Summer Training 9

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2013 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; cuffs; collar; rope; gag; ziptiess; shower; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

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Continued from part 8 Chapter 9

Kim was trouble.

Even though Jeff was bone tired, he needed to check on his other houseguest. He slipped into his room and pulled on a pair of boxers. He also gathered up the bag that he had used in capturing his stepsister Steph; his ‘abduction’ kit. Not that he had plans to use any of the tape and rope inside it. He just wanted to be sure he had it IF needed.

In his desk drawer, he found a large paper clip, which he bent out one end of. This would be his ‘key’ into Stephanie’s bedroom and, he hoped, Kim’s bag and purse.

Jeff listened at the door, hoping to hear something to indicate whether Kim was sleeping or not. There was just silence. Jeff took a deep breath and knelt down, his attention focused on the little hole in the center of the knob. He poked his ‘key’ in and quietly pushed until he felt the lock give. The bedroom door was now unlocked.

As quietly as possible, Jeffery opened Stephanie’s bedroom door. There was no give-away squeak as it swung open, only the quiet snoring of Steph’s friend, Kim. She was curled up in his sister’s nightshirt, her back towards Jeff. The nightshirt had hiked up over Kim’s hip, exposing her well-rounded ass. He admired it a bit before searching for Kim’s stuff.

Her box of clean clothes and her neon pink gym bag lay where they were dropped beside the bed as if Kim had no energy or desire to put them anywhere else. He picked up her gym bag before slowly backing his way out.

It would be so easy to get her now. All he had to do was pounce on her sleeping form, wrestle her arms behind her back, slap some cuffs and a gag on her and she’d be his. Teaching her some manners would definitely be fun.

However, there would be no way for him to keep her long term, not like Stephanie. He was pretty sure he couldn’t train her like he had his stepsister, either. No, as much as he would like to teach Kim a thing or two about minding her own business, it wasn’t practical, even with their parents’ secret room.

Quietly, he shut her door.

Back in his bedroom, he began going through her stuff trying to find anything to hold over her. Tucked inside the gym bag was her worn canvas purse. Snapping it open, he found her wallet, keys, cell phone, a coupon book with a plethora of fast food coupons and various toiletries, including her toothbrush and a half-crushed tube of Colgate. A pair of condoms was nested in the bottom, one large and one regular, as well as her compact-like birth-control dispenser. Her wallet had some cash, but, mainly, little pieces of paper with all sorts of notes scribbled on them. There were pictures of her parents and her older sister, as well as some dorky-looking hoodlum with an ‘X’ scratched over his face. There was also a photo of Kim and Stephanie at the beach flaunting their bikini-clad bodies.

The main compartment of the bag was empty. Reaching in, he felt something sticky and pulled his hand out. Her accident, Jeff assumed. There was nothing in her bag to use to blackmail her with.

Disappointed, he packed everything back the way he found it and silently went back into her room. He made sure to lock the door before pulling it shut. She would never know he had been there.

Going back into his parents’ room, Jeffery found both Michelle and Stephanie with their eyes closed. Michelle stirred a bit when he settled himself between the two, but she didn’t wake. Stephanie hardly moved at all. Their legs were still tied open and their wrists were anchored to the headboard.

Jeffery felt his lust swell his cock. However, fatigue won over lust and he snuggled down, enjoying the feel of each of them against his body as he fell quickly to sleep.


Outside, a white Corolla drifted along the late night streets. It rolled to a stop opposite the Richardson home. The shadow behind the wheel checked the address with the one in the laptop he had set on the passenger’s seat. It matched. All the windows were dark and the only sounds were those of the neighbor’s lawn sprinkling system kicking on.

A dog barked several blocks away.

He unfastened his safety belt and opened the door. The bulb to the dome light had been removed so he could stay in the dark. He looked down both sides of the street before he crossed over into the Richardson’s front yard.

The shadow wasn’t a big guy, only about 5 and a half feet, but he was built like a fireplug and dressed in a dark gray suit and tie. He casually walked toward the house, observing as much as he could. At the door, he checked the quality of the locks. Nothing out of the ordinary raised any internal alarms in the man. The windows were locked as well. There was no sign of an alarm system and there were no barking dogs as he approached.

He swung around the garage and opened the side gate. A tall privacy fence enclosed the backyard. A small white garden shed stood off to the side. The house had a nice wooden deck bejeweled with inviting deck chairs, a table and a gleaming grill. Several mature trees dotted the yard that would keep it nice and cool.

He had a pretty good idea of lay of the land. Now to get back to his hotel room for some shut eye. He would check on the Richardsons tomorrow.


Morning came early for Stephanie. Like Jeff, she was usually an early riser. She woke up with Jeff half curled around her, his leg between hers, one arm stretched across her chest and his head almost in her armpit. She could also feel Jeffery’s hard morning boner against her thigh, sending a few wanton thoughts scurrying around in her mind.

The Asian girl was asleep as well, her head turned away from Stephanie. If she hadn’t been tied, Steph would have tried extracting herself from the bed to head to the bathroom.

The morning had turned everything in the room golden and she tried to see more of Jeff’s girlfriend, Michelle. The sun had painted her lithe body the color of warm caramel and her nipples the color of chocolate. Michelle was in a deep sleep and Stephanie could imagine that there was a smile wrapped around her gag.

She shifted herself to try to wake Jeffery up, trying to talk around her gag. He mumbled something and moved a bit, but he didn’t wake. Stephanie tried moving again, this time a little more forcefully.

Jeffery opened his eyes and lifted his head, smiling at his gagged stepsister.

“Good morning, slave,” he grinned.

Stephanie moaned something back. Even with her morning-frizzed hair, she looked beautiful. Her blue eyes beamed as she smiled around her gag. Her white leather collar looked perfect against her tanned skin. The lavender smell of soap still clung to her skin as he leaned over her.

“You know what, slave? I am hungry.”

His lips kissed her cheek as his hands found her breasts. His thumbs flicked over her stiffening nipples and he eased himself over her; kneeling between her open legs. He quickly pulled down his boxers.

His kisses caressed her breasts as he held her, his body cradled between her legs. His hands slid over her skin, touching and feeling her curves and valleys as she began to move against him by arching herself upward. He braced himself above her and positioned himself. Stephanie closed her eyes and relished the heat of his skin against hers as he eased himself into her. Slowly, he pushed himself inside her, filling her as heated wafts of pleasure spread through her.

She matched his pace the best she could, bringing her hips up to his. Her wrists and ankles strained against their cuffs as her passion built and blustered into a wanton storm. Stephanie moaned into her gag as his thrusts became deeper and faster. She gripped him the best she could helping their ardor along as the broiling tempest let loose and ravaged her in its pure passion.

Jeffery let out a groan and thrust himself fully inside her, holding himself there as Stephanie felt his semen jet inside her. She held him as long as she could, drinking in the moment like a rare wine before he finally pulled himself out.

The blonde moaned her complaint as her stepbrother eased out of bed. Michelle was stirring but, as she turned her head to face Stephanie, Stephanie could see the oriental girl was still holding onto the last remnants of slumber.

Stephanie heard her parents’ toilet flush just before Jeffery returned to the room. Stephanie’s need to go hadn’t vanished. In fact, it seemed to have grown. She moaned again to get Jeffery’s attention, hoping that he would release her so she wouldn’t soil herself and the bed. He gave her a quick smile before sitting on the bed next to his girlfriend.

Leaning down over her, Jeffery gave Michelle a soft kiss on her cheek as he reached down her sleeping form. Lightly, he ran his fingertips over the narrow nest of curls between her legs, tracing downward to her sex. Gently, he touched her, easing his finger between her petals and stroking her.

A low moan seeped out of Michelle around her gagged mouth as her body began to respond, rocking under his touch. Slowly, her eyes opened and she turned to look at Jeff. Her dream had dissolved away into the pleasure of reality and she smiled around her gag.

“Time to wake up, slave,” Jeffery kissed her again.

Michelle stretched, “Uuuuh Muuuughnun.”

Glancing over at Jeffery’s blonde girlfriend, Stephanie, Michelle felt a twinge of jealousy but nothing really more than that. She had come to grips with her ‘role’ here before she drifted off to sleep. It was clear that he cared for Stephanie very much, and all Michelle could really be was someone to help intensify their shared fantasies. For her, that was okay, since she got to live out some of her fantasies as well.

Jeffery started to untie their bindings. First to go were the ropes holding their knees open, followed by the ropes tying their ankle cuffs to the foot railing. Jeffery noticed that Stephanie was very fidgety as he removed her ties.

“Sit still, slave,” he ordered as he finished untying their wrist cuffs from the headboard.

Stephanie tried but her need to visit the bathroom was getting desperate. She moaned at Jeffery, nodding toward the restroom.

“Do you need to go, slave?” Jeffery asked.

The blonde nodded eagerly.

Jeffery seemed to ignore her as he finished getting Michelle’s bindings undone. He unbuckled her wrist cuffs before going on to Stephanie’s.

“Now, both of you slaves stay put while I get a few things.”

Sitting up in the bed, Michelle noticed Stephanie watching her. This was really the first time Stephanie had seen Michelle. The first weekend they had spent together, Stephanie had been blindfolded the entire time. The Asian girl noticed how pretty the blonde’s eyes were; almost an aquamarine blue. Michelle gave Stephanie a quick smile and turned her attention to Jeffery.

After searching a bit, he had found several wide zip-ties in his parents’ armoire as well as some duct tape. He grabbed them both and went back to his two awaiting girls.

“Hands behind your back,” Jeff ordered.

Both Stephanie and Michelle complied. Taking off their cuffs, he positioned each of their wrists back-to-back before fastening the tie tightly around them. He made sure there was some room to move but not enough to get away. He undid the cuffs around the girls’ ankles next before zipping them together as well. He then unbuckled the girls leather collars and made a zip-tie one for each.

Before removing their gags, Jeff ripped off several strips of tape and stuck the ends to the bed’s railing.

“Once I take off your gags, I don’t want to hear a sound from you,” Jeffery said as he began to unbuckle Stephanie’s gag.

Stephanie wanted to say something, but she held her tongue as Jeff removed her gag. She closed her mouth as he plastered several pieces of tape across her lips. Michelle was treated in much the same manner. Last, Jeff took two lengths of rope and tied each onto each of the girls’ zip-tie collars as leashes.

“Come,” he said, giving each girl a tug on the lead.

After struggling out of the bed, both girls hopped behind Jeff as he led them into the bathroom. Replacing the leather cuffs and collars with cable ties allowed him to take them in the shower together and keep them bound. Water would have ruined the leather.

Stephanie squirmed around in her ties, doing a bound version of the pee-pee dance. Jeff took pity on her and took her over to the bidet where she immediately relieved herself.

“Do you need to go also, slave?” Jeffery asked Michelle.

She thought for a bit before nodding her head yes. Jeffery noticed that both girls were avoiding looking directly at one another. That was fine with him. All he had to do was make sure they didn’t talk to one another. As far as Stephanie was concerned, she needed to believe that Michelle was his girlfriend. All Michelle needed to know about Stephanie was that Steph was his girlfriend. As long as they believed this of the other, Jeff could keep things on track. If they found out about the web Jeff had woven, everything he had achieved so far would go down the toilet.

For Michelle, this was the first time she had ever used a bidet and the stream of cold water cleaning her when she flushed caused her to scream in surprise. Both Stephanie and Jeffery laughed as the oriental girl scooted herself off the toilet in a panic. However, after realizing that Jeff had adjusted the water to cold, she gave him a withering look and stood up.

Jeffery stripped out of his boxers and turned on the shower, making sure that the water was warm enough. Leading both girls in, he tied their leashes off.

The position of Michelle’s wrists was hard on her shoulders as Jeffery began to soap up a washcloth and scrub her. She really enjoyed this kind of thing. It made her feel pampered as Jeff paid attention to cleaning her. True, there wasn’t anything she could really do about it. But the fact was someone was bathing her, so she wouldn’t have to do it herself. Michelle just closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

When Jeff was done with her, Michelle watched as he paid similar attention to his Stephanie, lovingly washing her from head to toe. Michelle would catch Stephanie glancing at her every now and again, but for the most part the blonde kept her head bowed and her eyes averted from her.

After the shower, Jeffery dried both of them off. The combination of his ministrations to wake her up and his washing and drying her put Michelle in an amorous mood and from the wink Jeffery gave her, so was he.

Michelle watched as Jeffery replaced their cable ties with their leather cuffs and collars. The ties bit into her wrists too much so Michelle was glad to have her wrists encircled by the familiar leather before being fastened behind her back. Her ankles were captured in leather before her collar was fastened around her neck and a rope lead was tied on. His girlfriend Stephanie was bound in the same manner. Jeff led the girls back to the parents’ bedroom.

With a slight tug, Michelle was guided over in front of Stephanie. Michelle watched as Jeffery spread open the blonde’s sex and eased Michelle’s rope lead between Stephanie’s legs and up between the cheeks of her ass, pulling it taut so Michelle had to stand against her. Jeffery tied the end of Michelle’s rope to Stephanie’s cuffed wrists. Michelle watched as he did the same to her with Stephanie’s leash, threading it through her sex and between her legs before tying it to her cuffs. When Michelle pulled a bit, the rope rubbed across her swollen clit causing a burst of pleasure.

Michelle closed her eyes. She enjoyed the feeling of Stephanie’s warm skin against hers; her breasts pressed against Stephanie’s as she continued to rock her hips against the rope. A moan escaped through the tape covering her mouth.

She opened her eyes just in time to see Jeffery placing a black leather blindfold over them. Being plunged into darkness only intensified her other senses. She could feel Stephanie’s warm skin rubbing against hers as she, too, began to writhe against the charms of the leather and rope.

The oriental girl felt her hair being brushed away from her ear and Jeff whispered, “You may cum if you want, slave.”

Michelle could feel the passion welling up inside her like a geyser, ready to erupt. What was keeping her from her orgasm was the need to stand and keep balanced. She couldn’t just let loose. There was the worry about falling lurking in the back of her mind, fending off her desire.

“I need to check on our other houseguest,” Jeffery said, “I will check up on you two in a little while.”

With that, Jeffery left them, standing toe-to-toe, pressed against each other. He quietly snuck out, listening to Stephanie’s bedroom door for any sign of a waking Kim. There was none, so Jeffery quietly went downstairs, gathered the video equipment, and came back up. He set it up, framing his two slaves as they squirmed together, and began to record them.

Now, he needed to get dressed and ready to escort Kim off the premises as soon as she got up.

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