The Summer Project 10

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; kidnap; toys; reluct; X

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Part 10

It was a struggle just to stand after the stranger had untied Stephanie's armbinder from the strap holding her ankles together.  The blonde felt as limp as an old rag doll, her strength zapped by the two orgasm she had just had in the past hour.  She wobbled and swayed as she stood, feeling the leather straps being buckled again around her knees and thighs.

Jeff's stepsister made a most beautiful slave, even more so in the afterglow of her last cum.  A long tangle of blonde hair spilled down over her blindfolded eyes and her ring-gagged mouth seemed to quiver in an erotic kiss.  The white of her leather collar and armbinder seemed to gleam against her tanned skin.  Her pale nipples were still stiff from pleasure.  If there were one thing that did not fit the perfect picture, it would be the fact that she was not a true blonde.  The soft curls of her nest were a light brown in color.  However, that could be rectified.

Steph felt her captor clip on the leather lead and give it a gentle tug.  She hopped in that direction, concentrating on the task at hand rather than the two vibrators still buzzing away within her.

"Did you enjoy that, slave?" the metallically twisted voice of her stepbrother asked.

Stephanie flushed red with embarrassment as she nodded yes.  It just murdered her to admit that the pleasures she had just had were the most intense of her young life.  Everything she had been told said that rape was a horrible, painful thing that tore at one's soul.  However, Steph enjoyed what had just happened and that thought raced through her mind like a blender.

Jeff continued to pull on her leash, moving slowly to the stairs.  He noticed a pile of envelopes below the mail slot and made a mental note to look through them in the morning and pay any bills.  His parents had left him with several signed checks to do this with as well as several thousand dollars to put into his checking for emergencies.  However, he had more important things to look after.

At the foot of the stairs, Jeff stopped and threw his blonde captive over his shoulder.  Stephanie squealed in surprise and struggled a bit.

"Stop squirming, slave, or I will drop you."

Stephanie stopped struggling.  It was more to try to get comfortable than it was to escape knowing the later was impossible.  His shoulder seemed to cut into her stomach as he climbed the stairs and Steph worried that he might loose his footing and they would both come crashing down the stairs.  However, that did not happen and at the top of the flight, he swung her off his shoulder and helped her balance herself again in her restraints.

Without a word, Jeff led his captive down the hallway to his parent's bedroom, pausing to enjoy the way his stepsister looked.  Her large, pale-nippled breasts jiggled with every little hop she took.  He could feel himself harden again looking at her blindfolded form, but reminded himself that he had plenty of time to enjoy her.  There were other things to take care of.

Tugging on her leash, Jeff guided her into the bathroom and eased her onto the toilet.  Stephanie felt the straps around her ankles and legs being undone.  Apparently, it was another bathroom break.  It was easier for her to go this second time and the stranger was just as careful cleaning her up with a warm washcloth. 

"You need to shower, slave," the intruder said in his electronically distorted voice, "And I have to change your bindings."

The captive blonde listened, nodding slightly.

"If you try to escape, slave, I will kill you quickly but I will also slowly torture your brother to death. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded.

"As long as you please me, slave, everything will be okay.  No permanent harm will come to you or him.  Understand, slave?"

Again, the captive girl nodded.  She understood completely what the stranger had just said.  As it was, Steph didn't think she had the energy to try to fight or escape.  She could try to summon some up, she supposed, but she knew deep down inside that she would fail and that would lead to something much worse for both her and her stepbrother.

One of the things Jeff had gathered for the capture of his stepsister was a package of plastic zip-ties. He realized that these would be perfect for use in showering his slave since he did not want to ruin the leather armbinder or collar.  The only thing that might be ruined was her black leather blindfold and Jeff couldn't risk taking it off at this stage of Stephanie's transformation.  Perhaps he should look through his parent's collection of bondage gear to see if they had something he could use.

Stephanie let the stranger maneuver her into the shower.  Her parents had just re-done their bathroom and the shower was one of those glass-enclosed full body showers.  Steph loved it and occasionally snuck a shower in there while her parents were away.  She also noticed that there were various hooks and eyebolts set around and she imagined that they were for hanging up and drying clothes or her mother's various loofah sponges.  I did not occur to her that they might have a far more kinkier purpose.

Jeff, however, saw how useful they could be and planned on using the bolts to their utmost advantage.  He hooked Stephanie's leash to one of the bolts before going to his parent's bondage armoire to see if her could find something a bit more waterproof to blindfold his stepsister with.

The array of bondage gear was astounding.  Jeff had not really looked through it carefully.  Everything was neatly organized by function.  There were gags and restraint straps and collars of all sorts.  There was one drawer of various vibrators and dildos and other stimulators.  In a drawer on the bottom, one that Jeff really hadn't looked through, he found what he was searching for.

The long drawer was filled with a variety of latex and rubber restraints and clothing.  Amongst these was a variety of hoods and one in particular caught his eye.  It was a white latex hood that covered all but the wearer's mouth and buckled into place around the neck.  There were air holes for breathing through the nose and a hole in back to pull a ponytail through.  It was perfect.  Taking it, he went back to his captive.

"Slave," the voice said, "I am going to take your gag out and then remove your blindfold.  Keep your eyes shut or the last thing you will see is my knife slitting your throat.  Do you understand, slave?

Stephanie understood all too well and she nodded her head.

"Good.  Stand still slave."

The blonde girl was glad to be rid of her current gag.  The steel ring that forced her jaws open was very uncomfortable and caused her to drool uncontrollably.  The blindfold was next Stephanie was sorely tempted to open her eyes as the stranger peeled it off of her, but she did not.  She had already felt what pain he could inflict and she was convinced that he might indeed kill her if she did not obey his wishes.

Stephanie felt her hair being gently gathered together in a ponytail then threaded through something.  She then felt something being pulled down over her head, not unlike a latex swimming cap.  However, unlike a swimming cap, the stranger continued to roll the rubber down over her eyes and nose, eventually encapsulating her entire head.  The latex mask ended just underneath her chin with a small opening for her mouth and a couple of small holes for breathing through her nose.  Stephanie then felt something pull underneath her chin and tighten.  The hood was now laced into place.

"Open wide, slave," the metallic voice ordered.

The girl felt a rubber ball being forced between her teeth, not unlike the first gag she wore, though not quite as big.  Jeff tightened the straps of the red ballgag and stepped back to admire his work.  His stepsister was indeed a picture perfect slave.  Speaking of which. . .

The hood seemed to mute most of her senses.  It sealed Stephanie's eyes closed as well as ears.  The latex smell filled her nose and the rubber-tasting gag only heightened the feeling that her whole head was encased.  She hadn't even realized that Jeff had left to get the camera and was setting it up.

Jeff realized that the next part was the most dangerous and could unravel everything her had done.  However, the white leather armbinder had to come off.  Jeff gathered up the zip-ties and stepped in back of his captive stepsister.

Stephanie felt the stranger unbuckling the various straps holding her arms in the single glove then slowly he began to slide it off.  He stopped half way and encircled her arms with a thin strap just above her elbows.  As the stranger tightened it, the strap bit into her skin a bit, causing her to gasp in pain.  This did not stop the stranger as he put another strap below her elbows and tightened it as well.

The captive continued to feel the armbinder being peeled off until it slid off her hands.  Quickly, the stranger gathered her wrists together and pulled another thin strap around them, binding them together as well.  Jeff was satisfied that there was no way for his stepsister to escape as she tried to move weakly against her new bindings.  Hastily, Jeff undressed and stepped in beside Steph.

A warm spray soon engulfed the blonde as she felt the stranger gently turned her around, making sure that nearly all of her was soaked.  Again, she noted that his touches and grasps were that of a lover, not of a thug, and she felt a flutter of butterflies through her as his touch.  It was quite unlike anything she had ever felt before.  Soon she also felt the soft scour of a soapy loofah sponge scrubbing her legs and slowly working upward.

The stranger paid attention to every bit of her, washing her and rinsing her.  The warmth of her last orgasms had not gone away and she felt herself getting excited again at his touch, especially when he paid close attention to the soft patch of curls above her sex.

"Spread your legs, slave."

Stephanie did so without a single thought.  It was almost natural to obey him now.


The captive's stance widened and she felt the stranger begin to soap her mons. Then she felt the slow graze of a razor being pulled through her nest.  Stephanie felt both appalled and wanton as he continued to shave her pussy bald.  Up to this point, she didn't think she could feel any more naked than being tied and helpless under the eyes of this stranger.  However, this man was bearing her even more and it caused her to blush.

"Quit squirming, slave, or I will cut you."

Stephanie struggled to be still.  The depilation did not take long and with a soft washcloth, the stranger wiped her mons clean.

"You look beautiful, slave," the stranger said in his distorted electric voice.

The captive felt herself blush again.  Men had called her many things, such as 'sexy' and 'hot', but this was the first time she had been told that she looked beautiful.

Jeff turned the shower off and began to pat dry his hooded prisoner.  As he rubbed the towel over her, she seemed to stand prouder.  He shook his head.  He must be imagining things.  He buckled her white leather collar around her neck and clipped the leash to it again.  He then led her out of the bathroom into his parent's bedroom, sitting her down on their parent's bed.

Jeff was fully conscious that her bindings for sleeping had to be comfortable to his stepsister.  There were white fleece-lined cuffs in their wardrobe and he had selected these for Steph for the night.  The ankle cuffs went on first, locking them in place with a small lock.  Raising the blonde from the bed, he did the same for her wrists after snipping the zip-tie that held her wrists together.  Jeff then undid the other bindings above and below her elbows, causing a sigh of relief from his captive.

"It's time to sleep, slave," Jeff said as he hooked her lead onto the headboard of the bed, "I will be with you shortly after I tend to a few things."

Even though she was exhausted, sleep was the last thing on Stephanie's mind.  The shower had left her with goose bumps and a need within her that she could not assuage being bound as she was.  Perhaps when the stranger returned. . .

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