The Summer Project 23

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; tease; susp; tickle; toys; hum; oral; sex; cons/nc; X

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Part 23

Jeff rested on his parents’ bed, looking at the vast array of toys that his father and stepmother had collected. There was everything there that he had dreamt of owning and then some. He guessed that there had to be ten different ball gags alone. One part of the armoire was devoted solely to vibrators of all shapes and sizes. Normally the sex lives of one’s parents would make Jeff shudder, but he was glad their tastes in the bedroom ran the same as his.

Stephanie had been alone in the basement for quite some time and Jeff meant for her to stay that way for a lot longer. He had visited her only once, removing the vacuum cups and replacing them with some cloverleaf clamps and twine, pulling her nipples and clitoris loosely toward the exposed joists. As long as she didn’t move too much, the clamps would only tease and not tighten. Jeff wanted her to be alone in her thoughts of what was to come next. He wanted to break her spirit, not shatter her body.

Jeff thoughts wandered back to Michelle, bound tightly on Jeff’s bed. She was a very unexpected and wonderful surprise but there was no way he could ‘keep’ her for the long term as he had planned for his step-sister. No, watching over two slaves, even if one of them was very willing, was tiring. He had to keep his focus on his blonde step-sister in the basement so he could make her into the slave of his dreams.

That didn’t mean, however, that Jeff would ignore Michelle’s charms. He was sure that she would play a role in the future, perhaps even taking over Stephanie’s reins once in awhile. . .

Jeff shook the thought from his head. One step at a time, he reminded himself.

It was time to check on Michelle.

Michelle was still bound on the bed the way he had left her, dozing in her bindings. Her wrists were tied behind her back to the rope harness that looped around her shoulders. A black leather collar graced her throat and her ankles were hobbled together by rope. Drool seeped out of the corner of her mouth around the black leather ball gag fastened tightly behind her tousled raven-colored hair. Her blindfold lay beside her, Jeff having taken it off earlier. The oriental girl was simply delicious to watch as she slept in her bindings.

Jeff undressed and carefully crawled into bed with her so as to not wake her. It didn’t take him long to find the controls to the vibrator still within Michelle, though it’s humming was silent.

He turned on the switch.

The oriental girl twitched a bit and a slight moan escaped from behind her gag, but her eyes stayed closed. Finally, her eyes did open, smiling. Jeff smiled back at her.

“Rise and shine, my beautiful slave,” Jeff said, looking into her ebony eyes.

Michelle grunted something into her gag as she smiled around it. The ministrations of the vibe awoke her in more ways than one. Though she was a bit tired from their games, the thoughts that raced through her head and the knots keeping her helpless helped to waft the embers that were smoldering inside her. She wriggled closer to Jeff, pressing her slender body against his.

Jeff reached out and brushed Michelle’s hair back, “So, are you in the mood for something?”

Michelle mewled and pressed herself further against Jeff. She could feel his erection hot against her belly. His fingers lingered over her shoulders and sides; caressing her hips and thighs. If Michelle had been free of her bonds, she would have pushed him onto his back and ridden him hard. But with her wrists and ankles tied as they were, there was no way she could have her way with him. Her helplessness only fueled her fires.

Jeff shifted himself over her and reached over to the nightstand, where he found a loose strand of rope. He edged her over and straddled her, tying the rope to the front of her collar. Michelle looked down at his rampant cock pointing its head right at her, swaying with his movements. He then eased himself off of her.

Grabbing Michelle’s ankles, he lifted them over her head, opening her legs. He then tied her collar rope to the rope hobble on her ankles, drawing the two closer together until Michelle started to squirm and moan uncomfortably.

The girl’s glistening sex was now fully exposed. She watched as Jeff gently pulled the vibrator out from within her and began to tease at her slit with its tip.

Michelle watched helplessly, trying to force herself harder against the vibe, but Jeff drew it away as soon as she did, laughing. She tried to moan her needs to him, but he just continued to taunt her with the buzzing apparatus.

Then Jeff laid the humming wand on top of her sex.

“Do you want something?” Jeff asked.

Michelle nodded, whimpering into her gag.

Jeff smiled, “I bet you want me to do something for you. . .”

Again, Michelle nodded.

“I bet you want me to tickle you!” Jeff said.

The bound girl screamed ‘No!’ into her gag before Jeff’s fingers attacked the exposed soles of her feet. Peals of laughter erupted from her as she writhed and bucked to try to get away from him. Michelle had always been super ticklish, something she tried to hide from her boyfriends. Now Jeff was taking full advantage of it mercilessly.

“Had enough?” Jeff asked after a bit, allowing Michelle to catch her breath.

Panting, the oriental girl nodded vehemently.

“Can I have my way with you?” he asked, his fingers poised to tickle her ribs.

Michelle nodded again.

“Any way I want?”

Michelle moaned her consent.

“Anywhere I want?”

The bound girl looked up at him, questioningly, hesitating.

Jeff’s fingers began to tickle Michelle’s ribs, causing more squealing laughter to explode out of her. Tears were running out of her eyes and she was gasping for air around the leather ball gag. He kept up his attack for about a minute before letting her catch her wind.

“Again, anywhere I want?” he asked with an evil grin on his face.

Michelle agreed. Really, there was very little she could do. All sorts of images danced through her libido as she lay bound beneath him, most of them involved her being taken tied up as she was in the trunk of his car and driven to a remote place to ‘play’.

“Okay then, let’s get you ready”


Time was lost to Stephanie as she hung bound down in her cellar. A rope harness held her tied wrists behind her back and another pair of ropes, one tied to each ankle, held her legs wide open. The harness around her shoulders and neck also helped suspend her from the basement ceiling. In addition to her white latex hood, a ball gag filled her mouth and an ace bandage was wrapped around her head as well. But it was the clamps that gave her the most discomfort.

A pair of clips clamped down on each of her nipples as well as one tightened on her sensitive clit. Stephanie could feel all three had strings running from them to the ceiling. Each time she moved a bit, the clamps tugged at her, sending little rushes of painful pleasure through her.

In order to keep her mind off of the dull aches in her shoulders and ankles, Stephanie tried to keep her mind focused on something else. As her mind drifted, she began thinking about her step-brother, Jeff. What was happening to him and how he was coping. Though Jeff was somewhat of a nerd, he also was a kind of a person that never let anything get him down. That is what she liked about him, he always seemed to have a smile ready to lighten a room.

Where was he now?, Stephanie questioned to herself. Was he here in the basement with her, bound just a few feet away from her and not knowing she was down there with him?

An icy thought went through her head; what if he could see her?

The blonde felt herself flush with a heated dread. What would he think of her? Did he see her cum? Perhaps they forced him to watch as they played with her. How could he ever look at her again knowing that she had enjoyed being bound as she was. Stephanie hated that she desired to be helpless; that her orgasms were the most explosive that she had ever had. . .

Better not to dwell on it, Steph told herself; Better to think about something else.

Try as she might, the captive blonde’s thoughts always came back to the carnal events of the past few days. She remembered the ways that the stranger touched and tied her and making her ‘love’ him back. Deep down inside she knew she would never be able to enjoy sex in the ‘normal’ way again. She had enjoyed being a sex toy too much.

Then she felt something on her ankle: a slight tickle.

At first, Stephanie thought that she was imagining things. Then she felt the tickle begin to crawl down the inside of her calve. Something was crawling on her.

The girl gave an involuntary shiver that caused her to tug on the clamps on her nipples and clit. A rush of near pain gushed through her, feeding the smoldering pyre that she had already set in herself. It also caused whatever that was climbing on her to stop, whether it was a bug or spider. . .

God, she hoped it wasn’t a spider. She hated going down into the basement just because of that. Too many warnings of Black Widows and Brown Recluses when she was a kids. At one point, one of her friends had convinced her that spider webs actually bit people by themselves. She couldn’t bring herself to watch ‘Arachnophobia’ or ‘Eight Legged Freaks’.

Stephanie felt the thing move again, continuing its trip down the inner part of calve and onward to her thigh. She tried shaking her one leg a bit, biting into her gag as the clamp pulled on her swollen clit, but the bug continued down until it stopped halfway down her inner thigh.

The blonde girl was now terrified to move. Her whole being was now focused on the critter that was making her his super highway. Stephanie definitely did not want it to move further towards her open puss.

The bug moved to the back of her thigh.

Stephanie froze, holding her breath. It seemed like an eternity as the bug clung onto her thigh. Each second, the fear within the girl fed upon itself until the bug fell off.

The captive girl collapsed in her bonds, panting through her nose. Panting became sobbing. She wanted out of the basement. She would do anything ; absolutely anything. This was far worse than the stinging of the cattle prod or the lashing of the crop.

Soon, the girl ran out of tears. The dull aches, eclipsed by her fears, reappeared. Again, Stephanie needed to think of something else as she hung as helpless as a damselfly in a spiders’ web.


Michelle was ready. She was standing at the door waiting for Jeff to come and open it for her, since she couldn’t do it herself. A storm of butterflies raced through her stomach as she stood there, helpless, wondering where he was going to take her.

As per her instructions, Michelle had packed a few items to wear to go home in. In a small bag she had brought a pair of black, tight-fitting jeans and a bright red t-shirt with a dragon emblazoned on it. She had also packed a pair of running shoes; much more comfortable than her heels she came in as well as a pair of panties and a few personal items.

Jeff had dressed Michelle in her own jeans and shoes. After undoing her rope hobble, Jeff brought in a pair of black latex panties that sported not only their own vibrator, but also a forest of nubs the rubbed against her puss every time she moved, sending a shower of pleasure gushing through her. He had pulled them on her himself, making sure that the gel vibe was fully inside her. Currently the vibe was off and that was a good thing because Jeff had ordered her not to cum until he told her she could. Jeff had pulled on her jeans as well as her shoes and retied her hobble.

The red t-shirt, however, was still in her bag. After taking one look at it, he had decided that it was much too tight for what he had in mind. Instead, he took out of his closet an UCLA sweat shirt, the kind that had a hood and pockets in the front. After attaching a pair of chained nipple clamps to her stiffened nipples, he pulled the shirt over her head with her arms still bound behind her back to the rope harness. The bulkiness of the garment hid the fact she was bound. He filled the long sleeves with a few rags and stuck the ends of them in the pockets, thus helping the illusion he was trying to create. The black leather collar still encircled her throat and the leather gag still filled her mouth. He pulled the hood over her head to help hide her face.

Michelle was ready.

Jeff appeared beside her with the coat she was wearing when she came over in the other night draped over his forearm.

“Ready,” he asked, grabbing the end of her leash.

Michelle ‘ummmmph’ed her reluctance.

Jeff opened the door and gave Michelle’s leash a tug. The early afternoon sun was warm and she could hear the sounds of lawnmowers and birds creating a quiet urban symphony. The hobble let Michelle take small steps and she hurried to keep up with Jeff. She did not want anyone to see her like this, especially with Jeff pulling her leash. She was so focused on keeping up and not tripping that she was surprised when they reached the curb and her car.

“Got your keys?” Jeff asked her.

“nnuhhh,” she shook her head. Her keys were in her coat pocket.

“Are they with your purse inside?”

Again, Michelle shook her head and tried to tell him through her gag.

“I better go back and get them. I will be right back.”

The oriental girl was petrified as he left her standing by her car door. She bowed her head and hoped none of the neighbors would notice her hobbles and leash. The butterflies in her stomach now had turned into wasps as she held her breath, waiting.

The fear of being discovered also fueled the smoldering desires inside of her. The latex panties were doing their job, massaging her slit with its tendrils and causing whorls of pleasure rushing through her.

Finally, Jeff appeared at her side again.

“I found them in your coat,” he said holding them up for her inspection, “Why didn’t you tell me they were there?”

Michelle gave him an exasperated moan as he unlocked her door and helped her into the passenger-side seat. Getting in was difficult because of the hobbles, but Michelle sat herself down first then swung her legs inside. Once in, Jeff adjusted and fastened her seatbelt and got in on his side.

“Okay, since it has been my place for the past few days, I thought we might try yours,” Jeff said as he started her car and eased it away from the curb, “I hope you don’t mind. Not that it matters much.”

It wasn’t as if Michelle hadn’t had guys up in her apartment before, but this was a bit different. He was in control, not her. Really, she had little say in the matter. The gag made sure of that. No, all she could do is settle in her seat and have more nightmares of being seen like this in her own building.

Jeff fished something out of his pocket; a remote. At a stop sign, he turned and smiled at her as he turned it on.

“Remember, no cumming until I give you permission.”

The vibrator started to pulse within her, sending a fresh wave of bliss through her. The buzz throbbed off and on, causing her to writhe in her seat. The safety belt kept her well pinned, however, and with the way she was tied, she could do little but enjoy the feeling.

“I hope you’re not enjoying yourself too much,” Jeff said, “People might be watching.”

Jeff switched the vibrator on full.

Michelle moaned into her gag as her small, slender body arched against the belt. She opened her eyes a second to see if anyone was watching. The hood cloaked most of her face, thankfully. They were driving down one of the main streets now and the traffic was a bit on the busy side. She closed her eyes and moaned again as another wave of fiery bliss washed through her.

The thought of being discovered added to her fires in a way Michelle hadn’t had dreamed of. Each time they stopped at a light or slowed for a turn, the mixture of dread and desire made her pleasure soar that much more. She could feel her climax starting to swell inside her. . .

“We’re here,” Jeff said in a sing-song manner.

Michelle opened her eyes and saw that they were in the far corner of her apartment buildings parking lot. It would be an eternity before they would get to the front door hobbled the way she was, an eternity that she would be on the apartment building’s security cameras. It was one of the reasons she had chosen to live here. Now Michelle was wishing that the security here wasn’t quite so attentive.

Jeff leaned over and unbuckled her seatbelt and pulled her sweatshirt hood back.

“Do you want to cum, slave?” Jeff asked her, looking into her dark, almond-shaped eyes.

Michelle nodded. The purring vibrator inside her was quickly elevating the orgasmic storm inside her. The bound girl didn’t know how much longer she could hold off cumming.

Jeff laughed as he got out of his seat and went around to the other side to open the door on Michelle’s side. After opening her door, Jeff lifted her bound feet outside and began to untie her ankles, stuffing the rope inside her sweatshirt pockets. Little jets of pleasure shot through Michelle as Jeff flicked at her nipple clamps through her shirt, causing her to mewl a bit through her gag.

Michelle smiled as Jeff reached around and undid her gag, putting it with her ankle ropes.

“This is only temporary,” Jeff said, “So don’t get used to it. Now come along.”

Jeff eased the oriental girl up out of her seat and closed her door, making sure it was locked. She felt his hand on the small of her back, firmly guiding her towards the building. Michelle hesitated.

“I can always bring you in by your leash, if you want,” Jeff grinned.

“You wouldn’t,” Michelle replied back.

“ ‘You wouldn’t __________,’ ” Jeff paused, hoping she would fill in the blank.

“You wouldn’t, Master,” she said, looking straight into his eyes.

Jeff had left on her collar and leash, though the later dangled beneath her sweatshirt. Jeff reached out to her collar and began pulling the leash out. . .

“No, Master, please,” Michelle pleaded, “I will be good.”

“That is a good slave,” Jeff said, patting her on the head, “Now let’s get started before you cause a scene.”

Michelle let him guide her across the parking lot. Thankfully, there was no one about to notice her or her slight pauses as she shivered with pleasure, trying not to stumble. The nubs were massaging her sensitive clit with every step she took, sending ripples of bliss through her. The vibrator was doing its fair share as well and the combination of sensations coupled with the notion that she was bound in public, fanned her desires more and more.

“If you cum , Slave, I will punish you right here; right now,” Jeff told Michelle firmly as he continued to guide her towards the building.

The bound girl felt that it took them over an hour to get to the door, even though it was closer to five minutes. Michelle was flushed with the efforts of trying to control her body and hoping it would not betray her. This was the part she had dreaded the most: the short distance from the secure doors to the elevators sitting on either side of the front desk. There was almost always a person there and she prayed that it wasn’t Eric. Eric had a thing for her, even though he had never acted upon it. Michelle could tell by the furtive looks he would give her when he thought she wasn’t paying attention. It wouldn’t surprise her if he made duplicates of the security tapes just so he could drool at her over and over again.

As soon as Jeff unlocked the door for her, Michelle felt her stomach turn to molten lead. There was Eric, behind the counter, looking at them both.

Michelle gave Eric a quick smile as Jeff guided her over to the elevators. She tried not to fidget as they waited for the doors to open and she knew if she looked back at the counter, she would see Eric quickly trying to look away.

All of the sudden, the hum of the vibrator roared more violently and Michelle let out a little gasp. She could feel the tide of pleasure pressuring her soul to give in to it. She focused all of her being to not let that happen, not here; not in front of Eric.

With a quiet ping, the doors to the elevator opened and Michelle rushed in, followed by a smirking Jeff.

“What floor,” Jeff asked.


The doors closed but Michelle knew that Eric was probably watching them now through the elevator’s security camera. She focused on the red, digital numbers announcing each floor. Soon ‘3’ appeared and the elevator slowed, then stopped, opening its doors.

Michelle let Jeff guide her out and down the hallway. She knew that Jeff knew her address from the package he sent her, but she was sure that he was unsure were to go. There were security cameras in the hallway as well and she could feel Eric’s eyes on her. But soon they were in front of her door.

Jeff paused.

“Which key is it,” he asked.

“The large one,” she said, feeling like an anxious schoolgirl waiting in line and needing desperately to go pee.

“ ‘The large one __________’ ,” Jeff said.

“The large one, Master,” she said in a hushed tone, not knowing if the cameras could her sounds as well.

“I couldn’t hear you, slave.”

“The large one, Master, sir,” Michelle said a little louder, bowing her head.

Jeff put the large key into the door and swung it open. Michelle quickly stepped in, followed by Jeff. As soon as the door was closed, Michelle turned around and pressed herself against her ‘Master’.

“Fuck me,” Michelle nearly yelled, looking up at Jeff.

Jeff frowned at the short Asian woman in front of him, “Slave, you didn’t say the magic word so it’s going to cost you.”

“. . .Master,” she added.

“Too late,” Jeff said as he pulled the gag out from her pocket, “Open wide.”

“Master, please. . .,” Michelle pleaded, but Jeff ignored her and eased the leather gag between her teeth.

“I told you that being without a gag was just temporary. A slave should be seen, not heard. You obviously didn’t pay attention to your lessons and now you will have to pay the price.”

Michelle whimpered through her gag. She could feel a stormy bliss brewing inside of her, waiting to engulf her and she knew she could do something about it, like thrusting herself against a doorframe or on the edge of the counter, but she knew something bad would come of it if she tried.

Jeff hooked his fingers through a couple of her belt loops and pulled her up and forward. The pressure on her already tight jeans pushed the nubs of the latex panties further inside her slit, causing her to gasp.

“Do you want to cum, slave?”

The girl moaned into her gag, nodding her head and pushing herself tighter against Jeff.

“On your knees and beg your Master to let you cum.”

Michelle struggled to her knees and began to mewl into her gag as she nuzzled at the bulge in his crotch. To Jeff, this was what it was all about, having a bound girl craving for the type of release a key was useless for. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his rampant cock. He then reached around the back of Michelle’s head and unbuckled the gag. A string of drool clung to the black gag as he pulled it from between her lips.

Michelle didn’t need to be told what to do next. She sealed her lips around his member and began to slowly work her way up and down his shaft, her tongue caressing it with each thrust. Jeff grasped the top of her head and helped her set the pace. His moans let Michelle know that her begging was paying off.

Jeff could feel the pressure building in his cock and he pulled out away from her. He didn’t want to cum quite yet. Grabbing her leash, he pulled her up. Then, he swept her up into his arms and over his shoulder. He carried her down the short hallway to the open door leading to her bedroom.

It was simple and clean. Her bed was covered in a black and white striped pattern and matched her black dresser and art-deco mirror. Jeff’s mind was on other things as he threw his captive onto the bed and tore open the button and zipper to her jeans. He then pulled off her athletic shoes and yanked down her jeans. Next, he pulled off her latex panties, the vibrator still buzzing away, and threw them beside her head.

Grabbing both of her ankles, Jeff pulled Michelle half off the bed, turning her onto her stomach. Positioning himself behind her, he eased himself into her. The bound girl ground herself back upon him as best she could, gasping at the feel on him filling her.

“oh yessss,” Michelle hissed as Jeff began to drive into her faster and faster.

A burst of pure, white-hot bliss exploded inside of the girl as she screamed into the mattress. Her whole frame shivered as rush after molten rush engulfed her.

Jeff then thrust himself fully inside her and held himself there.

Michelle could feel the warm spray of Jeff’s cum filling inside her as she kept trying to buck against him. Then, exhausted, she slowed and stopped, panting as Jeff continued to hold onto her hips and hold himself inside of her as long as he could until he softened and slipped up. He then collapsed beside her.

The bound girl then struggled to get up onto the bed, her legs weak from the pleasurable efforts of a few moments ago. She rolled over onto her back and looked in Jeff’s blue eyes.

“Thank you, Master,” she smiled.

Jeff smiled back, “I didn’t give you permission to cum, did I, slave?”



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