Summer Training 8

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; cuffs; collar; rope; gag; shower; toys; tease; emb; blackmail; mast; climax; cons; X

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Continued from part 7 Chapter 8

Jeffery found Michelle in a state, twisting and turning on his bed and trying to say something through her gag. Her nude body glistened from her efforts as she struggled in her hogtie. Jeffery quickly went over to her.

“Are you alright?” Jeffery asked frantically.

Michelle shook her head and continued to try to talk to him through her gag. Quickly, Jeff unfastened the straps and pulled the red ball from her mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Kim,” Michelle said breathlessly.

“What about Kim?”

“She came in here and she threatened to take pictures of me like this!”

Michelle could see the shock written in the sharp features of Jeffery’s face. It blended with an anger that quickly enveloped him.

“She wanted me to convince you to let her stay the night here for several days,” she continued, “Who does she think she is?”

“Did she take the pictures?” he asked.


“You positive, slave?”

“Yes,” Michelle replied, “I saw her come into the room and she didn’t have her cell phone or camera . . .Master.”

A calm came over Jeffery and a grin worthy of the Grinch took over his face.

“Don’t worry about it, slave, I will take care of her. But, in the meantime, I need to take care of you. She didn’t hurt you, did she?”

The oriental girl slowly shook her head, “No, something else.”

“Something else?”

“Yes, she touched me.”

Jeffery frowned, “How?”

“Do I have to say it? She put her damn fingers into me and did me, Jeff. It was humiliating. I want to strangle her until her eyes pop out. I can’t believe she touched me . . .”

“I’ll take care of it,” Jeffery said firmly.

“You don’t understand! She enjoyed it! She teased me and then walked away, grinning like a devil. . .”

“Enough!” Jeff said.

Michelle quieted down, though her anger was far from evaporated.

Cradling her head in his hands, he looked directly into Michelle’s ebony eyes, “I told you I would take care of Kim and I will. Now, where were we, slave?”

“Promise?” the Asian girl narrowed her eyes.

“Yes,” he said, “Now, open wide.”

Reluctantly, she did as asked and Jeffery buckled the gag back tightly. Jeff then leaned over her and kissed her on the forehead. The ardor that had waned came rushing back as she felt him take the stem of the vibe and begin to thrust it into her. Slowly, he picked up the pace as he held her against him. She could feel a renewed erection behind his zipper as she writhed and bucked to his rhythm.

The pent-up passion seemed to balloon inside her as he quickened his pace, churning the phallus in and out of her as she panted and cried around the leather ball filling her mouth. A roiling burst of bliss swallowed her as she sank in total ecstasy while Jeff held her even tighter. Jeff finally eased the vibrator out of her and just cradled Michelle until the last little ripples of pleasure calmed.


Kim could hear Jeffery and Michelle through Stephanie’s wall, but she really couldn’t make out what they were saying. However, when her moans started, that’s when Kim crept downstairs to check on her clothes.

The dryer was still rumbling away and from what the dial said, it would be continuing to do so for another twenty minutes or so. Kim opened the front and pulled out a shirt. Nope, still damp. She turned the machine back on and sat down in the old armchair, picking up one of the old ELLE magazines that were sitting there.

Kim looked at the pictures, but really didn’t see them. She was thinking about Jeffery’s girlfriend and how furious she looked when Kim toyed with her. She would do what Kim wanted, however, of that, Kim was certain. Michelle was in no position to bargain. The feeling of power tingled through Kim like champagne. She loved that feeling of being in charge while another was helpless to do anything about it. She had both Jeffery and Michelle firmly under her boot.

Kim looked up when she heard the door to the basement creak open. Jeffery descended the stairs with a stern look on his face.

“So you want to spend the night?” he asked flatly.

“If you don’t mind too much,” Kim smiled.

“You can stay in Steph’s room. No messing with her stuff. I want you out of here in the morning. Understood?”

Kim nodded, trying not to laugh in Jeffery’s face. She was the one in charge here. If he wanted to make sure that she didn’t talk to Jeff’s parents, then he had better keep her happy.

“Make sure you turn the lights off,” Jeff said as he went back upstairs.

She sat back down and thumbed through the magazines until the dryer buzzed. Kim carefully took each item out of the dryer and folded it into her box, leaving her uniform shirt and slacks on top. She didn’t dare pack anything into her bag until she got it all cleaned out.

Carrying everything upstairs, she went into her friend Stephanie’s room and dropped her things beside the bed before flopping into bed.

Fuck, it felt good to just lay here. She hadn’t slept alone in a bed in several weeks. The back seat of her car didn’t count. It was then that she realized just how tired she was. She hadn’t been getting much sleep lately and it had caught up to her. Kim closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Michelle had curled herself around Jeff as best she could, admiring his lean frame. She loved the feel of his body breathing and the smell of his skin. Her wrists and ankles were still imprisoned in leather cuffs and her collar encircled her throat. If it wasn’t for the ball gag buckled firmly between her teeth, she would be giving him little kisses. Michelle just contented herself being with her ‘Master’.

They both heard Stephanie’s door shut. The hatred hadn’t evaporated entirely from Michelle but she was calmer. She knew Jeffery would do something about that Kim and that helped ease her.

Jeffery kissed Michelle on the forehead.

“I need to tend to Stephanie.”

Michelle gave Jeffery a confused frown.

“Yes, slave, she is here. I will be back.”

Jeffery extracted himself from the Asian girl and peeked out into the hallway. He didn’t hear a sound as he crept to Stephanie’s door. After listening, Jeff tried the knob only to find it locked. Kim was in for the night, he guessed. Grabbing a pair of scissors from his father’s den, he went downstairs to check on his stepsister, turning off all the unessential lights in the living room and kitchen.

Of course, Kim had left the basement lights on, ignoring what he had asked her to do. More and more, Kim’s enslavement looked less than a fantasy. She really needed to be taught a lesson in being human. Jeff took a deep breath and went down the stairs.

Mummified Steph was exactly where he left her, standing amongst the plastic tombstones. Jeff noticed that her head was tilted to the side as he approached her and the vibrator was silent. He hadn’t put in new batteries so he assumed they were dead.

There was a smell of urine in the air and he realized that his stepsister had peed herself. Her wrappings were damp from her efforts as well as having wet. He could hear the sound of her breathing. Stephanie seemed to be asleep.

Carefully, Jeffery began to unwrap her head. Starting on top, he cut and pulled away the bandages. Only after he had uncovered her nose did Stephanie’s eyes flutter open.

“Wakey, wakey, slave,” her stepbrother smiled as he continued to unwrap her, discarding the wrappings onto the gravestones. He cut and stripped her quickly until she could stand unsteadily by herself.

As her stepbrother peeled the rest of the gauze away, Stephanie felt shaky and a little disoriented. After her ankles were untied, she took a few tentative steps as Jeffery guided her off the stand.

“Stay, slave,” Jeff told her as the last of the ropes and cloth were taken off her.

The cool of the basement helped wake her as she watched Jeffery gather up all of her wrappings and put them in a garbage bag. Her lips were still taped shut and her wrists were still cuffed in white leather cuffs behind her back. The small egg vibrator had become still but its presence inside her still made her horny. Jeffery picked up one of the longer pieces of rope and knotted it to the front ’D’ ring of her collar as a makeshift leash.

“Are you hungry, slave?”

Stephanie nodded. She really hadn’t thought about it until now. There were too many things going on. She hadn’t had anything since her light lunch of salad earlier and her stomach suddenly began to think she had forgotten about it.

Jeffery gave her lead a gentle pull and she followed across the basement and up the cellar stairs. The only light in the kitchen was the glow of the light above the stove, casting everything into warm shadows. He sat her down at the kitchen table before seating himself beside her.

“Before I take your gag off, I need to let you know that Kim is spending the night in your room. . .”

Stephanie’s blue eyes widened at the news and she began to fidget in her bonds.

“It’s okay. I think that she is asleep. She blackmailed us into letting her stay. At least, that is what she thinks. I told her she was out of here in the morning.”

A puzzled look crossed the blonde’s face.

“She found Michelle tied up and threatened to tell our parents and everyone else about it. I really don’t think Dad and Mom would have a problem with her being here so her threat was moot. The only thing was, I didn’t want Michelle to be humiliated by Kim.”

Looking down, Stephanie nodded.

“Now, I am going to take the tape off. It might hurt a bit but I’ll be careful.”

Picking a corner the tape holding Stephanie’s lips shut, he gently pulled it off. It stung like a Band-Aid being pulled off, but she clenched her jaws and took it. In no time at all, Jeffery had pulled all of it off but the last strip.

“When I pull this off, slave, you must be quiet except for answering my questions. Do you understand, slave?”

Stephanie nodded her head.

Jeffery pulled the last bit of the gag off. Even though having her lips sealed like that was more comfortable than a ball gag, it was a bit painful to remove it. Still, it was good to be able to move her jaw again.

She sat there quietly and watched Jeff pull a few things out of the oven where he had stashed them to keep warm. He scooped them off the cookie sheets and onto a plate. He pulled a few things out of the refrigerator before setting everything down in front of her.

He fed her, in silence, all the finger foods that he had also prepared for Michelle. Stephanie was ravenous and ate everything with a little gusto as well as guzzling down her Coke Zero. Finally she had eaten enough, shaking her head when Jeffery offered her another bite.


“Yes, Master,” she replied.

“Let me clean up before I take you upstairs.”

“Master. . .”

“No talking, slave!” Jeffery said sternly, “Or I’ll show you off to Kim just the way you are.”

Stephanie fell silent. That was the one thing she didn’t want to have happen. She wanted to talk to Kim on her own terms about her new-found feelings. What she couldn’t believe is that Kim tried to blackmail her brother. Kim could be bossy and stubborn, that was for sure, and she was used to getting her way. But she couldn’t picture Kim trying blackmail. Maybe Jeff misunderstood her.

It didn’t take long for Jeff to get everything put away. He grabbed Steph’s rope lead and gently pulled her up. She followed him easily, not having to contend with bound ankles. Even though the house was dark, she still was very uneasy about going up the stairs like this. What if Kim came out of her room?

Her fears were for nothing. The hallway was quiet as he led her into their parent’s bedroom. He tied her lead to the wrought iron foot railing of the bed, leaving her there while he turned on the shower and got it ready for her.

Jeffery hadn’t shut the door to her parents’ room. She again fidgeted nervously, looking at the dark hallway beyond, her mind playing games with Kim’s possible reactions to seeing her. The thought, though, was a little arousing, like the feeling of possibly being caught stealing a cookie.

Noticing where she was looking, Jeffery smiled and shut the door. He was fully stripped and the bathroom light haloed him beautifully. She could see the muscles in his chest and arms, the lean sturdiness of his legs, and dark curls wreathed around his erection. He first unbuckled her collar, setting it on the bed, before he unlocked her cuffs.

She rubbed them a bit. The cuffs were for the most part comfortable, but they did chafe some. Her freedom didn’t last long. Jeffery produced a couple of long, thick zip ties. He guided her hands in back of her again, cinching her wrists together as well as her elbows. Once more, her arms were useless to her. Jeffery then fashioned a loose noose of rope and tied it around her neck. He then gave it a tug and she followed him into the shower.

The hot water billowed steam around them as Jeffery poured soap into the loufah and started to soap her up. Wetting herself made Stephanie feel disgusting but as her stepbrother scrubbed, she felt less and less like a piece of filth. His attentions traveled up her legs and between them, easing the small vibe out of her. As he washed her shaven mons, Stephanie mewled under her breath. His touches were stirring her again.

Stabs of pleasure ripped through Stephanie as the loufah scrubbed over her stiffened nipples, rubbing circles over them as the soap foam dribbled down over the flat of her stomach. She bit her lip, trying to stifle her moans.

Ignoring her, Jeffery moved to her back, washing her arms and shoulders before running the rough sponge over her nicely rounded rear. Gently spreading her cheeks, he scoured the cleft between them, reaching closer and closer to her sensitive puss.

“No cumming unless I say you can, slave.”

“Yes, Master,” Stephanie replied, rocking her hips back toward him.

He stopped soaping her and let the shower rinse her off. His attentions had kindled her passions and she eyed his erection as he stepped around the shower to turn the water off. She had never been so desirous of a man before. It eclipsed her thinking. She was tired from this day’s ordeal, but the churnings inside her had awakened her in more than one way.

Jeffery led her out of the shower and dried her thoroughly. He knew her hair should be brushed, but the night had snared him and he really needed to go to bed. He guided her to their parent’s bed where he sat her down and refastened the white collar around her slender throat.

He cuffed her ankles next and tied their rings together with a long length of rope. Jeff then cut the zip ties holding her wrists behind her. He moved her wrists in front of her and re-cuffed them, again tying the cuffs with a piece of rope.

The gag was an unwelcome sight. Stephanie was hoping that she would be able to get out of wearing one tonight, but her Master had other plans. It was a pear-shaped one that filled her mouth quite completely. He buckled it behind her head and made sure that it wouldn’t slip loose.

“Lay down, slave. Hands above your head.”

Stephanie complied. Their parents’ bed was huge canopy bed, florid with wrought iron curls and twists. Jeffery scooted her closer to one side before tying her wrist up to the headboard and her ankles to the railing at the foot of the bed. She wasn’t pulled taut, however; there was play in her ropes as she tugged at her bondage. He placed a pillow underneath her head and gave her a lingering kiss on her forehead.

“I will be right back.”

Jeffery disappeared out the bedroom door, leaving it open to the hallway. Another flush of fear tickled at Steph, teasing her with visions of being seen bound and helpless.

The blonde watched and listened. The house was quiet except for the hush of the air conditioner. She heard a door open and shut quietly and braced herself to be discovered. However, it was Jeffery, his nude body glowing pale in the lace-filtered moonlight, and he was leading another girl hopping behind him.


The Asian girl was shorter than Stephanie, with her cat-black hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had high cheekbones and a small mouth wrapped around a ballgag. A black leather collar graced her throat, its studs and rings glinting as she moved. She had nice sized breasts, not too large for her slender frame, and a flare to her hips. Her lithe legs tapered up to a narrow strip of dark fur on her mons. Her wrists were cuffed in front of her as he led her over to Stephanie’s side of the bed.

An angry flare of jealousy fanned through Stephanie.

“Stephanie, this is Michelle. Michelle, Stephanie.”

They looked at each other, trying to see what Jeff saw in the other. Michelle was beautiful. Even bound as she was, with him leading her by her cuffed wrists, she moved with a fluid, exotic grace that was intoxicating to watch.

Jeff then led her around to the other side of the bed where he tied her the same way as he had Stephanie.

As Stephanie continued to appraise Michelle, Jeffery grabbed a large and a small coil of rope. Climbing into the bed between the two girls, he folded the short rope in half and looped it around Stephanie’s left knee and Michelle’s right, cinching it so the girls’ knees touched each other.

Jeffery climbed out of bed and tied one end of the long rope to Stephanie’s other knee before feeding it underneath the bed to the other side. He pulled the rope taut, pulling Stephanie’s knees open and exposing her sex to him. Jeff then looped the rope around Michelle’s left knee and pulled her knees open as well before tying it off. Stephanie could feel Michelle pulling on her bindings while Stephanie struggled as well.

Grinning, Jeff nestled himself between them. He enjoyed the warmth of them both as they moved and squirmed, settling into their restraints. He adjusted himself accordingly.

Stephanie felt his finger trail down to her puss, tickling at her lips as he eased one finger inside her. Slowly, he stroked her and Steph could feel the cooling coals of her passion starting to ignite again. She moved her hips to his rhythms, his finger now slick with her juices.

The bound blonde moaned, and it was soon echoed by Michelle.

Stephanie leaned up as much as possible and saw that Jeff was fingering the Asian girl as well, stroking her as he stroked Stephanie.

A whirling mix of jealousy and desire swirled through Stephanie, competing against her rising orgasm. Jeff’s finger continued to touch her, slowly picking up the pace. Stephanie’s movements almost mirrored Michelle’s as they both thrust themselves toward Jeffery’s fingers. Each felt the other’s tugs and pulls.

Stephanie’s passion erupted into ecstasy. She thrashed and bucked in her bonds as pleasure consumed her. From the sounds of her moans, Michelle’s pleasure crescendoed at virtually the same moment as Jeff violently caressed them and then stopped, letting both girls cave to their spent energies.

Stephanie felt a gentle kiss on her cheek.

“Good night, sweet slaves. I need to go check on Kim before climbing back in bed with you. I will be right back. Sleep tight.”


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