Summer Training 6

by T S Fesseln

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Continued from part 5 Chapter 6

Michelle was mortified when the doorbell rang. Her hands were cuffed behind her back and her ankles were cuffed as well. Not only was the Asian girl restrained, but she also was watching a video of herself pleasuring Jeffery’s girlfriend Stephanie all while a vibrator was humming inside of her. It was the apartment walk all over again where she was led to her apartment while bound. As she watched herself restrained on the television, she could envision what Stephanie went through. Quickly, she looked for the remote.

Just then Michelle heard Jeffery coming up the stairs from the basement.

“It’s just Stephanie’s friend Kim. I told her she could come do her laundry. If you’re looking for the remote, it’s on the coffee table.”

Michelle spotted it. It was on the far side of the table. She was going to have to get up and hop over to get it.

“Wait!” she said as Jeffery got to the front door and started to unlock it.

“Wait what?” Jeffery said, pausing.

“Wait Master, please,” Michelle pleaded as she hopped around the table to the remote.

“It isn’t nice to keep a guest waiting,” Jeffery smiled and unlocked the door.

Panicking, Michelle turned around and fumbled at the remote, grabbing it. Even with her cuffed wrists, she could twist herself so she could look down to read which button was the off button when Jeffery opened the door. She could hear Stephanie moan in pleasure on the screen just before she pushed the off button. Even as the screen turned blank, Michelle was moving as quickly as she could to get to the couch.

Jeffery smiled as he opened the door for Kim. The curvy Latino was holding a Heineken box full of clothes. She still had on her orange work shirt and tan slacks from her job at the hardware store along with her name badge brightly saying ‘Hello, My Name Is Kimberly’.

“Thanks for letting me do this,” Kim said as she walked past Jeffery and into the house. Immediately, Kim noticed a cute little Oriental girl moving around on the couch. She was dressed in a tight strapless black dress and she turned around to see Kim. The girl had a goth thing going on with a leather collar fastened around her neck.

“Kim, this is Michelle. Michelle, Kim.”

“Hi,” Michelle said nervously, not getting up from the couch.

“Hey,” Kim replied, looking the Asian girl over. Kim sensed something was up as Michelle turned her head away. Maybe she was just shy.

“Need any help taking stuff downstairs?” Jeffery asked.

“No, I got it. But I have a bag in the front seat that has a change of clothes if you could get that for me.”

“Sure,” Jeff said.

“Am I interrupting something?” Kim asked, smiling.

“No, we’re just hanging out watching movies.” Jeff said, “We’re about to start one, an old Humphrey Bogart one: The Petrified Forest if you want to watch it with us.”

‘Who the fuck is Humphrey who?’, Kim thought to herself. It was probably one of those lame-ass black and white films. She would rather swallow shards of glass.

“No thanks. I’ll leave you two kids alone.”

Jeff watched her head towards the kitchen and to the basement stairway before heading out to Kim’s rusty old Aries K.

As Kim headed down the stairs, she was both disappointed and contented to see that Jeffery had a girl here. She had been curious what Jeffery’s new girlfriend looked like and now she knew. A petite little Asian chick into the goth look. She was cute and Kim could see what Jeffery saw in her. However, that same little Asian chick put a crimp in her plans in spending the night. Kim was sure that Jeffery had plans for Michelle to spend the night and as they say, three’s a crowd. However, she really didn’t want to spend another night in her car so perhaps she could still blackmail Jeff into letting her spend a night or two. She was sure that Jeffery’s parents wouldn’t like him having sleepovers while they were away.

Stephanie’s parents never really got around to finishing the basement. There was drywall all around but the floor was still cold cement with the ceiling being bare joists with fluorescent light fixtures hanging down. The washer and dryer were in one corner as well as an old worn armchair and a rack of old magazines. Kim imagined that Mrs. Richardson didn’t spend much time down here, though. Who would want to spend anytime down here with all those stored Christmas and Halloween decorations, especially with that creepy mummy looking straight at you. Kim set her box down and began to unload it into the washer.

Stephanie stifled her groans when she heard someone coming down the stairs. The vibe was still humming away with what she thought was a deafening buzz. She was sure that her friend Kim would hear it and come investigate. But her moans of pleasure weren’t the only things that the mummified girl worried about. She also badly needed to go pee. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep holding it, especially with a vibrator inside her doing its thing.

Her blood froze when Kim looked directly at her, but her gaze only lasted a second. Stephanie could feel another wave of pleasure cresting within her and trying not to move or make a sound made it that much more intense. She felt as if her whole being was about to combust. But, she could feel the stand that she was bound to begin to wobble as she rocked her hips. Not wanting to be caught, Stephanie willed herself not to move or moan.


Kim had parked her wreck in the driveway, blocking the side of the garage where Jeff had his Jeep parked. The car’s doors were unlocked and he found her bag plopped down in the front seat. Glancing around, he noticed that her car was filled with empty fast food cups and wadded up wrappers. There were two rumpled bed pillows in the back seat as well as a pair of blankets. Something clicked inside Jeff’s head.

Kim was living out of her car.

Quickly his mind raced through a few fantasies about stealing Kim away and using her like he had Stephanie. But he just as quickly shook off such thoughts. There was no way of dealing with her in the long term, not like Stephanie. No, better not think such thoughts unless he wanted to wear orange jumpsuits the rest of his life.

Grabbing her bag, he rushed back into the house. Michelle was still on the couch, her delicate face pinched with apprehension.

“Be back in a second, slave, and turn the TV back on,” he said was he headed down to the basement, “or I’ll have Kim come party with us.”

Michelle still clasped the remote in her cuffed hands. She twisted herself around, trying to read the buttons on the controller. The thought of being caught only fanned the fires inside her as she pushed the ‘on’ button and the nude video of herself filled the screen. She watched as Jeffery wrestled her onto the same couch she was now sitting on.

Jeff rushed down the stairs to find Kim already loading the washing machine.

“This it?” Jeffery asked, holding out her pink nylon bag.

“That’s it,” she smiled and turned around, taking it from him, “She’s cute.”

“Yes she is.”

“Been together long?” Kim asked.

“A while.”

Kim nodded. Jeffrey’s mind was on other things. She could tell.

“Look, I didn’t know you had company so I don’t want to be a pain, you know. Don’t worry. I’ll just stick around down here and get my laundry done. Pretend I’m not here.”

“You don’t have to do that; stay down here, I mean. You can hang out in Steph’s room if you want. She has her TV up there and stuff. It’d be more comfortable, I think,” Jeff said.

“Are you sure?” Kim asked, stepping a bit closer to him.

“It’s good,” Jeffery said, “Just close the door so we don’t bug you.”

Kim grinned, “Deal. I’ll just be down here for a bit before heading up. Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Before heading upstairs, he gave a quick glance over at his stepsister when Kim wasn‘t looking. He couldn’t hear her but he did notice that her head moved a bit. He put his finger to his lips before heading upstairs to Michelle.

Michelle. Stephanie felt a swell of jealousy flood through her when she heard that the Asian girl was there. Jeffery said that they would meet and not to worry but Stephanie was worried, hurt, and angry over Michelle being there. He should have told her that Michelle would be here tonight.

A little shudder of passion rippled through Stephanie despite hearing the unwelcome news. The bound blonde could feel another orgasm building inside of her and she let out a whimpering mewl. Fortunately, her friend Kim had started the water filling the washer as she poured a cap full of detergent in. Stephanie was sure that Kim hadn’t heard her moans.

Stephanie then watched her friend strip out of her shirt and bra, throwing them into the washer while glancing up the stairs. Kim then sat down on the armchair, pulled off her shoes before wadding up her socks to throw in the machine as well. Lastly, Kim shimmied out of her slacks and panties, putting them in the wash before closing the lid with a bang.

Stephanie hadn’t seen her friend naked before. Of course, she had seen her while at the beach, sporting a rather skimpy bikini but that wasn’t the same.

Kim was very curvy, having a very large set of breasts crowned with a pair of large, dark nipples. Her hips flared nicely from a flattish stomach and she had a thick but narrow nest of dark curls between her legs. Her legs were more sturdy than long but they were well toned. She had never really looked at her friend like this before but that was before the intruders made her more sensitive. Stephanie wasn’t a lez but now she could see what men saw in Kim.

“Shit!” Kim exclaimed after opening her bag.

Kim held up a blouse and Stephanie could tell something dark had spilled on it.

“Fuckin’ A,” she lifted a half-empty bottle of Coke from inside her bag.

She dumped out everything out of the bag and Stephanie saw that all of Kim’s clothes were soaked. Quickly Kim scooped up the pile and threw it in the wash as well, all the while cursing under her breath.

No sooner had she pitched the stuff into the wash that Kim realized that she had nothing to wear. She was stuck down here in the basement without a stitch of clothing on and really no way to sneak upstairs to duck into Stephanie’s room to steal an outfit.

“Just fuckin’ great,” she said to herself aloud.

Then she thought she heard something.

Kim glanced up the stairs. No, the door was still shut. She looked around the basement to see if she could pinpoint the source, standing perfectly still.

Stephanie fought to stand still as well. Another throb of pleasure spread through her and she could feel a surge of white-hot ecstasy threatening to dissolve her into a quivering mess. She fought it down just as she was fighting down the urge to pee. However, she was losing both battles. She could see Kim looking in her direction and prayed that she could keep still just a little longer.

Kim finally stopped looking and sat down, pulling an old towel Jeffery had drying and putting it on the chair before seating herself. She then grabbed one of the old magazines and started to thumb through it.

The basement was chilly, even in the summer and Kim began hugging herself for warmth. This wasn’t going to do. She had to find something to wear until her clothes were dry. She then spotted all the bins of decorations that were stacked along the one wall. Perhaps there was an old Halloween costume in one of them. Kim put on her shoes and headed over to the black and orange containers.

Stephanie didn’t move a muscle though her whole being wanted to. Kim was now right beside her, opening one of the several bins that held her parents’ Halloween stuff. The first one was filled with various pumpkins that seemed to be mocking her and Kim. The next one had packets of fake spider webs, grinning gargoyles and rubber vampire bats. The third offered up something somewhat suitable; a large black vampire’s cloak. Kim wrapped it around herself and headed back to the chair.

A molten bubble was about to explode inside Stephanie as another wave of bliss burned through her. The pleasure swelled until it consumed her and she melted away as the ecstasy engulfed her. The whorl of joy was so deep that she felt the pressure in her bladder let go and a warm stream of urine also ran down her legs. Stephanie didn’t care. Her release was complete and draining. She glanced up just to see her friend seating herself by the washer, now going through a noisy spin cycle.

As she came up from her orgasm, Stephanie was aware that her stand was teetering again. She looked at her friend and Kim hadn’t looked up from her magazine.

Just then, another pang of pleasure washed through her.


“Now, where were we, slave?” Jeffery asked as he sat down beside Michelle.

“Dinner, Master,” she said.

Another scene from the weekend had started, this one from when both she and Stephanie were tied to the dining room table to eat. It was oddly erotic seeing herself being used; hearing her own moans and seeing her own body thrash with delight. He put his arm around her and drew her closer to him. He noticed her glance at the kitchen.

“She is down in the basement where she can’t see us, slave. Relax and enjoy this. I have to admit, however, I have seen this before and I know how it ends. Hungry?”

“Yes, Master,” she said.

He leaned over and picked up a mozzarella stick, dipping into the sauce before holding it in front of her. She took a slow bite, very much aware of how it looked, forming her lips around the cheese before biting down. He pulled it away and she licked her lips.

Jeffery could feel himself get hard again and he really wanted to pin her to the sofa again and fuck her, but he kept himself in check. There would be plenty of time after dinner to do what he wanted with her. Instead he continued to feed her slowly. He enjoyed watching her as he teased her with the food, holding it just out of reach until she begged for another bite.

“Oops, you dropped a crumb,” he said.

“Where, Master?” she asked.

“Down there,” he said, looking at her cleavage.

Without another word, Jeffery unzipped the back of her strapless black dress and pulled it down, exposing Michelle’s breasts to his gaze. Her nipples were already stiff and Jeffery leaned over to nibble on one of them, licking its tip as his teeth held it. A bolt of bliss shot through Michelle at his attentions and she found herself moaning aloud.

The vibrator inside her had been humming slowly, nothing that would get her off but enough to keep the oven warm. Jeffery switched his attention between her two breasts, making sure each received his tender bites. The pyre that was in her had started to flare and she found herself rocking her hips.

Michelle could tell that Jeffery’s primal lusts matched hers. Finessing herself within her restraints, she slipped herself off of the couch and knelt between his opened legs.

“Master,” she whispered in her most seductive way.

Jeffery quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Balancing herself carefully, the Oriental girl leaned forward and gently kissed around his shaft before taking him into her mouth. Her tongue lapped around his salty manhood before her lips sealed themselves around it. Slowly she began to take it deeper before quickening the pace. Michelle could hear his grunting moans as she sucked on him.

His hands grasped the sides of her head and helped her keep pace, his hips thrusting rhythmically. She could feel the softness of the head hitting the back of her throat, and she tried not to gag on it, helpless as she was to draw back. Soon, her tongue felt his shaft swell and he sprayed himself inside her with a loud groan. He held her head firm until he felt himself shrink. She quickly licked his cock clean before leaning back.

It was his turn to nervously look at the basement door. Kim should have been up by now. He couldn’t imagine Kim staying down in that basement any longer than she need to.

Unless she had found Stephanie.

The thought ripped a hole in him. No, there was no way she could have found out that Stephanie and the Halloween mummy were one and the same. Still, he needed to know but he really couldn’t leave Michelle like this either.

“Full?” he asked, smiling down at her.

“Not even, Master, I am hungry for more.”

“I think we should finish this upstairs. We still have Kim downstairs doing laundry.”

After tucking himself in and zipping up his pants, Jeffery uncoiled a leash from his pocket and hooked it onto her collar. With a gentle pull, Michelle got to her feet and hopped alongside Jeffery towards the stairway going up to the bedrooms. At the foot of the stairs, Jeffery scooped her up and over his shoulder, carrying her up the stairs and into his bedroom. He rolled her onto his bed.

“Let’s get this off you.”

Jeffery grabbed her dress which hung around her waist and pulled it off of her the rest of the way. He could smell her incense as she helped wriggle herself out of the dress.

“On your stomach, slave.”

Michelle did as she was told, rolling herself over. She glanced back to see Jeffery leaving. She was about to call out when he returned a few moments later, a black leather ballgag and a short coil of rope in hand.

She didn’t need to be told to open her mouth as Jeffery pushed the ball in and tightened the straps behind her neck. Michelle liked the tang of the leather as well as the smell. She soon felt him pull her ankles towards her wrists and knot them there in a quick hogtie.

“Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

With that, Jeffery shut the door and headed towards the basement.

Jeffery quietly listened at the basement door. The only sounds he heard was the faint hush of the washer draining. He opened the door slowly and peered down. He couldn’t see much further than the end of the stairs, so he crouched down further until he could see where he had put Stephanie. She was there, still wrapped as a mummy and facing out toward the clothes machines. He could also see that some of his mother’s plastic Halloween bins had been pulled out and the lid was open to one of them.

Kim had been going through their stuff.

A hot flush of anger raced through him. What the hell was she doing?! Jeffery always felt that Kim was a snoop but he didn’t think that she would go as far as actually digging through his parent’s stuff. He silently shut the door and tried to calm himself. Rashly going down there wouldn’t do anyone any good. His best plan of action was to clean up dinner, saving some of it for Stephanie, thinking that she would be starving by the time he unwrapped her. Cleaning would give him time to think and Michelle wasn’t going anywhere.

Taking care of dinner didn’t take long so he took a quick trip to Stephanie’s bedroom, making sure there wasn’t anything incriminating. He gathered up what few pieces of bondage gear he could find as well as her journal. He didn’t want Kim looking in that either, even though it was locked with a tiny hasp. Jeffery had found where she kept her journal some months ago but never looked inside. It was one of those books with a cheap little lock that Jeffery figured would be easy to pick if he wanted to. He was sure that if Kim found it, she wouldn’t hesitate to open it herself.

After gathering the stuff up, he put it in the armoire in his parent’s room. They would be safe there. Now to go down and see what Kim was up to. He made no effort to be silent as he opened the basement door to go down.

“Don’t come down!” Kim yelled as Jeffery made it down just a few stairs.

“What’s going on?” Jeffery asked as he continued down. He heard some scrambling by the washers.

“Please, Jeff, I had an accident.”

Jeffery continued tromping down the stairs, “Are you hurt?”

“No. Stop. Don’t come down!” Kim nearly yelled.

“What were you doing in the decorations?” Jeffery could see the clothes machines now, but Kim was nowhere to be seen. He guessed she was huddled by the staircase where he couldn’t see her.

Jeffery rounded the bottom step and saw Kim standing in the corner, holding a black cape around herself. Her legs were bare, her feet clad only in her pink athletic shoes. She was flushed red with embarrassment and anger.

“I told you not to come down,” Kim barked.

“Why are you wearing that? That’s Dad’s vampire cape. . .”

“I told you I had an accident. I messed up my clean clothes so I had to put them in the wash with the rest.”

Jeffery smiled, “Are you naked under there?”

“What do you think?” Kim challenged defensively.

“Really? You threw all of your clothes in the wash?”

“Okay, yes, I did. Satisfied? I fucked up and this was the only thing I could find to fuckin’ wear! Now would you please get the fuck out of here and leave me alone.”

Jeff nodded, “Why don’t you go upstairs and see what you can find in Stephanie’s closet? I’m sure you can find a robe or something; something a little less goth.”

“Fuck you.”

“Seriously, Kim, take a look upstairs.”

“Where’s your girlfriend?” Kim asked.

“In my room. She won’t see you. Promise. Though I do have my cell so I can get a picture. . .”

Kim gave him a look that Scrooge would have been proud of before stomping up the stairs. As soon as she cleared the doorway, he went to check on his stepsister still propped up silently by the decorations.

As Jeffery got closer, he could hear Stephanie moaning. The damp spot on her crotch was even damper, with a wet trail leading down her legs. He guessed that she needed to go. She was struggling as much as she could, causing the stand to rock back and forth.

“I hope you are enjoying yourself, slave. You are going to be here a bit longer, at least until Kim leaves.”

He put his hands on her breasts. He could feel the stiff nipples beneath the gauze and he began to pinch them lightly, squeezing them harder in varying degrees. Stephanie moaned again, wriggling around in her strict wrappings. He looked at her covered eyes and smiled at her moaning responses.

Jeffery had told her a tiny lie about the vibrator that was buried deep inside her. There were actually several settings, and he kicked up the power just a notch.

The vibrator hummed even more strongly and yet another crushing wave of pleasure tore through her. Stephanie really didn’t know how much more she could take. The passion enveloped her again, drowning her in a heated torrent. There was nothing she could do but to take all the pains and pleasures Jeffery dished out at her. Until he peeled the cloth off her, she was his prisoner to toy with.

“Yes, Michelle is here and she does want to meet you,” Jeffery whispered, “She is tied up in my room.”

Stephanie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Michelle was into bondage? Jealousy poured through her like molten lava then left a cool stream of sadness.

“It isn’t what you think, Steph. It’s just a casual thing. I was hoping to introduce you differently, but Kim, well, spoiled the surprise. However, I am sure that you will get to know each other better soon enough.”

‘What did THAT mean?’ Stephanie thought to herself. Visions of her and the woman stranger flooded her mind; fantasies that were repellent and taboo, yet filled the young blonde with stirrings she didn’t want to admit. She remembered what it felt like to have the woman’s tongue caress her, knowing just how to touch her soaking folds. Stephanie felt another small ripple of ecstasy warm her pleasure-wracked body.

“I’ll leave you with Kim. I’ll be back after she’s done.”

Jeff gave her a peck on her forehead before turning the vibe up yet again. His sister deserved it, didn’t she? He stood back and grinned as her body quivered before going up the stairs, leaving her to herself.




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