The Summer Project 25

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; cuffs; hood; rope; lingerie; susp; tease; condition; toys; mast; denial; sex; cons X

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Part 25


‘Are you ready to be a good slave’ blared through Stephanie’s head like an air horn, making her jump in her bonds.

Stephanie hadn’t heard the stranger come down the stairs, but she also admitted to herself that her thoughts were on other things such as what her captor would do to her when he finally returned.

Now she would find out.

Stephanie nodded her head as much as she could. The wrapping that sealed her gagged lips also welded her head to the rope that suspended her. She was tired, afraid and hungry. The highs of her orgasm had already faded and the ghosts that remained were banished by the thoughts of her punishment.

“That is excellent,” the metallic voice said.

Stephanie felt a tap above her sex.

The bound girl thrust herself out as much as she possibly could. Hanging as she was, with her legs spread wide, it took some effort but she arched herself up.

His finger slowly caressed around her petals, teasing at them.

“Do you enjoy this, slave?”

The girl nodded again. She hated herself for saying so. It felt so sinful yet she craved more.

His fingers touched the clamp still fastened onto her clit. With its rubber tips, it was just tight enough not to slip off. He flicked at the string that ran from it to the ceiling, eliciting a moan from Stephanie.
The blonde felt him pinch the clamp open, causing a slight flush of pain as the numbness swiftly vanished. Gently, the stranger caressed her sore clit, sending bolts of both pleasure and pain rushing through her.

“Do you enjoy being a fuck toy, slave?” the metallic voice asked.

Stephanie nodded, flushing red from embarrassment. A large part of her did enjoy being the object of so much sexual attention. She had never climaxed so much. Stephanie didn’t think it was possible. She had made it her escape and lusted after each and every orgasm.

The stranger brushed his finger under her nose, letting her smell her own arousal. Stephanie could feel another orgasm building up inside of her like a slow head of steam.

The blonde felt the jaws of a clamp releasing first one of her tender nipples and then the other.

Stephanie yelped into her gag as she felt something ice-cold spread over her aching nipple, spending another jolt of pain and pleasure through her. He massaged the warmth back into it before repeating the same to the other.

Jeffery noticed that his step-sister’s hips were beginning to rock. With every touch, she seemed to moan louder. He dabbed a generous dollop of the chilled KY onto his finger and smeared it over her swollen clit.

The bound woman bucked in her restraints, screaming into her gag as Jeffery rubbed the gel over her sex.

“Do not cum, slave.”

Stephanie screamed her irritation at the stranger. The shock of the cold against her red-hot bud scorched through her and threatened to engulf her at any second.

Then the stranger stopped touching her.

The bound blonde screamed into her gag, begging him to release her.

“Do you want to cum, slave?”

Stephanie nodded, whimpering as loudly as she could.

“Will you be a good slave?” the stranger asked, “Obedient in everything I wish from you?”

Again, Stephanie nodded. All she could think about was the moment.

Nothing happened.

The young blonde squirmed in her ropes, thrusting herself out for the stranger to touch her.

Still, nothing happened.

“You can cum now slave,” he said.

Stephanie mewled into her gag as she strained against her bonds. She was so close yet bound as she was with her legs spread wide apart, she could do nothing to relieve herself. The stranger still hadn’t touched her.

Jeffery watched her, his cock starting to ache with desire. He wanted to thrust himself into her and fuck her violently, but he didn’t. Instead, he walked away and climbed the stairs out of the basement. She needed to be left alone with her thoughts in the cool of the basement. Besides, he needed to check his e-mail to see if Michelle had gotten out of her predicament.

He could imagine the Chinese girl still trying to get at her keys, the vibrator causing her to cum over and over again so she couldn’t get to them. Eventually, she would exhaust herself and the batteries within the vibe would wear out enough so that Michelle could focus on escaping. He wished he could have set up a recorder there, but he couldn’t. But he had a few stills he had taken with his cell phone before taking her blindfold off and he had his imagination. Those would have to do.

Checking his e-mail, Jeffery didn’t see any notes from Michelle. It was still early. He wouldn’t become concerned for another hour or so.

Striping, he went to his closet and got a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went across the hall to take a shower.

In the basement, Stephanie realized that she was alone again. At least, that is what it felt like. The need was still there, simmering inside and wanting to boil over, but there was no way she could satisfy herself. He told her she could cum but he wasn’t doing anything to help her to do so. Frustrated and horny, all she could do was dangle there and await his return.

Refreshed from his shower, Jeff re-checked his e-mail before going down into the basement to torment his step-sister some more. He figured she should have cooled down a bit and would need a little more attention.

His step-sister had stopped squirming. Stephanie was hanging in her bondage ready for him to begin his teasing again.

Without a word, Jeffery gently pinched her nipples and Steph moaned in response. He massaged and pinched both nips, watching her glistening body respond. Her hips began to rock again and her moans were louder and longer. Jeffery was sure that he had reignited her desire.

Then Jeff stopped.

Stephanie moaned her protests again, but they didn’t stop Jeffery from going back upstairs to do some household chores. Dinner needed to be started and other things like the plants needed to be attended to. Every half hour or so, Jeff checked his e-mail. To his relief, there was a simple note from Michelle telling him that she had escaped and please don’t send those pictures out. He wrote a quick response and downloaded one of the pictures from his cell phone and attached it to the response before sending it to her. That should illustrate to her that he did indeed have pictures and wasn’t afraid of using them.

Jeffery continued to tease and titillate his sister, going downstairs and caressing her to a certain point and leaving her dangling. It must be hell for her, he thought, but the point being that he was in control and she had to adapt to his schedule. At one point, he found a puddle beneath her on the cement floor. She had relieved herself. Jeff quietly cleaned up the mess before taking a warm washcloth to her, touching her as little as possible to make sure she didn’t cum.

Finally, dinner was nearly done and he was ready to give her what she wanted.

Stephanie was nearly out of her mind. The stranger had been torturing her for an eternity. It wasn’t the painful branding iron and whip type torture but one that was nearly as bad. All she wanted to do is to please him so she could get pleased back.

The bound girl felt her captor position himself between her legs. His warm hands grasped her hips as he pulled her forward onto himself. She felt him fill her as he began to impale her. His slow thrusts soon quickened. Soon, he was fucking her violently and her wanton pressures continued to build and build until they burst inside her, filling her with pure white-hot bliss.

Stephanie was engulfed again and again with plumes of ecstasy as he continued to pump her. Then, with one big shove, he pushed himself fully inside her and held himself there as he filled her with his cum.

The stranger held himself there as Stephanie tried to milk as much of him as she could, bearing down on him until he withdrew from her.

The blonde was exhausted. She could feel the beads of perspiration trickling off of her as she hung limp in her bonds; catching her breath. Stephanie had never felt so joyfully satisfied in her life. She didn’t care that she was in reality being raped. The pleasure of the moment far eclipsed the horrors she had endured to get there.

As her rapture subsided, Stephanie realized that she was alone again, dangling in some lust-filled limbo that she could not escape from.

Jeff gathered up his clothes and went upstairs for another shower. He was drained. Dinner could wait a bit. It wasn’t going to burn or get cold. He needed to freshen himself before getting Steph ready to come upstairs.

After a brief, hot shower, Jeffery picked out an outfit from his mother’s closet; a white lace corset with matching thong and a pair of white thigh-high stockings. Stephanie did have in her closet a pair of ivory pumps that would go perfectly with the outfit. He also picked out of his parent’s armoire a set of four cuffs, a ‘Y’ shaped length of chain and some small padlocks.

Going down to the basement, Jeffery thought his step-sister looked like a marionette hung-up after a show. She gave a muffled grunt as Jeff untied her one ankle and let it drop to the ground. He did the same for her other one. It had been a long time since his step-sister had actually stood and he could see her legs were a bit shaky. He undid the rest of her bondage save for the rope harness as she stood wondering what was next.

It took Stephanie a bit to get the circulation back into her legs and her captor let her stretch before she felt the familiar tug on her lead. She followed blindly, taking one cautionary step at a time until they both reached the stairway. She felt him grab her and hoist her over his shoulder as he had several times before. This time, she did not struggle but went limp like a rag doll as he carried her up the flight of stairs and onto the main level of the house. He paused only briefly before continuing upstairs and into her parent’s bathroom.

Standing on the cool tile, Stephanie felt her lead being pulled upward and hooked somewhere. She then felt his fingers work at her knots and buckles until she was nearly unfettered. Even her gag was removed. Stephanie thought she would never get rid of the tang of rubber that seemed to permeate her mouth. The only bindings left on her were her collar and the white latex hood that covered her eyes.

She felt the shower being turned on and he handed her some soap and a loofa.

Stephanie scrubbed herself the best she could. The stranger left some play in her leash, so she could bend down to scrub her legs. The smell of the soap and the warm water felt like paradise as she lathered away the stickiness of the last several hours. Finally, after she felt she had done as much as she could, she felt the water turned off and she was handed a soft towel.

Even though her gag had been removed, Stephanie made sure she kept silent. She had remembered her recorded lessons and she didn’t want to solicit the stranger’s wrath again. There was another tug on her chain and she was guided out of the bathroom to her parent’s room. The stranger turned her so she imagined she was facing the bed and pulled her wrists back behind her back where he simply buckled a pair of cuffs around them and locked them tightly together.

Jeffery picked up his step-mother’s white lace corset from the bed where he had laid it and began to dress Stephanie in it. It was form-hugging and very heavily boned, but it fitted wonderfully as he pulled the laces tight. Next, he helped his step-sister to sit on the edge of the bed and eased each one of the white silk stockings onto her legs, making sure he fastened the garters correctly. Next, he gently pulled up the matching lace thong. Lastly, he eased her feet into a white pair of heels that he had grabbed out of her closet. Standing her up, he stood back and admired his captured blonde.

Stephanie was stunning.

With the exception of the collar, everything was a matching white; from her hood to her pumps. Jeffery could barely make out her stiffened nipples beneath the lace cups. The lace thong just barely covered her sex. She could grace the cover of any men’s magazine proudly. There was only one thing left to do.

Jeffery unlocked her leather cuffs and brought Stephanie’s wrists out in front of her before locking them together again. He then attached the inverted ’y’ shaped chain to her bound wrists. The two other ends dangled downward. Jeff then cuffed both of her ankles and attached each cuff to one of the dangling ends. The net effect was that his step-sister was somewhat hobbled and her wrists were kept down in front of her stomach.

Stephanie was now dressed for dinner.

With another slight pull, Stephanie followed her captor out into the hallway. Walking with the chains was not nearly as difficult as she thought it might be. By keeping her wrists up, the chains to her ankles became taut and made it easier to walk. When they reached the stairs, she felt his hand guide her as she took her first tentative step down. Slowly, step by step, she made her way down with the stranger beside her. Finally, they reached the bottom and she let herself be led into the kitchen to the dinner table.

Jeffery helped his step-sister to her chair. He purposely seated her in a chair that wasn’t her normal chair. He lashed her leash to the back of the chair and went over to start cooking the hamburger patties he had prepared earlier.

Stephanie could hear the sizzle of meat as someone cooked. She hadn’t realized just how starved she was until she smelled food. Now, it was almost all she could think about. She could smell the garlic, onion and pepper and it made her almost drool. With the clink of a plate placed in front of her, dinner was served.

“You may eat, slave,” the voice said.

The chained girl reached out and felt the plate. Her wrists were still locked together and a chain still dangled down to her ankles, but she found that she could grab to sandwich in front of her and take a bite.

Jeffery watched her carefully. He purposely put a slab of red onion on her burger, something that she hated. Cooked onions were fine but the raw ones were poison as far as she was concerned. After she took a bite, her chewing slowed down and she began to set the burger down.

“What is wrong, slave?”

Stephanie didn’t answer.

“You may speak, slave, what is wrong with your meal? Don‘t you like it?”

Stephanie hesitated a bit, then spoke, “I don’t like onions.”

“You don’t like onions. . ._________”

Stephanie realized her error, “I don’t like onions, master.”

Jeffery grinned. This is what he wanted. His step-sister was learning. She had had plenty of time to scream at the top of her lungs, but she hadn’t. Stephanie could have peeled off her hood while sitting at the table, but she didn’t. Now she had called him ‘master’, a large step in the right direction.

“Then you may remove it, slave,” He said.

“Thank you, master,” Stephanie said quietly as she opened up the bun and pulled the offending onion off onto her plate.

“Do you want something to drink, slave?” Jeffery asked through his voice distorter toy.

“Yes, master.”

Jeffery poured her a glass of ice water and inserted a straw into it before handing it to his blonde captive.

Stephanie gingerly grasped it with both hands and brought it up to her lips, jabbing herself before she realized there was a straw. Her lips finally puckered around it and took several long swallows before setting her glass down on the table.

Jeffery was proud of her. She was feeding herself and not making a fuss. She had even found the napkin he had set out for her, dabbing away the ketchup and mayo that had oozed out of her sandwich. Jeffery felt comfortable enough to begin eating as well. He kept a careful eye on his sister between mouthfuls, however. He didn’t want her to try to make a break for it.

She didn’t.

Instead, Stephanie wiped her lips after she was finished with her second burger and sat quietly in her chair, sipping at her water.

“Are you finished, slave?” Jeffery asked through his voice distorter.

“Yes, master,” she replied quietly.

Stephanie felt her lead being unleashed from her chair after he had pulled it away from the table. With a gentle pull, Jeffery helped his sister up and guided her to the stairs. With a little effort, Stephanie negotiated the stairway well.

The stranger guided her towards the bathroom where he let her brush her teeth and use the toilet. When the girl was finished, she was guided back into her parent’s bedroom.

Stephanie felt two leather straps being buckled around her upper thighs. The stranger then unlocked her wrist cuffs and then fastened each to one of the thigh straps, effectively pinning her arms at her side. He fastened her ankle cuffs together after removing the chain. Without a word, he eased her down onto the bed. The sheets had already been pulled back and Stephanie let herself be maneuvered until she lay comfortably. She felt a cool chain brought up between her feet and fastened to her cuffs. A slight tug confirmed that the end was attached to the bed. The stranger also fastened the leash to the head of the bed, making sure she would stay there for the night.

“Do you want to be gagged, slave?” asked the familiar metallic voice.

“No, master,” she replied.

Stephanie really didn’t want the gag. Her jaw still ached from the last time and it made her drool.

The blonde yelped when the stranger slapped her across the face. It was a light slap and it stunned her more than anything.

“The correct answer, slave, is ‘whatever you want, master.’”, he said sternly, “Now, do you want to be gagged, slave?”

“Whatever you want, master,” she said quietly.

“Tonight, you shall not be gagged,” he said magnanimously, “Do not make me regret this decision, slave.”

“Yes, master,” she said.

“Good night. I shall join you later.”

Jeffery then shut the door behind him, leaving his step-sister to her darkness. So went the following days. Stephanie continued to be submissive and obedient as he trained her, fed her, and used her. He still gagged her most of the time because he really enjoyed the sounds she made while gagged. Sex was her reward and the sting of the cattle prod, her punishment. Jeffery found that he had to use it less and less. Finally he felt she was ready for the next step of his plan.

While the book he had discovered doing research on Victorian class structure was helpful for one owning a sex slave, it really didn’t go into details on how to make a slave. It was an owner’s manual, so to speak, and Jeffery surmised that it was Dr. Geoffrey Brand’s ‘school’ that trained the women in the first place to be submissive wives for his clients. Dr. Brand’s book had very little to do with the ‘breaking’ a woman into a slave.

Jeffery did, however, do more reading on the latter subject and his ‘plan’ seemed to be fairly sound. Either it worked or he would be spending a lot of time in orange prison garb. He was confident enough in it to start with the next step.

He first needed to get the shit kicked out of him.

Jeffery found just such a bar that fights seemed like a daily occurrence. He knew better than to start one. Rather, he waited until one was well underway before he stepped in for a few blows.

Drinking his beer, he didn’t have to wait long. Soon, he sported several bruises on his face, a cut lip and some sore ribs.

A few more days of training Stephanie went by before Jeffery decided tonight was the night.

As routine, Jeffery led Stephanie to her parent’s bed. Tonight, he had dressed her in a black, tight-fitting teddy. The cuffs on her wrists were locked to the ones encircling her thighs. Her cuffed ankles were locked to a chain that was fastened to the foot of the bed and her collar was chained to its head. Despite her slight protests, Jeff had sealed her lips with several strips of tape, silencing her. Stephanie was now ready for bed.

It had been a good day and Steph had behaved almost flawlessly. He could tell she was tired but happy. She smiled more around her gags and she seemed more than willing to please him in the ways he desired.

Stephanie lay there in her bonds awaiting sleep to overtake her. She had gotten used to the feel of rope and leather enslaving her and as she tried to get comfortable, she almost enjoyed their embrace. In the darkness of the hood, she could find refuge.

The stranger was being less stringent about her bondage, Stephanie noticed. Tonight her wrists were locked to her thighs and there was only a pair of cuffs binding her ankles together. The stranger had thankfully taped her lips shut. Most gags made her jaw ache after awhile as well as slobbering up her pillows as she slept. The tape might hurt a little when he pulled it off, but it was a small price for the comfort during the night.

It was during these moments that she thought about her stepbrother Jeff. Where was he? What were they doing to him? Stephanie figured there had to be more than one person to keep an eye on the both of them. What they were doing to her was bad, and she was sure that what Jeff was going through had to be as bad if not worse. The only real pain she had suffered was the sting of that prod-like thing. The strangers were more likely to do worse to Jeff.

Stephanie tried not to think about it. There was little she could do other than to please the strangers so they wouldn’t want to beat Jeff.

Slowly, Stephanie drifted off to sleep.

“Steph, oh my god, are you alright?” she heard her brother.

At first, Stephanie thought she was dreaming but she felt someone undoing the locks on her cuffs.

“Stephy?” Jeff asked again.

Stephanie yelled into her gag as she felt her wrists get free. Soon she was peeling off her white latex hood and ripping the tape off of her lips. Kneeling over her was her battered and bruised stepbrother Jeff.

“Steph, are you alright? What did they do to you?”

“Where are they?” Stephanie asked, looking around her parent’s bedroom.

“They’re gone, Steph,” he said, “At least, I am pretty sure of it. I didn’t see them as I came up from the basement.”

“How did you escape?” she asked.

“I think they drugged me. They left me down basement. They didn’t even bother to tie me up. God, I am so glad to see you! Are you okay?”

Stephanie nodded her head as she started to undo her ankle cuffs, “Yes. . .yes, I’m okay. What about you, bro? Did they hit you? You have some awful bruises.”

“Yeah they hit me when I didn’t do what they wanted, but it’ll heal. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, Jeff, I’ll live,” Stephanie replied, “Did you get a look at them?”

Jeff shook his head, “No, I didn’t. They ambushed me too quickly. Chloroform or something. Did you?”

“No, he was too fast. He got me tied-up pretty quick.”

“I am glad you are okay, Stephanie. After what they made me say, I didn’t. . . ,” Jeffery trailed off.

“I know,” she said, pulling her cuffs off and sitting up in bed.

“I guess we better call the police,” Jeff said. He knew he was taking a gamble and his whole being was so knotted with dread about what his sister might say. He hoped she didn’t notice.

“No,” she said quietly, “Please don’t.”

Jeff almost sighed with relief.

“Why?” he asked, “After what they did to us. . .”

“It’s because of what they did to us,” Stephanie said, “I couldn’t bear to relive that over and over again to everyone. They have pictures, Jeffery, I know they do. I couldn’t bear that, Jeff, both friends and strangers seeing me that way. Reliving everything again and again. . .”

The blonde dissolved into sobs. Jeffery held her, holding her close while rejoicing in his mind. This is what he had planned for and hoped would happen. He continued to embrace her until her sobs quieted and she gently pulled away.

“We can’t tell anyone about this, Jeffery,” she said, looking into his eyes, “Promise me.”

“But, Stephanie. . .”

“PROMISE ME!” she practically yelled.

“Okay, Steph, I promise. We will keep this to ourselves. No one else needs to know.”

“Swear?” she asked.

“I swear to God, Steph, I won’t tell anyone else.”

Stephanie slowly nodded her head.

“Good,” was all she said.

As she looked around the bedroom, it was dark. The digital clock on the nightstand beside the bed read 2:32 in burning red numbers. Even though everything was bluish and shadowy, it still looked bright to her. How many days had they been deprived her of her sight? She really didn’t know.

“Do you know what day it is?” she asked.

“I think its Thursday. Mom and Dad should be home in about a week,” he said.

An uneasy quiet drifted between them. Stephanie did not want to tell them either. It wasn’t the fact that she was raped but the fact that she enjoyed it. She was a slave to it and she didn’t want to tell anyone that part of it or any part of it for that matter.

Suddenly, she felt drained.

“Jeffery, I just want to crawl into my bed,” she said, “I don’t want to talk about it right now, Please?”

Jeff nodded his head. He was tired too. He helped his stepsister off of her parent’s bed and into her room where he pulled back the covers for her and tucked her in.

“Thank you, bro,” she said.

“If you need me, I am right here,” he said pointing to his room next door.

“I know,” she yawned.

“Night,” he said and went to his room.

Jeffery first went into his parent’s bedroom and piled the cuffs and chain over on the other nightstand. He would put them away tomorrow. He then went to his bedroom and flopped into bed, exhaustion taking him over. Soon he was dead asleep.

Stephanie slept until noon, the sun finally waking her up. Everything seemed so bright, even with her curtains closed. She stretched and rolled out of bed.

The blonde could hear her stepbrother downstairs clanking in the kitchen and she could smell the sausage he was fixing. She was hungry but she needed to shower first.

Stephanie stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, making sure she locked it. This is where it all started and the thought sent chills through her. She should have fought harder, she told herself. She stripped out of the black teddy, something she recognized as being her moms, and turned the hot water on.

The bathroom was full of steam before she stepped in, letting the hot water engulf her as she scrubbed herself down. She looked for marks on her body and save for a little redness where she had been cuffed, there was no bruising or anything.

Stephanie wrapped herself in a towel and went back to her room, grabbing a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. It felt like a Twilight Zone moment for her as she dressed. She was doing these things automatically like a robot without really thinking about them. She had been a prisoner and the strangers had made all of the decisions for her. What to wear; Where to go. Now she was doing things for herself again and it didn’t feel ‘real’.

Jeffery had breakfast made for her when she came downstairs. The scrambled eggs and sausage looked wonderful and tasted even better. Jeffery sat across from her, slurping down his orange juice.

“Morning,” she said.

“Morning,” Jeffery replied, “How did you sleep?”


“That’s good,” he said.

Another uneasy quiet drifted over them. Stephanie concentrated on her plate while Jeff picked up the news paper.

“I need to go to the store,” he said. “Want anything?”

Stephanie shook her head, “No, m. . .”

The blonde had caught herself before saying master and she flushed with embarrassment. She hoped that Jeff didn’t notice.

“Want to come, get out of the house?” Jeffery asked.

“No, I just want to stay here. I don’t want to go out yet.”

“Are you sure?”

Stephanie nodded her head, “Yes, bro. I just need to be here now. You go. Would you pick me up a couple of Mounds bars?”


The girl watched as Jeff drained the last bit of juice and got up, grabbing his set of keys.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“Okay. You have my cell phone number if you need me.”

With that, her stepbrother was out the door.

The house was as quiet as a church. She finished her breakfast and cleaned up, thankful to be doing something.

Stephanie wandered the house, picturing herself being used in every room; the kitchen, the living room, the dining room. She couldn’t get away from the images of her struggling and cumming. Slowly, she made her way up the stairs to her parent’s room.

The bed cover was wrinkled and Stephanie found herself pulling the covers tight and picking up the pieces of tape that had gagged her last night. She noticed the leather cuffs and chain piled on the nightstand and glanced away. Just the sight of them made her feel wanton and dirty and she didn’t want to feel that way today. She would let Jeff take care of them.

Her mother’s closet door was open and she went over to shut them. Inside, she found hanging up teddies and corsets and sheer things that her mother wore when she was with her stepdad. Her hands drifted over the silks and satins and leather as she imagined what she would look like in them. Before, she really didn’t care for these kinds of outfits, but now. . .

As she looked at each, pushing the hangers aside, she noticed a slender door behind them. It was padlocked with a heavy lock and when she tried the knob, it was locked too.

“Probably where they kept their valuables,” Stephanie said to herself.

The sound of Jeffery opening the door downstairs interrupted her thoughts and she pushed the hangers of clothes back where they were before heading downstairs.

Stephanie silently helped Jeffery sort out the groceries and put them away. Afterward, she grabbed her Mounds bars and headed back up to her room to be by herself. After downing both bars, she lay back down on her bed and fell asleep.

She awoke to the smell of dinner and went downstairs. Jeffery had fixed mac and cheese and she grabbed herself a huge bowl before dumping herself on the couch in front of the tv. She and Jeff both watched their favorite shows mindlessly before Jeff finally got up and went upstairs to bed. Stephanie soon followed.

Stephanie couldn’t sleep. Each time she closed her eyes and hugged tightly to her orange teddy bear, thoughts of the past couple of weeks spread through her dreams like wildfire, burning every peaceful thought she tried to have. She tossed and turned until she finally sat up yawning and staring at her closed bedroom door.

The girl slid out of bed and crept silently towards the door. She was dressed like she normally dressed for bed: an oversized t-shirt and a pair of panties. However, it felt wrong to her and she couldn’t put her finger on it. They were comfortable enough and they covered her decently, but she felt burdened by them somehow. However, for creeping around the house, they were good enough for her.

Her parent’s bedroom was just across the hall and a few steps down. The door was open and the silver moonlight knifed into the hallway. Her brother’s door was shut and she could half hear him snoring as she went to her parent’s room.

Looking into the room, it looked like it normally did with its huge canopy bed and the large armoire that took up nearly half of the wall. She sat herself down and looked around, searching for some sign of what had happened to her.

There was nothing. No coils of rope or open padlocks. Just her parent’s room. It was in here that most everything took place and when she shut her eyes, she could almost envision everything that was done to her in this room.

Stephanie got up and went to the armoire. She knew her parents kept their ’toys’ in there and from a few conversations she had had with her mother, she gathered that there would be some of the items that were used on her. There was no way the strangers had brought that much stuff with them. Slowly, she pulled open one of the drawers and gasped at what she saw. Coiled in the drawer were leather straps, chrome chains, and steely handcuffs. She had imagined that there would be a few things like this but not the extent that was before her. Another drawer was filled with vibrators and dildos of all different sizes, colors and shapes. The blonde felt guilty about her two, but after seeing her parent’s array, the guilt seeped away.

From the first drawer, she picked up a set of red leather cuffs. She put them to her nose and took a long sniff. The tangy smell of leather seemed to warm her inside. Carefully, she unbuckled one of the cuffs and encircled it around her wrist. A slight tingle trickled through her as she fastened it around her wrist. Stephanie did the same to her other wrist and pretended that they were locked behind her back; hooking her fingers around the chrome ‘D’ rings.

The blonde then chose another set of cuffs and quickly fastened them around each ankle. This time she locked them together with a padlock she had found in the drawer. She tossed the key onto her parents bed.

A third drawer revealed a wide variety of things that she deduced were gags. There were some that had a web of straps on them and some that were just a simple ball with a strap. She took one of the latter and put it between her teeth.

She licked the surface of the ball, letting the taste linger on her tongue before buckling the strap tightly behind her head. As much as she hated to admit it, she missed the tang of the rubber. It, like the smell of leather, reminded her of something incredible.

Stephanie looked over at the mirror, grasping her hands behind her back.

’So this is how I looked,’ she thought to herself. With her arms behind her back, her breast stuck out more; her erect nipples showing clearly in the moonlight. Stephanie thought how delicious she looked with her long hair flowing down, partially covering her gagged face. Her blue eyes stared at the ones in the reflection.

The girl unhooked her fingers and continued exploring the armoire, looking for things that may have been used on her. The next item she picked up was a black leather collar. As she pulled it from the drawer, she noticed that a chain leash was still attached to it. Like her gag, Stephanie buckled it as tight as she dared without causing herself discomfort. The lead dangled between her breasts as she once more looked at herself in the mirror.

The blonde sat back down on her parent’s bed and eased a finger between her legs. A rush of pleasure washed through her as she slowly began to touch herself. She imagined herself helpless again as the stranger touched her; she rocked her hips to his fingers. . .

She opened her eyes.

It wasn’t the same. She wasn’t really helpless. She looked back into the drawer where there were several padlocks, each with a key inserted into it. She wanted so badly to lock her hands behind her back but she was afraid that she wouldn’t get out of them. If only she could share her desires with someone. . .

Briefly, she thought of her step-brother Jeff.

No, that was sick. Yet, he was the only other person to know what had happened. He had seen her bound and he must have known what they were doing to her since they made him read those lessons for her. They had both shared in the home invasion and they both swore to keep it a secret. . .

Stephanie picked up the lock and held it in her hand, thinking about what it could do for her.

Quickly, she ungagged herself. Stephanie would need to explain herself to Jeffery but she would bring the gag with her. She hoped he would use it on her. The blonde then put her hands behind her back and snapped the padlock shut, locking the cuffs together. She then threw the key on the bed with the other one.

Stephanie knew if she didn’t act now, she wouldn’t do it at all.

Carefully, Stephanie hopped out of her parent’s room to the door to Jeffery’s room. Reaching around with her bound hands, she grasped his doorknob and turned it. The door swung in a fraction, letting her know he hadn’t locked it.

Slowly the bound girl opened the door. Jeffery was flopped down on his bed wearing just his boxers and entangled in his sheet. Stephanie never really looked at her step-brother before, but he was attractive. He was muscular in the way runners were and his face had just enough ruggedness to it to not make him look like a pretty boy. The bruise on his cheek only helped with that image. Kim had always called him ‘hot’, but being his step-sister, Stephanie always did the ‘whatever’ thing. Now it was different.

Stephanie quietly hopped to his bedside. Looking down, she realized that it wasn’t too late. She could go back into her parent’s room and try to unlock herself from her bondage. Jeffery wouldn’t be the wiser.

‘No’, she told herself, she had to do this.

Stephanie sat herself down beside Jeffery’s sleeping form.

“Jeffery?” she said quietly.

She heard him mumble something and stir a bit.

“Jeffery, I need to talk to you about something, please.”

Jeffery opened his eyes and rolled over. On his bed was his step-sister Stephanie dressed in her nightshirt.

“What?” he groggily asked, “What do you want?”

“I need to talk to you about something, Jeff.”

Jeff sat up and that was when he noticed the leather collar and leash fastened around her neck.

“What’s this?” Jeffery asked looking at her collar.

“Please, Jeff, don’t say anything and let me talk, okay? I really need to talk to you about something that happened when we were captured. . .”

“Okay,” Jeff said.

“Seriously, Jeff. I have to do this. When we were captured, do you remember the recording that they made you do?”

“Yes,” Jeffery said, knowing every intimate detail of those instructions.

“Well, they made me do those things.”

“No,” Jeffrey pretended to be shocked but not in a melodramatic way. He needed to believable to his step-sister at this critical moment.

“All of those things. It was like being trained like a dog, Jeff. But do you know what the most horrible thing was? I liked what they did to me. I got off on it. I know you must think I am some sort of sicko, but I can’t help it. When they had me like this. . .”

Stephanie turned and showed Jeffery her cuffed hands.

“I just. . .I can’t explain it. I have never felt so. . .so wanted before.”

“Did you do this to yourself?” Jeffery asked.

“Yes,” she said, “I wanted to feel that way again. I know you must think I am disgusting and a perv, but I can’t get it out of my head. I can’t sleep. I even took a Nyquil and I am still wide awake with this thing drumming in my brain.”

Jeffery looked at his sister. Not only did she have the collar on and her wrists cuffed, her ankles were cuffed as well. Obviously, she had gone through their parents’ collection.

“Where did you get this stuff?” he asked, again, knowing full well where.

Stephanie blushed a little bit, “Mom and Dad’s cabinet. I knew Mom was into a few kinky things.”

Jeffery sat up beside his step-sister.

“I don’t think you’re a sicko,” Jeffery finally said looking into her blue, teary eyes, “I don’t think Mom’s a sicko either. If it makes you feel better. . .”

“It shouldn’t make me feel better, Jeff!” Stephanie interrupted him, “I was taken advantage of and I got off on it big time. What does that say about me? Here you were being beaten and God knows what else and the only thing I really wanted to do was cum.”

Jeffery hugged her as she leaned into him crying. He stroked her hair as the tears flowed. His cock already was aching for her. All he wanted to do now was climb on top of her and make her cum again. But right now he needed to be the older brother. All good things. . .

“Sis, it’s alright. You’re okay and you’re safe with me.”

Stephanie pulled away and looked at her step-brother.

“I want to be tied, Jeff. I need to be tied and I don’t want to be alone.”

“You want me to tie you up?” he asked.

“Well, I have done most of it for you already,” Stephanie nervously joked, sniffing back her tears, “Mom and Dad have more in their room if you want to look. I also brought this for you to use.”

Stephanie swung her cuffed hands around again and dropped the gag she had been carrying.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” he asked, holding up the gag.

“Yes. Gag me and tie me up so I can’t escape. I really need you to do this.”

“Okay,” Jeff said hesitantly and he got ready to gag her, “Open wide.”

Stephanie did, closing her eyes. She felt the familiar shape of the ball gag pushed behind her teeth. Jeffery then brushed her long blonde hair away and buckled the straps tightly behind her head.

“Too tight?” Jeffery asked.

Stephanie shook her head slightly and said something unintelligible into her gag. Now she was helpless. She couldn’t call for help and she couldn’t run away.

“Let’s go see what other things mom and dad are hiding,” he said, grabbing a hold of her leash and helping her up.

Jeffery led the way with his step-sister hopping behind him, her breasts bouncing with every hop. Her stiff nipples now ached to be touched. She was as horny as she ever had been as she hoped that it didn’t show. Soon they were in front of the armoire’s open drawers.

“Wow,” Jeffery said.

Stephanie giggled behind her gag, seeing her step-brother’s reaction. She watched him open all of the drawers and doors and fondle the variety of toys that they found within. At one point they pulled out a pair of chained clamps and held them up.

“What do you think these are for?“ he joked.

It was like they were two kids that had discovered their hidden Christmas gifts before they made it under the tree. Jeffery pulled out a few simple leather belts and laid them on the bed. Finally he stopped and turned to his sister.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

Stephanie nodded her head. She just didn’t want to do this, she needed it.

For Stephanie, there was no going back now that she had told Jeff. He picked up the first belt and wrapped it around her elbows, drawing it until her elbows almost touched. A second belt went around her waist and through her cuffed wrists, pinning them to her back. Jeff knelt down and fastened the last one just above her knees.

“Okay?” he asked her.

Stephanie nodded and moaned through her gag. Her desire continued to build inside her as she tested out just how helpless she was. Even if she could unlock the padlocks, there was no way she could snake her way out of her bindings.

To Jeff, Stephanie looked more than stunning. It was in the way her breasts pushed her nightshirt out; the way she squirmed in her binding and it was in the way her eyes sparked as she looked down at herself and her bindings. He knew he was on the cusp of having her as a slave. He had to be patient.

Jeff picked up the end of the lead and gave it a gentle tug, “Now off to bed with you.”

Stephanie shook her head and pulled back on her leash.

“I thought this is what you wanted; to be tied-up so you could go to sleep.”

Stephanie moaned into her gag and shook her head no again. To go to bed now would be like leaving a kettle on to boil itself dry. Now she needed to relieve herself of all this pent-up passion and there was no way she could do it herself. Besides, the big boner hidden behind Jeff’s boxers had not been missed by her.

“What do you want?” He asked.

Jeff watched his step-sister ease herself up and hop towards him. There was a grin on her gagged mouth and a coy look in her blue eyes. As soon as she was in front of him, she slowly got onto her knees, all the while looking into his eye. Finally, she nuzzled at his erection and moaning into her gag.

Quickly Jeff undid the buckles on her gag and she began nibbling at him through his boxers. It took seconds for him to strip out of them.

As soon as he stood still, Stephanie leaned forward and took his stiff cock into her mouth, licking around its shaft and head. Jeff moaned underneath his breath as she began to take in its full length; sealing her lips around it.

Stephanie felt his hands on top of her head and he began thrusting himself at her while keeping her head still. She gagged a couple of times and Jeffery let her catch her breath. Then, he pulled away from her just as he came. Warm cum sprayed onto her face and hair as he collapsed down on the floor beside her.

“God, that was good, Steph,” Jeff said, turning to look at his kneeling sister.

“May I cum now, Jeff?” she asked demurely.

“Yeah, sure,” he said, out of breath.

With that, he stood up and took a hold of Stephanie’s leash again. This time he pulled her toward his parent’s bed. Stephanie scooted along as best as she could until she reached Jeffery standing beside it. Then Jeffery helped her up to face the bed before bending her over.

Stephanie’s ass peeked out from underneath her shirt. She was wearing a pair of small cotton panties and Jeffery could tell just how wet she was. He peeled her panties down to her strapped knees and began to slide his finger up and down her sex, never quite touching her clit.

“Oh God,” Stephanie breathed as Jeffery parted her lips and inserted finger inside of her.

The bound girl thrust herself back on to his finger. She could feel the fires raging up to envelope her.

“Make me cum,” Stephanie began to chant, “Oh, God, make me cum!”

Just then, Stephanie felt her step-brother roughly tickle her swollen clit. She screamed and bucked as he grabbed her around her waist with one arm and finger fucked her. Her whole self was engulfed in a white-hot pyre of pure passion as she came again and again until Jeffery let her collapse on the bed.

Trying to catch her breath, Stephanie wriggled onto her side. Jeff lay on his back beside her, breathing nearly as hard, the moonlight turning his skin a silvery shade of blue. His eyes were closed and a contented smile went across his face. Stephanie noticed again that he was muscular in a runner’s kind-of-way: tall and lean. His cock was still nearly erect and she watched it as it slowly shrank. It was wider than she had expected and she wondered how he would feel inside of her.

Stephanie realized that the ‘eeww’ factor of having had sex with her stepbrother wasn’t there. She was sure if she thought about it too much, that it would emerge. However, watching his naked form beside her, she had to admit he was attractive and she could see what her girl friends had seen in him.

“Jeff,” she said softly after a bit.

“Yes,” he replied without opening his eyes.

“Whatcha thinking?”

Jeff turned his head and looked at his stepsister lying beside him, her wrists still handcuffed behind her, “I don’t know what I am thinking, Steph. That was amazing, though. You were amazing.”

“Did you like it?” she asked.

“Couldn’t you tell?”

Stephanie smiled and nodded her head, “I did too.”

They looked into each other’s eyes, trying to read what the other was thinking. Finally Stephanie spoke.

“Jeffery, I need you to use me. . .”

Jeff started to say something, but the girl ‘ssshhhed’ him.

“Something happened to me while the strangers were here, Jeff. I’ve changed. I need these things. . .”

Stephanie showed her cuffed wrists the best she could.

“. . .the cuffs, the gags. I need them. They make me feel more ‘real’ and somehow safer too. I know it’s weird and fucked-up, but I can’t help it and you’re the only person now I can tell this to, ya know. You lived it to sort of.”

Jeff nodded his head slightly.

“What I am trying to say,” she continued, “is I need you to use me, Jeff. I need to be tied-up and used by you.”

Jeff grinned inside. The first part of her training was done.

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