Summer Training 3

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; gag; cuffs; collar; tease; toys; insert; mast; denial; cons; X

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Continued from part 2 Chapter 3

Stephanie was in the dark again. Jeffery had placed a leather blindfold over her eyes and left her standing naked in her bondage in the living room. She could hear her stepbrother setting something up beside her as she stood there in silence.

In the living room they had gone through her lessons as she remembered them. The straps around her legs were gone as well as the lavender butterfly-shaped vibrator. But Stephanie still had the red-leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists, a matching collar and a harness gag with a bright red ball. Her hands had been locked behind her back after her lesson where she was pretty sure they would remain for awhile.

The bound blonde felt Jeffery’s riding crop tap the back of her knees and she immediately knelt down. Another tap on her inner thigh let her know that Jeffery wanted her knees spread wide while she was kneeling. Stephanie did not hesitate to do this.

A drizzle of warm, rose-scented oil trickled over her chest and she felt Jeffery’s hands gently massaging it all over her body. The feel of his hands touching her sent a warmth rush through her and she smiled around her gag. His touch was very loving as he made sure all of Stephanie was covered in the glistening oil.

The blindfold came off and Stephanie blinked as she looked at herself in her mother’s stand-up mirror. Her tanned skin gleamed from the sunlight. Just behind the mirror was Jeffery’s video recorder on a stand, its glass eye focused on her. The last thing she noticed was a ‘T’ shaped piece of black tubing with two leather cuffs on the top portion and a large, black phallus fixed at the bottom.

Jeffery knelt down in front of her and positioned the phallus between her legs, coating it with some gel before easing it into her. Stephanie let out a tiny squeal of pleasure as it slipped inside her. The top of the ‘T’ was now on the bottom with cuffs at either end. Jeffery fastened one just below her left knee and then the other below her right, forcing his stepsister to keep her legs spread. He adjusted the length of the rod going into Stephanie’s puss, lowering just a tad to make sure she was comfortably impaled.

“slave, you were very good during your lessons, so I want you to make yourself cum when I turn on the camera,” Jeffery said while he stood up.

The thought of being on video sent a wave of butterflies into her stomach. It was both frightening and erotic at the same time. She was pretty sure that Jeffery would never let anyone else look at the disk, but what if someone played it by accident?

“slave, make yourself cum,” her Stepbrother commanded.

Tentatively, Stephanie started rocking her hips; thrusting herself further onto the dildo and feeling it fill her. There was no hum of a vibrator to help her along. This would be all Stephanie.

His stepsister’s thrusts soon began a quicker pace. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the sensations of being helpless and driven to cum.

“Do you enjoy being tied, slave?” Jeffery asked.

Stephanie opened her eyes and nodded yes, smiling around her gag.

“Did you ask me to tie you like this?”

Again, his stepsister nodded, blushing.

Looking through the viewfinder, his bound stepsister looked stunning. The late morning sunlight glistened off of her tanned skin. She had closed her eyes and she continued to grind herself onto the black phallus. There was an angelic look on her face as she began to moan and pant and Jeffery felt his erection aching to take her.

“That’s it slave,” Jeffery said, “You’re a looking hot.”

Stephanie opened her blue eyes, smiling around the gag. The pleasure gusting through her was building as she quickened her pace, trying to get more friction. She stared right into the camera like she had seen in pornos, her body undulating.

She watched as Jeff stepped around the camera and reach into his pocket. He pulled out a pair of nipple clamps that had a thin chain running between them. She gave her stepbrother a questioning grunt, but he ignored her, pulling on one of her nipples and shutting the clamp down upon it. It sent a jolt of painful bliss through her as he did the same to her other nip. The chain pulled down on them slightly, sending more sensual squalls through her.

Then the doorbell rang.

“Shit,” Jeffery said beneath his breath as he went to the lace curtains to see who it was.

Kim’s white and rusted Aries K was by the curb and he could just make out Kim’s back as she stood by the door swinging her pink nylon gym bag. Kim was Stephs best friend and she made herself a real nuisance last time she was here.

“It’s Kim,” Jeffery said as he grabbed his blonde sister under her arms and dragged her into the kitchen; dropping her behind island counter out of sight.

Jeff then rushed back out and nabbed the camera, setting it by Stephanie before pushing the mirror to the side and out of the way.

The doorbell rang a second time.

Jeffery took a second to compose himself then opened the door.

“Hi,” Kim said holding her bag. She was dressed in a pair of black spandex disco pants and a blazing red tube top. She had her long, black hair back into a pony tail and sported enough costume jewelry to outfit a Clair’s store.

“What do you need, Kim?” Jeffery asked.

“Oh my God, what happened to you?” Kim asked, seeing Jeff’s bruised face.

“Just got into a fight. What’s up?”

“I need another favor,” she smiled.

Jeffery frowned.

“I need to borrow your shower again. I promise I’ll be in and out of here. My dad’s going ballistic without my mom there to be his slave and I just don’t want to be in his path, you know?”

Jeff gave her a slight, irritated nod, “Okay.” He stepped aside to let her go through.

“Thanks, Jeff,” Kim said as she held up her bag and giggled, “No need to borrow Stephs panties.”

Jeffery smiled.

As she climbed the stairs, she looked back down at Jeff, “Do you have anyone here? I didn’t see your girlfriend’s car out front.”

Jeffery’s blood froze for a second. He hoped that Stephanie wasn’t too busy listening. He could see the progress he had made with his stepsister vaporize if she heard that she was here before while the ‘strangers’ held her captive. Stephanie wasn’t dumb and she could put two and two together and easily figure out that he was the ‘strangers’. At least she was bound securely.

“No, no one but me,” he recovered.

“Not that I care, Jeff. I just don’t want an awkward to happen, you know.”

Jeff nodded, “of course. Nope, there is no one in the house but me right now.”

Kim just smiled and went up the rest of the stairs to the bathroom, sashaying like hooker. All five foot of her screamed ‘fuck me’. Jeffery once again thought of what her curvaceous frame would look like with rope tightly woven around her. He waited until she shut the bathroom door before going to check on his stepsister.

After Jeff had set her down, Stephanie had lost balance and tettered over onto her side, almost losing the dildo inside her. She tried to get back onto her knees, but every time she did it felt as if the gel phallus would pop out of her so she stopped. Wriggling a bit, the blonde tried to get herself comfortable on the tile behind the counter.

Stephanie couldn’t see anything laying there and even though she recognized Kim’s voice, she couldn’t make out what Kim or her brother was saying. Not that she minded. The fear of being seen by Kim while she was bound like this sent a chill through her as she was glad she was where she was.

She mewled into her gag as Jeffery squatted down beside her and picked up the camera and setting it back up facing her. He ignored her as he lowered the tripod to be more on her level.

“When I turn the camera on, slave, you need to cum.”

Stephanie gave a questioning grunt into her gag.

Jeffery clicked the camera on.

“You need to cum before Kim leaves or she might accidentally find you.”

Jeffery’s bound stepsister whimpered in her gag, but again he ignored her. Stephanie began to hump the dildo on a rod thing again. The threat of being exposed to her friend felt like an frozen vice clamped down around her, slowly squeezing her. It also flared her lust.

The heated winds of pleasure soon whirled inside her as she quickened her thrusts. On her side, Stephanie could get more friction and more movement from the black gel phallus. She squirmed on the tile, her eyes closed, trying to imagine it was one of the strangers in her. . .


Kim shut the bathroom door and locked it before turning on the shower. She made sure that only the hot water was on, filling the small bathroom with luxurious steam. The quickly undressed and folded her clothes on the counter. The steamed mirror made her look like a very sexy ghost as she stepped into the bathtub shower. She made some adjustments to the tap and made sure that the drain was closed before let the hot water massage her life away.

Stephs brother was hiding something. Kim knew that for a fact. And he wasn’t hiding his girlfriend. She didn’t know what it was, but she was sure that she would be able to find it out.

She didn’t know what it was, but she was sure that she would be able to find it out so she could tell Steph all about it when she got back.

Kim spotted a bottle of rose bubble bath and poured some in before turning off the shower and turning on the tub’s faucet. She slipped herself beneath the water and closed her eyes.

Fuck, this is what she needed.

Jeffery was cute if you didn’t mind the sorta creepy geeky thing. He was tall and had a runner’s build. He kept his dark hair closely cropped and his blue eyes seemed to hint of deeper thoughts. If he wasn’t Stephs brother, then she thought it might be cool to party with him. Being a nerdite didn’t help at all either.

As the bathtub filled, her thoughts drifted away from Jeff and his secret to figuring out how to con him into letting her crash here for the night without sleeping with him. She wasn’t working late at the hardware store today so she would be getting to Steph’s house about seven or so. She bet all she had to do was look sad and he would let here stay the night or two.


The oil on Stephanie’s skin made her slick and she ended up slipping onto her back. Her stepbrother adjusted the camera again as she continued to try to cum. She squirmed on the tile and moaned into her gag. She was sooooo close. The pleasure was creeping up slowly through her, near to the precipice where she would fall off and be engulfed in ecstasy.

But she wasn’t there yet.

She glanced up to see Jeffery behind the camera, enjoying her antics.

“Cum, slave, you can do it,” he said in a hushed whisper.

God, if he would just touch me, Stephanie thought. She was so freakin’ close. She humped faster, panting into her gag. A whirlwind of bliss churned inside her and finally ravaged her in a white-hot fever of pure pleasure. She was so enraptured that she almost didn’t hear her stepbrother.

“Quiet, slave, Kim’s out of the bathroom.”

Standing up, Jeffery noticed that Kim had changed into her work clothes that consisted of an orange polo shirt and tan slacks. The slacks looked like they were a size or two too small and they seemed to cling to her like a second skin.

“Thanks again, Jeff,” she said, giving him a wide smile, “I‘ll get outta your hair.”

“No problem,” he replied.

“Can I ask you another favor?” she asked demurely.

Jeffery looked at her.

“Can I do a load of laundry here after work. My clothes are getting funky and I really don’t want to go back to my hellhole to do them.”

Jeffery thought for a minute before replying, “Sure, just call me before you leave. Do you have our home number?”

Kim nodded, “Yep, On my cell.”

“Right,” Jeffery nodded.

“Thanks again Jeff and see you tonight.”

Jeff swung the door shut and locked it behind Kim. He watched out the peephole as Kim climbed into her car and coaxed it down the road. When he was sure she was truly gone, he went back to his bound stepsister.

Stephanie was still panting from her efforts as she lay on the tile. She had rolled over on her side and a string of drool hung from the side of her mouth. The dildo had managed to stay inside of her but just barely. Even though she was uncomfortable, a hot, contented feeling filled her whole being.

“Kim is gone,” he said to Steph, “But she is coming back later to do some laundry.”

The blonde grunted into her gag and shook her head. Even though the thoughts of Kim discovering her fueled her orgasm, the fear was still very real.

Jeff stroked her hair, “I wouldn’t let her find you, you know that, don’t you?”

Stephanie gave a reluctant nod.

“Now let’s get you out of these things so you can clean up. A clean slave is a happy slave.”

Jeff systematically undid all of Stephanie’s bindings, starting with the clamps. A painful delight stabbed through her as the jaws let go and circulation started to flow back into each nipple. The dildo-rod thing was next followed by her cuffs, collar and gag. She stood up and stretched her sore muscles as Jeff piled the restraints on the counter.

“Did you enjoy that slave?” Jeffery asked.

Stephanie nodded her head, “Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now go take a quick shower. I will meet you in Mom and Dad’s room so I can get you ready for our guests tonight.”



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