The Summer Project 20

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; bdsm; nipple; mc; mast; toys; reluct; X

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Part 20

Michelle concentrated upon the lesson at hand, listening to Jeff’s voice instruct her in how to obey when his riding crop touched certain places on her. As she listened, she realized that Jeff wouldn’t have to say a word; everything that was required of a slave could be signaled by the use of the crop.

The Chinese girl also realized that the depth at which Jeff and his girlfriend Stephanie’s shared fantasy went and she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to go there. The fantasy of being tied up and used by another and learning to become a slave to that person were two different things in her mind.

However, Michelle continued to learn the lesson being played through her headphones. She really had very little choice, after all. Her bound wrists had been pulled up between her shoulder blades and anchored there by a rope harness woven around her chest and shoulders. Each of her ankles was bound to her thigh and she had been pulled forward by a rope noose tied to the coffee table’s legs. The bound Oriental girl still had on her blindfold and a black pear-shaped leather gag filled her mouth.

No, Michelle wasn’t going anywhere until Jeff let her.

Another thing that Michelle grew aware of was the intricacy of the ‘lesson’. The ‘Rules Of The Crop’ were well thought out and developed over time. She was sure that Jeff had not come up with them on his own.

Soon the lessons started to repeat themselves, reinforcing what Michelle was expected to learn. The sting of the flogger’s touch still warmed her rear and the embers of her orgasm hadn’t entirely gone cold. Being bound as she was, she couldn’t help but daydream a bit as the recording plodded on. She wondered what lessons she would be tested on.

Stephanie’s ‘lesson’ was considerably different than Michelle’s. Though it held commands she was expected to learn, most of it dealt what was expected of her and what she would receive in return. Stephanie found many things troubling about this session. The fact that the strangers were still using Jeff to record these lessons disturbed her and made her wonder what they were doing to him to make him do this. The second most distressing thing was the ‘tone’ of these lessons; it implied a longer commitment than just a few weeks. Stephanie realized that this wasn’t just a household hostage taking for a few weeks. She was being groomed to be a slave and there was little she could do about it but endure it and hope Jeff could get both her and the other girl out.

The blonde’s position was identical to Michelle’s save for the white latex hood enclosing her head and the bright red ball between her lips. Her white collar was anchored to the coffee table. Kneeling as she was, it forced her over the table’s top. Stephanie didn’t know how long she had been there but the slight little aches started to test her; the table’s edge bit into her hips and her shoulders had a dull pain from being trussed-up. Her knees were sore from being forced to kneel only on them. The drool from her gagged lips was also beginning to pool on the table beneath her.

Stephanie then felt the stranger loosening the ropes pinning her ankles to her thighs; first her right one, then her left. The reprieve was short lived as the stranger forced her ankles together and cinched them tight. Lastly, she felt a slight tug on her lead as he loosened it from the table, allowing her to bend herself upright.

Jeff did the same with Michelle so now both girls were kneeling at the table. Gently, he guided them around until both were facing him side by side.

There is something inherently erotic about a woman kneeling in front of one, Jeff thought. Perhaps it was the position of servitude. Both women were gorgeous, Stephanie’s beautiful sun-tanned perfection next to Michelle’s exotic caramel-colored form. Both were toys he could play with as long as he wanted to and his cock ached to do just that.

But there was something that wasn’t right in the way his Michelle looked; something that wasn’t making it a picture perfect moment. . .

Then Jeff noticed it.

Every proper slave needed one and Michelle had been doing without for awhile. Quickly he ran up to the bedroom and fetched what he needed.

Michelle felt Jeff’s fingers undoing the noose around her neck. It was something that had made her uncomfortable to wear even though she trusted Jeff’s skills in rigging. Thoughts of strangling without being able to let Jeff know unsettled her. However, like everything else since she agreed to become part of this fantasy, she had very little control over it.

The rope loosened and fell away from her neck and the Oriental girl felt her long, black hair being lifted up and something else being put around her neck. A collar, she imagined as it tightened around her throat comfortably.

Then Michelle felt more straps around her face. Jeff carefully tightened the black leather head harness he had bought for her, buckling the straps on the back of her head until everything seemed to fit snugly. The harness would not only help hold her gag in, but it would make sure her blindfold would stay in place as well.

Now his slave was perfect. Time to see if both girls had learned their lessons.

Stephanie felt the tip of the riding crop trace a line over her pussy. She knew this meant that she wasn’t supposed to cum until he demanded it of her. Her lessons this morning reinforced that, simply stating that until her ‘Master’ gave permission, her orgasm would have to be kept in check. It was a privilege to cum.

The blonde felt the touch of the stranger’s fingers gently pinching at her nipples, send a hot shock of pleasure through her. He gently rolled them in his fingertips and kneaded her breasts, causing her to moan involuntarily into her gag. She was still balanced on her knees and Stephanie had to keep part of her mind in control of her position or else she would fall. . .a no no in the lessons of this morning. A slave must always be graceful and pleasurable to watch.

Then his finger’s traced down over the flat of her stomach and to the edges of her sex-swollen lips.

Gently, the stranger’s fingers started to touch her pussy, easing themselves deeper inside until he slowly began to stroke them inside of her, making sure he ended each slow stroke on her swollen bud.

Each of the stranger’s touches was electric and Stephanie found herself moaning in spite of herself. His fingers went deeper and the tempo began to climb. . .

Then she felt a slight tap above her puss.

Stephanie thrust herself out as best as she possibly could within the strictures of her bondage. The stranger’s fingers continued to play her and she could feel an orgasm swelling inside of her.

Stephanie had to focus on something else. Panicking, the young blonde pinched herself on her upper arm, the only place she could. The pain took away the power of the pleasure for an instant but soon his touches worked their magic and her fires began to grow again.

Hours seemed to crawl by as again and again she fought with the orgasm ballooning inside of her. She begged into her gag but all she could hear was unintelligible mewls.

Then she felt a line being traced with a slight tap at the end.

Stephanie exploded, her whole being enwrapped in pure bliss and she came again and again, collapsing into the stranger’s arms and bucking against his hand as he continued to fuck her with his finger until she really couldn’t take any more. Pleading into her gag, she felt the stranger ease his finger out of her, wiping it under her nose so she could smell her own incense.

The bound blonde then felt herself being put back into position after collapsing onto the stranger. She weakly complied as she felt the riding crop run down her back, signaling her to continue to kneel, spreading her knees open as widely as she could and bowing her head down. Stephanie was really too exhausted to do anything but just that.

Jeff then began to massage Michelle’s erect nipples the same way he had Stephanie’s. Slowly pinching them and kneading them until he could hear the Oriental girl’s muffled moans from behind her gag. Jeff notice that the bound girl had also started to rock her hips slightly. His fingers traced down over the flat of her belly to the small nest of black curls between her legs. He grinned as she began to writhe, thrusting herself towards him.

He slipped his finger into her slit and began stroking her as he had his stepsister. Soon the bound Michelle began to match his rhythm, thrusting herself onto his digit while moaning into her gag.

Jeff then stopped.

Michelle pleased into her gag. She was close but not that close and she also knew that she wasn’t supposed to cum until he gave her permission. However, Michelle was convinced that he would give that permission when she was very close to cumming anyway.

The delivery girl then felt him tickle at her sex with the tip of his finger, teasing her. She thrust herself out to him, but he withdrew, only to tickle her again.

Michelle’s moans became more and more desperate as Jeff continued to tease her. Finally he began stroking her again and he could hear her chant ‘oh my god’ again and again from behind her gag.

With his finger, he again traced a line followed by a tap. She was not to cum.

Jeff deftly toyed with her slit and clit, touching, stroking and tickling, bringing his slave to a fevered pitch as she slowly sank to the carpet and spread her legs open as wide as possible.

Finally Jeff gave her the single tap on her above her mons, signaling that she could cum.

Michelle rocked and bucked beneath him as she was wracked with pleasure. Wave after white hot erotic wave crashed through her as she strained against her bindings until she couldn’t take his touch any more.

Still Jeff continued.

Michelle pleaded into her gag again as she struggled to get away from his ministrations. She was too sensitive now and had started to get a bit sore. Yet he continued, pinning her down and finger fucking her again and again until she couldn’t struggle any more.

Then Jeff stopped and helped Michelle back into a kneeling position. A trace down her back meant for her to bow her head and open her legs while she knelt and she did this weakly.

Jeff was pleased. Both his stepsister and Michelle had held off their orgasms until he told them they could cum. He knew at that moment he controlled them entirely. Neither of them wanted to disappoint their new Master.

Getting up, his cock ached even more from that thought and he wanted to desperately to take one or both right then and there. But he knew he had a few more things to take them through before lunch before he was done with part of their morning training.

Taking her collar, Jeff helped Stephanie stand up. He looked at her white latex covered face and ballgag stuffed between her lips and wondered what was going through her mind at that moment. He knelt down and undid the rope binding her ankles together. A slight tap on her inner thigh and his blonde stepsister spread her legs. He retied the rope, making a hobble of sorts so that she could take short steps.

Jeff repeated the process with Michelle, though she was slower at getting on her feet. He figured she was worn out from her last frantic orgasm. But soon both girls were standing with their wrists still bound and anchored behind their backs, collars around their necks, blind and gagged. Jeff pressed the crop briefly on Stephanie’s left side and she shuffled and turned towards the left. He repeated the instruction to Michelle who followed suit. With a couple of tap on the rear, he moved the Oriental girl forward until she was only about a foot away from his stepsisters back. Taking Michelle’s lead, he attached it to the back of Stephanie’s collar. Pressing the crop on their right side, he turned both girls back around to face him.

He let them stand there for a bit as Jeff picked up the vibrators he had used earlier on each of the girls.

Stephanie felt the now-familiar nudge of a vibrator being eased into her. She spread her legs and tried to help as best she could as the stranger slipped it inside of her. She felt some more rope being tied around her waist and then between her legs. Gently, the stranger guided the rope through her sex to hold the vibe inside her. The stranger then gave her the controls.

The bound blonde girl tried to puzzle out what was next when she felt the crop press itself on her left side. Carefully, she turned, not wanting to trip over her hobble or anything else. She was sure that the other captive girl was getting the same sort of treatment.
Two slight taps on her rear brought her out of her thoughts. The stranger wanted her to move forward. One hesitant footstep at a time, Stephanie walked forward. Her leash dangled down in front of her, unused by the stranger.

The crop pressed on her left side again.

Stephanie turned and continued to hobble forward. The stranger was testing her. She had gotten used to being led around by her collar and leash, but now she was being guided by just mere touches of that wicked crop of his. She also felt a slight tug on the back of her collar and realized that she was leading the other captive girl behind her.

Jeff grinned as he guided both of his slaves throughout the house, Stephanie in the lead and Michelle following, her collar attached to his sisters. It was very slow going at first but soon both girls trusted his guidance. They trusted that he wouldn’t let injure themselves. As soon as they were comfortable with moving bound as they were, Jeff switched their places and made Michelle the lead slave.

He circled them around the house, making sure that he got at least part of it on video. Jeff then stopped them where they had started in the living room.

With a press of a button, Jeff turned on Stephanie’s vibrator and she let out a slight moan as it started its hum. He did the same with Michelle’s before giving both girls a tap above their sex to let them know that they could cum.

Leaving his slaves in control of their own orgasms, Jeff went to fix lunch.


Lunch was fairly simple affair of grilled cheese sandwiches and cream of tomato soup to dip them in. He fed his slaves one at a time, guiding each into the kitchen separately, undoing their gags and making sure they had enough to eat. All the while, each of their vibrators were doing their duty and humming away.

A warm washcloth cleaned each girl up nicely so he could get them ready for their afternoon nap, or at least one of them, anyway

Stephanie felt herself being guided again. She had had a couple of small orgasms during her trial runs around the house, but having to concentrate on walking or eating prevented the larger ones from erupting inside of her. She let out a slight squeal as the stranger picked her up over his shoulder and carried her upstairs.

At the top of the stairs, the intruder set Stephanie down and took hold of her leash. Thankfully, she didn’t have to hop but the short hobble was nearly as bad as she shuffled to try and keep up. Finally, with a short tap on her rear, they came to a halt. The bound blonde was so concentrated on making sure she didn’t trip, she hadn’t had time to puzzle out where they were in the house. However, it became apparent when Stephanie was forced to sit and the familiar feel of her fluffy down comforter greeted her.

Stephanie’s heart sank deeper. Her room was her sanctuary; a place that was hers and hers alone. Now the stranger was in here with her, violating that sacred space. He carefully arranged her on her bed, lashing her leash to the white enamel and brass head railing. She then felt the stranger tug at her hobbles, anchoring them to the foot of her bed.

She still held the controls to her vibe and deep down inside, she was glad. At least she had control over something in this nightmare. The bound girl then felt the teasing fingers of the intruder gently pinching her already stiffened nipples, sending rumblings of pleasure through her.

The blonde squealed through her gag as she felt the cold jaws of some sort of clamp pinching down on her left nipple. The near pain shot through her as he continued the same treatment on the other on, a cold chain attaching one to the other.

A stroke across her stomach and a slight tap let Stephanie know that she was allowed to cum. Then she felt the stranger get up off of her bed and leave. Stephanie increased the pulsing buzz of the vibe to high and moaned as the bliss washed through her.

Jeff went down and gathered Michelle up and over his shoulder. Seeing his step-sister bound there on her bed caused his already aching cock to ache that much more. Michelle deserved some one on one time and Jeff decided that that time was now.

He carried the Oriental girl up the stairs and set her down on the top, just as he had his sister. Gathering up her lead, he gently tugged on his slave girl and she shuffled up behind him, mewling something unintelligible into her gag.

Jeff led her down the hall into his room. He had already prepped it for a visit from his sister before this adventure began, but Michelle would be the first to benefit from his labors.

He had a mission-style bed with lots of slats in both the headboard and the footboard. He had already secretly screwed in some eyebolts and had several lengths of chain attached to them. Maneuvering the Oriental girl around, he gave a gentle tap behind her leg, signaling for her to kneel down.

Michelle followed her order and knelt before Jeff.

Jeff unzipped his pants and began to caress Michelle’s face with its tip, causing her to stir a bit. Reaching around to the back of her head, he began to unbuckle her head harness.

Then the doorbell rang. . .

End of part 20


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