The Summer Project 19

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2009 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; bdsm; hogtie; mast; nipple; mc; toys; reluct; X

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Part 19

With each forkful of the Denver omelet, Michelle kept hearing the word ‘punishment’ echoing through her head. This was the first time she had transgressed what was expected of her during her weekend stay. She vaguely remembered something about being punished for cumming without permission on the recording, but given what Stephanie’s tongue was doing at the time, it was hard to recall anything past her orgasm.

A small fruit cocktail followed the omelet, filling her mouth with juicy bursts of pineapple, strawberry and blueberry. Michelle also sipped a few swallows of orange juice through a straw when offered. It was odd having a quiet breakfast. Usually her radio or television was blaring at her apartment as she rushed to get ready for wherever she was going. The silence here was almost disquieting. The bound oriental girl had so many questions she wanted to ask but the threat of the cattle prod was more than enough to keep her silence.

Every bite seemed more intense and Michelle reasoned that it was because of the black leather blindfold sealing her in the dark. It was also a very different experience eating while hogtied. Though it wasn’t difficult, it took a bit of getting used to.

Michelle felt Jeff wiping her mouth with a napkin.

“Open wide,” the metallic voice said.

Michelle did so, opening her mouth as wide as she could. Jeff wanted to make sure both girls had finished their meals before gagging them again. First, he placed a red rubber ball gag into his stepsister’s mouth, buckling it tight around her white latex-hooded head. Then he eased the black leather gag into Michelle’s mouth.

The tangy taste of leather was a sharp contrast to the fruits she had earlier, but not all that unpleasant. The padded pear-shaped ball filled her mouth as her ‘master’ buckled it tightly around the back of her head. Again she wondered about her ‘punishment’. Although she knew somewhat what happened behind the closed doors of a D/s relationship, she didn’t know what to expect from Jeff and his blonde girlfriend Stephanie. She had seen how Jeff punished Stephanie earlier but Michelle hadn’t signed on for that kind of abuse. Deep down inside Michelle believed he would keep to his word about her limits, she hoped.

Jeff left the two girls to their own thoughts as they lay hogtied beside each other on the dining room table. He was sure that they were both imagining what kind of punishments he was going to inflict on them. Stephanie, his blonde stepsister, had already had a taste of what ‘punishment’ meant but Michelle had yet to experience that part of their shared fantasy. The thought of what he was about to inflict on them caused his cock to stiffen again with anticipation.

As Jeff began some of the clean-up of this morning’s breakfast, he thought that it was odd that he had two slaves at his command and yet he was the one doing the dishes. Oh well, hopefully that would change in another week or so as the full extent of his stepsister’s bondage was made clear to her.

That thought, too, made Jeff’s cock ache.

Stephanie’s bondage was also on Stephanie’s mind as well. Now she was certain that the other girl was just as much a prisoner as she was. Both of them were now nude, gagged and helpless as the stranger went about setting up whatever punishments his perverse mind could come up with.

The blonde struggled a bit in her bonds. The ropes were tied expertly and no matter how hard she wriggled and twisted, there was no escaping their grip. Stephanie felt even more shaken by the realization that she may have been responsible for the other girl’s plight. Now she, this girl and her brother were in the hands of this intruder or intruders.

Stephanie yelped in surprise as Jeff roughly pulled off her nipple clamps. The girl beside her did the same into her gag. Then Stephanie felt herself being tugged back onto the center of the table. The rope lashing the two girl’s knees together was loosened as well as the other ones anchoring them to the table. None of the other ropes were undone, however, and she felt herself being dragged carefully to the edge. The stranger then grabbed a hold of her tightly and carried her back into the living room where he set her down on the carpet and left.

It didn’t take long for the bound blonde to feel the other girl being set beside her. Stephanie could feel the other woman struggling a bit more as she rested beside her, but, she must have realized just how stringent her bonds really were and soon stopped.

Jeff took his time adjusting the video camera, making sure that it would capture all of the action. Both of the women were in a tight hogtie. Their wrists bound together and brought up to between their shoulder blades; held there by a harness of rope. Each ankle was tied to their thigh and their big toes were still cinched together and pulled toward their wrists. They both could thrash about but they weren’t going anywhere the way they were. It only made Jeff want them that much more. But their training would have to take precedence over his short-term desires.

Jeff climbed up the stairs and took a brief shower before dressing in his usual jeans and a t-shirt. Even though he really did want to enjoy their treasures again, he also needed to recharge his batteries for later on when their morning training and punishment was complete and he could savor them to his leisure. Now to get them both ready for this morning’s exercise.

Michelle continued to worry about her what was going to happen to her when she felt Jeff gently grab hold of her and hoist her up onto her knees. She was still hogtied, but now she was kneeling. The pull on her big toes was a bit strained but not too uncomfortable if she spread her knees open. Gently he pinched her nipples; sending some ripples of delight through her as he slowly kneaded and caressed them. Michelle let out a few sighs as Jeff continued his attentions to her breasts still sensitive from the clamps. She could feel herself move to his touch and if she could, the oriental girl would have encouraged him to move lower.

Michelle whimpered with displeasure as he stopped his attentions. A warm, erotic pressure was rising within her and she needed the release. But Jeff was unmoved by her gagged whines as he selected one of the many vibrators he had found in his parent’s bedroom armoire and coated it with a special warming lubricant.

Kneeling down before his bound delivery girl, Jeff gently spread Michelle’s lust-swollen lips and eased the vibrator into her. It wasn’t a fancy one, just a normal gel one that was light blue in color and had a long cord to the controller. Michelle moaned again into her gag as he eased the vibe in as far as it could go. Jeff tied a length of clothesline around the girl’s waist and brought the loose ends between her legs and up tightly between the rounded cheeks of her ass before tying it off. It held the vibrator firmly inside Michelle as she knelt.

Stephanie was next.

Jeff eased his bound stepsister up just as he had done with Michelle. The blonde moaned into her gag as well as he wrestled her into position facing the Chinese girl until their breasts almost touched. Gently he pinched Stephanie’s nipples as well, causing them to stiffen more as he played. He could tell by the writhing that she was enjoying the attention as he continued to massage her. Eventually he stopped and selected a similar pink vibrator for Stephanie and slowly pressed the dildo inside of her. Jeff tied another crupper around his stepsister’s waist before standing up and enjoying the view before getting the chained clamps.

The bound Chinese girl felt the cool steel jaws slowly clamp down on each of her nipples; a mix of pain and bliss went shooting through her as she knelt helplessly on the carpeted living room floor. She could feel every little tug as Jeff did the same to his girlfriend, weaving the chains together so that when Michelle moved, it would pull on both her and Stephanie’s clamps. Both girls were intimately connected now, just as they had been during breakfast.

Michelle then felt the vibrator’s control box pressed into her hand.

“This is your lesson and punishment, slaves,” Jeff’s distorted metallic voice said, “I will only say this once. You are not permitted to cum. If you do, you will be flogged ten times for each transgression. In your hands you hold the other slave’s controls. If you do not make the other slave cum, you will be flogged ten times as well. Do you understand?”

Both girls nodded.

“You will be listening to your morning’s lessons as well, failure to learn the commands will result in the use of the cattle prod anywhere on your body that pleases me as well as having to make the other slave cum. Reward for learning your lessons is being able to rest after lunch. Do you understand, slaves?”

Again, both girls nodded.

Michelle felt the headphones being clamped over her ears. A few moments later, Jeff’s voice began the lesson, the same lesson she had listened to this morning with instructions about positions to assume when touched by the tip of the riding crop on certain places of her body. His voice had a certain self-assurance that was comforting in a way soldiers should find in their leader’s voice.

As Stephanie listened to her lesson, she was more than a little disturbed to find that she was listening to her step brother’s voice. Apparently the stranger had forced him somehow to make the recording as she could just imagine how horrid he was feeling when doing it. She missed him and hoped that he wasn’t in pain or starving or worse. He was a nerd and he had taken some getting used to, but when mom married her stepfather, Jeff came with the package and now he was family.

Stephanie’s lesson was different from the one she had listened to earlier. This was more about duties she was expected to perform even when not commanded to. ‘Pleasing her Master’ was her new golden rule and her pleasure was secondary. In a lot of ways, it was even more unsettling then the first lesson.

A burst of pleasure erupted through Stephanie as her vibrator awoke inside her.

Michelle felt a tug on her clamped nipples as Stephanie writhed in reaction to the vibe, causing another sharp bolt of rapture coursing through her. Moments later her own vibrator came to life and fed the erotic fires already burning within her.

The bound Asian girl never really had come down after her orgasm on the table. Her breakfast helped take her mind away from it for a while, but each rope and knot that encircled her body kept her juices running.

Focus on the lesson, Michelle thought to herself.

However, that did little to alleviate the swelling fires inside of her. All they did was reinforce her thoughts of erotic slavery and being a man’s love toy; something she had always fantasized about and now was living out. The fantasy and humming magic of her vibe soon turned her embers into a firestorm that consumed her completely as she wailed and writhed against Stephanie, cumming again and again with little thought about the punishment she would have to endure.

Stephanie felt the other girl pressing against her, her warm flesh rubbing rhythmically as she bucked against her restraints. The blonde heard the girl’s moans of passion over her recorded instructions as the other bound girl continued to cum. Stephanie knew she was responsible for this as well as the pain that was going to follow. . .

The blonde felt red with guilt.

Stephanie didn’t want to get flogged yet the only way to avoid it was to throw the other girl under the bus. She was sure the other girl would have done the same.

The bound blonde squealed into her gag as the other girl toppled over. The pain of the clamps yanking on her nipples caused her to fall over as well to relieve the agony. To her horror, Stephanie’s headphones popped off as she hit the carpet. Panicked, She thrashed about a bit to try to feel for them, but bound as she was, she could do very little.

She began to cry in frustration.

She didn’t want the cattle prod to be used on her again. The memory of the pain was still sharp and focused in her mind. She couldn’t follow the stranger’s instructions if she couldn’t listen to the CD.

And then there was the wanton desire inside of Stephanie, slowly building pressure with each minute the vibrator pulsed its hum within her. Without her ‘lesson’, there was little else to take her mind off her stirrings between her legs.

The bound oriental girl’s orgasm ebbed but didn’t recede entirely. But, the commands she was to memorize were nothing more than an ethereal ghost, something lost and unable to gain back. She was also well aware that she had cum and that she hadn’t returned the favor to Stephanie. Michelle wasn’t going to take her punishment alone, no way!

Michelle began to pin the helpless blonde beneath her, lying on top of her as much as she could. The clamps pulled on her stiffened nipples a bit, but nothing she couldn’t handle as she forced her knee as best she could between Stephanie’s knees.

Slowly Michelle began to press the front of her thigh against Jeff’s girlfriend’s snatch. Feeling the dampness there, Michelle knew that making Stephanie cum was just a matter of time. The bound Chinese girl soon writhed rhythmically against Stephanie, causing her to moan ‘uh-uh’ into her gag while shaking her head. Still Michelle continued.

The bound woman’s warm skin rubbing against Stephanie was causing more than a little warming pleasure to fill the blonde’s libido. The rising tide within her seemed unstoppable and Stephanie was pleading into her gag for the woman to stop.

The other girl didn’t.

The girl’s knee was pushing Stephanie’s vibrator deeper inside of her as well as causing the rope to abrade against her pleasure-swollen clit. Waves of pure, hot bliss crashed inside of her as Stephanie succumbed to her need. The blonde wailed into her gag as wave after pummeling wave of bliss drove into her until she finally just collapsed; letting her passion drown her until there was nothing left.

Michelle finally surrendered and rested on top of the blonde, exhausted from the effort. Now they would both be punished, not just her. Whatever awaited them, they would share it together.


Jeff found the both of them collapsed on the living room floor. Somehow Stephanie had lost her earphones. He went over to the camera and reviewed what had happened in his absence and saw that both girls had cum, thus both needed to be lashed. With the loss of her headphones, it would be impossible for Stephanie to have learned her lessons for today.

Without a word, Jeff gently rolled the oriental girl over and unclipped the clamps to her now sore nipples. He did the same for his step-sister. Then he knelt down and picked up Stephanie and carried her over to the coffee table where he placed her kneeling in front of it. A few moments later, Michelle joined the blonde at the table.

Jeff got a few short lengths of rope and threaded one of them through Stephanie’s white leather collar. Pulling his step-sister forward and down across the table, he tied her collar off to one of the legs. Michelle was still wearing her rope noose so all he had to do was pull her down as well and tie the noose to the other leg.

After he was pleased at their position, kneeling across the coffee table, Jeff undid the cord tying their toes to their wrists. He wanted to make sure both of their asses were fully exposed to what he wanted to do next.

The leather flogger was a nicely crafted one with the handle carved into the shape of a viper whose open mouth the leather tongues splayed out. Jeff raised it and brought it down on Michelle’s nicely rounded buttocks. Michelle screamed more from the shock than the actual pain. She silently counted each stinging lash as tears welled from beneath her blindfold. She could also hear the muffled screams of Stephanie as she suffered the same punishment as she. But soon all twenty lashes were done with.

Although her ass glowed with a dull sort-of pain, it really wasn’t as bad as her imagination had created it to be. She felt Jeff adjust her headphones again and re-start the lesson.

Jeff also did the same for his blonde stepsister. There were lessons to be learned and they both needed to learn them. He gently removed both vibes and adjusted the camera to watch over them. He glanced over them, smiling. He would leave them there so he could get stuff ready for the next step in their schooling.

-end chapter 19-




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