The Summer Project 9

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; kidnap; toys; reluct; X

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Part 9

Stephanie was weak with the afterglow of her last orgasm.  Her whole body felt wrung out with pleasure and she did not think she could endure any more. Yet, the vibrators were still buzzing insider her and she was helpless to stop them.

"Are you ready to eat, Slave?" the metallic voice asked.

Weakly, the blonde nodded yes.  Steph hadn't realized how hungry she really was.  

Stephanie felt a tug upon her collar, "Come, Slave."

The tied woman wriggled up into a sitting position with difficulty.  Not only was she tired from the many orgasm that had torn through her in the last couple hours, but also she was also very tightly bound.  Her arms were encased in a white-leather armbinder, which matched her collar, and three black leather belts encircled her legs and ankles.  A black leather blindfold and several strips of tape over her mouth completed bindings.  To her captor, Stephanie was turning into everything that he dreamed of and more.

With another tug on her lead, Jeff pulled his stepsister up off the couch and to a teetering stance.  Stephanie, with her legs bound together and weak from her exertions, was finding it difficult to balance.  The only support the blonde girl had was the tension the stranger kept on her leash.

"If you want your meal," the metallic voice droned, "you had better hop to it, Slave."

With that, Stephanie felt a yank on her chain.

Unsteadily, the bound girl took her first hop. It was one thing to jump when you are able to see but quiet another task to do it blindfolded.  The only sense of direction she had was where the intruder was pulling her.  After a few hops, she got a bit steadier.  Soon, she felt the cool wood floor of the dinning room underneath her.

Gently, the stranger guided her before one of the dinning room chairs and eased her down until she was kneeling on the floor in front of it.  Next, the man began unbuckling the straps holding her knees and thighs together, but not the one binding her ankles.  The twin vibrators were still humming within her, whispering their magic to her very soul as he took the straps away.  Last, he lashed her ankles to the end of her armbinder, putting her into a genuflect hogtie.

"If you loose your buzzing friends, slave, you will find out how much pain you can endure," the metallic voice threatened.

The captive blonde woman heard the stranger leave as she knelt there in her bindings.  She could smell the spicy aromas of the Chinese dinner that had just been delivered and the pangs of hunger blossomed inside of her.  For Stephanie, the whirl of smells and the erotic stirrings within her were an odd but potent blend and she found that she was rocking her hips again, embracing the pulsing vibrator within her.

Jeff noticed that his bound stepsister was thrusting her hips again as she knelt there bound.  He watched her there silently as her moans through her gag began to get louder.  Despite his warnings, his captive was trying to cum again.

Stephanie screamed into her gag as the intruder viciously pinched both of nipples, sending a wave of pain through her and nearly causing her to fall over.

"I did NOT give you permission to cum!" The electronically twisted voice spat at her.

The blonde girl sobbed as he released her nipples.  She really hadn't realized that she was indeed trying to encourage another orgasm.  However, the vibrators were continuing their lascivious conjuring within her and she could feel the first roiling of an orgasm building within her despite the fresh pain in her nipples and the stern warning of her captor.

"Do you want me to hurt you?" the voice asked.

Stephanie shook her head no.

"Then do not disobey me, slave.  Do you understand?"

The bound blonde nodded.

"Next time, slave, it will be much more painful."

Stephanie nodded again, crying.  Her mind was a typhoon of feelings and emotions and thoughts, but foremost was that she did not want to experience any more pain from this man.

"Now, slave, I am going to remove your gag so that you can eat and drink.  Any noise that comes out of your mouth will be punishable by extreme pain.  I will gag you and throw you into the cellar and I will whip you until you fall unconscious on the cold, cement floor.  I will not feed you again for 24 hours and you will wallow in your own piss and shit.  Do you understand, slave?"

The bound girl nodded.

Jeff carefully removed the tape gag from his captive's mouth.  It stung a bit as it pulled away from her lips, but it wasn't as bad as she had expected.  Jeff then pulled out the soaked foam ball from her mouth, setting it on the table.

Stephanie worked her jaws a bit.

"Spread you legs, slave," the stranger commanded.

The blond girl did as she was told to the limits of her restraints.  Stephanie could feel the stranger's eyes savoring her every curve and shadow and the thought sent little erotic pulses through her despite what she was being forced to do.  The minutes seemed like lifetimes as she waited for the stranger to do something.

Stephanie felt his fingers gently brush through her pubis, touching off a wave of unbidden pleasure.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

Stephanie moaned and nodded her head.  

"Do you want to eat?" the stranger's metallic voice asked.

Again, the bound blonde girl nodded.

"You cannot have both, slave," the voice continued, "Whether you eat or come is your choice.  If you want to eat, open your mouth wide.  If you want to come, thrust your pussy into my hand."

The strangers light tickling through her nest and the ministrations of the vibrators made the choice harder then it should have been.  Stephanie felt her passions rising to surface, giving hints of ecstasy to come. In the end, however, she opened up her mouth.

"Good slave," Jeff patted her on her head as he sat in the chair in front of her.

The dinner was a feast of orange chicken, shrimp in garlic sauce and sweet and sour pork.  The intruder fed Stephanie expertly with his chopsticks, feeding her a piece at a time and allowing her to sip her herbal tea.  Several times a bit of the warm sauce would dribble onto Stephanie's chest and she felt the man bend down over her and slowly lick it off.  More than once the captive woman thought about how romantic this would be if it weren't for the fact that she was being forced against her will into being this man's sex slave.

Throughout the dinner, the twin vibrators continued to work their magic with the blonde and a slow rising pool of ardor swirled through her.  Another orgasm was not far off and the intruder seemed to sense this.  Caressing a nipple here and tracing her labia there, his sprinkled his touches in while he fed her, stoking her fires.

"Are you ready for dessert, slave," the intruder's masked voice asked.

Slowly, Steph nodded yes.

The captive heard her captor get up and step around in back of her, stroking back her long, golden hair.

"Open wide, slave," he commanded.

Stephanie did as she was told and felt a leather and steel ring being shoved behind her teeth.  Two leather straps cut into the girl's cheeks as the man buckled the gag tightly behind her head.  The device was uncomfortable and Steph moaned her displeasure as it forced her mouth open.

"I thought you would like something warm and creamy," Jeff said, stepping before the kneeling girl and unzipping his jeans.

Steph had never given a blowjob before because the thought of putting a guy's cock in her mouth disgusted her.  She baulked as the stranger grabbed both sides of her head and thrust his dick through the center of the ring.  The member was larger than she had thought, filling her mouth and ramming down part of her throat.  The blonde captive gagged.  His flesh had a salty taste to it she noticed as it withdrew a bit.  Steph squirmed in her bonds as the stranger slowly pumped.  

"Suck my cock, slave," Jeff ordered her, "make me cum."

Again, Steph moaned her displeasure but there was little she could do.  She knew how much pain this man could inflict and had.  So, like trying to eat Brussel sprouts as a kid, she thought of more pleasing things as she sealed her lips around the man's cock.  The captive tried concentrated on the erotic feelings welling up inside her, slowly threatening to engulf her.

"Use your tongue, slave," the voice spoke.

As Jeff withdrew, she began to lick his shaft before he shoved it back in.  Stephanie tried to imagine his dick as a warm Popsicle and adjusted her virgin technique accordingly, slurping and sucking; hearing the low groans of her captor.

Jeff began to speed up, feeling his cum broiling up within him.  He looked down at his step-sister's face as he fucked her, her blonde hair now in disarray over her blindfolded eyes.  Faster and faster he rocked her head until he could hold it back no longer and shot hot jism into Stephanie's mouth.

The man's cum was salty and a little waxy tasting and Stephanie tried not to think about what it was as she continued her servicing of the man and swallowing his seed.

"That's it, slave, lick me clean."

The man's cock was no long as rigid as it had been as Steph did as she was ordered to.  It did not take it long to shrink away to where she could do much else.  She felt him step back and pat her on the head.

"Good slave," he said, "Now do not cum until I command.  I will be back to take care of your needs."

The bliss that had been building with Stephanie had not diminished.  Tied as she was, there was very little she could do save for enjoying the hum of the phalluses in both her pussy and rectum. There was nothing to grind against or force the vibrator in deeper.  She knew the table leg was close but she also knew the pinch of the man's clothespins.

After using the restroom, Jeff returned to his stepsister, swaying and moaning as she knelt on the dining room floor.

"Would you like to cum, slave?" Jeff asked.

"AHHHHH-HAAHHHH," Stephanie practically yelled into her gag.

Jeff smiled.

"Show me how much you want to cum, slave."

The blonde began writhing in her bonds, thrusting herself towards the voice.  The orgasm that was building within her was just a few touches away but she knew she couldn't achieve it herself.  She needed and lusted for the release it would give her.

The stranger's warm fingers began to gently pinch her stiffened nipples, sending bolts of pure pleasure through her.  His fingers then traced down the flat of her stomach and through her soft nest. She felt him grasp the end of the vibrator.

"Do not cum yet."

Stephanie moaned her frustration.  The waves of pleasure were crashing at her gates and she didn't know how much longer she could hold back.

The stranger shoved the buzzing dildo all the way inside her.

"Cum, slave."

Crashing waves of bliss consumed her as she squirmed and threw herself against her bindings so violently the stranger had to grab a hold of her or she would have fell to the kitchen floor.  Wave after erotic wave swallowed her as she bucked until it ebbed away, leaving the girl completely drained and limp.

"I think it is time to get you to bed, slave," the voice said, kneeling down to unfasten her hogtie.

To Be Continued. . .

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