The Summer Project 4

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; kidnap; toys; nc; X

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Part 4

Jeff looked at his bound stepstepsister as she lay in bed. Stephanie's arms were encased in a white leather armbinder. A pair of white ankle cuffs and a chrome spreader bar was holding her legs open. A white collar graced her neck. Save for the red ball gag and the black leather blindfold, she was picture perfect. However, Jeff needed to move her to the bathroom.

He looked once again in his parent's armoire for inspiration. Hung inside one of the doors was a variety of whips and crops. All of them looked vicious and he was reluctant to use them on her. He really didn't want to hurt her, only use her.

Then he saw it.

Set in the back corner of the armoire was an item sort of shaped like a spear gun. The grip and body of the gun was made of black plastic and had a red numbered knob as well as a trigger. The long 'barrel' was made of a polished blue metal with a pair of chrome 'fangs' spread about two inches and pointed slightly toward each other. When Jeff pulled the trigger, there was a crackling electric noise and a sharp snap.

Jeff realized it was a kind of a cattle prod.

He turned the knob down to the lowest number and approached his blonde stepsister, still laying there on her front; bound and not moving much at all save for a little movement here and there. Jeff didn't know how much the prod would sting but he figured on the lowest setting, it probably wouldn't hurt much but would get his point across.

He pressed the cold tips to her side and pressed the trigger.

To Stephanie, it felt as if she were stung by a huge wasp. She screamed into her gag and jolted in her bonds. The pain was as hot as a branding iron and continued to ebb slowly as she curled herself the best she could into a ball; tears streaming across her face.

Stephanie then felt something being attached to her collar; a chain. She felt a slight tug. Then she felt the cold tip of the prod against the side. The stranger's message was clear. The blonde girl struggled the best she could to sit up on the edge of the bed. The bar holding her legs open made it hard for her to stand and balance, but at the insistence of the chain fastened to her collar, Stephanie stood up.

The bound girl had to take small steps as she was pulled along and she was afraid that she would fall flat on her face at any time. She pleaded into her gag, but the stranger ignored her, pressing the cold steel tip of the prod against her breast or thigh and giving her collar another tug.

It seemed like an eternity, but finally Jeff's slave stepsister was in his parents' bathroom. God, she looked beautiful. Her long, blonde hair, still wet from her shower and struggles, hung limply over her gagged and blindfolded face. The white collar contrasted so well with her tanned skin. Stephanie's breasts seemed to beg for Jeff to touch them and lick them and pinch them. Her California slender form was so delicious that Jeff found his cock getting hard again.

Stephanie felt the stranger gently push her down and she found that she was sitting on her parent's toilet. Obviously the stranger wanted her to relieve herself, but she wasn't sure if she could in front of him. She felt as she needed to pee, but his stares kept her need bottled up inside.

She felt the cold tip of the prod caress her left nipple, flicking at its erect tip.

It was one of the hardest things that Stephanie had ever been forced to do and finally, she let her bladder go and as the stream sprayed into the toilet, she felt some measure of relief despite her embarrassment at the situation.

Jeff went over to the sink and ran warm water over a washcloth. As she sat on the toilet, he first brushed the hair out of her face and wiped the tears from her cheeks. He then tugged a bit on her collar. With a little help from Jeff, Stephanie stood up.

Stephanie could hear the water running in the sink and could smell the fresh smell of soap. She felt the warm cloth run over her shoulders and then her upper chest. He took his time, making sure she was well scrubbed. The stranger paid particular attention to her breasts, roughly scrubbing them and playing with her erect nipples. Despite everything, Stephanie could feel herself getting turned on by his attentions.

The captive felt the cloth scour over the flat of her stomach and down closer between her legs. He ran the warm cloth up and down her inner thighs slowly. Stephanie found herself wanting him to touch her sex; to take her away from the horrors of the past couple hours. However, he continued to tease her with the cloth, cleaning all around her pussy but not ever touching it.

Jeff smiled up at his stepsister as her bathed her. The lingering smell of sex was still strong and her whimpers from behind her ball gag were not of protest. They were whimpers of need and the rocking of her hips as she stood there told Jeff all he needed to know. But first, he had to do a few things.

Stephanie heard the intruder leave for a bit, only to return a few moments later. With his return, she could hear him fiddle around with something but she wasn't sure what. However, a few moments later the warm washcloth returned and she didn't care.

Jeff scrubbed over her breasts again, this time before the cold eye of the video camera. He wanted this to be on tape and wished he had more than a single camera to catch everything.

The stranger stepped around in back her and reached around the massage her breasts with the wash clothes. The rough cloth teased at her nipples. The stranger would lightly pinch at Stephanie's erect nips through the cloth, causing her to shiver with pleasure. She felt her need growing inside of her again like a slowly simmering pot wanting to boil over.

His captive stepsister whimpered when he stopped. Her mewls through her gag and her rocking movements had hardened Jeff again to the point of aching. He needed to take her but she wasn't quite in the position he wanted her in. Grabbing her leash, he pulled downward on her collar, making her bend over until he could tie the leash off to her spreader bar. Jeff could hear her protesting noises as she tried to balance herself in her new position, but Jeff ignored her.

The young blonde teetered in her new position, trying to keep focused on not falling over. Bound as she was, she wouldn't be able to catch herself. She could hear the intruder walking around her and she almost feel his eyes drink in her bound form. A warm wave of pleasure coursed through her just at the thought.

Stephanie heard the stranger leave for a bit again. She wondered what he was going to do with her next. She struggled a bit, but being balanced the way she was, she couldn't do much more than twist around a little bit. She stopped as soon as she heard the man return and turn on the sink faucet.

Jeff almost started to whistle as he dangled the nipple clamps in the cold running water. Fortunately, he stopped himself. It was a habit of his stepsister would surely pick up on. Right now, he wanted to be an anonymous prowler.

He removed the clamps when he thought that they were cold enough. They were not ice cold, but cool enough to be uncomfortable.

Jeff's stepsister was still moaning behind her ball gag and he noticed she had also began to drool. In a way, he found it sexy. His captive couldn't even control even THAT basic function.

He knelt to the side of her and began to slowly message one of her nipples, causing her to moan a bit more loudly. Jeff could be imagining it, but he actually thought that she might be enjoying his treatment of her. Once her nipple was fully erect, he clipped on the first clamp.

It felt as someone had bit down hard on her nipple and Stephanie screamed into her gag and began to squirm a bit, though her position made that impossible. The blonde felt the intruder pull at what was clamped onto her breast. The initial pain stopped to a dull ache.

The intruder then began to play with her other nipple.

"Nnnuuuughhh!" she screamed into her gag, shaking her head.

Jeff, however, ignored her pleas and placed the other clamp on her nipple. His blonde stepsister moaned in pain but he knew it was from the shock rather than any real pain.

Each of the clamps had a long chain dangling from them and they gave him a wicked idea. He pulled down on her leash a bit so that Stephanie had to bend over a bit more, putting a bit of slack in the leash lashed onto the spreader bar. Jeff then attached one of her nipple clamp chains to the bar so that it was taut. He did the same to the other chain. She would have to keep this position or it would pull painfully on her nipples. She was now ready for what he had in mind.

Stephanie's brother stepped around in back of her and drank in the beauty of her nicely rounded ass and the pussy looking so ripe and juicy for fucking. His dick had been aching for another go at her and there was nothing his stepsister could do about it. He gripped her hips firmly and lined himself up with her slit. Gently, he eased himself into her without much difficulty, finding she was already ready for him.

The bound girl let out an animalistic moan as the man filled her. Stephanie leaned back into, matching his thrust, enjoying each movement he made within her. As she moved, the clamps on her nipples tugged at them painfully, send an erotic mix of pain and pleasure roiling through her in a churning wave.

It was a fire within her that needed to consume everything that she was. Stephanie did not understand it and was almost terrified by the way the need engulfed her despite the fact she was being raped and abused. But now, right now, the pure feeling of bliss filled every nook of her being as she churned back upon his cock.

The man's thrusts into her were now almost violent and the hands clutched her hips were almost vise-like. The pleasure within her whirled dervish-like, mixing with the sharp pain tugging at her nipples.

The she heard the man groan and felt his cum shoot up inside her, filling her.

Stephanie continued to thrust herself maniacally onto the stranger's shaft, but he did not return the favor. Instead, he removed himself from her.

"Nuuuuuggghhh!" she begged through her gag.

The captive blonde was so close to letting an orgasm engulf her, yet, without the stranger, she could not bring herself off.

She heard the man pissing into the toilet and she whimpered again through her gag, begging for him to bring her off. But he ignored her mewls. She wriggled and squirmed to try to entice the intruder back; to make her cum. But, he just patted her butt and left her to stew in her own juices.

Part 5

After relieving himself, Jeff threw on his shorts and went downstairs to grab himself a Coke. He left his stepsister bent over and bound nude in his parent's bathroom, moaning in frustration through her red ball gag. Her arms were still encased in a white leather armbinder and her legs were held apart by a spreader bar. The leash to Stephanie's white collar was lashed tightly to her spreader bar as were the light chains to Stephanie's nipple clamps, forcing her to bend forward precariously. Jeff didn't mind that his stepsister teetered there in the bathroom like that, just like he didn't mind that she didn't cum this time round. A little discomfort never hurt a future slave.

He went back into the bedroom and sat down on his parent's bed and watched his stepsister balance and whimper through her gag. This was all he had ever hoped it would be - and more. The only thing that Jeff needed was to order her around, but he didn't think he could disguise his voice well enough to fool Stephanie.

Jeff took another sip of Coke and enjoyed the view of his blonde captive, contemplating this problem. Though he was tired, he could feel the urge to use her again stirring in his crotch.

Then it came to him. It was perfect. He just hoped that Toys-R-Us still had them in stock.

Stephanie quietly moaned yet again, drool running down her rubber gag and onto the floor below her. Jeff needed to keep her occupied while he went shopping so she wouldn't get into any mischief. It was time to go through his parent's armoire again.

Jeff's parents had an amazing collection of sex toys and bondage equipment. There were at least two-dozen different vibrators in one of the drawers. There were also gel butt plugs and dildos. Another drawer had enough potions, lotions and oils to last a lifetime. It was in a large drawer that he found something that fired his already overloaded imagination; a slender vibrator on an adjustable metal floor stand.

Grinning, Jeff brought the stand over to his bound blonde and set it down between her spread legs. Stephanie could feel the stranger behind her doing something, but she couldn't figure out what. She felt something nudge at her sex and she tried to thrust down upon it; trying to relieve the pent-up passions that were tormenting her.

The stranger pulled the toy away, denying her any slake for her libido. Stephanie could almost hear the man chuckle.

Again, she felt something press at her sex and again she tried in vain to impale herself onto it. The stranger just teased her with it; mocking her needs to relieve herself of this whirlpool of pleasure that was churning within her. This time, however, she did not try to thrust back hoping that he would do something more.

Stephanie felt the very tip of the tool brush lightly against her desire-swollen lips. Then she felt the tool buzz alive, sending a shocks of pure bliss coursing through her. She tried to thrust herself down upon the vibrator, but her bondage would not allow her to move much without danger of falling over. The electric buzz was sending waves of pleasure through her, but not nearly fast enough.

There was nothing Stephanie could do about it.

She wriggled a bit and tried to impale herself a bit more upon the vibrator, but she found that she would just push the thing away and bound as she was, she dare not move much at all for fear of falling.

The blonde moaned her displeasure, hoping the stranger would somehow take pity on her and let an orgasm engulf her.

There was no reply. Not even a cruel laugh; and Stephanie began to weep silently from her frustration.

Jeff was not there to enjoy that, however, though he would enjoy watching the video of it later. He was on his way to the toy store to find one of those toy microphones that would distort his voice. He had seen them there a few weeks before when he had gone shopping for a squirt gun. . .one of his 'childish' games he liked to play at college. Jeff hadn't thought much of it at the time save for trying it out for a laugh. He liked the metallic robot sounding distortion the best and he thought that one would be the best for training of his stepsister. Cold. Heartless. Perfect.

Stephanie's brother took his time at the store, looking at the toys from a kinky perspective. In the end, he picked up several other items that he was sure the manufacturers never intended them to be used the way Jeff was about to use them. A bored looking clerk rang them up Jeff's purchases and soon he was on his way back to his future slave.

Stephanie ached. Her calves were beginning to really hurt as well as her shoulders. There was also a dull, almost erotic throb in her nipples from the young blonde's struggles. However, the thing that ached the most was Stephanie's pussy. It was not a painful ache like the one in her jaw caused by the ball gag, but one of pleasure denied. With the vibrator positioned the way it was, it tickled and teased at her sex mercilessly without giving her the ultimate pleasure. She almost came several times, but the motion was not quite enough to send her over the edge.

It was hard to think of anything else other than cumming. Stephanie wondered a bit about where her captor was and if he was laughing silently at her predicament. She wondered about her stepbrother and if he was okay. But mainly just thought about the bliss of just cumming and ending her torment.

"Do you want to cum?" a deep metallic voice startled Stephanie, almost causing her to over-balance and fall over.

Stephanie nodded her head and moaned loudly into her gag.

"No harm will come to your brother if you do exactly as I say," Jeff said, speaking into his toy voice distorter, "Do you understand?"

Again, Stephanie nodded her head.

"Good," Jeff smiled, walking around his captive, enjoying the view, "First of all, your name is slave. You will answer only to that name and no other. Do you understand, slave?"

The bound blonde nodded slowly. She had no choice. Her fate, at least now, was sealed with leather and chain.

"Do you want to cum?"

Stephanie moaned and nodded her head. The man's words were like throwing kerosene on a fire, igniting a deep, forbidden desire within her. . .


The pain of his hand spanking Stephanie hard on her ass almost sent her sprawling. She screamed into her gag.


The bound captive sobbed into her gag. Stephanie felt the stranger's hand slowly rubbing where he had swatted her.

"Now, do you want to cum?"

Stephanie only quietly sobbed as she stood, bent over and bound. The stranger had not called her 'slave' and she did not want to be spanked that hard again. She just bit into her gag and waited patiently.

The girl felt a gently pat on her butt.

"Good girl," the metallic voice said, "You are learning quickly. Now, slave, do you want to cum?"

In tears, Stephanie nodded and whimpered.

Jeff knelt down and adjusted the vibrator's stand so that it started to penetrate his blonde slave and turned it on high. A fiery explosion of pleasure ripped through Stephanie and it was the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced. Her whole body quaked, as it became a whirlpool of white-hot ecstasy. She wasn't even aware the stranger was holding her up and her body became limp from the joy. When she finally regained some sense of what had happened, she found that her nipple clamps were gone and she was sitting on the cool bathroom floor.

The stranger brushed his fingers through Stephanie's long hair.

"That is a good slave," the cold voice said, "from now on you may only cum when I command you to. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head. Her whole body was still in a euphoric twilight zone caused by her orgasm. She had never came that strongly before. It was if her whole being was one white-hot orgasm.

The blonde felt herself being picked-up and carried over to the bed. Her leash to the spreader bars had also been loosened so that she was relatively comfortable in her bindings. Her calves no longer ached, but her jaw and shoulders did a bit.

"Are you thirsty, slave?" the stranger asked.

Stephanie was thirsty and nodded.

"I am going to take your gag out, slave. However, if I hear a single word out of you, I will punish both you and your brother. Do you understand this, my slave?"

Again, Stephanie nodded.

The stranger left her on the bed for a bit and Stephanie was too tired and worn to try to struggle. She was grateful just to be out of a few of her bindings. A glow of her orgasm still flowed through her and she just bathed in it as if she would soaking up the sun outside.

"Okay, slave, you remember the rules?" the metal voice asked.

Stephanie did and nodded that she did.

She felt the stranger undo the strap behind her head and ease the ball gag out. Her jaw was stiff and she moved it around, glad that the rubber-tasting thing was out of her mouth. The young blonde then felt the tip of a straw and she took a sip.

The Coke tasted like heaven as it filled her mouth. She didn't realize how thirsty she really was and she eagerly sipped at the straw, drinking all she could. God knew when this stranger might let her drink again. It didn't take long for her slurp the last of the drink up through her straw.

"I have a different gag for you slave," Jeff said through his toy voice distorter, "This will be more comfortable."

Stephanie shook her head no; she did not want to be gagged again.

"Slave, do you want me to punish you?"

Timidly, the blonde shook her head no.

"Then you must obey me. Open your mouth."

The bound girl did. Jeff pushed into her mouth a foam ball he had found at the toy store. It was big enough to fill her mouth but not enough to be uncomfortable.

"Close your mouth, slave."

Jeff then took some medical tape and placed it over his stepsister's lips. He did this several times; smoothing the tape out and making sure her lips were sealed together. To Stephanie, the foam ball tasted awful but in was more comfortable than her previous gag.

"There, my pretty slave," the stranger patted her on her head, "much better."

Stephanie then felt the stranger fingertips trace down her neck and to her breasts, gently caressing circles around her nipples.

"Now that you have relaxed some, slave, I think we should enjoy another game or two. . ."

The Summer Project - Part 6


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