Summer Training 7

by T S Fesseln

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Continued from part 6 Chapter 7

Kim was flustered and fuming when she closed the door to Stephanie’s room. However, she was more pissed off with herself than with anyone else. All her life she struggled to make sure everyone knew that she wasn’t one to be messed with. From her tattoos and pierced navel to the way she talked to people, she hated looking vulnerable. She hated Jeffery more than ever now because of that. Not that he had done anything to her but now he knew something he could use against her whenever he wanted. Now, thanks to her fuck-up, Jeffery had been given a glimpse at a jagged crack in her shell.

She drew the vampire cape tighter around her as she opened up Stephanie’s closet and started to see if anything hanging in there would fit her. Panties were one thing, pants and t-shirts were another. Steph was taller than she was and less buxom and definitely less edgy. After some searching, she found an oversize t-shirt meant as a night gown. Kim hated the cute little sock monkey on the front, but it was definitely better than the cloak.

Kim was not a wisp of a girl by any means. Her curves were larger than Stephs’ and more robust. They gave her the kind of upfront wantonness she liked to use to get her way. She slipped out of the cape and into the nightshirt. It was tight on her but in all the right places.

Stephanie’s friend really didn’t want to hang out in the basement again, particularly since there wasn’t anything real to do but thumb through some outdated magazines. Kim circled her friend’s room, seeing if there was anything there to kill time with. There really wasn’t anything. A few romance paperbacks and a stack of CD’s but nothing to play them on. Steph’s television was fastened to the wall but Kim really didn’t want to watch anything. What she really wanted was to find out what was going on in the Richardson’s lives.

Looking through Stephanie’s nightstand, Kim laughed out loud when she found her friend had not just one, but two vibrators. The first was a large gel type with a small egg-type vibrator shaped like a bunny perched on top. The other was sleek chrome one that looked like it belonged in some sort of sci-fi movie. Why settle for a fake when real men were so easy to get.

Kim picked up the silver one and turned it on.

It vibrated much more violently than she had anticipated and its hum was louder than most. She quickly turned it off and put it back in the drawer. Digging through the drawer a little deeper, she found a pair of black leather bracelets. Kim didn’t picture Stephanie as a goth type. She was too much a girly girl. Kim put them back into the drawer and closed it.

Kim peeked out the door and saw no one in the hallway. It sounded like Jeffery was down stairs doing something in the kitchen. A quick glance from the top of the stairs showed him filling up the dishwasher. She didn’t see his girlfriend, though.

The Oriental girl was quiet and had seemed nervous. Kim sensed that there was something else going on, but she didn’t know what. She hated not knowing. As she crept back past Jeffery’s door, she strained to hear if Michelle was in there.

She didn’t hear anything.

Quietly, Kim opened Jeffery’s bedroom door.


Michelle strained against her hogtie as another shiver of pleasure rippled through her. Jeffery had left her on his bed to go do some other things. At first the petite Asian girl struggled to see if she could get out of her bind, but she couldn’t reach the knots that held her ankle cuffs to her wrist cuffs. Finally, she just stopped trying, enjoying the deliciousness of being unable to get away. Thankfully, Jeff hadn’t removed her vibrator and that warm feeling of being helpless, a smoldering fire soon ignited within her.

She ground her hips into the mattress, trying to get more penetration from her vibe, but it didn’t help much. The small licks of rapture she was getting from the humming phallus hadn’t pushed her over the edge yet.

Michelle wished that Jeffery would come back and help finish her off.

Just then, Michelle heard the bedroom door open and she turned her head, smiling, hoping that it was Jeffery. That smile dropped when she saw that it was Stephanie’s friend who had come to do her laundry.

The bound girl moaned into her gag as she bucked, turning her head away with embarrassment.

Kim froze, not expecting to see Michelle tied-up on Jeffrey’s bed. Kim was both shocked and pleased by discovering Jeff’s little oriental secret. The girl was naked except for her collar, cuffs and rope. A black gag of some sort filled her mouth. Kim started to close the door but paused. Jeffery seemed a long way from getting done down there. Maybe she could have a little fun.

“Hi, uh. . .Michelle, right? Jeffery is a little busy right now. You don’t mind if I pull out my cell and take a little picture of you, huh?”

Michelle shook her head, moaning into the black ball gag that was buckled tightly in her mouth.

“I bet Jeffery would like it, too. Posting it on my Facebook page for all to see, telling the world how kinky both you and Jeffy are. I bet he would fucking love that, wouldn’t he?”

Michelle shook her head again, still wailing into her gag.

Kim could smell the scent of Michelle’s arousal in the air. Sitting down on the bed, she could also hear the faint whisper of a vibrator humming away. Michelle thrashed about as Kim patted her firm rear.

“Let’s get a better look at you,” Kim said.

Despite the bound girl’s struggles, Kim managed to roll Michelle onto her back and pin her there. Kim noticed that Michelle had a narrow strip of dark curls between her legs and her pussy was silken with moisture as the vibrator buzzed away.

Michelle continued to squirm around as she watched in horror as Stephanie’s friend reached between her clamped legs and began to caress her slit.

“Now, I won’t take a picture if you do a favor for me,” Kim purred. Of course, Kim couldn’t take a picture if she wanted to. Her cell resided in her bag downstairs. But, Michelle didn’t know that.

Michelle stared at Kim, not believing what she was hearing. This was the second time she was being blackmailed while in bondage. Jeffery had threatened to post photos of her not that long ago while she was bound in her apartment and now this bitch was promising to do the same thing. The difference, however, was that she trusted Jeffery and knew that he really wouldn’t do as he said he would; it was a game. This was different and she would make sure that Jeffery knew about this, regardless of the consequences.

“I need you to convince your boyfriend to let me crash here for a couple of nights and I won’t tell a fucking soul what you and Jeffery are in to.”

Kim tickled the bound girl’s puss. God, she loved this sort of thing. It was a fucking power rush. She was someone not to be fucked with.

“Do we have a deal?” Kim demanded.

Michelle nodded, but she knew what she was going to do once she talked to Jeff.

Kim pressed her fingers more firmly into Michelle’s slick slit and began to stroke her, tickling her swollen pearl just to listen to the bound girl moan. She could tell by the way she was thrusting her hips and writhing, Michelle was about to cum.

Kim stopped and took her hand away. The bound girl whimpered.


“You’re just having too much fuckin’ fun. I’ll let Jeff finish you up. Just do what you need to do to get Jeffery to agree,” Kim said, slapping the Asian girl on her ass before getting up and leaving the room, shutting the door quietly behind her.


Jeffery was finishing up the dishes when he heard Kim coming down the stairs. Turning around, he saw the Hispanic girl dressed snugly in one of Steph’s nightshirts. Kim’s curly brown hair was down and she was grinning like the devil.

“I see you found something,” Jeffery said.

“Fuck yah, I did,” Kim replied, “A little tight but better than this.”

Kim held out the Halloween costume cloak like it was a piece of trash.

“I’m going downstairs to check on my stuff and put this back. Don’t need to be a vampire any more tonight.”

“Make sure that you put everything back. Mom’s particular about her holiday stuff,” Jeff said.

Kim nodded as she headed to the basement. The washing machine had stopped, so she dropped the cloak onto the chair and transferred her damp clothes from the washer to the dryer. After getting it started, Kim gathered up the cape and put it in the bin she got it from.

She really couldn’t believe how much of this shit the Robertsons had. At Christmas, her family was lucky to get a tree up and post a few window clings. On Halloween, their porch light was always off while she and her brothers scoured all the other neighbors for candy. Sure, she had holidays, but they were dressed up in a plain paper sack.

As she started restacking the plastic bins, she smelled something rank. It smelled like pee. She looked around, not really pinpointing it. Oh well, not her fuckin’ problem. Sooner she was out of there the better. She put the last bin up, looked around and left.

Stephanie let her breath out as she watched her friend retreat upstairs. She felt as worn out as a ten year old pair of sneakers. However, it was a good worn out, her strength was sapped from the several orgasms that had devoured her. Thankfully, her step-brother had turned the vibrator off as Kim had started down the stairs or she would have had another one while her friend put back the decorations. Now, she was just cold, soaked and hungry, waiting for Jeffery to untangle her from the web he wove around her.

As soon as the door shut, the phallus buried inside her began humming again and a new burst of pleasure rippled through her. The fear of being discovered had fueled her fires, but now with Kim gone, all that was left were her imaginary scenarios and her very real bondage.

Secretly, deep down inside, the blonde wanted her best friend to find her. She needed someone else to confide in; to tell about all of her passions and secrets. Jeffery understood, Stephanie was pretty sure about that, but he wasn’t a woman and there were things that only a woman would understand.

She hoped Kim would understand.

In her mind, she had already decided to talk to Kim about this new found world of hers. Jeffery would understand. She was sure that her step-brother had already said something about the intruders to his girlfriend Michelle.

Despite her fatigue, the mummified Stephanie started to feel the heated flames of desire starting to lick at her soul again. The vibrator hadn’t stopped and her thoughts of her being discovered had sent hot jets of bliss burned through her again. She bucked as wave after wave of her cumming swallowed Stephanie. She no longer stifled her moans as another rapturous orgasm ravaged her quivering body until it drained her completely.

Then, slowly, her fatigue finally caught up with her and Stephanie drifted off to sleep.




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