The Summer Project 21

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2009 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; bdsm; tease; sex; toys; reluct/cons; X

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Part 21

“What a fucking mess,” Kim said to herself as she looked in her rearview mirror at her own disheveled face.

Kim didn’t know what to do. Her parents had a major blow-out featuring cops and everything, including some fucking camera crew covering the whole damn mess. Her mom was now in jail for smacking her dad several times with an iron skillet and her dad was now nursing his wounded pride with tequila and scotch and curses. There was no fucking way she was going back in there without an armed escort so she had decided to spend last night in her car. Now she had to be at work in about an hour and she looked like shit.

What a fucking mess.

And, of course, all this went down while her best, and really only, friend decided to go on vacation with her parents; leaving her with no one to party or hang with.

Well, one thing was for fucking sure, she needed to clean herself up and the only real option was see if she could beg or borrow a shower from Stephanie’s brother, Jeff.

Kim had met him several times and he seemed sorta cool in a nerdy, college-type way. He definitely looked hot with his dark, close-cropped hair and his teeth-flashing smile and his well built six-foot frame. If it wasn’t for the nerdy part, Kim could see herself partying with him big time.

Kim pulled into the driveway. There was a car she didn’t recognize parked out front and Jeff’s Jeep in front of the garage door. She switched off the engine and took a deep breath before gathering up her uniform and ringing the doorbell.

The brunette pulled herself together as much as she could as she waited at the door. A few moments passed before she rang the bell again. This time she heard the door being unlocked before swinging open.

“Kim,” Jeff said, a little out of breath, “What’s up? Stephanie isn’t back yet.”

“I need to ask you a favor,” Kim started slowly.

“What kind of favor?”

“Well, you see, my parents had another fucking fight last night and I don’t want to go back there until things get cool again. . .”

“Kim, you really can’t stay here,” Jeff interrupted.

“No, no, no. . . that’s not it at all. I just need a quick shower so I can get ready for work. That’s all. I really don’t have anywhere else to go. . .”

Jeff stood there pondering for a bit. There Kim stood, in her tight-fitting jeans and black t-shirt, her dark eyes pleading for him to do something. Once again he thought about nabbing the Latino beauty and once again he knew that keeping two non-consenting slaves would be nearly impossible until he had his step-sister fully trained. However, turning her away was not the right thing to do either. It might arouse suspicion. So he nodded his head.

“Okay, but make it quick. I have somebody over.”

Kim smiled at the thought that Jeff was ‘entertaining’ while his parents were gone, “I’ll be in and out, promise, I don’t want to get in your hair.”

Jeff escorted Kim upstairs. The doors to both to his bedroom and Stephs were closed thankfully as he showed Kim the bathroom.

“You should find everything in there you need,” Jeff said, ”I’ll get you some fresh towels and washcloths.”

While Jeff ducked down the hallway to the linen closet, Kim wondered who Jeff’s friend was and where he was keeping her; probably in his bedroom sleeping off a late morning one-on-one. She giggled a little as Jeff handed her the towels.

“I shouldn’t be too long,” Kim said as she closed the bathroom door.

As soon as the door shut, Jeff went down the hall to check on his step-sister Stephanie. There she was, still bound on her bed, her hands still tied behind her back and her ankles lashed together and fastened to the foot of the Stephanie’s bed. Her white latex hood still covered her head and a red ball gag was forced between her lips. Jeff could hear his sister moaning as her vibrator was doing its job.

Quickly Jeff traced a line across her stomach just above her sex.

Stephanie whined into her gag but Jeff re-traced the line more firmly, emphasizing that Stephanie was not allowed to cum. Jeff didn’t want Kim to hear her moans and discover where they came from.

Shutting the door, Jeff went and listened at the bathroom door. He could hear the shower running. Again, the thought of turning Kim into a prisoner surfaced and he checked the bathroom doorknob.

It was locked.

Fate had made the decision for him. Kim would be free to go work at the hardware store, leaving Jeff with just a future fantasy. It was for the best really.

Jeff crossed the hall to his bedroom. Michelle was still kneeling there, her blindfolded eyes looking up at him questioningly as she heard him enter the room. Jeff had refastened her gag before going to answer the door so Michelle could only make unintelligible grunts through her gag.

Jeff unzipped his pants again and pulled out his stiffened cock. Stepping towards the bound Asian girl, he began to rub its head over Michelle’s face.

Michelle enjoyed the feel of Jeff’s hot, hard cock rubbing across her cheeks and over her forehead. She couldn’t make out who was at the door other than it being another girl and she didn’t know what was said. But Jeff had left the bedroom door open now and she could hear the sounds of a shower being run.

Jeff brushed his cock under Michelle’s nose and she smelt his desire, a sort of musky smell that promised more than just a quick blowjob. Michelle tried to nuzzle him to take more action, but he backed away, teasing her.

“So, slave, do you want this?” Jeff asked.

Michelle nodded, moaning into her gag.

“Show me how much you want this, slave,” Jeff said sternly.

Michelle’s vibe was still humming as she writhed on the floor kneeling, lifting herself up and thrusting her chest out for him to touch.

Jeff undid her blindfold and looked into Michelle’s dark, almond-shaped eyes.

“Do you want me to fuck you slave?”

Again Michelle nodded and moaned louder into her gag.

As Jeff wagged his cock in front of Michelle, Kim was humming to herself in the shower, enjoying the feeling of washing all her troubles down the shower drain, at least for a few minutes. Finally, she decided that she needed to get back to reality and get ready for another day of selling mums and manure in the garden part of the store.

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself all over. Kim loved the smell of all the soaps and conditioners and body washes that still clung in the moist air as she began to get dressed. Seeing her panties laying there, she really didn’t want to wear them a second day. Perhaps she would wrap a towel around herself and skip over to Stephanie’s room for a clean pair. Kim was sure that Steph wouldn’t mind at all.

Both Jeff and Michelle heard the shower turn off. Quickly Jeff slid himself back into his jeans and zipped them up. This was part of the thrill; doing it within seconds of being caught at any time. It just made his cock ache that much more. Quickly he traced a line over Michelle’s belly, trusting that she wouldn’t cum until he let her. He went out into the hallway, shutting his bedroom door behind him.

At that second, Kim opened the bathroom door cocooned in nothing but a towel.

“Whoa, Jeff,” Kim laughed as she nearly collided with him.

“I just wanted to see if you needed anything else,” Jeff stammered, “I heard the shower turn off. . .”

“I was hoping to borrow something of your sisters out of her room.”

“No,” Jeff said quickly, stepping over to block Kim from going that direction, “I really don’t think Steph would want you getting into her things.”

Kim was startled by Jeff’s reaction. He was usually very easy-going and loose. Now he was all uptight.

“I just need to get one little thing and then I am outta here. You and your girl friend then can party all you want.”

As Kim stepped towards Stephanie’s door, Jeff stood firm, “No.”

“C’mon Jeff, you aren’t going to force me to wear a pair of dirty panties again, are you?”

“Is that what you need?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, that’s it. Just let me get a pair then I am gone,” Kim said, getting a little disgusted at Stephanie’s brother.

“Okay then, let me get you a pair while you stay here.”

Jeff turned, opened his sister’s door a crack, and slipped in, closing the door behind him. Kim thought she heard someone moan inside there but she wasn’t quite sure. Then a wide grin crossed her face as she realized why Jeff didn’t want her in there. Jeff was doing his girlfriend in his sister’s bed. Kinky. Wait ‘til Stephanie came home and she gave her all the lowdown on her brother. Kim stepped back and waited patiently for the underwear. Soon Jeff squeezed back through the door, holding a pair of his sister’s white panties.

“Thanks,” Kim said, quickly grabbing them and popping back into the bathroom to finish getting dressed.

Jeff let out a silent sigh of relief. If Kim had found his step-sister bound the way she was, Jeff would have had no choice but to capture Kim and there would be a cascade of problems associated with that scenario, including what to do with his captive witness Michelle. Disaster had been adverted, for now.

Jeff elected to stay in Stephanie’s room. He didn’t want to appear as a stalker, waiting for Kim outside the bathroom door but he had to make sure Kim didn’t discover Steph either.

Stephanie felt the stranger sit beside her on her bed. She had turned the vibrator off so as to not disobey him. It had proved painful in the past and the blonde girl wanted to avoid the whippings and the clamps if at all possible.

The bound blonde felt his fingertips slowly caressing small circles around her stiffened nipples. She whimpered into her gag as she slowly began to squirm on the bed. Her nips were already aching with desire and his feather-like touches made them that much more sensitive.

The stranger then pinched them gently.

Little jolts of pleasure shot through her. Stephanie moaned into her gag as she pressed herself against him as best she could.

Then he stopped and clamped his hand over Stephanie’s gag.

“I’m outta here,” Kim yelled as Jeff heard her going down the stairs.

Hurriedly Jeff got out of his step-sister’s bedroom and down the hall.

“Do you want me to lock the door?” Kim yelled.

“Yes, please,” Jeff replied from the top of the stairs.

Kim looked up and grinned, “I will leave you two to whatever.”

Stephanie’s best friend then closed the door behind herself.

Jeff watched Kim as she climbed into her car, start it up and head to her job. Even dressed in her orange shirt and tan slacks, she looked gorgeous. He could imagine putting a few ropes around her. . .

No, better not think of that now.

Taking his time, Jeff made his way back into his sister’s bedroom. Again he sat down beside her and began to knead her breasts. She was writhing on the bed now as well as pleading through her gag. Finally Jeff traced a line across her belly followed by a single tap. Immediately Jeff heard the sound of her vibrator being turned on as she squirmed a bit more violently in her bonds.

Jeff wanted to stick around and watch the show, but he had other plans.

Michelle grinned around her gag as she saw the door open and Jeff stepped through.

“Do you still want this, slave?” Jeff asked.

Michelle nodded as she thrust herself out to him.

Jeff unzipped his jeans and dropped them and his skivvies to the floor, carefully stepping out of them. He stepped in front of the kneeling, bound delivery girl and began to tease her with his cock again, tracing it around her face.

“Do you want me to fuck you, slave?”

Michelle nodded and she nuzzled forcibly against his crotch and moaned.

Jeff grabbed her under her arms and lifted her onto the edge of his bed. Then lifting her legs, he pushed them over her head and down, forcing her to spread her knees. Her sex glistened and he gently removed the buzzing vibe.

Michelle watched down between her legs as Jeff eased himself into her. She was already wet from the vibrator as he easily slipped his full length into her. Slowly, he began to thrust into her. As she met his every stroke, she could feel the storm inside her building as he pumped her faster and faster.

Then Jeff thrust deep inside her and held there.

“Do you want to cum, slave?”

Michelle screamed into her gag.

“I haven’t commanded you to cum yet slave.”

Jeff began fucking her faster and he could hear Michelle panting harder and harder between moans. She could feel the rapture building inside of her with each thrust as she closed her eyes and tried to force it down.

Michelle screamed as Jeff pinched her nipples.

“Don’t cum!”

Telling Michelle that would be like telling the moon not to rise. The pleasure was battering at her soul, trying to engulf Michelle. She moaned, bucked, and whimpered as he hammered her.


Michelle felt him squirting inside her as she let herself be crushed in torrents of white-hot bliss. Again and again, whorls of pleasure ripped through her as she felt Jeff collapse on top of her, hugging her with all his might until she felt him soften inside of her and then withdraw.

The Asian girl rolled over on her side, drool running down her chin as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She quickly opened them again as she felt herself being rolled over and the vibe being reinserted into her. Jeff curled up into the bed beside her and pulled her to him, her hot skin next to his.

At that moment, nothing else mattered to Michelle other then the feel of Jeff against her back as she lay helpless in his arms.


-end chapter 21-



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