Summer Training 10

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/ff; F/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; collar; rope; gag; tease; captive; mast; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

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Continued from part 9 Chapter 10

The light rapping at the door woke Kim. In a panic, thinking that her father had caught her home and would need to be fed breakfast or worse, she threw herself out of bed and tripped over her clean clothes box before she realized she was in her friend Stephanie’s room. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was 8:43 in the morning.

“Are you awake?” Jeffery asked through the door.

“Now I fucking am,” Kim hollered as she sat down on the bed and rubbed her stubbed toe.

“Michelle and I are going to be leaving in a little while, so I need you to be out of here soon.”

“Fine,” she snapped back, “Give me a few.”

Kim yawned and flopped back into bed. She didn’t need to be at work until one, so what was she going to fucking do until then. At least she had gotten in a good night’s sleep; the best she’d had in a while. She would call Jeff after work to talk him back into staying another night. After all, who else was going to be here, you know, and she was sure that he wouldn’t want his parents to know what was going on.

She lay there for a few more minutes before surrendering and getting up. She sorted through her clothes and found a pair of tastefully torn jeans and a white shirt with ‘Glamour Bitch’ written in sparkly rainbow letters on the front. Good enough. She gathered them together and headed towards the bathroom.

Kim didn’t see or hear anyone on her short trek to the bath, which was just fine by her. She filled out Stephanie’s nightshirt just a little too well. She quickly shut and locked the bathroom door and turned on the water for a quick shower.


After waking Kim, Jeffery silently ducked back into his parents’ room and quietly shut the door. The video camera was still aimed at Stephanie and Michelle as they stood bound together face-to-face. Both girls were blindfolded and gagged with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Though both girls were struggling and swaying, Michelle was moving more.

Michelle’s leash ran between Stephanie’s legs and was knotted to her handcuffs. Each time Michelle moved against her, it rubbed through Stephanie’s sex causing spurts of pleasure. The warmth of Michelle’s body against hers as she writhed also added forbidden fuel to her fires. The embers of this morning’s love-making were beginning to flare again.

Michelle heard the blonde moan as their rhythms started to match. The soft rope worked its magic on her clit and the Chinese girl was finding it harder and harder to keep from cumming. She was sure that, if it engulfed her, both of them would end up in a tangle on the floor.

Watching both girls struggling against themselves in the morning sunlight caused stirrings in Jeffery again. The moans and pants coming from the girls as well as their nude, swaying bodies that were facing each other, was more than enough to start Jeffery’s cock aching.

Taking hold of a ‘D’ ring on the side of each their collars, he slowly guided them over to the bed. As soon as the girls touched the mattress, they knew what their master wanted. With Jeffery’s help, they managed to squirm into the bed together.

Jeffery then readjusted the camera so it was focused on the girls lying down. Quietly, he left them there, on their sides, squirming to adjust themselves.

He could hear the shower going as he closed his parent’s bedroom door. He tested the doorknob and found Kim had locked the door. He slipped into his room where he donned a pair of black jeans and a charcoal-colored shirt. Before he did anything with the girls, he wanted to make sure that Kim was out of the house. He went downstairs to the kitchen and started the coffee machine before settling at the kitchen table to wait.

This morning in bed with Stephanie felt so right, and she had offered herself fully. Her eyes were so needy and Jeffery felt something more than just the primal urges that had filled him at the start. He needed her as much as she needed him. The willingness with which Stephanie gave herself to him fueled his feelings for her even more.

He heard Kim emerge from the bathroom as she headed back to Stephanie’s room. A few minutes later, the Latino girl came down the stairs with her box full of laundry and her pink bag.

“Thanks for letting me spend the night,” Kim said, smiling.

“Sure,” Jeffery said curtly.

“See ya,” and, with that, Kim opened the front door and left.

As soon as the door shut, Jeffery went over and peeked through the lace curtains, watching as Kim loaded up her car and, in a sputtering cloud of smoke, left.

Jeffery made sure that he locked the door and dead bolted it before making his way back upstairs. Silently, he opened the door and stood beside the bed, watching the two girls enjoying each other.

It didn’t take long after collapsing in bed for Stephanie and Michelle to adjust themselves and begin to move against each other. Michelle’s anxiety over falling was now gone, replaced by a wanton need to cum. She ground her hips against Stephanie’s as she bucked against the rope pulled taut between her legs. The oriental girl groaned with each thrust as the rope rubbed against her clit, feeding the frenzy of passion churning inside her. She felt Stephanie doing the same, trying to match Michelle’s pace as Michelle started to force herself on top of the blonde.

“Stop,” Jeffery ordered.

Michelle whined in frustration at the ragged brink of her orgasm. Stilled, she slowly moved her hips, feeling the storm inside her about to burst.

“I said, Stop!”

The Chinese girl yelped as Jeffery pulled aside her cuffed wrists and smacked her rear. She stopped her writhing as Jeffery gave her another swat.

Michelle whimpered into her gag. She was sooooo close. She felt him untying the knot to her collar as well as the one to Stephanie’s. The tension to the ropes between her legs eased as Jeffery rolled her over onto her back. He eased the damp rope from between her lips and lifted her ankles up and towards her head, holding them there.

She heard Jeff unzip his pants. She grinned in relief as she felt the head of his cock nudging at her puss. He eased himself in, taking a few slow strokes before thrusting himself inside her faster and faster.

A flurry of pleasure ripped through her as he slammed into her again and again without mercy. She screamed and yelled into her gag as her furious desire engulfed her again and again in drifts of ecstasy.

Jeffery then pushed himself deep inside her and held there as his semen shot inside her. He let her legs loose and collapsed beside her, panting.

Stephanie felt a twinge of jealousy as she listened to them wrestling beside her. Her desire was still teasing her as she rolled over onto her front. The rope still ran through her sex but it was no longer anchored to Michelle’s collar. Still, by pinning the rope beneath her she hoped to get some friction from it.

She rocked her hips back against the rope, but she could feel it pulling beneath her. She still felt it massaging her clit, but not nearly hard enough. It was just teasing her that much more.

Stephanie whimpered and continued to hump at the rope fruitlessly. Her orgasm just dangled there in front of her, almost within reach but not quite. She screamed in frustration as she fell back onto her side.

Then she felt him push against her hip to roll her over on her back.

Jeff had heard his stepsister’s cry of desire and untangled himself from Michelle to go over to her. He eased Stephanie over onto her back and pulled the rope out of her sex. With his fingers, he spread her pink lips and began massaging her swollen clit.

An eruption of pleasure shredded Stephanie as he firmly stroked her. For the second time this morning, she drowned in her own fiery orgasm until Jeff mercifully stopped his ministrations. Her sex was sore, but a good kind of sore, she thought. She curled up and lay on the bed, sucking in every last drop of the moment.


Stephanie must have drifted off to sleep because she woke up with a start as she felt her stepbrother kiss her on the forehead. He unfastened her blindfold and gag, setting them on the bed. He had already unfastened the cuffs around her ankles and he was gently rolling her over to undo her cuffs.

“Good morning, again,” Jeffery smiled as he sat beside her.

Stephanie beamed back and sat up, curling herself around Jeffery, “Good morning Master.”

They sat together silently, Jeffery hugging her against himself. God, she had never felt so safe and joyful before. Everything seemed like it should be as she felt his breathing and his heartbeat. . .


She jerked up and looked around.

“She’s gone,” Jeffery said, “We had breakfast and she headed home to get a few things done before work. She said to tell you that she enjoyed you very much this morning.”

Stephanie blushed so red that even her tan couldn’t hide it.

“You know, slave, I care about you very much. I meant it when I said I would watch over you. You have nothing to fear from Michelle.”

“I know,” she whispered.

Jeffery gave her another kiss on the forehead.

“I need to go get some running around done. Do you want anything from the store?”

Stephanie thought for a minute, “Could you drop by the pharmacy to pick up my prescription?”

“Which is?”

Stephanie gave him a scowl, “The ones I need to make sure I don’t get pregnant. I should have a refill waiting.”

It was Jeffery’s turn to blush a bit. He really hadn’t been paying that close attention to the pills in her case though he knew she was getting low.

“I’ll check,” he said, ‘Why don’t you go down and get yourself some breakfast? As Dad likes to say, ‘you must be as starved as a pack of winter wolves’ or something like that.”

Stephanie grinned as she watched her stepbrother climb out of bed and head out of her parents’ bedroom door. She heard him saunter down the stairs and out the front door.

As soon as the door shut, she regretted not asking him if she could come along. Now she was alone with all her thoughts, longings and fears. She uncurled herself out of the bed, splashed some water in her face, and headed down stairs to fix some much needed breakfast.


Kim arrived at work early so she could duck into the Women’s bathroom to change into her work clothes. She grabbed her shirt and slacks from her box before heading inside.

Thankfully it was a little busier than usual and her co-workers were too busy to notice her slip in. Quickly she stripped out of her street clothes and into her uniform. She was looking at herself in the mirror and straightening her hair when she realized that her name badge wasn’t pinned onto her shirt.


The one thing her boss, Mr. Attenberg, hated was employees without their badges. She cussed at herself again as she gathered up her clothes and went back out to her car.

In a flurry of cussing and flying empty fast food containers, she searched her car until she was sure the badge wasn’t there. It had to be at Stephanie’s. It probably fell out when she stumbled over her laundry this morning after Jeffery woke her up.


Kim sat down in her car and fumed at herself. What was she supposed to do now? Jeffery was probably out and about with his kinky-ass girlfriend and there would be no way for her to get in. . .

Then Kim remembered the key.

The Richardson’s kept a spare key underneath one of those stupid ceramic frogs Steph’s mom put in their garden. It was the key to the backdoor of their garage and into the house. She glanced at her watch. She had just enough time to race there, sneak in, get her badge and be back before her shift started. She slammed her car door shut, leaving a pile of trash outside, and headed over to Steph’s.


After breakfast, Stephanie cleaned up the kitchen and headed back up to her parent’s room. It was funny how Stephanie didn’t feel at all self-conscious about being buck naked while inside. In fact, she mused, she was probably saving money on the electric bill since she had turned off the chilly air conditioner.

Jeff was pretty good about picking up after himself. There were only a few things left out on the bed: a couple snakes of rope, her leather ankle and wrist cuffs, the ball gag and blindfold. The only thing she was wearing was her collar, which Jeff hadn’t taken off her when he left.

She loved the feel of it around her throat. To her, it felt like a warm hug by someone really close. It was a reminder of what Jeff had told her about being around as long as she needed it while she sorted things out. She had asked him for it and he had fastened it around her neck. In some ways, Stephanie mused, it was better than a promissory ring.

The blonde sat down on the messed up cover of the bed and slowly piled the restraints on the nightstand before starting to make the bed.


The key was where Kim remembered it being. She tried it in the backdoor to the garage and it opened without a hitch. She quietly snuck in, noticing that Jeff’s Jeep was gone. She crossed the dark of the garage and tried the door into the house. It opened smoothly and quietly.

Inside, the house was quiet except for the hum of the dishwasher going through its cycle. Even though she knew Jeff and his girlfriend were gone, she couldn’t help herself from acting like a burglar. She made her way through the kitchen, around the corner and up the stairs.

Stephanie’s bedroom door was open and, sure as shit, there was her badge, half underneath the bed. She snatched it up and glanced at her watch. She would just make it. She rushed out the bedroom just in time to collide with someone.

Both girls screamed as they scrambled away from one another. Stephanie tried to cover herself as Kim jumped to her feet.

“Steph?” Kim asked, looking at her nude friend and the leather collar that encircle her throat.

“Kim?” Stephanie hollered back, “What are you doing in here?”

Kim frowned, “I was going to ask you the same thing. I thought you were on vacation or something. What’s with the collar?”

Stephanie touched her collar and blushed, still trying to cover herself as she huddled on the floor.

A sudden realization hit Kim like a tsunami. “You’re not into that kinky stuff like your brother, are you?”

“Kim, I can explain. . .”

Kim laughed, “You fucking are, aren’t you? Oh my fucking God!”

“. . .please . . .”

“You’re not fucking your brother, are you?”

“It’s not what you think!” Stephanie yelled in a panic.

“Jesus Fucking Christ! I can’t fucking believe it. Here I thought I knew everything about you. No secrets from best friends. And here you are fucking your brother. Fucking amazing. No wonder you didn’t want me to date him!”

“It’s not like that!”

Stephanie looked up into her friend’s face and saw utter contempt gnarled there.

“Wait till I tell Anne and the others just what a perv. . .”

Kim didn’t get to finish her sentence as Stephanie launched herself at her friend, bowling her over into her bedroom doorway. Kim’s head hit the door jam and she cursed out in pain.

Stephanie was on top of her like a lioness protecting her cubs. Kim hadn’t time to recover when she found herself being dragged by her hair down the hallway. She thrashed and screamed and cussed, clawing at the blonde’s hands and arms, but Stephanie kept a firm grasp until they were in her parents’ room.

The blonde knew just where the cuffs were. She had lingered over her parent’s collection of bondage gear with an avid eye and knew what was there. Still pulling on Kim’s dark hair with one hand, she opened one of the armoire drawers and snagged a pair of steel handcuffs. Stephanie then grabbed one of Kim’s flailing hands and snapped the cuff around it.

“What the fuck!” Kim yelled as Stephanie pushed her down, knelt on her friend’s back and wrenched her arm behind her.

Kim was thrashing about even more, but Steph managed to pin her flat onto the carpeted floor and force Kim’s other arm behind and cuff her wrists together.

A hail of curses spattered from Kim as she tried to pull her wrists out of the steel that encircled them. Stephanie continued to plant her knee into the small of Kim’s back as she reached into a drawer for a gag. The blonde pulled out a black leather and rubber penis gag. She yanked back on Kim’s hair causing Kim to open her mouth and launch a scream.

The scream was cut short as Stephanie shoved the phallus into Kim’s wide mouth and buckled it tightly behind Kim’s head. Her friend continued to buck and scream, but her cries and curses came out as mush. Stephanie moved down to Kim’s kicking feet and easily locked them together as well. Lastly, Stephanie bent back Kim’s cuffed ankles and, with another pair of steel cuffs, fastened her ankles to her wrists in an hogtie. When the blonde was sure that Kim was helpless, she backed up and looked down at her former friend.

“How could you?” Stephanie asked, ignoring the blood dripping from her scratched arms and hands. “I can’t believe you would be so cruel, Kim. You were my friend. I talked to you about everything. Now, you would do this to me?”

Kim’s reply was nothing but muffled words Steph couldn’t understand.

“You don’t understand what happened to me. . .what happened to me and Jeffery. It was awful, Kim. I can’t even describe it. But it changed me and with Jeffery’s help I am surviving that change. But you don’t care, do you? All you want to do is hurt people and I was blind to that until now. I wanted to explain, but all that was in that black brain of yours was how you could hurt me. . .”

Stephanie trailed off into tears. She couldn’t stand to be here now, with Kim struggling and cursing. She needed to clean herself up and wait for Jeffery. He would know what to do.

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