The Summer Project 2

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; kidnap; toys; nc; X

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Part 2

Jeff looked upon his bound stepsister Stephanie through the viewfinder of his video tape recorder as she feebly struggled naked on the bed. The clamps that were fastened to each of her nipples to the comforter held her beautifully in place as he set up the camera to film her. In the weeks to come, Jeff wanted to document everything he could. She was a beautiful sight, lying there bound, wrists cuffed behind her back, ankles bound tightly together, blindfolded, gagged, and a rope taut through her pussy lips. Her struggles had become less and less violent as she realized she could not get away.

Stephanie's nipples had grown sore and numb as she lay on the bed and the metal cuffs around her wrists were biting into her back. Jeff must be tied-up or dead, she thought, crying. He would have came to her rescue if he could have. The police would have been here by now if he had been able to call. Now, she was going to be another victim like so many others she heard about on TV. She could hear the intruder going about the room. Stephanie figured she was in her parents' bed and the stranger was looking for valuables. He must be a burglar, she thought; a thought that brought her a little comfort. Burglars don't usually kill people.

The rope between her legs itched. Stephanie moved her hips a bit and the rope rubbed against her clit, sending a pulse of pleasure through her. Slowly, she rocked her hips; the pleasure she experienced eclipsed the pains she was enduring. Stephanie tried to keep her movements as slight as possible so the burglar would not 'see' what she was doing. However, she could feel an orgasm slowly building within her with each rock of her hips. However, Jeff did see. He could see his stepsister trying to get off on the crotchrope. Jeff could also see that she was trying not to move too much so as to draw attention to herself and what she was doing.

He smiled.

The camera was on and now, he would leave her so she could finish herself up. Jeff made a lot of noise then left the bedroom, shutting the door with some force, only to open it again so he could watch his stepsister from the doorway. Stephanie heard the bedroom door shut and she began to struggle again in earnest for a different kind of escape. She found that pulling upon her wrists helped tighten the rope between her legs and thus give her more pleasure. She bucked her hips and she could her herself moan a bit through the gag. Stephanie always knew she was a bit noisy when it came to sex, so she was almost glad she was gagged so the intruder wouldn't hear her. Stephanie bucked hips more and more. The clamps on her nipples began to tug with an almost pain that Steph was finding out was erotic. A fiery orgasm was building within her, threatening to engulf her as she squirmed in her bonds. The flames of orgasm were building and building. . .

Then the fire engulfed her in pleasure. Stephanie threw herself at her bonds, riding the flames of one of the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She writhed and bucked and moaned into her gag until the flames started to die. Slowly the waves of passion ebbed and Stephanie felt guilty and embarrassed over what had just happened. Was she that much of a slut? Here she was, tied-up and possibly going to be killed, and she was getting off.

The stranger's touch was like an electric shock and Stephanie bolted away from him in her bonds, the clamps viscously biting into her nipples and causing her to scream with pain. His fingers caressed the flat of her belly, tracing around her ropes. Oh my God, Steph thought to herself, he must have seen her. He must have come in while she was in orgasm. The thought flooded through her and caused her to turn crimson from head to foot. Stephanie began struggling again, but she was worn out from her earlier efforts. The burglars' fingers continued to trace over her skin, feeling every part of her. It was not a rough touch, like Stephanie would have imagined; rather it was gentle and somewhat arousing.

The bound blonde felt her legs being lifted up despite her squirming, and more rope being tied around them just above her knees. It felt to her like she was being encased in rope like a mummy. Then she felt the ropes loosen around her ankles. Her relief was brief, for the stranger fastened some sort of leather cuff around each of them and tied each one off, drawing them taut. Then he undid the rope around her knees. Stephanie bucked and kicked as she felt her legs being drawn apart. Jeff pulled on both ropes looped over some of the wrought iron decorations adorning his parent's bed. Not only was he drawing his stepsister's legs apart but also pulling them upward a bit, giving Jeff a wonderful view of Stephanie's pussy. Jeff continued pulling until her legs were taut and spread as wide as they could be. He could also see Steph's finger's fluttering underneath her upraised buttocks.

The blonde was in tears from the pain of her nipples being pulled as she was dragged down the bed by the ropes on her ankles. However, the pain was flared a bit before going away when the stranger unclipped the clamps. He gently rubbed them, kneading the areolas gently, sending more embers pleasure into her womb. There was another orgasm lurking within her, fiery coals wanting to burst again into flame, but she knew she couldn't do that in front of the stranger. What would he think? What would he do to her if he found out she was actually enjoying certain aspects of her being bound like this?

Stephanie felt the stranger loosen the crotchrope by untying the knot binding the rope to her handcuffs and pulling the rope from between her puffed lips. The man shifted the ropes around her waist a bit without taking them off of her. She could hear the man rustling around the room a bit, opening drawers and such and she wondered what was next. The way she was tied, the stranger could very easily rape her, so why didn't he?

It was a bit of a shock to feel something cool and smooth being pushed into her. . .a vibrator, she thought. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind when the dildo began it's low humming within her, send through her another cascade of pleasure. She squirmed a bit more, trying to expel the buzzing intruder, but the stranger held it inside of her and stroked her with it before pressing it deeply inside of her. Jeff made sure that the vibrator was all the way in before retying the crotchrope. Passing the rope over the vibrator, he made sure that his stepsister couldn't get rid of it. He pulled the rope through her lips as tightly as he could before knotting it. The last thing Jeff did was make sure the setting was on 'low' so that it would only tease his step-sister, keeping her at a slow boil. He then place the control knob just out of reach of his step-sister's fingers.

The vibrator was starting it's magic within Stephanie. It was a low hum and it slowly began to fan the embers of passion within her. It was agonizing, being bound like this, tortured and humiliated by this buzzing thing. Stephanie knew she was being watched this time, her moans heard and the slight movements of her hips seen. She couldn't stop her body anymore than she could escape her bindings. She could feel the coals of her orgasm glowing hotter, but she could do little to add to the fire without calling attention to what she was doing.

She writhed in her bonds, trying to make the rope rub her again while making it look like she was trying to escape. Her moans were real, but they were ones born of frustration. Stephanie knew that another orgasm was just beginning to burn within her yet with the vibrator on low, she couldn't get herself off.

Jeff began to message his step-sister's breasts again, slowly kneading them as he sat beside her wriggling form. This elicited new set of moans. His fingers played with her hardened nipples, pinching them lightly and pulling upon them; sending flares of pleasure shooting through Stephanie. . .then the doorbell rang.

Part 3

The sound of the doorbell caused both Stephanie and Jeff to freeze for a moment. It had to be Kim, Stephanie thought, she was to drop by so they could go to tonight's party together. Kim was always embarrassed by her white and rusted-out Aries K-car, an unreliable car at best.

Stephanie renewed her struggles to get free of her bonds, praying there would be some give to any one of them. She wanted to warn Kim as well as getting help for herself. Even as she squirmed, she felt the stranger above her pause and then leave the bed, making his way out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

Jeff glanced outside the bedroom window to see who it might be. He recognized Steph's friend Kim's car with its rust rings around the fenders and fingers of rust creeping up the doors. A piece of plastic film was taped up to replace the rear passenger window as well. Jeff was surprised that the engine and drive train hadn't fallen out of the car yet.

A fleeting thought about kidnapping Kim crossed his mind. After all, she was an attractively built Hispanic girl with really long hair and breasts that just begged to be kneaded. However, it was too dangerous. He had to keep his mind on his soon-to-be slave stepsister.

The doorbell rang again.

Jeff raced downstairs and to the kitchen. Unlocking the sliding glass patio doors, he slipped outside and went around the garage towards the front of the house.

"Hey Kim," Jeff said as he rounded the corner, seeing her standing on the porch, looking very much the part of a slut.

"Hey Jeff, where's Stephie?" Kim asked.

"Didn't she call you?"

Kim shook her head, "I don't know. I haven't been home. Dads blitzed again and he is tearing up the place, so I didn't even go there. I could hear Mom screaming and yelling at him, too. No way was I going in there. A fucking war zone, ya know."

"Oh," Jeff said, "Well, she took off with my parents on a little vacation to the islands for a couple weeks or so. Dad got use of the timeshare down there and it was a last second type thing. I thought Steph would have called you to tell you or gotten in touch somehow."

"No, she didn't," Kim said, looking crestfallen, "We were going to go out tonight. Sorta hard now, Huh?"

"I'm sorry Kim. I didn't know."

"Well, I guess I go it alone, huh? Well, if she calls, tell her hi."

Jeff smiled, "I sure will."

Without another word, Kim made her way down the sidewalk to her car. She wasn't tall at all, about 5 foot or so, but she had the curves on her. Large breasts, round butt and a narrow waist. Kim always dressed like a slut, with a bare midriff, tight black pullover with no bra, tight crop jeans and gold chains around her ankles and belly. She also used too much lipstick and mascara. However, Jeff could picture her bound and gagged along with his stepsister.

"Enough of that," he whispered to himself, "back to business."

Jeff went back around and came in by the kitchen door. He was careful to lock it again. His cock just ached thinking of what Steph was doing right now and how the vibrator he had imbedded into here was probably driving her wild.

It was indeed driving Stephanie wild. With it on low, she could feel it hum within her and stirring up all sort of pleasure. However, the buzzing wasn't enough. It was fanning the fires but not feeding them. Her struggles to get away while the stranger was not in the bedroom had failed to even get an inch of slack from her bindings. The handcuffs imprisoning her wrists seemed to bite down even more.

She felt the stranger sit down on the bed beside her. The bound up blonde tensed, waiting for his touch; waiting for him to caress her or pinch her or slap her. However, it never came. The stranger just sat there silently; not moving. The only noise that could be heard was the low hum of the vibrator and Stephanie's whimpers behind her gag. Jeff just sat there and watched her. He knew it was making her nuts and that is what he wanted, to keep her off balance for at least the first few days. It would make it easier to turn her into his personal sex slave that would be willing to do anything he wanted of her.

Jeff got up and went over to the armoire. He had only sneaked peaks at his father and stepmother's collection of toys. There were hung in neat rows a large collection of leather straps and cuffs along with padlocks and keys to lock them into place. There was a selection of various gags, including a ring gag that Jeff would definitely have to try on his stepsister. There were also a variety of crops and floggers, something that Jeff would need once the blindfold came off. There were two single sleeve armbinders as well as various harnesses and a few discipline helmets. In short, Jeff had everything he needed to keep his captive under wraps for weeks to come.

A low moan from his stepsister turned his attention back to his prisoner. Again, her hips were slightly rocking as to make sure that she didn't draw undo attention to her arousal. She was squirming around, trying to look as if she was still struggling. Jeff smiled a wicked smile as he pushed the controls closer to her questing fingers. Stephanie's fingers touched the cord, then straining; she grabbed the cord into her hands and pulled on it until she had the controls in her hands.

Stephanie realized what she held in her hand. Her fingers traced the slide controls of her buzzing intruder. She slowly moved the button up and felt the dildo respond with an increased fervor. The new level of humming sent larger ripples of bliss flaring through her.

'Oh God! What if he was watching!' Stephanie suddenly thought and dropped the controls. She felt him leave the bed but did not hear the stranger leave the room.

Then she felt the vibrator become a raging demon. Jeff had taken the controls and shoved them to their maximum. Stephanie was filled with pure bliss and the flames of ecstasy raged through her very being. Her moans through the gag were loud and passionate as her whole body writhed under the new assault.

Then the vibrator stopped.

Before she knew what she was doing, Stephanie let out a whine of frustration. She must be a slut, finding comfort in a simple orgasm but even that was now denied her. Stephanie's tears were those of humiliation. The stranger KNEW what she was doing and he was toying with her. Jeff could not stand it any more. The sounds of her moans and the sight of her helpless, naked form spread before him on the bed was just too much. He thought he was going to cum right then and there. He pulled off his T-shirt and peeled out of his jeans and underwear.

Stephanie felt the stranger crawl into bed between her legs. She knew what was going to happen next but there wasn't anything she could do about it. She felt him lean over her. Soon, she knew she would feel the rope through her pussy would be pulled away. . .

The intruder kissed her forehead. It was the light, tender kiss like that of a lover. Then he kissed her cheek, tasting the sweet saltiness of her tears. Stephanie threw her head back and forth, but it did not matter. The stranger cupped her head in both of his hand and kissed her on her gagged lips. His next kiss was between her collarbones just below her throat. Jeff could smell the perfume she put on this morning. He was pretty sure it was 'Poison' and on his stepsister, it smelled like the Garden of Eden. His kisses trailed down between her breasts slowly.

The vibrator then raged on inside Stephanie as Jeff turned it back on high. She involuntarily arched herself to him and let out a loud moan through her gag as another rush of pleasure scoured through her. It was then that Jeff leaned down and kissed her left nipple, taking it into his mouth and teasing it with his teeth. He first licked around the stiffened nub and the bite it hard enough to get a squeal out of his helpless step-sister. He first would do it to her left nipple, and then her right one. Back and forth between the two while the vibrator hummed on. Each near painful bite would send another ripple of joy through her despite herself. Then his kisses went back between her breasts.

Then Jeff kissed Steph's sternum area; slowly working his way down over her belly; pausing only to ream her navel with his tongue. The blonde squirmed and laughed into her gag; her belly button being very ticklish. A wicked grin came over Jeff's face and he continued to lap at Stephanie's navel. Stephanie screamed into her gag and threw herself at her bondage, trying to get away from the intruders wicked tongue. The vibrator continued to work it's evil magic within you and she felt another orgasm building higher and higher within her. A whirlpool of white-hot passion rose to finally engulf her and drown her in bliss. The orgasm was more powerful than anything she had ever felt before and she was limp as a rag doll when it was over.

Jeff removed the rope through his step-sister's sex as well as the vibrator from her and she was too drained to protest save for a few mewls through her gag. He had no doubt that Steph was already very wet and he eased himself into her and felt her warmth surround him. Steph felt the stranger enter her and most of her didn't care anymore. She had already cum twice in front of this man so there was nothing more that this man could do to her to degrade her any more. The fact that he felt good pumping slowly in and out of her only proved that she was indeed a slut.

Jeff was surprised to feel his stepsister thrust her hips up to meet his as he slowly thrust himself into her again and again. Her moans were no longer moans of displeasure, at least to his ears. Her gagged mewls and moans sounded full of pleasure. Slowly, he gained speed and felt her intimate muscles milking him. Oh God, this felt sooooo good and Jeff could see his stepsister was enjoying it too. The combination of all those built-up minutes of watching his stepsister struggle and cum, the noises that she made as she moved beneath him and the pure bliss he felt fucking her had finally added up to Jeff feeling his cum boiling up his shaft and in a burst of ecstasy, he came inside her.

The stranger's cum felt hot and molten inside Stephanie and she moaned loudly and cried. She felt the tears run down the sides of the blindfold. He had cum in her and she had enjoyed it. How could she live with herself?

Jeff lay beside her for a bit, just enjoying the after burn of what had just happened. He enjoyed everything about her at this moment; the way she smelled, the small whines she made in her gag, the looks of her stretched and bound body, the feel of her warm skin against his. He would not trade this moment for anything right now.

Stephanie felt the stranger's fingers lazily tracing over her breasts and stomach. It felt just like a lover's touch after making love. It had tenderness. It was something that Stephanie had not expected. She fully expected a wham, bam, thank you ma'am and the stranger would be gone and she would have to live with what she had done. She did not expect he would stay.

After awhile, Jeff got up and went to his parent's bathroom to relieve himself. The one thing he did not like about himself was the need to go pee just after sex. He suspected Stephanie would probably need to go as well. After pulling on his jeans, he looked through his parent's collection of toys. There was a nice, white leather armbinder that Jeff thought would work wonderfully to keep Steph from escaping for awhile. He also pulled out a white leather collar and a pair of white cuffs for her ankles. He also selected a chrome spreader bar.

Stephanie felt one of the cuffs around her ankle being loosened, only to be replaced by another one and tied back into place, spread wide. The stranger did the same for her other ankle. She then felt something fastened between them before undoing the knots that held her legs to the bed post. Stephanie felt herself being set up and bent forward. She had ceased to feel her fingers and hands so when the cuffs were unlocked, she could not even move them very well to try to escape. She felt some tape being wound around both wrists, binding them together. Stephanie struggled little. She was just too tired and numb.

Jeff then pulled the leather armbinder around both of his stepsister's arms to encase them. He was really amazed she didn't struggle more with this. He fully expected Steph to be a tiger. But Jeff laced up the binder without any problem, finally buckling the straps tightly around her shoulders. Lastly, he placed the collar around her neck and buckled it into place.

The stranger was trying to ease Stephanie from the bed and she really didn't want to go. She just lay there under his proddings and pushings. After a bit of this, the stranger stopped.

Jeff had not considered this. He had to think of some way to herd her.

Continues in Part Four


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