The Summer Project 8

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; kidnap; toys; reluct; X

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Part 8

When the vibrator started in her ass, Stephanie first reaction was to push it out of her. But the intruder's promise of punishment overrode her natural repugnance to the device. Then the second vibrator started, humming and twisting in her pussy while the nub against her clit began to buzz. The combination of the two was overwhelming and as the blonde relaxed a bit more, she found that the new sensation in her rear helped stimulate the rest of her, causing her to moan little moans into her gag and to start to rock her hips.

Briefly the captive blonde wondered what the intruder was doing.

Stephanie strained to hear the stranger. She thought she heard him in the kitchen. He was probably on the phone there, but she couldn't make out anything he said. The twin stimulations made it hard for her to focus and she could feel another orgasm beginning to brew inside her. Her moans grew a little more as she lay there, bound.

"Dinner is on its way, slave," Jeff's electronically twisted voice said as he patted her on the head, "I hope you like Chinese. I figure we have about thirty minutes before the delivery boy arrives."

Jeff noticed that his captive stepsister was already starting to hump her hips. Her tan skin contrasted wonderfully with the white leather armbinder and collar and as she lay there, Jeff combed her long, blonde hair back so he could see her blindfolded and tape-gagged face. Hogtied as she was, Stephanie was going nowhere and the cold eye of the camera was going to catch it all.

The girl felt the warm hands of the intruder as he eased her over onto her side. The stranger's hand began to lightly trace over the curves of her body, drawing little circles over her thighs and flat of her stomach and between her breasts. The only place they did not touch was her nipples, still aching from the removed clothespins. Each touch stimulated her more, causing the pleasure inside of her to simmer just a bit more.

"Do you enjoy this, slave?" the metallic voice asked.

Stephanie nodded and mewled her agreement through her gag.

His light touches continued over her body. Then Stephanie felt his lips kiss the bony part of her hip. It was a soft, tender kiss and he repeated it again across her belly. When he came to her navel, she squirmed a bit as his tongue reamed it, tickling her. In his lust, Jeff had almost forgotten just how ticklish certain parts of his stepsister could be.

The intruder's kisses trailed up from her stomach and between her breasts and around her collar. He brushed back her hair and began to nibble at her earlobe, something that drove her absolutely wild. The vibrators were doing their part, especially the one against her clit. The high pitched humming sent wave after wave of pure bliss through her, each one helping the orgasm lurking within her build. Her hips pumped upon the vibrator. As she did this, she bumped the back of the couch and accidentally pushed the anal vibrator deeper inside of her.

It wasn't painful. The feel of the two vibrators humming together inside of her seemed more and more erotic as she felt her pleasure grow. Stephanie would have never guessed just how pleasurable this would be. When she ordered her few toys online, she always quickly clicked over the butt plugs and anal stimulators. She thought how dirty they were and only a true slut would ever use one of those. . .

Stephanie was now a true slut.

The stranger seemed to know that she was about to cum and just needed a little more stimulation to put her over the brink. His rough tongue licked at one of her nipples, then the other one in turn. Stephanie moaned loudly through her gag.

"You can not cum yet, slave."

Stephanie moaned her frustration. Ecstasy was just a touch or two away yet she could not give into it for fear of pain. Mentally, she tried to force the pending orgasm down deep inside of her, but the more she tried, the more she threatened to boil over into pure heaven.


Stephanie screamed into her gag at the pain as Jeff slapped her thigh.

"Cum, slave, and you will endure more pain than you could possibly imagine."

Stephanie whimpered into her gag. She couldn't stave off cumming forever. Sooner or later it would engulf her and there would be little she could do about it.

Then the doorbell rang.

The intruder stopped his attentions, "Dinner is here, slave, do not roll back over or you will be punished. You may cum, slave, but only while the delivery guy is inside the house. You will not be allowed to cum afterward, slave. Do you understand?"

Stephanie nodded her head quickly, knowing her orgasm was close.

"I am going to leave you then, slave, but keep in mind both the delivery guy and I can keep an eye on you on the TV."

The idea of being seen like this; naked, bound and gagged, mortified Stephanie. It also seemed to fan the flames of her growing desire to cum. Of the two, it looked like the later was going to overcome her embarrassment of the former.

Jeff set down his voice distortion toy he had bought several hours ago and looked out the small window to make sure who it was. Standing there, in a tightly fitting red polo shirt and black slacks was a petite Asian girl holding Stephs and his dinner. It was even better than he had planned.

Jeff opened the door, "Hi, come on in. I need to get the money from the kitchen. How much was it?"

"It is twenty-two eleven," she said as she stepped in.

"Okay, I will be right back."

Jeff left the pretty delivery girl in the foyer. He glanced at the TV to make sure that she could see what was on the screen and not Stephanie herself. Pleased that it was so, he went off the kitchen to watch a bit. There was a place that he could watch the delivery girl without her seeing him.

The girl stood there nervously, head bowed as if trying not to watch what was on the television. Occasionally, when Stephanie moaned, the oriental girl would shyly look up and watch what the bound blonde was doing on the big screen.

Stephanie knew deep inside that the delivery person was her watching as the twin vibrator worked their magic on her libido. The very fact that she was exposed to a stranger's eyes sent a forbidden wave of lust through her, churning her passion into a full cascade of pleasure. An orgasm engulfed her and caused her to writhe uncontrollably in her bindings, nearly screaming through her gag.

Jeff came back with a handful of bills and handed them to the girl.

"You can keep the change," Jeff said, knowing he had given the girl a generous tip.

"Thank you," the girl nervously said, leaving fairly quickly.

"Your welcome," Jeff said as the girl made her way to her green Nissan idling at the curb.

Jeff smiled as he watched her. The girl was very attractive and briefly he had fantasies about kidnapping her as well, but common sense made him think better of that. Better to focus his attentions on the one that needed it most.

After getting his voice distorter, Jeff went over to his bound sister and gently combed her hair out of her face.

"Did you cum, slave?" the stranger's cold voice asked.

Exhausted, Stephanie nodded. After holding back the orgasm for so long, when she did let go, it was like shaking up a bottle of Champaign and then popping the cork. The pure, raw rapture filled her very soul like nothing had ever done before. It had been her most powerful orgasm ever and it left her weak and warm all over.

"That is a good slave. You have obeyed my wishes so you will get to dine with me tonight."


Michelle had delivered food to a good many strange places, but this was one of her weirdest calls. She knew that the girl on the television was probably lying on the couch. Michelle could tell that just by the woman's screams. No stereo system was that good. And there was the smell of sex in the air. No, she had been witness to some couples kinky fantasy.

And, oddly, it made Michelle a little horny.

She had had fantasies like that; unspoken fantasies of being bound and helpless and at another's mercy. However, she did not trust anyone with those fantasies. They were too dark and she was afraid of scaring away her boyfriend. . .

However, the image of that bound woman kept crawling back into her mind, making it hard to drive.

"God, that woman has to be the luckiest woman alive," Michelle said out loud.

Michelle also noticed that she was getting wet at the thought of being in that woman's place.

It was a long drive back to the restaurant for the delivery girl, her thoughts constantly on what she saw and what she imagined what it would be like being tied herself that way. She even reached down into her panties and between her legs to try to relieve some of the tension. However, she was hornier than ever when she pulled into the parking lot.

Michelle then decided to tell her boss that she was really feeling quite ill and needed to go home and rest. Besides, it was close to the end of her shift and Chuck was there to make any deliveries that may come up.

It was hard for Michelle to lie about being sick, but she managed it and soon found herself racing back to her apartment and ultimately to her bedroom.
It did not take the Asian girl too long to undress and hop into her bed armed with one of her vibrators.

As Michelle's toy hummed and she started to pinch at one of her nipples, she began to imagine what it would be like to be bound in that woman's place, unable to do anything but enjoy that man's caresses and touches; Being made to cum again and again and again and not being able to do anything about it.

The first hot waves of pleasure began to churn inside of Michelle as she caressed herself and soon, the waves crashed over her and she was in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Slowly, the joy ebbed away but did not really disappear. The image of the woman kept on surfacing and it gave rise to another orgasmic tide. Finally, after about an hour of constant stimulation, the batteries in her toy began to wan and she had exhausted herself.

'God, I wish I could be that woman', she thought to herself.

Then she thought to herself that she could. Michelle had a delightfully sinful thought. Maybe they could invite her into their games. Just the mere thought of it sent warm ripples of lust through her.

Naked, she got up and went over to her computer and began to type a letter. After she finished it, she put it in an envelope and scribbled on it 'I Saw What You Did Last Night.'

She hurriedly got dressed again and got the envelope. Michelle knew she had to do it now or she would chicken out. She would drive to the house and quietly slip the letter into their mail slot.

Then Michelle would wait for their reply.


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