Summer Training 2

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; gag; cuffs; collar; tease; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

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Continued from part one Chapter 2


Jeffery reflected a bit as his stepsister disappeared up the stairs and into their parents’ bedroom. The fact that he had captured and used his stepsister for several weeks without her realizing his identity was nothing short of a true miracle. All of his mental pre-planning and research was paying off. She was now going to be his little slave girl.

Upstairs, Stephanie had opened pretty much every drawer and cabinet in her parent’s armoire and now just stared at huge variety of restraints and gear that was stored there. She had no idea what some of those things there were designed for. She recognized the sets of leather cuffs instantly as well as the collars, blindfolds and hoods. Since she had not actually seen herself in bondage before today, she was sure that some of those items she didn’t recognize were ones that the strangers had used on her. In the end, she picked out two pairs of matching red leather cuffs, a red leather collar, a ballgag that was part of some sort of head harness thing and several black leather belts. She gathered her choices together and headed back down the stairs.

Jeffery had moved into the living room and she could see the lust in his eyes and crotch. The blonde held out the stuff she had picked out upstairs.

“Here, Master,” she said.

Jeffery frowned, “What did I tell you about not speaking unless spoken to, slave?”

Stephanie looked down at her feet, “To be quiet unless I was asked a question.”

“I will let it go this time, slave. Do not let it happen again.”

His stepsister still held out the restraints that she had picked out for herself. After picking up the collar, Jeffery brushed her blonde hair aside and locked the collar around her throat. Next came the harness gag. Stephanie opened her mouth as wide as she could as Jeffery pushed the ball in. There were several straps to buckle around her head and under her chin before the gag was tightly locked between her lips. Her two ankle cuffs were next and each had a little chrome padlock and key. Quickly, he had both of her ankles cuffed with another lock holding them together.

The more helpless she became, the more ‘alive’ she became. Stephanie couldn’t think of any other word to describe it. As Jeffery pulled the straps around her legs, she felt warmth radiating through her as if being hugged by a really nice guy.

Jeffery eased her wrists in back of her and buckled the other pair of cuffs in place. Now she was truly helpless. She watched him as he circled her, his eyes savoring her bound form, as she stood there naked before him.

“Do you still want to be my slave?” Jeffery asked.

Stephanie nodded.

Jeffery stepped towards his bound sister and hooked his finger through the front ring of her collar. He gave it a gentle tug and Stephanie hopped forward. She followed him all around the room and into the kitchen where he bent her forward onto the table where they had just had breakfast. He could see her sex peeking out between her strapped legs.

Stephanie moaned as she felt him caress her from behind, his fingers lightly brushing her labia. She arched herself a bit and opened her legs the best she could, turning her head so she could watch Jeff behind her.

“We have both a lot to learn about this, slave,” Jeff said as he continued to stroke her, “and I think a good starting point is the commands you were forced to learn. Do you still remember them, slave?”

The blonde nodded her head. They were hard to forget. The fear of pain had seared them into her memory forever.

“You will have to tell me them so I can write them down, slave. I had only read them once while making the recording. Will you do that for me, slave?”

Again, Stephanie nodded. His caresses were getting more aggressive as her slit became wetter. The warmth from before was now becoming fiery as more little plumes of pleasure erupted inside her. She rocked back onto his hand as his fingers slid deeper inside of her.

“And slave, I will tell you when you can cum. You cannot cum without my permission. Do you understand me, slave?”

Stephanie nodded, moaning into her gag. The fires were now raging inside of her as she knew that at any moment they would flare and envelope her in ecstasy. She felt him grab the harness to her gag and he pulled her head up and back, causing her to arch back as well.

His hand left her puss and pinched her nipple almost painfully.

“Do not cum, slave. You do not have my permission,” Jeffery said.

Jeffery spun her around and lifted her up onto the round kitchen table. Lying on her back, she felt both of Jeffery’s hand kneading her breasts and pulling on her nipples. The fires still burned but not as hot as she lifted herself up to him.

Jeffery stopped and stepped back.

The bound blonde whimpered in protest, her eyes pleading with him to continue.

“Close your eyes, slave,” Jeff commanded.

Stephanie closed her eyes and braced herself. After a long pause, she felt his fingers tracing tiny circles on her shaven mons. She lifted her hips up to him again and he lightly touched her lips teasingly before she felt him kiss her tenderly there.

Stephanie so wanted to open her legs to him but the straps held her legs firmly together. His kisses teased her as much as his fingertips did. She squirmed and moaned; keeping her eyes squeezed shut as he licked at the edge of her sex.

Then he stopped.

She fought to keep her eyes shut. She desperately wanted to see what he was going to do to her next, but she needed to obey her stepbrother’s orders. Seconds seemed like eons. He was probably testing her, Stephanie thought, to see if she would keep her eyes shut or risk peeking.

She felt something cool and knobby just above her slit. She nearly jumped when it began to buzz but she managed to keep her eyes shut. The hum of the vibrator flared the furnace inside her and she arched herself on the table and screamed into her gag. She could feel the fires about to consume her as she squirmed in her bonds. He pushed the buzzing toy deeper between her legs.

“Do not cum, slave,” he whispered in her ear, “Only I can tell you when. Your pleasure is in my hands, not yours. Do you surrender your pleasure to me, slave?”

Stephanie nodded, mewling.

Stephanie screamed and her eyes flew open as her stepbrother pressed an ice cube into her slit, the cold jabbing through her like an icy bolt. Just as quickly, he brought the tip of the slender vibrator back to where it was, sending a wave of roaring bliss crashing through her.


Cum she did. Her whole being quaked as her fiery orgasm consumed her, bucking in her bindings and panting into her gag. Slowly, the flames ebbed away, leaving the blonde girl drained as she curled herself around into a ball. She hoped that Jeffery hadn’t seen her opening her eyes. He had so understood about this thing she needed and she didn’t want to disappoint him.

“You may open your eyes, slave,” Jeffery said.

Stephanie blinked as she looked at him, sitting at the kitchen table facing her. He brushed her hair as he looked into her face, his kind eyes smiling at her.

“You did well, slave. But remember, your pleasure is always in my control. You may not cum until I tell you that you may. Now, I need you to follow me upstairs so that we can write down the lessons they made you memorize.”

With that, Jeffery attached a chain lead to her collar and helped her off the table. Stephanie faltered a bit, still weak from her orgasm, but she recovered well and hopped right behind him.

Jeffery loved the sight of his naked stepsister hopping behind him, her arms cuffed behind her and a harness gag silencing her. Her breasts jiggled wonderfully with each jump; her nipples still stiff. Her whole body seemed more slender when bound as she was. He only wished he had set up the camera for this. However, this was a spur-of-the-moment type thing so he would just have to relish his memories.

Coming to the foot of the stairs, Jeffery let go of the leash.

“I will meet you at the top of the stairs, slave,” he said before heading up.

Stephanie did not want to try to hop up the stairs bound as she was. She figured it was much too risky. She carefully squatted down and sat herself on the third stair. Then, using her bound legs, she scooted up to the next stair and repeated the process until she had negotiated the whole flight. Jeffery was standing there ready to scoop up her leash and help her to stand.

Stephanie was proud of herself. It was a simple thing, but doing it while tied up was harder than she had thought.

She hopped along behind Jeffery again, going into their father’s office.

“Kneel,” he said as he sat down in the old leather office chair.

The blonde girl knelt down beside him.

Jeffery always liked his father’s den. A huge, craftsman-style desk dominated the room, flanked by matching bookcases filled with books. The room always had the curtains drawn. A stained glass desk lamp and a matching floor lamp in the corner gave off the only light in the room. It gave the room a warm, cozy feel. Jeffery flicked on the computer and waited for it to boot up.

Stephanie watched as Jeffery leaned over her and unbuckled her gag. She was glad the ball wasn’t any bigger than it was as she worked the soreness out of her jaw. She glanced up as Jeffery brought up ’Word’ on the computer screen.

“Okay, slave, let’s see how much you can remember about the commands they taught you.”

One by one, Stephanie recited the demands of her servitude. What each touch of the riding crop meant and how she was supposed to respond. As she knelt there recalling, Jeffery gently stroked her blonde tresses and typed in the commands.

“That is all I can remember, Master,” she said, looking down.

“You did quite well, slave,” Jeffery said, still stroking her, “I am impressed.”

Stephanie knelt quietly by his side as he continued to work on the computer, pulling up his e-mails and glancing through them. There were a few he replied to. One in particular stood out and she happened to catch the name on it: Michelle.

She didn’t remember Jeffery mentioning any girl friend. Granted, they never talked that much but you would think that he would have mentioned it. Maybe she was up at his college still. . .

The blonde felt a twinge of jealousy.

That was stupid, she told herself. Why should she be jealous? She had been Jeff’s ’slave’ for only a few hours now. If he didn’t want her, she was sure he would have told her. He had plenty of time to say no to all this. No, this Michelle was probably just a friend he had met up there, perhaps taking a class together, a study partner. That’s all she was.

Stephanie nuzzled her head on her stepbrother’s lap and looked up at him.

“Do you want something, slave?” Jeffery asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“What is it?”

Stephanie looked down, “Master, I need you for this, for what I am going through. I need to know that you are here for me until I can work this thing out.”

“Of course, slave, I am here for the long haul. I wouldn’t abandon you, not after what we have been through,” Jeff replied.

“Even with Michelle?” Stephanie asked.

Jeffery glanced at her sternly, “You read the e-mail.”

“No, Master, no. I only saw her name. Really. I wouldn’t read your messages unless you gave me permission to.”

Jeffery sat back in his chair, fingers folded, looking down at his stepsister. He could hear it in her voice, the sadness, as she said Michelle’s name. Here Stephanie was, hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles cuffed as well, helpless and worried already that there was ’someone else’ in his life. Before he captured her, she would hardly say two words to him and now he was her life raft. He felt a little sad for her.

“slave, Michelle is a special friend,” Jeffery eventually answered, “A friend that you will probably meet sometime. She will never replace you, slave. I promised you that I would keep you and that is what I intend to do.”

Stephanie nodded her head.

Jeffery turned off the computer and picked up Stephanie’s lead.

“After we get our chores done, slave, we will practice your commands again. First let’s get that gag back on you.”

Stephanie opened her mouth and let her stepbrother push the red ball behind her teeth before he buckled the chin and head straps. She felt a slight tug on her collar and carefully stood up. She followed Jeffery into the hallway then into their parents’ bedroom where he unlocked her wrists and relocked them in front of her.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting, slave,” Jeffery exclaimed as he looked through the vast array of dildos and vibrators that were in his parent’s armoire. He settled on a small purple ‘butterfly’ that would strap on against her clit.

Stephanie watched as he released her ankles and unbuckled both belts from around her legs. He held the thin straps of the butterfly open as she stepped into them. Gently, he pulled the butterfly-shaped vibe up and nestled it tightly between her labia lips and against her clit. He then eased her legs back together and refastened the cuffs and straps, once again welding her legs together. The controls, Stephanie noticed, were separate and watched as Jeffery put them in his jeans pocket before taking up her leash.

“We have made a mess of our parent’s bed, slave. I need you to make it nice again.”

Stephanie gave her brother a scowl. This was not what she meant when she asked to be his little slave girl.

“Don’t give me that look, slave,” Jeffery said while selecting one of the riding crops hanging on the armoire’s door and smacking it into his palm.

The bound blonde hopped up to the bed and started smoothing the covers. They hadn’t crawled beneath the sheets last night so only the bed cover was messed. As she leaned over the smooth out a wrinkle, the vibe came to life against her clit, sending a jolt of bliss through her.

“You see, slave, chores can be fun. But you still cannot cum until I tell you that you may.”

Stephanie tried to concentrate on the task at hand while her stepbrother watched with the remote in one hand and the crop in the other. With this vibe, there was only on or off, and all the time she was straightening the bed, he would click the remote randomly. She was still sensitive from this morning’s efforts and the hum of the vibe magnified the effects of the butterfly’s gel nubs. It took all of her concentration just to finish the bed.

“Now, let’s get you down to the kitchen.”

His stepsister followed him as best as she could, hopping right behind him. He had left the vibrator on and he could hear her mewls behind her gag but he wasn’t sure if they were protests or urgings. He could see it in her blue eyes, however, that the vibe was having its desired effect.

They arrived at the top of the stairs and Jeffery still had a hold of her chain lead. She stopped for a moment as he stepped down but he gave her a quick tug. She took a small hop to the edge before taking a jump down.

She teetered just a bit, finding her balance, but she had done the first step. He continued to lead her as she continued to take one jump at a time until they both reached the bottom. They paused just a moment before he steered her towards the kitchen and the few dishes in the sink.

Stephanie found that having her hand cuffed in front of her wasn’t that much of a hindrance in doing the chores. It was awkward, yes, and a bit humiliating, but she placed the dishes in the washer quickly. After filling the machine with soap, she shut the door, turned it on, and then faced her stepbrother.

“Well done, slave,” Jeffery said, “Now it’s training time.”


Kim Ortez had had another rough night. She had managed to grab a few hours sleep before slipping out of the house unnoticed. She definitely didn’t want to be around when her father woke up. He was still angry with the world and Kim would be the one to suffer from it.

She turned on her car radio, one of the only things in her car that was reliable, and sang along with the latest Lady Gaga hit. The old white-and-rusted Aries K car seemed to have palsy with every turn she took and she prayed that it wouldn’t give out on her.

“Fuck,” she said to herself as she drove her beat-up car down the road to nowhere in particular.

She really wished to hell that Steph, her best friend, was with her. Kim really fucking missed her and needed her now. She had spent a couple of nights shacked up with an asshole named Marcus, but he fucking thought that he owned her because he was letting her share his filthy-ass bed. She had enough of that shit. Now she had to sneak back into parents’ place every night and hope that her father didn’t catch her while she grabbed a few hours sleep.

God, he was an even bigger asshole since the big meltdown fight that put her mother in the county prison. They had both been drunk and mom decided that a frying pan was just a better way of convincing her father that she was right. Now her father boozed alone and took it all out on Kim when she showed up.

Kim took in a deep breath.

What she really needed was a long, hot shower and a place to crash.

“Fucking shit,” she said out loud.

She really didn’t want to go over to Steph’s house again. The last time she was there, Steph’s brother was boning some girl there and things were fucking awkward as hell. But, he had been cool about letting her take a shower.


Kim turned her car around and started heading towards Stephanie’s house, hopefully to a much-needed shower.

to be continued...



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