The Summer Project 7

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; kidnap; toys; nc; X

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Part 7

"Nnnnnnuggghhhh!" Jeff's bound stepsister wailed through her tape gag, shaking her head at the same time.

"Did I give you permission to cum, slave?" Jeff's metallic-twisted voice questioned and he stood over Stephanie.

Slowly Stephanie shook her head, tears running down from behind her leather blindfold. She lay on her parent's hallway carpet, her arms sheathed in a white-leather arm binder and her ankles being held apart by a chrome spreader bar. A pair of clothespins had been snapped onto each nipple, torturing her breasts. White medical tape sealed the blonde's lips shut and a white collar encircled her throat. She was anyone's dream slave and right now, that dream slave belonged to her stepbrother, Jeff.

"So, how should I punish you, slave? Perhaps a clothespin on your clit?"

Stephanie screamed NO through her gag.

Jeff knelt down and ran a clothespin over his stepsister's sex slick lips, nudging it at her pearl.

"You don't want this on your clit, do you, slave?"

The young blonde nodded. Stephanie could just imagine the shear agony that that device would inflict upon her. She would do whatever the stranger wanted as long as he did not do that.

"Do you think I care whether or not you want this snapped onto your clit, slave?"

Stephanie froze, not moving a muscle.

"I will do anything I want to, slave," Jeff continued, "I can give you pleasure. . ."

The stranger gently slid his finger into Stephanie's moist slit and began to tickle at her already sensitive clit, causing another ripple of pleasure to course through her.

". . .Or I can give you pain."

Jeff twisted one of the clothespins on Stephanie's nipples, causing an all-new torrent of pain to grip her body. She writhed in her bonds as Jeff released the clothespin.

"So, slave, what should I do with you?"

Stephanie lay there, sobbing silently awaiting her fate. The stranger was right, he could do anything he wanted to her and she could do little about it.

After a moment, Jeff continued, "I think, slave, I will forgive you this time. You were very good fuck, slave. I want you to continue to fuck me like that. Remember, though, you cannot cum unless I tell you can. If you cum again without my say, I will clip your clit. Hard. Is that understood, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head, grateful that the stranger would not punish her.

"Stay here, slave."

The blonde heard the intruder walk down the hallway, leaving her there alone. She was too tired to struggle and she really didn't know how close to the stairs she was. Her arms ached and her legs were threatening to cramp. Her stomach was also growling from hunger. Briefly she wondered what was happening to her brother Jeff and whether he was all right or not. Right now, however, Stephanie had to worry about herself. She heard the toilet flush and the footsteps of the intruder returning to her.

"Stand up, slave."

For the young woman, the order might as well had been 'slave, go to the moon.' Stephanie was so physically exhausted she didn't think she could move and if she could move, how the hell was she going to stand up bound as she was.

"Did you hear me, slave?" Jeff asked.

The blonde nodded weakly and slowly started to move her legs so that she could try to sit up. With all the will she could muster, Stephanie grunted through her gag and sat up, propping herself up with her encased arms. The harder part was ahead of her, however. She secretly was glad she was in such good shape from swimming and tennis. It was definitely helping her now.

Stephanie pulled her legs up until the spreader bar rested firmly against the bottom of her thighs. She rested a bit, mentally picturing how she was going to do this.

"I don't have all night, slave," the metallic voice said.

The bound captive rocked herself a bit using her sheathed arms until she was sure she could rock forward to balance on her feet. With a great push, Stephanie strained forward to balance on her feet. She hung there a second; then two. She tried to steady herself, adjusting herself until she was happy that she would not fall over.

Stephanie then slowly stood up, her legs quivering with the effort.

"Good slave," Jeff said, clapping.

Stephanie felt the same kind of elation she felt when she had won a difficult tennis match. Despite everything, she had done it and without any help. It was a small mental victory for her and she grasped at it like a life preserver.

"Slave, thrust your tits out."

Of course, Stephanie did so. The pain the clothespins caused had ebbed away to a dull ache, flaring a bit if she moved and caused them to wobble. The stranger flicked at them now, causing little bolts of pain.

The stranger then unclipped one of the clothespins, then the other.

The numbness went away as soon as the pins came off and was replaced by some more pain. The stranger began to message Stephanie's breasts slowly. Paying attention to her still stiff nipples. Jeff liked her large breasts and the way they looked when his stepsister thrust them out. Already he could feel himself get hard again, thinking what he could do to his new blonde slave.

Jeff looked at the stairs down the hallway and knew Stephanie would probably hurt herself going down them. The last thing he needed was his new prize to break an arm or leg. It would ruin everything. No, the only way for him to get her downstairs bound as she was, was to carry her.

"Slave, stand still."

Jeff knelt down a bit and put his bound stepsister over his shoulder. He heard her moan a question into her gag, but she didn't thrash around or kick. With Stephanie balanced over his shoulder, he began to carry her down the hall and down the staircase.

The trip down the stairs was a bit uncomfortable with the stranger's shoulder digging into her stomach, but she was glad he did not force her to try the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, he put her down on her feet, propping her against the outside door until she found her footing.

"Slave, follow me."

Stephanie felt a tug on her leash and she followed the best she could. She could feel the living room carpet underfoot and she could imagine just where she was in the room. There was a brown leather couch and recliner facing their parents wide screen television. There was also a heavy wood and glass coffee table and matching end tables. She found that she was being lead to what she believed was the couch.

"Sit, slave," the metallic voice commanded.

Unsteadily, Stephanie did as she was told. The leather felt cool on her naked skin and she was glad that she was able to rest a bit. At least, she hoped that the stranger would allow her to rest.

"Stay put, slave."

The captive girl heard the stranger go back up the stairs.

Alone. Stephanie knew she couldn't get out of her bindings but she could try to get someone's attention so that the police could rescue both her and her brother. There was a huge picture window in the living room where she was standing. She could hobble over the window and push back the curtain . . .

. . .And there she would be, naked and bound looking like some kinky bondage babe displayed before the entire neighborhood. Stephanie could already feel the flush of embarrassment at the thought at being exposed like that.

Stephanie heard the stranger return and as she sat on the couch as she was told to do, she heard him setting up something, first to one side of her, then the other.

"Do you want to be a television star, slave?" the stranger's metallic voice asked.

Stephanie shook her head slowly, but she knew her opinion didn't mean squat with the man. He would do whatever he wanted with her. Now, it seems she was going to be video taped.

"Too bad, slave. I want to see you up on this big screen TV. You know, slave, you look so sexy bound like that; so delicious. I want everybody to see you like this."

Stephanie moaned through her gag and shook her head. She didn't want anyone to see her like this.

"Would you rather me clip your clit, slave?" the metallic voice asked.

"Nnnnnnnggggghhhh!" she screamed into gag.

"So, you want me to tape you, slave?"

Stephanie nodded, not wanting to feel the pain of being clamped. God, when will this end, she thought to herself. She heard the intruder moving about some more then she heard him turn on the TV.

"God, slave, you look gorgeous. You should see yourself."

The bound blonde could already imagine what she looked like sitting there with her arms bound in back of her and her legs forced open for his stares and touches. She could imagine her tangled hair framing her blindfolded and gagged face, the tracks of her drying tears still visible.

Stephanie felt him kneel in front of her and then touch her red, sex-puffed lips and he spread them open a bit. Then she felt something entering her, another vibrator, larger than the first one she had been forced to endure. It felt similar to the pink gel one that she kept in a shoebox in her closet. As he pushed it home, she could feel a second nub resting against her pearl.

"You must keep this in you, slave, or you will be punished. Do you understand, slave?"

Jeff's stepsister nodded.

"You also know, you must not cum unless I command you to or you will be punished as well."

Again, Stephanie nodded. She didn't know how much more of this she could take.

Then, surprisingly, the young woman felt one of her ankle cuffs being loosened and slipped off first one of her ankles, then the other. Her legs were no longer being forced to stay open. Gently, he eased her legs together and she felt a belt of some sort being wrapped around her knees and tightened. He did the same to her calves and ankles, making sure the leather belts were as tight as they could be without causing her to lose circulation.

With a firm push, Jeff laid his stepsister down on the couch on her stomach. It was perfect. Even without hogtying her, she did not hang over either edge of the couch. He gave her a playful slap on her ass, to which Stephanie yelped.

"Now, slave, have you ever had an anal vibrator inside you?"

Stephanie moaned 'no' into her gag. She had never even considered something like that and she did not want to have one crammed up her ass now. But, she knew that she was going to get it anyway.

"Slave, raise your ass."

Stephanie hesitated.


Raw pain shot through Stephanie's rear as Jeff spanked her hard.


The blonde arched her ass upward, fearing the pain that he could inflict to the pain of having her hole being raped by the vibrator.

Jeff took his time to make sure that the slender vibrator was thoroughly lubricated with KY jelly before he attempted to ease it into her little puckered hole. With one hand, he spread her cheeks and with the other, he began to slowly push the vibrator in.

"Do not fight it, slave, it will only hurt more."

It felt as if her asshole was on fire as she felt the vibrator sliding into her. She tried to relax but every fiber of her being was rebelling against this thing entering her. She forced herself to concentrate on just relaxing, chanting it as if it were a mantra. Finally, she felt herself relax a bit and the pain eased a bit as he pushed the slender vibrator in. It felt as if she was filled more fully than she had ever been before and after she had relaxed, it wasn't wholly a bad feeling. In fact, it felt erotic.

"Slave, if this vibrator slips out of you, I will have to really punish you. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded.

Jeff then folded her legs back and with a short piece of rope, he tied Stephanie's cinched ankles to the end of her arm sheath, hogtying her. He looked up at the picture on the TV and saw his bound slave, in all her naked glory, in clear and sharp focus. He smiled as he turned on both vibrators.

"Now, slave, to get our dinner."

Continued in Part Eight


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