The Summer Project Part 16

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2008 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; corset; oral; mast; toys; nc/cons; X

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Part 16

Stephanie lay on her side in the after-burn of her orgasm. Her head was still covered in the latex hood and a ballgag was still fastened tightly in her mouth. She had gotten used to the leather sheath encasing her arms as well as the collar around her neck. Her ankles and legs were bound together and the vibrator that had been eased into her hours ago was still humming; keeping her on edge. The corset was the only new twist in her wardrobe of leather and chains and she half wondered what color it was.

The other new twist concerned the blonde even more, the second person.

In the whirlwind of her assault, Stephanie had always assumed just one person had done it. But now she realized that it would take more than one to subdue both her stepbrother Jeff and herself.

Stephanie moaned as another small orgasm rippled through her. The vibrator's battery was slowly running down but its buzzing was still very potent.

Michelle glanced over at the bound blonde, attracted by her moans. The oriental girl wondered what Stephanie was thinking in her blindfolded world.

Jeff had eased himself out of Michelle a bit ago and had disappeared upstairs to get ready both girls ready for bed. Michelle realized just how tired she was, having got little sleep the night before. However, it was a wonderful tired, one that she wouldn't trade for the world.

Michelle had been tied similarly to Stephanie. Jeff had replaced Michelle's ring gag with the ballgag she had been wearing when she arrived. Around her neck was a black leather collar and both her wrists and ankles shackled in leather cuffs. Like Stephanie, Michelle also had a pair of straps tightly binding her legs together. However, she was completely nude.

There was a warmness still inside of her from her climax and it was like being hugged by a really wonderful guy and she knew she was hungry for more.

Jeff appeared beside the bound Chinese girl and gave her another kiss on the forehead.

"I need to get Stephanie ready, then I will come for you," Jeff smiled, leaning over Michelle.

Michelle smiled and moaned into her gag as Jeff left her to attend to his other captive.

Stephanie felt one of the strangers ease her into sitting up. She was still weak from standing all those hours and the orgasm drained what little she had. It was all she could do to keep from collapsing when the stranger forced her to stand. A tug on her leash was all she needed to start hoping where the man led her, trying not to trip and fall.

Jeff loved the way his stepsister looked while she hopped along. Her large breasts jiggled, her nipples erect and her whole form looked so inviting that he felt his desire hardening again.

Jeff stopped her at the foot of the stairs. He took a moment to press against her, gently pinching the blonde's nipples. Stephanie moaned again as another small orgasm engulfed her as she rubbed herself against him. As tired as she was, she still craved him inside of her. The vibrator was no competition against the feel of his hardened member.

Stephanie let out a little scream as Jeff picked her up over his shoulder to carry upstairs. The smell of her perfume was still with her as he gave her a playful spank. She squirmed a bit, but not much as he carried her to his parent's bed to get her ready.

Michelle struggled to get more comfortable. The leather handcuffs bit into her back uncomfortably so she had to make do by laying on her side, facing away from the staircase and wondering when he would come down for her.

The Chinese girl was a bit jealous of Stephanie, even if she knew that she had no right to be. The blonde was a beautiful girl with long tanned legs and breasts a playmate would be proud of. She was definitely fuckable. Stephanie also seemed to really enjoy her bondage. It was the first time Michelle had ever seen another woman orgasm in person and Stephanie really climaxed hard. Michelle blushed some knowing that she was responsible for it. Looking back, doing it with another girl wasn't as horrid as she imagined it would be. Not that Michelle had suddenly turned into a lesbian. She liked men too much for that. But it opened a whole motel's worth of doors for her sexually.

Michelle was startled when Jeff touched her. She had been lost too much in her own thoughts to notice Jeff was standing beside her. His cock was at full sail and she really wanted to be fucked again.

"Ready for bed, slave?" Jeff asked.

"Uuuuhhh-uuuuhh," Michelle moaned, shaking her head.

"Are you telling your Master no?" Jeff said sternly.

Michelle just looked at him, writhing her bound body, trying to seduce him.

Michelle gave a scream as he picked her up and pulled her over his knees.


The Asian girl wailed as Jeff spanked her hard. His hand came down several times, each stinging like a wasps sting on her bare ass.

Jeff rolled Michelle back over and looked straight into her dark, almond-shaped eyes.

"I am your Master. When I ask you if you are ready for bed, you say yes. When I ask you if you are ready to fuck, you say yes. If I ask you to suck my dick, you will do it without hesitation. To you get that slave?"

Michelle slowly nodded her head, her ass still burning from her spanking.

"Are you ready for bed, slave?" Jeff asked again.

This time, the bound Asian girl nodded yes.

Jeff helped Michelle to stand and gave her leash a gentle tug. She hopped to keep up as he led her to the foot of the staircase. Just as he had with Steph, Jeff lifted Michelle over his shoulder and carried her up the stairs to the bedroom.

As Jeff laid Michelle down, she noticed Stephanie bound on one side of the bed. Her restraints hadn't changed though her corset was now gone. The blonde's ankles were chained to the foot of the bed and her leash was fastened to the wrought-iron headboard so that Stephanie could not move around much.

Jeff positioned Michelle similarly on the other side of the bed, locking a chain onto her cuffed ankles. He then tied the Chinese girls' leash to the headboard railing as he had Stephanie's leash. Jeff had made sure both were secure and eased himself between to two bound women after turning the lights off.

The spanking had definitely woke Michelle up in more than one way. She was hornier now than she had been. It was the way he demanded things of her. As he lay beside her, Michelle tried to squirm her body up against his. She knew his cock was still hard and she wanted him to work it off between her legs.

"Still hungry, slave?" he asked in a whisper.

"Uuuhh-hhuuuuh," she replied through her gag, rubbing herself against him the best she could.

Michelle felt him turn to his side and his warm hands began to slowly glide over her skin. His touch was languorous, feeling all her curves. Michelle could feel her need rise within her like a head of steam needing release. She moaned in her gag, nuzzling Jeff as he kissed her forehead.

Jeff's fingers brushed gently through the soft curls of her nest, gently probing deeper towards her slit. She thrust herself out to him as much as she could, but her drew away. Michelle moaned her disappointment but it had no effect. Then slowly, his fingers began to caress her nest again, delving slowly towards her sex.

Michelle thrust herself out to him again and again Jeff drew away.

The game was unending. Michelle tried to hold back but her need possessed her. Finally, his fingers slid into her, messaging her swollen clit.

It only took a few touches to ignite her. Her climax engulfed her as she bucked within her bindings. His fingers finally left her as she exhausted herself.

"Now slave, it is time for you to sleep."

Stephanie felt the stranger's movements beside her. Even though she was dog tired, the vibrator within her was still weakly humming it's erotic song and keeping her awake. At first, she really couldn't figure out what he was doing. Then the movements became more rhythmic it slowly dawned on her there was someone else in bed with them. It didn't take long to realize that that person was another girl and she was enjoying herself very much.

The blonde felt herself getting flushed hot with jealousy. It was asinine at best, but she couldn't deny what she felt. Here some complete stranger was raping her repeatedly, and then when he fucks another, she sees red.

Stephanie moaned into her gag and tried to move up against her captor. Jeff felt her press against him and turned. His stepsister was clearly wanting his attention, pushing her hips towards him and mewling.

The blonde felt his erection as she pressed against him. She writhed the best she could, showing that she really needed him. His hands responded, needing her erect nipples, sending more pulses of pleasure through her.

The stranger's hands caressed Stephanie slowly, too slow for her. He was taking his time when all she wanted to do is have him climb onto her and ride her until they both came. But that wasn't happening. His fingers roamed over her skin, avoiding all of her hot zones. He even avoided touching her nips now. Stephanie moaned her frustration but it did little good.

His touches seemed to last forever, touch her here; brushing her there. It fed her fires but did little to consume her.

The stranger's fingers brushed against her swollen sex; they traced around her lips lightly. Stephanie tried to open her legs wider, but the straps kept them shut.

Then Stephanie felt him trace a line above her pussy. It meant no cumming.

Jeff then turned away from his sister and nestled into his pillow to go to sleep, ignoring his stepsister's whimpers.

Yes, Jeff thought to himself, tomorrow was going to be more fun than a man should ever have.


Jeff awoke early, as he always did. He had an internal alarm clock that woke him when he needed to be up. Both girls beside him were sound asleep and he would leave them that way while he did a few things around the house.

It had taken awhile for Stephanie to fall asleep. She kept trying to rub her body against his, but he ignored her. Finally, she dozed off. Jeff was sure that she had been hornier than hell, but he had to show who was in control. It took a lot of effort though to not fuck her but it had to be done.

Jeff had waked with an aching hard-on but there were other things he needed to do before he played. He went to his room and grabbed his jogging shorts and a t-shirt, put on his running shoes and then darted outside for a quick run.

The sun had just started to frost everything a golden yellow. It was going to be a hot one today but the morning's cool hadn't started burning off yet. Sometimes his stepmother ran with him and Jeff enjoyed the company. Janice and him used to talk about many things, including relationships. She was particularly interested if Jeff had any girlfriends and how serious the relationship was. Oddly, Jeff only dated casually and really never had anybody steady and Janice seemed dispappointed.

The morning jog helped Jeff focus on what he needed to get done today and how to plan the day out. It was on a jog that Jeff came up with the plan to kidnap his stepsister and take her to his apartment for a week before dumping her back onto the street. Stephanie had always been a tease and the plan was Jeff's way of setting the world right. . .to show her that teasing can lead to bad things and she shouldn't do it. However, the plan evolved more when his Dad asked him to watch over the house and his sister for the month that his Dad and Stepmom were out on their 'honeymoon'. Jeff had to rush around and get things together, merging all those early morning kidnap scenarios into a single, doable plan. He had done it. He had captured Stephanie and now he had Michelle as well, two slaves to do what he wanted with.

Just the thought of Stephanie and Michelle struggling in their bondage gave him a hard on.


This morning, Jeff planned to mow the lawn. Fortunately his dad was a 'green' freak and he had bought an nice electric one. What Jeff liked about it was that is was quiet. It took him about an hour to get the entire yard done. Now, it was playtime.

Jeff poked his head into the bedroom. Both his captives were still sleeping, cocooned in their bondage. Good. Time enough for him to take a quick shower.

The warm shower felt both soothing and invigorating to Jeff as he quickly washed himself. He smiled knowing that he was going to have to take two additional showers this morning, one with each girl, before taking them down to breakfast and their morning training. And Steph still needed to take her pill. Michelle, as he found out at their meeting, was using one of those new rings for her birth control so he didn't have to worry about her.

After drying himself off, Jeff decided that it was time to get the ladies ready for the day. Michelle would be first since she was here voluntarily and would be easy to handle and get ready. He was sure Stephanie would be a bit more difficult because of last night.

Michelle was already awake when Jeff, still naked from his shower, walked into the room. Her shoulders ached some from being bound behind her back all night and the gag had caused some stiffness in her jaw. However, the little pains she endured did nothing to diminish the joy she had experienced. She smiled at him from around her gag. Last night had been wonderful and Michelle was looking forward to more of the same.

"Ready for your shower, slave?" Jeff asked.

Michelle nodded and sighed into her gag.

Jeff first unlocked the chain from her ankle cuffs to the iron frame at the end of the bed. He then unhooked her leash from the headboard and carefully set her up. Michelle was glad when he helped her to her feet and with a slight pull, she hoped along with him to the shower.

The bathroom was a huge one with polished granite tile and a huge walk-in shower taking up the whole end of the room. An odd looking toilet sat next to the sink and that was where Jeff was leading her to.

Michelle didn't need any orders to understand what Jeff wanted her to do. He unfastened the straps around her legs to help her. The Asian girl found it hard to do it with someone watching but she finally did her business, blushing as she did. A spray of warm water cleaned Michelle and she realized that this was a bidet. She had only heard about them and had never actually saw one let alone use one. This weekend was going to have a lot of firsts, she thought to herself.

"I am going to uncuff you, slave, because water and leather don't mix well. However, I will be using something else to keep you secure."

The ankle cuffs came off first and then her collar. Lastly, he unfastened her cuffs. Michelle rolled her shoulders a bit, getting some of the kinks out as Jeff brought out several coils of nylon rope.

"Turn around slave; hands behind your back."

Michelle did as she was told. The way he commanded her was so much of a turn on. She was so used to being in the drivers seat in a relationship she was pleased to let another do the driving.

The delivery girl felt her wrists being tied together. Her wrists weren't pressed together, rather, Jeff had left several inches between them, cinching them. Jeff then draped a rope behind Michelle's neck and over the front of her shoulders. He pulled the ends back underneath her arms and tied it tightly behind her back, making a harness.

Gently, using another small piece of rope, he pulled Michelle's wrists up until they were just below her shoulder blades and firmly lashed them there. Jeff then knelt down and tied Michelle's ankles together. Lastly, Jeff tied a noose around Michelle's neck, leaving about three feet for a lead.

Without another word, Jeff led his oriental captive into the shower and turned it on. The cold spray caused Michelle to squeal, but soon the water warmed up.

Michelle watched as Jeff lathered-up a loofa. The man still sported an erection which was very pleasing to see. Jeff kept himself in good shape and it paid-off last night. Jeff stepped forward and began to scrub Michelle down.

The girl closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feel of another person washing her. The smell of the lavender soap surrounded Michelle and the spray was like a warm embrace. Only one other of her boyfriends had ever joined her in the shower and Michelle realized how much she missed having another pay attention to her body so attentively.

Michelle let out a soft moan when Jeff began to wash her now stiff nipples. They were large and the color of milk chocolate against her caramel skin. Jeff made sure each one was thoroughly cleaned, gently rolling them through the loofa. He scrubbed down the flat of her stomach and around the curves of her waist. The rough sponge caressed over thighs and down each of her legs.

The he stopped.

Michelle opened her eyes to see him soaping up a soft washcloth.

Jeff reached down and took the washcloth and began to wash between her legs. The roughness of the cloth caressed Michelle's sex, causing her to gasp with pleasure. Slowly, Jeff stroked her. He could see her body writhing to his touch as the warm water drenched them both.

Then he took the cloth away.

"You can cum only when I command it, slave," Jeff told Michelle as she moaned her displeasure.

Michelle felt the cool of a lavender body splash washed over her after her captor turned the water off, making her skin tingle.

The Asian girl opened her eyes again as he gave her leash a slight pull. She hopped out of the shower where Jeff began to roughly dry her. Again she closed her eyes as the towel brushed over the breasts, drinking in the feeling. She tested her bonds some and found she was indeed as helpless as she had thought.

The hot air of a blowdrier embraced her Jeff dried her hair and the rest of her body. Michelle squealed at times when the hot nozzle came too close, but Jeff never burned her. Finally, he picked up her leash and lead her out of the bathroom and out into the hallway.

Jeff enjoyed seeing his bound beauty hopping alongside of him. Jeff hadn't really appreciated how beautiful Michelle was. It was an exotic, intoxicating beauty that was not skin deep. It was in the way she moved and in the way she would look at him and in the way she smiled around her gag.

At the top of the stairs, Jeff picked Michelle up over his shoulder and carried her down and into the living room where he set her down. Carefully, he untied her legs and ankles.

"Spread your legs, slave."

Michelle did as she was told, spreading her legs out as far as she could. Jeff picked up a steel bar with rings on each end. Using some rope, he tied her ankle to each end, forcing her to keep her legs open.

Jeff smiled at her as he got out a slender vibrator generously slathered with KY lubricant. As it was, Michelle was sure that she didn't need any. She was plenty turned-on by her shower. She moaned as Jeff eased the vibrator into her and turning it on low.

Lastly, Jeff produced a CD player and a pair of headphones.

"This is your lesson for today slave. Learn it well or you will be punished."

Jeff slipped the headphones onto Michelle and tuned the player on. Am odd metallic voice began to tell Michelle that she was his slave and she needed to learn about the signals of the riding crop.

As the recording droned on, Michelle realized that she was standing in the same spot that Stephanie was the night before. The thought sent shivers through her self. Michelle wondered if Stephanie would. . .would service her as she had serviced Steph last night.


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