Summer Training 4

by T S Fesseln

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Continued from part 3 Chapter 4

Kim smiled as she drove away, thinking about how easy it was to get Jeffery to let her do her laundry at his house. Of course, she would make sure that her laundry would take time and by the time it was done, she would ask if she could spend the night in Stephanie’s room. If you had boobs and asked nicely, you could get pretty much anything.

Once she was there, Kim would also see what Jeffery was keeping a secret. There was something making him nervous as hell and now she was anxious to know what. It wasn’t just the desire to know, but she might also be able to blackmail Jeff into letting her stay at the house while Stephanie and her parents were away. It certainly beat sleeping out in the car or with some guy she barely knew.

Another song came on the radio and she sang along with it. Hopefully work wouldn’t be too bad and then she could look forward to tonight.


Michelle Chen stretched beneath her covers, enjoying the feeling of being naked beneath them. A couple weeks ago, you wouldn’t have caught her dead without wearing some sort of nightdress. However, after spending some time with Jeffery and his girlfriend Stephanie, a whole new sensual ocean had opened up to her and she was willing to take the plunge.

She didn’t have to be at work until early this evening and she had planned to catch up on some of her research online. The subject was something that she had been obsessing about since she first snapped a pair of cuffs around her own wrists: bondage.

Michelle rolled out of bed and went straight to her closet and to the small wicker box she kept there. Inside were the black leather cuffs and collar Jeffery had given her as well as a bright red ballgag. Several lengths of rope she had added herself as well as a few other restraints were inside the box as well. It was hard on a delivery person’s wage to afford a lot of bondage gear, but she saved a portion of her tips for just that. The chrome cloverleaf nipple clamps were one of the first things she had purchased followed by a black ring gag, one that fit her small mouth perfectly. She pulled out her collar and fastened it around her neck before going to her computer.

Despite not fully embracing the 24/7 slavery lifestyle, Michelle still wanted to be bound again by Jeffery. The intensity of her feelings and the strength of her orgasms had left an indelible imprint on her sexually. She needed more.

The computer screen came on and after logging in, she went to her e-mail to see if Jeffery had written back. He had. She clicked the mail open and she read it nervously:

‘I want you tonight, slave.’ was all it said.

Warm shivers went through Michelle as she re-read the five words. It was Wednesday and really, there were very few orders. She would probably end up staying the night with Jeffery and his girlfriend. She could miss this one night without any major financial crisis. She would have to be at work tomorrow, however. She would call her uncle up and feign being sick.

Quickly, she typed her one word reply, ‘When?’ and sent it off.

A sweet mix of anxiousness and arousal whirled through the Oriental girl as she unbuckled her collar and headed to the bathroom. After turning on the shower, she took a quick look at herself in the mirror. Though being a little shy of five foot, she was a very attractive package with long, black hair and a nice pair of breasts. Her nest above her sex was narrow and well trimmed. Her legs were well defined but not very long. She was the picture-perfect little Chinese girl.

After a quick, warm shower, she dried her hair with a blow dryer before putting back on her collar. She was going to be his tonight so she better start dressing the part.

One of the things that she had spent time researching was self-bondage. There was a wealth of information out there including tons of safety tips and Michelle drank it all in. She glanced at her e-mail again to see if Jeffery had replied yet and he hadn’t, so she decided that perhaps she should get herself into a bind while waiting for his reply.

There wasn’t time to do her usual ice-cube timer thing, so she decided on simply tying the key to a long length of string and when she had had enough of her self-inflicted enslavement, she would gather the string up until she had the key in her hand.

In her kitchen drawer was a roll of string and she unwound several yards from it. On one end she tied the key to the padlock that was going onto her cuffs and the other end she tied to the hasp of that padlock. Michelle was careful to make sure that it was the right key. One of her biggest fears was not being able to get out of a bind once she put herself into one.

Gathering up her box, she sat herself down at the computer and buckled the ankle cuffs around each ankle before drawing each one up and tying it to the pedestal of her office chair. The seat forced her to keep her legs open. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a wide gel vibrator that she only used on herself when in bondage. It had a shaft that had a piston-sort of action and a smaller vibrating egg would nestle against her clit. She coated it with a special heating lubricant and then eased it into herself until it was in as far as it could go.

Michelle decided not to tie a crupper around herself and make the situation into a kind of game. She would have to try to keep the vibe inside herself while it was on. It would add to the thrill, she smiled.

The ballgag was next and Michelle made sure that it was strapped tightly between her lips so she couldn’t force it out. It filled her mouth and stretched her jaws to near aching. However, it was the gag that Jeffery had given her, so it would have to do until she could afford another one.

She had decided earlier that when Jeffery’s reply popped up was when she could get herself out of her restraints. She wouldn’t be able to read his email until she uncuffed herself.

Michelle turned on her vibrator and immediately felt a torrent of pleasure course through her body. She carefully fastened the cuffs around her wrists and locked them together behind the back of her chair.

Now she was a prisoner.

As the vibrator whirred inside her, she tried to remember all the commands that Jeffery had taught her. She was sure that he was going to use them on her tonight and she wanted to make sure that she didn’t displease him. She had found on the internet a copy of the ’rules’ called ’The Laws of the Crop’. Someone had actually posted photos of each page of the old book and she was sure that that is where Jeffery got his commands. They were identical.

She could imagine each touch of the riding crop on her skin and she would respond. A tap to the chin and she lifted her head and opened her mouth. A tap behind her knees and she knelt. All of these were in Dr. Geoffrey Brand’s book ’The Care and Treatment of Particularly Fair Women’.

Michelle was now gently rocking her hips as the vibe thrust itself into her. She found she had to lean forward as much as she could so not to lose the vibe; grinding herself into the seat so the smaller vibe was against her swollen pearl.

Moaning, she writhed in her seat. She opened her eyes to glance at the screen. There was no e-mail from Jeff. The tide of ecstasy was building inside of her as she strained against her bonds. Now she wished that she had put the nipple clamps on. Their bite would have helped her over the edge. Now, her nips just ached for attention and there was no one to give it to them.

Michelle was consumed by an explosion of pleasure ripping through her. She thrashed in her chair, nearly toppling it over as she bucked and screamed. Wave after burning wave churned through her as she wrestled with her restraints until she was spent.

She glanced at the screen.

Still there was no e-mail from Jeff as she felt another rush of pleasure threatening to push her over the edge yet again.


Stephanie waited on her parent’s bed. She wondered what Jeffery was doing and what he meant by ’guests’. He had mentioned that her friend Kim was coming back over after work to throw some clothes into the wash. She imagined Kim’s parents were at it again and Kim just didn’t want to go through that door until things calmed down.

Kim had spent the night with Stephanie before when things got really bad over there. It wasn’t often, but Kim had stayed a night or two and her parents welcomed her. Jeffery was away at college so she had a bed to sleep in. They had spent most of those nights talking about anything and everything and a good portion of the time sex was the main topic of conversation. However, they had never talked about bondage.

Kim would be the only other person she knew that Stephanie might talk to about being tied up and ravaged. She might even talk about the strangers and what they did to her and Jeff, but she wasn’t sure. Kim’s life was a hard one sometimes and she probably could relate to Stephanie and what the strangers did to her, but there was something inside Stephanie that didn’t want to share that with anyone but Jeff. At least, not right now.

Stephanie got off the bed and went over to her parents’ closet. Once again, she parted her mother’s collection of lingerie to reveal the padlocked door.

It was about the same width as a normal door but not as tall. Jeffery might have to duck his head to go through it. There was a simple doorknob that was painted the same color as the rest of the closet and she could turn it easily. However, the bolt and the padlock were both very sturdy and they had no give. The blonde wondered what was behind the door. She would have to ask mom when she got back.

“What are you looking at?” Jeffery asked, startling Stephanie.

“Nothing,” she replied, “Just this door.”

Jeffery noticed that she didn’t address him as Master, but he let it slide this time, more intrigued by the door. He had seen it before when he was picking out an outfit for Stephanie, but he really didn’t examine it. He stood by his nude stepsister and looked at it.

“Do you know what’s inside?” Stephanie asked.

“slave, remember your place,” Jeff said sternly.

Stephanie swallowed, “Yes, Master. Sorry Master.”

“Good girl,” he said patting her on the head, “I don’t know what’s behind there.”

Jeffery didn’t know but he had a fair guess, or at least, he hoped what was behind the locked door was something his parents played with. Given their extensive collection of bondage toys, he thought that they would have some kind of playroom as well and this might be it.

“Do you want to find out, slave?” he asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“Let’s get you ready first then we’ll try to find out.”

Jeffery guided his stepsister back to stand in front of the armoire. The first thing he selected was the white leather collar he had used on her earlier when the ’strangers’ were here. She looked gorgeous in white. Next, he guided her wrists behind her back and handcuffed her with a pair of white leather cuffs. These had more padding than the others did and they seemed to fit around her wrists more snuggly. Last, he fastened on a chain lead and hooked it on one of the top rungs of the canopy bed.

“Stay here, slave,” he told Stephanie

The blonde had very little choice being tethered to the bed as she was. She watched him leave the bedroom and head down the hallway.

One of Jeffery’s dad’s favorite sayings was ‘prepare for the worse and pray for the best’ and he always seemed to abide by that; spare keys were no exception. He kept spare keys for everything in the house for the cars. One set of those spare keys was hanging in a kitchen cabinet. Another set was in an old cut-glass jar he kept on his office shelf. Unscrewing the lid, he carefully poured the key ring and keys into his palm and went back to the bedroom.

Stephanie was still standing there, patiently waiting for him. One at a time, Jeffery looked at each key before deciding to try it or not. The car keys were obvious as well as the keys to the house, but there were about a dozen he figured that had a chance at opening it.

The fourth key was the one that popped the lock. Jeffery pulled back the hasp and tried the doorknob. It easily turned and the door swung in a little. He glanced back at his stepsister and gathered up her leash.

Stephanie followed her brother through the door. It was dark beyond the doorway and they moved cautiously. Jeffery’s hand found a light switch and flicked it on.

“Oh my God,” Stephanie said underneath her breath.

The room was good sized, thought the ceiling was low and peaked. Jeffery guessed that this was part of the attic space above the garage. The center was dominated by a large jail cell; large enough to hold 2 or 3 people. There was a black leather table beside it and a Saint Andrew’s cross close to the wall.

The whole room was like a charcoal drawing. The walls and ceilings were lined with the kind of dark gray foam you would find in sound studios. The floor was made of some black rubberized tiles and had numerous ‘D’ rings bolted into them. There were a few track lights and each was focused either on the bench, the cross or the cell.

Stepping over to the cell, Jeffery noticed that the bars were coated in a dense black foam. When he rapped his knuckle on one of the bars, there was no ring of steel. They were solid, but the foam dampened any noise. Inside the cell, there were two cots bolted to the bars.

Stephanie’s eyes were wide as she took all of this in. It was a modern dungeon. As her eyes adjusted, she also noticed in a dark corner by the door a small metal desk and chair as well as a small locker. Jeffery noticed it too and led his sister over to it.

The top was barren except for a small desk lamp and office pad. The drawers were empty except for a ream of computer paper. There was a power cord strip on the floor, but only the desk lamp was plugged into it.

Jeffery had been hoping for a playroom, but he had expected nothing like this. Everything about this room was soundproofed and he doubted that if he yelled at the top of his lungs that anyone would hear.

The locker was padlocked, but Jeffery managed to find the correct key and opened it. Inside were cleaning supplies as well as selection of steel spreader bars and coils of rope.

What were his parents up to?

“Jeffery. . .Master,” Stephanie said in almost a whisper.


“What were they doing here? I, mean, look at this. It’s like a torture chamber!”

Jeffery nodded his head, “I think they liked to play rough, Steph.”

“This is more than ‘rough’, Jeffery.”

“Master,” he corrected her, “and yes, I agree.”

It was the cell that didn’t make sense to Jeff. Did they have ‘guests’ over to play with? The two cots seemed to indicate that. His father, Ray, didn’t seem the ‘player’ type and neither did Janice, his step mom.

“I'm freaking glad that the strangers didn’t find this,’ Stephanie said, imagining herself locked in here. If they had found it, Jeffery and she may have never been able to escape.

“Promise me, Master, not to put me in that cage.”

Jeffery nodded as he led her back to the cell. He was fascinated by it and apprehensive at the same time as he started to walk around it. When he was on the backside of it, he noticed another door. He almost missed it because it was lined with the same foam as the walls. He tried the knob, but the door was locked on the other side.

“Where do you think it goes?” Stephanie asked.

To the rest of the space above the garage, Jeff thought to himself. There was a folding ladder that would come down from the garage’s ceiling so you could get up there. He had been up there several times. The space was filled with filing boxes and tubs of childhood toys; things his parents didn’t want to store in the basement.

“To the garage,” he said.

“You could keep someone up here forever and no one would know,” Stephanie observed as she followed her stepbrother back around the cage and to the open floor.

Again, Jeffery nodded. An evil thought trickled into his head but he shook it off. Such thoughts could land him in prison. Besides, despite what Stephanie had said, you couldn’t keep anyone there forever. The risk of discovery was great. . .

‘Prepare for the worse and pray for the best.’

Jeffery looked at the space with a new eye. Both doors locked on the outside, not inside. The cell was a real cell that could be locked to keep someone prisoner. The soundproofing would insure whomever was here couldn’t be heard.

It would also explain the vast array of restraints and toys his parents had, more than they could ever think of using.

Jeffery again shook his head to get rid of the thought. There was just no way his parent’s were into that.

But, then again, he had done it to his stepsister. Maybe he was closer to his dad than you might think.

“Master, I want to get out of here,” Stephanie said.

“Now, slave,” Jeffery said looking into his sister’s blue eyes, “there is nothing to be afraid of. Just think of this room as being filled with more toys we can play with. I can think of many ways to use that cross and that bench. You know I wouldn’t hurt you, slave.”

Stephanie nodded though she really didn‘t care for this room. There was no warmth or comfort here, just the sterile steel and black.

“slave, I want you to try the cross.”

“Yes, Master,” she said quietly.

Jeffery took her over to the cross. Like most things in this room, the St. Andrew’s cross was coated in dense dark-gray foam. There were stainless steel rings set on the ends and along the sides. There was also a pair of small blocks on each ‘leg’ to stand on.

Without a word, Jeffery unlocked her cuffs and helped her up onto the cross. He held up one of her wrists and cuffed it to one of the up stretched arms; repeating it so that both wrists were pinned above her head. Jeffery disappeared out the closet door for a moment, only to return with another pair of cuffs and a roll of white duct tape. He knelt down, fastened each cuff around her ankles and anchored them to the cross. Now she was standing spread eagled, bound to the cross.

The cross itself was inclined slightly and Stephanie found out that it wasn’t as uncomfortable as she imagined it being. Being helpless again was making her tingle; feeling alive. She closed her eyes and began to wriggle on the cross, relishing how open and vulnerable she was.

Stephanie heard the rip of some tape and opened her eyes. Jeffery held a piece in his hands. She kept her lips shut as he sealed them with it. He tore several more pieces reinforced the first piece, making sure she couldn’t say a word. After standing back and enjoying his workmanship, he disappeared back into his parent’s bedroom.

Stephanie yelled into her gag when she saw what he had returned with. She struggled in vain to pull away from the cross, but she was anchored there tightly.

Jeff stood in front of his struggling stepsister holding one of his parents floggers. The leather tails were soft and supple as he ran his fingers through them. Stephanie was still shaking her head and screaming into her gag as he stepped up to her.

She looked on with horror as he splayed the tails over her breasts. Her yelp was more from the shock than any actual pain. It had stung a little, but not nearly as much as she thought it would. The second blow landed about the same place and the bite actually sent a jolt of pleasure through her stiffened nipples. Again and again, he flogged her, warming her skin. Stephanie was finding that she liked the sensation. It made her skin feel more alive.

Jeffery stopped and began to caress her skin gently with those same tails, running it over her body, almost tickling her.

The blonde girl opened her eyes when he stopped. Then he carefully aimed and flicked the flogger towards her crotch. The nip of the leather sent a lick of pleasure flaming through her as she moaned into her gag. The tails struck her again and again at her sensitive lips and she could feel another orgasm building inside her.

The flogging stopped again. The caress of the leather was soon replaced by the touch of Jeffery’s finger. He eased his finger between her pussy lips and began to slide it up and down her slit, tickling at her clit as he went.

Her struggles became more intense as he stroked her. He teased at her, forcing her to arch herself towards him to feel his touch.

“Do you want to cum, slave?” he asked her.

Stephanie wailed into her gag, nodding her head.

“Then cum.”

Stephanie’s world exploded as he rubbed her clit vigorously. Searing ecstasy swallowed her by as she bucked and writhed on the cross. He removed his hand and the orgasm slowly ebbed away, leaving her hanging limply on the cross.

“Good, slave,” he told her as he combed his fingers through her blonde hair.

Stephanie looked at her step-brother, panting through the gag.

He undid her cuffs and helped her from the cuffs, telling her to take the tape off herself. She did so carefully but it still hurt as it pulled away from her skin.

“The rest of the afternoon is yours, slave,” Jeffery said admiring his naked stepsister, “You can do as you want as long as you stay undressed. I have things to do before this evening. I want to see you in the basement at exactly five o’clock so we can get you prepared for tonight.”

With that, Jeffery left out the closet door.



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