The Summer Project 24

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; cuffs; rope; naked; susp; tease; toys; blackmail; hum; mast; denial; cons/nc; X

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Part 24


Exhausted, Michelle looked up at Jeffery. He lay collapsed beside her; his lean body glistening from their passionate labors and his breathing as heavy as hers. His blue eyes were looking sternly into hers.

“You came without permission,” Jeffery repeated, “I am disappointed in you, slave. You have listened to the rules. You have practiced the rules all this weekend. . .”

Michelle looked at him, speechless. She had begged him to let her cum but she couldn’t remember anything he said past that. She was too caught up in the horniness of the moment.

“As long as you are wearing that collar” he continued, “you are subject to those rules; rules that you agreed to. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Master,” the oriental girl said under her breath, her eyes now averted from his.

Michelle had listened to the rules and she had been obeying them as best as she could, but Jeffery’s definition of B&D and Michelle’s differed. He was into the whole slavery thing with his girlfriend 24/7 and Michelle couldn’t do that. She needed to come up for air and be ‘normal’. Not that she didn’t enjoy the games they had played this weekend, it was just getting to be a little too much.

“You are going to have to be punished,” Jeff said as he dangled her black leather ball gag in front of her, “Open wide.”

Michelle did as she was told. She really could do little else, bound the way she was. Her wrists were still bound behind her back and cinched to a rope harness that looped behind the back of her neck and around her shoulders. She had tried squirming out of her bindings, but they held tight. She was helpless until he let her go. He eased the ball behind her teeth and brushed her long black hair aside. Bending her over, she felt him pull the straps to the gag tight as he buckled it into place.

Jeffery grabbed the end of her lead and stood up, giving a slight pull on her leash to show he wanted her to follow suit.  She struggled a bit to get up off the bed as Jeffery helped her. He then looked down into her obsidian eyes while pulling her up against him.

“So how should I punish you?” Jeffery asked.

Michelle tried to respond, but all that came from behind her gag was a series of grunts and whines.

Gently, Jeff reached out and began pinching her stiffened nipples through the sweatshirt she was still wearing, eliciting a slight yelp from the bound girl. He continued to play with her nips, caressing them and rolling them between his fingertips. Michelle closed her eyes and moaned.

With her eyes closed, Michelle could savor his every touch. Jeffery was stoking her fires again, fanning her desire with his fingers and light kisses. The fires lit during her first orgasm were flaring; her body aching again.

Taking hold of the hem of the shirt, Jeff pulled it over Michelle’s head and threw it onto the rumpled covers of the bed. Now she was fully exposed to his stern gaze.

“Don’t move,” he told her as he snatched her jacket; pulling from its pocket the ropes that she had been hobbled with.

Kneeling down, Jeff lashed her ankles together, tightly cinching them so her legs seemed welded together. After making sure that Michelle was secure, Jeff threw on his clothes and picked-up the end of her lead.

“Come along, slave,” he whispered as he pulled gently on her leash.

Michelle again, did as she was told, hopping as best she could as Jeff led her out of her bedroom and down the short hallway to the living room.

“I noticed that you were watching the security cameras. I imagine that you didn’t really want to be seen all tied up like this.”

A cold trickle of fear crept down Michelle’s spine. The front door was only a few short feet away.

“I think the guy behind the counter sorta likes you too. I can imagine him looking at the security cameras, seeing you hopping down the corridor and trying to get into your apartment.”

The Chinese girl shook her head and tried to back away, but Jeffery held onto her leash tightly.

“Who knows if I will lock it or not when we leave. . .”

Michelle moaned her loud protests into her gag, still shaking her head and pulling back on her leash. If Eric were to see her like this, she was sure that he would make many unwanted come-ons to her. She really dreaded that happening. She would have to move. . .

“Or, you could beg for my forgiveness and lay at my feet. . .”

There was no choice. Prostrating herself in front of Jeff was far less humiliating than being forced to go into public like she was. It was a rush doing it when nobody knew she was helpless, but being naked and in her apartment buildings hallway; there was just no fucking way.

“. . .and accept being collared as my slave.”

Michelle was just started to kneel when she froze upon hearing Jeffery’s last few words. She looked up into his smiling blue-grey eyes, fear stabbing through her like an ice-cold dao.

“That means, Michelle, whenever, I desire you to play with, you will available. Of course, I will take in consideration your schedule, but you will not turn me down. . .”

Fear was turning into anger as she stood at the end of the tether.

“. . .since I have all those videos of you and I would hate to leak those onto the internet.”

The bound girl listened in disbelief.

“. . .linked to your Facebook page, sent to your family and friends. You get the picture.”

The Oriental girl began to slowly shake her head, not believing what Jeffery was saying. It was blackmail, pure and simple. There was no way she could live with herself if any of those videos were ‘leaked’ out onto the internet. Michelle could see that she had any other choice but to become his on call slave.

“Now, kneel before me and beg for my forgiveness, slave,” Jeffery commanded.

With some effort, Michelle got onto her knees and bent forward , her forehead touching Jeff’s shoes and she whimpering into her gag. Jeffery could feel himself harden again at the sight of her prostrating herself in front of him. Her wrists were still tightly pinned behind her back and her fingers fluttered helplessly as she began to rub her head against his feet like a cat.

“Do you accept your terms of enslavement, girl?” He asked.

Michelle looked up through her tangle of black hair and nodded.

This was the kind of moment Jeff hoped to see his step-sister repeat in the near future. Of course, there were many obstacles to surmount to get his Steph to that point, but he was confident that she would be his slave as well.

“I knew you would,” Jeffery smiled, “Come on, it’s not all that bad. I promise to be a good Master for you and give you many hours of pleasure in the future. Now, come, slave, follow me.”

Michelle felt him yank up on her lead and she gingerly got up from the floor, a hard feat to accomplish with her feet bound together like they were. She hopped unsteadily as Jeffery pulled her along toward her black leather sofa.


The Chinese girl slowly sat down. The leather was almost cold against her skin as she scooted back.

Michelle shrieked as he grabbed her ankles and forced her back on the couch. With a twist, Jeffery had her on her stomach as she wrestled with him. However, it didn’t take him long to pin her as he wanted. Taking the other small length of rope that he had, he lashed her ankles tightly to her wrists, almost drawing her into a bow. She screamed her complaints into her gag, but Jeffery couldn’t make out a word of what she said. It didn’t really matter, he had her the way he wanted her.

Looking around, he grabbed her keys and knelt down so he was eye-to-eye with her.

“Now, I need to run to the store for a few things. I want you to behave and try not to hurt yourself. I will be right back. I am going to leave your door unlocked to make sure I can get back in or to make sure the guy downstairs can get in if I call him to check up on you.”

“Be good,” Jeffery said as he stood up and patted her on the head.

Michelle watched him leave, closing the door behind him. She didn’t see if he locked it or not, but he had her keys. She struggled a bit on the sofa, straining against her ropes but she already knew that there was no way out of them. All she could do was wait for him to get back.

There was a flurry of emotions running through Michelle as she lay hogtied; fear, anger, frustration, sadness, lust. However, lust seemed to be taking the lead. Here she was in one of her fantasies, being bound, abused and helpless to do anything about it. She wasn’t submissive by nature, at least, not in most of her life. However, this sexual ‘thing’ was now rampant inside of her psyche and desperately wanting to play.

The bound girl tried to grind her hips to get something going inside her, but the hogtie was too stringent and she could only tease herself. Her frustration level was getting as high as her desire was. She humped the couch as best she could but she only wore herself out. Her fervors and fantasies were now just taunting her as she tried to think of something else.

The least he could have done was leave her a vibrator, Michelle thought to herself.

The Chinese girl didn’t know how many minutes had passed or how many lurid scenarios she had envisioned, but she finally heard the click of her lock and saw the twist of the doorknob. Soon, Jeffery came back through the door carrying a plastic bag of stuff.

“Miss me?” He asked as he petted her head.

Michelle snuffled something into her gag. From her glistening caramel-colored skin, it looked as if she had been exerting herself quite a bit. But the ropes held tight and she was just as helpless as he had left her.

“I brought you a few things,” he smiled as he up-ended the bag onto the glass coffee table.

Michelle watched as he sorted through the items. There were a pair of padlocks, a coil of clothesline, electrical tape, a ball of string and a stout-looking eyehook. How much more helpless could he make her, she wondered angrily.

The girl’s thoughts were interrupted as she watched him move her coffee table back away from the couch. Then grabbing one end of the couch, he pulled it away from the wall. Jeffery repeated that with the other end until he could walk easily behind it. Jeffery then grabbed one of her kitchen chairs and placed it behind the couch.

As soon as she heard the tapping above her, Michelle twisted herself around to see what Jeff was doing. She saw him taking the hammer and rapping it along her apartment ceiling. He went back and forth until he seemed satisfied with a certain spot. He pulled a screwdriver from his pocket and centered it on the marking. With a couple of quick whacks from the hammer, he had a small hole. Then, Jeffery took the eyehook and began to screw it into her ceiling. When it was all of the way in, Jeffery pulled on it hard to make sure it was in there solidly.

After he was done, Jeffery moved the chair and cleaned up what little mess there was before pushing the couch back against the wall. He had to maneuver it a bit so the hook was over her head.

“Okay, slave, it is time to get you ready for another game,” Jeffery grinned, “Now, I have to untie you a bit. I have to warn you that if you misbehave even the slightest, those pictures will appear on the internet for your friend downstairs to see. Do you understand, slave?”

The Oriental girl nodded her head. She understood it perfectly well.

Jeff rolled her back onto her stomach and untied her wrists from her ankles. He could almost hear a sigh of relief as she stretched her bound legs back out. Next, he undid the knots holding her wrists to the rope harness as well as the ones holding her wrists together. It had been quite awhile since her arms had been unfettered and she stretched them out a bit.

“Hold your hands out above your head, slave.”

Michelle did as she was told. She watched as Jeffery produced her black leather cuffs and buckled them around each wrist. Then, he took one of the new padlocks, one with a long shank, and locked the cuffs together.

The cuffs were much more comfortable than the rope but she could tell that they kept her wrists together as efficiently as the ropes had done.

“Now you can sit up, slave, hands held in front of you.”

Again, the girl did as she was told. She still had a lascivious itch to scratch but she hoped that Jeffery’s ‘game’ would solve that problem soon.

Michelle watched her enslaver with growing curiosity as he began pilling all of her pillows on the floor beside the couch. When he seemed sure that that was all of them, he turned his attention back to her.

“Now, slave, lay on your back with your hands over your head.”

Jeffery watched her as Michelle maneuvered herself around. Even though she was still bound, the way she was bound made following his orders much easier. She was now in the center of the sofa with her toes almost touching one arm and her wrists resting on the other. Michelle watched as he picked up one piece of rope and went over to her wrists. Deftly, he looped the rope around the one shank of the lock. He then pulled it down and tied it off somewhere to the couch.

“Lift your hips, slave.”

Michelle did as she was ordered to. She arched herself upwards as high as she could go.


The bound girl then felt Jeffery piling the pillows beneath her, pushing her upward a bit more.


Michelle let herself go limp. She sank into the pillows a little, but they still held her in an arch, making it look like she was offering her pussy to the gods. As she was thinking of how she must look, she felt him untie her ankles and fasten her leather cuffs around each one. With a silent click, the second padlock welded them together.

After making sure her ankles were secured, Jeffery looped a piece of rope through her lock, over the end of the couch and tied it off around the legs, just as he had with her wrists. The line had some play to it, but not a lot; an illusion of some freedom.

Looking at his bound slave, he once again admired her small frame; the color of her skin, the narrowness of her waist, the small strip of soft curls crowning her slit, and the sharpness of her erect nipples. She was stunning, to say the least. He felt himself aching again. However, there were a few more things to do to get her prepared for the ‘game’.

Jeffery disappeared into her bedroom and Michelle could hear him rummaging around in her closet and in some drawers. Finally he reappeared holding a dark red silk scarf and a pair of her vibrators.

Setting down the scarf, Jeffery held up the two vibes. One was her hot pink gel one similar to the one he had used on her at his house. The other was a more traditional one; slick and slender with the controls blended into the end.

“A slave’s best friend,” Jeff smiled, “Or friends. You seem to have quite a selection in your nightstand drawer.”

Michelle blushed. Like her collection of shoes, she liked to have a variety for her different moods. Now, however, she would have picked any one of them as long as he used it on her.

“Which one would you prefer, the gel?” Jeffery held it up to her, “or this one.”

Michelle nodded towards the gel on. She knew it filled her completely and that is what she really needed right now.

“The sleek one it is,” he said, putting down the gel, “You see slave, it isn’t about what you want, it is about what I want.”

Gently, Jeffery opened her sex-swollen lips, slipped the vibe inside her and turned it on low.

“Do not cum, slave.”

Michelle whined her frustration but Jeffery ignored her, tickling her clit briefly before picking up the scarf and holding it in front of her pleading eyes.

“Time to make sure you don’t peek, slave,” he said, folding the scarf in half lengthwise and wrapping it around her head.

Michelle’s world plunged into darkness.

Jeffery grabbed the coil of clothesline, ripped off its plastic wrapper and unraveled all of it, making sure it did not become tangled. He spread its length across the room. He judged about where the halfway point was and doubled it over into a loop. Jeffrey then gently threaded the loop underneath his captive’s waist and out the other side, pulling it so the end was below her navel.

After he was happy with where it lay, he threaded the loose ends all the way through and pulled it tight, making a clothesline belt out of it. Then, lifting her hips up further, he passed the loose ends between her legs and back through the belt he had just made and looped it back between her legs again. Jeffery could hear Michelle’s questioning ummphs through her ball gag and smiled. He wondered what she must be thinking.

Taking the electrical tape, Jeffery wound it around all four lengths of clothesline between her legs until a good foot-long section had been wrapped. Then he carefully tightened the whole crupper until it was firmly wedged between her lips, holding the vibrator within her.

The ministrations between her legs were driving Michelle mad with desire. The rope pressed against her clit, rubbing it with every move she made. She could feel him tugging it, pulling it upwards and towards where she thought the eyebolt was. With every pull, another shot of pleasure rushed through her and she could feel another orgasm build steadily inside her. She ground her hips against the ropes and moaned noisily in the gag.

“Do not cum, slave, I warn you,” she heard Jeffery tell her sternly.

Michelle fought back her urges, but it was like telling the tide not to come in. The storm of pleasure inside her was building; threatening to engulf her.

The girl felt a small tickle in the palms of her bound hands, but it when she tried to clench whatever it was, it was gone. She could hear the tinkle of keys above her and then, the pillows were wrenched out from beneath her, causing her to yelp in surprise.

Michelle felt him unwinding the scarf from around her head and she looked up blinking at Jeffery as he stood above her. Also above her dangled a pair of keys tied on a string. The string was tied to the clothesline that ran from around her waist and through the eyebolt. She had to arch her head to see them, but they dangle out of reach just above her cuffed hands.

“I am going to leave you now, slave. It is up to you to get out of this. If you arch yourself up high enough, the keys will be in your hands and you should be able to unlock your cuffs. I will give you two hours to e-mail me that you have gotten out. If you haven’t, I will start send out some pictures, including the ones I just took.”

Michelle struggled and screamed in protest as Jeffery turned his back and started towards the door. The keys jumped and jingled at the end of their line as she writhed bound on the couch.

He opened the door and turned towards her.

“By the way, you can cum now, slave. I hope to be hearing from you soon.”

With that, Jeffery shut the door behind him.


The taxi cab ride home was uneventful. Jeffery had placed a call for it at the 7-11’s phone-booth just down the block from Michelle’s apartment. As they drove, he could picture her, struggling to try to get the keys or just to cum. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that she was now his.

Of course, he wouldn’t have left Michelle unless he was sure that she could get away. The e-mail was more of a safety device more than anything. If she didn’t e-mail him, he would drive over to her apartment and untie her himself. He had a duplicate apartment key made at the hardware store where he had picked up everything else. However, he didn’t think that he would have to rescue her. Michelle was a strong and determined woman and he was sure she was having as much frustrating fun with this as he was.

Jeffery’s thoughts now wandered towards his step-sister still bound in their basement. She had plenty of time to ruminate over her transgression. That is what she needed. He was sure that the horrors stirred up in Steph’s mind were far worse than what he had actually planned for her.

The taxi dropped him off several blocks from his house. He wanted to enjoy the walk and do some thinking of his own before going down to the basement to play with her.

The street where they lived was quiet and Jeffery didn’t see any neighbors as he walked up his driveway and to the front door. Inside, it was quiet and the bondage gear from the last couple days was still strewn about. He would first check on Stephanie then clean up the house and start getting things ready for this evening’s events.

Silently, Jeffery crept down the stairs. Stephanie was still hanging there, her legs pulled wide and her head partially mummified with ace bandages. He could tell by the raising and lowering of her chest, she was breathing just fine. Circling behind her, he visually checked her wrists bound to the rope harness that suspended her upper body from the beams. Everything was the way it should be.

The blonde stirred a bit, but Jeffery thought she was just adjusting herself. She could even be sleeping. With the white latex hood covering her eyes, it was hard to tell.

Jeffery crept back up the stairs and began getting things together, first of which was putting the lubricating gel in the freezer to get cold. He straightened up the house and put any stray equipment back where it belonged. Lastly, he made sure his camera equipment was set up and focused on his sister.

Turning on his toy voice distorter, he stepped up to his hanging captive.

“Are you ready to be a good slave?” The metallic voice asked.


Story Concludes in chapter 25


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