Summer Training 5

by T S Fesseln

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Continued from part 4 Chapter 5

Jeff sat back at his old desk in his bedroom. Nothing had really changed since he had left for college. There were still piles of books and papers with a cleared spot for his laptop. Most of the books were paperback horror novels by King and Straub with a few hardback non-fiction books as well. A collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories was on top, covered with a thin film of dust. He was seeing all this without really seeing. His mind was elsewhere.

Tonight was going to be complicated and a bit dangerous, but the thrill was going to be worth it. Stephanie’s friend Kim was going to come over to do laundry, but Jeff was sure there was more to it than that. Kim had a conniving air about her this morning but Jeff really couldn’t pinpoint the reasons for it. Perhaps it was just him being paranoid. But, in his case, Jeff reasoned, paranoia was good.

He had left his stepsister in the newly discovered ’dungeon’. Jeff was convinced that it was more than just a playroom for his father and stepmother Janice. There was too much security for that. He could also be wrong though. Maybe they played harder than he had first thought or they played with other people. He knew that there were clubs out there that practiced mock kidnappings for pleasure and his parents could be part of one. It would most certainly explain the amount of toys they had.

He heard the bathroom door shut and the water turned on for the bath. Letting Stephanie have her freedom for awhile was a good thing. He didn’t want to have to worry about her for time. Right now, he wanted to focus on Michelle and getting her over here this evening.

Jeff opened up his Dell laptop and booted up. Checking his e-mail, he saw there was a reply from Michelle. Upon opening it, all he saw was one little word: ’When’. Quickly, Jeff typed in his reply, making sure that she was to show up exactly at 5:30 or the night was off. She could wear anything she wanted but he required her to wear the collar he gave her. Jeff had plenty of other restraints he could use on her here at the house. He felt himself getting aroused just thinking of tonight.


Stephanie let herself enjoy the hot water and rose-smelling suds of the bath. She smiled at the thoughts of what might await her tonight. For the first time in a long time, the blonde felt safe.

Jeffery made sure of that.

Even though her stepbrother cum Master had given her the afternoon to do what she pleased, Stephanie really didn’t know what to do with herself. It was if she were a new house just waiting to be furnished. She needed direction right now and someone to give it to her in no uncertain terms.

She thought briefly about texting her mother a couple of times, but her cell seemed to have gone missing. The strangers must have taken it. She still could call on the house phones but every time she started to dial, she hung up. What would she say? She was sure that Jeffery would call and tell them they were okay.

Then there was that secret room.

The room was something off the charts. What were her mother and stepfather doing? Stephanie thought that her mother and her were close and she knew she shared a few things about her bedroom life with her mom, but this was something she hadn’t clue one about. Yeah, it was obvious that they were doing some heavy-duty bondage thing in there but with whom?

Maybe the strangers were people that her parents knew.

Stephanie felt a chill crawl through her.

No, she told herself. If they knew her parents, then they would know about the room and most certainly would have kept Stephanie and Jeffery there.

The young blonde’s thoughts trailed back to the room, to the cross that she had been bound to and to the feelings it produced. The flogging she had endured only sensitized her to his touches. When his fingers caressed her puss…

Her fingers drifted down between her legs and started to massage her slit. Her mind focused on being tied again and being forced to cum. Perhaps she would be tied on that bench in the room. She could imagine being restrained there in numerous different ways. She moaned and the familiar, wanton passions filled her. She began to stroke herself more roughly, sloshing some of the foamy water out of the tub.

Stephanie stopped. It wasn’t any good. Imagining being bound and actually being bound were as different as the sun and the moon. She needed to be harnessed and helpless. The young blonde got up and stepped out of the bath, drying herself with her huge bath towel.

She needed to see Jeffery.


Michelle couldn’t wait to see Jeffery. Her whole body seemed to be electrified with thoughts of ropes and cuffs. She had already laid out on the bed a little strapless black dress that hugged her curves just right and showed just the right amount of cleavage. She was still naked, not having dressed since she got out of her self-imposed bondage. The coals of her orgasms still burned hotly and she was tempted to get herself off again. However, that didn’t feel right. She wanted Jeffery and his girlfriend, Stephanie, to do the honors. She just wanted to simmer until then.

It had been a delectable hour or so while she waited for Jeffery to reply. Her position on the office chair left her thighs spread wide open and her sex fully exposed as the vibrator did its wonderful job again and again. After one particularly powerful orgasm, she opened her eyes and noticed that she had an email in her inbox. Carefully she had reeled in her the key on the end of the string and unlocked her cuffs and checked her mail. It was Jeffery telling her when to meet him.

She took a quick shower and shimmied into her dress. A pair of black 4-inch heels complimented the outfit. Michelle didn’t care for much make-up. She already had a beautiful face with delicate cheekbones and cat-like eyes. A little liner and rouge went a long way. Too much made her look like a twenty-dollar hooker. She brushed out her long, raven-colored hair before putting on her collar.

The feel and smell of the black leather embracing her throat was intoxicating. It reminded her of so many things wanton, taboo and delicious. It also meant that she gave up control of her own pleasure and put it in the hands of Jeffery. That’s how she wanted it. Let someone else do the driving.

She glanced at the clock. She had several hours to go before she got into her car for the drive over. Nervously, she sat down with her laptop to try to keep her mind of off her impending date.


Jeffery stood in front of the washer and dryer, surveying the basement for the best place to put Stephanie for this evening’s festivities. Other than some drywall lining the walls, the basement was unfinished. The clothes washer and dryer were along the back wall beside the stairs. There was some of Jeffery’s old bench and weights collecting dust along with an array of colorful tubs holding holiday decorations: red and green ones for Christmas, orange and black ones for Halloween, pastel pink for Easter, etc. Janice loved to live each holiday, decorating both inside and outside of the house. Some of the larger outdoor items like Santa’s sleigh and a large collection of weathered tombstones were just set in the corner.

It was the perfect place for Steph.

Just then, his cell phone vibrated. Looking at the screen, he recognized his stepmother’s number.

“Hey,” Jeffery answered.

“Hey yourself. How are you?” Janice asked.

“Good. Just contemplating which chores to get started on. So how are you? The islands must be awesome.”

Jeffery could almost hear Janice smiling as she replied, “It is just so much more wonderful than I thought it would be. Your dad is out on the beach watching all those bikini-clad girls flaunt their stuff. He is pretending to read, but I can see his eyes behind those sunglasses.”

“You have nothing to worry about, Mom. Those girls can’t touch you,” Jeffery replied.

“You betcha your ass they can’t. Where’s Steph? I have been trying to reach her on her cell.”

“Around. She probably left it off the charger. I’ll let her know you called. Want her to give you a call back?”

“No,” Janice said, “Too many wonderful things to do here, probably tying one on here pretty soon anyway. Take care of yourself and watch over Stephie, okay?”

Jeffery smiled, “Will do.”

“Love you.” Janice said.

“Love you too.”

With that, Jeffery switched off his phone. The first night, Jeffery had hidden Stephanie’s cell in his room behind some of his books. He had switched it off to make sure that no one could get a hold of her. He was sure that Kim had tried numerous times but probably figured that Steph was having a good ol’ time on the beach and left her cell in the timeshare.

Jeffery went over to the corner and looked it over again, clearing the spot where Stephanie would be before gathering stuff together.


After her shower, Stephanie lazed around nude on her parents’ bed after piling a bunch of their bondage toys on it. What fascinated her most was the wide variety of gags they had. Some looked like a horses’ bridle. Others had a rubber ball that would inflate with a pump. There were some with leather harnesses and some with a simple strap. Stephanie wanted to try them all.

“Watcha doing?” Jeffery asked as he poked his head in, startling her thoughts.

“Just thinking,” she said, “What’s up, Master?”

“I think that I need to start getting you ready earlier than I had planned, slave. I need you to go down to the basement now. I need to get a few things here before I meet you down there. Whatever you do, don’t touch anything.”

“Yes, Master,” she said as she climbed off bed and headed downstairs.

Stephanie smiled. She was glad that Jeffery was going to do something with her. She wasn’t really bored but she needed to be doing something or, better yet, having something being done to her. The blonde thought she would enjoy some time to herself but she found that her thoughts traveled back to being guided and restrained. She had pulled out her parents’ toys and was seriously contemplating putting herself in a bind when Jeffery interrupted her.

The basement was cool and the concrete floor was downright cold on her bare feet. Sitting in the center was a pair of old folding chairs and an old microphone stand from when her stepfather used to have a band eons ago. The stand was lying across both seats along with a piece of two-by-four. There was also a closed paper sack sitting on the floor. Looking closer, she noticed that the piece of wood was fastened to the stand by a series of metal brackets and that both were strapped to the two chairs.

The blonde heard her brother come down the stairs. His arms bore a few items. One was a large pink-colored gel vibe that had a second tiny vibrator towards the end of the shaft. There was also was some lengths of rope and a white collar but no gag or blindfold. He set the items on the dryer, adjusted the two chairs so they were a little further apart, and motioned Stephanie to come to him.

“Stand,” he commanded her.

Her stepbrother reached around and pulled up her long, blond hair before encircling her neck with the collar. It was snug around her throat when he buckled it but not uncomfortably so. Taking one of the lengths of rope, he doubled it and looped it around her left wrist. She felt him tap her inner thigh so she spread her legs a bit. As he knelt, he wound the rope around her thigh and wrist, binding them together before cinching them off. He did the same to her other wrist and thigh.

“Straddle this,” Jeffery said, pointing to the modified microphone stand.

Guided by Jeffery’s hand, Stephanie stepped over the pole facing the stand’s heavy iron foot. The arrangement looked somewhat like a makeshift saw-horse. She heard him open the paper bag and watched as he pulled out a roll of white medical tape. Without a word, he ripped off a piece and sealed her lips together. He plastered several more pieces of tape on before putting it away.

Stephanie felt a warm familiar tingle within her; the tingle of desire. It had started even before Jeffery wrapped the ropes around her and now she knew that she was wet enough for Jeffery to ease that vibrator that he was holding inside her. He spread her moistened lips open and nudged the vibe in until the nub pressed against her clitoris. Taking another coil of rope, he wrapped it around her waist and pulled the ends between her legs, pushing the vibrator that much deeper inside her as he tied the rope off behind her.

“Sit,” Jeffery said.

She did as she was told to, sitting on the mike pole/wooden beam as if it were a horse.

“Lay back, slave.”

With Jeffery holding her shoulders, she careful laid back on the pole. The metal was cold against her spine and she shivered a bit. When she was fully back, she noticed that her head over hung the end of the pole and the seat of the chair. In fact, the pole stopped just between her shoulder blades. She strained just to keep her head up.

Jeffery reached into the paper bag again and pulled out a thick roll of white medical gauze. He had actually purchased it several weeks ago in preparation of Stephanie’s ‘abduction’. It was part of his kidnapping kit. He was glad now that he had bought it. He had several rolls just waiting to be used. He started winding the gauze around her just above her hips, welding the pole to her. Jeffery didn’t do it too tightly but, gave Stephanie some breathing space. Slowly, he worked his way up her body. Stephanie then realized he was turning her into a mummy.

“Stop wriggling,” Jeffery said as he noticed his sister starting to squirm as she moaned her complaints.

He continued to wind more and more gauze up her body and over her chest, squashing her breasts. The wrapping enveloped her arms as well, pinning them to her sides. He stopped when he had reached her upper chest.

Stephanie watched in fascination and distress. Jeffery undid the straps holding the pole to the chair and grabbed her ankles, lifting them up and on top of the post. The soles of her feet touched the cold iron foot of the stand. Holding them there, He took another piece of rope and tied her ankles together to the pole before doing the same to her knees. Starting at her toes, he began to wind some more gauze around them and up her feet, making sure that they were secured to the post.

After getting to her knees, Jeffery decided it was time to stand Stephanie up. He undid the strap holding the stand to the chair and, standing at her head and holding her shoulders, he lifted her up off the two chairs, the iron foot tilting to the ground. Stephanie was terrified that Jeff would drop her when the chair under her legs slipped, but Jeff caught it and lifted her up the rest of the way. The strips of gauze held as she slipped down the microphone pole only a little bit.

Stephanie felt absolutely welded to the pole as she watched Jeffery mummify her little by little until her whole body was encased and all that was really left was her head. The layer of gauze was thin, overlapping little and she could feel all of his touches as his fingers lingered over her wrapped body. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote.

“Can you guess what this is for, slave?” he asked.

The bound girl nodded and moaned her answer into her gag. Stephanie knew that it was the controls to the vibrator now firmly imbedded in her. Jeffery pushed a button and the device came alive inside her and sent a rush of pleasure through her as she squirmed in her cocoon.

Jeffery picked her up and carried her over to the corner of the basement where their parents stored their holiday decorations. He set her carefully by the pile of foam and resin tombstones. The feel of being completely bound so that she could barely move only elevated the intensity of her pleasure. Wave after heated wave swelled through her.

Then the vibrator stopped.

Stephanie opened her eyes and moaned her displeasure. Jeffery just looked at her and smiled, holding up another roll of gauze.

“One last thing to cover up,” he said.

Starting at her neck, he started swathing her head tightly. He wound the filmy fabric over her lips, nose and over her eyes. She could still see somewhat through the material as he brought out a bathing cap and fitted her blonde hair underneath it before finishing her.

Jeffery turned her vibrator back on.

“You know, your friend Kim is coming over to do laundry in a little bit and I wanted her to see you in all of your bound glory. Now, if you’re quiet enough and don‘t move, she probably won’t recognize you standing here.”

He pinched her stiff nipples through the fabric, causing a flash of ecstasy to shoot through her.

“You know I can hear you,” Jeffery smiled, “I’ll leave this on low for awhile while I get a few things done upstairs. Try not to enjoy yourself too much.”

Jeffery heard the muffled screams of his sister as he climbed the stairs out of the basement. He had plenty of things to do before company arrived.


Michelle arrived exactly on time, waiting to ring the doorbell at exactly 5:30. The heat of the day still lingered as the sun turned everything a heated orange before sunset. It took a minute or two before Jeffery opened the door. He had dressed casually in a black pair of jeans and a dark gray button shirt with the collar left open. His blue eyes drank in Michelle as she stood there with her hands behind her back. The sleeveless black dress she was wearing hugged her every luscious curve. She had worn her long black hair back in a ponytail and Jeffery noticed she was wearing the black leather collar he had given her.

“You look stunning,” Jeffery said, stepping aside to let her in.

“Thank you, Sir,” she smiled as she stepped in, continuing to clasp her hands behind her back and looking around, “Where is your Stephanie?”

Jeffery smiled, “She’s tied up for the moment but I am sure that she’ll be joining us later. She has a friend coming over to do some laundry later but I don’t think she’ll get in the way. I am glad you wore your collar, slave.”

A concerned frown crossed Michelle’s face.

“No, her friend won’t be joining us. She is just here to do here laundry and get out. Did I mention you look stunning?”

“I am yours until morning, Master,” she smiled. Even the words gave her a warm, feathery feeling inside, knowing that tonight she would live some more of her fantasies.

“Follow me,” he said as he led her to the couch in front of the big screen television; the same one that Michelle saw Stephanie struggling on when she delivered their order. The image fuelled such a fire within Michelle that she had to drop the couple a note, telling them of her desires.

On the coffee table in front of the couch were two pairs of leather cuffs, a chain lead, a small silver egg vibe with a long cord to the controls, and a black, pear-shaped gag. She didn't need to be told that they were meant for her.

"Have you eaten?" Jeffery asked.

"No, Master."

"Good. I have something already for us but first I have to get you ready,” Jeffery picked up the egg vibrator, “I want you to slip this inside you."

Michelle blushed but she reached beneath her dress and pulled off the black lace thong she had been wearing. Taking the egg from his hand, she eased it up inside herself easily. She had been wet since she had left the apartment fantasizing about what was in store for her when she got here. Jeffery then handed the controls to her.

“Turn around’, Jeffery commanded.

Michelle did as she was told to do. She didn’t have to be told to put her hands behind her back. She watched Jeffery select a pair of the leather cuffs and fasten them around her wrists, making sure that they were snug before locking them together. Kneeling down, Jeffery did the same to her ankles.

“Sit, slave, while I go get us something to eat.”

Michelle sat down on the couch and again flashed back to her first encounter with Jeffery. Was he setting her up like he had Stephanie that night Michelle had made the delivery? The thought of being seen in bondage both thrilled and horrified her.

She could hear Jeffery opening up the oven and the beeping of the microwave, all of the sounds made the Chinese girl wonder what was in store for her.

Jeffery placed a variety of finger foods down on the coffee table; from fried mozzarella sticks to stuffed mushrooms. It all smelled and looked wonderful. Jeffery also produced a large wine glass glistening with Chardonnay.

“And now for the movie. . .”

With a click of the remote, the screen brightened and there in all her bound glory was Michelle and Stephanie. Stephanie was standing dressed in a white corset with a latex hood over her head, mouth filled with a bright red ball gag, and her arms pinned behind her back and sheathed in an arm binder. The blonde’s legs were being held open by a spreader bar locked around her ankles. One could see the base of the vibrator humming inside her. Michelle watched herself being led into the living room toward the other girl, hopping as best as she could as Jeffery pulled on her leash.

“I didn’t know you made a video,” Michelle said, her anger eclipsed by her fascination of watching herself.

Jeffery smiled, “Of the whole weekend. I have to say you are so beautiful that way, slave, with your hand cuffed behind your back and your ankles cuffed so you have to hop.”

Michelle admitted to herself that she did look hot. She had replayed that scene in her mind time and time again as she got herself off. However, she never thought she would actually see herself in front of Stephanie as she knelt and licked at the blonde’s sex.

“. . .go downstairs and check on some things. I will be right back and we can get started on dinner.”

Michelle nodded as she watched Stephanie cum on screen.


Down in the basement, he found Stephanie as he left her, a mummy amongst the other holiday decorations. Since she had been wrapped, Jeffery had been turning on and off her vibrator. Currently it was on and he could hear his stepsister’s moans and see her hips moving slightly in her bandages. He turned it off as he approached. He heard a moan of frustration. Jeffery noticed that the gauze around her crotch was slightly stained from being damp with her juices.

“Been enjoying yourself?” Jeffery asked.

Stephanie whimpered a weak reply, but he couldn’t understand it since her lips were taped. Her wrappings had held up and Jeffery was sure that they would continue.

Just then, he heard the doorbell ring.

“That must be Kim here to do the laundry. Remember, slave, be quiet.”

With that, Jeffery turned the vibe on again.



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