Summer Training

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; D/s; bond; gag; sex; condition; climax; cons; X

Chapter 1


Stephanie looked at herself in the mirror, trying to see if she could see the changes in her reflection. The girl that stared back at her was the same California blonde that had just graduated high school. Her hair was long with a slight curl to it and her eyes were an ocean blue. She still had a killer figure that screamed to be on a Hooter’s calendar. Everything in Stephanie’s reflection looked normal except for the ball gag fastened in her mouth.

The blonde girl wondered if she could feel what it was like to be normal again.

She had only been freed from her captors for about two nights and yet she still was bound and gagged. What troubled her was being that way was by her own choice.

Stephanie had awoken just as the sun was turning the night into the rusty orange of dawn. Her stepbrother, Jeffery, was still asleep on their parents’ bed. She was sort of glad that he had bothered to slip on his boxers before falling asleep beside her. She was still dressed in her oversized t-shirt, panties, and the leather cuffs that held her wrists behind her and her ankles together. She had asked Jeff to do this to her; to make her helpless again. To his credit, he did so reluctantly.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she could see just how gorgeous she was bound. With her arms behind her, it made her breasts jut out that much more. With her ankles cuffed the way they were, it made her legs taper up to her hips much more dramatic. It made her feel desired and sexy in a completely different way than what she was used to.

It wasn’t as if Stephanie needed any help getting dates. In fact, she had more offers than she cared for. Every guy wanted to get into her panties and that wasn’t what she wanted every time she went out. Sometimes she just wanted to have fun and party. But the sex was just that, sex. It felt great but compared to the orgasms she had while tied up, they paled. Now she knew she would never be that girl in the mirror again.

Jeffery snorted and rolled over, still dead to the world. The bruises on his face and body were a testament to how hard the strangers were on him. She wondered if he had the same thoughts as her. His bruises would heal, she knew. All of her bruises were on the inside.

Stephanie knew where the keys to some of the cuffs were since she had done some of the bondage to herself. But Jeff had added to her helplessness and made in near impossible for her to get herself out of her current bind. It was strange but she felt both vulnerable and safe at the same time. She knew her step brother would make sure nothing happened to her.

Stephanie looked back at him, hoping that he might be up. He was still lightly snoring away in a tangle of covers.

The bound girl took one more glance in the mirror before laying back down beside Jeffery, nestling up beside him. His body felt so warm as she listened to his breathing and wondering what he was dreaming about.

Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.

Jeffery slowly opened his eyes as the morning sun gleamed through his parent’s window. Curled up beside him was his stepsister, still bound the way he had left her last night. Gently, he combed her long, blonde hair away from her face. The ball gag was still fastened tightly between her teeth. The feel of her against his body had given him a morning boner that just ached to be relieved and there was very little she could do about it if he wanted to take advantage of her.

Jeffery leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

Stephanie opened her blue eyes and smiled around the red ball.

“Rise and shine, Stephie.”

The blonde moaned into her gag as she rolled over a bit. Jeffery raised himself up and leaned over her.

“Time to get those cuffs off of you,” he said.

Stephanie paused a bit before mumbling into her gag and shaking her head no.

“You don’t want me to get those off of you?” he asked.

She nodded. She really didn’t want to have them removed; at least not yet. She was feeling a little wanton now, having just woken from a powerfully erotic dream. She could tell that Jeffery was also having those same kinds of thoughts judging from his erection behind his boxers. She lifted up her body the best she could, making purring sounds through her gag.

“Are you trying to tell me something, my little slave?”

Slave. The word sent a hot flush through her as she nodded. Bound like this, he could do what he wanted to her and she couldn’t do a thing. The difference being that unlike the strangers, she knew her stepbrother wouldn’t hurt her.

God, these restraints were making her into a slut.

Jeffery straddled her as she lay on her back. Reaching underneath her nightshirt, he began to cup her breasts. His thumbs flicked over her stiff nipples. Stephanie closed her eyes, drinking in the warm rushes of pleasure that washed through her. She opened her eyes as he pulled up her shirt and licked around one of her areolas. Jeffery switched back and forth, gentling biting each nip as she moaned. Her body swayed under his.

Pausing, he pulled his shorts off. Even though Stephanie had seen his cock up close last night, it had been during a frenzied blowjob that hadn’t lasted long and she had kept her eyes shut for the most part. Now, she could see it in all its rampant glory; a large, purplish head crowning a long, thick shaft. His balls dangled down, covered with a thick nest of dark curls. He straddled her again, this time further down.

He grinned at her as he slid her panties down, revealing her smooth puss. He continued to pull them down until they bunched around her ankle cuffs. Lifting her legs, he slid himself between them until her cuffed ankles rested on his calves.

“Do you want me in you?” Jeffery asked, looking into his stepsister’s eyes.

“Yeaagth,” she said into her gag as she nodded and writhed beneath him.

Jeffery paused.

“Do you want me to use a condom?” he asked.

Stephanie paused a moment, then shook her head.

“Are you sure?”

The blonde girl nodded, eager for him to get inside her. Cupping his hands beneath her rear, he lifted her up towards him. She lifted her legs the best she could and dug her heels into his ass. She watched as he eased himself into her, pushing until he was fully inside before starting to pump into her.

Jeffery started slowly, feeling her silken muscles grip him as he slid back. He then began picking up the pace. Stephanie matched his rhythm, mewling at each stroke. She could feel the ecstasy building inside of her like a plume of steam as he thrust into her faster and faster. She bucked and squirmed in her bindings, screaming into her gag as she was engulfed in a fissure of white hot bliss that seemed to be burning her alive. At the edge of her mind, she felt him spray into her and hold himself there despite her thrashings until he collapsed on top of her.

Neither said a word as they panted, catching their breath. She loved the feeling of Jeffery holding her, pressing her beneath him; the feel of his sweat-slick skin against hers; the smell of their sex. She could see the intensity in his eyes revealing his passion as he fucked her that he was as ardent about this as she was.

Finally, Jeffery untangled himself from her. After rolling her over, she felt him unbuckle her gag and pull it from her mouth. Her other restraints soon followed until Stephanie was completely unbound lying on their parents rumpled bedspread. Jeffery gave her a quick kiss on the back of the neck and headed off to her parents’ shower with his boxers in hand.

It took a long time for Stephanie to will herself to get up. Once she was up, she stripped off her nightshirt as she headed towards her bathroom. Her parents’ shower was nice but what she really needed a soaking bath. As the tub filled, she poured in some rose-scented bubble bath and let the mounds of foam build up before slipping down beneath them.

The hot water eased her muscles and her mind. Her thoughts traveled back over the past couple of weeks as she replayed her forced enslavement. The more she tried to recall the details, the blurrier they became. All she really remembered was how everything was much more intense while she was bound, especially sex. She was pretty sure that she wasn’t going to be able to savor making love again without being tied up and helpless.

She lingered in the tub until the water started to cool. She dried herself off and then went back to her bedroom to get her clothes. Being seen naked in the house didn’t seem to matter anymore. She picked out a nice t-shirt and a pair of jeans before heading downstairs to get breakfast.

Apparently, Jeffery had done some lingering himself. He was seated at the table sipping at his coffee and watching his scrambled eggs cool on his plate. Steph grabbed the milk out of the fridge and a box of Rice Chex from the pantry. She sat down opposite of Jeffery and poured herself a bowl.

“Morning,” she smiled shyly.

“Morning,” he replied, giving her a quick grin.

Stephanie could tell by the look on his face that he was wrestling with his thoughts just as she had wrestled with hers while taking her bath. Finally, she decided to break the awkward silence.

“So, did you mean it?”

Jeff looked up from his eggs.


“Did you mean it, Jeff?” she asked, “Do you think of me being your little slave?”

Jeffery looked at her, “Well, since you were all tied up and . . .”

His words trailed off.

“I have given it some thought, Jeff, a lot of thought. These past weeks have changed me hugely. I mean, I will never really be the same. Not after being used by the strangers and not after what happened last night and this morning.”

Jeff just sat there, looking at his stepsister as she paused before continuing.

“Jeff, I want to be your little slave.”

There, she had said it.

“I know you are probably thinking I am a complete whack job,” she explained, “But it is the only way I can deal with what has happened to me. I need to be controlled, Jeff. I need you to be in charge of me so I don’t have to.”

Jeff just stared at her.

“You think I am fucking nuts,” she said, looking down.

“No, I don’t,” he finally said.


“Yes, really,” Jeffery said.

“You are the only person I know that can understand, Jeff, because we both went through it together. I don’t know what I am going through right now, but I really need to go through it with you. I know it sounds sick. God knows when I say it out loud it sounds sick to me, but I need to be your ‘little slave’ until I can work this out in my head, you know.”

Jeff nodded, “So you really want to do this?”

Stephanie nodded her head, “Yes.”

“To be my slave?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Jeffery nodded his head, “Okay, Stephie, I’ll do it, but once you put yourself in my hands, I will be in complete control.”

“I know,” she said.

“I’m serious.”

“I am too, Jeff. I really don’t think I can manage this without you.”

Jeffery stood up, “Okay, slave, strip.”

Stephanie just looked at her stepbrother as he put his hands on his hips.

“Are you serious about this or not, slave?”

The young blonde nodded her head and stood up from the table. Quickly she pulled of her shirt and shimmied out of her jeans and panties. She then stood there silently, her hands clasped behind her back.

“From now on you will call me ‘Master’ and you will only talk when I ask you a question. Do you understand, slave?”

Stephanie nodded, “Yes, Master.”

“Good,” he said, “Is this really what you want, slave?”

Again, she nodded, “Yes, Master.”

Jeffery grinned. He could feel his erection aching again. He was sure that she would lapse in her resolve eventually, but by that time there would be cuffs and chains around her and there would be very little she could do about it.

“Now go and bring me your restraints and your collar,” Jeffery said, “We need to get you dressed properly, slave.”

With that, Stephanie turned and scampered upstairs.

to be continued...



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