The Summer Project 22

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2010 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; tease; susp; electro; vacuum; toys; mast; reluct/nc; XX

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Part 22

Stephanie lay cocooned in the afterglow of her climax, relishing the delicious feeling. She had managed to turn off her vibrator and now she rested curled-up on her own bed wondering what would be next.

When the stranger left and gave her the command that she could cum if she wanted to, the blonde girl took full advantage of it and let all of her pent-up frustrations gush out in a whirlwind of rapture. Now, being bound as she was, all she could really do was to think and speculate on what the stranger’s plans for her were. Every scenario she came up with involved her being a slave like this for a very long time.

She tugged once again at the rope hobbled lashed to the foot of the bed. Of course, it did not give. She hummphhed her aggravation into her gag as she lay back down.

The good thing was that the leash that had been wrapped around the headboard railing had loosened and come off, allowing Stephanie to sit up. She figured it must have became loose during her erotic writhing. The lead still hung from her collar but it did not pin her to the bed.

Stephanie then realized that she was starting to feel the need to go pee.

The last thing that the bound blonde wanted to do was soil her own bed. She needed to get to a toilet or least a tile floor before it was too late. She hated to think what the stranger would do if she soiled herself. He would probably force her face into it like a misbehaving puppy; or worse.

Stephanie twisted herself around. The rope harness holding her bound wrists behind her back just below her shoulder blades made it almost impossible to get to the rope hobbling her ankles.


The captives fluttering fingers finally touched some rope, the length that lashed her hobble to the foot railing. Carefully, she twisted and scooted until the fingers of her one hand touched a knot.

Gently feeling the ridges, Stephanie tried to picture in her mind the knot the best she could. Even if she didn’t have the damn latex hood covering her face and eyes, she still couldn’t have turned her head to see the knot that was keeping her on her bed.

Slowly she worked at the knot, pinching and pulling, gaining fractions of looseness, but Stephanie kept at it. She focused her entire self in working out that knot. She ignored the cramps in her legs and side as she forced herself to keep in that twisted position until at last the knot parted.

Pushing herself back down the bed, she pulled at the rope holding her ankles until it pulled free. She was still hobbled but she could make her way to the toilet.

Before she could go, however, she had to take care of one other little thing; the vibrator.

Writhing on the bed, Stephanie found the controls that she had dropped. Gently pulling on the cord and opening her legs as wide as she could, she managed to slowly pull out the vibe and let it drop to the floor.

Stephanie swung her legs down and carefully stood herself up. She knew the layout of her home and the trials and tribulations of this morning helped her get used to moving about while blind and in bondage. One tiny step at a time she made her way to the door.

The doorknob, of course, was too low for her to just turn around and nab with one hand. Planting her feet as wide as her hobbles would allow, Stephanie slowly bent her knees until she could get to the knob. Quietly, she turned it and opened the door a crack.

Though the latex hood covered her ears, she could still hear louder noises. She carefully listened and she didn’t hear a thing. Using her shoulder, she opened the door all the way and took a very short step out into the hall.

No stranger grabbed her. No cropped whipped her for not staying bound in her bed like a good slave.

Slowly she shuffled across the hall to where she thought the bathroom would be. Her toes stubbed themselves on the wall. Leaning a little to feel the wall, she followed it down until she felt the doorway to the bathroom.

Of course, the door was shut. Again she bent down until she could get at the doorknob to turn it. She shambled in and with her shoulder, shut the door as quietly as possible.

The tile was cold on her bare feet as she used her hip to feel the edge of the counter and to the open space where the toilet should be. Very carefully, she backed herself up until she felt the cool of the porcelain lip.

Slowly, she sat herself down only to discover the lid was shut.

Kneeling and shuffling and grunting into her ball gag, Stephanie quietly lifted the lid and sat down again.

As she began to pee, she never felt as relieved as she did at that moment. Stephanie had a problem and worked it out; a clear objective and a clear accomplishment of that objective. The blonde was proud of herself.

“Now what”, Stephanie thought to herself.

How many days had gone by? She really hadn’t thought about it. She tried to remember the meals that she had and she figured out that it was probably Monday afternoon. She should have been out at the beach taking in the sun and flirting with the surfers that would throw her those lame-ass lines. Or she should have been taking in a new movie or just hanging out at the mall. But no, she was a captive in her own house and there was no one to rescue her.

She needed to escape and now seemed to be a good time.

The front door was only a flight of stairs and a short hallway away. Stephanie was sure that she could get it open and make her way outside. Surely there would be someone at home like old Mrs. Lynch. She was always at home spying on all the kids. Probably kept a diary of everything she saw. Of course, Stephanie was sure this would be her best entry yet, seeing a bound naked Steph hobbling down the front walk, yelling into her gag as loud as she could.

Slowly Stephanie got up from the porcelain stool and shuffled to the bathroom door.

She hadn’t shut it all the way. She hadn’t wanted to make trouble for herself on the way back out. Stephanie chided herself for thinking, at first, of just going back to her bedroom and waiting for the stranger to reappear and use her again. No, she needed to try to save her brother, the other girl and herself.

Gingerly, the bound blonde made her way down the hallway to the top of the stairs. Using the wall, she slowly sat herself down. Stephanie had decided the best way of getting down those stairs was on her ass. The length of rope between her hobbles was too short for her to try to walk down the flight, even one step at a time.

Scooting on her butt, she carefully made it down one stair at a time, counting each stair as she went. As many times as she had been up and down those stairs, she hadn’t noticed just how many there were. Now she would know for future reference.

Finally Stephanie felt the carpet at the foot of the stairs.

Taking a deep breath and using the railing, Stephanie leveraged herself up until she was standing. Taking shuffling steps, the blonde made her way down the short hallway to the front door.

Stephanie had almost ran into it, but the runner in front of the door keyed her into stopping. Turning around, she backed up to the door and bent her knees again. Feeling the knob, she turned the lock and deadbolt then pulled the door open.

The doorknob ripped out of her hands as the door slammed shut.

The bound girl screamed into her gag as the stranger grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. Stephanie squirmed and kicked as she was carried sobbing through the house and down another flight of stairs.

He was taking her into the basement.

Stephanie bucked and screamed some more, but bound as she was, she could do very little. Not too gently, the stranger rolled her onto the cold concrete floor.

Jeff quickly forced his stepsister onto her belly and yanked the rope between her hobbles towards her bound wrists. The small rope that had lashed her hobble to her bed still was tangled in her hobble, so he used it to tie his captive into a strict hogtie, one she wasn’t going to get out of.

He watched as his sister struggled on the floor and cried into her gag. She had almost gotten away. If he hadn’t heard the jingling of her chain lead on the stairs, she would have gotten away. He had quietly caught up to her and purposely waited until she had the door open before crushing her attempt.

Jeff had thought she had given up and that her training would be easier than he thought. But he was wrong. Now he had to make sure that all hope of escape was crushed out of her ruthlessly.

After making sure that there was no way Stephanie could escape out of her bindings, Jeff grabbed an empty laundry basket and started making a mental list of what he needed to punish her.

Jeff cursed himself for not taking the proper steps in securing his sister. As he made his way up the stairs, he realized this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the book he had read, the breaking of a ladies’ spirit was very much a part of the training process.

Quickly he peeked into his room. Michelle was still there, curled up and resting after their love-making session. There was a slight smile around her gag as she slept. Michelle was still bound tightly, including her hobbled feet, so she wasn’t going anywhere soon. Jeff shut the door and went into his parent’s bedroom.

Setting the basket on the bed, he began filling it with lengths of rope, a riding crop, the cattle prod, some nipple-clamps, his voice-changing toy and a box that he had stumbled across earlier. He made a pit stop into their bathroom where he found the emergency medical tub and pulled out several rolls of ace bandages. Another short stop in his sister’s room to grab something out of her Saxophone case to add to the pile of toys he was going to use on her.

Checking his basket twice, he was sure that he had everything he needed. He made his way downstairs to the basement and his blonde captive.

Stephanie wasn’t struggling much anymore. She lay there sobbing, a pool of drool forming where her head lay.

“You have been very bad, slave,” Jeff said calmly, his voice turning into a deeper metallic sound one through the toy through which he spoke.

Jeff’s step-sister mewled into her gag and squirmed a bit in her hogtie.

“You must be punished.”

The bound girl cringed as he touched her to undo the rope binding her wrists to her ankles. As soon as they parted, Jeff tried to pull his sister up, but she fought him by curling up.

“Stand, slave, or you will REALLY regret it.”

Stephanie let him help her stand. How could she be so stupid as to think she could get away. The stranger was probably watching her the entire time, laughing to himself at the futility of what she was trying to do.

The bound girl felt him tie some more rope to the harness he had tied around her shoulders. As she stood there, she felt it being pulled above her, forcing her to stand upright. There was one more tug, forcing her to stand on the balls of her feet as she almost dangled above the cement floor.

Stephanie was out of tears so all she could do was to plead into her gag, but that did nothing to stop the stranger. He pulled at her ponytail in back of her latex hood, forcing her head up.

“Stay,” the metallic voice commanded.

Stephanie did as she was told. Soon she felt something being wrapped over her ball-gagged mouth and around her head tightly as well as to the rope suspending her, forcing her head straight. Around and around the stranger pulled it until Stephanie was sure that she couldn’t be heard at all if she screamed at the top of her lungs. Still, she tried to plead with the stranger, but she was also sure that he would ignore her whimpers.

The girl then felt a tap above her sex.

Stephanie shook her head no and tried to back away as far as she could, but she felt the tap again, this time a little harder.

Unwillingly, the blonde slowly thrust herself out to the stranger as far as she could. She knew it was going to be painful and she braced herself for whatever the stranger was going to do to her. Then she felt him touch her puss.

Gently, he caressed her around her lips with his fingertip, teasing her with touches light as a feather. Slowly, his touch became more firm as he parted her sex-swollen petals and began rubbing up and down her moistened slit.

“You have been a very bad slave, have you not?” the metallic voice asked.

Stephanie nodded, crying.

“A bad slave needs to be punished,” the voice continued as he began to tickle her now-swollen clit.

Stephanie whimpered into her gag, trying to plead as best as she could not to hurt her. She had made a mistake and it would not happen again.

The stranger’s tickling of her clit sent ripples of pleasure through her despite her imminent torture. God, she wished she had gone straight back to her bed.

The stranger stopped his caresses and Stephanie felt a cold tip pressing against her left nipple. He traced the tip to her other one before guiding it over the flat of her stomach to the pleasure-swollen lips of her sex.

The tip rested on clit.

Stephanie started to back up. . .

“Stop!” the voice commanded.

The captive girl did, mewling into her gag.

“Present yourself again, slave.”

Hesitantly, Stephanie thrust herself out again until she felt the cold touch of the prod between her legs; touching her clit.

The pain was like a bee sting ripping through her as the cattle prod sparked. Stephanie screamed in agony as she writhed dangling in her ropes. As the pain ebbed, she felt another tap above her puss.

Stephanie shook her head, but she felt the tap again, then a third time. Slowly she thrust herself out again.

The stranger’s finger began caressing her pussy again, rubbing up and down her slick slit and touching her clit. The slightest touch caused a shower of pleasure to rush throughout her, her clit being that sensitive.

The stranger eased his finger inside of her and tenderly started to fuck her with it. Stephanie found herself moaning in pleasure as he picked up the pace.

Then he stopped.

Jeff picked up the black wooden box he had found in his parent’s bedroom. Inside was several plastic domes of various sizes and a device that resembled a science fiction pistol. He had seen the vacuum cups being used on several bondage websites and he educated himself in their use, hoping to one day afford a set. But the treasure trove of sexual toys he found in his parent’s armoire gave him a plethora of tools that he normally wouldn’t have; like the vacuum cup set he now held.

But first things first; Jeff needed to get Steph off of her feet.

The bound blonde felt the stranger untying her ankles. Then there was a slight tap on her thigh. Dangling as she was, she could only open her legs so far without losing her footing. She felt a rope being knotted around one of her ankles tightly.

Stephanie screamed into her gag as she felt her one bound foot being yanked out from underneath her. The rope harness prevented her from falling but now she was being suspended by it while she tried to find her footing with her other foot. The stranger was tying her ankle up towards the ceiling, making it difficult for the young woman to stand again.

Just as her toes found the cold cement floor, the blonde felt the stranger grabbing her other ankle and winding another piece of rope around it. Again she squealed as he pulled her other ankle up and tying it off to the ceiling. Now she hung off the floor by her rope harness and by her ankles that were spread wide apart.

Stephanie struggled a bit in her suspension, imploring into her gag, but deep down inside of her, she knew it would do her no good. Now she was naked and helpless in the cool dark of the basement with her legs spread wide open and her pussy vulnerable to anything he wished to do to it.

The bound girl felt something tickle at her pleasure-swollen lips, gently brushing between them and at her tender clit. The pain had ebbed away and now it was replaced by rushes of pleasure as the tendrils touched her.

The feather was soon replaced by the stranger’s finger, gently inserting itself between her lips and stroking slowly up and down in her moistened slit. Soon the girl found herself rocking her hips to his rhythm.

The stranger then stopped and carefully spread her lips to reveal her pink bud, gently massaging in some sort of gel.

Stephanie felt something being pressed down around her clit; ringing it. The stranger adjusted it a bit, pressing down firmly before she started to feel it start to suck at her. The feeling was intense as he continued to pump out the air, causing her clit to engorge itself in its little bell-shaped tube. Soon, it felt like it was going to explode with pleasure and Stephanie began to groan through her gag.

With a quick click, Jeff unfastened the cup from the pump gun and fastened another one on. He had been careful with the one stuck on her clit, heeding the warnings not to overdo it. He wanted to punish his step-sister, not maim her.

The sensation on the bound blonde’s clit was indescribable and intensely pleasurable. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was a constant tingling that aroused her immensely yet did not slake her desire.

Then she felt the same cool rim encircling her left nipple. Again Steph felt the suction on her nipple and it was stretched into the tube, sending more sparks of pleasure through her. The same treatment befell her other nipple, fanning the already burning erotic pyre inside her.

Jeff traced a line across her shaven mons. A sharp moan was her response as she squirmed in her bonds.

He let her hang for a bit as her struggles became less and less. There was nothing for her to do but wait for what was to come. Reaching down into the clothes baskets, he picked up the item he snatched from her saxophone case; a tuning fork. He rapped it on the concrete floor and its medium pitch hummed through the fork.

Jeff stepped over to his suspended sis and placed the vibrating fork on one of the cups sucking her nipples.

Stephanie squealed her pleasure as the vibrations hummed through the cup, sending a shower of pleasure running through her. Again and again, the stranger alternated between the left nip and the right, pouring more tinder on her already raging fires that she knew would engulf her soon despite her efforts to stave them off.

Then the captor touched the cup surrounding her clit.

Pure white-hot bliss shot though her, completely swallowing her in its fires. She bucked and screamed and came again and again as the vibrating fork touched her again and again, draining her entirely.

“Bad slave,” the metallic voice said calmly.

The rapture of the moment dissolved into fear as she realized she had cum without his permission. She began to sob again, though there were no more tears to be had.

She felt the cold steel points of the prod touch her ass.

Stephanie pleaded into her gag; crying. The stranger caressed her naked body with its tip; over her ribs and around her stomach and brushing her breasts.

Then he stopped.

The bound girl tensed, waiting, panting into her gag.

Nothing happened.

“Think about what you have done, slave,” the metallic voice told her, “I will return to punish you soon.”

With that, Jeff crept up the basements stairs, leaving his step-sister to her thoughts and nightmares.





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