The Summer Project

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; kidnap; nc; X

Part 1

The warm California wind caressed through Stephanie's long blonde hair as she drove home. The radio was cranked to ZZ Top's "Gimme all your lovin'" and all her cares were left in her empty school locker for the summer. This year she would be on her way to college and freedom. Not that Steph didn't like her mother and new stepfather and her step brother Jeff. They were cool as far as family went. She just craved a little more space to call her own. . .an apartment or dorm so she wouldn't have to sneak boys home. That is all she really wanted, a little more privacy. Home wasn't too far away and Steph was reluctant to put an end to her revelries of school being out for the summer, but she needed to get home and get ready for the party tonight. She eased the Dodge Neon into the driveway and switched off the ignition.

Stephanie was one of those girls that made you think of Southern California. Long, blonde hair, bedroom blue eyes, lean and tan with ample breasts and an inviting smile. She was definitely popular around school and guys seemed to undress her with their eyes everywhere she went. She actually liked their stares. It was a compliment to her hours of exercise and sun worshiping. She was glad she inherited most of her good looks from her Mom. Stephanie noticed that her stepfather, Ray, was home. He must have taken off early from his real estate office.

"I'm home," Steph said as she stepped through the door.

"Hey honey," her mother called out from the kitchen.

Steph made her way into the kitchen, where she found her mother and stepfather sitting at the table; Mom with her iced tea and Ray with his Fat Tire Ale.

"So how was you day," her mother asked.

"Good. Real good. I can't wait to get out to the beach and start drinking up those rays. This summer is going to be great!"

Her mother and Ray exchanged a brief look.

"Stephie," her mother began, "we need to talk. Sit down."

Alarms started to ring in Stephanie's head.

"Here," Stephanie's mother handed her an iced tea after getting up and going to the fridge.

"What's up, Mom?" Steph asked then took a long swallow of her iced tea.

"Well, honey, Ray and I have decided to take a long vacation together; the honeymoon we never had the chance to have."

To Stephanie, this couldn't have been better news! A chance to be alone for a few weeks!

"It is kind of sudden. One of Ray's realty partners has a timeshare in the Virgin Islands. He originally was scheduled to go this week, but something came up and offered Ray the use of it for the month that his partner had scheduled."

"Steph," her stepfather said, "it took a lot of finagling, but your Mom and I are going. . .our flight leaves in two hours. I wish we had more time to tell you about this, but it was one of those things that just came up and we would have been stupid not to take advantage of it."

A whole month! Stephie couldn't believe her ears.

"Jeff will be here to look after you," Ray continued.

Stephie's elation faded a bit. She liked her stepbrother. He was a bit of a nerd, a 6-foot, well-built nerd, but a nerd. It was his second year in college and Steph only saw him on his breaks. For the most part, he kept to himself so this wasn't going to be as bad as she thought.

". . .And his word is law, Steph. He is in charge."

"Cool," Stephanie smiled, "that's so cool that you guys can go."

"Do as Jeff asks, honey," her mother said.

"I will."

"Well, we need to be headed to the airport. You take care, honey."

"I will, Mom," she said.

Stephanie and her parents exchanged hugs at the door before leaving. Apparently they had already packed. Stephanie watched their car leave from the livingroom window. God, A whole month!

"Steph," Her stepbrother's called from behind her.

Stephanie turned around. Her stepbrother was coming down the stairs. He was wearing his Edgar Allen Poe T-shirt and jeans. Most of her girlfriends loved to ask her about her dark haired brother. . .did he have a girlfriend?. . .what was he like? . . .what did he like?, all those type of questions. He was good-looking, but just a bit strange.

"Are they gone?" He asked.

"Just left," she smiled.

Jeff smiled his lopsided smile, "I'm glad. So what are your plans this evening, Steph?"

"Ann invited me to a party tonight," she said as she skipped up the stairs to get ready.

"Well, I am sure you will have a good time tonight," Stephanie heard her stepbrother call out as she went into her bedroom to get ready.


Jeff was getting ready too. He rechecked his supplies; rope, duct tape, handcuffs, a leather blindfold, a bright red ballgag. Jeff prayed for just this opportunity, to have his stepsister as a slave. Now he had her, alone, for an entire month to turn her into his own personal sex toy. He smiled as he heard the water turn on in the shower and knew it was time to strike. Stephanie had a bad habit of leaving the bathroom door unlocked while she was using it, a habit that she hadn't been able to break even though both he and his dad had accidentally walked in on her doing her make-up and other much more embarrassing stuff. Jeff supposed it was growing up all those years in single moms' household with nobody else around other than her Mom. Jeff tried the doorknob and found that it was indeed unlocked.

Stephanie had her shower radio turned on high as she showered, steam and Annie Lennox billowing out from around the curtain. Jeff just stood there, listening, waiting, and putting the rope and tape and cuffs silently on the counter. Soon, the shower was turned off and Jeff saw his stepsister reach for her towel from behind the curtain. Stephanie was drying off her head and face when she stepped out from the shower, her face buried in the towel, when someone grabbed her and pinned her against the sink counter, driving the air out of her. The stranger yanked her arms behind her and with a quick click, Stephanie found that her hands were cuffed behind her.

"JEFF!!!! HELP!!! HUUUUUUHGGGGGH," Stephanie screamed as the intruder stuffed a large ball into her mouth and cinched it behind her head.

Stephanie tried to struggle, but the was only so much a naked girl could do. She tried to remember the things that her gym couch taught about self-defense, but here, now, the blond was in a panic. She was being forced against the counter as the intruder wound some rope around her elbows, cinching them together cruelly. The blindfold came next. Stephanie tried to shake her head, but Jeff managed to get it into position and buckled it tight. Jeff then spun her around put her squirming form over his shoulder and after grabbing the rest of his supplies, started to carry her into his parents' bedroom. Jeff threw her onto the bed and again, pinning her on her stomach, he wrestled Stephanie's long legs together and wrapped them in a coil of rope, binding them together.

Stephanie felt another strand of rope being wrapped around her waist. She fought and squirmed as much as she possibly could, but to no avail. The intruder rolled her unto her back, cinched the rope around her waist and then reached between her closed legs, feeding the rope through them. She was then wrestled back onto her stomach where she felt the rope tighten and sink into her pussy. The man then tied it to her handcuffs. Whenever she yanked and pulled on her wrists, the rope between her legs rubbed within her slit and over her clit.

Jeff stepped back to look over his prize. In his capturing of his stepsister, he hadn't had the chance to admire her in all her helpless nakedness. Stephanie still continued to buck and struggle against her bindings as she lay on their parent's bed. Her long, blonde hair was a tangle of wet strands partially obscuring her gagged and blindfolded face. She was tall and slender and well tanned everywhere, thanks to that swimsuit made out of that special material. Her breasts were nice and large, with large nipples almost the same tanned color of her skin and now stiffened and erect, begging for attention. Stephanie was not a natural blonde, and her snatch was covered with a thick, downy coat of mousy brown curls. Jeff got glimpses of it as his stepsister struggled. Stephanie was an erotic masterpiece waiting to be played.

Dad and mom's bedroom was perfect for what Jeff had in mind. First of all, the bed was on of the wrought iron canopy beds; sturdy with lots of placed to tie-off rope. Secondly, all of his parents' toys were here. . .save for the ones they took with them on their trip. Not only were there vibrators and dildos and sexy lingerie, but also leather handcuffs, blindfolds, crops, nipple clamps, the whole shebang. Dad and Mom had been into the B&D thing for quite awhile, Jeff had found out. Jeff got out the hidden key to the armoire and opened it up to his parents' bondage collection. Sliding open on of the small drawers, he picked out two sets of nipple clamps and smiled.

Stephanie was still writhing on the covers, but considerably less. Jeff could imagine she was trying to think things through, trying to puzzle-out and attack her bindings logically. However, when Jeff sat next to her helpless form, she began struggling again in earnest. Pinning her shoulders, Jeff rolled her onto her back and straddled her while she squirmed. Once he was on top of the blonde, he began to gently knead her breasts and nipples with his hands. Stephanie screamed into her gag. Jeff always enjoyed the noises a woman made through her gag, whether it be from pleasure or pain. He pinched her right nipple, not hard but enough so the jaws of the clamp had something substantial to bite into. Steph wailed as the nipple clamp closed. Jeff did the same to the other nipple with a different pair of chained clamps. He pulled the chain tight and fastened it to the bed's comforter beside the struggling girl, and again, repeating the procedure on the other side. Now Stephanie was pinned to the bed by her nipples. If she tried to sit up, the clamps would yank at her nipples painfully.

Jeff got up off the bed. His stepsister was sobbing into her gag, drool running out from around it. Now that the clamps were in place, her struggles were considerably less. Now time to set up the video camera and to have a little fun. . .


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