The Summer Project Part 18

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2009 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; latex; bdsm; hogtie; oral; toys; reluct/cons; X

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Part 18

Michelle’s orgasm had left her happily drained and she smiled around her red ballgag when Jeff eased her over onto the couch. The oriental girl was still a bit shocked when Jeff had used the riding crop on Stephanie, but she imagined that it was all part of the fantasy Stephanie and Jeff were living out. The metallic voice thing was scary as well, but she thought that it probably just fuelled the fires of the blonde’s imagination as well, making her captivity that much more exciting. In many ways, Michelle envied the other girl’s sexual incarceration.

Jeff had not loosened either of their bonds before leaving them to fix breakfast. The recorded instructions still droned on in Michelle’s headphones and her vibrator continued to hum, keeping the embers of her orgasm glowing hot and ready to erupt again. However, Michelle had ceased really listening to the CD during the morning encounter; having been distracted by the blonde’s tongue.

Stephanie lay curled on the floor in front of Michelle, her hips rocking to the song of her own vibe; clearly still as horny as Michelle was. Watching the blonde writhe helplessly only helped fan Michelle’s own desires. With her hands tied behind her back in a rope harness and her legs held wide open by the spreader bar, there was no way for her to aid the vibrator in getting herself off.

“I see you are still hungry, slave,” Jeff smiled down at the captive Michelle, talking softly.

Michelle nodded, mewling into her gag. She was delighted to see that Jeff’s erection hadn’t softened. To her, it was a dragon that she wanted to tame in the worst possible way.

“I hope you don’t mind, but we are eating in our formal dining room this morning but I wouldn’t worry too much about the dress code. You look delicious and I certainly wouldn’t want to change that.”

Jeff knelt down and unfastened her ankles from the spreader bar, only to tie them back together again tightly. He then helped the bound oriental girl up and took hold of her noose which still hung loosely around her neck. A gentle tug and Michelle hopped behind her captor as he led her into the dining room.

The room was dominated by a large cherry wood dining table, gleaming in the morning sun that streamed through lace curtains. A sparkling glass chandelier spread its glitter over the table and matching hutch. In the center of the table, Jeff had folded a quilted comforter as well as several pillows.

Michelle squealed into her gag as Jeff lifted her up and sat her on the comforter. He then lifted her legs and twisted them around until Michelle had wriggled herself onto her stomach, her head hanging over the edge of the table. Michelle felt her ankles being freed from their bindings briefly before Jeff took each one and tied it tightly against her thigh in a tight frog tie.

The string tying her big toes together was something of a surprise, but a wonderful one. With every tight rope or cuff, Michelle felt that much more helpless and vulnerable to whatever Jeff wanted to do to her. That kept Michelle’s fires burning hotter and hotter.


Michelle screamed into her gag as Jeff slapped her ass with the riding crop.

“No cumming until I command you to, slave,” Jeff said standing over her with the crop in hand.

Michelle nodded, whimpering into her gag. The crop stung but not nearly as much as she imagined it would.

The work on her toes was not over as she felt another piece of string cinching her big toes together and pulling them tightly toward her bound wrists crossed between her shoulder blades. Now every little movement pulled at something; a feeling that sent warm, lustful wafts rushing through her.

Next the oriental girl felt ropes being tied around her knees. Squirming around, she could see that Jeff was tying the left rope to one of the table legs, but he wasn’t drawing it taut. The other knee rope just dangled over the table’s edge.

Jeff moved back over in front of her and his erection pointed directly at Michelle’s gagged face. He bent over and kissed her on the forehead.

“I will be right back, slave,” he whispered before going back out into the living room and out of her sight.

Michelle writhed in her bonds a bit, testing the limits of her captivity and she found out happily that Jeff did indeed do good work. There was no way she could get herself out of this. The rope harness that Jeff had bound her wrists to this morning still had no slack and the way her legs and toes were tied, the best the Chinese girl could hope for was to wriggle around a bit. Jeff still hadn’t turned off her vibrator and even pressing herself into the table didn’t bring her any closer to cumming. Michelle found herself moaning in frustration.

“There, there, slave, do you want me to use the crop on you again?” Jeff asked.

Michelle shook her head no, moaning into her gag.

“Are you sure? It looks to me that you are trying to get yourself off.”

Again, Michelle shook her head and pleaded with her mewls.

Jeff smiled and held up a couple more bondage items, a ring gag similar to what his Stephanie was wearing and a black leather blindfold.

“I lied about the dress code, slave,” Jeff grinned, “there are a few items that I am requiring you to wear before we eat.”

Michelle felt her ball gag being unbuckled and the ball being pulled from her mouth with a slight web of drool.

“Not a word, slave,” her captor said as her gently wiped her mouth with a napkin.

Jeff gently inserted the leather wrapped ring behind her teeth before buckling the gag tightly, the straps cutting into the corners of her mouth. He gave her another warm kiss on the forehead before placing the blindfold over her eyes and tightening it.

“Don’t go anywhere, slave, I will be right back.”

Jeff could tell that his step-sister was still wanting from her rhythmic writhing as she lay curled on the carpet. Her hands were still bound between her shoulder blades, being held there by her harness of rope and her knees and ankles were bound together as well. The power of her own orgasm left Stephanie drained and she had collapsed onto the carpet as soon as the stranger had let go of his embrace.

Truth be told, Stephanie’s orgasm hadn’t completely gone away. With her vibrator on high, it still was wreaking erotic havoc with her libido. Little mini flares of pure bliss kept erupting through her as she lay on her side, drool running out of ring gag and down the side of her face. She was still in the dark, with her white latex hood encasing her head and covering her eyes leaving her in her own little world.

Stephanie’s humiliation continued to spiral downwards. The blonde had no desire at all to be with another woman and now she had been forced to service one. At first the thought completely revolted her but now, after the fact, it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. The fact that the woman came because of her was in a way a little flattering in a strange and perverse sort of way.

There was a gentle tug on her leash interrupting Stephanie’s thoughts.

“Time for breakfast, slave,” the metallic voice of the stranger said.

Jeff helped his trussed-up stepsister to stand. The perfume of her arousal filled the air around her and she moaned unintelligibly as Jeff steadied her for her trip to the dining room. Her legs were still weak from her orgasms but Stephanie had little choice but to balance herself blindly.

Another gentle tug let Stephanie know that it was time to follow the stranger wherever he led her. Shuffling with her legs bound the way they were was not an option, so she hopped as best that she could beside the stranger.

Stephanie felt herself being picked up and shrieked with surprise as he sat her down on the table and wrestled her into place beside Michelle. The blonde could feel the other woman’s warm skin against her own as the man nestled her onto her stomach. Stephanie reasoned that she was on their dining room table with her head dangling over the edge.

Quickly Jeff tied his stepsister’s legs in the same manner as Michelle’s, with each of her ankles tied to her thighs and a rope coiled around each of her knees. Jeff anchored the right one to the table leg and bound the left one to Michelle’s right one before cinching the pair and tying it off to the table’s legs. He had left a little slack in the lines.

Both women looked stunning, writhing naked in the bonds. Stephanie’s tanned body and Michelle’s caramel-colored skin looked beautiful next to each others. Jeff set up the video camera, making sure both women were in the frame, before collecting both pairs of chained nipple clamps he had found in his parents armoire.

Stepping in front of both girls, he grabbed their harnesses and yanked them towards the edge of the table.

Both women screamed as they felt themselves being pulled off of the table. However, their anchor ropes tightened just as their breasts hung off of the table’s edge.

Jeff let the women struggle for awhile, enjoying their bound thrashings and moans through their ring gags. Each one drooled uncontrollably as they rocked and bucked on the table. Finally they calmed down so Jeff knelt down and began to gently pinch each of their stiffened nipples.

Michelle was the first to feel the cold pinch of a clamp’s jaw as Jeff eased it down on her nipple. A rush of near pain flooded her and caused her to moan involuntarily. She could hear Stephanie’s moans as he did the same to her. There were slight tugs on the chain as they both squirmed and Michelle realized that they were chained together by the clamps. Her right nipple chained to Stephanie’s and her left one to Stephanie’s left, the clamp’s chains pulled tightly and crossing each other; Each wriggle pulled on the clamps and sent little bolts of near pain shooting through her.

Then Michelle felt her head being cradled in Jeff’s hands as he eased himself through the ring gag and into her mouth. She sealed her lips around his shaft as best she could and let Jeff’s thrusts set the pace. The taste of his cock was salty as he pushed it to the back of her throat, nearly gagging her several times. The rhythm began to increase little by little as Michelle used her tongue along the bottom of his shaft. Just when she thought he was about to cum, Michelle felt Jeff withdraw himself from her and she moaned her discontentment.

Jeff moved himself in front of his bound Stephanie and eased himself between her ring-gagged lips. Unlike Michelle, Stephanie fought it a bit until Jeff began forcing himself deeper into her throat, causing her to choke as he held himself there. But soon she was matching the stranger’s thrusts as her lips suckled his hardened cock.

The stranger’s thrusts became faster and faster and Stephanie tried her best to match them.

The stranger suddenly withdrew himself.

Stephanie tasted the bland taste of her birth-control pill being placed on her tongue before the stranger thrust himself back into her mouth. His thrusts were shallower than but just as fast. She could feel his shaft swell a bit and then she tasted the warm cum filling her mouth.

“Swallow,” the metallic voice commanded.

Stephanie did so, swallowing her pill as well. The bound blonde realized that this was going to be a morning ritual; that her birth-control was going to be followed by a chaser of cum from now on.

“Did you take your pill?”

Stephanie nodded the best she could, the stranger’s cock starting to soften in her mouth.

Jeff patted her on her head, “Good slave. Are you both ready for breakfast?”

Slowly both girls nodded.

As the girls lay bound on the table, Michelle could feel Stephanie twisting beside her. The vibrators continued to hum and the oriental girl could feel the molten pressure of another orgasm about to erupt. She tried to think of something else but it was impossible with Stephanie writhing rhythmically against her and moaning loudly as well. With every movement their shared nipple clamps sparked little bolt of pleasurable pain through her. Michelle found herself panting and moaning into her ring gag until the orgasmic volcano inside of her exploded and flooded her in white hot bliss, again and again until it seemed that she thought she would be driven insane.

Then Michelle felt the vibrator slowly being removed from her.

“You have been a bad slave,” the metallic voice said, “I did not give you permission to cum, did I.”

Michelle slowly shook her head.

‘After breakfast, you shall both suffer from your transgression. But first, you will need all your strength. You will not talk or I will use the prod on you both until you can’t scream any more. Do you understand?”

Michelle nodded and she believed that Stephanie did too.

Jeff removed both of their gags. He would replace them with their ball gags after breakfast. Jeff sat down in front of them, smiling, as he fed them their Denver omelet a forkful at a time and thinking of the wonderful time he would have in just a few short minutes from now.

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