down the exit towards that old Conoco station that went out of business. I will meet you there in my Jeep. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, I understand Master,” Stephanie frowned, “I’m not stupid.”

Jeffery grinned, “I just want to make sure that everything goes as planned.”

“What is the plan, Master?”

“We need to make everyone think that Kim had some sort of trouble with her car and was abducted by someone. You’re going to have to wear these. . .”

Jeffery pulled out a pair of latex gloves, the kind that doctors wear as well as a pair of sunglasses out of Kim’s purse.

“I found them in Dad’s things. I don’t want you leaving any fingerprints where they’re not supposed to be. You’ve been in her car before, so I am not worried about your hair or anything like that. But I don’t want to take any chances that the police would connect you to driving the car.”

Stephanie took the gloves out of her brother’s hand and pulled them on. She suspected she should feel like some sort of murderous criminal, but she really didn’t feel any guilt. She could see the malice in Kim’s eyes. It was either Kim or herself. Stephanie picked herself.

“Are you ready, my slave?” Jeffery asked.

Stephanie nodded and said, “Yes, Master.”

“Then, let’s get this done.”


Kim lay on the cold floor of the cell, testing out her bindings but finding no give. The tape that enwrapped her hands made it impossible to do much other than to lay there. What was worse was the fact that she couldn’t force the humming vibrator out of herself. The fuckhead had tied a rope around her waist and between her legs to make sure she couldn’t be free of the device’s constant attentions.


The truly fucked-up thing about all of this really fucked-up mess she was in was the fact that she was starting to get horny. What the fuck was that shit all about?

Another unbidden ripple of pleasure radiated through her, causing her to moan into her gag.

Kim struggled a bit more. The rope knotted between her legs was abrading her swollen clit. She gasped at the white hot bliss shooting through her. The bound girl closed her eyes and tried to force the pleasing feelings out of her mind, but she couldn’t. The more she tried, the more her mind focused on her pleasure-inflamed clit.

“Fucking A.”

Kim quivered as another flare of ecstasy engulfed her and she just gave into its power like a drug-starved addict. The burning lust branded her again and again as she squirmed and kicked in her bondage until her whole being was blinded in pure joy.

And, it didn’t stop.

The vibrator and rope continued their wanton torture of her until she collapsed into a useless rag doll, unable to even move her hips. She had never had an orgasm that had so completely taken all of her.

And it wouldn’t fucking stop.


Stephanie climbed into Jeffery’s Jeep as he pulled to the curb beside her. She hadn’t seen anybody after she had walked down the exit ramp. Most of the strip malls around here had either empty storefronts or iron-grated pawnshops, liquor stores and ethnic markets. It was not a place that Stephanie wanted to be. Her heart leapt when she saw her stepbrother’s Jeep.

“Crawl into the back and keep on the floor,” her brother ordered.

The blonde girl did as she was told. The back seat was cramped but she curled herself into a ball as Jeffery pulled away from the curb.


Stephanie handed her stepbrother Kim’s purse. He unzipped it and poured its contents out onto the seat. He was happy to see her neon-pink cell phone, carefully wrapping it in some facial tissue so as to not leave his fingerprints. He set it back down and drove away from the former Conoco station. At the Park Hills Mall, a mall past its prime but still with a few good years left, he parked his Jeep outside the Sears and got out, pocketing Kim’s phone.

“Now strip, slave.”

The blonde hesitated for a second before peeling herself out of Kim’s work uniform. Soon, Stephanie was sitting naked on the back floor of his Jeep.

“Your collar, cuffs, blindfold and gag are in the bag on the back seat. I want you presentable when I get back.”

Stephanie looked up at her brother. “Why are you punishing me, Master?”

Jeffery smiled, “I’m not punishing you, my slave, I am rewarding you. Now hurry, it won’t take me long to ditch the phone.”

He leaned over her and gave her a quick kiss before shutting the car door. Stephanie found the plastic bag and sorted through it. Her collar was first. When she buckled it around her throat, it felt as if she was putting on her wedding band and it sent a warm flush of pleasure through her. Next was the red ball gag. It was the one with a leather harness that buckled around her head. After putting the red ball between her teeth, she was careful to pull each strap tight before buckling it.

There were two pairs of black leather cuffs. She fastened the first pair around her ankles and made sure that they were locked. The second pair she put on each wrist. She would lock them after she had put on her blindfold.

A silken red scarf was to be her blindfold and she tied it over her eyes. She was now in her own little world and everything outside had disappeared. She reached behind her back with both arms and felt for the hasp of her cuffs. Finding them, she locked her cuffs with a click.

Kneeling naked in the back of a car, Stephanie began to fantasize about being abducted again. She would have no control over where they would take her and what they could do to her. Heated wanton thoughts began to fill her with molten desires and she began to rock her hips in response, hoping that Jeffery would return soon.

To Stephanie, it seemed like forever before she heard the door open and Jeffery climbing in.

“Very good, my slave. Now let me help you get ready for the drive home.”

Stephanie felt his hands shifting her into place: her back was against the back seat and he had lifted her ankles between the front seats and over the floor gearshift. Jeffery gently pulled her knees apart before reaching between her legs and touching her red-swollen lips.

His touch was branding.

Stephanie mewled as his fingers dipped deeper into her sex. She was already slick with need as he rubbed up and down her slit slowly, barely touching her clit. She thrust her hips up and he pulled away only to return when she settled back. She moaned her complaint but Jeff only laughed.

Then he started the car.

Each time he stopped the car, she felt his touch. He gently stroked her sex, touching her button lightly before fingering her deeply. But it was all too brief. She could feel the fires of her lust building within her and there was little she could do to sate them.

There were too many stops and not enough time at each one. At one point, he got out of the car, but it was only for a minute or two. By the time she heard him pulling the parking brake on, she had almost gone insane with craving.

His fingers touched her again and this time with more vigor, rubbing over her swollen clit and sending a cascade of burning bliss crashing over her. Flare after burning flare engulfed her as she bucked in her bonds and moaned loudly behind her gag until his fingers left her tired and quivering.

Stephanie felt Jeffery attach something to her collar: her lead.

“We’re home,” he said in a sing-song sort of way.

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