The Summer Project 6

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; kidnap; toys; nc; X

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Part 6

"I think you will like these games, slave," Jeff said as he gently caressed a line over both of his captive's breasts.

Stephanie looked beautiful, sitting bound as she was. Her arms were encased in a white leather armsheath that made her breasts jut forward as if begging for attention. Her eyes were still blindfolded by a white leather blindfold that matched her single-glove binder and white medical tape sealed her lips shut. Leather cuffs were still locked around each ankle and a spreader bar held the blonde's legs open. She was still flushed from her recent orgasm and her long, blonde hair was tangled about her face. She was an angel in bondage and for the next several weeks, Jeff would turn his stepsister into a sex slave to use as he pleased.

"The next game, slave," Jeff's metallic voice said through the distorter, "is to test how well you listen and follow orders."

Stephanie felt something cool and stiff being traced around her left areola, teasing her erect nipple.

"You feel this, slave?"

The blonde captive nodded her head.

"This is a plastic clothespin, one of many."

Stephanie felt the jaws of the clothespin open up and gently play at her one nipple. The stranger did not close it on her; he just teased her with it. The clothespin nipped at her, first one nipple and then the other.

"Each time you do something, slave, I did not address you to do, one of these will be clipped onto a very sensitive part of your body. So, slave, you will have to pay very close attention to what I say. Think of it as a game of 'Master Says'."

Stephanie could almost hear the stranger grin a demonic grin.

"The final goal, slave, is to get you downstairs so we can eat. I can imagine you are starving, are you not, slave?"

The young blonde nodded her head.

"Good, so am I. I thought we would order out. Now, slave, stand up."

Jeff watched as his stepsister struggled to stand. It was a labor for her. Her legs were still stiff both from the long, standing position she had been forced to endure earlier and from the orgasm that followed. Using her encased hands, she managed to prop herself up at the edge of the bed and stand.

"Good girl, now take a step forward."

Stephanie's short step forward was made awkward by her spreader bar, but she managed to do it.

"Sorry, slave, you lose. I did not address you by name and therefore, the first clothespin goes on."

The blonde whined into her gag and shook her head but there was little for her to do but take it. She felt the tip of the instrument touch her right nipple. . .

"Eenie, meenie, minie, mo. . ." Jeff said, as he touched each of her nipples in turn; all the while, Stephanie was crying into her gag and shaking her head.

Stephanie felt the clothespin clamp down hard on her left nipple. The pain shot through her breast like an electric shock and she screamed into her gag. It was far more painful than she had first thought it might be, but after the first minute, it became a sharp, almost endurable, throb.

"You see, slave, you have to pay attention. I don't like to hurt you but you must learn to act only when I tell you to act. Now, slave, take another step forward."

Crying, the girl took another step forward, trying not to trip. She focused on his words, trying to blot out the pain that still burned in her breast. She could feel her hair in a tangle around her face, tickling at her nose and chest, but she could only endure it and hope the stranger would comb her hair away from her face.

The bound blonde then felt a tug upon her collar.

"Follow me, slave," the cold, metallic voice said.

Slowly Stephanie followed. It took a great deal of concentration just to balance herself and not trip. But after about twenty steps or so, she learned to walk with the spreader bar on fairly well.

"Halt, slave."

The helpless Stephanie halted.

"Thrust your chest to me," the metallic voice commanded

Stephanie almost did, but stopped when she realized that the intruder hadn't said his name for her.

"You are learning, slave," Jeff told her, "Slave, thrust you chest out to me."

She did as she was told, forcing her chest out as far as she could, presenting herself to him. Tears were still drying on her cheeks as she felt him gently caressing around her right breast. Pinching her nipple lightly, he rolled it between his fingers before kneading her whole tit. The ripples of pleasure that he was sending through her were starting to eclipse the pain.

"Thrust your pussy to me, slave."

Again, Stephanie did as she was told. She felt the stranger's fingers tenderly combing through her soft patch of dark gold curls. Slowly, his fingers dipped down lower, barely touching her sex-swollen lips. Stephanie was starting to hunger for another orgasm and she started to rock her hips, trying to get him to touch her more firmly.

"Do you want to cum?" the metallic voice of the stranger asked.

Stephanie nodded.

Another sharp pain shot through her as Jeff placed a clothespin on her right nipple. She screamed in agony through her gag.

"You need to pay more attention, slave. Next time, the clips will be placed here."

He touched her pussy.

"I would imagine that would hurt, slave, wouldn't you think?"

Stephanie nodded in tears.

"Thrust your pussy to me, slave."

The captive blonde did. Again, the stranger began to lightly brush her outer lips and then slip into her slit, tickling at her clit. It was still swollen from the last orgasm and the bolts of bliss that cascaded through her started to fuel her fires of need again.

"Do you want me to fuck you, slave?" Jeff asked, enjoying the sight of his bound stepsister responding to his touch. The sounds through her gag were not those of pain; they were moans of want.

"Lay down, slave."

Getting off the bed was a difficult task. Kneeling down to a squat and then laying down was near impossible. She was blind and bound and couldn't trust her legs not to give out or cramp. Slowly she knelt down until she was in a squat, then she leaned back, trying to catch herself with her encased arms. She caught herself briefly before falling over on her side. Thankfully, it was not a hard fall and all she had to do was uncurl her legs and she would be lying on the hallway carpet.

"Thrust your pussy up."

Stephanie hesitated. The intruder did not say her name.

"Good slave. Thrust your pussy up to me, slave."

The blonde arched her back and thrust her sex up as high as she could. His fingertips began to caress her again, tracing over her swollen lips and touching her aching pearl. Stephanie let out a small moan of pleasure as he continued to rub her clit.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked.

Stephanie almost nodded, but didn't. The intruder was not going to put clothespins on her pussy.

"Do you want me to fuck you, slave?"

Stephanie nodded, moaning yes through her gag.

The stranger first stepped between the blondes legs and then knelt down. She could hear him unzip his fly and she could imagine what his cock looked like; large, burled with a glistening purple head. She could not picture what the intruder's face would look like, but she could picture his rampant cock.

The stranger grasped her hips and pulled her forward a bit onto his cock. Jeff let out a slight moan as he felt her engulf him with her silken muscles. He moaned again when she squeezed his member as he began to thrust in and out of his sister.

Stephanie met every one of his thrusts. The man filled her more completely than she had felt before. Maybe it was her imagination, maybe not. Whatever it was, it was pushing her closer and closer to ecstasy with every buck.

Jeff felt his stepsister's spreader bar against his buttocks and then felt her pull herself further upon him, helping him thrust deeper within her. God, was she hot. This was better than he could have possibly imagined. He wished he had set up the camera but, hey, there would be plenty of more times for that. Right now, it was really hard to think about anything else but getting off with his blonde bondage slave who was getting off as much as he.

He pounded into her faster and she could feel that he was about to cum. She remembered when he left her unsatisfied before and she was determined to not to have that happen again. The whirlwind of pure pleasure was spinning faster and faster within her and she knew that another orgasm was soooo close.

Then she felt him explode into her.

It was all she needed to cum herself. She practically screamed into her gag as the storm of bliss raged through her entire body. She bucked and writhed in her bonds until she could not find the energy to do one single thing more.

She felt the stranger get up and step out from between her legs. She was too exhausted to move a muscle.

"Slave," the metallic voice said, "You have been very bad. I did not give you permission to cum. I will have to punish you."

The Summer Project - Part 7


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