The Summer Project Part 17

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; latex; bdsm; oral; mast; toys; nc/cons; X

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Part 17

There was something not quite right about Stephanie's dream. She was in an ancient castle room lit by sputtering torches. It was dark and dank and shadows clung like black spider webs to the stonework all around her. Somewhere in that blackness something was watching her but she couldn’t make out what it was.

Then something shuffled in the shadows.

She tried to move; escape, but it was if she was encased in concrete. She tried to scream, but nothing came out.

And she knew that it was coming to get her.

She looked down at herself and saw that she was nude and cocooned in spider silk that left her dangling above floor. Stephanie struggled and screamed, but the web held.

Then she felt something brush over her breasts. Whatever did it, was invisible to her as it continued to pinch her nipples gently. She could feel someone's warm kisses between her breasts as she lay there helpless to stop it.

Despite her captivity, Stephanie could feel the warm rush of desire trickling through her, warming to the person’s caresses. She began to moan and her body began to writhe slowly, wanting more, lifting her hips up to him.

The man’s warm lips began to trail down over the flat of her stomach as his hands held her struggles down.

Stephanie then realized she was awake. The white latex hood that still covered her most of her head had made her blind. The armbinder still encased her arms behind her back and her legs were pinned together by several straps as well as a pair of cuffs around her ankles. She struggled to try to sit up but the chain to her collar pulled her up short.

“You are awake, slave,” the metallic voice laughed.

All Stephanie could do was moan her displeasure and struggle, remembering what had happened last night. Despite her wants, the stranger had not paid attention to her, leaving her to drift asleep hornier than ever. Now her captor was enjoying her again. In some ways, being controlled like she was made her desires flare that much more strongly. Still, he had rejected her limited ways of enticing him to use her and the sting of that rejection lingered.

The blonde felt the chain to her ankles being undone and then the slight tugs on her leash as he unwrapped the chain from the headboard. He gently eased her up, sitting her on the edge of the bed. The stranger then helped her to stand and with a tug on her leash, led her hopping into the bathroom.

Jeff truly loved the way his stepsister moved when he led her around in bondage. Her generous breasts jiggled enticingly and her frame swayed to keep her balanced. Stephanie’s hops were small but she was gaining confidence in her ability to move while bound; Jeff could see that. He didn’t worry too much about her tripping.

Jeff eased her down onto the toilet and undid her leg straps so she could do her business while he got stuff together for her shower. Like with Michelle, he had laid out several coils of nylon rope to bind his stepsister with as well as a ring gag to replace the ballgag she was currently wearing.

After flushing the bidet, Jeff eased his blonde captive up and began to tie her ankles together.

Stephanie flinched when she felt the cold prongs on the cattle prod touch her bare ass.

“It is time for your shower, slave,” the metallic voice said, “I am permitting you to wash yourself. I will remove you arm-binder as well as your collar and mask. Your eyes are to remain shut or I will inflict more pain than you could possible imagine. Do you understand, slave?”

Stephanie nodded her head, remembering how painful the prod really was.

The stranger led her hopping into the shower and then unbuckled the collar from around her throat. It was a relief to have it off but the relief was short lived. The bound girl felt a rope being tied around her neck and then drawn taut above her head like a noose.

Stephanie was afraid to move. One slip and she could hang herself so she stood perfectly still as the stranger undid the buckles and lacings of her armbinder. As he pulled it off, Stephanie rolled her shoulders a bit to relax the stiffness in them.

“Remember, eyes shut,” the voice said.

The captive woman felt the latex hood being peeled away from her head and realized just how sweaty and dirty her face had gotten while wearing it. She was tempted to peek but the threat of pain made her squeeze her eyes shut. The gag remained firmly locked between her lips, however, as the stranger handed her her body wash and loofa.

Warm water sprayed over her and Stephanie luxuriated in its simple pleasure. It was almost strange being able to have the use of her arms and hands as she soaped herself. The noose kept her erect so she couldn’t wash further than her hips. A couple times she touched herself to feel her shaven mons; the smoothness making her feel a bit wanton.

After cleaning herself the best she could, she stood there and enjoyed the warmth of the water embracing her. Her revelries were brief, however, when the stranger turned the shower off and handed her a towel.

“Hands behind your back, slave,” the metallic voice commanded.

Stephanie did as she was told and she felt him tie her wrists together, leaving about three to four inches between cinched together like a pair of rope handcuffs. After tying her, he lifted her wet hair and pulled it gently through the top of the hood before rolling it down over her head, blinding her yet again. He untied her noose and replaced it with her collar.

The stranger then dried the Stephanie’s legs and back before leading her out of the shower. The hair drier came as a bit of a shock as her captor brushed out her long ponytail under the hot air’s caress. In some ways it was like being a princess and having every little thing done for you, except for the fact that she couldn’t do it herself. But she enjoyed the feel of his hands touching her hair and combing it out.

The captive girl then felt a rope being draped over her shoulders and behind her neck. The stranger pulled both ends under her arms and tied it off between her shoulder blades, making a kind of harness. He then pulled her bound wrists up and tied them to the harness; crossing them between her shoulder blades as well. It was a bit uncomfortable and she moaned her protest, but the stranger continued to tie her until she could barely move her arms.

The stranger then knelt down and tied her knees together as well. She was as helpless as she ever had been.

Stephanie was a bit surprised when she felt her gag being loosened. He eased it from her mouth.

“Not a word, slave,” the voice warned.

The blonde worked her jaw some, stiff from being forced open all night. There were so many things she wanted to ask and say to the stranger but the fear of the pain and other things kept her from saying a word.

“Open wide,” the voice said.

Again, Stephanie did as she was told; opening her mouth while the stranger placed another gag into her mouth, this one being the one shaped like a ring. He eased it in back of her teeth and tightened the strap tight, cutting a bit at the corners of her mouth.

“Time for breakfast, slave. You will do as commanded or you will starve for the rest of the day, that is, after you are whipped. Do you understand, slave?”

The blonde nodded.

Jeff led his stepsister out of the bedroom and down the hallway. His cock ached but he kept telling himself, ‘good things come to those who wait.’ So he guided her to the stairs then lifted her over his shoulder to carry her down. After he put her down, he continued to guide her until she was in back of the sofa.

Michelle watched with fascination as Jeff bent his sister over the back of the sofa until her head rested on the cushions. Picking up the slender chrome vibrator that had bedeviled Stephanie last evening and gently eased it into the bound blonde.

Stephanie felt the stranger caress he sex before easing it open with his fingers. The hard-tipped nudge of her vibrator was almost welcome as he pressed it into her slowly. The dream and the shower had already did most of the work and the vibe slipped comfortably inside of her, causing the bound girl to moan loudly.

After the vibrator was fully inside of her, Jeff turned in on high and eased his stepsister back up. Picking up his riding crop and the end of her lead, he gave it a gentle tug and guided Stephanie to in front of Michelle.

The effects of Michelle’s vibrator were already sending pulses of pleasure through her as she stood there, legs held wide apart by her spreader bar. The oriental girl’s arms were tied like Stephanie’s were and a ballgag kept her mewls of pleasure quiet. It was hard to concentrate on the ‘slave lessons’ she was supposed to learn, especially now that Jeff was bringing Stephanie in front of her.

Jeff gave the blonde girl a quick rap behind her knees with the crop and Stephanie, with the stranger’s help, sank down to her knees. She could tell there was another person in front of her; the other woman she deduced from the muted moans she could hear through her hood.

“Make her cum and you will eat today, slave,” the metallic voice said.

It took only a second or two of confusion before Stephanie realized what the stranger was asking of her. Here she was kneeling before another woman wearing a gag that allowed her ‘service’ someone. . .

“Uh-uuuhh!” she screamed out as she tried to twist away, but the stranger held tightly onto her leash.

The sting of the crop bit into her ass and caused her to shriek in pain. She writhed and bucked but the stranger held firm as again and again the crop cut across her bare bottom until tears began to run out from beneath the mask.

“I will tell you one last time. If you do not do this, this is but a sample of the pain you will suffer. Make her cum!” the voice commanded.

Her rear still burning from the whipping, Stephanie slowly leaned forward and tentatively stuck out her tongue. She could smell the other woman’s arousal before her tongue touched her skin. The feel of the woman’s soft curls told Stephanie she was just north of where she should be. She nuzzled down a bit further and felt the other woman lift herself to her. The bound blonde again poked her tongue out and began to probe the other’s pleasure-slicked sex.

Stephanie' licks were furtive at first; unsure. She could tell that a vibrator was also working its magic inside the other woman as she began to flick her tongue around her swollen pearl. The woman’s moans became louder and she thrust her hips at Stephanie.

Her revulsion at the act slowly ebbed away as well as the glowing pain in her rear, replaced be the slowly build tide of her own orgasm. The vibe inside Steph was sending whorls of delight through her. She remembered last night and she realized that she was in the very same predicament and it was probably that woman’s touches that sent her over the edge.

Michelle was racing towards a climax. As the blonde lapped at her clit the bliss crashed through her in wave after white-hot wave; Again and again until the gates of her orgasm burst through and engulfed her in pure wanton pleasure.

Steph could hear the woman’s muted screams of ecstasy as she churned in front of the kneeling girl. It was then that Stephanie felt the tap of the riding crop that gave her permission to cum herself. The stranger reached around her and gently stroked her between her legs, touching her now aching clit. With each touch, another torrent of pleasure ripped through her. She bucked and writhed in the man’s arms as he held her and caressed her, goading her orgasm to new heights until she thought she could no longer stand any more. . .

Yet the stranger continued to touch her, more roughly than before.

“Ooopppp!”, she yelled into her gag, shaking her head, but the man continued until Stephanie finally went limp and he eased his hand out from between her legs.

The stranger cradled her as the fires of the orgasm slowly turned to embers. Stephanie wondered about the other woman and then slowly realized that the other woman was as much of a prisoner as she was. The woman hadn’t said an intelligible word nor had her hands and arms guided Stephanie. That woman was also tied onto the bed last night.

The stranger had captured another girl.

A storm of thoughts thundered through Stephanie’s mind as she pondered who this woman was. Was she a stranger? Was she one of Stephanie’s friends? Was it Kim? The horror of that thought flushed through Stephanie.

“Now to get you ready for breakfast, slaves.” The metallic voice said.

End of chapter 17

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